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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 11, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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urchins. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, obama care falls short -- way short -- as new reports suggest that almost 5 million people have so far lost insurance and less than 50,000 have signed up to buy it from the feds. welcome to "the kelly file." less than 50,000 have purchased insurance through the federal obama care exchange thus far. [ sirens ] oh, we have a little ambulance siren there. the administration expected to have ten times that number. near lly half a million by this point. nearly 5 million americans have been kicked off insurance plans, and counting. president obama suggesting he's
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now looking for a fix to help americans but that could come at quite a cost to taxpayers. marc thiessen is a former speech writer for george w. bush. they wanted ten times as many registered. they have 50,000 registered through health according to the reports. where does that leave us in terms of a fix? >> we'll have more uninshired than when we began. it's a debacle for the president. they are flailing for a solution. the reality is one of the things they are talking about the premium supports. why should the american the taxpayer get the bill for obama's dishonesty? >> premium support, tell us what that means. >> if you are losing insurance and they have jacked up your
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premiums because you have to get coverage you don't need they will give you a taxpayer subsidy to cover some of the difference in your -- >> that's one of the ideas. >> -- premium cost. that's one of the ideas the president floated in the interview. the problem is number one that doesn't solve the problem if your deductible doubles or you lost your doctor. a premium subsidy can't bring back your doctor. you have had millions of americans who are happy with their health care and happy to pay for it themselves. >> right. >> now they are going to get taxpayer subsidies for coverage they don't want. not because they want subsidies but because barack obama made health care unaffordable for them. it's a disaster. >> that's the crazy thing i can't get over. you are taking people who didn't require premium subsidies happy paying their own premiums with the coverage they had and believed the president that they could keep it. now they can't keep it. they are forced to shop on a website they can't get on. when they get there and see the sticker shock of seeing the
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premiums quadrupled or more they will get a subsidy from the american taxpayer they never wanted and that we as taxpayers can't afford. where are we getting the money from? >> you and me, the taxpayers. all your viewers. cough it up. you're paying for it. also on the other hand he'll have to go to congress to get it. he talks about an exclusive fix. the reason he wants an administrative fix is he doesn't want to go because they will force changes he doesn't want. the problems are twofold. one, the democrats in congress are the ones who are going to insist on congress having something to do with with it. you have a dozen vulnerable democrats who are going to lose their seats because of obama care. they want to be involved in a fix. they will insist he not sideline congress. second of all, he can't get the premium subsidies for people above 400% of the federal poverty rate. the middle and upper middle income people without congress.
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he doesn't have the authority to do it. he needs legislation to do it. they have the power. >> if the numbers stay as low as they are now -- 50,000 signed up throughing health it's 50 or over 50 on the state exchanges. more on medicaid. but they don't pay on the system at that's free for them but not the rest of the people. maybe 100,000 paying customers. they are looking for 7 million by march. >> won't happen. >> does that add to the deficit? i don't know where he gets the the money. if it adds to the deficit it breaks this promise. listen. >> i will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deaf the sit now or in the future. period. >> period. >> i'm sure he'll offer a tax increase to cover the cost to keep that promise.
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he'll figure out a way. this will come to a head on january 1. we are now at 50,000 people signing up. 5 million losing health care. that number of people signing up is not going to accelerate much. the number of people losing health care is going to. you will have a situation on january 1 where millions of people who were insured on december 31 will be uninsured on january 1 because of obama care. this will cause all hell to break loose on capitol hill. >> a nightmare scenario. thank you, marc. >> thank you, megyn. >> that's the thing millions of americans are worried about, too. getting people enrolled was supposed to be the easy part. soon the feds will be charged with running the largest, most complicated insurance program in the world. do we have confidence in that? robert lajiewski is former executive of a health insurer. good to see you. >> good to see you.
