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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 9, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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sub par apology. >> we put in a clause in the law that said if you had one of those plans even if it was sub par when the law was i passed you could keep it. i am sorry that they arepass finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. joy hello -- >> hello, everyone. it is foif:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> is he really sorry for breaking his promise to millions of americans that if they like their health care plan they can keep them?eric
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if he was why did he feed them a bunch of sorry excuses? >> we are talking about 5% of the population.e a lot of these plans are sub par plans. the majority of folks will end up being better off. everybody is acting as if the existing market was working. >> all right. well let's get to it. there is a lot to discuss. mar this interview came out right after our show and we have been waiting to respond, anxiously with bated breath.e day that you, we start with res you. >> i noticed the presidentan used a golf analogy. i had the same thought as greg, sub par. i thought it it was a sorry apology. it may satisfy a few people in the media who want to move on and help the president in a someway, but because it is so insincere and paned by many journalists that if you are going to apologize you have to go all in.e you have to seriously apologize. he said it in theto passive voice and not thee active voice.
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the other part is there was nohr active plan. i am sorry. i am the president of the united states and therefore i i' will do these three things to make it better. it was like, yeah, sorry, life o sucks. >> and sometimes sorry is not good enough. >> sub par is good in golf, first of all.omet >> oh, it is? >> yeah. it is kind of like i'm sorry i pumped you in -- i punched you in the face and i'm sorry you are bleeding.t >> and you can't keep your health care. >> he can apologize all hepu wants , but it doesn't fix the big lie. you can keep are yo do -- your doc. a lie. you can keep your plan x a lie.lie. remember it will bend the cost curve down? another lie. he promised lower family health insurance premiums$ three and a half years into this being a it is literally the exact opposite. 281 higher than we saw it in the law.ighe check is in the mail and he
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can apologize all he >> this is not looking toorigh good for el presidente. >> i am mad you took my golf joke. >> no, i came up with it myself. >> oh >> kindergarten alert.ysel >> can i use the exactjust phrasing? i'm sorry they are finding themselves in this situation. so you see what he has done there?find it is the action of the personi. who lost their health insurances. it is like saying kimberly, i'm sorry you parked your car in the place i ran into it. he is the guy that leaves theki anonymous note on your windshield, dude, i'm sorry. and then he drives off. like you said he didn't do anything. imagine if you did this with your spouse. if you said i'm sorry you were hurt by these actions as opposed to i'm sorry i am a jerk. if you pulled this crap with a good woman you would be out on s your ass faster than you can a say bill clinton.d
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>> i'm sorry you took it the wrong way jie. it is on you. >> let's welcome julie to the program. >> thank you. i wish i could disagree with you guys but i am ticked. >> what can you do?of give us your best material. bee >> i am thinking and digging deep. i am ticked off.s here i am and a bunch of democrats are saying it is a good program, butof the execution has been so horrific that it is making it harder and harder for people to buy into it and buying into it is impossible because you can't go on the website. but making it harder for people to support it and youssib can see the president's numbers going down. if this is the president'so number one priority, how they managed to bungle it this way. >> bungle the website this. >> the whole thing. >> that's not what he apologized for. it was not the bungling of the website. it is for what he seize as 5%th of the population that will lose their insurance when in reality it could be 25 or 30%. some estimate 120 million
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americans will lose health care insurance. what will he say then? if he is apologizing for tourn? -- 14 million, what about when it is 10 fold?e go >> the problem is this was supposed to launch seem leslie. they had years to get it done. they knew it was going to get a problem.o how this didn't get taken care of, i don't know.le >> because the billm was never read. the bill was like the bad sushi you buy without checking the sell by date. you go and throw up. >> you have the worstup. digestive system. all of these things happened because that one read it and no one cared. they believed in the greater b good of the giant bill coming from the print. it is going to save everybody. then you start biting into it and everybody is sick. >> remember when they said you had to pass the bill by finding out what is in it? you had to pass it to find outod those who are crazy, racist
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and mean and they say this idea is not going to wok. a it is about the idea and policy. now that it isn'tg working it is difficult for democrats especially because you mentioned the website not for working and maybe they willde get it to the point. two things i saw today where m they might not get to the point it is actually, woulding by though 30th which wasot the self-imposed date. he is in charge of trying to ticks it all and he -- trying to fix it all. the more he gets on, the more problems they are finding. remember when you said it wasto like pulling the string on the sweater? >> no i didn't say that. >> yes you did.the >> who could be more brilliantsa than you? you and my second point has left the building. >> but i have something to play for obama is trying to justify this and it is probably the worst apology i have heard. i heard a few from men, but here is the president's apology. eve this is yesterday. take a listen to this.
