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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 11, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> and the highlight, can we show the picture. richard overton was there. he is 107 years young. he is a veteran. >> thanks for joining us. america's news headquarters begins right now. >> fox news alert. the philippines is a shattered nation in desperate need for relief. the region is a wasteland, the u.s. military delivering cargo planes loaded with foods and water and generators. survivors describing a 20 foot storm surge wiping everything away. nonly thing that is left is my clothes and child. >> i no longer have a home or money or anything left. >> and these latest images reveal the huge scale of destruction.
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the bridges and airport was destroyed. here in the u.s. family and friends with loved ones there are anxious to learn of their fate. >> you can imagine the people who are there. they are poor people. >> we think based on their location that they should have been able to make it through the storm, but the aftermath is also a big risk and really until, we can't rest until we hear positive confirmation that they areoc. >> i think you know, prayers and faith. people remain in spite the fact. >> and american aid groups launching major relief campaigns and america is sending food and generator asks shelter. how you can help coming up.
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>> and another big story today. after stalling for weeks, the white house will finally reveal how many people were enrolled in obama care last month. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am hill hemmer. the administration admitted it is not pretty. chris, good day to you. this si point of critical impact, explain that? >> when you talk about a launch which includes four people in delaware and five in district of colombia and jay carney said it is very low it is very, very low. if it is small enough, there are huge economic consequences for everybody's insurance this will be the stepping off calls for democrat calling for subsidies. we have a trillion on the debt
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to pay for. and the estimate to pay for obama care to keep the market juiced for everybody else we are looking at double thachl we have seen the float in the huffington post and democrats and obama administration looks for ways to salvaging the launch. and that looks very expensive. is it possible that the administration is down playing the numbers to get a little bit off of the ground it would look good? >> you don't think that people in washington d.c. would cynically manage expectations? >> what they are doing is, you thought it was only four in delaware, it is really eight. we are doing better. what they are going to focus on is how many people are going to want to get in. it would be funny because of all of the millions of people who
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lost policies as a result of this law, they thought, the administration thought they had a ready made market because they made a conscious decision to terminate the insurance policies of millions of american. they can't build the internet site and the desperate customers can't get through the door to buy obama care. it is a real pickle. >> you can't just play five on five. the pressure is there from the republicans and if the pressure comes from democrats, what comes of that? >> the republicans have to have a plan of some kind. the republicans think that obama care is going to be bad. it is shaping up to be bad and the millions of americans who lost coverage would tend to
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agree. it is no longer for the republican party to say obama care is not going to work out. they need to come up with a practical plan to help the americans cope coverage. how are they going to do that? that is a test for a party short on agreement. >> you need paying customers. it adds up and going to be really, really expensive. chris, thank you, sir. leads our coverage on that. here's alisyn. >> as we wait the official numbers. there are studying examples of low enrollment. north dakota, insurance companies say 30 people have enrolled in obama care and wait until you hear the numbers in other states in a second. this is raising serious questions of what affect it will have on our economy. we'll bring in susan mur --
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peter murisi. >> i. >> what is enrollment in different states. let me pull up. for instance in delaware as we heard chris report four people enrolled. in wyoming, 30 people enrolled and arkansas less than 170 and in oregon not a single person enrolled and just 0. what does the numbers do to the economy if this is what we see for the next month or two? >> it will have a devastating affect on the economy. they will pull out of the insurance market and jeopardize the viability of the insurance companies. they were led to believe they would have lots of customers. it is a tip of the iceberg. i estimate obama care will cost american 300 billion for the
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health care costs even when the site is up and running. >> those numbers confuse me. it was predicated to save the american people money because health care costs are spiralling out of control. jason furman said just this weekend, if you look at the biggest thing cutting our deficit over the median and long-term it is the affordable care act. is it going to save us money or cost us money. >> medicaid and medicare bone counters estimate with obama care the share of dprosz domestic product going to health care will increase throw hundred billion a year. not to mention. all of the penalties they will charge 5 million people. in reality that money will come
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from some place and will cost you and me that money in the form of higher insurance costs and the cries for more subsidies will result in higher taxes or a bigger debt. >> the most recent numbers that kathleen sebelius used last week in her prepared staples before congress werethese. 700,000 applications were submitted. that is different than enrollment. and 20 million uknock visits to date recorded to it >> will we see those bigger and impressive numbers? >> we should see the numbers in terms of who gets registered for health care. they will get the website up. and california is a big place as is new york state, they managed to get their websites up, even though they are good progressive states. this shoes you how incompetent