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>> let's start with the gap, the 5 million so far kicked off policies. i mean, are they going to be -- will these people have health insurance come january 1? >> the only way is if they call their insurance company directly and sign up. the federal health care exchange is not going to be working. the health and human services department held a briefing on friday, aing progress report and said every time they find something broken they fix it and find something else broken. this is a disaster. al qaeda couldn't have run it worse than the obama administration has run health >> you are speaking with insu r insurers and you projected before we saw this about the dreadfully low sign-up numbers. you were saying, i'm telling you, not enough people are signing up. the numbers aren't there. one of the reasons the insurance companies met with the white
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house last week and are very concerned. >> no question about it. the numbers the wall street journal reported, 50,000, are accurate. they jibe with the numbers i have been hearing. more than that. it's 50,000 people. but, megyn, it works out to about 50 people per state per day. do the math. 30 days, 36 states, 50 people a day. so the state of florida is signing up about 50 people. the state of georgia, about 50 people. the state of pennsylvania, about 50 people. that's the trickle that's getting through health right now. very, very few people are able to make it through the gauntlet. only 50 people per state per day. >> we can assume people signing up are the sickest people who need coverage the worst. >> you bet. >> which is a good thing. we want them to have coverage. >> they are desperate. >> the down side is we have to pay for it. they were planning for young healthy people to pay by signing
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up. but it doesn't look like they are. where does this lead us? >> there is a chance you can get healthier people to sign up. democrats say on the hill wait until people get into the website. they will find affordable health care. these democrats ought to go to some of the websites and check it out. a family of four making $59,000 a year is going to pay $400 a month for health insurance. that's a bargain compared to that. but how many families of four making $59,000 a year can afford $400 a month out of a checking account? that's a plan with a $2,000 deductible that will likely have a narrow provider network. when these people sit around the kitchen table the healthy folks will have a tough time deciding whether or not to buy this. >> it begs the the question of then they have to run the thing, manage premiums, goof people not paying the money.
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it's a complex business. we'll with one of the architects of obama care. he warned the white house that they were not equipped to deal with this and still doesn't believe they are equipped. bob, thank you. >> good seeing you. >> the white house is now in crisis mode as millions lose insurance. as the federal websites fail to work right. just ahead we get a chance to speak with the man i'm talking to you about. we thought zeke emmanuel was the architect. he was one of them. this guy was the other one. he 's sounding the alarm tonight about what has gone very wrong here. and about the predictions that he made directly to the white house. back in 2010. plus as we make time the to honor the vets today an exclusive on just what the health care changes mean for our military families.
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>> present arms! >> the president laying a wreath this morning at the tomb of the
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unknowns honoring the sacrifice of those who served this the military. some of the veterans and their families have been e-mailing us asking what's going on with their medical coverage in light of the health care changes. trace gallagher with with a "the kelly file" investigation. trace? >> this will come as news to a lot of veterans. google "can my child stay on my insurance plan until they are 26." the first thing that pops up is health there are no restrictions for your adult child on the plan. they can be married, not financially dpen deependent upo. doesn't matter. they are cover ed. >> young people can stay on their parents' plans until they turn 26. it is working right now. >> for many it's not working right now. one of those is eddie grooms. listen to him.
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>> they're making a statement, stopping the sentence with a period on the end when they need to finish it by saying unless you served in the military. >> unless you served in the military. eddie grooms was in the military 20 years. still has military insurance. his daughter turns 21 next year. when he checked to make sure he was covered or would be he found out she's not because she has a job that offers health care. unlike civilian obama care that disqualifies her. even though she doesn't make enough to afford her employer's coverage. if she did not have a job, unlike civilian obama care eddie would have to pay more than $2,000 a year to add his daughter to his plan. he said he can't afford it and feels blindsided. listen. >> it would be nice if they levelled with everybody and let them know so people can make plans. this will hit thousands of
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retirees over time. you know, they may not find out until next year, the year after. >> in fact, until congress added a special amendment to the affordable care act, adult military children were not allowed at all. on their parents'
