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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 11, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PST

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of the unknowns. we commemorate this day every year. let's listen. [billions tolling] [bells tolling]
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[bells tolling] >> present arms! [playing of "the star-spangled banner"]
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♪ >> order, arms.
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>> present arms. [drums playing]
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[playing of taps]
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[moment of silence]
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>> there you see president barack obama, the annual wreath-laying at arlington national cemetery the president issued a proclamation, their courage, self-sacrifice, the devotion, represent the american character at its best and he encouraged everyone to honor every service member who has ever worn the country's uniform. >> beautifully said, gregg. we honor all our veterans at the fox fox news channel today. we welcome you, gregg and i. jamie colby, i'm in for jenna lee today who is married to one
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of our bravest military folks. i want to bring in major general bob scales. one of my personal heroes in the military but a fox news military analyst. he knows i feel that way. heck, everybody feels that way about you, general scales. tell me first of all, we talked about just every year on this day. i know what the troops and their families mean to me. what do the veterans mean to you? >> oh, wow, jamie, i never tire of watching this ceremony. i'm here on this chair almost every year. and it just brings to mind the sacrifices of generations of soldiers in service to the nation. i'm particularly moved by the veterans today, jamie. you think about it. 8,000 dead, 30,000 seriously wounded and maimed. no telling how many young men and women are psychologically and emotionally damaged by 10 years of wars in iraq and afghanistan. in a rucksack at 100-degree feet
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at 11,000 feet, year after year after year. some special forces soldiers, who have eight, nine, and ten tours, engaging in close combat in this very difficult part of the world and frankly as a retired sold and retired combat veteran my heart goes out to the terrific veterans both retired and serving who have given such enormous sacrifice to the nation. this is 1% of this nation's population. and it is the other 99% of the population that needs to take a moment and thank these men and women for their service. >> absolutely. every branch the military is represented. general jim mcconnell, leading brave 101st airborne home for his family but just for two weeks. he is isn't like the 20-year-olds. he is, you know, mature soldier, an aviator who goes back time
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and time again. >> right. >> when will this mission be complete? when will these folks come home and what can we do for them every day of the year? >> i know the general. it is very interesting, jamie. think about it. this generation of two-stars has literally been at war since bosnia and kosovo in 1995. this is, almost 20 years of continuous combat. and they're coming home. by the end of 2014 there will be a residual force of what, something on the order of 10,000? but the vast majority of america's military will be coming home. but look, coming home is just not an issue of taking off the uniform and kissing your wife. there is an extreme emotional transformation, transition that has to occur. so the notion owes our veterans medical care. they owe them services to get them back on track. they owe them jobs. and they owe them the occasional hug at an airport that they so greatly appreciate.
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>> that one is our pleasure, to give military man or woman a hug and to show a big smile and our gratitude. they keep us safe here every single day. we couldn't do it without them. i know there are parades today. there is one here in new york celebrating our veterans. is that enough locally especially for veterans that returned from vietnam who maybe didn't get the welcome that they felt they deserved and many of us agree? >> yeah, i remember getting off the plane in san francisco airport on the 21st of october, 1969 being told about it sergeant there at the military terminal, get out of your uniform, captain. get on civilian clothes. you don't want to go through san francisco like that. boy the world has changed, hasn't it? most highly regarded institution in america bar none is our military and the last 48 or so years have gone, seen an enormous change in the attitudes of the american people for the
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sacrifice of our men and women. remember, now, less than 1% of the population have been carrying the load of this war for the last 10 years. that is unprecedented in our history as a nation, jamie. >> they are incredible. what a force. the fiercest around the world. major general bob scales. i will ask you to come back with us next hour to cover as we will the president's speech and other festivities today honoring our men and women in uniform. i thank you though for joining us to wrap up what we've witnessed so far. >> thank you, jamie. >> we're going to continue to follow what's happening here and, bring you back to the ceremony as it proceeds. meantime, want to tell you about some other stories that we're following this hour. dolphins guard richie incognito, responding now to allegations of hazing and bullying in his first sit-down interview with jay glazer, fox sports. the dramatic highlights coming up. new images of massive loss
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and heart ake after one of the strongest storms the world has ever seen brings death and widespread destruction to the philippines. >> coming report -- >> in our town alone we have reported number of 15 people dead and over a thousand injured. so far there are no reports of anyone missing. the rate of damage to properties is 100%. the crops we have are gone. even the strongest structures are wrecked. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune.
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check your credit score, check your credit repo, at america's numb one provider of online credit rorts and scores. don't take chances. go to jamie: fox news alert. entire towns and livelihoods have been swept away. nearly a thousand already confirmed death. estimates that the death toll could climb as high as 10,000. there are already folks surveying the damage from one of the most powerful storms on record. they had wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour. and now the filipino president is declareing a state of national can lamty. even our defense secretary chuck
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hagel is ordering u.s. ships and aircraft to head to the philippines. marines have been arriving with vital food and water, bringing generators and manpower, helping already reeling filipino military. >> this magnitude can quickly overwhelm any force, or any government and what the ospreys can do is supplement what the existing rotary wing that the philippine air force already possesses. jamie: grn gene bernardo from ma fill la. dean, do they have enough folks on the ground, rescue operations in order to find survivors? and for how many days will they be able to look? >> reporter: good afternoon, to you, jamie. now the still uncertain because there are a lot of areas that have not been explored by the local police and the military. now the, there are certain areas that are still inaccessible and
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roads need to be cleared up by the, by both the military and thingfully, the -- thankfully the relief is little easier thanks to the presence of the choppers courtesy of the u.s. marines which arrived today. trying to reach these areas will be a little bit dicey because they're still uncertain of the status of some of those towns, coastal towns or even those up in the mountains or interior villages. >> where you are, how sophisticated were the hospitals to begin with and are they still up and running? >> well, let's say, for example the case of tacloba. that is a urban center. there are several government hospital there is. they are virtually unusable because of the storm surge right now. we can imagine what is happening in the small hospitals in the
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other towns nearby that are not urban or what you call as modern. so basically there are no hospitals available, nonworking at all. jamie: oh, that is so awful. they had so little to begin with. we'll do everything we can here. thank you so much for your report. we'll check back with you. as if the situation couldn't get any worse for those who have been devastated by this typhoon residents on an island, one of the hardest hit islands bit super typhoon just experienced a 7.2-magnitude earthquake just three weeks ago. that killed 222 people according to the red cross, destroying their hospital, leaving hundred of thousands without shelter. the full extent of casualties and damage from the typhoon, not jet known. gregg, just awful. gregg: truly is. we'll continue to follow that story. meantime, days much high-level negotiations producing no deal at all with iran.