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and enept the federal bureaucracy and procurement process is. they simply can't get it right. look at how many hits a day they get in the president got them to set up his campaign site. when it comes to making america work for you they are out of the stone age. >> thank you. >> take care. >> paying tribute to the veterans. the president with a wreath- laying ceremony in arlington national ceremony earlier. and the president encouraging all americans to honor every
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service member who wore uniform. >> our message to all of those who wore uniform of the nation is this. we'll stand by your side whether you are seven days out or like richard 70 years out. here in america we take care of our own and honor the sacrifices that is made in our name for the nation we love and commit ourselves for standing by the veterans and their families. >> you heard the name richard there. richard overton. oldest living veteran second world war. >> how can he be that age? >> the and un. ment rate for national veteran system far above the national average. tell us the numbers, peter. >> unemployment rate for all
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veterans is 6.9 and about the same as the general unemployment rate. and men and women who fought in post 9/11. the rate is ten percent. and they are hitting the job market with marketable desire skills and can have trouble getting a job because they may not have worked in the private sector and they don't know perhaps how to write resume or job interview. >> we are going to see significant departures for the military in the next five years. the pept gone is estimates 280,000 or 300,000 military will be departing the military and they will need jobs. >> hiring our heroes is one where they campaign from the
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u.s. chamber of commerce. and half of them is put with 1400 employers and job fairs and more. >> they are so valuable and thank you for bringing it to our attention. >> we want to hear on the 11th day. >> how are you honoring our veterans today? >> and to me at alisyn camerota, we would love to hear from you. >> two tons of space junk falling down and some of it hitting the surface. >> and iranians putting a plug on the nuclear deal. but not their nuclear ambitions. >> my fear is that we are creating a north korea- type situation where we negotiate with iran and one day they don't give up enrichment capabilities and divest of them of the blue tonnium reactors and you will
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>> apparently no one woke up to find space trash in their backyard. the space satellite ran out of fuel and expected to crash in earth as it reentered the atmosphere. >> that makes for a good monday. >> no space junk in your yard or trunk. >> this is a huge change from pressure on iran in the effective sanction and brought them to the table. iran gives nothing and gets a hell of a lot. that is not a good deal. >> that was the israeli prime minister over the weekend. iowa ran refused the offer and
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secretary of state john kerry hoping for an agreement in the next few months and making it clear that the u.s. will not sign on to a bad deal. lisa will help us to understand all of this. thank you for being here. we understand that there was a marathon bargaining session and iran balked over. this what leverage do they have if the international community is telling them to do something. >> they looked to come to get and not give. that's what leaders is warning the u.s. they are masterful in playing out the clock and a repetitive pattern and continue to spin the center authority --
10:18 am
centerrefuges. >> they say it did not neutralize the risk of a nuclear iran. what are we doing? >> it looks like the u.s. was hoping to get a halting of the enrichment of uranium in a center level. experts are warning that iran is 1 to 6 months away. and maximum a year away from being a nuclear country. and so it locks like what the u.s. was hoping to get was not enough according to what the french was warning. >> right. so will iran agree to a deal where they are not allowed to enrich? >> they know they are not going to stop. they say it is for peaceful purposes and as much as the kerry and obama administration wants to say it is a different
10:19 am
government in iran. ahmadinejad said the same thing. look at action before you make the concession. and loosening of sanctions help millions of iranians and help the economy and they will come back in the oil and banking sectors and wonderful for the region in many, many ways, but the u.s. and west will lose their leverage and alt to make the iranians stop the nuclear agenda. >> are we going to do a deal? does it signal a warming of relationships. >> it looks like a deal will happen down the road because our administration is seen to make that deal. and whether or not it is a bad deal because they believe any deal is better than no deal at all. we'll have to wait and see. this is something that the obama
10:20 am
administration is keen on getting and hope it will mean significant changes for the iranian people and long-stand significant changes. >> how about the french? she was the face of courage when the taliban almost killed her for pushing girl's education. there is a setback for her cause. >> and first interview since accused of bullying. now incognito admits using language and blames locker room culture. gerrymander wants to weigh in on that. >> who had john martin's back the most? and they will tell you me. john never showed signs that football was getting to him, the
10:21 am
locker room was getting to him? . [ sniffles, coughs ]
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an update now on the tonage activist malala. her memior is banned in pakistan. the taliban shot her in the head for promoting girl education. the bock was representing the west they said and not pakistan. malala was a nobel prize con10er and a symbol of girl's rights. >> and miami under a cloud of controversy. the dolphin scandal is growing
10:25 am
every day. and they are going in with heavy burdens of their own. stove? >> reporter: bill, it is probably not the match up. winless bucks and scandal plagued miami dolphins. this looks like it could last several weeks. from richey incognito's interview there is no comment from john martin. he will make a video tape response. and martin is likely to be interviewed by league investigators in california later this week. despite all that happen. richey incognito considers his former time mate johnathon martin a friend. >> i would give him a big hug. and i would be like dude, what is going on? >> reporter: one subject incognito did not touch on in that interview code red.
