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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 12, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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hello, everyone, i'm dana this is "the five." ♪ >> happy veteran's day everyone. we have a lot to get to tonight. chris christie the latest politician to compare himself to ronald reagan. vince vaughan talks about what it is like to be a conservative in hollywood. george clooney takes a shot at any one who doesn't believe . the white house is in crisis mode. the president's poll numbers are way down and the roll out of the
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healthcare law is a disaster. it has gotten so bad since his reelection he is being compared to richard nixon. >> one thing for bill clinton to say i feel your pain, it's another thing for barack obama is caused by a situation that's the word he used in the operative sentence. we mark the one year anniversary of his reelection. has there ever been with the exception of richard nixon been a first year of a second term? >> democratic strategist james carville had amusing advice for the president. >> i think the best thing he can do is take a tobing on the mayor of toronto's crack pipe. his numbers were 48. there you go. >> we are going to get to all of those stories. one of the reasons the president's poll numbers are bad across the board which we will get to in a bit because there's
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a lot on the healthcare law and obamacare. >> the wall street journal estimates somewhere between 40 and 50,000 people enrolled in obamacare in the month of october. that means extrapolated out so that means 50,000 for the month. it would take 140 months to get to the 7 million number they want in march and 11 years. his polls are sliding. i want to be on tv friday when they announce how many the real numbers are. i have a hunch that is right>> how many millions does it cost per person to get to the 50,000 in the first month? >> something like $14 million. >> crazy. i want to ask you about this. pugh research poll friday showed president obama tanking on almost every issue below 40 on
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the economy, immigration, healthcare, foreign policy and hanging around 51 percent on terrorism. those are approval numbers at the white house this weekend. do you think they were at all concerned or they said let's go play golf? >> they should be concerned. when you are tanking in immigration you are trying to move forward you are not going allowed to do that. you can't sell anything to the american people any more. i don't know what happened to this great communicator barack obama that we all voted for you aren't communicating my friend. if you don't your numbers are going to go down and down and down. >> i think that has been one of their problems. they thought they could communicate their way out of every problem. kimberly, when you look at some of the policy problems ting finally caught up to them. >> they can no longer float in rhetoric. you may call him the great
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communicator yif you don't have any substance behind it you are just a suit. the american public has become so weary he has talked so much it is almost like white noise. if he would go into campaign mode and go out and give a series of speeches and connect with the people and move them he would send the surrogates out on the sunday news talk show he would work the mainstream media to be able to effectuate a spin. the feeling across the board in his approval ratings whether it is immigration or foreign policy everything else is not doing well for him. they have to do something. >> maybe he can drone the healthcare law. >> i don't know how well he can drone his way out. >> let's get the thoughts on this in particular then i want to ask something. >> what is the question? >> anything you want, actually.
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>> scandals they come and go. they are like a cold store on a strippers lips. all he has to do is wait them out. thanks to the comply p ant media. we have been doing this show for two or three years scandal after scandal after scandal they fizzle out because he pivots to another scandal. the fact that we could focus on the turmoil all he wants but it means nothing if you don't offer something better. the republican party has to look at it this way. you could play the worst team in the world and still lose if you don't have any players. will as long as you keep focusing on how crapy the healthcare is, stop thriving on crisis start on solution. >> whlike you see a cold store a hooker's lips -- >> i said stripper. >> way to ruin my point. you know what? i am really mad you ruined my
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point. i am going to try to make it anyway. >> it starts flaring up unless he gets it under control. the number one priority with healthcare reform happened to allow it to go down bad so badly. >> you can fix the cold store but she is still a stripper. >> that's an honorable profession. let her be a stripper. >> i would like to formally apologize for introducing this metaphor in the a block. >> but it works so well. it is actually perfect. obamacare is like prostitution . >> it is hard to get out of that. let's talk about the 2014 election and how the mid term election is going to play. the democrats actually is going to have a winner with obamacare. >> if you look at this in 2014 you don't think that obamacare will weigh heavily on democratic
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election? >> i think obseramacare, becaus americans have been feeling the benefits since 2010 those are ben mitts americans are already feeling and will increasingly feel as obamacare is totally implemented. i think sandy democratic candidates will be able to run on obamacare as an advantage leading into the 2014 election. >> that is so ridiculous even the fountain behind her a giving her the finger. >> she says they are going to run on obamacare. they have 14, 15 senate democrats that went to see the president because they want to run away from it. >> they are going to run on anything but obamacare. they are going to try to distance themselves from obamacare as much as they can. >> this video that came out on the weekend maybe came out earlier asking -- this is from 2010. how many people were going to lose their healthcare coverage. many, many millions.