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talks set to resume aimed a curbing the islamic republic's nuclear program but are negotiations really the right way to go about this? what about israel's deep concerns? we're going to break it all down. and many of our brave fighting men and women returning home to face new challenges far away from the battlefield. on this veterans day, what's being done to help our vets find careers and a future? and just west of our midtown manhattan headquarters the uss intrepid docked in the hudson river, a proud symbol of our history and a memorial to the brave men and women who served in world war ii. ♪ i put in the hours and built a strong reputation in the industry. i set goals and worked hard to meet them.
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gregg: now to the race for 2016. governor chris christie, fresh off of a huge re-election victory in new jersey has some advice for republicans. christie pushing what he calls his brand of reallot-oriented politics. now the governor recently called out other rising stars in the gop labeling, for example, senator rand paul's libertarian stance on national security issues, quote, very dangerous. and senator cruz's efforts to shut down the government over palm kiar, quote, a monumental failure. so what does the governor really think of those two politicians? here's what he told our own chris wallace when he put that question to him. >> listen, you know what, chris? what i'm not going to get into the washington, d.c. game you're trying to get me into. i'm the governor of new jersey. i'm focused on getting things
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done. i think that is why we got 61% of the vote on tuesday night because i will work with anyone and everyone who is willing to work with me, consistent with my principles and the principles that were just affirmed by 61% of the voters, less government spending, business tax cuts. 143,000 new private sector jobs. reform pension and benefit system. reform teacher tenure. the rest of this stuff is just the game that gets played in washington which is why people hate washington, d.c. that kind of garbage is why people don't like it. so i'm not boeing to get into that. gregg: joining us to talk about it, ellison basher -- barber, washington free beacon. you heard 61% of the vote in a heavily democratic state that obama won by 17 points. christie won 51% of the women, 60% of the hispanics, 21% of the black vote. what does that tell you not only
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about chris christie but what does it portend for 2016. >> right. well his general electability, the fact that he is guy could win general elections because of high numbers he got in his state is kind of his biggest selling point right now. what we saw him do on the tape is something he smartly did throughout all appearances on the sunday shows, when he had the opportunity to discuss issues beyond new jersey, be it immigration, iran or washington, d.c. political mix. he didn't do it. he focused on what he has done in new jersey, what he has done in new jersey and what he will do as new jersey governor. that is incredibly smart. what he runs in 2016 is his job as new jersey governor. he was smart to push back and not feed into that. gregg: it is often said that president obama's greatest failing appears his utter inability to work with the other party. christy is just the opposite. he works successfully with democrats to make some pretty big changes, overhauling public employee benefits, changing
8:26 am
teacher tenure law. working with president obama to get federal aid from superstorm sandy. and in a way is christie the anti-obama, if you will? >> a little bit. i think if you were going to compare him to a democrat, the more common comparison people try to throw out is bill clinton. whether or not that is accurate i'm not really sure but it is something important to note that he is a bit more after bipartisan guy. the part fact he is in new jersey. he has a democratic legislature. if he doesn't work with them he will not get anything done. there is something refreshing from people on both sides of the aisle particularly independents who are frustrated with stagnant -- stagnation in washington where they feel like nothing is getting sense. that is one of his selling points. gregg: you get the sense he rolls up his sleeves and works with the other side. talk about his personality. it appeals to a great many people. he connects with people i think on a visceral level. yes, he is brash, he is
8:27 am
combative. he is aabrasive. it's a breath of fresh air, really on the flipside, you know, critics claim, hey, you know, the guy's a dangerous hothead, which invites questions about presidential temperment. what do you think? is it an asset or a liability? >> you know i'm not sure people, i debated it with a few people. most people, if you're going to argue for it is tough love. sometimes people need that. that is not a bad thing. i think what we have seen happen in his state that is very appealing for him. i think what it will be down at end of the day will be the policies. brit hume said it in the show before this, your electability doesn't really matter, polls and primaries. what matters what he does with policies. he will have issues. some people say he is too moderate accepting medicaid expansion, immigration and gun control. i think that is what is the focus, what he does with policy. gregg: his election in new jersey shows great
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cross-party aappeal, that is wonderful for a general election but that is not how you get a nomination in the gop. i mean, for example, he endorses gun control, a path for citizenship to undocumented workers, concedes climate science, expanded medicaid under obamacare. aren't many of these things anathema to conservative and tea party activists who have tremendous leverage and influence in all of these republican primaries? i mean, ted cruz is a rock star in iowa, more of a tepid response to chris christie there. >> yeah i think that's certainly going to be a problem with him. his biggest issues he accepted medicare expansion and immigration. gun control is less of an issue. he indicated support for some those laws, he hasn't signed them. he went through laws up to him and conditionally vetoed two.