10:26 am
the question did coaches order richey incognito to toughen up his teammate john martin. with legal reasons he will not touch that question yet. >> geraldo is coming up with thoughts on this and what coming up. >> i look forward to hearing what geraldo has to say about locker room culture. >> and the president's approval ratings are in the tank because of obama care. can he turn that around and how? also a putting u.s. postal workers to work on sundays of all days. and a worldwide relief effort under way. we'll talk to someone who is in manila and tell you how to help. >> they can't be reached and that's the message i get. i am assuming that the phone lines are still down.
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>> and faster delivery for internet shoppers and more business for the postal services network and generating more revenues than flat mail. and 166 day mission on the international space station after a historic space walk, bringing the olympics torch back to earth with them. >> that's what it looked like back in space. >> it looked cool. back on earth now. nice. devastating ti poon slamming the philippines and thousands feared dead. it knocked out bridges and road and said power and communication. relief teams fearing a stampede because of growing desperation. that will be a concern. there is the latest from manila, dean? >> yes, bill, good morning to
10:32 am
everyone. the situation is grim. it is night right now in that region and since there is no power nothing is happening right now. and there are people out there in the dark with no homes or roofs under their heads and there are some who are still hungry because nobody, none has reached them yet. the roads are blocked and reaching them is quite difficult. there is a logistic nightmare happening right now. trying to get all of the relief goods is not particularly easy. thanks to the presence of some international aid like the united states, you know, it is reaching out and there is hope coming out tomorrow hopefully this tuesday when the troops help the philippine military and police deliver relief to filipinos that are trapped out there with little hope. ndean, there is report that
10:33 am
10,000 is dead but the official talley is below 1,000. do they expect that number to jump from 1,000 to 10,000 people or possibly higher? >> reporter: bill, the reality there is the grim part is that there are still bodies out at sea. there are reports just this sunday, the fill peep air force was reporting there are bodies floating out in the sea and these are you know, people that have families and we don't know, it is counting. and it is terrible, bill. it is like you know, the countdown there, it is like it might grow and will grow. but the reality is, we need to get to the living and bring back, you know a little bit of hope to a lot of people. one thing interesting about this. the u.s. forces when they arrived on veterans day.
10:34 am
we are a day a head of the u.s. mainland. it is like a reminder of douglas mcarthur going back to the philippines, in 1944. this is where he landed when he promiseed to return to the philippines. >> the israelis and u.s. marines are there. how are they managing and helping, don't? >> reporter: very much in coordination with the philippine military and police and national government they are assigned areas where they could be of great help. the work horses and chinooks and the ships that will be there. and we'll be proifgd. the philippine military will be joining to make sure u.s. forces and our guests will be protected in making sure that all of the relief will be brought there. there is a lot coming in, bill. and it is a guarantee there will be enough for a couple of days.
