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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> witherspoon? >> no, with the knife. >> i heard it from a priest. >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend, everybody. president obama tries to flip the script but goes off of it doing damage control over obama care. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. startling admissions and a shaky vote of confidence. a week this administration wishes it could take back. what started with white house press secretary jay carney mocking a journalist ended with his boss, president obama revealing a lot to another member of the press. all the while, questions about the future of obama care and hhs
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secretary, kathleen sebelius is are up in the air. we look at how small businesses are up in arms. the solution working on, first, ed henry with the latest on a story that changes by the minute. ed? >> reporter: the president is saying sorry, even though white house aids said he never misspoke and the cancellation letters were the fault of the insurance industry. breaking tonight, an official revealed there are problems with the website that had not been previously revealed. trying to shift the focus to the economy at the port of new orleans, president obama could not help but note he is frustrated with >> nobody is more frustrated. i wanted to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write codes. >> reporter: he was not as light hearted in an interview with nbc news when he made it sound like a personal political crisis
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before catching himself. >> given that i have before burned with a website, more importantly, the american people have been burned. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius apologizing for a flawed website. she made a new pledge the administration will find a way to deal with cancellation notices. she was vague at how they would do that. >> we are looking at a number of options where there may be an opportunity for that number of people to look at plans that they have right now. but, there isn't any specific proposal at the table, immediately. >> she was hit with questions about her own future. >> the president has your back? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: she said she believes the president does have her back. one day after he did not answer a question about whether he has confidence in her.
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>> i think kathleen sebelius under difficult circumstances over the last four and a half years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets. >> reporter: as he tried to apologize for telling people they can keep their plans if they like them, the president made a startling admission. >> obviously, we didn't do a good enough job in terms of how we crafted the law. it's something i regret. ift's something we are going to do everything we can to get fixed. >> reporter: for days t white house suggested the opposite, defending the president saying he carefully crafted the law with a grandfather provision to let consumers keep the plans, but the insurance industry was kicking people off. >> if the president intended to kick people off, why would there be a provision in the law to keep the promise? >> reporter: this created political angst for democrats like mary landrieu who flew down
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to new orleans. >> she's traveling around the state and doing unbelievable work on behalf of the people of louisiana. >> reporter: today was a friday news dump for the man in charge of fixing the website. he told reporters, the site hit new roadblocks, slow and sporad sporadic. as vl youm increases, it's got storage capacity and application issues. the big picture the website is getting better but the new problems are raising new questions about whether they can meet the deadline of ends of november to get it fixed. >> ed henry, thank you. legislatures fielding a slew of calls aren't planning to sit idly by. here is mike. >> reporter: a number of lawmakers on capitol hill are hearing complaints from 2
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million constituents receiving cancellation notices. some of them are proposing legislation to fix the problem. several addressed the president's promise, if you like your insurance plan, you'll be able to keep it. >> focused in actually providing a true grandfather clause. as best as possible, allow people, if they had health care plans they like, they would be able to keep that same plan without having to, basically comply with the mandates driving up the cost of obama care. >> reporter: with the white house reluctant to accept a delay, marry landrieu facing a difficult re-election in 2014 offered her own proposal. it would inform consumers how their insurance falls short of the standard, while allowing them to keep what they have. her message to the president -- >> he said we could keep people with private insurance and the individual insurance could keep it. it was not written as strongly
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as it should. it could be written more strongly. >> reporter: the house is planning on voting on a bill from fred upton to keep providing policies the administration says need to be canceled based on obama care's new standards. >> ime not sure i can support that version but there's a lot of support for keeping the promise. >> reporter: they are trying to grapple with what is the way we best implement the thing. the sooner we act, the better. a plan would delay the individual mandate penalty for a year. that would make 2014 a true transition year. meanwhile, georgia republican congressman, tom price has a broader bill that permanently repeals obama care and replace it with patient centered solutions. there are a number of leading republicans that believe over time, pressure will build on democrats. the gop should not be in a rush
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to give them cover. at that point, it may create on opportunity to create a deal where republicans have leverage. >> thank you. now to jim engle with a look at how another group is supposed to be helped by obama care is faring. >> several million policies are getting canceled. there's another shoe to drop, the requirements are starting to hit the small market. >> self-employed individuals and the small businesses are the groups that need the most help controlling costs. unfortunately, this law is not providing them with relief. >> we are seeing all size of businesses getting cancellation notices. the one getting the most attention are the small businesses of one, two, three employees. >> the president expressed sympathy for the individuals, he may have to apologize to yet another group. >> it's not just the people that