8:29 am
until he makes a big move on that i don't see that as issue. medicaid expansion is big problem for fiscal conservatives who think that is costly. he accepted expansion. he reason he gave on sunday shows, new jersey's program was already big and it wasn't much of an expansion. tea partiers will say it is too big already, why would you add to it? he will have a bit of curve appealing to tea party activists. i don't think it is necessary unchiefable. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> jamie. jamie: convicted murderer "whitey" bulger is about to be sentenced later this week. there are new questions about who will actually be able to speak in court before the boston mobster learns his fate. also is it a deal or no deal? when it comes to iran's nuclear program and we reach a deal and ease the sanctions they're asking for, how can the world insure the islamic republic will comply? our es seemed -- esteemed panel
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joins us next.
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gregg: we are following events at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. there you see the secretary of veterans affairs. as soon as he finishes the president will be speaking. we'll take his remarks live. jenna: in the meantime, there are days of negotiations with iran that have taken place over its nuclear program and it ended
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with no deal. so more talks are planned later this month with israel already skeptical of any outcome. president netanyahu said any results of the talks would be a, quote, bad deal for the world and that the west will wind up giving up too much ground. listen. >> iran effectively becomes a threshold nation, threshold nuclear power nation. it makes a minor concession and in exchange for that, the international community, we reverse the direction of sanctions, opens up petro chemicals, gold, diamonds and other things. this is a huge change from the pressure that was applied on iran through the effective sanctions regime that brought them to the table in the first place. iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot.
8:35 am
that's not a good deal. >> secretary of state john kerry is working to convince skeptical israel as well as other mideast allies that the talks must be allowed to continue. >> prime minister needs to recognize that no agreement has been reached about the end game here. that's the subject of the negotiation. the sanctions were put in place in order to bring about a negotiation because the first order of business of any super power is to exercise its power thoughtfully and respectfully and if we have to turn to a military option because we elect no other option, we must show the world we have exhausted every possible remedy and opportunity. >> fox news alert and president
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obama speaking to our veterans today. >> good morning. thank you for our secretary of the nation and advocate on behalf of the nations, including your fellow vietnam veterans. the vice president biden and dr. jill biden, secretaries hagel and perez, major general buchanan, most of all, to our outstanding veteran service organizations, our men and women in uniform and to the proud veterans and family members joining us in this sacred place, michelle and i are incredibly honored to be with you here again. to the gold star families and the brothers and sisters in arms who walk the paths of these hallowed grounds and the
8:37 am
cemeteries around the world, we join you. as you remember your loved ones who wore america's uniform. and here at arlington and section 60, we've ensured that you can continue to bringall me affection to the final resting place of these american heros. today we gather once more to honor patriots who have rendered the highest service any american can offer this nation. those who fought for our freedom and stood for our security. on this hillside of solemn remembrance and in proud parades across america, we join as one people, to honor a vet we can never fully repay. in the live of our nation across every generation, there are those who stand apart.
8:38 am
they step up, they raise their hands, they take that oath, they put on the uniform and they put their lives on the line. they do this so that the rest of us might live in a country and a world that is safer, freer and more just. this is the gift they've given us. this is the debt that we owe them. they fought on a green at lexington so we could make independent the country they imagined. they fought on the field of gettiesberg so that we could people whole a united nations torn. they fought on the beaches of europe and across pacific islands and from their ak vi -- sacrifice, we're the most pop -- prosperous nation in the world. we pay special tribute to those who served in the korean war.
8:39 am
from desert storm to the mountains of the balkans, they've answered america's call and since america was attacked on that clear september morning, millions more have assumed that responsibility, defining one of the greatest nations this military has ever produced. on tour after tour after tour, in iraq and afghanistan, this generation, the 9/11 generation, has met every mission we've asked of them and today we can say that because of their heroic service, the core of al qaeda is on the path to defeat, our nation is more secure and our homeland is safer. there are men and women like the soldier, soon to be veteran i met a few months ago, jakari
8:40 am
hogan. jakari deployed to iraq twice and she survived not one but two -- excuse me, three separate i.e.d. explosions. and when she was well enough, she deployed again. this time to afghanistan where she was often the only woman at our forward operating bases. she proudly wears the combat action badge and today, jakari is committed to helping other wounded warriors recover from the trials of war. helping the troops, she says, is what i'm all about. and my fellow americans, that's what we should be all about. our work is more urgent than ever because this chapter of war is coming to an end. soon one of the first marines to arrive in afghanistan, 12 years ago, big brigadier general will
8:41 am
leave the camp pendleton marines as they become one of the last group of marines to deploy over the war and over the coming months, more of our troops will come home. this winter our troop levels in afghanistan will be down to 34,000 and by this time next year, the transition to afghan-led security will be nearly complete. the longest war in american history will end. [applause] as is true after every conflict, there's a risk that the devoted service of our veterans could fade from the forefront of our minds, that we might turn to other things. but part of the reason we're here today is to pledge that we will never forget the profound sacrifices that are made in our
8:42 am
name. today reminds us of our sacred obligations. for even though this time of war is coming to a close, our time of service to our newest veterans has only just begun. think about it. our troops wear the uniform for a time, yet they wear another proud title, the title of veteran for decades. to the rest of their lives. as a nation, we make sure we have the best led, best trained, best equipped military in the world. we have to devote just as much energy and passion to making sure we have the best cared for, best treated, best respected veterans in the world. [applause] so when we talk about fulfilling our promises to our veterans, we
8:43 am
don't just mean for a few years. we mean now, tomorrow and forever and not just for generations past but for this generation of veterans and all who will follow. that's why as commander in chief, i'm going to keep making sure we're providing unprecedented support to our veterans. even as we make -- [applause] even as we make difficult fiscal choices as a nation, we'll make vital investments in our veterans. we'll keep improving veterans health care, including mental health care so you can stay strong. we're making sure that veterans not covered by the v.a. can secure quality health insurance. we're going to keep reducing the claims' backlog. we've slashed it by a third since march and we'll keep at it so you can get the benefits that you have earned and that you need when you need them.
