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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 12, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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thank you for starting your day with us. we appreciate it as always. we begin with a fox news alert. death toll with a devastating typhoon in the philippines. topping more than 100 people that will rise significantly as they search through rubble in search for victims. as food becomes scarce tens of thousands of people search for food and shelter. they are on the ground in some of the worst hit areas bringing water and medicine to desperate survivors. >> residents see forcing their way into one airport to board military planes to evacuate. the very latest on aid to that region. that is coming up at 5:30 in a live report. >> while you were sleeping another storm shit the philippines. a magnitude 4.8 earthquake rocked a city there. that is south of where the devastating typhoon hit earlier
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this week. at this pour no sun my warnin - no tsunami warnings have been issued. no reports of damage or injuries. >> at 10 eastern this morning the accused boston bomber is due back in court. their attorneys plan to i can ma their case to have restrictions put on him behind bars lifted. >> they filed a motion to limit the isolation claiming they need more time-out side and the tsarnaev april attack left three people dead and more than 200 others injured. report err janna winter will be back in sports continuing her fight to avoid jail time. they will hear her plea and reverse a ruling which orders her to go back to the state of colorado to testify in the trial of james holmes the accused gunman carrying out the july 2012 dark night movie massacre allegedly days after
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the shooting wintery vealed a shocking twist to the investigation. holmes sent his psychiatrist a notebook before the attack. the judge ordered her to turn over the notes and testify about who gave her that information. >> a meningitis outbreak has been declared after a case of the disease is diagnosed at the school in march. a male student living in campus housing was diagnosed and hospitalized after developing symptoms of the disease. tests are being done to determine if the student the latest student is related to the other six cases already associated with the school. >> obamacare enrollment falls far short of the target. wall street journal reporting 50,000 people enrolled in private insurance plans as of last week. the early tally for the site is a worry for health insurers counting on higher enrollment to make the plans profitable.
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kelly wright has the latest from washington p. >> also worry for the obama administration. people are navigating to line up. they are falling short of the administration's as a victim. 400,000 people by october. a former executive of a health insurer breaks down the numbers. >> the numbers reported about 50,000 i think are accurate. they jive with the numbers i have been hearing. it's more than that. it's 50,000 people but meg it works out to 50 people per state per day. do the math, 50 people a day. >> another troubling concern more people are getting cancellation notices of their health insurance that president
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obama told them they could keep. karl rove says it will have a political impact on the election. >> we are approaching 5 million poll he sues canceled. that means a lot of people. there are multiple people on the policies. they are looking at 32 to 52 million policies canceled. that would be a huge problemi i they even have it next year. >> they are protecting people pushing for a delay of the individual mandate. for the numbers of people enrolling a spokesperson for health and human services tells the wall street journal they anticipated low numbers in the beginning but expect that number to increase over time. >> we will see. thanks so much kelly wright live for us in dc. >> the north carolina man
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arrested at raleigh durham international airport is linked to a terrorist group. he was being held without bond after an fbi sting on facebook. sheikh told an under cover informant he was on his way to join al qaeda fighters in syria. he was arrested at the airport as he was getting ready to board the flight to lebanon. sheikh a legal permanent u.s. resident from pakistan is charged with attempting to provide material support for a terrorist organization. if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison and 250,000 dollar fine. john jr. god de the son of late john god de sr. was stabbed in a parking lot in long island. he is taking a page out of his father's book police say by not cooperating with the investigation. the former lob boss told police he was breaking up a fight between two men. the police are gatherering surveillance video from the scene. the owner of the miami
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dolphins breaking his silence on the team's bullying issues. steven ross addressed the media saying he is appalled jonathan martin's allegations of daily harassment by teammates. >> we look at ourselves we have to examine everything personally. i know i am capable of over reacting. i also want to get everybody's feedback because we know the locker room is a different workplace than most of us are accustomed to. i don't want to make any excuses. he has been in contact with him via text messages. he will talk about the locker room issues. that takes us to our look at look who is talking. we always know him as joe naamath he was on "hannity" last
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night. the locker room is run by the players. >> some what of a defense to coach philbin and his staff. those players in that locker room that's their domain. they think they run it. that's their locker room. it belongs to us. i have your back as a player you have mine. anybody else doesn't matter. this is our locker room. now then, you are going to tell me i don't believe every coach out there whether it is in college professional football has his hand on the pulse of every player in that locker room. the players insist on that privacy and sometimes they get in trouble over it and it runs a muck. >> but legendary coach lou hoet says the manager and coach needs to make it clear what behavior is tolerated. >> it is up to the administration, it's up to those people to control and build an attitude that we have to help one another encourage one another. we are all in this together. we have one goal to win a
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championship. there's a way you treat people. >> miami dolphins hopes to get a boost against the tampa bay bucks. the bucks winless on the season came out hot. >> the bucks at the one yard line rgs they go with a little trickery 6 foot 5, 340 pound tackle lines up and halls in the one yard touchdown pass to kwaub mike lennon. what a celebration. the bucks go on to win 22 to 19 for the first win of the season. >> heartwarming story now hundreds of strangers turn up to lay a lonely veteran to rest after his obit aictuary goes viral. a former world war ii soldier was being laid to rest. the veteran was anything but lonely. a picture of his obit ari stating the man had quote no close family who could attend.