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are going to lose their plans, it's those with small businesses. they will lose their coverage as well. >> reporter: 350,000 small firms around the country. the focus of obama care was not a help for its members. >> the focus was on expansion of coverage, not controlling costs. we are only further creating problems for small business owners. >> reporter: originally, there was a second set of choices for the firms but that got pushed back. >> they were supposed to have their own exchange. the administration put that off for a year. >> reporter: leaving them to fend for themselves forcing changes where they may face price increases. >> they are going to be pooled with lots of other people. healthier small businesses will be pooled with other people less healthy and premiums will go higher as a result. >> the businesses that aren't required to provide coverage
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might drop because they are sick of the cost going up and the uncertainty. >> right now, everyone agrees the biggest problem is those who haven't yet gotten a cancellation notice fear one is coming. with obama care in such turmoil, many aren't sure where to turn. uncertainty is never good for job creation. >> thank you. up next, the prospect of a federal minimum wage hike. here are what fox affiliates are covering tonight. boston, covering the story of a teenager arrested for stealing two high powered weapons from a s.w.a.t. vehicle. philly has the story of a decorated marine, a double amputee biking across the country to raise money for a charity. he tries to ride 30 miles a day. this is a live look from kttv. a moment of silence at l.a.x.
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for hernandez, the tsa agent murdered in last friday's shooting. he was the first agent killed in the line of duty since the agency's inception. that's a live look from "special report." we'll be right back.
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the u.s. economy added 204,000 jobs in october. unexpectedly strong given government was partially shut down. the labor department says the labor rate rose to 7.3%, likely because furloughed federal workers were temporarily counted as unemployed. the focus on jobs, how many people have them, and at what rate matters to everyone. it should be no surprise, the prospect of raising the federal
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minimum wage is decisive. we have more. >> reporter: the push for national minimum wage gained momentum when the white house met with democrats to deliver the president's message for a minimum wage, a dollar higher than in the state of the union address. >> the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty. >> reporter: he welcomed the plan telling an interviewer it was, quote, long overdue and a message to working families struggling paycheck to paycheck. for business owners burdenered with new regulations and the uncertainty of obama care, the prospect of $10 an hour minimum wage. >> it comes from our bottom line. >> reporter: he says his company
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pays well above minimum wage but would be effected because of what the unions negotiate. >> they have automatic increases or riders that when ever the minimum wage laws change, their wage rate automatically goes up by, in some cases 50 cents, in some cases more. >> reporter: many states are hiking wages alone. washington state voters raised the minimum in seatac to $15. voters there ignored the seattle times warning about a similar increase in long beach, california. hotels there cut workers hours. >> it is going to, i think, have repercussions nationally. there are currently four other states that are considering putting minimum wage questions on ballots. >> reporter: the senate may take action in a couple weeks. it offers something else for
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democrats, a distraction for criticism of obama care. >> thank you. stocks finished strong. the dow gained 168 to set a new record. s&p 500 added 23 and nasdaq up 62. the dow gained nearly 1% on the week, s&p up a half point and nasdaq lost a fraction of a percent. really, this happened. a sinister twist on the flash mob. surveillance store video captures criminals dashing into stores and running out with armloads and racks of sporting goods. so far, they have hit three separate sports authorities stores in the chicago area. there have been no arrests. sports authority is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. still ahead, how one high profile journalist may have turned the press against the
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one of the world's strongest storms slammed into the philippines today killing at least four people so far. the typhoon forced 750,000 people to flee their homes. several provinces lost power and communications. officials say even with all the damage, they avoided a major disaster because the storm with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour blew away quickly. obstacles remain in iranian nuclear talks. it's a complicated situation with both sides looking for a
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deal. an iranian official says today's talks were productive, but quote, we have lots of work to do. president obama called israel's prime minister netanyahu to relay his concerns. we have more. >> reporter: secretary of state, john kerry's late arrival gave observer that is a deal with iran was imminent. kerry, also joined here in the 11th hour by his fellow european foreign ministers put brakes on the buzz. >> we try to narrow the differences. i don't think anybody should mistake there are some important gaps that have to be closed. >> reporter: meantime, israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu wasn't hiding his dismain for the deal. >> this is a bad deal, a very, very bad deal. it's a very dangerous and bad
3:22 pm
deal for peace in the international community. >> reporter: a white house spokesman countered saying there is no deal and critique of the deal is premature. the details, which remain secret boil down to how much iran will limit the uranium enrichment and must loosen sanctions. neither can give too much too soon. they have been quoted as saying he has his own tea party to deal with at home. the obama administration faces congress eager to add, rather than subtract sanctions on iran. he was elected on promises to improve relations with the rest of the world, there are still few people authorized to discuss the sensitive nuclear issue. one academic put it this way today. >> i think the country made a decision having a nuclear bomb is going to cause more problems.