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>> i think for the most part people know that i speak my mind and i tell folks what i think.nk i have been very clear about what i am trying to do.min what we have been trying to do is change it in the least disruptive way possible. ultimately i think i will be t judged on whether this then iste better for people overall. >> so he was saying we are off to a bad start here, people. let's come together. forget all of the things i said. forget the lies,f the confusio. it is going to be better whenthe this actually gets going and more than six people can loglie on. >> i think he was very, veryr wh correct in the last part of that phrase, the statement l where he said i will be judged on how this unfolds. he will be. this will be his legacy.'ll i have a hunch it is a terrible legacy and peoplehe will say it is bungled froms the beginning. that's until they got the website running and then theybug will realize how bad it was. republicans asking for a delay is a mistake.
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you are not going to get rid of it.lay let it unroll and let peoplet th find out how bad this is and how much costs are going to go up and insurance is going to out go up and then win. >> what about the vote on the hill next week? >> that's what we were saying before the shutdown, eric.posi remember we were saying don't do the shutdown? remember the funding and we said let this thing unraffle? let it unravel? >> i am simply saying -- we are saying let's delay this now because the website is -- >> i agree. >> 2014 candidates runningee against this. >> let them fall on your health care. >> here is the problem.s. it hinges in large part on the young people signing up. the fact that the website iss on not working is not allowingeopl people to sign up. that's the problem. if that is the problem for this operation, if you are in the white house that's what you are worried about.r th
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>> jules, we go way back. >> way back. >> have i to call you out.ied >> why? >> just because the woabs is not working? >> no, the website is notec working and people gravitate to websites, but i will go further and say the more people see young people read you and see here here -- see and hear bad news about this -- >> how about when their premiums sky rocket. theying realize at some point it is more important to seen up fore obamacare. >> young 350e78 -- young people it increases everyease year. they get subsidees and they can't afford it and there are ways to make it work. of the administration is not doing the things they need. >> you need to take yes for an answer because she is agreeing. >> she said the reason why young people aren't signing up>> is the website. when they fix the website young people aren't going toe seen up. >> because of the quasi
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apology, it would have beenstea powerful for president obama to come out and say i apologize. i wish this website had been better. that's what we paid for. on behalf of the american taxpayer, i am asking the contractor to give the money back. that would have been powerful.ra >> you knowct what they have done? since the website didn't work they realized it wasn't going to work. they paid cgi federal five more contracts and $7 million'tg more.wo after they realized how badcgi this thing was. m not only did he not apologizerat and demand the money back, they are giving himth contracts. >> i want to see if i can get you more upset and angrier if ithe is possible, and greg i c will ask you to respond to this spot.ang this is the president talking about is kathleen sebelius. listen to this answer to her performance. >> i think kathleen sebelius under trough men losly difficult difficult -- trough tremendously difficult circumstances has done a great job setting up the insurance market so there is a good
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product out there for peopleup to get. kathleen sebelius does not write code and was not the i.t. person. ultimately the buck stops with me. i am the president. this is my team. if it is not working, it is my job to get it fixed.s wi >> does that sound likem. accountability. >> this never happens withat anybody that has experience in the private sector. what you are dealing with right now is bureaucrats trying to run a business. the customer is always right. you never blame the customer. here politicians andctor bureaucrats, they have the power of government behindr them. the idea that you matter as an individual is false.reau you can call something a sub of standard plan which dismissesth your right to choose. behind all of this which is really the story here is the threat of force. if there was no threat ofreal force behind obamacare through the policing of the irs which isif at president obama we cani forget about it and go on to our lives in the private