8:44 am
[applause] we're going to keep helping newest veterans and their families pursue their education. under the post 9/11 g.i. bill, we just welcomed our one millionth student veteran and we're ready for all those who come next and we're going to keep demanding that the rights and dignity of every veteran are upheld, including by pushing for the difficulties treaties so our disabled veterans enjoy the same opportunities to travel and work and study around the world as everybody else. [applause] and with the help of michelle and dr. jill biden and joining forces, we're going to keep fighting to give every veterans who has fought for america the chance to pursue the american dream, a fair shot of the opportunity you need to help us rebuild and grow here at home. because you're bringing home the
8:45 am
skills and the work ethic and leadership necessary to start companies and serve your communities and take care of your fellow veterans, that's our promise to you and all who have served. to be there, to support you when you come home every step of the way. and as a nation, we'll strive to be worthy of the sacrifices that you've made. that's what we owe all other veterans. that's what we owe veterans like richard overton who served in the army in world war ii. he was there -- [applause]
8:46 am
>> now, everybody, i want you to know a little something about mr. overton here. he was there at pearl harbor when the battleships were still smoldering. he was there at okinawa. he was there at iwojima. when the war ended, richard headed home to texas to a nation bitterly divided by race and has service on the battle field was not always matched by the respect he deserved at home but this veteran held his head high. he carried on and lived his life with honor and dignity. he built his wife a house with his own two hands. he went back to work in the furniture business and in time, he served as a courier in the
8:47 am
texas state capitol where he worked for four governors and made more friends than most of us do in a lifetime. and today, richard still lives in the house he built all those years ago, rakes his own lawn and every sunday, he hops in his 1971 ford truck and drives one of the nice ladies in his neighborhood to church. [applause] so this is the life of one american veteran living proud and strong in the land he helped keep free. and earlier this year, the great folks at honor flight brought richard to washington, d.c. want first time and he and his fellow veterans paid respects to the world war ii memorial and they visited the memorial of martin luther king, junior and as richard sat in a wheelchair beneath that great marble statue, he went and the crowd that gathered around him, we
8:48 am
want, too, to see one of the oldest living veterans of world war ii bear witness to a day, to the day he thought may never come. richard overton, this veteran, is 107 years old and we're honored he's here today. let's ask richard to stand again because he can stand. [applause] this is how we'll be judged, not just by how well we care for our
8:49 am
troops in battle but how we treat them coming home and by the america we built together. by what we do with the security and peace they have helped grant us, by the progress that allows citizens from richard overton to jakari hogan to play their part in the american story. today our message to all those who have ever worn the uniform of this nation is this. we will stand by your side whether you're seven days out or, like richard, 70 years old. here in america, we take care of our own. we honor the sacrifice that's been made in our name for this nation we love and we commit ourselves to standing by veterans and their families for as long as we're blessed to walk this earth. god bless you all, god bless our veterans, god bless our men and women in uniform and god bless america. [applause]
8:50 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please stand and join the united states air force band in singing "god bless america." ♪ god bless america land that i love stand beside her, and guide her
8:51 am
thru the night with a light from above from the mountains, to the prairies to the oceans, white with foam god bless america my home sweet home god bless america my home sweet home god bless america land that i love stand beside her, and guide her thru the night with a light from
8:52 am
above from the mountains, to the prairies to the oceans, white with foam god bless america my home sweet home god bless america my home sweet home♪ [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing as we retire the colors. retire the colors.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> while we're watching the retiring of the colors at the end of a very thoughtful speech of the president honoring the veterans and particularly using the one veteran, using the availability to mention the need but also the success of taking care of our veterans, 107-year-old richard overton. 107 years old, he stood twice during the ceremony. the president saying he not only is there but every sunday, heac nice ladies and drives them to church. unbelievable. gregg: quite a story. and it's not just what is happening here at arlington national cemetery, the speeches, the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown. there is going to be a parade. it's a veterans day parade here in new york city. the military's first female four star general will be the grand marshal this year.
8:56 am
general ann dunwoody retired last year, 37-year army career and so that's going to be coming up fifth avenue and that will be quite a moment again as well. >> she's the highest ranking and it will be awesome to have her here in new york. there's lots of other news today. n.s.a. spying scandal, we're all over that. did the agency go too far with surveillance activity snz why the supreme court could soon weigh in and the challenges that question presents. we're live with the story. also, a newlywed, accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. her attorneys lay out their argument. what they say now, she's the real victim. that's what they're claiming. we'll be right back.
