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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and sacrifice and welcome home. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. ♪ >> greta goes "on the record" right now. just got worse. new information tonight, here is a hint. zero on one exchange. can president obama bail himself out of this mess? his critics are on fire. >> the president's biggest problem right now is you have got to tell the truth. >> who committed the greater fraud bernie madoff or barack obama? madoff defrauded a few. this is defrauding the entire country. >> he needs to stand up in front of the american people and say, you know what? i perpetrated a fraud. >> he totally lied. he therefore got his obamacare passed now if congress had known this even the democrats would have voted against him. >> i wonder why we were promised a state of the art web site and it's a sunlight
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dial. >> anyone who has run anything in their lives could see this come a mile away. >> i have never seen anything run so incompetent as what we have watched. >> the president of the united states lie to the entire country on 00 most important thing to people, their healthcare and their current plan. >> it is a real significant distortion to say that hundreds of thousands of people are being cancelled. what's actually happening is that they are going to get a better plan for less money. >> the fact is that the president didn't tell the truth. it turns out not to be true. that people keep their insurance policy. >> former congressman allen west joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. it's a pleasure to be with you. >> nice to have you. well, from all those sound bites. is t. sounds like the president's critics are really going heavy handed on calling him a liar. >> well, there is no doubt that the president did, i believe be purposefully deceive the american people in order for his, you know, signature policy, the
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obamacare to be able to get passed. and now we see truth come to power in the fact that this thing is, you know, we talked about it before, greta. it's based upon very false premises and not going to be able to sustain itself and not ready to be rolled out. and the fact that you are having so many americans being forced off of their private insurance plans to try to get them to go into these exchanges which are not being well-run and well orchestrated this is a calamity. >> i will tell you that in putting together that opening, we actually looked to see if any democrats supported the president today. said anything. it is a holiday in washington today. you know, we can't even -- the democrats are rather silent with what is going on except with the congressman debbie wasser isman -- wasserman shoults on it. what in the world can the president do to bail himself out and bail the american people out so that those who are harmed rn r. not harmed by it? >> well, first of all, did you see 15 democrat senators
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have impromptu meeting with the president last week for about two hours. and alaska senator mark bay given bay given called it a crisis in confidence. the president has to take a page from hillary clinton and hit the restart button and go back to the start and say this thing is not ready for prime time. let's scrap. this let's start truly have some bipartisanship and talk about free market solutions. solve the crisis of 4.2 million americans who have lost their private insurance plans z how we can work with the insurance industry and get those plans back. >> do you think he will do that or can do that because this is his signature accomplishment? what is he very proud of as president of the united states. there are other -- not to say that navy seals getting usama bin laden wasn't huge as well. this is something that he has been very adamant that he was standing behind. do you think that he has it it in himself to say look, it's not working for a lot
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of americans. let's put it on hold and see if we can fix it. >> well, the short answer is. no i believe that his arrogance precludes him from doing that and admitting that he was wrong. that he took the wrong approach with trying to have a government centric healthcare solution to the problems that we see. and the american healthcare reform act that the republicans committee has brought forth dr. tom price republican of georgia has done a great job. he is an orthopedic surgeon. i think the president should listen to him. >> i will tell what you is so deeply disturbing about the law. right now a lot of democrats are very upset. republicans have always been upset medical device tax. they are upset about individual policies other constituents that have been cancelled since they don't have -- meet the full requirements of obamacare requirements. and they are upset about the web site not working. well, with the exception of
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the web site not working. and, of course, they are upset because of a funding problem, too. with the exception of the web site not working, these problems were evident from day one. but not one of them bothered to read the bill or fully understand it. they just sort of signed off on it. not a single person. and so i don't have a lot of sympathy because they should have known about these things if they had spent, you know, a little time looking at the bill. >> well, contrary to what the dnc chair woman debbie wasser isman schultz has said. the democrats are upset with this whole rollout because of politics. not because of policy. republicans are upset because it is bad policy. but the democrats are concerned about what this will do for them. all of those members of the house and those senators that are up for re-election in 2014. that's the only care and concern that they have is this thing was going a little bit better they would be all behind it now they are somewhat like the rats on the titanic, seeking to jump off to save their own self-interest. >> i must say to senator