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industry of insurance. if we don't poll what thence. government wants we can be arrested. why -- we can't say screwbut this. we what if you don't pay the penalty. it would be really funny and we could say it is not funny because it is about force. >> it is based on coercion and that's why the lie. i remember my second point. >> good for you. >> it was reported today a lot of insurance companies areood starting to tell the insurance p industry reporters that there is not a single insurancestry company that thinks this website will be up and runninga by november 30th.y if i was working for the insurance companies i woulding get ahead of that now. the white house has shown their willingness to blame thee insurance companies from theiry bungling for the white house and hhs' bungling. if it is not fixed on november
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30th, they better distance t themselves. >> they need to delay the i'm implementation until this website is fixed and fixed for good. we can't say we will do this in march regardless of what happens. otherwise to me like me whothis have been going out there saying they will have egg on their face.been the person with the egg on the e face is president obama. i am sad about that. >> remember when president obama spent the first year or so talking about green jobs and how important green jobs was?ar turns out ultimately the greenest job there is is thepo presidency because l is no one greener than him.s >> isn't that a clever joke you have come up with there? >> the last thing he is saying here, well it is better than it was october 1st. maybe it could be better. >> i guess next week, a woke from yesterday we will find out the numbers. my guess it is under a million people. >> a million? >> maybe half a million, who
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knows? but they need 7 million by march to make the numbers work and they ain't gonna make it th work. the buck stops with me.n by are you sick of hearingnumb politicians saying that? how about once the buck stoping where somebody screwed up. >> with inflation it is about $10,000. >> good math.infl coming up, the president addressed the rumors the first time he was swapped out for hill on his ticket. will he boot biden? and speaking of joe, he hast. given us fresh material to add to the if you want a belly laugh, stick around.
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i am sorry they are finding themselves in
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♪ this week more than a dozen democratic lawmakers senators showed up at the white house to demand some answers from president obama. l they are nervous because thehous political firestorm that is
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raging around his health care law that we talked about in the a-block will cost them their seat in next year's election. they don't think they can escape the rollout disaster.oing here he is. >> the president is toxic. the thing is called obamacare. there is no running away from it. it has his name on it. you see the president andon think of the policy and you know it is a disaster. the problem is they are hostage to a bunch of geeks. they #r* working late into the night trying to fix a system. the architecture and the underling structure is wrong. if it is not up and runningar smoothly and perfectly, they is will start with postpone ments and then it starts to unraffle. >> i was in new orleans and she has a tough race ahead ofse her. she did not swroin the president president -- she didin not join the president, but
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julie let's get your take. are red state democrats worried about going into next year's election. it is tough for the president in power. they lose seats in the 6-year mid-term anyway. >> i think they are keeping anmn eye on it, but the republican party is in worse shape than we are. t unlike eric's boyfriend chris-b christie, but when you are losing in the second term of the presidency, a republican losing to a democrat, i think democrats are in slightly better shape than republicans are. >> bullish. >> can i point something out? mccall -- mcauliffe had a lead.orse
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you are a democratic strategist. they can't be helpful to ad somebody in a tight race.- th >> it is not. what is helpful is they still have the shutdown around their necks.stil the one thing saving the democrats is the republican party is -- >> well, people will forget the shutdown in the next six months and not forgetet obamacare. >> unless ted cruz shuts it it down again.rget if they behave themselves the cr next year, maybe. dow we'll see. >> obamacare is like tuberculosis. you get it and you are sighs oba lated. isolated., >> you are morose today. >> can i see the pictures of the senators?mo there were all of those guys i meeting with obama, that picture?nato this is the periodic table of the big lesson of how this happened, the democrats were l terrified of the monster they created. the monster was the accusation
