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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 10, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning to you. it is sunday, 10th of november, 2013. we start with a fox news alert. death and destruction in the philippines. one of the strongest typhoons on record devastating that area. estimates are that the death toll could be over 10,000. we're live on the ground with the latest. plus a white house in crisis. a brand new report that unveils the simmering tensions inside that building on pennsylvania avenue. how the president respond after the disastrous obama care roll out. he's the boss but should he rule in your kids' school?
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♪ one university offering a class for college kids to worship bruce springsteen. the details straight ahead. "fox & friends" begins right now. happy birthday to the united states marine corps. 238 years of service today. welcome into "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. thank you so much for waking up with us. >> we do so with a fox news alert out of the philippines. reports that the death toll from one of the most powerful typhoons on record could reach well 10,000 people. at this show hour 10,000 are fe
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dead. >> translator: i'm looking for my grandmother, mother and child. >> there's no radio, no television. the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> the u.n. says 2.5 million people are in need of food aid in the area there and unicef estimates there's 1.5 million children who could be affected by this. coming up we'll have a live report from that devastated area and hear from aid workers what the crisis looks like. on to another fox news alert, police in texas are on the hunt for two suspects after a gunman goes on a deadly rampage at a massive house party. two are dead. 16 others wounded. it happened just before midnight in a suburb near houston. dozens of people mostly teenagers were at the house when the gunfire rang out.
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>> it was chaos. just chaos. i heard between five and ten gun shots, and, you know, scared us a little bit. had the kids go upstairs with the wife. highly unusual for this area. this is a pretty quiet residential area. lot of children here. >> police say a man and a woman were killed. one died at the party another at the hospital. third victim is currently in surgery. we'll keep you updated. the white house is reportedly considering leaving the nsa. there's a short list of candidates. experts say the move could lead nor transparency and oversight in the wake of massive security leaks. the current nsa chief general alexander plans to step down in the spring. and a new miss universe has been crowned. >> so miss universe 2013 is --
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venezuela. >> 25-year-old gabriela isler wasn't so graceful, her crown fell off. she's a news anchor in her country. this is the seventh miss universe title for miss venezuela. miss spain was runner up. miss u.s. placed in the top ten. it's what she wore in the costume portion of the pageant. a transformer. the competition was held in sochi, russia. >> now i'm interested. >> beauty pageants to venezuela is what runners are to kenya. >> they make sure they can walk
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high heels right out of the womb. >> first step database >> rick, what's going on >> we're still talk being today about that typhoon. there's not much going on across the u.s. this weekend that's good news. we're quiet here but still talking about this typhoon. it moved past the philippines. vietnam is the next area that will take the hit. south china sea and remaining over water. it will weaken because the water is cooler. that's good as far as wind damage and storm surge. but a lot of rain across these areas and northern vietnam in towards china. a lot of rain and threat for mudslides because we'll see areas picking up over 12 to 15 inches of rain. yesterday we talked about that other potential system developing, kind of right behind hayian's path. we'll see something, maybe not a strong tropical cyclone but
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tropical moisture move in there by tuesday and wednesday. so while they are searching for survivors we're talking about another two to six inches of rain falling in there and that will exacerbate things with additional flooding. the numbers are staggering this morning that we're waking up to and likely to grow and to continue. >> we'll be talking to a relief worker coming up in ten minutes or so. >> there's really an interesting revealing piece in the "new york times" about the fallout of obama care within the white house. there are a couple of tidbits we're passing on. the white house refused to slow down the rollout of the website despite the fact they knew it would likely have problems. you heard people from developing it. that it wasn't working on time. policy teams insisted on pushing ahead without delay but so far, this is a quote, nobody appears to be fired as a result of the health care problems. >> one of the head tech guys
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involved in this just recently left. he wasn't fired. he left on his own accord. first who will hire him. in this piece aides said they don't believe anyone purposely deceived the president, that they just didn't tell the white house. they knew this information was going on. there was down that the computer systems were not up to snuff and the federal exchange wouldn't be ready on time but they didn't recommend any kind of a delay. but they knew about it. this points to a bunch of yes men. >> it continues the narrative that we've seen, i didn't know about it, i found out from news reports type message. this is how he's reacting according to a "new york times" article. president obama was seething two weeks after the disastrous launch of obama care. mr. obama gathered his senior staff members in the oval office for what one aide recalled as an
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one sparring dressing down. >> that's not as distressing. here's gerry conley from virginia. i'm livid this screw up plays in to the hands of critics. not that it disenfranchises people from their health care but might make the republicans more powerful. that's a stalinist response. >> other democrats quoted in the piece or cited in the piece close to the white house think the administration is not sufficiently panicked by the health care problems and affecting their 2014 re-election chances. >> the white house doesn't actually vote on bills the congress does and they pass this on a party line vote and these are people who brought you obama care and now trying to runway from it. >> love the main quote in the piece. from the president i'm quoting, if i had known we could have delayed the website.
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end quote. so he didn't know? no one told him? >> suggested they did know his staff pushed ahead. does anybody believe this website will be fixed by the end of this month. >> they are scrambling trying to make this website work and function by the end of the month. they are panicking. >> it's another broken promise and, you know, this is something that they are comparing to 2010 bp oil spill and thinking this would have an effect on 2012 elections which, you know what you didn't hear a whole lot about, even though the president wasn't able to stop the gushing for one and wasn't able to focus on other things. so you see the chief of staff in this article and "new york times" talks about this too how he's trying to make sure he focuses on immigration reform and transportation and college affordability and things like that but still the biggest thing on everybody's minds and affecting everybody's
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pocketbooks is obama care. >> the congress say yeah, no, you screwed up health care, let's move on to immigration. no way. over. >> if you were reading the news last night, governor sarah palin back making headlines. slamming some republicans out there in iowa saying why did you fold on the government shutdown. we need to stiffen our spines. she has a new book out where she's talking about the war on christmas. she is also at the big billy graham -- excuse me, billy graham birthday celebration the other night talking about assault on religious freedom in this country and also billy graham spoke as well. take a listen. >> our religious freedom is under attack and it's pushed out of the public square and it's censored. you'll see it blatantly, keep your eyes and ears open for this, you'll see it blatantly
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this holiday season, around christmas time it rears its head. you'll see the scene -- censorship and double standard unless we do something about it. >> i've gone city to city and identify seen how far people have wandered from god. >> you can catch "my hope with america with billy graham" tonight here on fox. he is really -- he's probably the most revered person in america. >> that's why -- so, you who is running for office wants to meet with him and have a conversation with him. and just be in his presence for at least a few moments. >> i would argue that there's an attack on religion, people who set the policy in the country and who set the opinion the elites contemptous of religion.
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but people who dissent in general are crush under the heel. you're not allowed to express all kinds of views that's unpopular. shut up. go away. people are punished for specking out. >> you see it across the country with the war on christmas, against the nativity scenes, christmas carols. we would love to hear from you. hit us up on facebook and twitter. 12 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up. >> this is one of the big stories we're following four. one of the most powerful typhoons ever. fears that there could be well 10 over 10,000 dead. and incognito speaks about
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clearer skin is possible.
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. quarter past the hour and a fox news alert. right now crews are racing to reach the areas hardest hit by typhoon hayian. what are the conditions like on the ground right now? joining us on the philippines is secretary-general of the red cross. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you. >> tell us what emergency crews are doing right now and what conditions are like. when we hear a number that there are potentially 10,000 people dead. is the devastation as far as you can see? >> well, for red cross we can't confirm the estimation of 10,000. but what our people told us, at least there are about 1,000 people who died in this typhoon
3:17 am
and there are 200 more in other areas. we have not done any body count yet. this is done on observation, by their eyes. and announcing the number of dead is not our mandate but we're preparing for assistance for management of remains. aside from that -- yes. >> this is hard for us to even wrap our minds around a number that big. what can you compare this natural disaster to that has happened in the united states? anything? >> for now no, because we have not -- we don't have a clear idea yet because we have not been on the ground. communication with us and our ground people are on and off.
3:18 am
it was just like today we're able to establish clear communication with people on the ground. so as soon as we get more information on the extent of damage then we'll be able to compare. but this is something that's very serious, the combination of a super typhoon, a storm surge, and flooding. so that's making the situation very difficult and challenging for the people. >> with communication down and roads washed away as we're seeing there and so hard to watch all of these children and gut wrenching and i know our viewers at home wondering how can we help. so how can we? >> well, thank you very much for the opportunity. you can help by contributing to this whole effort. we have a donation. you can just logon to
3:19 am we have listed options of donations. by bank, by online, credit card or pay pal. we accept donations in those forms. thank you so much. absolutely. we got that on the screen there for our viewers. thank you so much for your time and you stay safe out there yourself. 19 minutes after the hour. a six time felon tried to force his way into their apartment. they pulled out a gun. now their college wants to kick them out. the details coming up. and say bye-bye to your favorite frozen pizza. the fda wants to ban all transfats. what other foods are on the chopping block? what you need to know next. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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>> i am sorry they are finding themselves in this situation.
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happy sunday. 23 minutes after the hour. some quick headlines. new york city is asking a federal appeals court to throw out a judge's orders that require the nypd to change its stop-and-frisk policy. last month an appeals court blocked district judge's ruling requiring changes to the policy that lowers standards for making a stop and threw her off the case. advocates for the change say the law violates civil rights. in the surviving doolittle raiders making a final toast to comrades who died. their daring world war ii bombing attack on japan. the toasts were started years
3:24 am
ago by james doolittle himself. the special event was held in ohio. >> tucker? >> thank you. wait for the police. well from cookies and coffee creamer to microwaveable popcorn some of your favorite foods contain transfats. the fda is saying it's too much of a health hazard four to eat and it's proposing a ban. >> emergency room nurse practitioner and founder of mid is here with more on the fda's dramatic proposal. it's all combined like that sometimes hard to see it. so why is the fda proposing getting rid of transfats? >> transfats are more dangerous than other types of fats because not only do they increase your bad cholesterol they decrease your good cholesterol. they are bad for your body and clogging up your arteries and taking away your body as ability
3:25 am
to clean out those arteries. so they are worse than saturated fats. >> i'm the only person standing up for transfats if they are so bad for you, why are they in foods. i suspect it's because they are delicious. >> unfortunately they are. they are used to add flavor, shelf life, we see them in packaged products. what food manufacturers did they added hydro gone liquid oil to make it solid and that gives us the good texture. >> the question is if the government tells me i'm not allowed to eat transfats, my food will taste dirt? -- different? >> it may. many companies are starting to limit. we see transfats decrease about 70% by 2005. a lot of our favorite products, frosting, for example, contain a lot of transfats and it may hard for food does replicate those flavors. >> you have funfetti. that's a lot of fun in a can.
3:26 am
let's be honor northeast. sto stouffer's lasagne. blue bonnet. fake butter? >> yes. food spread have transfats. >> we now know that using the substitutes far worse. buy real butter. go back to the farm days. >> exactly. some foods do naturally have transfats meats and dairy products but they aren't as bad as the manmade ones. >> if i drink a 12 pack of beer that's bad for me? >> yes. >> will the fda ban me? >> will they ban the cold doughnut. >> will be forced to brush my teeth. >> our staff would like you to start doing that. >> will. come make me. >> thanks. >> thank you for having me. >> using old glory to honor
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lives lost in iraq and afghanistan. we go to this remarkable tribute. >> he's the boss but should he rule in your kids' school? one university offering a class for college kids who worship bruce springsteen. save your coffee from the artificial stuff. ♪ switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. i always wanted to design a bike that honored those who serve our country. and geico gave me that opportunity.
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an emotional reunion at the
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north carolina football game. personnel specialist surprised his family. it was all a set up. he was able to surprise his dad. he's retiring after 20 years of service. >> they never get old. >> 31 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "fox & friends." how would you like to go college and just listen to music all day long. now what if you could get college credit for sitting and listening to bruce springsteen all day. >> it's a new class going on at rutgers university. the college is offering a bruce springsteen religion class for kids who worship the class. >> it's not psychiatric code it's a class. it's interesting.