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>> breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you'll see first. high tension in the white house
9:00 am
as administration tries to fix obama kai. our panel weighs in. divers arrested near the ship wrecked costa concordia. we'll tell you what they were doing. plus a newlywed is charged with killing her husband by throwing him off a cliff explains. now she's telling investigators it wasn't her fault. what she says caused his fatal fall. it's all "happening now." gregg: we start with obamacare. it appears that republicans are now shifting their strategy on the affordable care act. welcome to a brand new hour of "happening now." >> great to have you here. gregg: republican lawmakers trying to become the health care law's handyman focussing on fixing it instead of fighting
9:01 am
it. g.o.p. lawmakers drafting a bill allowing americans to keep their current insurance after a million received notices, booting them off their plan and some democrats are now jumping on board. bret, anchor of "special report" joins us so what's prompting the g.o.p. change in strategy? did they finally digest the negative poll numbers and realize that their defund strategy was kind of a loser among voters so now they're trying to be helpful? >> hey, gregg. there's multi dimensional aspect to this and some republicans believe that just letting this thing go about its business of falling apart is one strategy but the other one is to be actively making an effort to try to at least fix some of the things they're seeing and they're getting calls about from their constituents. i mean, when you have thousands and thousands of people in each state being tossed off their
9:02 am
health care into a system where you can't really get another health insurance plan that easily because the website doesn't work, that's called answering constituents. and so they're going to try to do this first to try to live up to the president's promise. gregg: look. they're now sort of proposing legislation to fix all those millions who have already lost their health plans but it's too late. those plans were terminated. they don't expect anymore. and the carriers like aetna and united health care in california, for example, they have literally left the marketplace. how do you put the genie back in the bottle? >> i think it's a great question. it's not a republican, the solutions they're talking about is just a temporary patch because you ever many bigger problems for obamacare that are going to come down the road. for example, the sticker shock
9:03 am
that many people are seeing, if you don't get the subsidy of $46,000, if you make $46,000 or more per year and you don't get the federal subsidy, the sticker shock you see and the change in your plan. now there's proposals out there to increase the subsidies. well, republicans aren't going to buy into that because the money has to come from somewhere. so i think what you're seeing is sort of a hybrid for some republicans to deal with the problems as is right now. they're not going to solve the big picture, though, as you know. there's a lot to this law substantively that is still in question. gregg: and the big picture gets worse day by day. the lead repairman, if we can call him that, he's all but conceding that the exchanges will not be fixed by the end of the month. new problems seem to be discovered every day. it could take months to fix this thing, if at all and even then, it may not be reliable and look. the president and the democrats who voted for this thing, they
9:04 am
own it lock, stock and barrel. is there some risk for republicans to be getting involved in this? >> sure. listen. if you look at the "new york times" this past weekend and the quote, according to the senior aide of the "new york times" saying president obama said if i would have known, we could delay the website. that's shocking if you think that somebody in the white house knew about the problems here, if the white house chief of staff didn't know, that would be interesting if he didn't know the problems coming. as far as republicans, listen. they have to come to a solution of what you're going to put forward to fix health care overall. you have to come up with something substantive that is a package to replace. and instead of just hammering this health care law, that is becoming the consensus up on capitol hill and they're working on getting something that included tort reform and across state lines health insurance that includes a number of market
9:05 am
based solutions that they're going to have to probably use the structure of obamacare, the law, to work into some kind of solution that republicans can put forward. gregg: i know that even the "new york times" is now reporting that the administration knew for three years that what the president was saying was simply untrue. we'll leave that for another occasion. bret baier, we always watch. thanks. >> let's talk about new developments in the n.s.a. scandal. petition is headed to the supreme court asking them to weigh in on allegations that our nation's spy agency went too far by tapping the phones of dozens of world leaders and a lot of others. shannon, good to see you. tell us how soon could the supreme court weigh in on these issues? >> this friday we know the justices are scheduled to vote behind closed doors on whether or not to take up a case that's
9:06 am
been filed by the electronic privacy center. the group is challenging a specific order giving them sweeping power to collect massive amounts of phone data. here is amy from epic. >> we do think the supreme court will look at this issue. it's incredibly important. the provision that we have brought it to the supreme court under requires extraordinary circumstances. i can't imagine a circumstance more extraordinary than the national security agency saying every phone call of individuals in the united states happens to be relevant to a national security investigation. >> just weeks ago, scalia made comments that says he thinks supreme court will have to weigh in on some of these critical events. >> and the administration, how vocal have they been on their position? >> as you can imagine, it's filed a brief in opposition
9:07 am
urging the justices not to take up the case. a couple of key arguments here. by law, only the government or someone in receipt of that order, so this would have been the phone companies, can actually file an appeal. and also, you may have noticed there that amy said what they're doing is coming under extraordinary circumstances. what they've done is file a direct petition with the supreme court. the government says this isn't an extraordinary circumstance so they shouldn't get the special treatment. they also added this. the petition does not establish it is more than speculative than the n.s.a. has reviewed or might in the future review records pertaining to petitioners' members, particularly given the stringent restrictions that limit access to the data base to counterterrorism purposes. well, there are plenty of skeptics who think the data base isn't controlled tightly enough. they're ready for the supreme court to weigh in and we could know as early as friday whether they vote to do that. >> there will be a lot of opinions on this. theirs can surely count.