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of racism. it was used on anybody critical of president obama for the last five wa years. what happened is you couldn't go to president obama and bears critical of his achievements for fear that perhaps you may be tainted with the same brush as racism. they fell victim to their own instrument x their own device of destruction. i have no pity for these people, no pity at all. julie? >> i don't know where to go with that. i sort of don't agree at all. i put aside the president inn' the first block. >> it is true. in the first two years when president obama was trying to get the law passed, if you said anything negative and itwo remember either it was at fox or events.ou >> at the kkk rally. >> that was an amazing meeting by the way. there is an under current. even if nobody said you are racist there was an under
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current that because he is no black you don't likent obamacare. >> do you think the problems>> with obamacare has enough of an impact? t >> yes, yes, yes, yes. you can't go wrong with yes., that's what it will prove to be.yo anyone running in 2014 better worry about this. there is so much sound theyun can run these commercials night and day and it is going to hang like an albatrose around the necks of those supportive of obamacare. it has his name in it.supp it is like a stinky old coat they have to keep putting on.evr >> technically it is really not called obamacare.that >> he said i want everyone to call it -- >> he said you can now call it obamacare.o c he gave us a blessing. >> if you are a republican and w
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you have got about 11 months to go until the next election, at some point do they have to pivot to say here is the plan we will replace? >> maybe it doesn't hurt to do - that. let's try insurance across the state lines. don't forget about a year from now right around the election time probably toward the end of the year the republicans can see it will be a monthrou after the election and they can say, look at the expense.reu if people don't sign up whatever -- they estimated thett cost for obamacare and it will be bigger than it will beev another trillion dollars on top. i said look you promised us 900 billion and it was 1.8 trillion a year ago and now itlk is 2.8 trillion. this is a disaster. you need to elect republican senators to get some sort ofed t change.le you never get rid of the lawto at least not for now.yo >> now we agree that it is win
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and then fight. >> owe obamacare is the -- is obamacare is the snake bite. >> when greg is on you have to pay attention, julie. ahead the nfl takes another hit after two legends reveal how they are suffering from their football career.ion. that's coming up next on "the five."
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♪ on espn's around the horn kevin black stone raged on the>> american flag uniforms at northwestern university and are raising cash for wounded warriors.ican he hates that too.
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>> if you sell this along with me you should also be selling the rest of the military symbolism embrace of sports whether it is a war anthem to open every game and getting a hot dog and signing up for theo army at the same time and whether it is the nfl's embrace of the pat tillmansign story it has been going on in sports since the first national anthem has been i played in the world series i 1917. and it is time for people to back away. >> fun. he claims we are confl ating a with all evil symbolism exsen sue waited by flyovers and recruiters on sight. now kev may think he is daring, but he is parodyingw, that the military is big, bad dr and oppressive. the military is the only thing that separates the free frommi the kev is a walking cliche,y reveling in words like fr
2:31 pm
symbolism and mythology he is the guy you avoid at parties. here is why he is a professor. it proves gutfeld's maxim number five put a professor anywhere and anywhere gets in this case sports. sports is fun. people love flyovers. they don't mine the national anthem.. now suddenly it is war like. th guy is a fun sucker. he sucks the fun out of everything. i hate to sit next to him on a long flight. he would lecture you on his peanut allergy. he says like every other professor that war is yucky and nothing good comes of it. except for the american revolution and the end of slavery and the death ofomes hitly, saddam hussein -- hitler and saddam hussein and osama bin laden and enablingon, the freedoms of about these uniforms -- >> that was good. >> thanks. >> and he has a gluten allergy. he has a gluten free diet. >> don't even know the guy. p where am i?