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wh i don't remember the exact number. in 2010 he knew there was going to be excess of ten's of millions of people losing healthcare but proceeded the next three years you can keep your healthcare, period, period. in the back of his mind he knew it was not true. he has been lying for us. >> he had an quasi apology. not really an apology. the president doesn't think he actually lied or did anything wrong. do they need to have some kind of a pipe profile or cabinet secretary change to show there are consequences for this ineptitude? >> no. first thing they have to do is get the web site if he cans fixed. everything that eric said is going to come true. if they get it fixed she may have a point. where if more and more people get insured and more people are
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able to find insurance. >> they may get cheaper and better insurance. >> access and affordability. you are addressing access they will fix the web site but it won't nicks the affordability bill. >> you can shop for cheaper more affordable healthcare. that is the part i hope they do but if they don't they are going to be in a lot of trouble in 2014. >> shopping access isn't there. take it from a shopper. it is not that affordable. >> i love free shipping now amazon prime members you can get free shipping on sunday. i am a shopper. i am an expert on these things. sorry. the value isn't there. i it is flawed on a number of levels. he knew about it ahead of time with millions of dollars it's not fixed. they think they are going to fix it in months? i am not putting my faith in them any more. >> president obama is absolved
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from all of this. he did warn us radical transformation is never going to be easy. hope and change isn't going to be easy. if you are going to make an omelette you are going to break a few eggs. he has broken more eggs than any chef at i hop or denny's combined. if you are aiming at a utopia for the future the present day can be miserable, they are okay with it. >> anybody can build a web site. >> but they can't make a great omelette. >> that is true. >> omelettes are tricky. american culture with the climb of three disturbing stories. the i ledged bully breaks his silence. miley cyrus is at it again pulling another award show stunt. a teenager guns down a man over his winter coat. we are not kidding. all of that when we come back. don't go away. ck, don't go away. perino.
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>> hap fee veteran's day everybody. turning to the big stories in american culture. three more reasons to ask where the hell are we? a pro football player getting bullied. 6 foot 5, 300 pounds getting bullied. millie cyrus smoking weed on stage. new york city turns into a night of terror when a 16-year-old pulls a gun on a young man for his biggie. it is a street name for an expensive jacket. one person injured a 14-year-old is paralyzed a stray bullet. first up the big bully incognito. >> i am embarrassed by my action. the way jonathan and the way the rest of the line communicates it
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is vulgar. it is not right. when the words are put in to context i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised but people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. my actions were coming from a place of love no matter how bad and how have you gone gar it soun -- vulgar it sounds that's how we communicate. >> coming from a place of love. >> i give love in a different way. it's not like that. i hear what you are saying. if you are not a part of the nfl culture you don't know. this is how we live this is how we talk we break in the new guy. but still when it comes to the comments that were made i think it went way too far. i don't think there's any kind of nfl way to condone it. >> i am going to push back on that. i am going to say in the locker room stuff is said that you may or may not like it. put it on print or somewhere else on twitter sounds worse than originally was intended. >> i would say the real ritchie incognito would stand up. we have seen four different
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videos of him. remember the one where he did the psa let's talk about let's not bully let's be good fans. there was one in the bar where he was having royd rage now this one where he was so overly prepared. but he also seems sincere in the interview. i think the story is increasingly weird. if the dolphins have a big problem they want the stadium built in miami. >> before you go too far with how sincere he is he also said j bar sent a threatening picture to i see had family. it was sent to a group of people. he may not be quite as sincere. >> you believe ritchie incognito? that's all i know about football. i know nothing about football. >> this is a bat among huge millionaires that don't impact on anybody's lives but them.