3:32 am
there was a story yesterday about how there has been a fairly dramatic downturn in applications to private universities that are charging 50 grand or more for a liberal arts education. could it be related. maybe kids and parents are figuring out it's not worth getting a degree in post-feminist poetry. babe i can listen to bruce springsteen for free on youtube. it's a class, freshman seminar. i don't think this class will replace some other theology type class, a religion requirement. seems like a neat idea. in my school in wilmington, north carolina they had a parrot head class. >> springsteen, because the teacher says that springsteen refers more often to stories of the hebrew bible, old testament
3:33 am
than the new testament he said springsteen offers bibleal stories into the american landscape. you can get three credit hours. >> i'm paying tuition and employer. as a person paying the advertising, person hiring, i spent a lot of time in springsteen studies in college. sign him up. >> i never had a folk tales class at university of pittsburgh. it was the easiest class in the world to take. i'm glad i took it. >> you need those once in a while. >> you need that mental break. >> college is hard. >> get out of bed before 10:00 a.m. >> weigh in. would you mind a springsteen class at your college. you can find us on twitter. >> 33 minutes after the hour. on the your sunday morning headlines. a worker out in oregon in an
3:34 am
animal sanc turn ary attacked and killed by a wildcat. the wild cattle haven is located in sherwood. it houses more than 60 rescued wildcats including cougar, bobcats and tigers. it's not clear which one attacked the woman. the facility is not open to the public. this is about bullying. for the first time the miami dolphins player at the center of the nfl bullying scandal is giving his side of the story. offensive lineman ritchie incognito was suspended indefinitely in the wake he harassed, he harassed jonathan martin and now he's sitting down with jonathan glazer. >> the racism, the bad word, you know that's what i regret the most. that's a product of the
3:35 am
environment. that's something that we use all the time. >> the entire interview will air on fox nfl sunday today which begins at noon eastern. a six time felon tried to force his way into their apartment so they pulled out a gun and now their college wants to kick them out. two gonzaga university students face expulsion for having a gun in their campus owned housing. the student that owns the pistol said he has a concealed weapons permit but the university said guns are against rules. despite blow back from the university the students say they wouldn't change a thing. >> nothing. my roommate's life, my life, anybody's life. >> the students will not find out their punishment until next week but we want to know what you think at home. it's your facebook question of the day. do you think expulsion is too hard a punishment for these
3:36 am
students. tweet us at ff weekend and we'll read your comments later in the show. a physics teacher in washington, d.c. is surprised by a harlem globetrotter. he became a youtube hit when his student posted a video of grading papers. that video went viral and caught the eye of a globetrotter. >> i've been watching you all over the internet. >> i was amazed by the teacher and inspired. >> saw the globetrotters when i was interesting eighth grade. >> he says his love for the harlem globetrotters and in his class he uses them to teach laws of physics. >> we need to get him on the show. let's check in with rick who is in the studio for a look at the forecast. >> fur teacher can do that you won't disagree with that teacher. >> can make physics fun.
3:37 am
there's that. >> all right. take a look at your weather maps. much of the east coast you're look good. areas in the south steady stream of cloud cover but not going to amount to much. any kind of rain. in the northeast a little bit of lake-effect snow, lake-effect enhanced rain. no accumulation. out west you're looking fine. yesterday i hinted at the fact that there was potentially some kind of coastal storm coming. i don't think it will happen. tuesday into wednesday we might see a little bit of rain down coastal areas of the carolinas but i think where this storm track will remain far off to the east. the thing that will happen cold air -- coldest air across the eastern two-thirds of the country. here's today's high temperatures. take a look at tomorrow. fargo your high temperature for the day is 23 degrees and marquette, michigan, 25. cold air sinks to the south and
3:38 am
moves to the east. tuesday, dallas your high temperature 52. going into the day on wednesday 51. new orleans look at a high temperature of around 54 degrees. everything remains cold across the northeast. get your coats out. no snow it looks like. that's maybe the good part if you don't like snow. but the cold is coming. >> overnight in the 20s? >> yes. well, this weekend we honor all of those who served and sacrificed for this country. with the wars in iraq and afghanistan there have been over 6700 americans killed in the line of duty. hundreds of thousands more returned home wounded some with traumatic brain injuries. >> it's important for these veterans to know we care about them and appreciate their sacrifices. one community in new jersey showing their appreciation in it's own patriotic way. >> reporter: in preparation for veterans day for the second year in a row, westminster
3:39 am
presbyterian church in middleton, new jersey is using old glory to honor the over 6700 lives lost in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> field of sflflag is a silentd poignant tribute. it's important for our community to recognize all the men and women who sacrificed for their country. it's part of the job. we know what we're getting into. >> reactions have been mixed from those saluting the flag popping their heads inside to the church to saying thank you to one woman laying inside the flags. >> on a beautiful, clear autumn day she laid down next the flag and had the sense she wanted to lay close to someone she knew. >> stars and stripes represent not just the casualties lost in the wars in iraq and afghanistan they also northern the families of the fallen. >> your sacrifice is honored and
3:40 am
giving of your family, your flesh and blood has given their lives to this country and we honor that. >> filled with hope when i look at field of flags because i see a generation of idealistic young americans and i see that they've gone to defend us, in a sense they are fighting for you whether they think of it that way or not. but muslim extremism is a great evil in our time. >> service members say the new wounded way display is drawing attention not just to the physical wounds but the invisible wounds. >> i know a lot of service members are afraid to open up about ptsd. certain service members are -- they are afraid to burden their loved ones. >> we're part of this society. we appreciate and love the ideals and institutions of
3:41 am
america. and we're letting our veterans know that by our tribute on the lawn. >> so moved by this tribute last year that it came back and met with them again. this is the second year that the church has done it. you see the reverend there naming the enemy the muslim extremists. you don't hear pastors say that very often. but he said it's important to name your enemy whether the sin in your life or enemy you're fighting in a war. >> every one of those 6,000 had a family. really sad. all right coming up here on the show this morning after issuing an apology to the american people the president is looking for a quick prince william fix. could this backfire >> it's a rare double lotto win. meet the man who could be the luckiest guy in america. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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. doing all right? we hope you're doing well. no deal with iran. france bulking on any proposals. six world powers including the united states met with iran to broker a deal. secretary of state john kerry says an agreement could still happen in the next few weeks. the winter 2014 olympic torch completes it's relay. >> after issuing an apology the white house is looking for a political fix and quickly. according to a white house source the obama administration plans to expand eligibility for obama care subsidies but could the solution come with a long term cost such as exploding health care costs. joining me now is portfolio
3:46 am
in taxpayer money going out to subcy sized health care. you could be looking at subsidies twice that over $1.2 trillion in just six years. among the many obama care lies it's not just this notion you can keep your health care, that was a lie but fundamental lie of just what health care costs. that's the information that subsidies destroy, distort and ruin the market. >> subsidies increases the cost of health care. if i punch you in the face,ize,
3:47 am
hand you a tissue, punch you again. they caused the price to go up. and now they are offering a solution? that's crazy. >> right. the subsidies beget more subsidies, more intervention. whether it's education, whether it's housing, subsidies increase the cost. it drives up the cost. it's almost like we've learn nothing from all these failed entitlement, eastern european socialist states, subsidies in those economies ruin them and we're seeing the same scenario play out in health care here at home as well. >> there's no other solution for them politically. look we'll see more people move to medicare and medicaid and doctors stop taking medicare and medicaid. at some point they are going to have, to the government will have to increase reimbursement? >> physicians are turning away those patients because they are not making money, they are
3:48 am
losing money on seeing those patients. some cities distort this marketplace what should be a free marketplace. that's the solution. not more intervention. not more evasion. you mention it's akin to getting a punch feigns. if you had something wrong with you you want your doctor to be honest with you. you want to know the real truth. it's that real truth that subsidies distort and destroy. that's why obama care is doomed to fail. >> it's depressing that nobody stops to consider the cause of the price increase. jonathan thanks a lot for that especially this early in the morning. >> thank you. have a good morning. >> another problem with common core the national curriculum it's been exposed sneaking partisan politics in to your kids' homework. and remember when the fisher house foundation stepped up to the plate to cover military debts during the shutdown? they are helping military families in a whole other way. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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the 52 minsk now past the hour. during the government shutdown the fisher house foundation stepped up to the plate to cover military death benefits but support for military families didn't stop there thanks to a special donation the foundation can help continue to help military families together and be together during the holiday season. here to explain is chairman and ceo of the fisher foundation ken fisher himself. so what is the holiday initiative? >> walmart and fisher house have been working together since
3:53 am
2004. walmart has been a very, very patriotic foundation and they have been instrumental in the support that the troops are receiving today. we have teamed up with them. we are one of two foundations that walmart will give a grant to the help our mission through the holiday season when there's so much stress on the families. >> that's a great point because this time of the year is especially difficult. it's especially difficult for families, military families who have sacrificed so much. how does the fisher house help? >> well, we help in a variety of ways. one, our core mission, of course, is our lodging, free lodging for families of those hospitalized, military personnel or veterans. we also have hero miles program that flies the families to the bedside of their loved ones at no charge. people can donate their unused
3:54 am
frequent flyer miles to us and we buy tickets for family members which is especially poignant now during the holiday season because there's so much back and forth. and to be alone during the holiday season or not to be able to be with your loved one for christmas or thanksgiving because they are wounded and you cannot afford to get there or you can't afford to stay, we just feel it's just not worthy of their sacrifice. >> we're looking at some pictures. you guys have just broken ground on another house. tell us about what we're seeing here. >> this is actually ribbon cutting, looks like our most recent house at murfeesboro, tennessee.
3:55 am
what we do is ongoing. and, unfortunately, just because our actions are starting to curtail does not mean that the veterans and service members are going to stop needing this program. because a lot of what's going to happen is going to happen through the va. rehabilitation. ongoing care, et cetera. a lot of what we're doing now is aimed towards the va just for that reason. >> up guys stepped up big time during the government shutdown. it was remarkable what you guys did at a time when our government couldn't manage to pay the military death benefits to help out the military families. has the government responded to that, have they come fwuk and thanked you? >> yes. they have thanked me many, many times. i think that, you know, what had happened was just so tragic and shameful. that political squabbling had gotten in the way of something as sacred as, you know, honoring
3:56 am
the passing of a loved one in defense of this nation while they are wearing a uniform. we just could not imagine that this was going to continue. but we were in it for the long haul. so we were going to basically pay the death benefits that the government wasn't and hero miles. we were going to send the family members to dover or wherever it was that they were going to go. this is one of the nation shakes. one of the things that i found most striking was i was speaking to some very top generals who said that they were getting hate mail. because of it. and you know when you think about that, you can't hold this against people wearing the uniform. they can't speak up. it's the suits that need to take responsibility. >> you're absolutely right about that. ken fisher, you're a true american hero. chairman and ceo of the fisher house. how can people donate. >> it's
3:57 am
we will honor every dollar that we get especially now. >> ken, merry christmas. you guys are great. we'll be back in three minutes here on "fox & friends." there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods.
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4:00 am
hey there, good morning it's sunday, the 10th of november, 2013. we start with a fox news alert. one of the strongest typhoons on record devastating the philippines. new video showing people clinging to the sides of homes and we're getting a look at the devastation. fears grow that there could be over 10,000 dead. >> the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> we're live on the ground with the very latest. and the six time felon tried to force his way into their apartment so they pulled out a gun and backed him out the door. now their college wants to kick them out.
4:01 am
police have raided their house in the middle of the night and taken their gun. politics in the classroom. disturbing partisan lessons being taught to our children. we have the curriculum that will have you fired up. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. happy birthday today to the u.s. marine corps celebrating 238 years of service today. a little known try va. the marine corps older than the united states of america by a few months. >> isn't that crazy. >> 1776, maybe. happy birthday to you. also coming up in about 45 minutes, wake up the kids, get everyone together. the author of "grain brain." this book will change your life. you got to read it. we'll interview the doctor.
4:02 am
how carbohydrates lead to alzheimer's. >> fantastic pancake recipes in there. >> buckwheat -- >> i love nesquick. we start with a fox news alert. police in texas are on the hunt for two suspects after a gunman goes on a deadly rampage at a massive house party. two are dead. at least 22 wounded. it happened just before midnight in a suburb near houston. nearly 100 people mostly teenagers were at the house when gunfire rang out. >> we're still trying to figure out what stemmed this whole ordeal from the beginning, whether it was a fight, whether it was a previous altercation. we do know gunfire came from within the house. it wasn't a drive by. >> police say a man and a woman were killed. one died at the party another at the hospital and third victim is currently in surgery.