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>> it sounds like they said, okay, if you are over 21, under 26, first they couldn't go on their parents' plan. then they said, then, they said you're going to have to pay for it chchlt is not the case, necessarily, technically under obamacare. but you may. so it's not the same. military has to pay under obamacare, but not -- sorry. under tri care but not obamacare? >> right the beneficiary is the father the fact dependents are going to get covered is a luxury. i understand it. you're talking about tax payers paying for it
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you're going to be torn with people over 18 getting benefit of it the fact we renier 20 years my concern is government-run health care. what are we looking at. >> what is tri care? >> it's insurance we do pay for out of pocket. >> is it government run? >> yes z a lot of flaws. you're looking at a lot of paper work and problems it's government-run health care people have to understand this is what they're going to graduate tochlt there is a lot of frustration with many vet sdpranz always frustration witness. there is a lot of paper work and detail involved with it but it's a reduced rate. part of you loves it, part of you hates it. >> would you prefer to be on obamacare? >> nochlt can i not handle anymore government in my life the va can't run their system. we're looking at overreach, overspending and health care that cost up to $1 billion at a
9:18 pm
denver hospital. things costing way beyond what they suspect. it's not run effectively ztri care is evidence of that this, man is covering now that he has a daughter. it's not easy. ask veterans are going to suffer, too. >> they could have left it and then, you would have been able to have your child on there. there is some benefit. >> i agree. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the president who gave us two of the most liberal supreme court justices says he's in the middle of quote, remaking the court how he may find that task easier. plus, a actor declares himself conservative. we'll speak with another well-known hollywood writer about what happened when he ditched his liberal ideas for a different
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> the president who gave us two of the most liberal supreme court justices now says he's in the middle of, quote, remaking the courts. soon, he may find that task much, much easier. chief legal counselamerican cen justice recently testified on the obama care administration and its handling of judicial appointments. welcome back to the program, jay. the president claims he's remaking the courts. one of the things he wants to do is put some -- fill three vacancies on the d.c. circuit court of appeals which is the second most court in the land under the supreme court.
9:23 pm
>> it is. >> the republicans say, no, we'll filibuster and harry reid and others are saying if you do we'll change the filibuster rules to take it away from you. >> the nuclear option as it is called in washington. the reality is this. this is what i remind my conservative friends. we have to remember what the senate democrats did to good people, a good judge would have been a great judge and a great lawyer miguel estrada, the way they treated him. remember the confirmation hearings of chief justice roberts and aleto. >> mrs. aleto cried. >> harry reid can talk about this. it's reality. won't happen. >> he's saying and patrick leahy is saying if the republicans filibuster these nominees, two in particular, patricia millett and robert wilkins and nina
9:24 pm
pillard. there are three. they are saying they will change the filibuster rules and deny the minority this tool in the u.s. senate. that would be a huge development, jay. >> it would be gigantic. it would cut against senate rules in history. the reality is with the senate democrats would have to realize when there is a republican president of the united states what are they going to do -- go back to the old rules? this is dangerous for the united states senate. the president, first of all, what's important here, the president's confirmation rate in just a few months will exceed what president bush got in his entire eight years in office. it's not like t not getting nominations through. most of them are getting through. very few are not. you look at the d.c. circuit. it's the second most powerful court in our country. it handles the regulatory issues out of washington, d.c. here is the problem. none of these are judicial emergencies. the president didn't declare an emergency. the d.c. judges aren't asking
9:25 pm
for additional help. as the power of the president, he's boldly saying he wants to reshape the federal judiciary and tilt the ideological balance. if you don't think this is a fight against ideology you're kidding yourself. what the senate republicans need to do is be tough. >> there are three vacancies, they need to fill them. then i see they tried to fill them even under president bush. one of the vacant seats was left vacant by chief justice john roberts. george bush tried to nominate somebody and the democrats filibustered him. >> because that's the way the system works. the senate has rules in place including the 60 rule which impacts the judicial nominations. you have the to get 60 to confirm, at least the vote to go forward. then a majority once you have clearance to have the vote on the floor. it's called the nuclear option. republicans looked at doing that but we realized the risk was too
9:26 pm
significant. >> right. >> so today got some judicial confirmations through, they cut deals. the gang of 14. >> yeah. legacy is huge, jay. >> more aggressive in getting them through. >> legacy in terms of judicial appointments may be the biggest thing a president has. the most powerful area of a presidency. >> right. absolutely. this president created quite a legacy with other programs, i might add. but this is a legacy issue for the president. he'll fight hard but for the senate to make the change, to exercise the nuclear option. the ramifications of that will be felt for generations. i don't think at the end of the day patrick leahy would do it. >> it would be huge news. thank you. >> thanks, megyn. >> the white house in crisis mode? the president is furious about the obama care roll out. so why aren't we seeing evidence of that? who has been fired and held accountable? a fair and balanced debate. plus, we get to talk to the