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it went viral. 500 complete strangers showed up to attend his funeral in the united kingdom to honor the former bomber command ground crew member. that's a nice thing. >> now to extreme weather. icy roads leaving quite a bess in -- mess in michigan. there were several accidents across the state including a nine-car pileup in detroit. >> buffalo is seeing the first snowfall of the season. it is making for some slippery roads causing power outages. the area expected to see just an inch of snow. >> we are here walking the halls of fox here. we are hearing there might be snow in manhattan. check in with the expert to find out the truth. >> yes, it is true. we are not really talking about accumulation across parts of new york city. a couple of sflienowflakes flyi around. the big story is how much colder it will be getting behind the cold front. not just across new york city
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but parts of the great lakes. even all of the way down to parts of the south. but first where is the snow falling right now? we are seeing it come down across portions of pennsylvania. we are expecting a little bit of accumulation several inches across some of the higher el grayin vations across the appalachians. any time you get that cold air pouring over the relatively warmer great lakes you will start to see the lake-effect snow picking up. we can already see the bands setting up out there. we can see it locally up to 10 inches wof snow downwind of the great lakes. we have a number of freeze warnings in effect and watches anticipating how cold it will be getting. take a look at tonight's low temperatures. this is the actual temperature not the windchill factor. 26 degrees. you are going to be in the 20's as well in little rock, kansas city, louisville and raleigh. today before we get that cold temperatures making it into the 50's coming up this afternoon in
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atlanta. >> my sister is in atlanta. she needs to bundle up. >> thank you so much. >> the world's biggest retailer is jumping on the early black friday shopping band wagon. lauren is here with that and other business news. >> i will have a turkey with a side of shopping. more retailers opening their doors on thanksgiving day. wal-mart says it will open two hours earlier than it did last year. 6:00 p.m. wal-mart workers in on the holiday they will get paid extra. that is nice. you may not be keeping track of who is open when. we are. kmart is olympicing the earli - is opening earliest 6:00 in the morning. toys r' us 5:00 p.m. target macys j.c. penneys and coles all at 8:00 p.m. 35 million people went shopping last thanksgiving day. i guess that's why they are opening earlier this year.
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>> travelers listen up. jetblue is offering $55.01 way tickets from washington reagan airport from four of the five routes fort lauderdale and tampa. restrictions apply. the reason is fascinating. u.s. airways should not be able to keep all of this at washington reagan. wants regulators to limit them to 55 plus hence fares for $55. forget math and science deficiencies the real reason they can't get higher because they lack communication skills. a recent study says more than half lack critical thinking skills and general business and industry knowledge. this is why so many bosses say they cannot find qualified workers. back to you. >> lauren simonetti live for us. thanks, lauren. the time now 12 minutes after the top of the hour. look at this. a water tower worker falls and dangles from a rope over 100
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feet in the air. the amazing rescue you have to see. >> he bought his desk on craig's list 200 bucks. you will never guess what he found inside that was worth way more than that. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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>> oklahoma senator was killed in a plane crash. he asked pore immediate assistance before crashing 5 miles north of an airport in a wooded area. he heard about engine failure. inhof was a surgeon and also a flight instructor. he was senator inhofe's son. >> he was concerned about the safety according to her mother all alone in wild cat haven her
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body was discovered inside the enclosure by the facility's owner. the long time employee died from multiple bite wounds on her head and neck. osha and the usda are examining training and safety protocol the and interviewing employees. >> a water tower worker left dangling 123 feet in the air for 45 minutes as he waited for help. the man was working on a virginia beach water tower when his primary rope system broke. he was saved his backup safety line. firefighters sprung into action climbing ladders inside the tower and rigging ropes to the ladder truck which only reached 100 feet. he did not suffer any serious injuries. >> what would you do if you found 100,000 cash in a desk that you bought on craig's list? a rabbi found himself in that very position. he paid $200 for that desk on