4:03 am
a hot air balloon exploded in southern california sending four people to hospital. one with severe burns. officials say it happened yesterday morning in vineyards. and though they say it's not clear whether the explosion happened in the air or after the balloon hit the ground. new york city is asking a federal appeals court to throw out a judge's order that requires the nypd to change its stop-and-frisk policy. last month an appeals court blocked district judge's ruling requiring changes to that policy that lowers standards from making a stop and threw her off the case. advocates for the change say the law violates civil rights. you're about to look at one really, really lucky guy. joseph won a $1.35 million jackpot this week in the michigan lottery. here's the kicker. he already won a million dollars in the tennessee lottery two
4:04 am
years ago. says he and his wife plan to use these winnings to buy a place in a warm state and forget michigan winters. his secret to winning, he likes to buy the tickets that the store set aside as mistakes. apparently they are not are your headlines. >> you won the lotto. you can win it twice. our top story, fox news alert death and destruction in the philippines. new reports that the death toll from one of the most powerful typhoons on record could reach well over 10,000 people np is aid workers rushing to bring help to millions of people. mike cohen is joining us live on the phone from manila with the latest. mike, seeing these pictures for the first time looks like utter devastation. have they become to get a sense of how devastating this thing was? >> reporter: it was this devastating when you think about
4:05 am
it, at a press conference with the philippine president was in that city a little while ago. people stood up and asked for martial law to be declared. some describe it as people going around wounded, walking. you have people in the streets trying to, trying to figure out where their loved ones are. it's basically pandemonium right now. yet the toll they are saying could reach that height in one city and we're getting reports of hundreds missing in other places across the region, wherever that storm passed. >> what are rescue crews trying to do right now? it seems -- are we in a search and recovery mode right there now? are they just trying to catalog the missing? what are they doing? >> reporter: it is a mix. it is a mix of recovery and search. it's a mix of a lot of things that they are trying to do to
4:06 am
get people, you know, back. the other thing they are having, of course, with zero communication -- remember no electricity there for two months in some place. all the power poles are down. all the cell sites are down in many areas. they are restoring communication slowly town by town, area by area and there are long lines just to logon to the internet and check their earn mail, get a message out to family and friends that they are all right. by the way we would like to mention since i got on the channel last night we've been getting a lot of messages from relatives of filipinos who are in america, about 3 million filipino americans and my e-mail box and twitter feed are just like flooded with messages of people asking about their relatives. i'm sure we'll try to find a way to get them information. right now all the phone lines are down in those areas. >> got be a lot of panicked people looking across the ocean at the philippines. thanks for joining us.
4:07 am
rick is joining us right now and you say we could see more flooding in that region >> more rain on the way. one of the interesting things it's just in that one town. possibly 10,000. still a lot of other areas that they have not reached yet and areas that were harder hit, especially one town that took the initial brunt of the storm. >> why are we seeing so much initial footage out of that one city. >> that's the largest city right there. about 220,000 people in that one city. capital city of that province. that's where we're getting that information. there's a lot of other communities still decent size towns that they haven't been able to get into yet. the number potentially staggering. these image, when you think about winds sustained at 140 to 190 miles per hour it's like an ef-3 or ef-4 tornado that's lasting for about four hours. you see the images in this country when we have an ef-3 or ef-4 tornado that lasts for 30 seconds or a minute.
4:08 am
you see that for three or four hours across an area and why we're seeing this kind of damage. this is where storm is now. it's moving across the south china sea and up against vietnam. it's beginning to make this right-hand turn. had some concern for laos. vietnam some of these areas, especially north vietnam will be saying eight to ten inches ever rain. that will bring flooding and mudslides for them. we talked about a potential other storm, guys, that's going to be coming in to the area. i don't think that's going to be the case as far as a big strong storm but two to six inches of rain again on top of what they received there. a big problem. >> this story gets worse every day. you can keep your plan if the cbo says so. newly uncovered footage shows the president explaining that in 2010 right in the middle of the health care debate. the president being cross-examined by eric cantor in the house of representatives and admitted between 8 and 9 million
4:09 am
americans would lose their plan if cbo estimates came true. >> i was wondering how long for some of this footage to come out. >> this settles the question did the white house know it was going to happen. we had no idea. here you are on tape admitting it. watch. >> 8 to 9 million people have to change their coverage, out of 300 million americans we're talking about are folks that the cbo, congressional budget office estimates would find the deal in the exchange better. would be a better deal. so, yes, they would change coverage because they got more choice and competition. >> that was from 2010. and, you know, reminds you of the same line if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance and it was a complete lie. we saw that dozens much times. >> he's just admitting that right there is not true. he's being asked by eric cantor,
4:10 am
yeah but it will be better for them. yeah, we're going to cancel it but for their own good. we're helping you. >> now the president, of course, having to back track. we under according to the "new york times" a pretty big bomb shell story about the dressing down he gave members of his staff after went belly up. he had to go out there and apologize. turns out according zwrournlisms that apology hasn't worked what he ended up saying in that apology has gone further and caused more problems. take a listen to this. >> when the president of the united states not only, you know, said repeatedly that you could keep your plan, which we know the white house, anyhow knew was wrong, we know they deceived the public and that's the dictionary definition of a lie. we know the white house lied to us. that's bad enough. when the president comes out and tries to spin us, tries to
4:11 am
insult, i think, insulting our intelligence and says what we said was that just crosses a line. >> so, ron speaking -- chief political writer of the associated press. he makes the point we've been tough we being the press corps tough on the last couple of presidents but we suspended this on obama. we have an obligation to cover this for what it is. >> we'll switch gears this morning and talk about politics in the classroom. how would you feel if your fifth grader came home with an assignment that said the flag held high or something along those lines and the statement where they are asked to essentially pare them down, clunky statements and there's left wing politics right there in there. for example, the president makes sure the laws of the country are fair. and the assignment says make the sentence shorter and things like that. the bottom line is really there
4:12 am
the statement is false anyway, it's not the executive branch. isn't it the judicial branch? >> among these other things in the common core curriculum, president's job is not easy. a nation's people do not always agree. the president's choices affect everyone. he makes sure the country's laws are fair. obey the dear leader. wait that's not in there. the implication is there. an individual's wants are less important than the nation's well being. >> that soundses like it came from the biffle rights. >> we have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. a couple away does not keep the doctor away. >> the group is more important than the individual. i don't think that was the idea upon which america was founded. do you? i don't remember that part of the bill of rights. the individual sometimes has to sacrifice his freedom for the sake of the group. >> it was devised by governors
4:13 am
across the united states, but it was backed by president obama in 2009. it's been under fire for similar things in the past. >> let us know what you think about that. have you been dropped your health care plan? don't blame obama care blame insurance companies. democrats selling that line. is it true? they are in this country illegally. don't call them illegal. the ban on the term illegal at one university. we'll tell you where. [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket.
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millions of americans have been tossed off their health care plans thanks to the affordable care act. are private insurance companies to blame for that? white house apparently thinks so. >> a provision in the law with the manifestation if you have insurance you want to keep you can keep it. insurance companies that chose to strip away benefits from existing plans in the interim that cancelled exists plans in the interim they took away that grandfather opportunity. that's a reality. >> democratic strategist says white house gave insurance companies too much power. that's not a plausible explanation. if you require the insurance companies to cover all kinds of things that they didn't previously cover, their view is they can't afford it, they make less money, they dump people off the policies. >> the fault really is with congress, giving the insurance companies the central role in
4:18 am
the affordable care act. it doesn't work. they are in the profit business and that's what they should be. so it seems to me that there has to be an adjustment made in the law to do really two things. number one, to reinstate the policies that have been cancelled. number one. and number two, to extend the dates when the affordable care act requirements kick in. >> congress would need to do that. >> yes. that's right. senator manchin has proposed that. i think there's a lot of support for it. the problem is that this whole thing hit when no one was ready. we had d-day. a lot of preparation for it. it was successful. the air, naval fors had to get together and had to be run. this is our health care d-day. >> wait. d-day was planned much more quickly than this was.
4:19 am
>> exactly. >> so what could have been done is the administration could have done the insurance companies and said instead of writing a letter we're cancelling you, write a letter saying, we cannot implement your current policy because it's not grandfathered, what we're going to do is give you another policy, and that policy has the requirements of the affordable care act. >> they knew. >> i'm not disagreeing with you. >> the white house acted against its own political interest by allowing this disaster to occur. it doesn't help them. i want reveals them as incompetent. >> of course. >> there's some smart people over there. i'm confused as to why they shot themselves in the foot again and again and again. >> let's start at the beginning, tucker. that's when the affordable care act was hatched in congress, in the house and not in the white house. it was the congress's idea that the president approved to use private insurance companies. >> right. >> that was a mistake.
4:20 am
you know, we have medicare, we have social security. the two most popular social programs in our country. and they are not run by private insurance companies. so they could have been other ways of doing this, buying in to medicare, perhaps single payer. >> they weren't honest from it at the beginning. >> the feeling at the time was they quote couldn't pass legislation that was single payer. they had to use insurance. leapt me say this. the affordable care act, the requirements improve public health and important for future and will save us trillions. right now, because right now you can't get prescription drugs, you can't get hospitalization. >> i don't buy it. we're out of time. we'll continue this conversation. thank you for joining us. >> six members of her family serving our country. how one military mom is inspiring our troops overseas
4:21 am
and here at home with these bracelets and scarves. she's performed for millions around the world but beyonce has never done this at a concert.
4:22 am
to all the veterans... no longer in uniform, but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be... affecting our lives every day...
4:23 am
for your continued service, we salute you. this message of appreciation to our nations' veterans is brought to you by paralyzed veterans of america and unitedhealth group.
4:24 am
it's time for your news by numbers. first up 864 million, that's how much federal prosecutors want to penalize bank of america selling fannie mae and freddie mac thousands of bad home loans in '07 and '08. 272,000, how much money can buy you and entire record store. on the beat records in london, england is up for auction on e-bay. store's owner said it's time for him to step down.
4:25 am
he has a store filled with memorabilia. and finally, 128, that's how many bridesmaids a couple had at their wedding breaking a world record. the couple's wedding party 25 groomsmen, 10 page boy, 23 flower girls, eight maids a milking. >> seven swans a swimming. all right. 25 minutes after the hour. she has ation, three nephews and two nieces serving in the military but it was a discussion at a family reunion that helped one woman come up with a very unique way to honor, inspire and protect heroes while raising money for our wounded veterans. she creates bracelets and scarves featuring pictures of saints. the proceeds help go build brain treatment and ptsd treatment centers. cynthia, the founder and bill
4:26 am
white. i mean, wow. your family has made huge sacrifices. six family members serving. tell us where you got the idea for these bracelets. >> we have a long history in military service. we bleed red, white and blue. we had a family reunion and around the reunion i heard stories of close friends and close calls. i want our soldiers to feel safe and protect. we came up with a battled theme bracelets with saints specific to the military and combat scarves and the proposeds go to the intrepid heroes fund. >> everybody can buy them. they go the intrepid fallen heroes fund. >> it's unbelievable what injuries these invisible wounds that these service members are coming home with.
4:27 am
tell us about your organization. >> yes. first of all, we want to protect you from these tough guys here at fox. >> thank you. >> with all sincerity, thank you, cynthia and jim. their family has given so much. on veterans day we want to thank you for your service and grateful that you continue to raise money. we're raising almost $100 million for nine post traumatic stress disorders. we have a suicide almost every day. where chris lemay is, we had a suicide that morning. that was a special forces guy who took his own life. why? because this has been a long two wars and when these folks come home we as a country have to take better care of them. and so this post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury are the signature wounds of these two wars. so these centers that cynthia
4:28 am
and her family are raising this money for that millions of people who watch on fox can help us finish these centers will immediately start to heal and help so we don't have these suicides every day. >> one of the monies that there's so much ptsd is these men and women are coming home with physical injuries. they normally wouldn't survive. because of technology it's keeping them alive. we got take care of them when they come back. can you give us a website where people can find these items. >> we came up with this idea around our kitchen table. with veterans day coming. go to battlesaints, help save the life of a vet. >> that's all the time we have. i know you want -- >> i want to thank roger and everybody here at fox for taking such good care of our veterans. tomorrow live on fox, veterans day parade now called america's prayed will be live on fox. please watch it and thank a
4:29 am
veteran for his or her service and for your freedom. >> we're so glad to be broadcasting it. thank you so much for your time. 28 minutes after the hour now. six time felon tried to force his way into their apartment so they pulled out a gun and now their college wants to kick them out for violating its weapons policy. sochl you are already talking about it on facebook. logon to weigh in and we'll read your comments coming up in just a bit. [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo. prego alfredo?!