9:08 am
thank you very much. gregg: breaking now, utter devastation in the philippines as that island nation reels from the powerful typhoon that wiped out entire villages off the bat. there are estimates that 10,000 people, at least, may be dead as hundreds of thousands of survivors are struggling right now to find food and shelter and water. david piper is streaming live from nearby bangkok, thailand with more. david? >> hi, gregg. yes. want u.s. military is making good president obama's pledge to help the philippines at this devastating time. they've arrived now to help people who have been devastated by this typhoon. and also, two cargo planes have arrived with much needed supplies now. it was feared that the typhoon was next going to hit vietnam. mass evacuation of people there was underway over the last few days but it seems to have missed
9:09 am
the worst of it now and the typhoon has made landfall in southern china and been downgraded to a tropical storm. 10 people have died from the storm and the country still only now recovering from two earlier typhoons. it's a race against time, though, for the situation in the philippines becoming much, much worse. hundreds of thousands of people are in desperate need of food and medical supplies there. typhoon haiyan struck the philippines and left a trail of devastation in its wake. phillipine officials fear as many as 10,000 people may have died in just one city. back to you. gregg: david piper streaming live from bangkok, thank you. as if the situation could not get any worse for those devastated by the typhoon, residents on the island hit
9:10 am
hardest just experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake only three weeks ago. that killed 222 people according to the red cross, destroying a hospital, leaving hundreds of thousands without any shelter. the full extent of casualties and damage from the typhoon is not yet known. >> new information on nuclear showdown with iran, state tv is reporting that the islamic republic, the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog have reached a deal that will allow expanded monitoring of the country's atomic program. all of this after iran and world leader dz fail to reach an agreement over the weekend in geneva. amy kellogg has the details about that. what's happening next? >> there are two parts to revolving the standoff with iran over the nuclear program. one is making sure it's not a proliferation risk but two is getting some answers to questions about what iran got up
9:11 am
to in the past when the u.n. nuclear watchdog suspects that iran was doing research and development into a nuclear weapons program and this deal penned today which was separate from geneva over the weekend. deal today between the u.n. nuclear watchdog and iran will be a sure step to getting answers to the questions. they want to open up the heavy water plant at iraq. we've not seen such agreement with cooperation in iran since twech so this is positive. it doesn't include opening up the most sensitive site where weapons research may have been conducted a decade ago but presumably today's step is a step in the right direction. the talks over the weekend came close to ending in a deal between iraq and the -- iran and the six powers to freeze their nuclear program. the french wanted further restrictions on iran's heavy
9:12 am
water plant which will be able to make plutonium when it goes online. john kerry said that france wasn't the spoiler but the p 5 plus one unified handed a deal to iran which it couldn't sign but he does go on to say those that have not seen the details of the deal should not be jumping to criticize what it was about. >> the time to oppose it is when you see what it is. not to oppose the effort to find out what is possible. and i would just say very respectfully that what we need to do here is recognize that we're very knowledgeable about nuclear programs and nuclear possibilities. >> finally today, jamie, the u.k. and iran made some news by signalling that they are going to upgrade diplomatic relations which had been really frozen since some an angry mob in iran stormed the british embassy in
9:13 am
tehran in 2011. both countries appointing shazar. it is a step toward warming relations between britain and iran. >> all right. amy kellogg with that update from london. thank you so much. will the deal help efforts to reach that larger agreement or getting iran to stop building the suspected nuclear program? coming up we'll go to talk to a retired major general about those possibilities and also the challenges we face. gregg: a husband found dead at the bottom of the cliff after a newlywed couple goes on vacation. why his wife now fault that he fell. and as we celebrate this veterans day, we're going to have more stories of american heroism and it's on and off the battlefield from soldiers who made incredible sacrifices for our country. we'll tell you about them next. ó
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9:17 am
gregg: new information on a montana woman accused of murdering her husband by pushing him off a cliff. well, now she says he walked off that cliff after blindfolding himself just to prove that he wasn't afraid to walk along the edge. arizona police looking for two suspects after a drive-by shooting at a party in phoenix. one teenager was killed on saturday night. three others wounded as the bullets flew. all the victims were outside the house at the time. the search continues for the body of a central florida woman and her two missing children after they vanished last month. her husband confessed to killing his 28-year-old wife but then
9:18 am
told police he did not kill the children. >> happening now, this veterans day we're honoring our troops who sacrifice so much to keep us safe and now some soldiers wounded in battle are showing their own inspiring stories. scars of war, some visible and so many you can't see. national security correspondent has more from the pentagon. hi, jen. >> hi, jamie. every year the american veterans center hosted a program called the wounded warrior experience at the washington navy memorial. this year i emceed the event as i have three years. i interviewed a dozen severely injured vets like a veteran first class who was wounded by an i.e.d. in iraq in 2007. he's a double amputee, serve -- suffering burns over 70% of his body. now he's an inspirational
9:19 am
speaker. >> there's really nothing in a single day i could do on my own. and so that became very bad and the idea of suicide overwhelmed me for months and months and i pretty much had a million different ways planned out how i could kill myself but i kept pushing through the rehab and one day i finally got that first prosthetic and that night i got to go home and feed myself. just that little bit of independence, that little bit of freedom was enough to say, okay. i still have a fighting chance again. >> for many returns vets, their wounds are invisible. take the case of jeremiah workman. he has suffered from severe post traumatic stress disorder for years. he received the navy cross for his valor. he ran repeatedly up the staircase to save marines trapped by insurgents. >> nightmares. i mean, i would drink a case of beer at night to go to sleep. i was on no medication. i had seen no doctors.
9:20 am
i just thought maybe this is normal. losing three marines in the house, you know, just running up those stairs wondering, did i do everything i could? >> the hour long special will appear online at am and the pentagon channel tonight. it was made possible by the military order of the purple heart service foundation. >> the mood at the pentagon today must be somber but also everyone being recognized, including you, covering troops all year. thank you. gregg: taking advantage of a tragedy at sea. we'll tell you why four people are behind bars after being found on the ship wrecked costa concordia. and richie incognito is speaking out for the first time, saying he's not to blame for the bullying of jonathan martin. the nfl may be. does he have a point about that? our legal panel weighs in. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
9:21 am
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pay attention to this part. what's up, man? the world has gone crazy, lol. i'm good, though. congrats on the win. he went on to say, i'm good, man. it's insane, bro. just know i don't blame you guys at all. that could be critical. he continues, it's just the culture around football and the locker room. it got to me a little. incognito also blamed what he called the locker room brotherhood. here's a clip. >> my actions were coming from a place of love. no matter how bad and vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate. that's how our friendship was. and those are the facts and that's what i'm accountable for. jamie: some have termed it harassment. is that part okay? joining me is a criminal defense
9:26 am
attorney and a former prosecutor. guys, welcome. >> thanks, jamie. jamie: word is they're going to provide a private investigation and anybody who participates in conduct that's detrimental to the integrity and public confidence in the nfl can be disciplined. let me start with you. is it helpful at all that that text message is now public record? would it be admissible in any disciplinary hearing or case, which there is no criminal case at the moment or civil that he said, jonathan martin, no worries, man. >> you know, i think it is critical but for two reasons. number one, it's clear now that this will probably die on the vine after an internal investigation. in other words, it doesn't look like jonathan martin is going to be suing anybody for harassment or anything else. okay. that's fine. but administratively, they do need to look into this because jamie, if this is the culture, the culture needs to change.