2:32 pm
kg, it is friday and i am about checked out at this point. >> i can tell. i'm >> what do you think of the star-spangled banner played atte games and the uniform?feel >> i love i am a patriot through and ga through. i love everyone who fought for? the country and for them freedoms we enjoy and for people like that to spout off. >> that's a daring comment, kg. >> i like to goou out on a ledge at fox news. who will join me? anybody? >> i will push you off the ledge. >> it was going so well. i >> julie, you say you hate freedom. >> with the fiber of myt being. >> how do you feel about recruiters being at the game?u >> i am good with it.ters if you want to sign up with the military, and i have friends in the military god bless. ob if you don't want to sign up, don't talk to the recruiter. >> it is not like you have a gun to your head. >> little known fact the star-spangled banner has four
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verses. he would be freaked out by theld fourth verse and let me read ars little.tone then conquer we must when our cause it is just and this be our motto, in god is our trust. >> he hates that. >> he will lose his mind. the song represents american freedom from oppression. what is the problem? it doesn't glorify war. >> when you are on one of the talk shows and i think he had what aim going to say-itis. >> i bet he doesn't want to get a job with nbc news that covers the olympics. when you win a medal every country gets to play their anthem. that's the joy of it. everybody rally. >> she downer.l, e >> he is a debbie downer. >> a buzz kill. it is true.'s j >> she a buzz kill.. one last question to you, julie because you are a guest. why does the left hate america, the troops andhe patriotism? >> it takes the whole show to describe in detail how we get these calls every morning, theos
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left, and we go over how we s will spell hating america. >> i knew it. >> the secret phone call.hati i need an hour devoted to that. >> does bobcr make it to those calls? >> you can hear bob snoring sometimes. >> he has his secretary take notes. >> is bob here?no >> coming up, everybody's favorite crazy uncle, joe biden, has made not one, but two phone calls this week to a wrong number. we have a tape of the embarrassing voicemail he just left for your enjoyment. that's when "the five" returns.
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♪ we told you the other day
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on "the five" president obama's campaign was considering a name change on the 2012 ticket from biden to clinton. president o addressed that for the first time in an ad interview. >> if they would have asked me a they would have said there is no way i am running with joe biden. i i generally believe he has i been one of the best vice aga presidents in our history. when my back is up against the wall he has my back. i would not be here if itt th weren't for the support i had from joe biden. he is a personal friend and advisor. it is one of the best a decisions i have ever made. >> best vp in history. our joe biden, the one who called the wrong mayor elect. he called to con grat leat him and then on the second attempt did this on tuesday. >> joe biden, nice to see you win and nice to see labor win.e l
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anything that you need, holler , i >> the problem is that call was the mayor elect and she doesn't even live in boston. best ever, mr. president.n >> i will admit to you because i love joe biden. >> he is a likable guy. no question about it. a president that says that may>h be one of the best vp's in history. >> and obamacare is awesome. do you believe anything het says anymore dismvp? i'm sorry. he is loyal to the president and that should count for something. i am glad he had his back and said something positive aboutd o him. but if you don't think they were considering hillary, then you don't know >> where has joe been? >> what did we say that made
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him a bad vice president? he didn't place the phone call that got to the wrong -- they dial the phone for him and say here, sir.a leave all message. it is not his fault. i don't know if we could say anything that was bad -- >> we were going to play the in gaph reel. >> i love that big stick gaph more than anybody. that's my favorite. he has been a good vice president for president obama. >> he is totally authentic.en if he weren't people would say r he is a phony. you complain about obama reading from the tele. ys proker. he is -- tele prompter. he is the same in private as he is in public. >> can we get that peck tour with his hands up like this? this is when he put on his giant invisible hat. he puts it on and thinks he can fly. you know why obama loves joe biden?tell he makes obama look smart. whenever obama is having a bad