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4:33 am
oh, your shot of the morning vanished. >> sixth avenue, new york city. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. look at that shot of the morning. here's an amazing story from gonzaga which i believe is in seattle, in washington state. two students recently at their room, they are living off campus but in campus owned housing and a homeless man shows up at their door and tries to barge in. they notice he has a house arrest bracelet. he threatens them. one of the kids goes back and gets a handgun and forces the threatening man bag out of the apartment. the two kids immediately call
4:34 am
police and campus security report what happened. the cops congratulate them on defending themselves without hurting anyone. and then, then they find out that they are breaking the law because they had a gun on campus. now, again, you pointed out it's not technically campus housing, campus owned but not the main dorms there. so they are not allowed the have a gun on campus. they get in trouble for it. >> not at first. 2:00 in the morning when the cops show up, campus security shows up at their house, gets them out of bed and confiscates their gun. >> these guys say we wouldn't change a thing. it potentially saved our lives. the guy tried to barge in. they offered him a can of food and a blanket and refused that and demanded money. that's when they took matters into their own hands. >> so campus police couldn't figure it out earlier they somehow violated the policy. at 2:00 in the morning they think they are being broken in and come banging on the door and seize their weapons at 2:00 in
4:35 am
the morning. >> now they are being expelled for defending themselves. isn't this opposite of the lessons you want to teach students. you want to teach them self-reliance, ability to take care of themselves and diffuse a dangerous situation. and the ability to be an adult. >> the ruling will be some time this week. >> critics saying look they shouldn't have broken the law in the first place. they shouldn't have broken school policy. >> this happened to me at the university of pittsburgh. i wished i had some sort of weapon nearby when this happened to me. it was early morning and some punk kid came into the door room and broke in a door and stole my wallet. i was barely awake. it was early in the morning. ran off with it. ran up credit card debt. i wish -- i felt violated. i wish i had a weapon. i called the cops. >> is it even a good policy for
4:36 am
the school to have in place since it is off campus, campus house. our question of the day do you think these students should be expelled. weigh in on facebook or twitter or e-mail us at "fox & friends" 36 minutes after the hour. we have more headlines. a worker at an oregon animal sanctuary attacked by a wild cat. when rescue workers arrived several cats were loose. i want houses more than 60 wildcats includine ing cougars bobcats and tigers. the facility is not open to the public. >> >> they are in the country illegally. but uc berkeley banned the term illegal and said the term is racist and unfair. the measure is the second to pass since former homeland
4:37 am
security secretary janet napolitano became the president of that campus university of california system. there's an estimated 900 students in the country illegally who are currently enrolled in that very. system. one world trade may not be the country's tallest building, it's supposed to be but there's a problem with that because of the building as spire. it's complicated. current rules state only spires that are an essential be part of the building's design can count towards the height. the new spire went through some design changes and a committee will decide next week if it's still counted after these changes are made. if not chicago's willis tower is going to remain the tallest building in america. and beyonce snatches up a fan's phone in the middle of a concert and does face time.
4:38 am
>> i'll never wash that phone again. >> the singer barely skipped a beat while interact with the person on phone. beyonce is in the middle of her mrs. carter world tour in australia. i saw her when she was here at the barclay center wearing that very so quinned outfit. >> on facebook my mom -- >> hi, mom. >> let's go outside to rick who is looking at our forecast this afternoon and the rest of the week. >> talking to my mom on face time. my mom is pretty cool. she can't sing, though. >> maybe that should be our next segment. get your mom on the sing. let's look at your weather maps because you're waking up this morning. cold air out there. we'll be dealing with much
4:39 am
colder air coming in by tuesday it arrives across here in the northeast. enjoy your 50s across the coastal areas. lake-effect snow across interior sections as a disturbance is there. down to the southeast not a bad day. quite a bit of sunshine. cloud cover from time to time bath dry day across areas of the south. northern plains some snow we'll see right now, get ready tomorrow the bottom falls out on your temperatures. fargo today 43. tomorrow you're going to be lucky to hit the low 20s. cold air is on its way in. across areas of the west fluorescent of sunshine but a little bit of snow across higher elevations in towards areas of montana and wyoming. nothing that will cause big problems. tomorrow's temperatures, there you go. get ready. it is going to be told and that cold air will eventually make its way all the way down through parts of the deep south. by the time we get to wednesday we'll talk about highs in the 50s. as far south as texas and new orleans, tampa you'll be lucky
4:40 am
to get in the mid-60s. the cold air is on its way. be ready for that. we'll send it back to you. >> we're getting ready. want a quick pick me up? it's simple. the key to a rosier outlook on life is coming up. >> just how bad are carbohydrates for you? our next guest says they are eating away at your brain happen his warning could lead to alzheimer's, dementia could be gone you follow his plan. that's coming up next. my customers can shop around--
4:41 am
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lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause rious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right ay if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in md or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores friabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't ink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem maye more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain is -- it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> let's get up, gets moving. 43 minutes after the hour. surviving doolittle raiders
4:44 am
making a toast since their world war ii bombing attack on japan. 600 people attended the special event in ohio. are your feeling dejected. wash your hands. people who wash their hands after getting frustrated show more optimism and more confident than their peers who don't. mama always told you. >> i'm going to start washing my hands for the first time. we all know foods like bread and sugar can pack on the pounds. but these carbohydrates might be doing more damage. new book claiming these foods can have an impact on your brain, even alzheimer's. joining us is the author of "grain brain." the book is number one in the united states and canada. you make the point alzheimer's,
4:45 am
dementia, arthritis can be traced back to carbohydrates and grains. >> it's not just an idea. this is where we are in current research that carbohydrates are absolutely toxic to the brain. they relate to things like alzheimer's disease. everyone heard about heart smart diet. but now we understand that the brain is actually really sensitive oddly enough to the foods that we eat. >> i'm about halfway through this book and you make the point we've been lied to for many years. low-fat diets we've been told that's the way to go but that's not the way to go. we all eat boxes of snack well cookies. >> you're still doing the show. the point is when we got this low-fat message in 1992 within ten years rates of diabetes in america went up three fold and
4:46 am
make no mistake if you're diabetic you doubled your risk for alzheimer's. there's no treatment. it's preventable. >> you make the point in the book too it's reversible even within a matter of days. one of our makeup artists admits she went on this plan and got rid of her arthritis in a matter of 30 days. >> what you're basically doing is understanding that your food is more than what we'll call the fat, carbs and proteins. and things like vitamins. it's information. your food targets your dna. you're changing your genetic expression based upon the foods that you're eating and you can change your genetic expression and build a better brain. >> quiz our audience this morning. in the book you ask four foods. you ask to pick which one you think is the worst. one of which is whole wheat bread. >> whole wheat bread, a snicker's bar, white bread and
4:47 am
pure sugar. what do you think is worse four in terms of what's called the glycemic index. they either choose sugar or snickers bar. but the highest glycemic index that food that will raise your blood sugar the highest and longest is whole grain goodness that we've brent programmed to seek out over the years. that's the wrong information. that's not what opportunity eating in terms of building a better brain. >> unbelievable. whole wheat bread get rid of it. >> eggs are a wonderful perfect food. contains lots of good fats for the brain. what we're seeing here not all fats are good. you don't want to be eating those modified transfats, as you know, government talked about actually limiting that just this week. but the good fats, the olive oil, the avocado, the nuts, the wild fish. if you choose to eat meat grass fed beef.
4:48 am
these are power foods. >> this is what america was found on. in the last 50 years we've eaten all this junk in the morning. what the doctor will do for us this morning. our viewers go facebook page, the doctor will stick around for a little while and he'll be on the page answering your questions about this diet, carbohydrates and the like. go to our facebook page and the doctor will chime in. the book is called "grain brain" number one book in the country right now. it's a great book. go out and read it. coming up here on the show, bone marrow transplant helped a boy with his peanut allergy. >> and matthew mcconaughey's
4:49 am
dramatic weight loss. was it worth it?
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
two new movies hit theaters this weekend and while thor is look like a blockbuster hit raking in a cool $82 million another film called "the dallas liar's club" that could win an oscar. >> joining now with his review, kevin mccarthy. >> good morning. how are you? >> you're watching so many movies. >> so good to be on. identify had one. >> let's start with this "dallas buyer's club." you say it's good? >> it's an incredible film. you're dealing with a man who is diagnosed with hiv in 1986. he was given 30 days to live. ended up living seven more years
4:53 am
because he started doing these alternative drugs that were nonfda approved and created a dallas buyers club. matthew mcconaughey developed his best performance. he was amazing earlier in "mud." matthew mcconaughey will be nominated for best actor. now matthew mcconaughey lost 47 pounds for this role. i'm wondering how do you do that and not hurt your body. i sat down with matthew mcconaughey. how do you lose that weight. here's what he had to say. >> you lose weight by diet. not as much exercise as i thought it would be. exercise is 5% of it. it was did it. once i got the message after two weeks we were going south it turns on to commit with you and makes it easier.
4:54 am
don't have meetings at your favorite buffet. so i became a hermit. your body is more resilient than we give it credit for sometimes. >> not a fat man to begin with. >> not at all. >> puts him in the danger zone. it does. in sat down with him. you can check out the full interview. i gave the money a 4 1/2 out of five. it opened up in new york and l.a. last weekend and goes wider this weekend as well. check luxury cal listings. >> kevin, now enough talk about that oscar worthy movies. let's talk superheroes. first "thor" movie did very well. here's the sequel to that one. how does this measure up? >> it's not as good as the first thor plus the plot line is so convoluted. the first half of the film not that great. but when tom plays loki in the
4:55 am
movie it is great. you get the witty banter, that avenge gear's stifle comedy. it's very funny at that point. half the movie is not that great. two key things. do not see the movie in 3-d. the 3-d is garbage, it's dark, murky, not worth the three extra dollars. at the end of every marvel movie you get a special scene. this time around they give you two. one in the middle and one at the end. stay through the ending credits for those sense. i gave the movie three out of five. worth a matinee but not as good as the first four. >> did you cry any nerd tears? >> some. for me it's like the plot line is so convoluted. we don't need to be confused. we need to sit down and have fun. that's problem. >> i'm getting choked up hearing about it. that's poignant. >> first movie that tucker goes and sees. >> no, thanks.
4:56 am
not in 3-d anyway. >> check out what's your twitter address? >> @kevinmccarthy. >> great kevin maccarthy. >> we love you. >> coming up a powerful message from bill jay graham how far america has strayed from god. how do we get back on track. >> fake out. could this be the best high school trick play ever? wait until you see the rest of it. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways,
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4:59 am
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5:00 am
8:00 now. good morning to you. it is sunday, 109 of november, 2013. we start with a fox news alert. one of the strongest typhoons on record devastating the philippines. the video shows people clinging to sides of homes. fears that more than 10,000 people are dead. in crisis mode. brand new report that takes us behind the walls of the white house that the president reels from the disastrous roll out of obama care. what they are saying in the west wing. and they are in this country illegally but don't call them illegal. brand new word play on term of illegal immigrant at one major university or illegal alien. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
5:01 am
238 years of service as of today, marine corps older than america itself. 1775. >> we're getting a lot of people writing in on twitter saying happy birthday with members of their family who served in the marine corps. >> any other branch that the birthday is celebrated more widely? >> i doubt it. in the green room is author of brain gain is on our facebook page. "fox & friends." he's answering your questions about the carbohydrates and his new book "grain brain." we do need to start with your sunday morning headlines. we have a fox news alert. police in texas are on the hunt for two suspects after a gunman goes on a deadly rampage at a massive house party. two dead. 22 others wounded. it happeneded just before midnight in a suburb near houston. hundred people mostly taken,
5:02 am
were at the house when gunfire rang out. >> we're still trying to figure out what stemmed this whole ordeal from the beginning, whether it was a fight, whether it was a previous altercation. we do know gunfire came from within the house. it wasn't a drive by. >> police say a man and a woman were killed. one died at the party. another at the hospital. third victim is currently in surgery. hot hair balloon exploded in southern california, sending four people to the hospital. one with severe burns. officials say it happened yesterday morning in the vineyard. though they say it's not clear whether the explosion happened in the air or after the balloon hit the ground. a former baseball player is missing and he's due in court. six years ago jose oberman attacked two opposing players with a bat during a game. a federal lawsuit over the attack is about to go on to trial but he's nowhere to be
5:03 am
found. attack ended, one of the players career. however lawyers say even if he doesn't show up the trial will go on and he could be found liable. here's one for the ages. this could be the greatest fake play ever. >> give me the ball, give me the ball. go, go, go. >> there he goes. the jb quarterback from southern california leaves the defense stunned. takes the snap. then yells out it's the wrong ball and walk towards sidelines before anybody realizes he takes off towards the goal line. he's the nephew of will smith's wife. >> so everyone thought he just want as new ball. all right we'll give him that opportunity. but it will only work one time.