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mary ran drew and probably talk about it later in the so he put up a will -- she is a democrat. bill in the senate. which even if it passed it is absurd. it couldn't possibly work. what she wants is just something you can't order insurance companies to do what she wants. >> that's her trying to show some type of care and concern because she is running in a tough re-election. >> she is in trouble. >> in a red state. >> absolutely. it's not about her caring about policies it's about politics. >> guardian new book coming out by new april. does that mean a lot of people write books to give us notice that they are running for office again. >> well, it's not so much about running for office again. i will continue to serve this country and that's why i would say happy veterans day to all my brothers and sisters that are out there. we all took an oath to support and defend the constitution. we are all guardians of this great republic. i want to talk about the early lessons of my life. the early influence of my parents and political philosophy. and what i see as far as a
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vision a way ahead to go out of this crisis. i think it's so important that we have folks to lay out a strategic plan and blueprint for that to occur. the american people call me back to serve i will be happy to do it. >> congressman, happy veterans day because you are indeed a vet. to those who are watching, we are going to talk about veterans day later because this is a very important day to our country. congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. and it's an honor to serve. take care, greta. >> okay. viewers, if you know someone sick, it can be really scary for them with all this obamacare uncertainty. the very people who were supposed to get the most people could be in the biggest trouble. oklahoma governor mary fallon is here next. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future.
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time is running out for the people who need health insurance the most. in many states, seriously ill patients in high risk pools are in risk of losing the coverage that they have. it gets worse it, gets scarier in that they may not be able to enroll for new plans in time. oklahoma is one of those states. governor mary fallon joins us. good evening, governor. >> good evening, greta. >> governor, the people who are in the high risk pool are ones that we care so sleep deeply about because they are the ones who are
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sick. what is going on in oklahoma? what is this risk? >> well, we are very worried about those people because they are the ones who are the sickest. the ones that need health insurance coverage the most. the ones who might have cancer, leukemia, diabetes and heart problems. they are the run ones in the risk pools as they are in many other states. as we know the health insurance exchanges haven't worked the way they were supposed to work. at the end of this year, december 31st, we have over 850 oklahomans in risk of losing insurance and they are the ones who need the health insurance the worse because they're the sickest. >> so what are we going to do? what are you you going to do? what is the president going to do? >> well, i don't know. but something needs to be done. and the administration needs to do something about this particular issue. you know, commodities 31st, they may not have any coverage at all. it's a federal issue. and i think a lot of people in congress have been saying that we should delay the implementation of the obamacare healthcare law just because there are so
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many different glitches that are coming up. but it is a federal issue it's affecting our states. >> is it more catastrophic than that? because a lot of them are losing their insurance. they have had cancellations, right? they have got to get into this obamacare and high risk; am i right? >> that's right. and they can't. >> all right. so, here's the problem. if they have had their policies cancelled, they are very sick. they are in the high risk. they are up against a deadline. they can't get the insurance but even if if we can get their old insurance back, it doesn't exist to get back. so we are really squeezing these people. >> that's right. it is the people who don't need to be squeezed because they are already ill and needing healthcare coverage right very unfortunate circumstance congress and the administration will do something about this time it's december 31st. >> like what? >> going to have to. >> like what? >> the implementation of the
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law. just delay the implementation. >> even if they delay the implementation because you have the law the insurance company a lot of them have gotten out of these policies to begin with can't order sell it to it a sick person high risk going to cost you more than the premium. they don't even want those people. they don't the high risk ones. >> that's exactly right. that's why healthcare is going to be such a mess. the president promised these people this if he liked this insurance they could keep it, they could keep their doctor and premium rates going down. all those things haven't worked out and frankly weren't true. >> one other note, good news like to report it the feeding oklahoma food drive. your goal was 1.4 million meals and according to what -- i was doing a lot of research on you today and on your program out there is that the state of oklahoma and your feeding oklahoma
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food drive it .9 million meals to help the hungry in oklahoma. that's more than twice than what you expected. >> well, thank you. yes, it was. and, you know, this is a very challenging time when you go into the thanksgiving holiday season, christmas time and people want to be with their families. and we have food insufficiency in america and certainly here in oklahoma. this is my fourth year to do a feeding oklahoma food drive. it's one of the ways i can give back. i'm thrilled at our results. we had some different companies, foundations and organizations and people donated food and we worked on it it for a month. 2.9 million meals is a lot of meals. thank you for recognizing that. >> it is indeed a lot of meals. a lot of citizens around this country really want to help people all the time not just, you know, at the time of the holidays. i know you got hit so badly with that tornado and oklahoma has been hurting pretty badly so i thought i would give you a shoutout for that governor, thank you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, i appreciate it. and president obama
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making another promise to the american people saying he will help fix the problem with the cancelled insurance. what in the world can he do? how can he possibly keep this promise in light of where we are? that's next.