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week they pray that biden will have a gaff so it will taket. the heat of on obama. >> he is a decoy. >> he is a decoy and it works. you know president obama said about the switch and he said>> no one told me and then he said the best decision he everbt made was hiring biden. those things don't jive. he is lying. he either was involved in both decisions or none. >> julie, can i ask you this, let's just say 2016 starts to roll around and joe biden sidentto throw his hat in the obama do? >> he stays out of i don't remember a president endorsing a successor.n't you are being negative on my imaginary boyfriend, joe biden. >> it won't get to that point, believe me. i >> we'll see if hillary runs. >> that's what we should dow the next block on.hat i want to hear more about your thoughts on that. >> have i no insight on this. >> something nice to say about biden, i thought of it. he did a nice job in thet
2:43 pm
debate against ryan.body he out performed expectation. he is the i love my boyfriend, joe biden.>> >> he sets the material formy "the five." coming up, what price is too high?us it shows tony dorset and terry bradshaw are suffering from big football hits. was the fame and fortune worth r it? the trade of yo of fame and quality of life when "the five" returns. a
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football is america's most popular sport and i am the only american that doesn't watch it, but it comes at aoesn price of those who play it. now they are speaking outth about the toll it is taking on their life. s one is quarterback terry bradshaw. but it has been revealed that hall of famer tony dorset -- excuse me steve dorset. a i don't watch football. deg dorset just spoke on "outside the lines" and he said, quote, n
2:48 pm
my memory is getting worse and worse as the days go by. i am short tempered andg wo clinically depressed. i wouldn't take my life, but it has crossed my mind. i know nothing about tony dorset. >> 25 years of being a writer with the drinking and the smoking, it is not thatbein different in terms of mental >> talk about beinge a co-host of "the five" with bob. you bang your head against the wall every day. >> kidding bob. >> you know what you arefi getting into. these guys from the time they are this big, they are harde. hits. g the nfl has rules, you can't lead with your head and they stave off the concussions. they need to man up. they need millions upon --hits they make millions andto millions of dollars in a violent game. i have u no pity. >> would you let your son play football? >> i would. >> dana i hear you don't watch football either. >> i do actually. >> then i am alone jie.d d people who play rugby don'to
2:49 pm
have any protection at all. i hear these stories and it is one of those things where you are hearing a lot of these stories and maybe there is more awareness, but maybe it o is because the media is paying attention to it or they have good pr people. i feel for them in a way. >> what do you think?dia' >> i love football. i feel badly because i am part problem i guess in that there is people like me who pay to go to games and watch it all the time and are big fans of the >> what's the problem? >> there are very debilitating injuries that result from the sear where i ambl going. -- see where i am going. stay with us. you sign up because there is attraction for players to go in because they can change the a lives of their team men -- their parents. their family members. you go into it with an open mind that you might sustain injuries that could paralyze you and cause you brain damageou and could cause you some kind of paralysis, et cetera. i would like to see protections.
2:50 pm
i would like to see the league of oner proper insurance for players. careful about the decisions you make. >> let me read what terry bradshaw said, quote, i couldn't focus and remember things. i was dealing with depression. he said this on thursday. i was frustrated i couldn't remember stuff and i got realocs upset. it was driving me nuts. i feel that way every day, but for a different reason. i was tested to see what condition my brain is in and it is not in good shape. what do you think, greg? >> life is always going to be a risk-benefit equation, not alw just in sports, but where you live. we talked about this yesterday. >> or what you eat and drink.rik >> if you live in malibu you will have mudslides. if you play football you here are the benefits, wealth, prestige, women.ball the risks are as you get toward 60 there may be decline in faculties and maybe a young person doesn't realize that at 18. terry bradshaw has had an exciting, wonderful lifeaw because of football. he had an acting career and. well liked by everyone. >> commercials, endorsements.