9:27 pm
former top health adviser to the president on obama care about all the things that have gone on here. i will ask him specifically, did they foresee the mass cancellations we are now seeing in the individual insurance market? did they know it was going to happen? that's next. remember, send me a tweet. or comment on our facebook page. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms. that's why there's new duracell quantum. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core. and that means more fuel, more power, more performance than the next leading brand.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> that was president obama in 2008 talking about how the health care over haul would create real savings for the average family. now his critics are using sound bites like that to challenge the president because a lot of premiums are increasing. as you saw, p few people are now signing up. david cutler is the former senior health care adviser to barack obama's 2008 campaign and a harvard professor. he was the man who helped develop the $2500 prediction and a very influential figure in shaping the law. professor, welcome to the program. i called ezekiel emmanuel the architect of obama care. many call you that. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> it's mired in controversy and we have heard stories about the rollout. one thing is working about obama care or the affordable health care act. that is you believe the president's prediction on cost
9:32 pm
savings is coming true. how so? we have seen reports of premiums up 40, 41% on average. >> remember, there was an increase in premiums that was going on in the economy beforehand. what the president said was he believed he would reduce the rate of increases to that relative of what was expected. the savings would be about $2500 per family. if you look not at my data but the data ha the actuaries and the department of health and human services put out or that the congressional budget office puts out, both say by a couple of years from now, their guess is that total spending per family will be 2500 dollars less than it would have been. many families noticed that in lower premium increases. you also see it, for example, the biggest contributor to government budget deficits coming down is the slower growth of medicare. >> so you say the premiums may go up but they would have gone
9:33 pm
up more in the absence of the law which i know you maintain helps control costs. some of it is controversial. we have had dr. siegel talking about how he believes your emphasis on value from the physicians as opposed to volume leads to physicians rejecting patients who would be high maintenance because they get rewarded for outcome and value. i see your point about the costs. >> oh, yeah. >> let me ask you this. you were there. it's so hard to find people who were actually there when the law was debated and shaped and so on. >> mm-hmm. >> i want to you about the most continroversial thing. was that foreseen, planned. have you been surprised by it?
9:34 pm
>> the first part is the desire to cover people. it is upsetting how difficult that's been for the administration to get going on this. as you know, there were several of us working to change the way the administration approached this. >> you in particular. we'll get to it. you wrote a scathing letter in may of 2010 to larry somers foreseeing a lot of what we are seeing here. i will let you finish your point. >> unfortunately not. so what we have to do now is to say, okay, given where we are, how can we best get people the care that they need? a lot of the difficulty now with the rescissions and so on comes that people cannot look t at the
9:35 pm
premiums they face. there have been any number of stories where people say, gee, i have been cancelled and it will be terrible. >> and they can't get on the website. i understand that. i'm asking a more fundamental, important point. >> yeah. >> the cancellations. the individual insurance market is essentially going away. >> mm-hmm. >> was that foreseen, understood by you, the president, the team puttinging this health care law together that it would happen? >> it was foreseen that there would be a lot of transition from policies that were less good into cheaper, better policies through the exchanges but that would be because they wanted to do it rather than they were being pushed.
9:36 pm
did you say, yeah, this is about how we saw it going down? >> this is absolutely not how it was envisioned. people would be able to see the new premiums and new coverage. many people would say, you know, i don't want this old policy. >> it would be a choice. not that they would be kicked off. >> it would be a choice, correct. >> not the insurance policies had no choice but to comply with the law. >> the vast bulk of people in the individual market were paying higher premiums. >> that was one of the over arching goals to the cover everyone and too little coverage would be unaffordable.
9:37 pm
it's over 4 million people cancelled and the estimates out tonight are only 100,000 putting aside the medicare enrollees enrolled in exchanges. >> the premiums will be high. the people who will go through the hoops to get coverage are those for whom the existing coverage is the worst. it is important that people get enrolled, that enough people get enrolled through the exchanges. >> if they don't, does the law collapse upon itself? >> it doesn't collapse. you have insurance companies that don't know exactly what the mix of enrollees will be. it becomes difficult.