10:35 am
>> they will need every last box. report nothing manila in the philippines f. you would like to help log on to fox news opinion com. you will find a link on the front page and providing number of aid organizations you can trust to get to those in need. dean, thank you. the president's biggest problem right now is he has to tell the truth. i told a lot of hard trues in new jersey but they credit you for telling the truth. own up and tell the truth and then worry about fecesing the problem. >> new jersey governor chris christie that the president needs to take responsible that americans would be able to keep their health care if they like them. >> this follows a poll that americans do not approve of the presidenas used
10:36 am
to. >> joining us is guests. ladies, good afternoon to both of you. >> first question handled by my esteemed colleague alisyn. >> nicely done. >> the president wants to move away from obama care, if he tries to get back to the second term agenda imdpragz, doesn't he seem disengaged? >> he does. can the president redeem himself, history will only tell. he needs to show true leadership and roach across the aisle and stop the poll tibs. it is now policy and rectifying the train wreck of obama care. >> christie nothing moves forward until the website moves forward. >> there is a lot of reason for that. the conservative washington
10:37 am
times said republicans set to jump on low obama care numbers. that tells you everything about the state of play right now. >> but the republicans did not build the website. >> no. the white house is doing the tech minds to get it fixed. republicans are try onning to keep it broken states that or headed by republicans are not doing that and it drives more traffic to and make its likely to crash. >> you want republicans, and not a single republican voted for obama care, you want them to through a lifeline to the president? >> yes, i want the republicans to care about the plight of the uninsured. >> bill, the liberals can't pull the tricks out the strategy bag and say it is the republican.
10:38 am
ra hm ewranual and nancy pelosi push today through. and the republicans instead of saying i told you so, they can give the president a lifeline and help solve the problem. they talked about how obama care would fail and we all need to come together. >> that is beautiful. that is a beautiful thing angelina and we believe you both agree. but should the president have single minded focus on this and nothing else. or should he talk about the minimum wage or climate change. >> i think when you are a president you have to walk in two guns. this is taking up a huge amount of focus but we have to move forward on immigration reform which he said he wanted to get done and issues like that as well. >> not if it gets traction or
10:39 am
attention unless you get it going. >> it is focusing on this. >> first it was republican's fault and now the media's fault, is that right christie. >> it is a four year campaign to sabstage. nchristie, this administration had three years to run a website and it failed. >> well, they didn't have three years to run the website, that is not true. >> how long did they have? >> a number of things ha to be in place. >> sore you are not going to give me a time line, why don't you give me a dollar figure. 400 million and counting. how high is the price tag. >> not a question. >> no answero time or money. it is just the republican's fault and media, is that right? >> look, i think it is fair to say again, that there is a four
10:40 am
year campaign from the republicans. >> no, no, no. wait. don't come on here and throw out talking points, all right. we ask a legitimate question and you can't answer time or money. >> they are already handiled. >> you had 15 democrats going to the white house and self preservation is the nature. we need to delay this and we do. we need health care reform and the right kind and it is time for both pears to go together and do their job and fix it. >> it is not just penned on the republicans and media. americans are very focused and care about the health care. >> yeah, they do. >> the president passes over their biggest concern. >> i am glad you brought it up.
10:41 am
20 million people try to logon. people do want to fix the problem of the uninsured and broken insurance system in america. i am glad that the president is focused on. it that can't be the only issue. >> christie, one more shot here, okay. doesn't the president deserve responsibility for not rolling this thing out effectively. >> there is no question. >> that's all we want. thank you for the honesty and we'll bring you back. thank you. ladies. >> he said that everybody does it. >> linemen accused of bullying a team mate, blames locker room behavior. what does geraldo say. >> when swirling and bullying and my name got attached i said what is this?