9:27 am
and i don't know, maybe because this could be a gender thing. if you and i are friends, i'm not going to show my love to you by telling you i want to kill your whole family. i don't care what sport we're playing but in this football culture, what he's trying to say is it's the norm but it should not be. >> but dan, one of the theories that we know and we've got quite a load of lawyers today with gregg as well, let's say the team, the dolphins, knew or shuf known that this was going on and did nothing, they might also be at fault. question is, if they lost martin, do they have any cause of action for losing one of their players? >> there's a loft issues out there. nfl has been aggressive and good lately of cracking down on conduct on the field and off the field that's detrimental to the reputation of the league and that would spill over the public. now they're, jonathan martin's attorney put out aggressive comments saying that martin was harassed, assaulted. now his text messages are very
9:28 am
different now that we read saying that things are okay, that it was just a culture. the culture in an nfl locker room so much different than a workplace we would know. >> rules don't apply or you think they should? >> there's a line you can't cross but the line would be different and it is important whether other people in the locker room were notified if there was a problem here. other players said they didn't know the harassment was going on. we need to know what jonathan martin was saying to people. were there mrapcomplaints? the language incognito is unacceptable in any form and he can't use the words he did in the text messages. jamie: it will be interesting to see if the comments only went to jonathan martin. real quick, we always tell our clients, don't talk. don't talk. but would you have advised richie incognito to do this interview? >> no. not this soon i would not have.
9:29 am
i would have waited until the investigation went out a little more. i would have said no. jamie: thanks so much. our legal panel today on a very interesting case. take care. gregg: the white house in crisis mode after the disasterous health care rollout. coming up, we'll take a closer look at just how obamacare could be fixed and how long that could take. and a fair and balanced debate about how the media is covering this whole story with a focus on jay carney. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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jamie: the white house struggling to fix the crippled health care website. many in administration say it's worked out. and it has its work cut out for it. jim engel is live in washington. i total the messed that one up but they say, they're admitting this is a huge task. >> jaw. it's not only the website. the administration is looking for a way to help the people whose policies have been cancelled. how do you unravel the chaos created by four million cancellations at the same time the administration is trying to sign up seven million uninsured? listen. >> where would all the people go? at the same time, it's obvious that the administration is not ready with obamacare so what do you do? >> you can't just hit the reset
9:34 am
button here. you're going to have to send out millions of letters to people. people are going to have to go through the process of deciding whether they want to go back to their old policy or whether they want the subsidy under obamacare if they can get it. >> it would take about six months to uncancel policies because of all the notifications and state regulations involved but lawmakers in washington are desperate to find something to reduce the chaos such as delaying the mandate or even the entire law for a year. >> if you delay the individual mandate, you must delay the mandated new coverages that begin on january 1, 2014. you can't mandate all of these new benefits and not have those healthy, young people come in the system to help pay for those benefits. >> obamacare program cannot sustain itself if we don't get lots and lots of healthy people signing up. and if the administration just success spends the mandate, they're guaranteeing they've got a financial catastrophe.
9:35 am
>> it needs healthy people to pay more to pay the costs those older and sicker. without them the entire program would be in jeopardy which is why a major supporter of obamacare offered just one piece of advice on fox news sunday. >> the most important thing for the president to do is to make sure that the website works so that people can actually go online and find other plans that are going to be helpful and they now will have a choice of plans. >> officials in charge of the website conceded late last week it is still a long way from where it needs to be. jamie: jim engel, summing it up there. thanks. gregg: the health care debacle leading to heated exchanges between the press and jay carney. here's a few of the tense moments we've been watching. >> these memos say they end of the day, we're all stuck in the same cube because they all have to go through the same portal.
9:36 am
>> john, i get it but the person who calls isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is filled. right? >> your mocking is entertaining but the president said you can apply within 25 minutes. that was not true. >> why doesn't the president just admit he misspoke? doesn't his credibility matter? >> has the president expressed to you or anyone in the white house that maybe he should stay he skreeed that one up? >> how do you say to "the washington post" this morning who suggests you get three pinocchios? >> it's not sure that everyone would agree with the math specifically. >> i thought he got four pinocchios. any way, those fireworks just days after the "new york times" caused a stir with the coverage of the rollout disaster and editorial said that mr. obama clearly misspoke when he said that. he said 36 times that americans, if they like their health care
9:37 am
plans, they can keep them. let's talk about it now. jim pinkerington, alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show, author of the book "thank the liberals for saving america." both are fox news contributors. i always laugh when i say that. >> i don't know. it's a funny title, i guess, huh? gregg: you're a funny guy. let's talk about jay carney first. i always tune in to the press briefings because it reminds me of mad max beyond thunder dome. you know, then we have a picture of that. the steel cage and the jousing that goes on in there. what do you think, jim? >> well, i'll tell you, having worked in two white houses, the wisdom of any employee there is actually from kenny rogers, not mel gibson. you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. know when to leave. look. jay carney had a great run as press secretary to president
9:38 am
obama in the second half of his first term and if he had left after the election when the president was high in the approval ratings, he could be on some cable news channel talking about what went wrong and what went right. instead, he's not having fun. he's not seeming happier or even likable. gregg: he appears at times, it has been said, that he's the king of proverication. carney has dodged answers to questions 9,468 times. he's sort of the prince of non answers, alan. maybe he can't explain the inexplicable. >> he's in a tough spot. you can compare him to other press secretaries, all who have gone through some debacle in every administration. i just wonder if you get that 9,000 number from marlin
9:39 am
fitswater or any of them that worked for george w. bush. there's a burnout factors and these positions don't last more than a couple of years for more people. gregg: i wrote this down. now in the course of 10 days we've gotten six different stories. number one, they claimed obama never said it. number two, then they said, well, obama said people misunderstood him. number three, they said, well, it's only a tiny percentage of people losing their plans and the fourth story was they said, well, you're better off with a new plan. the fifth story was, they blamed insurance companies and now it's sort of, okay. we screwed up. we're going to try to fix it, although nobody quite knows how. that's a lot of stories in the course of 10 days, isn't it? >> it is. and i'm reminded of another white house press secretary in a very tough area was in the nixon administration.