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trouble for having a gun or not? go to and vote in our poll. should a top tech official take time out from fixing healthcare got gov to testify in front of congress. that is the fight on capitol hill. the latest coming up. ♪
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president obama now insisting his administration will do everything it can to help americans with cancelled insurance plans. but think about it. like what? does the president have any options to fix this giant mess? "the weekly standard's" john mccormick joins us. okay. the president -- and i believe the president wants to fix this, but like what? what are the options? >> there aren't a lot of good options right now. >> are there any bad ones? >> what health insurance experts are saying right now. industry officials are saying there is a three fold problem. first you need federal law.
4:21 pm
administrative fix can't do it. the law says plans that are out there. march of 2010 those plans are gone. you actually need a law to fix. this. >> wait a second. stop. if had you a plan that the insurance company dumped let's say for the high risk pool that i talked about with governor fallen. the government can't change put back in effect. they can't order insurance company to do that the insurance company is not going to want to voluntarily do that you are not going want to put a plan on the table that some high risk person is going to be drawing on it for medical care. though don't want to it insurance high risk. >> there are millions of people who haven't had their plans cancelled. if you a pass a law like ron johnson's bill that doesn't force them to but give them the option. a lot of insurers to continue selling policies. >> i don't buy it i think the insurance companies were happy to get out of a lot of these policies.
4:22 pm
happy to get out of them. the ones where they have to pay out more in medical bills. >> he they're certainly regulated at the state level. insurers aren't exactly doing this for charity. they are selling plans and making a profit on this. i have got to think if millions of people are losing their plans, that might take some times. if you pass a law allowing them to do, this then you have to have the state insurance commissioners approve these new plans. that usually takes up to a year in some case cases. state level action. have the states it take extraordinary measures, pass laws there let them waive these regulations and then you have got the question of whether or not the insurers actually have the time to reconfigure their computers and reissue these plans. send the letter and give people time to figure out i do want to go back on my old plan or go into obamacare? it's a huge mess for the millions of people losing their plans on january 1st a complete disaster. may be too late for people is what i am hearing. >> losing on january 1st. what you are describing is going to take one, two years three years. >> would take months. i don't think years.
4:23 pm
people are going to lose their plans january to february of next year. renew your plan in some states through december of next year. for some people there would be hope. >> i tell you people very little hope for cancelled in the regiment of some program whether it's chemotherapy or whether it's other some sort of serious medical treatment that they are getting. there is not a lot of hope for them right now under this scenario if they have to wait months. >> it's looking like a disaster for them. there is no way to spin that. >> you know what? even senator mary landrieu's bill introduced legislation that required insurance to keep offering current individual plans. that is one of the silliest things i ever heard because you can't order these insurance companies to do. this and it's it the states that regulate it and not the federal. what in the world she introduced that for is beyond me. >> a violation of state law. i spoke to senator ron johnson today and it would allow -- >> -- allow. not order. allow. >> i don't want to mislead anyone and give people false hope and think that oh they can can turn on a dime and reissue these plans on
4:24 pm
january 1st. for a lot of people that's not going to happen. what he is trying to do is simply give them the chance. at least try to give them the opportunity. >> insurance companies are in business. they are not charities. thank you. >> thank you. >> a doctor not only losing his own insurance but there is so much more he is losing. a doctor's personal obama care nightmare is next. without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing toake it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. it can change the future. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. life with crohn's disease ois a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if?
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no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. >> now get ready to speed read your way through the news. right now the "uss george washington" aircraft carrier getting ready to head to the philippines. it will bring medical supplies, food water and temporary shelters to the typhoon ravaged nation. the aircraft carrier is expected to arrive in the next 48 to 72 hours. including americans first are already on ground with supplies. the killer storm leaving many roads impassable. the state's president declaring national calamity. 9 presidential people devastated by typhoon. 10,000 feared dead.