9:38 pm
>> what do you believe? you warned about this in may of 2010. you wrote the to larry summers and said, i am concerned the processes you have in place aren't up to the task and health reform will be unsuccessful. you said i don't believe these people have the capability to carry out the president's vision. do you believe the warnings went unheeded? i hope you will come back and we can talk more about the law's successes and failures thus far. >> my pleasure. i would be happy to. >> all the best. a sobering prediction and thought there. let me know what you think. send me a tweet. reports today say the president is furious about the health care rollout. why hasn't anyone been fired or
9:39 pm
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[ mat any the 2014 e350 for $579 a month could be a victim of fraud. most people don't even know it. fraud could mean lower credit scores... ...and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to i think americans are deeply frustrated. >> yeah. >> that washington is broken. and i think it's a bipartisan problem. >> mm-hmm. >> i think the biggest divide we
9:43 pm
have is not between republicans and democrats. it is between entrempnched politicians in the both parties. [ applause ] >> republican senator ted cruz tearing it up on "the tonight show." the los angeles crowd appearing to approve of mr. cruz's opposition to obama care and other issues. >> jobs, economic growth and in particular obama care. obama care is the biggest job killer in this country. you know it's interesting the -- [ applause ] >> let me ask you -- >> i'm a big believer in health care reform. i think we ought to reform health care so it's personal, portable, affordable. we ought to empower patients rather than government bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. you're a likely candidate. >> how about that? david mammett is a rare conservative in hollywood and author of "3 war stories."
9:44 pm
he won a tony nomination for "glen gary glen ross" and "speed the plow" and "wag the dog." what a pleasure to have you here. is hollywood getting conservative? >> no. it's not. >> what's happening on "the tonight show"? is it just obama care or did they have a few pops before they went over that night? >> that's ted cruz and the people in the audience, god bless them. >> those are real people. >> well, there are different ways to convene people. you can convene an electorate and they will think in a certain way. a jury thinks another way. you can convene people as an audience and they think in a third way. my racket is to convene them as an audience. i have never met a stupid audience ever. they are always smarter than i am. >> why aren't there more writers who will boldly write something that might be appealing to conservative audiences? it siems most of the people in
9:45 pm
hollywood, correct me if i'm wrong, are liberal or at least fake it. >> that's true. people who are faking it are legitimately frightened for their jobs. but the drama is not a means to convey political views. so a conservative, i would think and i know as myself, understands that. it's like being a psychiatrist at the party. at work you're a psychiatrist. at a dinner party someone who says, doc, tell me why i hate my mother, that's inappropriate. so when someone writes a drama for him or her to kwus the drama to put forward a political belief is inappropriate. conservatives believe in smaller government than in the power of the electorate. i think we are less likely to use it to warp people's political views. >> do you get pushback? vince vaughn declared himself a conservative.
9:46 pm
people talked about, ooh, he outed himself. have you received pushback since you have declared your political views? >> i lost a lot of acquaintances and a few friends. but who has a bunch of good friends anyway? i still have good friends and some of the people i thought were my friends went aglimmering. it's better to know the truth. >> i guess so. do you find it ironic? >> sure. >> usually liberals pride themselves on being the most accepting group there is. >> it's absurd. of course they pride themselves on being the most accepting group there is. as the rabbis say, if you are not sure what to atone for, examine your good deeds. >> here's my next question. you heard the interview with an architect of obama care. your thoughts on the law which seems to be causing a ruckus, even on the west coast.
9:47 pm
>> if you listen the to him, he's a scientist. he was correct in 2010. but he can't come out and answer your questions directly because he's trying to promote an agenda. you cannot both promote an agenda and be a scientist. the essence of science is doubt. to follow truth wherever it leads. if i may, that's the essence of dra drama. to follow it where it leads. you always end up with me and my tractor. anybody can mouth the essential verities. so what? that's no fun. >> interestingly, you have interesting theorys in the new book "3 war stories" about soldiers. you talk the about how they in the history of our world exist to promote peace. something you say sometimes the left in your words seems to pretend not to understand. it's an interesting book to come out on veterans day. all the best. it's a pleasure to meet you.