5:04 am
>> it was well worth it. >> we got a fox news alert on the death and destruction in the philippines. new reports from there say the death toll from one of the most powerful typhoon ever record could reach well over 10,000 people. this is as aid workers rush to bring help to people. mike cohen joins us on the phone live from manila, philippines. what's the latest? >> reporter: the absolute latest we're getting the chairman of the philippine national red cross is saying that in at least one town they are having trouble with law own order. looters took away about 25,000 people's meals, food that the red cross prepared because of the break down in law and order in this one area in the town. this is a situation that they are dealing with right now. basically there's law and order and control around government
5:05 am
buildings and provincial capitals. outside of that it's pandemonium. even the jails were washed away so you got prisoners mixed in with disaster victims now. so it is really getting horrible in some of these places. >> you tell us that communication is almost non-existent there. we see pictures. we see roads washed away and so many respects. are there some areas where rescue teams haven't even been able to get to and we don't know how bad the devastation is? >> the governor of the province across the bay where you're seeing these pictures from, is appealing. they haven't had anybody yet come in and help them. now, one good thing it's ironic, the marines anniversary. u.s. miles per ho u.s. marines are there helping. they are helping the philippine military. so, you know, on their anniversary marines are on the ground trying to restore communication.
5:06 am
we have the mammoth doctors group from the united states. they are here with 18 emergency medical surgeons. they are also on the ground. but there, again, within only these bases and these areas where portable hospitals have been set up. people are coming in. relief is coming in. you have a lot of issues with control and law and order. among the rescuers and people lost during the storm, also first responders, the police, many of them are victims now. >> mike cohen live for us in manila in the philippines. as rick knows, a lot of the devastation, a lot of the death occurs after the storm. the standing water issues. >> at that lot of times i want does. in a general tropical storm you end up with flooding inland afterwards that cause it. this was not the case. this was such an incredible storm surge in that city that completely -- it was take a tsunami of that kind of water coming in. there were so many people gone into churches and schools and
5:07 am
such seeking shelter and then those churches and schools were completely destroyed. there's pictures i had seen before of children who huddled inside one of these churches and now the church is gone. so these are very scary and very sad images. this is a look at the satellite image of the storm. it's pulled away from philippines. now getting close to vietnam. there's at that report coming out from a chinese news agencies of eight people in taiwan very far away from this who were killed by waves. you get a storm like this and you think about the center of it but that energy is pushing out a ways across this western pacific area. center of it getting close right up into the south china sea and we'll be seeing some areas see over a foot of rain in the mountain areas in towards china so there's a real threat for loss of life in those areas as well guys as we move forward, you know, over the next couple of days. philippines is where, obviously,
5:08 am
all lives. >> big international story. more news back here at home. we had a bomb story in the "wall street journal" what was going on behind the obama care debacle. "new york times" highlighting basic crisis mode inside the white house two weeks following the website launch where the president barely got together with his staff members and this is what the article says. president obama was seething two weeks after the disastrous launch of mr. obama gathered his senior staff members in the oval office for what one aide recalled as an unsparing dressing down. he was furious. the other thing he stayed president was quoted as saying if i had known we would have delayed the website. end quote. because they did know. the developers of this site indicated to the white house it was not going to be ready on october 1st and here's the response, quote, political and policy teams at the white house insisted on pushing ahead without delay. they pushed ahead for political
5:09 am
reasons. by the way, again a quote directly from the "new york times." so far no one appears to be fired as a result of health care problems. so, the political teams refused to delay it. the disaster occurred and no one is getting fired. >> apparently they have a team full of whiz kids trying to get the website up and running, even accepting help from insurance companies which is something they hadn't done in the past. and what do you guys think will happen if this thing is not up and the running properly and people are logging on and able to enroll? >> hhs secretary okkathleen sebelius said it will to be done. >> also quoted in this, gerry connoly said i'm livid this plays into the hands of the critics. not concerned about rising
5:10 am
prices. concerned that republicans may benefit. that tells you the mindset. >> other democrats close to the white house in addition to the one you just quoted said i think the administration is not sufficiently panicked enough by thaerlt problems they are treating this just like they had other crises, the president walked through the bp oil spill and others. okay he won re-election. this is another example of that. we'll weather this storm. >> people are very emotional and for good reason about their health care. it's not the same as an oil spill in the gulf. every person goes to the doctor. every person has a vested interest in not having their own insurance taken away. this won't go away tomorrow. >> this piece, in the "new york times," so go ahead and read it. it's pretty remarkable. "new york times" behind-the-scenes. fascinating reporting. ten minutes after the hour now and this is what we're hearing, he says her parents getting the answers they deserve about the disastrous obama care website and now he's doing something about it.
5:11 am
congressman mike kelley will join us coming up after this break. >> they look so cozy when they came forward to collect their powerball jackpot. then they broke up. who gets the cash. a typical lottery story. the money comes in and their lives flash. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. gravy and more, save your coffee from the artificial stuff. ♪ switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive,y first. i saw my doctor.
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on the table by not choosing the rit medicare d plan.
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5:15 am
specialist. >> but you're in charge of it. you got to have oversight. >> that exchange took place between marilyn tavenner and mike kelley during the hearing about the obama care website. >> the congressman didn't stop there. he sent a letter pressing her for answers. pennsylvania congressman mike kelley joins us now to explain. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have an excerpt from the letter there it says we have been informed that there is a tech surge and new contractors are being brought in to fix the website. there's concern how these new contractors were chosen and how much more american taxpayers will pay. so let's start with that. you say that's where it all begins, really, is in the bidding process and you want some answers. >> yeah. absolutely. there's an old saying if you don't know where you're going any road will get you there. in the private-sector if you put out a bid it's very specific what you're looking for and there's an indication that
5:16 am
somebody will be held responsible and accountable if it doesn't come up to the standard that you expected. now i've never seen anything as poorly run and incompetent as we've watched. we had three years to get ready for this and $600 million. now we're bringing in the a-team. why your bringing in the a-team. why not from the beginning. again that expectation, inspect what you expect. i believe that he knew early on it wasn't going to work but so driven by a date they had to meet and by the optics of it they went full steam ahead anyway. this is like being on the "titanic," there's iceberg, increase the speed. we're watching the ship sink. the big thing, this is all taxpayer money. and when you're not held responsible for it or held accountable for it performance bond makes sure anybody who bids has some skin in the game and you hold them accountable if they come up short.
5:17 am
i want to know who is picking up the tab on this. you know those four saps sitting at the next table they don't know what we're doing. >> up wouldn't remodel your bathroom in the house without a contract. you don't do the work you're not getting paid. >> kathleen sebelius pledged to congress that this website would be up and running by the end of this month november 2013. is that going to happen, do you think? >> i don't know how it would happen but, again, this is an administration. we've watched five years of this. they can talk the talk but can't walk the walk. by deepest disappointment the american people have witnessed total incompetence. and their expectations for a good performance are so low that they expect everything to fail. that's wrong. these are hard-working american taxpayers who get up every morning, throw their feet out of bed, go to work so they can provide benefits for their family. where in the world is the
5:18 am
accountability and who is being held responsible for coming up short in a can't find anybody who says it's my bad. the president himself said i'm sorry people misunderstood what i said and i'm sorry you can't tell the truth. >> we have to leave it. one word. do you think you'll get a response? you said you wanted one in 14 days. will you get it? >> our job in congress is oversight. we can look into things and we can expose things and investigate. we have to keep doing that. i would tell this to anybody that's watching that's our job. we have a responsibility to you. i'll keep on i want until i get an answer. i don't care if they say i can't get the answer to you right now. we got to get the answers to the american people. they deserve that. >> thanks congressman. coming up, breaking the sounds in a fox news fox sports exclusive. what dolphins player ritchie incognito regrets the most. >> a powerful message from billy
5:19 am
graham. how far america has strayed from god. so how can we get back on track? father jonathan morris is here next. [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insunce companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it. so what if instead ofjust a cheachoice, you could make a smart choice?
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5:22 am
welcome back. with some quick headlines. they are in this country illegally but don't call ethical illegals. the uc berkeley government has banned the term illegal immigrant saying the term is racist and unfair. ucla passed an identical one in august. there are an estimated 900 students in the country illegally who are currently enrolled in the uc system. surviving doolittle raiders
5:23 am
making a toast to their comrades since their daring world war ii bombing attack on japan. the toast was started by james doolittle himself. 600 people attended the special event in ohio. he's known as america's pastor the reverend billy graham who just celebrated his 95th birthday shared an urgent message to the nation. >> our country is in great need of a spiritual awakening. there are times i've wept as i've gone from city to city and seen how far people have wand frerd god. >> can america reconnect with its faith and regain its moral clarity in today's fast pace world? >> as he does every sunday is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. father john thanks so much. this is a message. billy graham is a protestant pastor but this is a message for
5:24 am
every person of faith. >> when he says that he weeps for the cities of america that he sees passing by because of how far we've come from god, i can understand that. i mean we look at the days in which in academia and hollywood and the media, the voice, the name of god was accepted as a good thing for america. not that everyone had to believe in i want but it was part of the fabric of our society. he says look how far we've gone. billy graham was able to do the amazing and that's to walk a very, very narrow tight rope, getting involved in politics, seeking truth in politics and politicians but at the same time not being partisan. he did that not by being politically correct but rather respecting people of different walks and he's a hero. >> tough thing to do. >> it is. >> how do we get where we need to be. we're so self-absorbed culture
5:25 am
with facebook and twitter and entitlement nation we live in. how do we get a spiritual awakening. >> it can be overwhelming. but same as billy graham weeps as he goes by these cities i smile as i look at america because i believe that we're in a position in which young people today are rebelling against and will continue to rebel against even more the secularism that's being shoved down their throat. secularism coming from those same elite institutions that i mentioned, academia, hollywood, the media. but also they know that that's not satisfying. and there's a new openness. and the other thing i think is great, great sign of hope is we're able to reach out to people now in a way that billy graham was never able to do. i can send a tweet or a post on facebook and hundred thousand people get it, a little prayer i
5:26 am
might do. maybe that's not as powerful as a renewal or revival by billy graham but that's a very real thing. we might not have the big voices out there right now, but everybody deciding that they are going to communicate in their own neighborhood and communities the best way they can, i think we're on to something beautiful. >> that's a great way to look at that. father morris great to see you. catch a special, the special re-airing of "my hope america" with billy graham tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern 7:00 p.m. central here on the fox news channel. father john have a great sunday. if you missed it catch it or watch it again because it's fantastic. 26 minutes after the hour. looking for more inspiration. this school janitor was just promoted to principal. his incredible journey coming up. our next guest is taking the guesswork out of christmas shopping for your officer.
5:27 am
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5:30 am
hey there. well we have a shout of the morning as we honor those who
5:31 am
fought for our freedom this veterans day. one company is helping our heroes find work. >> put all of its efforts in high lighting products made right here in the united states and getting our veterans back into the workforce. >> this is such a cool thing. welcome. first of all thank you for what you're doing. your basic concept is if everybody spent $30 a month purchasing items made in america we can employ a million of our return vets. >> a million. our goal is to give as many zwrobs vets as possible. >> that's an important thing. lot of them having a hard time getting jobs and these people need jobs. >> especially for what they've done. >> 30% unemployment. >> it's insane. >> let's go through some of these. you have on your website. first one right here. >> this is the american line.
5:32 am
they represent each branch of the u.s. military. what's great, they are amazing. each purchase gives back to the american, the veterans administration program. besides the fact we're giving back 10% of our proceeds to veterans programs and warriors, they give back to the veterans administration. >> this right here. this is an incredible painting. >> this is a tribute from a son to a father for 30 missions over german occupation in world war ii. 400 of these are remaining. $500 for the set. everyone can have a piece of history. in read through these. these missions over germany. unbelievable. >> this is a really great idea. we all have garbage cans and cans. >> american innovation is phenomenal. veteran owned and operated company called recircle brand.