3:23 pm
they want to get sanctions. >> reporter: iran's leaders always denied they wanted a bomb. in a step toward trying to make sure it doesn't happen, they are going to travel to tehran on sunday. apparently, he was waiting for assurances the trip would be worth his while. now, he thinks it would be. bret? >> thank you. do you think the u.s. and other world power will reach a deal? let me know on twitter. it's fair to say america's relationships with pakistan and afghanistan have had their shares of ups and downs. now, at a time when diplomacy is crucial, they put it all in jeopardy. national security correspondent has the story from the pentagon. >> reporter: just one week after a u.s. drone killed the leader of pakistan's taliban, the group announced a replacement, the 30-year-old taliban leader who
3:24 pm
ordered the attack on malala yousafzai, the pakistani girl who survived being shot in the head and recently visited the white house. he was wanted for a failed car bombing and attack on a cia base in afghanistan that resulted in the largest number of agents killed their history. angry protests erupted. demonstrators called for holy war and vowed revenge for the drone strike that occurred one day before the leader planned to meet officials to talk about a cease-fire. >> killed in a drone strike to establish the dialogue. >> it was an ambush. we see it as an ambush. >> the man known as the father of the taliban expressed his dismay. pakistani opposition leaders
3:25 pm
vowed to close the border which the u.s. military needs to cross. >> translator: we would pass a resolution for supply lines to be blocked until drone strikes stop. if the government does not stop responsibilities. >> reporter: the afghan president, karzai condemned the drone strike at a time of agreement that would allow the u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan is being considered by elders. >> unfortunate, again, the timing. this is the month when the afghans are supposed to have a blessing of the idea of a bilateral agreement between the united states and afghanistan. >> reporter: raising questions about the timing of the drone strike and whether it was worth it. the u.s. managed to kill one of its most wanted. >> jennifer, thank you. fox news learned cia operatives on the ground during the september 2012 attacks will
3:26 pm
testify in closed door hearings beginning thursday. another benghazi news, cbs is backing off a report on "60 minutes" that relied on a source whose credibility crumbled. dylan davies identified under morgan jones claimed he was there that night. turns out, it's not true. meanwhile, a publisher announced they halted the publication of his book. what a week for toronto mayor, rob ford. tuesday, he admitted to smoking crack. then the mayor in a rumbling rage threatening murder. today, he is considering rehab. ford needs to say what he plans to do himself because he's rather unpredictable. vice president biden makes another misdial. find out about the man who is willing to pay you to not go to law school.
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the grapevine is next. hey, we got our cards, honey! great.
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the political grapevine. the irs issued $4 billion, billion with a "b" in fraudulent tax refunds last year. some went overseas, including 1,000 refunds to addresses in lithuania and china. the irs says they are stepped up
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efforts to fight identity theft. agents have resolved three times as many cases as last year, according to the irs. still, that official says there's more work to be done. identity theft continues to be a serious problem with consequences for taxpayers and an enormous impact on tax administration. a lawyer is offering students a scholarship to help them pay for graduate school. the catch, it cannot be used for law school. it's call the anything but law school graduate scholarship. his rational, this is a supply and demand issue. there are a lot more lawyers than there are jobs. if the student is passionate about the law and willing to stomach the job market, they should go for it. he hopes the scholarship makes students think twice. finally, a couple updates in the friday follow up segment.