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craig's list. he had to take it apart to get it inside the door once he did he found cold hard cash. >> ohmed -- opened it up it is full of cash. can we counted it up. 98,000 dollars in cash. we looked at each other we said we can't keep this money. >> thank goodness he was a rabbi. turns out the woman who sold the desk had put her inheritance inside and completely forgotten about it. the rabbi said honesty is the best policy. >> it always is. >> big news from the band abba. ♪ mama mia here i go again michigan how can i resist you ♪ ♪ mama mia how can i resist you ♪ >> hits like that one may be making a comeback. a reunion in honor of the 4th
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anniversary. no word on what the band would do to market. the last performance together back in 1982. always puts you in a good mood. >> what's the broadway show? >> mama mia. oh, that's the name of the song. >> the time now is 19 after the top of the hour. coming up it is a classic new york accent. >> what was that word? >> what word? >> what? >> did you say utes? >> yeah, two utes. >> hard to believe the new york accent is not number one. we will tell you what the sexiest accent in america is. teenager home alone comes face to face with an intruder. she manages to scare him away using a very unusual weapon. ♪ this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make.
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to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> the newlywed bride accused of pushing her husband off a cliff blindfolded him first according to prosecutors. jordan lynn graham has pleaded not guilty to the murder of her husband in one week. graham said she pushed cody johnson during an argument forcing him off the cliff in glacier national park in montana. his body was discovered several days later. graham told friends she was having second thoughts about that marriage. >> the university now reviewing their weapons policy. this after two students used a pistol to scare away an intruder. they are appealing their probation for having guns in their university owned apart: the attorney says schools should
2:24 am
consider student's safety above all else. >> a florida teenager used a unique way to fend off an intruder. a bow and arrow. 14-year-old moriah reed thought it was her gun at the door. she grabbed the bow and arrow she usually uses to practice with for fun. >> i kind of panicked grabbed my bow out of my closet opened the door right quick and held it up to her almost near her forehead. >> the intruder was a lady. >> she called 911 and kept the bow near her for protection. the intruder was arrested and charged with trespassing. >> a surveillance video catches a canine caper on camera. check out the woman. she is playing with the puppies. she then sticks one of the white puppies in her purse and sneakisneaks out of the store. police believe the same woman also stole two puppies from two
2:25 am
other pet stores the next day. by the end of the week all three of the stolen pups were dropped back off. >> we were ecstatic when they brought them back but we were also like, what? it was definitely a surprise. but a good one. >> as to why they were brought back? she worried she would be caught they think. she is yet to be arrested. it is time to brew on this. you have the sexiest accent in america? ♪ i tell you what he's a strapping boy that johnny cash. >> you cooking something? >> one of those upside down cakes from the magazine. it ain't working out too good. >> you can call me a hobo a hobo works for his living. i am going to teach you something about respect your daddy never did. >> a new study by the dating web
2:26 am
site found that southern accents are the sexiest with more men preferring it over women. >> don't lose that accent, heather from north carolina. as for the second sexiest that was the new york accent. third the western accent spoken in parts of california and washington state, which accent do you think is the sexiest. >> send us your comments on twitter, facebook or you can e-mail them to us a little bit lart in the show. >> i think that was hollywood's version of a southern accent. >> that is not really the real thing. >> it might be one of the scariest police cases you have ever seen. a suspect trying to outrun police goes over the edge, literally and the officer follows. >> a frightening statistic about couples and cheating. turns out that iphone may be to blame. we will explain.
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>> a fox news alert. more devastation in the philippines. those poor individuals. an earthquake rattles nearby. the region ravaged by the worst storm in history. we are live with the latest. >> an extreme weather alert some praise bracing for a snowy morning commute while others face dangerously low temperatures. what you get depends on where you are. maria molina is tracking it all.