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dead bodies lining the streets and hundreds of thousands homeless. more bad news for the philippines, another tropical storm is headed their way. also tonight several deaths from typhoon hayan reported in vietnam. back in the united states, governor and presidential candidate mitt romney has a new mission. bringing the olympics to boston in 20224. acting as advisor to group exploring the preliminary pick bid. you will remember in 2002, governor romney was a salt lake city preliminary picks organizing president. he tells the "boston globe," boston will be a fantastic place for the summer games. and now to oregon. last week we telling you about a middle school football coach who got fired for planning a team party at hooters. well, over the weekend, that controversial party happened and we have the video. hootedders waitresses lining up to cheer for the young football players as they arrived for the post season party. hooters paid for the party and made a donation to the school's sports' program and that's tonight's speed read. get ready, a war is breaking out here in
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washington. house oversight which i chair darrell issa taking no prisoners has issued a subpoena to one of the top officials working to fix the obama administration is furious and so is ranking democrat elijah cummings. is he demanding chairman issa withdraw that subpoena. elise joins us. >> thanks, greta. >> who has been subpoenaed and why. >> this is the chief technology officer of the united states who works in the white house and he has been enlisted to help fix this struggling health karen rollment site. is he one of the main people helping to organize this effort. >> i thought jeffrey zions was one of the maim people his boss where the buck stops was h.h.s. secretary sebelius. who are these other people. >> you are right on both counts. no, they are bringing all the talent they have to the table for. this todd park is some guy who has done billions of dollars of work in healthcare it. they really trust him. they think is he going to be great. he is in all kinds of papers. but now darrell issa is saying that he needs it to
4:30 pm
show up to capitol hill to tell lawmakers what's going on. initially he refused to do that. >> when was he tasked to it fix the site? >> i believe in the beginning of october. when they found out all the problems were happening they brought the team in. >> can't find two hours where they can eleave this guy so they can testify before congress which has an obligation to do oversight. >> that's what they are saying. too disruptive to his efforts to fix the web site for him to not only testify on capitol hill but also to prepare his testimony because obviously these officials don't just show up. they are coached beforehand on how to answer. >> if he has been working on this for six weeks, he throughout have it in the back of his mind. these answers ought to be pretty easy. >> i think it's a little bit hard it to believe that a couple of hours can't be spared for an official. i'm not on the inside of these repairs. at the same time, this is important hearing. darrell issa, first one as oversight committee chairman. we are going to find things out. todd park is going it to show up because he was subpoenaed. >> preparation time i have
4:31 pm
done a ba depositions over my life in trials. you want someone who isn't steeped in it. if he is the one since the beginning and involved in it. you would think he hasn't been involved. get it to you or bring an army of associates with him and dispatch somebody to get it. >> he has only been involved in the repair effort. the other people he has been calling to testify constructing the site. >> he is the only one resisting the subpoena. >> the white house on his behalf sent issa a letter saying listen we are happy to reschedule they said. we will do it in december as long as the november 30th deadline has passed and park's time is a little bit more free. what this underscores is that the white house and darrell issa do not get along. this is the bottom line. it's a spat and caused another spat with congressional democrats batting back at issa. withdraw the subpoena and let this guy work. now there is this big tech campaign let todd work. >> does todd work on weekends? >> i imagine they do. >> actually the shutdown for
4:32 pm
maintenance so maybe they are doing it over the weekend. maybe he has the weekend free. >> right, you would think so. we know jeff zions is working around the clock although for no pay although i don't think he needs it. >> why is it so urgent to issa if he come -- willing to come november 30th. bic chance to look at the rollout. >> he can but he wants answers now. there is politics being played here. darrell issa has actually handled it very well. leaking documents internal h.h.s. memos. meeting notes all of us in the media have been interested in because they shed light on the amount of chaos first week of october. >> let me be sar sarcastic. >> finally gave them to congeght he has had to issue another subpoena for health and human services katz leone sebelius to get those documents in advance. >> elise, thank you. nice to see you. >> thanks, greta.