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remember this, the mountains of foods left behind in walmart after the technical glitch that gave them access to unlimited funds. bobby jindal will pursue the most egregious offenders. wednesday, we told you about vice president joe biden trying to call marty walsh, the new mayor elect. instead, he called up a staffer. he made more than one call. a reader received a voice mail saying marty, this is joe biden. nice to see you win and labor win. anything i can do to help you from the white house in terms of your needs in boston, holler, man. the vps office took the misdials in stride saying any other marty walshs out there, we would love to hear from you. we would, too.
3:33 pm
let us know on twitter. there's a lot of friction between the white house and the press over obama care. that includes one of the country's most prominent investigative reporters. howard explains. bob woodward told me he got a call from an angry white house official who blamed him for the negative press over the president's health carrollout. why? >> because i started. >> started what? >> started this idea of he's got to lead and he's too passive at times on these budget issues. >> reporter: that was his conclusion in the book, "the price of politics." this means the official who scolded woodward is tieing the latest wave of criticism to a book publishes a year ago. obama is the country's ceo and still failing to lead on the health care mess.
3:34 pm
>> when the president made a mistake on one of the cabinet nominations, he came out and went public and said i screwed up, end of quote. i think they should do that. this obviously is a miscalculation or a screw up. it's not correct. it's right for the media to say let's straighten this out. >> reporter: that was shortly before the president's semiapology with nbc's chuck todd. it left many critics unsatisfied. >> this is not that complicated. you are trying to make a partisan issue out of it. >> nice try. the memos say, at the end of the day, we are all stuck in the same queue because we go through the same portal. >> i get it. the person who called isn't the one that continues to wait after the paper application is filled. >> the president said you can apply within 25 minutes. >> i asked whether the obama administration is more
3:35 pm
aggressive with the press than the nixon years. his response, they all play hardball. >> you can see the full interview on media buzz sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. join us in the panel event. go to our home page, you can watch the instructions during the break. you will be on the panel. provide, monitor and give feedback. you can access it on your smartphone or tablet going to a bad week for obama and obama care. we'll talk about the latest developments after this. clay.
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man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all?
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affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said what you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the laws passed. so, we wrote into the affordable care ability, you are grandfathered in on that plan. >> in good faith tried to write the law so people could keep their care. obviously, we didn't do a good enough job. it's something i regret and we are going to do everything we can to get it fixed. in the meantime -- >> sounds like you are supportive of this legislation, various things out there. >> we are looking at a range of options. >> looking at a range of options, the president talking with chuck todd. he said he's been burned already by the website then saying the american people have been burned by the website not functioning. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes and charles
3:40 pm
krauthammer. he wrote a book, "things that matter." >> three decades of passions past time. >> there we go. this is passionate. it has been this week. health care, obama care, the interview digging into it. your thoughts and what was said? >> i can't believe he did it again, in that clip. he said, i apologize, the law wasn't written very precisely because in good faith we try to write the law in such a way people could keep their care. it is precisely the opposite. they wrote the law so that a lot of people would be kicked off. if you wanted to write a simple way for everybody to stay on their care, you wouldn't have had it conditional. if you have your plan, you like your plan, you keep your plan. instead, they wrote the law in a way that was very narrow. you have to have met certain conditions.