9:40 am
they caught him on watergate. okay. look. all my previous answers were, quote, inoperative, unquote. it was an answer for that day. >> the things you read off are not mutually exclusive. people can get better policies sometimes for the same money and there are -- it is an insurance company problem. what obama should have said initially was that you can keep it as long as the insurance companies continue to offer the policies. gregg: jim, let me ask you about this. the "new york times" referred to the 36 occasions the president said you can keep your plan, they said he misspoke. not withstanding the fact that the "new york times" said that the administration knew three years ago that millions of americans would lose their insurance. misspoke or a lie? >> well, i think the "new york times" editorial page is sort of a torch barrier for the president. they love him and supported him all along.
9:41 am
however, the "new york post" wrote the other day, actually this has hurt the president. the "new york times" is giving the illusion that everything he does is correct and right and so for example, how do you square the "new york times" praising obama all time with the report that here in the district of columbia, $27 million for each signup? jami gregg: i've got to go. good to see you guys. thanks. jamie: an e-coli outbreak is making dozens of people sick and a major recall is underway. how you can find out if you have bought some of the tainted products. >> it's cold out here. has anyone seen bill? >> i'm always right here. what will the enrollment numbers
9:42 am
be for obamacare? that's coming up in a moment. >> plus geraldo will be here to talk about the incognito scandal. wait until you hear what he says. >> dress warmly. see you in a couple of minutes. to all the veterans... no longer in uniform, but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be... affecting our lives every day... for your continued service, we salute you. this message of appreciation to our nations' veterans is brought to you by paralyzed veterans of america and unitedhealth group.
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jamie: new information on the nuclear showdown with iran. according to state tv, ta rain has reached a deal with the u.n. nuclear watchdog which would give u.n. inspectors access to more nuclear facilities. will that ease the fears that iran is close to retiring nuclear weapons? our fox news military analyst, good to see you, general. >> hello again, jamie. jamie: we have a new president in iran that was supposed to change things. are you optimistic? >> no, i'm not. and my concern, look. we should talk to the iranians at every opportunity. my concern is that the united states is looking for an early win here. i mean, things didn't go well in libya, egypt is a disaster.
9:46 am
we've all seen the horrible disaster in our attempt to broker a deal with asad in syria and so now, iran pops up on the scope, an opportunity to walk away with a diplomatic win. look. the iranians aren't stupid. they've been fighting and negotiating for 2300 years and in this case, i think they smell gl blood. they want to have all their economic restrictions lifted and still want to build a bomb or at least threaten to build a bomb in the region. look. the nuclear plant they're building in iraq makes plutonium. that doesn't heat houses. plutonium is optimized specifically for nuclear weapons and they continue to build it. we talk to the iranians, embrace the other five nations, of course. bring the u.n. in to help us get more visibility on their program, obviously. but don't give away the farm until the iranians respond with something that's in our
9:47 am
interest. jamie: even if they give a little, look at syria. they said they would turn over their chemical weapons and i said this over the weekend, but it bears repeating, whoops. we forgot we have these other ones we didn't show you or tell you about. they want their sanctions to be lessened. the people there have been very much hurt by those sanction. is that too high of a price to pay for knowing about a little of their program? they're very close. it is predicted to building that weapon, although the warhead may take a little longer. >> yeah. absolutely right. and i think the issue is this. the iranians know they don't actually have to have a bomb in order to threaten the use of a bomb. they just have to get close. if i were an iranian, there is no reason for me to give up the building of a nuclear weapons extra teen -- strategically.
9:48 am
you need to have nuclear weapons or threaten the use of nuclear weapons. just ask the north tori koreanst that. the only insurance policy against us is nukes so there's no strategic reason why the iranians should continue with their program, delay, talk, hold off, try to get the sanction lifted but don't give up on the strategic end which is the eventual possession of nuclear weapons. jamie: we shouldn't be optimistic that we're talking to any regime different than we had. we thank you so much for your service in the service of all of our brave who volunteer, i like to remind people, for our military. thank you, sir. >> thank you, jamie. gregg: got to tell you about this e-coli outbreak. it is sparking a massive recall now. tons of ready to eat salads and sandwiches may be contaminated. we're going to tell you where these items came from and if you need to worry about it coming up
9:49 am
next. also on this veterans day, how one group is trying to bring a little bit of home to our brave men and women serving on the front lines. ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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>> how are you doing? you look fantastic. thank you for doing what you are
9:56 am
doing? what packages are you sitting up here? these are the ones shipped to the troops .... we have all sors of great stuff. >> candy and crackers. thank you for all you do and your service. millions of packages alive on fox. back to you. >> secret service agent. congratulations to everyone in the villages. great folks. there well, we want to give you about the disaster of epic porportions. a powerful super typhoon in the philippines. keep it here to find out about the relief everies and how you can help, too d nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®.
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nutrition inharge™.
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>> it is a privilege every year or two to handle the veteran ceremonies in arlington.
10:00 am
god bless you all. >> and the highlight, can we show the picture. richard overton was there. he is 107 years young. he is a veteran. >> thanks for joining us. america's news headquarters begins right now. >> fox news alert. the philippines is a shattered nation in desperate need for relief. the region is a wasteland, the u.s. military delivering cargo planes loaded with foods and water and generators. survivors describing a 20 foot storm surge wiping everything away. nonly thing that is left is my clothes and child. >> i no longer have a home or money or anything left. >> and these latest images reveal the huge scale of


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