4:33 pm
>> obamacare causing unthinkable problems for some doctors for themselves, their employees and their patients. dr. rick hen again joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> as i understand it, you have lost your insurance, sir? >> that's correct our group health plan has been cancelled as of about a month ago. >> in terms of you have a number of employees and provide health insurance for them. have you attempted to find out like go on the web site to see if there is some insurance you can get for them and what the cost would be? >> right now we are waiting on our broker to get back with us. she is supposed to have some figures for us by the end of this weeks. the only time i went on the web site to check it out it was down. >> and so what is this doing to your practice? >> the employees naturally are concerned as everybody. just like the other millions of americans that are uncertain about their health insurance as it's been cancelled as ours has.
4:34 pm
we are just waiting to see what kind of premiums are going to be because i have been providing healthcare insurance for my employees for 30 years. without a mandate as a benefit. i would like to be able to continue doing that. >> now, what about your parents? are you still in a -- are they still able to go to-have you been tossed out of the network? can they been tossed out of the exchange to see you? >> right now, everybody still has their insurance until the end of this year. it's not effecting me at this point. we can't find our name anywhere on the exchange. our patients can't that go on 00 exchange. we have no idea how to get on it. nobody has contacted us about that. so we are looking into that right now. >> about how many patients, what's the number of patients that might involve? people who are looking to find you on the exchange and can't at this point? >> well for our entire practice there is six providers that would be thousands of people that would be looking. >> and so what -- i mean, are you a little panicked?
4:35 pm
are you making calls and saying look we have got to fix this? i'm a doctor not a business person. i would like to spend my time taking care of patients and not on hold listening to some healthcare hold line? >> well, we're doing everything we can to try and contact the state exchange to find out what's going on. they are not very responsive. we haven't been given any information about it to begin with. but they definitely have enforced all regulations from obamacare in terms of the electronic health records. >> i know there is a major headache right now and very terrifying to a lot of people who have had their insurance cancelled. i'm curious, overall do you have optimism for obamacare or do you think it would be better to sort of scrap and it start all over? what's your thought on it? >> i would like to scrap it and start all over. i just don't believe that anything that's not patient/doctor centered is going to work to the betterment of the healthcare
4:36 pm
of the american people. you know, when government gets involved as we have seen with with this rollout, it's inefficient. it's going to be way more costly than it could have been. and i think there is some very good ideas that other people have about how to reform healthcare in this country that are far better than what we are looking at now. >> doctor, thank you very much. i always thought there ought to be more discussion when developing a program. talked more to doctors and patients than sort of business people and insurance and politicians. and, you know, might be a little better in terms of how we treat people and how we take care of them. doctor, thank you. >> thank you. i would like to say happy veterans day to all my brother pat and all the other veterans out there, thanks. >> indeed, happy veterans day to your brother and everybody else. thank you, sir. >> straight ahead, something terribly wrong the state promising to build one of the best exchanges in the nation doesn't have a single enrollment. that's next. also bill cosby finally answering the questions. you will hear from bill
4:37 pm
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4:40 pm
is he reportedly interested in landing nfl gig. he was released from the among earlier this year. tmz tweeting bill cosby reveals his favorite kind of jell-o. cosby famously starred in jell-o ad for decades. is he really a fafnt desert. >> is jell-o that good? do you still eat it? >> yes. >> what's your favorite kind? >> chocolate. >> and there you have it the u.s. postal service getting help from unexpected ally the "the washington post" tweeting amazon to deliver on sundays using postal service fleet just in time for the holiday season. the postal service will ship amazon's packages on sunday at no extra charge. the sunday delivery service is offered in los angeles and new york city and sex and to other parts of the country next year. the country hopes it will help the struggling postal service. this is not your average tattoo. "time" tweeting google's lie detecting neck tattoo probably won't improve your dating life.
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google's moat roll la dating filing the patent for tattoo. electronic tattoo that sticks to your skin. included imbedded microphone that connects to a mobile device and also includes a lie detector function. creepy. and talk about coincidence? huffington post comedy tweeting thieves on the lamb after stealing 160 sheep from a town called wool. the case of the missing sheep stumping police in england. authorities say the police were stolen sometime between sunday and monday. and the thieves would have needed a large vehicle to pull off the heist. now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use #greta on your posts. a healthcare exchange with zero enroll. ment that story next. to be read.