3:41 pm
namely, there was no change in your plan in the last three and a half years. anybody who renews as i do every year, you often have a change here and there. so, deliberately, they wrote into the law a clause that would make it difficult for anybody to be included among the few who would be allowed to keep the plan. so, then he says we tried to increase the number or maximize it, it is precisely untrue, again. i can't believe he's adding on to the untruths. >> chuck, it's not like the white house didn't know this was going to happen. this is some tape from february, 2010, when there was a health care summit, you may remember, where the president met with lawmakers from both sides of the ail. this is an exchange between erik cantor and president obama on this issue, the independent insurance market. >> one of the promises you want to make is that people ought to
3:42 pm
be able to keep the health insurance they have. between 8 million and 9 million people may very well lose the coverage they have because of this, because of the construct of this bill. that's our concern. if we want to find agreement, we do need to set this aside. i don't think that you can answer the question in the positive to say that people will be able to maintain their coverage, people will be able to see the doctors they want in the kind of bill you are proposing. >> the 8 million or 9 million people that may have to change their coverage, keep in mind, the 300 million people we are talking about are folks the cbo, congressional budget office would find the deal in the exchange better. would be a better deal. yes, they would change coverage because they have more choice and competition. let's be clear about that. >> yes, they would change coverage. >> well, the president's
3:43 pm
fundmental problem here is that there's a column in the washington post, the whole purpose of obama care is to overhaul the individual market. that's what it does. it creates the exchanges, the competition, everything else he's talking about. to have suggested you could overhaul this individual market with no losers, with nobody being adversely affected at all was unwise. i think this is a very interesting exchange because it shows he -- back in 2010, in defense of the plan saying what he has now started to say after he was called out for saying nobody will be affected. oh, what we really meant is some people will be better off. >> 2010. >> it would have been nice for people like ezra klein to have written that beforehand when
3:44 pm
people like eric cantor were say thg is what's going to happen. we didn't have enough to have that from the left and the mainstream media decided to disregard that and here we are. one other thing i think he said that shouldn't be missed in this interview with chuck "todatodd, president said he was open to legislative fixes. that's a dramatic shift. the question chuck asked is are you open to fixes? he said i'm open to looking at ways to fix it. that's an incredible shift. the president was saying he's not open to it and anyone that suggested as as much were one wise and un-american. now the president, himself, is embracing it as a possibility. >> i wouldn't say embracing it. what they are talking about now is -- the problem is, it can't be fixed.
3:45 pm
that's the problem. >> that means, as we saw in the clip, the fact that he promised you can keep the plan wasn't unwise, it was untrue. he knew it was going to happen at the beginning. now, it resolved the issue, was he deceived or ignorant of the law or did he know? he was wrong saying only people the cbo said would get a better plan are the ones who would be forced off it. in fact, it is people who did not change the plan in the 3 1/2 years, not necessarily would get a better deal. that means he knew there were going to be losers at the time, everyone at the point he said there would only be winners. they are compounding his problem of saying the truth. >> gallup has a new poll out. the question is, have you gone to or attempted to go to government health insurance
3:46 pm
website since the exchange opened october 1st or not. all uninsured adults, 18%. uninsured adults that plan to get insurance through the exchange only 22%. the gallup sums it up this way. the health exchange websites are filled with technical problems that led to news coverage and generated relatively little interest or use among americans. the majority of uninsured mu ed americans are unfamiliar with it. those who say eventually they will most likely get their insurance through an exchange website. those numbers are the groups they are trying to target. >> it's a disaster. there's a third finding that 30% of those uninsured even heard about the exchanges. that number should give the white house some reason to celebrate. if more people had heard about the exchanges, probably fewer
3:47 pm
people would be planning to utilize them given the publicity about the problems they have. >> that number and that discussion, even more than anything else we have been talking about, the creditability and the functioning of the website, that is a problem. >> that, and jeff saying maybe november 30th, the website is not going to be up and running. >> the ultimate irony is a number of people trying to access the marketplace. these exchanges are people who had insurance and were dumped, not the uninsured. it's the opposite of what obama care intended. >> i want to end with this e-mail from bill in kentucky. putting things in perspective, march 21,2010. december 7, 1941 to may 8, 1945. what this means is in the time we were attacking pearl harbor to the day germany surrendered
3:48 pm
is not enough time to build a web page. millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, et cetera, turning the tide d-day, battle of the bulge and race to berlin while we were fighting the japanese in the pacific. in that amount of time, this administration can't build a working website. thank you, bill, for writing in. next up, the friday lightning round. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank.
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each week we ask you to vote online for your favorite "friday lightning round" topic. this is that. you chose the economy. we're back with the panel. take a listen to the president on the economy today.