10:42 am
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time to check in with gretchen charleson. >> hi, guys, you know obama care numbers will be revealed this week. look who i have to number crunch. karl rove is here with me in the studio. looking forward to that. and two kids in college and intruder comes in and they pull out a gun, guess who is punished? we'll honor our veterans and show veteran pictures that served this country proudly and help them get jobs. >> thank you so much. say i had to carl. >> by my action and what i want people to know that the way johnathon and the offensive line and teammates communicate it vulgar and not right. when the words are put in the
10:46 am
context, i understand why eyebrows get raised and people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. >> that was richey incognito talking for the first time since the story erupted and time mate johnathon martin and part of the locker room culture. geraldo, great to see you. >> nice to be here. you heard him it happens all of the time. is that okay? >> let me flash back to something that happen yesterday in new jersey. parents of tyler cleme, his parents walked across the george washington bridge and i was home the day tyler jumped to his death because he was so bullied and harassed and felt at the end of his rope. to use the language of bullying, and the language of the event that had tyler clem e take his
10:47 am
life in the context of multimillion football players dilutes the issue and cheapens the issue and shame on all of the sports writers for making an issue of bullying. it may be a issue of the culture of the locker room or beef that john martin may have with richey incognito. it may be a labor dispute. but use the language of bullying and as a parent aware of them bullying something. >> you are making the case that this guy had recourse. >> there is no crying in football. if you take a job where they tell you to batter the other person. what is next? acceptsivitity training for boxers or ice hockey players political correctness has to
10:48 am
stop. >> richey incognito talks about an e-mail johnathon martin sent to him. stand by. >> a week before this went down johnathon martin texted me on the phone. i will murder your whole f--ing family. do i think he was going to murder my family, not one bit. >> he left that for you? >> i didn't think he was going to kill my family. it was a brother and a team mate and that is the context of how we communicate. >> it is all fair game? >> it is not fair game. it is between these two men. it is not our business. richey incognito is a lout and used a golf club to sexually harass a woman in a charity golf event sn in may 2012. and nothing to do with martin. martin was drafted to play
10:49 am
alongside richey incognito. they have been inseparatable since. >> i don't know if you watch madmen. but there used to be a feeling of sexual harrassment. but we are all adults here and that used to be how it felt to be a woman in the work place. it was no longer acceptable to call women certain names; is this going to change the locker rom or football culture? >> this is a wonderful point and as someone who grew up in the madmen era and never got over. it the difference of the sexual harrassment in the '60s and '70s is the relationship. the man or woman. the man could do anything he wanted and if she objected she would be fired and these are two equals and multimillionaire 300
10:50 am
pound plus adults, for goodness sake what is it our business what they do or say to each other in the locker room. >> jim gray thinks it will change the game and pressure on the league to the coaches to be sensitive to matters like these it will change the culture of football. >> that is preposterous. and it may be true. but it is awful. concentrate on concussions. concentrate on protecting people from being brain damaged. not this. these are grown up men. >> miami is back on the field tonight. >> johnathon martin was a traitor to his team. >> great to see you. >> see you in a day. >> just trying to keep track of the calendar. >> this veteran's day we honor the men and women who serve our country. >> we have some of their stories that will make us all proud.
10:51 am
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we have two stories of wounded warriors to share with you this veterans day. fox news national security correspondent hosted the wounded warrior panel discussion with veterans in washington last week. she's at the pentagon with their stories. jennifer tell us about this experience. >> i interviewed a dozen severely injured vets, like this sergeant wounded in iraq.
10:55 am
he's now a motivational speaker for fellow wounded warriors trying to overcome their own injuries. >> there's really nothing in a single day i could do on my own and so that became very bad. the idea of suicide pretty much kind of overwhelmed me for months and months. i pretty much had a million different ways planned out how i could kill myself. but i just kind of kept pushing through the rehab and one day i finally got that first prosthetic and then i got to go home and feed myself. that little bit of independence, little bit of freedom okay i have a fighting chance. >> for many returning vets their wounds under visible. take the case of marine staff sergeant jeremiah workman. he has suffered from ptsd. he was in fallujah, iraq.
10:56 am
>> nights mayors, i would drink a case of beer at night to go to sleep. i was on no medication. i had seen no doctors. i just thought maybe this is normal. i don't know. >> what were the nightmares? >> losing three marines in that house. just running up those stairs wondering did i do everything i could. >> the special and hour long special will appear tonight on the pentagon channel. >> wow. jennifer, what powerful stories. thank you for giving us that glimpse. >> we salute all of them too. celebrating veterans day and recognizing our activities across the country. >> in new york city a special visitor. ♪ due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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old glory rise above the uss new york. salvage from ground zero. that ship is in the big apple. >> ship's motto strength forge through sacrifice never forget. >> we will not. all the veterans thank you. i'm bill henry. >> here's gretchen. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks guys. today on the real story we're about to learn the real obama care sign up numbers prompting one republican to call the president's broken health care promise a big betrayal. students pull a one if on an intruder who tries to break into their home and their college punishes them even though they have a permit? we'll get to the bottom of that. shocking new allegations in the case of the newlywed accused of killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff. and today we honor our veterans and help them find jobs as well.


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