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go away. >> you should see our hormonal stats. >> disgusting start throwing things at me. i would duck but i don't have to. >> let's move on. miley cyrus lighting up a joint at the european version of mtv roads. it is in amsterdam where pot is legal. kids are watching. >> yi couldn't fit this award i my bag but i did find this. so thank you guys very much. good night everybody. thank you. ems's thank you for having me. i love ya'll so much. >> she is got to go. she is -- please leave my world view, just go you little tramp. with her dancing bears and her
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midgets and tweshg. twerk. >> she is 20. my question is what have you done to observe the oblivion of drug use? young celebrities disrespect the power of drugs and alcohol. older people deserve to loss their minds once in a while. it hurts themselves when idiots like that -- they are tongue remind me of a rabid conger. >> look at her outfit. there's nothing attractive about it. her singinggood. her hair is horrible. i am sorry. i am just telling you -- >> wrecking ball is a good song. >> i think she went downhill after hannah montana. i don't know what they are dad thinks. it's a bad example for children, she dresses horribly. she has mental health problems. i am not kidding you. >> mtv pulled that portion. they went to this big wide screen. >> now bad pr about it all day
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long. something spectacularly bad is going to happen with her, she will go away for 6 months or 9 months then she will be on the cover of "people" magazine her hair will be longer she will look better she will talk about how she wants to be more true to her music wants to be a better lyricist and then a year from then she will have another breakdown. >> she will go to promises rehab. >> got you. >> how about this one? this thug not an innocent victim over his jacket. he reportedly bragged about it on facebook. the tops arrived arrested the jerk with his tail firmly between his legs. it's four blocks away from here. >> it's shocking because it's rare in new york city because crime has dropped so badly under bloomberg and under jill lanny. t -- giuliani. he was part of a gang or the
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spree killing or the massacre in brooklyn where that guy killed four kids and the mother because he was a relative. all of these things -- the cause of all of this is resentment. the guy didn't need the jacket, he just didn't want the guy to have the jacket. almost all of the street killings are anger at the world. what they want is to be known. they want fame. all of these things are united in a world where you think you deserve something and desire for fame and notoriety drives you to do these things. even though crimes are going down these are with us because resentment will always be with us forever. we have politicians and pop culture driving the resentment to a high, high level. >> i take my little boy ice skating there. had a school outing there. i wouldn't go back. >> it's not really that state, look what happened. a young boy is paralyzed. they had supposedly 7 security guards working. where were they?
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it has gotten pretty bad on the weekend you have people coming in from all over. don't go there on a saturday night everybody knows. look what happened over the weekend. >> i like greg's comments about it comes down to resentment. i wonder how do you turn that tied? i don't have the answer. i was asking the question. >> right now pop culture the increasing luxury items that we seem to put such a price on to have. if you can't have it you feel that that person shouldn't have it. that is what is driving. we focus on these street killings these massacre killings. it's the same thing. this kid. a desire for infamy and to lash out at a world that somehow hasn't given you what you wanted. >> you are right. i think you have the whole cardian m -- kardashian mentali. i don't remember dyiie -- i remember dying for a sweater when i was t9 ore 10.
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never got one. now they see them in the magazines everybody -- schools are just dying over it. now you see that taken to the logical conclusion. >> can we throw it around the table. so here's the latest that went down. the 16-year-old kid went to the ice rink, he said i want that jacket to the other kid. the other guy says no. the shooter goes back, gets mad and comes back and shoots this guy and paralyzes another kid. if someone asking you for something, give it. the i watched the exact same thing. i am having a hard time with this. if someone asking you for something you are just going to hand it over? >> i don't want to second-guess. i am seeing enough of these cases they p want my iphone, fine. i don't know how to use it anyway. take it. >> no way. they pull a gun on me it's different. if someone comes up to me says
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give me your jacket take a hike. then he comes back and shoots me. i hadn't thought about it that way. of course my instinct is not give it but listening to kimberly who knows more about crime prevention than i do. if they want my size extra small jacket they can have it. >> you have to read the situation. if you don't have a clear shot at the person and you think the person is unstable or criminal you have to do it. the interesting thing here the guy posted a lot of what he was doing on facebook. that's the weird part. the weird part is people liked it. they put their like on the post. >> we are going to leave it there. that is american culture in decline. the irs around another scandal. bad enough they spent 60 grand rapids on gilligan's island training videos this one is costing taxpayers millions. that's next. check out the new web site at five. new websie
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at we'll be right back.