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4:44 pm
the record for a minute. what's going on? we have gone from what was our favorite national sport baseball to being poisoned by steroids. horrible? college football another favorite and now one of the most famous franchise penn state is all charged. all those sexual abuse charges known by coaches and simply ignored. thought nfl are they ruining it for us? the nation has loved football. i love football. the nfl is beginning to look bad. former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez in jail on a murder charge and the nfl knew he was in trouble long before the rest of us. a history of violence and run ins with police. and lots of other players with criminal run-ins. the nfl embroiled in ugly scandal in the dolphins locker room. it's very painful. here is shannon sharp talking about richie incognito's use of racial slurs. >> i'm so disappointed. i just hope that someone was misquoted. i hope i'm wrong and they didn't allow richie incognito to say this racially charged word in an open locker room and go
4:45 pm
unchecked. that's unacceptable. i'm embarrassed for -- because if he said that to jonathan martin, he didn't only say it he is talking to you too because if you are black, you know what that word means. >> >> i'm sure you all have a sue on this current controversy and i know some of you non-african-americans think african-americans say it to each other so it must be okay. it's not. it's not okay. it's mean, it's degrading and you know what? african-americans should stop saying it, too. and hip hop artists should stop using it in song lyrics, it's not funny and not clever. it fuels the nonminority idiot ignorant of history is thinking it's okay to say it it's not. it's wrong no matter who is saying it and when. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record go to and tell us about it. listen to this, if you thought the owe federal
4:46 pm
obamacare web site was a mess. , it is and has low enrollment, it has. you will be stunned to hear exchange even worse. oregon healthcare exchange has not enrolled a single person. a.p. reporter jonathan cooper is here with more. jonathan, is that correct? not a single person? >> that's correct. >> what happened? what's going on in oregon? >> well, they set the bar really high. they tried to do -- they thought they were going to get one of the nation's biggest and best exchanges and didn't have enough time to pull it off. so right now the online enrollment system doesn't even -- it's not even launched if you go to their web site, it's not there. and that's because they say that it can't accurately determine whether you are eligible for medicaid, children's health insurance program, how much tax credit you are eligible for. especially in complex family situations. they say they're not going to launch it until it can work properly. >> how can they not have enough time? i mean, you know, they have
4:47 pm
had, what, three and a half years? that's the first thing. secondly, if it is such a disaster. did they november hhs, sebelius, saying, you know, let's put the breaks on it because we have the state exchange and we prom missed the people of oregon and it's an abject failure. >> they -- the exchange had a risk consultant that issued monthly reports and, you know, going back at least a year of the consultant was saying that it's a real danger that october 1st isn't going to happen. and they stuck with it. you know, they said that if -- it will be worth the extra headaches i guess to get this extra functionality. they want to, you know, they think that in the end if they -- it will be worth the wait. >> you say they stuck with it. who is the they, number one? who is the one behind that and secondly, you are running up against a
4:48 pm
deadline in terms of insurance. so, you know, i don't know why they didn't listen to their risk consultant. i don't know why they bothered to pay risk consultant if they are not going to pay attention to them. >> they being the leaders of the health insurance exchange. and you can still -- the online system doesn't work. so they have told everybody that wants to sign up to fill out these paper applications. they are 19 pages long. they ask a ton of questions about family background and income and then you have to mail that in and then a person human by hand they have hired 400 extra workers to help out, going through these by hand and trying to do the calculations to find out what you are qualify for as they mail that back to you. then you can kind of use that information to decide what you want. you mail it back. it's a multiweek process instead of the one hour or so that it would take, you know, to go on the web site and go through it like travelocity as it was. >> assuming beings of
4:49 pm
course, of course the one hour to would take assuming it would work but it doesn't. jonathan, thank you and good luck in oregon. i hope you can get it working. having zero is pretty bad. thank you, jonathan. >> thank you. >> and coming up, america's salute to but many veterans finding a whole new battle when they come home to the united states. you are going to hear from them coming up you. of course, don't foregoat watch hannity tonight. former governor sarah palin is his guest. that's 10:00 p.m. eastern on hannity.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
now it's time to show you what we are watching. put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight take a look. power boat doing a back flip.