5:33 am
what they do is put the entire box in trash can. >> made by our vets. >> that's right. >> stop the sting. >> if you're going on vacation during thanksgiving, jellyfish bites. best part about this it works amazingly. when you purchase 2005 these we'll send a third one to a u.s. soldier in afghanistan. >> what's this? >> thanksgiving is coming up. family getting together after thanksgiving dinner. minefield is the game of u.s. military trivia and what better way to get everybody together and learn about our history. >> how many products do you have on your website that can be purchased? >> we have about 7,000 products everything made in the usa from coast to coast and a lot of our
5:34 am
products we give back to different causes. we try to give back to our troops. >> this is awesome. everybody can go into your calendar, seat little alarm, go there once a month and say i'll spend $30 on a product i would buy in a store. if you buy those products and get $30 that's how we can employ our military veterans. >> a million jobs. >> incredible. what a great idea. thank you very much for what you're doing. >> trash bag >> got to have it. 34 minutes after the hour. on this sunday morning headlines a worker at an oregon animal sanctuary attacked and killed. fire and rescue crews say when they arrived several big cats were running loose. the wildcat haven is located in sherwood near portland. i want houses 60 rescued wildcats including tigers and cougars and bobcats. it's not clear which one attacked the woman.
5:35 am
the facility is not open to the public. this is an issue about bullying. the miami dolphins player at the center of the nfl bullying scandal is giving his side of the story. offensive lineman ritchie incognito was suspended indefinitely by team in the wake of allegations that he harassed teammate jonathan martin and now he's sitting down with fox sports' jay glazer in exclusive interview to address the situation. >> the racism, the bad words, you know, that's what i regret the most. that's the product of the environment. that's something we use all the time. >> the entire interview will air on fox nfl sunday today which begins at noon eastern. a battle over a multimillion dollar lottery win is heading to new jersey courts. well the winner's information girlfriend is suing him saying she deserves part of the $338
5:36 am
million prize. his lawyer says all the money is his since the two weren't married. but her lawyer says the ticket was bought on the couple's shared income. the two lived together for ten years. talk about a hard worker long time janitor at a louisiana elementary school is now the school's new principal. for the past 27 years joseph worked his janitor job. his continued education happened at the same time because he earned both a bachelor's and a masters degree. >> god knows, god sees everything and this is it. >> he says that he does have some classroom experience and he taught third graders after earning his bachelor's degree. congratulations to him. love that story. over to you. thanks so much, guys. i'm excited about this next
5:37 am
segment. that time of the year. time to christmas shop for the kids. this year to help take the guesswork out target has teamed up with a special agent, to turn parents into super sleuths. joan menendez was a former police officer and turned into a kids' detective. how do you go from cia to doing this. >> it's more of a stretch sthant. target came up with the idea the skills i have as an espionage officer would match their programs in terms of telling parents how to covertly find out what their kids want, how to covertly buy what their kids want, how to get it home and conceal it from prying eyes. and then how to wrap it. i call it disguising it. same thing. but how to pull this thing off for the big reveal on christmas day. >> amazing. how do you hide these toys from your kids before the big day,
5:38 am
what's the secret? >> lots of secrets. there's one over here on the table. we're talking about where can you hide things around the house. you can put them in a plastic bin and label it anything you want that your kids aren't interested in. this says cleaning supplies, christmas decorations, tools in the garage. take something like a samsung galaxy 4 phone. stash things all over house to. the only problem sue need a list of where you got things otherwise you'll end up having christmas in july when you find one of your presents. >> my mom used to do that. hide a present and months later mid-summer go rooting around oops this was supposed to be for christmas. don't lose it. let's dive into southeast great gift this season. let's start with the monster high power ghouls doll. >> target has expanded their
5:39 am
gift list than year for the first time they are including electronics and sporting goods and video games. they are broadening the pallet thinking children will play a lot longer. >> i bought my son the "planes" movie. >> most young kids will have a good time playing with those. >> skylanders, swap force. another popular one? >> very popular and there's an app that goes with it. kids can play with the action figures, play with tap. >> what's up next here on the list? we got a lot. beef solo. >> this goes to that electronics that we're doing for the first time. these are really good quality high-definition head phones, fit in the kids' backpack, easy to carry. great sound. >> bluetooth as well. >> ferbie is back. >> he has more of a personality. depending how they handle ferbie
5:40 am
it impacts his interaction. the more they play with him the more he talks them. >> air hogs. what are air hogs? >> think this san amazing present. this hovers in your hand. has a charger. no remote. you have this floating in your hand and direct it wherever. >> perhaps the gift is this marvel super heroes titan super heroes series. >> spiderman, not a young man in the world that wouldn't like to play with this and several young girls as well. >> check them old out at target or go to your local target. >> if you're interested in more of my tips from cia go to and we'll post tips all through the christmas season. now you know where to look for this stuff.
5:41 am
next on the rundown a bone marrow transplant occurring a boys's plea nut allergy. >> star athletes bring millios.s mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
5:42 am
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♪ need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align. quick headlines for you. a fox reporter facing potential jail time for not revealing the source of her reporting on confessed colorado gunman james holmes is expected in a new york court this weekend. janet winter broke the story saying holmes sent his psychiatrist a notebook. they demanded she reveal her
5:45 am
source. winter must appear in colorado and reveal her source. she could face jail time. we'll bring you updates on that story. college athletes are one step closer to getting paid to play. a judge rules a lawsuit to give them a share of television and video game revenue can move forward. a group of players are suing ncaa to change rules that bar athletes from profiting from their image. one catch the judge also ruled athletes can't seek money damages for past financial losses. thank you so much. it's being dubbed a medical break through. a bone marrow transplant is thought have wiped out cancer and the peanut allergy of a 10-year-old boy. could this new discovery help cure the deadly allergy? joining us now is pediatrician and spokesperson for the academy of pediatrics dr. levine. good morning. if you can tell us about this little biopsy's story quickly. he was 15 months old when he was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. >> here's a child with a peanut
5:46 am
allergy but also unfortunately had aol which is a form of leukemia. during the treatment it also wiped occupant his peanut allergy. >> this is not unprecedented but very rare. what do these findings tell us? >> a lot of people are thinking i have a child with a peanut allergy should i get a bone marrow transplant and the quick tsunami that is no. bone marrow transplant is a huge ordeal for a child to go through and there's lots of risks and complications whereas a peanut allergy can be managed with medication, proper education, thing like an epi pen and steroids that a parent is trained to carry with them. you wouldn't want to trade a bone marrow transplant. >> what's the risks? this is a big deal. >> this is a huge ordeal. first you have to wipe out the
5:47 am
child's bone marrow. you do that with chemotherapy and radiation. they are sick and vulnerable to serious infections and other complications. once they get the bone marrow transplant there's risks forever. sometimes the body will reject transplant. you can have liver problems and lung problems. it's not something you want for a child. >> the peanut allergy, you know, it's so hard on everybody, the family, on the other kids. so, yes, sometimes kids outgrow allergy, soy and milk seem to be more, peanuts not as much. what are some of the extra precautions that they should take? >> it's not easy for any child with a food allergy. like you said one in five children with a peanut allergy will outgrow it. most important thing is for parents and kids into the really get armed with the proper education on,000 read labels, how to avoid things. talk to the schools. make sure the school becomes a
5:48 am
safe environment and make sure that parenter and child is always prepared. ifts amazing. young children they know about their peanut allergy. i had kids 5 years old come over to my house and want to read labels before they will ingest food. they become just as educated as the parents. >> a friend, she said this is where i keep both of my epi pens incase i have an allergic reaction. it seems like we're starting to see more cases of these peanut allergies. i remember when i was kid everybody was eating peanut butter jelly sandwich, no big deal. there are more. it is we're starting to notice them more or are there really more? >> we're not sure why there are more. we are seeing that there are more. dollars some hypothesis. one is interesting the hygiene hypothesis. with current medical care we're sterilizing our environment and so our bodies are now reacting to things that they wouldn't react to before which is why the
5:49 am
guidelines for children with int introduction to period astronauts and introducesing them earlier hoping it will detect allergies. >> thank you for the insight. >> a pleasure. a minute before the top of the hour. politics in the classroom disturbing partisan lessons being taught to our children. we'll have the curriculum that will have you fired up. next time to get tough like a marine. you know him. the gunny has a message he says everybody needs hear. ♪ love... in the nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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5:52 am
what is your major
5:53 am
malfunction? >> whoa, that's one of the most famous movie quotes ever. and the man who said it is now offering some of his no nonsense advice to help us get us past our malfunctions and find success in life as part of his new book, gunny's rules on how to get squared away like a marine. author, actor, retired drill instructor known as the gunny. thank you for joining us this morning. it's great to see you. you're the most direct person i think i've ever watched. what's the first on the list of life goals that you recommend? >> well, first of all, you know, i looked around at society. this day and age, the economy the way it is and there's so many people out of work and i'm wasting five hours going from east coast to west coast how many times a week and i decided i would just have to try to do
5:54 am
something about it. you know, i've been there, done that. life experiences as far as i'm concerned. if i haven't had them, they probably don't exist. i've been up and down. i usually -- i usually -- most of my early part of my life, if i couldn't make it on one job, i would find two and i would have two jobs. .i'm afraid -- the most disgusting thing to me is these poor people that are having to depend on unemployment and welfare and food stamps, you know, it's like getting marched down in a swamp. you can't get out of there. once you're in there, you're stuck. and so i've always been one that i'll get a job one way or the other. that paycheck is the most important thing in my life. and if i can't support my family, that's a bad thing. and i figured i would like to share some of my experiences and how tos to some of these folks that might need a little help, a
5:55 am
little boost, a little push in the right direction. >> so first, get a job no matter what it is. so what happens when something goes wrong? you come up against obstacles you didn't expect inspect what's your posture then? >> you back up and you reassess the situation. and i'm one of those firm believers that if bad things happen to you, you know it's usually your fault. so if you reassess the situation and you find out where you're going wrong and you correct that and you -- you go after it again. plain and simple. >> so find a job, no matter what it is because you need a paycheck. first and foremost. and if something goes wrong, it's probably your fault. can you imagine a politician saying that out loud? what would happen? >> that would almost be like an apology. they don't do that, do they? >> no, they don't. they never do that. >> the thing is -- the thing is, tucker, you're a successful man. i'm a very successful person. obviously, it's something to do with drive.
5:56 am
we -- we're ambitious. we will not stay -- i couldn't set at home and draw unemployment. i just couldn't do it. i did it for two weeks after i was retired from the marine corps. and my dad made it quite clear that he was not going to allow me to set around on my lazy duck and eat his food and live in his house. so i better find myself a job quick and sweet. two weeks later, i was working and i took -- i find -- if i was unemployed today, i will have a job by the end of the week. it might not be the bank president, however, if i had to pump gas, that's what i would do. and i've done -- i've driven taxis, i've done the set up bowling pins in bowling alleys, i've done everything. >> gunny, that's the greatest rule i've heard today. gunny's rules, who you to get squared away like a marine. that's the book.
5:57 am
buy it. thanks, begunny. >> semper fi. by the way, happy veterans day to everybody out there. >> thank you. >> god bless. men tried to force his way into their apartment and they pulled a gun. now they're being boosted out of college for defending themselves, straight ahead. [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup.
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6:00 am
good sunday morning. it's the 10th of november, 2013. i'm anna. we start with the fox news alert. one of the strongest typhoons on record, devastating the philippines, error phiing new video showing people clinging to the sides of homes and new fear these morning that more than 10,000 people may be dead. we're live on the ground. plus, politics in the classroom. the disturbing partisan lessons being taught to our children. we have the curriculum that will have you fired up. here's a hint, common core. and he's the boss, but should he rule in your kids' school?