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>> the treasury department says the irs issued $4 billion in phony tax refunds to crooks. the irs sent 343 refunds to one place in shanghai. th maybe that's where biden is hiding. they sent tax refunds to joint lithuania. i don't know if that's a real place. i don't own a globe. getting cash from social security numbers from people who don't file tax returns like the old, the dead. the swindling erodes tax payer confidence in the dtax system. what tax payer confidence is next? we have more confidence in a tom
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cruise marriage. the irs has gotten away with the political targeting of conservative groups a slush fund swallows 60 million the earned income tax credit scan awarding them 70 million in bonuses while blowing millions on goofy videos and meetings. wouldn't it be better if the irs targeted fraud officers instead he have tea party years. the evolution is like freaky friday. the roles of servitude are switched. the government no longer works for us they work for the government. our boss is a greedy crook using muscle to act on grudges. i would compare them to the mob but then the mob would kill me. >> i have a theory the irs benefits greatly from the atrocious obamacare roll out. nobody talks about it. the scandal nobody seems to mind. >> they are supposed to be
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overseeing it. good luck with that. they keep sending bills repeatedly. bill, again. they are sending refunds to lithuan lithuania. that whole department needs to be over hauled. it is one of my biggest pet peeveings. >> you are from lithuania. >> close by. latvia. real nearby. if it is fraudulent refund shouldn't it go to the thieves in the u.s. rather than the thieves around the world. >> you think irs is one organization responding to the nigerian prince? they are like, wait a second. send me some money i will get you my chateau in nigeria. i have no answer to that. it's not good. >> eric, does america not care about the story because half don't have any skin in the game if you are not paying taxes. >> you know, $4 billion identity thief, kimberly is right.
1:32 am
this is a group that has been administering obamacare. they are the ones deciding who is gaining the criteria and who is not. they can't handle their regular job let alone this part-time job which will be bigger than the regular job by 3 or 4 times. what was it $4 trillion in money that is going to change hands through this whole system they are going to police it, we are in trouble. obamacare is in trouble. >> they act like it's monopoly money. there isn't any accountability. nobody gets fired in this administration whatsoever. the private market this would be a completely different story. competence would be the expectation. >> with the irs when you are supposed to pay your taxes they have recourse they can garnish your wages and take your stuff. with the obamacare stuff if you don't pay their fee or fine or tax whatever you call it there's none. there is nothing written that says if you don't pay they can't find you. if you don't pay it they are not
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going to do anything. >> doesn't the action -- everybody laughs at the tea party but the tea party is saying big government sucks this is what happens. >> we end up having to work for them. >> the other point is the technology all of these agencies seems no the to work. the software. so you have the problem and the welfare system and medicare and medicaid with waste, fraud and abuse. this is a good example there's no red flag going up when you send checks to one address in lithuania. there's no alarm bells that go off. i want to say an update on the tea party targeting scandal story, the former general council wilkins of the irs is going to have to end up testifying. that story may not be completely gone yet. it's not on the front page any more. it is not over until it's over.
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>> up next actor vince vaughan defends being a conservative in hollywood. george clooney goes from sexiest man alive to climate change cheerleader. he loves climate change. they get fired up over global warming. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more. more shopping. more dining out. and alo with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, more than a million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online, or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 35 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7 but lifelock can.
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♪ >> how did they know? most people know vince vaughan for his starring roles in big hits like anchorman, dodge ball. he is one of the few conservatives. what makes him a conservative? does he get a hard time from friends in the film business. >> i have always been more
1:39 am
conservative than not. i think when you get older you have less trust in the government running anything. you start to realize when you really go back you look at the constitution and the principles of liberty the real purpose of the government is to protect the individual's right to sort of think and pursue what they have an interest in. i think there can be a bias over what they agree is popular. if you talk to people how you present it over time i think people understand where i stand. you can disagree with the people and not have it be the forefront. >> let's not hate on him. >> what he is saying he's talking about the role of government that he should protect the liberty not take the life breath out of our taxes to death with government programs. >> i love it. fantastic. the more the mare year.