4:52 pm
racing 135 miles per hour when it flips over. the boat summer assaulting through the air and lands top down on the water. the power boat racer was not hurt. and hundreds of exek tators got the thrill of a lifetime. lady gaga known for new costumes hitting new heights. first flying dress. the flying dress lifting gaga several feet off the ground for new launch party for new album. that's what we are watching. coming up, many of our vets now facing a big struggle right here at home. going to hear from them next. ♪ ♪ 20 years with the company. thousands of presentations. and one rd earned partnership. it took a lot of work to get this far. so now i'm supposed to take a back seat when it comes to my investments? there's zero chance of that happening. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant,
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>> the airmen the year 1944, the country -- kentucky. my first time seeing so many black military officers being from the south and not having ever seen a black military officer. so i knew this was a very unusual type of organization as i learned many many years later about the accomplishment of the tuskegee airmen. so i'm just proud. >> that one of the very proud tuskegee airmen. one of the first african-american pilots flying in world war ii. the nation paying tribute to them and all our veterans on
4:56 pm
veterans day. one of the best ways to honor them is to help veterans find work when they come home. griff general cibs spoke to many of them. >> my name is joanne joanna. and i served two tours to iraq. i was stationed at fort hood, texas. and, yeah. first deployment baghdad and second was kirkuk, the northern province. >> and after two years since retiring from the army, she is still finding it difficult to get work. >> well, without exaggerating i think i have filled out about 35 job applications. sent them out and haven't got any calls for any interviews. i have gone to the veterans affairs office and they told me that right now the hiring freeze, you know, there is not much they could do. so they told me flat out, you know, it's just really hard. >> how long have you been looking? >> since a year now.
4:57 pm
unfortunately joanna isn't alone. after serving in the military for 13 years, jerry joined national guard because he was finding it hard to get by. he says it's just tough out there right now. >> my experience was it was just kind of hard to make it in montgomery county without -- you know, it's just expensive to live there and with the national guard it subsidizing a little bit of my income so that i can make it from month to month. so you got out in 2000. i radio tired. you got into national guard. how hard is the job market out there right now. >> it's kind of hard. just especially for soldiers that are -- who are going to school and then soldiers that have families because, i mean, the pay is okay. but just finding a steady
4:58 pm
job that pays the bills is just very hard i went through driving a tow truck, working at temp agencies until i found a job pays the bills but i'm still living check to check. >> brenda lutz, an army sergeant who served in iraq was able to find work after five months on the job market. she also thinks many veterans are struggling. >> what was more frustrating for me is that i had sormdz that didn't have the skills or support network that i had when i came back. i already had a bachelor's degree going into the military. i had that working for me when i left the military. and then now i have a masters plus professional experiences. but i have soldiers that i used to work with who are now leaving the military. they don't have that background and so they are trying to find the guidance and aren't receiving it as they should. i know that the va is trying to improve helping veterans
4:59 pm
translate their skills from the military to the civilian world, but i think that's one difficulty for veterans. another difficulty for veterans right now is there is already a high unemployment rate, so there is a competition level. but then on top of that, they spent the last decade of their life in a certain skill or a certain environment, certain job, and now that's finished so what do we do now? and we have to figure out a fitch or a -- niche or a way to personal skills. it takes time to do that translation of skills into the work place. >> employers should consider hiring veterans. >> i will say hiring a veteran is wonderful because they have a certain work ethic and a support system and belief in themselves because of the training they have received through the military that can help them succeed in any task that they are put on. >> and on this veterans day
5:00 pm
we want to take a moment to salute all current and former members of the u.s. military for their brave service to our country. and special thanks also to their families for holding down the fort here at home. see you tomorrow 7 p.m. eastern. o'reilly is next. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> trouble by declaring it now. >> exactly it? >> did happen. >> more trouble for obamacare investigative watchdog group goes undercover to talk to some navigators in training. it's not pretty. we have exclusive report. >> what is obamacare? >> i'm not sure. >> how much do the folks know about obamacare? jesse watters will tell us. >> the web site hasn't gonna well. what do you think happened? >> the government is in charge of it. >> i'm embarrassed by my actions. what i want people to know is the way jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and how archie communicates and we communicate it's vulgar. >> the national football league taking a huge hit


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