9:48 pm
thanks for coming on. >> thanks for the time. >> "3 war stories" is the book. up next, the president says he's angry about the health care fail. we'll look t at how angry he is. plus "hannity" and broadway joe on football and bullying coming up. >> the nfl we'll examine is the players association will. also somewhat of a defense for coach fill philbin and the staff, that's their domain in the locker room. they think they run it. it's their locker room. it belongs to us. i have your back as a player. you have mine. you have mine. anybody else doesn't she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms obph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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new york times story describes the white house in crisis mode over the health care problems claiming, quote,
9:52 pm
president obama was seething when he f >> the white house is now in crisis mode as millions lose insurance. the president is furious about the obama care roll out. so why aren't we seeing evidence of that? but then noting, so far no one appears likely to be fired as a result of the problems. joining me the news editor of town and mark hannah, democratic analyst. so angry no one will be held accountable. >> exactly. for two reasons. the first being that president obama is paying back his friends for getting him re-elected. the executive vice president of the company that owns the software that built the website is the same company being paid to fix the broken website. second this is a habit of the obama administration. any single scandal within the obama administration and president obama acts outraged, says it and then all of the sudden nothing really happens. i doubt that anyone will be held
9:53 pm
accountable until more heat is on this. >> this is like me disciplining my kids. if you do that, you will be punished. they do it and i say, i'm angry. you know what that leads to? they do it again. >> hopefully people working at the white house have more discipline and work ethic than your kids, megyn. >> doubt it. >> they're only 2, 4 and 3 months. >> on a serious note if i were a betting man i would anticipate and suspect people would be held accountable. >> who? >> and firings will happen. >> are her initials k.s.? >> i'm sorry? >> are her initials k.s.? >> look, people are going to be -- even robert gibbs, former press secretary suggested the chief of staff, somebody should fire somebody. at the present moment the white house should be all guns blazing, focused solely on fixing health's website first. >> they have to restore confidence and trust. >> yeah. >> you want heads to roll for theatrics? >> you're fired. >> holding people accountable
9:54 pm
for wasting $400 million on a website and now resulting in 52 million people losing their health insurance is just for theatrics? i don't think so. when it comes to fixing something, you have to first figure out who screwed up and fix the problem. as i mentioned the same people who couldn't get the website to work in the first place are the same people hired to fix it. why? >> excuse me. >> excuse me. let me finish my point, mr. hannah. >> okay. go ahead. >> why? president obama is engaged in cronyism here with people who spent $300,000 to get him re-elected. this is paying back his friends, not fixing the website for the american people which he claims to be outraged by. >> go ahead, mark. >> the president has been on the stump. this is wonky for people watching but the procurement procedures so the white house could have had more breadth in who it could hire in order to
9:55 pm
build this website. >>'m bored already. >> i don't think the president is doing political favors by hiring and firing or anything like that. that pokes wide holes in katie's conspiracy theory. >> you brought it home in the end. here is the question. can he get through it without firing somebody? and i mean somebody big. the theory is they will wait for everything to go wrong, get it all on the table, pick your scapegoat -- kate, for short -- and blame it on her. when she's gone, we got rid of the one who did everything bad. what do you think? >> look at the pattern here. three short weeks ago president obama came out through jay carney and said i have full faith and confidence in kathleen sebelius. last week the president said when asked the question directly, oh, well, i think she wishes things would have gone better. >> she's though i.t. expert. >> right. she doesn't write code. neither does president obama. i hope he would hold her
9:56 pm
accountable considering she was supposed to be telling him these things since he claims not to know anything about how the website would crash. >> you heard the professor saying he says they didn't anticipate people would be cancelled from plans. if that's true, someone ought to be held accountable. and someone who did it was kathleen sebelius. everyone knew but she was the architect of that piece of it. i have to run. good to see you. we are taking your comments on our top story. ickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. people go to a mattress store and essentially they
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got a great veteran story to ll got a great veteran story to tell us? go to kelly file and follow me on twitter @megyn kelly. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." god bless our vets. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jam-packed show. it's the return of dick morris tonight. also sarah palin here in studio. plus joe namath and lou holtz on the nfl bullying controversy. first president obama proved time and again during the course of his the time in office he knows how to apologize for america. he doesn't know how to apologize for his mistakes. when presented with the opportunity to own up to his own lies about obama care -- if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. this is what he said. >> do you feel you owe folks an apology for misleading them?


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