1:40 am
surprised we have things going on our team. ashton kutcher jon voight. >> the dad. >> we will get to that in a minute. it is good to see more and more in hollywood. >> it is nice to see more hollywood people who are conservative and maybe it's not just a bad thing he will keep you on the black list and whatnot if you are conservative. >> greg, what do you think? >> in hollywood there's what is called the honesty status ratio. as your status grows you speak out about something it's okay never to work again then you will actually speak out. hence when you will look at a lot of these people the jon voights, they have all reached a point in their career if they got black listed they could survive. you can't do this as a young person. you do not have the wealth or
1:41 am
status to absorb the damage. it is black listing and is mccarthyism that is why people don't do it in their 50's. >> you are finally established. >> good for him. i hope that more people in hollywood do start to speak out. i think they are getting tired of the fact that government is so incompetent and they have been supportive and they have held their tongues they have been quiet about some of the things they are disturbed by. it gets to a point if you think you are going to make a difference in the world you finally have to use the platform that you have been given. >> that's true. my friend suzanne sommers she has been a conservative she is been here she has a hard time. >> name dropper. >> a lot of the articles she is written there has been vicious fight back against her. >> i am happy wedding crashers ii is coming back out.
1:42 am
you can say whatever you want to say. whatever he wants to talk about is fine with me. i love him. >> he could talk to you all night long? >> he could talk to me all night long. no. >> we are going to talk about george clooney and he is talking about climate a stupid argument the idea that we ignore it is ridiculous. what's the worst thing that happens we clean up a little bit. looks to be taller than greg i will go to you first. >> the easiest thing to say about somebody who you might disagree with politically is to say you don't believe in global warming. that is so easy and intellectually lazy. it is more difficult to have actually read the literature, thought about it. you could say global warming is the temperature. maybe it is happening but let's talk about the causes. how are you going to solve it? are you going to get india china and brazil to lower their
1:43 am
economic production as we are or are we going to do it by ourselves? if we do that, if you believe global warming is a global problem you actually haven't done anything to solve it. it is so much harder to be truthful about climate change and about solutions than to just say you are a climate change denier. that's another way to say you are a tea party right wing freak. that's the insult he is trying to deliver. >> well stated, dana. >> the irony here is he said if you don't know the science you are ignorant. he agreed with 99 percent of science mandating global rm with aing. 95 percent of 95 individuals answered a graduate questionnaire about man's hypothetical. they have been using it for years. i get it he's trying to be a climate change apostle. it's bogus. >> will you stop. he's very nice if you met him in
1:44 am
person. >> what did i say? >> always belittling george. >> how am i belittling him. >> we have to go. we are in a fight now. sorry, george, can't help it. chris christie hitting the sunday shows and telling his fellow republicans they should follow his lead by emulating one of the icons of the party ronald reagan. christie can he deliver the garden state all of the way to the white house? that's next on "the five."
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>> fresh off his land slide reelection victory chris christie made the rounds on the sunday talk shows yesterday saying he's got what it takes to win the white house for the gop comparing himself to ronald reagan. >> here's what people are watching they don't understand. if you want to win a vote by that kind of margin if you want to attract the majority of the vote if you want to nearly triple your african american vote you need to show up. that's what ronald reagan would have done and did do when he was campaigning for president. i did that campaigning for governor because i believed it was what is right to do as governor when you represent all
1:49 am
of the people. not just the people who vote for you. >> i want to start with you. you are like a woman how does it feel to not get the love from him. as a democrat i am terrified of him being the republican nominee. i think he is the only one that can take it. why do you want to destroy your own party nominee before you gets out of the gate? >> i don't. like i said. i couldn't vote for chris christie in the election because he wasn't conservative. i want a conservative. that said, that doesn't mean his second determine as governor in the next three years will start pivoting to some conservatives. >> he has been tough on guns. probably the first or second most aggressive gun control states in the union. he is going to have to move on that. his nra rating would be a big fat f. if there's some movement in chris christie in things like guns and immigration and maybe
1:50 am
taxes. >> do you think republicans believe chris christie can go from a liberal to pivoting 120 degrees. >> it is interesting to look at his trajectory where he was the conservative hero and they fell out of love with him after hurricane sandy which i don't think is necessarily that substantive a problem for chris christie. however i think one of the problems is that he lacks modesty. >> me, me, me, me. >> before sunday shows afterwards he's doing the victory lap. he had it all pent up he was ready to get it out there. i think it would be good to be governor for two months before you started the white house run. if he's serious about it he is going to have to raise a lot of money. he is going to need really good organization in the primary states. it's one thing to talk in the abstract but when you get on the ground you are trying to get votes in iowa, new hampshire and