2:51 pm
>> even a play now about his life. >> if you could time travel would he goim back and tell his 18-year-old sf to get out of this? he wouldn't. it is bad, butet you accept the risk. >> think about the other one, boxing, car racing and even jobs, careers -- >> our job. >> how about military? >> core fuse. >> coal mining. >> that's why i don't do core fusion. >> military get compensated less than terry bradshaw for a lot more -- >> we have issue with that as well. we should take care of our veterans. >> i agree. >> probably the easiest, movie stars self-destruct and do it on their own. they damage their heads usingav substances i condemn. >> all right, america. one more thing is coming up next.
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it is time for one more thing and we invite you to watch fox news because we know how much you love it. bill hemmer is hosting fox news is reporting 50 years of questions, the jfk t assassination. it will air saturday novemberis 9th, 9:00 p.m. eastern. there is mr. hemmer and you will be able to see it when it repeats at 12:00 midnight.
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take a look. >> november 22nd, 1963.>> n the day begins with an excited welcome for president wi kennedy. this outside his fort worth, texas hotel. oswald is going to work with a rifle. >> the blanket looked like camping equipment. it never occurred to michael there could have been a gun. >> it is 8:45 central time. in less than four hours, president kennedy will be, >> well we will be watching and we hope you join greg and the rest of the country to watch. >> dana, you are up next. >> this week, a huge week for twitter.or a big ipo. then it occurred to me that i am quite a participant.te what should my piece of the pie be? well, you can go on and find out how much of a contributor you are. it turns out that twitter would owe me $77,000 -- no 77
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thowrk thowrk -- 77,222. part of o it is my brilliance and the other is this dog, jasper who grew up on and i wouldte look to see how much my feuding partner herese in twitter how much he is owed and he would get 53,053. >> that's because i don't drive people crazy with pictures of dogs. >> i would be in third place. >> it is fun. you can find out how much twitter owes you. >> in i am cashing in on my twitter account. >> cashing in tomorrow. we have a big show and we will deacon instruct the -- de conwe stract the big lie. take a look. >> the apology after theloo pledge. did president obama just join this club?
2:58 pm
>> no one in the white house staff presently employed was employed in this bizarre incident. was >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able toke keep your health care plan, period. >> all broken promises and>> backtracking. >> go ahead. 11:30 and dvr it now. bye. >> greg, now. >> have i three things. i hate these people. i hate these people. a lot of people ask me to do things because i am a big tv star. it is like d money on twitter asked me to tell kimberly, tel tell her i said she is hot. he said tell her to stop sending pictures of her dog. and my buddy mike baker is aba friend of fox news.f he has a new show on the travel channel sunday at 10:00 s
2:59 pm
p.m. it is called americatrav declassified. >> he is a great guy. >> he is one of the greatest people, former cia.>> o he is hideous though, just ugly. he is an ugly man. i feel bad for him being that ugly. >> he has terrible muscle definition. "red eye"erri tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. >> julie, what do you have for us? >> lady gaga. >> yuck. >> i agree. she will be the first artist to sing in outerspace in 2015 and i hope she stays there. >> i am not a fan. a i could have gone over there and bullied her. >> she is already in outerspace. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. not a fan. >> do you like lady gaga?, yo >> no, i was just saying i saw a headline where she said she s struggled with her weight or something which i think -- anytime i have seen hershey looks amazing. >> did you hear the actress
3:00 pm
who stabbed her husband to death? reece? >> witherspoon?e? >> no, with the knife. >> i heard it from a priest. >> have a great weekend, everybody. hello, everyone i am greg jarod and welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> and i am arthel nestle. nevil. topping the news, a deal with iran on their nuclear program. it is looking more elusive and why the high stakes talks have hit a snag and causing friction with some of the closest>> and a frantic search r survivors after the monster typhoon ripped through the philippines. we are live in the fox extreme center with where the storm is heading next. >> and the verdict is in for dr. martin mcneil.


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