6:01 am
that makes school more entertaining. one university offering a class for college kids who worship bruce springsteen. you get free college credits for it. fox and friends hour four starts right now. well, good morning and happy birthday. semper fi, the united states marine corps celebrating today 238 years of service. >> inch believable. older than the united states of america, 1775, before the revolution. so happy birthday to them. >> tomorrow, of course, veterans day, so tip your hat to a veteran if you see one and say thank you. >> that's right. >> we have headlines to get to this morning because of a big story we're still following for you. >> police in texas are serving for two suspects after a gunman goes on a deadly rampage at a packed house party. two are dead and at least 22 more wounded. it happened just before midnight in what neighbors called a
6:02 am
usuallily quiet suburb near houston. teenagers were at the house for a birthday party when gunfire rang out. >> we're still trying to figure out what stemmed this whole ordeal from the beginning, whether it was a fight, whether it was a previous altercation. we know that the previous gunfire came from within the house. it wasn't a drive by. >> police say a man and a woman were killed, one died at the party and another at the hospital. new york city is asking a federal appeal escort to throw out a judge's orders that require the nypd to change its stop and risk policy. last month, an appeal escort blocked district judge shinlan's ruling requiring changes to that policy. advocates for the change say the law violates civil rights. one world trade may not be the country's tallest building after all. it's supposed to be, but there could be a problem with the building's spire. current rules state that only
6:03 am
spires that are an essential part of a building's design can count towards the height. a committee will decide next week if it still counts after those changes. if not, chicago's willis tower will remain the tallest building in america. that's what most fans are for, a few members of women's u.s. soccer team hitch a ride with some lucky teenagers after their bus breaks down in orlando. the team is in town for a match today against brazil and a long line of fans leaving the stadium were there and they picked them up and drove them back to the hotel. very cool. i'm sure those teenagers were loving that. >> thanks, anna. a fox news alert this morning workers rushing to the philippines to try to get supplies there to help after the typhoon. >> the death toll could be
6:04 am
climbing to well over 10,000 people. >> mike cohen is on the ground there and joins us live on the phone from manila. i guess this is the first full day we've had to assess the damage. do workers there have a sense yet of how catastrophic this was or are they still trying to put the pieces together? >> this is how catastrophic it was, guys. 36 provinces, a total population base of over 10 million people within those areas have all been declared calamity areas. they are now saying that, yes, the figure of 10,000 may be even small compared to what they're looking at in terms of total numbers of casualties. but millions of people in urgent need of help. water, food, you have other -- law and order problems, as well, in many areas. >> so trlt tell us about that, mike, the breakdown in law and
6:05 am
order. are the police, military, on the streets? >> unfortunately, many of the first responders were out in the storm. many of them are missing. they believe there are still about 100 they have not accounted for in tacloban city itself. that's the other problem you have. you have the first responders who went out, maybe trying to help people during the storm, and now they're nowhere to be found. this is lead to go a breakdown of security in places because the watchers are gone. there's no one watching the buildings other than those next to the airport and at the government center itself in tacloban city, that major city that was hit. >> and what are search and rescue members trying to do to reach the outlying areas that maybe they haven't been able to because we're looking at these pictures and roads are completely washed away in some cases and we've heard from you, the communication is almost nonexistent. >> well, one group that has come in and is helping with
6:06 am
communications and god bless them, the u.s. marines, it is their anniversary today. they are on the ground and they are helping now in the philippines. and they are on the ground in tacloban. they're working with the phone companies and other things to try and put in a little military knowledge to help them rebuild the communication networks which is the most important thing they're doing right now. aside from, of course, doctors and all the aids. the red cross is there and all these other things. but, obviously, u.s. troops are protected by philippine troops. so they're an accordion of production. >> rick has been tracking this storm. rick, of course, are we able to get fresh water to these areas, food, clothing, shelter for these individuals? >> think about this. there are 3 million filipino americans living here whose family and loved ones are back there and they're not able to get that information to them. this is a far reaching, does have a lot of impact here on our
6:07 am
shores. we go off, often i'm out and any place there's a tornado that tears across the place, an ef-3 or ef-4 tornado cuts through a place in about a 30 second to a minute time frame and causes incredible devastation. with winds like they saw in that storm in this tacloban city, that's like having an ef-3 or ef-4 tornado for about three or four hours. so imagine the strength of those winds. it's unlike anything we've seen and these images are so scary. we'll develop this story for a long time to come. we're dealing with it. it's in the south china sea. we make landfall in vietnam probably in the next four to five hours and spread heavy rainfall. this story, the storm is still going on. the biggest impact obviously is -- >> that's unbelieve b, it's like having a tornado over you for
6:08 am
three or four hours. >> strong tornado, a really strong tornado that will destroy a city here or a neighborhood, anything it goes through, but imagine that for three to four hours, constant battering. >> and it's a developing nation where, you know, the infrastructure is terrible. >> that happens here and our houses are built well here in this country. you go to a place that doesn't have that ut. >> thanks, rick. let's turn our attention to politics and the white house is having to apologize and walk back the statement that you can keep your insurance plan. the white house seems to have known this for divide a few years. a new videotape has been unearthed where he has an exchange with eric cantor at the white house summit on health insurance where he said this about the number of people that could keep their plan. >> the 8 million to 9 million people that you refer to that
6:09 am
might have to keep their coverage out of the 300 million americans we're talking about, would be folks that the cbo estimates would find the deal in the exchange better, would be a better deal. so, yes, they would change but they would be better because they have more competition. >> so he's quick to parse that to say they're going to lose it, but they'll get it back. >> it's only 300 million and it's a rounding error. after he said this on camera in front of everybody, admitting people were going to lose their coverage if obama care continued to go through, he continued to assure the nation for years unequivocally that this would not happen. >> he did that the other night in that apology where he said with chuck todd the other day, he said, look, yes, i am sorry that there was some sort of misunderstanding. they got these letters. but they're going to get better coverage now. >> do you know it's still on the white house website, as of this morning, the white house website
6:10 am
assures you if you like your health insurance, you can use it, even though they've admitted that that was a lie. it's still on their website. not a fast responding group. >> and they had added an asterisk and patternly the president is going to address all of this on thursday. we heard from the president on thursday when he said there was this 5% that fit into this category, but it's not really adding up. >> you know what they should do to fix it is just give another speech. maybe another speech by the president will fix it. that's my guess. you know, it usually works. >> or try to fix the website. >> no. >> the speed with which they can clean up and fix a website, i'm sure that will be up there. students at gonzaga college found out the hard way that the school was enforcing their no gun policy. two students living off campus in a university-owned house foipd found themselves basically under attack by a convicted felon trying to force his way into the house demanding cash.
6:11 am
one of them brought out a gun for which he had a license and backs the guy out of the house without hurting anybody. they called the police. told the police what they had done and campus security. the police congratulated them fordy fooug fusing the situation without hurting anyone. then the campus police show up at 2:00 in the morning and demand their weapons and they are in some deep trouble, in fact, now may be expelled as a result. do we know the police they called initially were the actual p.d. for spokane who came in. >> it was the campus police and the local police. >> so the first round of police show up and said you did a great job. you protected your roommate, you got this guy out of here, great job. and a few hours later, some other members of the campus police decided to show up and seized their weapon. >> and they're saying they wouldn't change anything. they're two seniors there and potentially could have saved their lives. this guy is in there, he's demanding ka ining cash, he's a guy. they said, a, would you like this blanket? would you like a can of food?
6:12 am
they said no, i want your money and that's how they got him out with this gun. critics are saying, you knew the rules. it is campus housing even though it is off campus. it's regulated by campus rules. so you broke the rules and -- >> submit to the felon. if a guy demands cash and comes into your house, six felony charges, convictions, you're allowed to protect yourself. >> they said they wouldn't change it and they could possibly get expelled next week. >> go to our facebook page and let us know what you think. coming up here on the show, as the white house considers a plan for the first civilian national security chief, just how safe do americans really feel? pollster frank luntz found out. he's up next with his most recent poll. and do you remember this song, "ironic"? it's coming back in a very big way.
6:13 am
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for the first time in history, the white house is now considering appointing a civilian to lead the national security add men administration in an effort to regain the public's confidence in the nsa. how do americans feel about this and about national security? there's no man better sulted to answer this question than pollster frank luntz who joins us now live. thanks a lot for joining us. so striking, the public's response. we find out that the obama administration is spying on us in every possible way, yet the scandal slipped beneath the waves. some of your findings may suggest why. >> the greater focus and the spying is whether we actually have the security that americans deserve. >> right. >> tucker, the first responsibility of washington, of
6:17 am
government, is to provide for the common defense both here and abroad. and when we ask the american people, take a look at the next ten years, do you think this will be a safer or a less safe world? the numbers are overwhelming. i don't know of an issue or a concern that is more universal than the fact we think we are under tremendous threat and we frankly think we're not investing enough in national security. you take a look at terrorism, you take a look at these individual threats in the countries. what is happening to us right now is we are hollowing our our military, the public sees it, they believe it and washington needs to get a message. they need to understand whether you are a republican or a democrat, the concern for our men and women in uniform, they're able to do their mission efficiently, effectively and return home safely, that is the number one priority out there. >> let's take a look at the numbers. do you believe the world will become more dangerous or less?
6:18 am
less dangerous, 3%. more dangerous, 83%. what accounts for this? do you have any sense -- is it the fact that there's more chaos in the world, iran getting nukes? if you're a percentage of the massive number, why? >> it's all of that. and the important point there is whether you're 18 or 29, whether you're a liberal, conservative, fax news viewer or not, it doesn't matter. your politics, your geography, the public is universalness and they see these cuts in sequestration and we wonder on, will they have the tanks, the planes, the protective vehicles, are we prepared for the threats of the 21st century? the american people are afraid that we are becoming less afraid over time, not more prepared. >> even as the police and military presence on our streets has become so much more visible, even as the number of magnatometers have increased, there's a large number of scrutiny. is america more owes on less
6:19 am
safe than it was a decade ago? the same say 17%. less saip say almost half. people rpt reassured by all these men in uniforms of the streets, apparently. >> no, because they're looking at this not domestically, they're looking at this globally. and we are one day away from veterans day. and we should be paying respect for them. they put their lives on the on line for us every day. they deserve the equipment, the technology, the things around them that help them, that keep them safe. it is not enough, tucker, to go up and i know you do this as well as i to thank our men and women in uniform. whenever we see them in airports, we have to provide them 365 days a year with the equipment they need to do their missions successfully and come home safely. and the fear among the american people is that that's not happening in washington right now. >> i've got to say, it's so heartening to see that. people really fear for their future. they really -- americans really want to make certain that the men and women who serve us
6:20 am
abroad in uniform are protected and watched over. and that says something great about our country, i think. >> and it's about 80% of americans who feel that way. he said what they suffered in silence, they paid tribute to our veterans, tribute to our men and women in uniform, by giving them the equipment they need to keep men safe. >> that is a great message to enter into veterans day with and a really reassuring thought. thanks, frank, we appreciate it. >> thank you. politics in the classroom, the disturbing partisan lessons now being taught to our kids under common core. this is a curriculum that will get you all wound up. stay tuned for that. and he's the boss, apparently, but should he rule your dmirn school? one college offering a class for
6:21 am
students who worship springsteen. more appalling details, coming up. [ female announcer ] arms were made for hugging. hands for holding. feet, kicking. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill
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welcome back. 24 minutes now past the sure. talks to scale down iran's nuclear program producing no deal. france bulking on any proposal saying saengz sanctions didn't go far enough. six world powers met with iran to broker a deal. secretary of state john kerry says an agreement may still happen in the next few weeks. and federal prosecutors want to penalize bank of america more than $800 million for selling fannie mae and freddie mac thousands of bad home loans in 2007 and 2008.
6:25 am
last month, a jury found bank of america lible for the bad deals made by countrywide financial during the housing boom. the company says the government is overstating those losses. anna. > . new revelation these morning about the national education standards being put forward by the obama administration. could they be injecting politics into our child's classrooms? glenn wright is here with us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> i want everybody at home to see what we're coming from here. this is coming from common core curriculum. this is what it looks like. the president makes sure the laws of the company are fair. is that the judicial branch or the executive branch? the wants of an individual are less important than the well being of the nation. finally, the commands of government officials must be obeyed by all. it sounds like it's right from the bill of rights, not. so, glenn, what's your biggest
6:26 am
issue when you see something like this in a classroom? >> this is just not an isolated event. it's been incredible to watch as common core has been complicaimd across the nation, we continue to see these common core alignments pop up. we've seen everything from sixth graders in arkansas be charged with rewriting the bill of rights because it's exposedly outdated all the way to sophomores in high school in illinois to give a panel of ten patients to decide who is most worthy of a kidney dialysis. the curriculum is not the root of the problem. the root of the problem is the entire common core initiative in its entirety. >> it was devised by governs across the country and backed by president obama during the stimulus. what do you think needs to change about this .how can it be changed? >> well, i think it's important to remember, find out why where
6:27 am
are this all came from. it was all created in washington, d.c. by private orlgzs and then the federal government began this race to the top program in the 2009 stimulus where they couldersed governs to apply for funding if they promised to implement the common core. 45 governors signed on, only a few states received fund, yet they're all responsible for implementing the common core. >> what should parents at home, if they're looking at this going, this is not what i want my kid learning in school, what do they need to do? >> eagle forum has been fighting in the public policy arena for decades. and we have not seen an uprising from the grassroots like this for a long time. find the organized opposition in your state. go to your governor and ask him to start leading as the executive of his state. exit the common core. reclaim state sovereignty, restore control to parents and
6:28 am
local governments. you know, our children, they are not cogs in a machine. they are individuals created by god, given talent and abilities and we need to be fostering that, not standardizing it. >> there you go. glenn wright, thank you so much for your time today. >> thanks for having me. an nfl player busted for suspicion of drunk driving and it's not his first run-in from the law. and she's known as the biscuit queen from biscuit toes blueberry cobbler. easy recipes enough for you to try. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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auto krichten the united states shim gerald r. ford. may god bless this ship and all who sail her. >> wow, that was a defenive shot. the uss gerald ford christened by the u.s. navy. his daughter, susan, smashed the sparkling wine on the bow of the ship yesterday. the uss ford has been labeled the most technology languaicall ever built. >> if you see a veteran today, tip your hat to them and say thank you. >> what can we say confidently
6:33 am
about that ship inspect the people would designed that ship, the most complex naval vessel ever constructed did not major in springsteen studies in college. >> no. i think they probably -- and by the way, engineers, probably the most sought after individuals in this country right now, they probably did not. but if they go to rutgers university as a student, they would have the opportunity to take a class now in springsteen religion, the music of bruise springsteen being taught in a class for three credits. to get listen to bruce springsteen music, pull from the bible, literature references, and on and so forth. >> i can't believe my money for tuition is going to pay for my kids learning -- what's the matter? i think it's a great idea. when i went to usc wilmington, there was a parent for jimmy buffett. i think ur only got one credit, but you learned how to make a cheeseburger in paradise and learn about how jimmy buffett has been shapeding the culture --
6:34 am
>> sometimes i get up to get on a plane and i think, why am i doing this? oh, tuition. but also it turns out many in the public are feeling differently. fewer people are applying to private liberal arts colleges. part of the reason is in a tough economy, it's become clear that a masters in post modernist if i am feminist history is probably not going to get you a decent job. >> what does a poll by a feminist historian going to look like? >> i don't know. angry. but it's almost as stupid as springsteen studies. if you want to download his music for free on some pirate website, fine. but why are you saying some tenured professor to teach you this? >> they're not the first ones. princeton has already done it. >> bruce springsteen does not have enough money. people need to support his career and don't pirate it.