1:51 am
south carolina. >> his aids since he became executive director of the republican party. it is not a coincidence. >> he is going to have to get in bed. >> what? >> he is going to have to get in bed with the big money. they fell out of love a little bit and they need cuddle time. you heard it here first. >> i don't understand. >> got to step up to the cash if he wants to win. the cash is a little mad. >> i know the cash. >> oh. >> i think that right now we have a very good conservative. i have a problem with the whole 100 percent acu rating. what good is to have a totally conservative guy if he is an inarticulate weird doe. he is charming and he is funny. i would rather be right than win segment is going to destroy the republican party. i have been a conservative since
1:52 am
1987. >> i thought you were libertarian. >> what happened in 86 that made you switch? >> berkeley. berkeley. the point is the republican party has to move beyond the negative messaging of obama sucks. obama is not going to be there. you are going to have hillary clinton. she is going to be a powerful figure. christie is probably one of the only people that could unite people outside of the republican party to vote. >> that is true. >> one more thing, coming up next... ♪ ♪ ♪
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. time for >> kimberly is a very good student today. she gets a star. >> i like janice dean who is one
1:55 am
of our favorite people here at fox. she was at the village inn for operation shoe box for the 1 millionth box that was packed for our troops today. take a look. (screaming) >> lots of enthusiasm and patriotism there. we thank janice dean for going out there and spending the time. it is a worth while cause. we want to give our sincere heartfelt thanks to all of the veterans and troops fighting for our freedoms. thank you so much for your service and your family. >> well done janice dean, that was fun. >> quickly want to say hi again to the studio audience. 60 minutes, big apology, watch. >> a security officer working for the state department dillon
1:56 am
davies told us he went to the compound during the attack and detailed his role that night. after our report aired, questions arose about whether his account was true when an incident report surfaced. it told a different story about what he did the night of the attack. the most important thing to every person at 60 minutes is the truth. and the truth is, we made a mistake. >> president obama would take a mistake from 60 minutes and lara. >> the problem is, i am so confused by this. who lied at what point how did they not know about it and also the ultimate question who puts the video. those people deserve -- we deserve to have the truth from them. that wasn't my one more thing. my one more thing is also about the troops. we celebrate the ones that are serving and all of the ones they serve in war and they also serve
1:57 am
in humanitarian positions. there was a horrible typhoon in the philippines biggest weather history in the world we had marines to provide assistance. there will be more coming. i tell you, if you are on the ground and you have lost your home and you are worried and sick when the u.s. military shows up you are in really good hands. >> friday reported went to space. she has a high-tech vehicle that built us the world's first flying dress. based on the conversations who is moran nowing miley cyrus or lady gaga? >> miley cyrus. at least this is creative. >> i don't know who annoys me more lady gaga or miley cyrus. >> lady gaga on the annoying scale a scale of 1-10.
1:58 am
>> greg? >> at least he's smart. >> i hate these people. >> was that recorded tape? >> i went to a comedy show saturday there was a guy next to me laughing, laughing very loudly because he wanted everybody to know he got the joke so he would laugh extra loud and also repeat the punch line. he would go oh, yeah, spinach, air-conditioners. i hate you. if i ever see you again i will destroy you. i will hunt you down, i will take your pants, i will set them on fire. i hate these people when you go to a comedy club just smile and laugh. >> don't laugh loudly. greg will come after you. >> that's it for "the five." >> it is november 12th and an extreme weather alert. some brace before a snowy morning commute while others take dangerously low temperatures. what you get depends on where
1:59 am
you are. ma r maria molina is tracking it all. >> an earthquake rattles the ground in the philippines and survivors desperately try to escape the region ravaged by the worst storm in history. >> it's beauty is in the eye of the beholder. maybe sweet talk is in the ear of the listener. >> this is a harvard bar, huh? >> hot or not, the sexiest accents in america is revealed. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. you are watching f"fox & friend first" on this tuesday morning. so dark out there as you can see. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers.
2:00 am
thank you for starting your day with us. we appreciate it as always. we begin with a fox news alert. death toll with a devastating typhoon in the philippines. topping more than 100 people that will rise significantly as they search through rubble in search for victims. as food becomes scarce tens of thousands of people search for food and shelter. they are on the ground in some of the worst hit areas bringing water and medicine to desperate survivors. >> residents see forcing their way into one airport to board military planes to evacuate. the very latest on aid to that region. that is coming up at 5:30 in a live report. >> while you were sleeping another storm shit the philippines. a magnitude 4.8 earthquake rocked a city there. that is south of where the


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