3:52 pm
>> we added about 200,000 new jobs last month, but there's no question that the shutdown harmed our jobs market. the unemployment rate still ticked up. and we don't yet know all the data for the second -- for the final quarter of the year, but it could be down because of what happened in washington. now, that makes no sense. >> no. >> the self-inflicted wounds don't have to happen. they should not happen again. we should not be injuring ourselves every few month, we should be investing in oursel s ourselves. >> back with the panel. charles? >> well, look, the president is implying that the republicans are to blame for our problems with unemployment. you know, a 16-day layoff has no effect on the rate or the growth of our economy, and, in fact, even though we had a slightly higher number, 2.8%, an entire 1% of that was inventory, which means it's not good, and which means there will be a slowdown
3:53 pm
in the next quarter. >> chuck? >> well, i think if there was any impact on the economy from october, it was the threat of default than the government shutdown, because that was the much more threatening thing to the financial community and to people's attempts to make business plans. and i think whatever might have happened in october to the economy was transitory, it amounted to delaying purchases and investments, and it will come back on later. i'd be very surprised if it's actually true, as the president suggested, that it's a lasting blow to the economy. >> yeah, i think that's right. i think chuck is right. this was probably an anomaly jobs report, and i'm echoing what the white house usually says after bad jobs reports. we'll know much more about the state of the economy in a couple of months. >> winners and losers this week. steve, let's start with you. >> the obvious winner is chris christie, won in a blue state, with a huge margin. he made big arguments, and he's launching his presidential campaign. >> loser? >> loser is a guy named john grant, who's a bears -- a chicago bears fan who used a
3:54 pm
stun gun on his wife, a green bay packer fan, after the bears beat the packers on monday night football, stunned her three times. now, i should say she lost a bat -- they had a bat about who would use the stun gun on one another. but he's in some legal trouble now. >> oh, my. chuck? >> i think the packers fans do. my winner is twitter, which went public on the stock market this week, and even though they set their initial price at $26, it tweeted right up well over $40 and stayed there. so a lot of people got rich off twitter. my loser, i was thinking of mayors, and maybe it would be rob ford, the guy who got caught -- or admitted smoking crack in toronto. but an even bigger loser in the own political system is mayor mike bloomberg who blew $1 million supporting a tax increase referendum in colorado that lost with two-thirds of the vote against it. >> winner, terry mcauliffe in virginia. four years ago, humiliated even in the primary, and now the
3:55 pm
governor. the loser, saudi arabia and israel. they're looking at the deal being cooked up in geneva, and they are scared to death because it would give iran a path to the bomb, and would relieve sanctions. it looks as if it's not a deal that's been signed, but if it is, they're going to be looking for their own safety. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for more obama care fallout. plus, the highlights. the day we rescued riley, was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers. you can find it all on angie's list. join today.
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here on this evening's highlights, men and women and all parties showed strong disapproval when president obama was shown apologizing to chuck todd on nbc. there was universal strong agreement when charles krauthammer said the obama administration wrote the
3:59 pm
affordable care act so a lot of people would be kicked off. all showed strong support when chuck claimed that obama care could not be fixed, or that part of obama care. there was strong intensity in bing poll's responses on fixing the health care system and the website versus the government executing world war ii. a lot of people weighed in on that. total votes tonight, 220,000. finally tonight, as a list of problems with continue to grow, so does the frustration of americans who have tried to sign up there. many voicing frustration to their representatives in congress who are trying to get answers from the real stars of the drama. secretary kathleen sebelius and president obama. take a look. >> if you are just tuning in, we are going to breaking news out of washington. >> the situation has changed completely. >> from the producers of white house down, white house website down.
4:00 pm
>> maybe coming to a theater near you. we don't know. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for the special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. have a great weekend. okay, don't worry, folks. if you like your apology, you can keep it. but apparently not everyone is convinced. >> if you like the plan you have -- you'll be able to keep your doctor -- you should be able to keep your health care. you can't do a thing. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> he's not apologizing for what he said, folks. >> small percentage of folks that may be disadvantaged, i am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> he's not apologizing to the nation, which was systematically and deliberately misled. >> he fundamentally misled the american people. >> so he goes out and now compounds the original lie with a fake apology. >> i think it's