6:35 am
but there are plenty of things we can call from music and references to music over the years. from grateful dead songs over the years, bob dylan. maybe there are some literary references. >> and you can do it alone in a car. my point is, how rich is your society where you feel obligated to take springsteen studies seriously? come on now, this is not preparing us for the global marketplace. do you think the chinese are studying springsteen? no. >> so under water basket weaving must go, too? >> no. springsteen music hasn't arrived on mainland china ma. on this sunday 35 minutes after the hour, a worker at an oregon animal sanctuary attacked and killed by a rescue cat. when they arrived, several big cats were running loose. the wildcats haven is located in sherwood, near portland. it houses nearly 60 wild rescued. it's not clear which one attacked the woman. the facility is not open to the
6:36 am
public. and an nfl star with a history of dui gets busted for drinking and driving. jerome simpson was arrested saturday morning leaving downtown minneapolis around 4:00 a.m. he refused a breath test and spent the morning in jail. in 2011, simpson spent 15 days in jail for a felony drug convict tied to a two-pound drug shipment to his house. the vikings say they are aware of the dwi arrest and are gathering information. a judge is set to rule this week whether reporter jana winter must appear in a colorado courtroom to revue veal her sources. she broke the story regarding confessed gunman james holmes sent a notebook before going to a deadly rampage. a colorado court issued a subpoena demanding she testify and reveal her source.
6:37 am
winters lawyers argue that new york's laws protect journalists from revealing confidential sources should protect her from having to testify in colorado. the subpoena is not thrown out. winter must appear in colorado and reveal her source or face jail time. well, singer alanna doorette's music is being turned into a broadway musical. the play will feature the full track list from the 1995 album as well as some of her new songs. brainstorming workshops for jagged little pill begin next year. >> by the way, that's your post modernist feminist movement. >> what i loved about that song is it wasn't ironic at all, right, rick? when it rains on a sunny day, it's not irony.
6:38 am
>> it also is not irony because it's no longer sunny. >> but it isn't ironic. you're the smartest person on this show by like 20 iq points. >> that is completely not through, but i love that song at the present. the scary part is that was 1995, almost 20 years ago. >> how is that for making you feel old? take a look at your temps about to plummet across the northern plains. here's your temporary thes righ. coming down from canada, very cold air by tomorrow night. across parts of north dakota, take a look at that. 7 degrees in minot, 14 in fargo. and the cold air will vently affect all oufs this week. here's your forecast across the northeast for your day today. enjoy these kind of warmer temperatures in the 50s. that all will change very, very soon. down to the southeast, you see plenty of sunshine. your temps by wednesday into the 50s. across the central gulf, so a drop of around 25 degrees.
6:39 am
it's in the modern plains today, not bad day. that all changes tomorrow. and down across areas of the southwest, you're looking great. phoenix, always good this time of year. all right. so we're thinking weather and we're thinking food and we're thinking what do you want? do you want some home cooking right now as it starts to get colder? right now to share her family recipes, they call her the biscuit queen and she's sharing her recipes with everybody here. now it's callie's biscuits and southern traditions. you're carrie, not callie. >> i'm carrie, my mom is callie. we mafk biscuits by hand and here i am today to teach you. >> earlier today, we had a segment on about not eating carbs. >> i heard. >> forget about that right now. now we are eating the carbs. first i want to talk about some of on these other dishes you have. >> these are all in my cookbook, maple glazed pork loin. these are super easy.
6:40 am
my kids help me in the kitchen every day, slather on some maple surus and dijon. >> and it's pretty inexpensive, a pork loin, right? >> oh, very inexpensive and i love a pork loin. my grandmother's macaroni pie, probably the first thing i started to make at age 9. it is super easy, just eggs and milk and it is devine. >> and those noodles, it gets nice and crisp. >> absolutely. >> in a cast iron skillet. >> absolutely. >> but you're famous for your biscuits. >> a little bit. and i make them by hand. >> what's the key? >> you have to make them with white lily self-rising flour. >> i've heard that before. >> it makes a difference. and you need to use your hands. if you put it in a machine, it's going to overwork the dough. at the bakery, we make about
6:41 am
9,000 of these at hand. the other key is to cut in the butter like this. it's start to go look like pardon me se parmesean. after you get this butter cut in, the secret ingredient or my mom's secret ingredient is cream cheese. so not one fat, but two. >> would you mind throwing that cream cheese in there for me. >> i just washed my hands, i promise. >> good. >> this is how all our biscuits start at the bakery. >> we are out of time on this. all your recipes are in your cookbook right here, callie's biscuits and southern traditions and we'll put those in your website. >> you have to eat a biscuit. >> don't you worry about that. clayton, i'm eating the carbs. >> we'll bring you some. >> throw me a carb. >> i want a blueberry bo jangles biscuit so bad. come on, come on.
6:42 am
newly elected to a second term, new jersey governor chris christie is going on an all-out sunday show media blitz. howard kurtz is saying christie is taking a big risk by doing it. coming up. and he's the guy responsible for these awesome paintings. today, steve is paint to go honor of veterans. see him in action, next. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. 45 minutes now past the hour. new jersey governor chris christie going on an all-out media blitz today. he is set to appear on abc's this week, cbs's face the nation and then he'll have lunch and take a break. is this subblissty push about a
6:46 am
2016 presidential bid? and how will he be treated by the mainstream media sfp here to discuss this is howard kurtz and lauren ashburn. howie, is this a smart move for him? it seemed like he was trying to tamp down aspirations for 2016, but it seems like it's going to bring it back to the fore, no? >> he's not tamping down anything. he loves this. he was unusually subdued, like he hadn't had his coffee. he's doing fine. the risk here is, although reporters love the accent, is that if he's constantly talking to the press, he's going to get pressed on issues that may not be as favorable in the republican primaries and he may make a mistake and that becomes the flap of the day. >> lauren, what do you make of the time magazine cover this week? look, i think we're talking about it, right? and that's what "time" magazine wants us to do by labelling it the elephant in the room and putting a silhouetted picture of christie up there.
6:47 am
was it a fair cover to choose? >> it's a cheap shot designed as media buzz, which is exactly what they're getting. how fair is it that this is a potential future president of the united states and they're making fat jokes about him after he just won in a land slide as the governor of new jersey? so, yeah, i don't think it's very good. he this morning on the show said who cares? if i can't take jokes about my weight, i don't belong in leadership. >> he's so happy to be on the cover of "time" magazine. sure, it was a gratuitous shot. >> the inside head was born to run, which is a playoff from a bruce springsteen song and he's from new jersey. it was very favorable, that this is a tough guy who says what he thinks, says exactly what's on his mind and could be a very
6:48 am
good candidate. >> howie, you talked with bob woodward on the show today. give us a preview. >> it was very interesting. he said he got a phone call, an angry phone call from a white house official blaming him for all the recent media criticism over the obama carolout. the reason says woodward is he was one o accuse the president of lacking leadership when he wrote his book. woodward has a lot to say about the relationship between the obama administration and journalists. >> whether or not he was the one who started this whole process rolling of stonewalling from the white house or not, there is a very contentious relationship right now between the white house press and the president. and jay carney, the spokesman. just this week, there was a back and forth between downthan carl at abc and henry here from fox
6:49 am
has had a tough time with him. it is not a good relationship. >> catch media buzz, the show that they are a part of, 11:00 a.m. here on the fox news channel. if you can't watch it, set your tivo. we'll be taking grades later and see if you paid attention. coming up here on the show, he's the guy responsible for this awesome painting. today is steve penley's painting to honor of veterans who see him out of our plaza, next. this dog, a lifeline for that brave -- for their veterans. their incredible story is coming up. don't miss it, next. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels.
6:50 am
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veteran of the u.s. marines, was having a difficult time readj t readjusting to civilian life until he was introduced to a fuzzy fair. now he said his dog saved hilife. they share their story and tell how veterans can also benefit from the love of a dog. he's having a great time cleaning up the biscuits from the last segment. good morning. how did gunny save your life? >> i was trying to transition back to civilian life, and it's very tough for any veterans. i was about to give up on life. i really was at that point. when yuz i was sitting, crying dark room, this dog came over, put his head on my lap and cried with me. >> he's a gentle giant who really saved you and inspired you to start your nonprofit. >> i'm part of a nonprofit.
6:54 am
what hoopens is i found guardians of rescue on facebook. i found them, bothered them, wanted to figure out how to get my dog certified, they helped me find him also, and he does help me transition from everyday problems. >> what are some of the things he does for you? >> i was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, i have depression, anxiety, vertigo. he helps me go up and down the stairs. even with the headaches, i come home at night, he puts his head on my head. he gets it, he understands it. >> ptsd is something that is an invisible wound. sometimes our veterans come home and they're scared to even tell their family members about it. how can people find information about this program and get a dog like gunny? >> it's and also guardians of rescue on
6:55 am
facebook. he has his own facebook page, 10,000 fall ollowers in three months. a lot of veterans don't know what to do. we give dogs to veterans, and it works. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gunny, we're proud of you, too, buddy. happy veterans day. >> thank you. >> five minutes before the hour. check out these patriotic paintings we have to show you. next, the artist pays tribute to our veterans. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup.
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6:58 am
well, veterans' day is a day to honor, celebrate, and remember the veterans who fight and protect our country. >> joining us is great american artist steve henley. you have been painting throughout the show this morning. >> right. >> i love how steve can paint an american flag or a giant painting in a few minutes.
6:59 am
>> on the street. >> it's wet, be careful. >> years ago when you got into painting, why these american icons, veterans, soldiers and these iconic images of america. >> >> because it cells? >> because it sells? >> no, it did sell and it was a reason to originally do it, but i wanted to remind people of the symbols of america and what made america great. you know, this younger generation have no idea what we have here. there's no idea, you know, how lucky we are to be in this country. you know, they have nothing to compare it to. we have lived in paradise for so long, so i do these icons as just reminders that these are guidepostoffs what made us great to look back, to what made us great originally and what made america the greatest country in the world. >> why do you think it's important to hang these in people's homes and offices? >> because it makes me rich. >> one great thing about america. >> capitalism, baby.
7:00 am
>> greed is good. >> he's going to stick around with us in our after show show. >> >> paint a giant rick's head. >> that's what i'm working on. no deal to try to stop iran from building a possible nuclear bomb. after three days of marathon talks with iran on its disputed nuclear program, the negotiated ended early this morning without an agreement, and even though iran denies it wants a bomb, the proposed deal does not order iran from stopping uranium enrichment completely but only suspend it for six months, and no agreement on plutonium in richment. the french foreign m


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