2:31 am
>> if might be one of the skash iest chases ever seen. he goes over the edge and the cop follows. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> you can't really tell in that shot but we are told there are snow flurries out on the streets of new york city at this hour. good morning. it is now half past the top of the hour. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. doesn't look like it is snowing just yet. >> let's begin with a fox news alert. the confirmed death toll from the devastating tet toll topping
2:32 am
1700. that number will go up as crews are searching the disaster zone. >> david kipper is back with the very latest. >> good morning, yes. it is becoming a race against time to get that food and aid to those desperate people in the philippin philippines. they also suffer because there's a lot of bad weather on the way mpering the relief effort. there is help on the way. the british vessels are headed to the philippines to help in the relief effort. ships are steaming from wrong kong and should be there in a few days. they will make best for the republic and the philippines unquote. the helicopter air when the george washington has on board will be crucial to getting people to isolated communities which haven't been reached yet. they produced 400,000 gallons of
2:33 am
fresh water a day from the plants. 10,000 people are feared dead in the philippines and there are fears now it could get much worse at this time because another typhoon is on the way. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. david piper reporting live for us. >> a meningitis outbreak has been declared at princeton university this after a 7th case of the disease has been diagnosed at the school since march. a male student living in campus housing was hospitalized after developing symptoms of this disease. tests are being done to determine if the latest student is related to the six other cases related to the school. >> the accused boston bomber is expected back in dorothy for a hearing. his attorneys plan to make their case to have restrictions put on him behind bars lifted. earlier this month they filed a motion to limit their client's isolation claiming he needs more time-out side possibly access to
2:34 am
a tv or a phone. his attack left three people dead and more than 200 others hurt. the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty will be remembered today at a public memorial in los angeles. gerardo hernandez was checking id's earlier this month at a los angeles airport when a gunman shot him point blank range. two other bystanders were hurt. 23-year-old paul sicea. his motive still remains unclear. hernandez leaves behind a wife and two children. the world trade center tower has been debated as the nation's tallest building. today we will know for sure. the tower is above the new york skyline to reach the height of 1,776 feet. the committee of architects
2:35 am
decide whether the needle disqualifies it from being counted. >> the committee of museum industry from all over the world will announce their decisions today. >> observe caamacare has fallenf the target. the numbers have health insurance companies worried counting on higher enrollment to make their plans profitable. doug luzader is live for us in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> good morning. the administration argued even if the obamacare web site was working properly a lot of people waited until the last minute for health insurance anyway. fair enough. let's look at some of the figures we have and put it in the form of a bar chart. you mentioned 50,000. 50,000 according to the wall street journal signed up for obamacare through the web site enrolled in insurance plan. compare that to the 500,000 the administration thought would enroll during the first month
2:36 am
and compare that to the 7 million people they need to enroll to make the system viable. >> the numbers the wall street journal report the this afternoon about 50,000 i think are accurate. they jive with the numbers i have been hearing. it's more than that, it's 50,000 people. it works out to about 50 people per state per day. do the math. 30-days, 36 states, 50 people a day. >> that is certainly not on pace to reach the 7 million they will need. later this week the administration set to release the actual numbers so far. the number they may rely upon will be the number of people that actually put an insurance plan into the on-line shopping cart not people that actually then do the next step and pay for that insurance plan. so the numbers may look a little juiced here when they are finally released by the administration later in the week.
2:37 am
heather? is>> we have to keep an eye on that. today reporter janna winter will be back in court continuing her fight to avoid jail time and protect her confidential sources. the court of appeals will hear a plea to testify in the trial against james holmes. he's the man accused of carrying out the dark knight movie massacre. days after the shooting wintery vealed a shocking twist in the investigation that holmes sent a psychiatrist a notebook before the attack. the judge in the case ordered her to turn over her notes and testify about who gave her that information. >> in pakistan now a top terrorist leader is reported dead. he was shot dead on the outskirts of islamabad. his death a serious blow to the network which has targeted nato forces and american troops in afghanistan.
2:38 am
in 2012 the u.s. designated the network as a foreign terrorist organization. the north carolina man arrested at raleigh durham international airport is charged with trying to join an al qaeda linked terrorist group. busted, he is being held without bond after an fbi sting on facebook. sheikh told an under cover informant he was on his way to join al qaeda fighters in it syria. he was arrested as he was preparing to board a flight to lebanon. if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. toronto embattled mayor says i am not going anywhere. the mayor claims to stay in office despite pressure to step aside after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. both opponents and allies have no legal way to force him out unless he is convicted of a crime. voters might have the final say on his future. he says he's planning on running
2:39 am
in the october 2014 mayoral election. >> well now to an extreme weather alert some areas waking up to snow this morning including us in manhattan. maria molina has freezing temperatures and what you can expect. >> we are looking at snow across new york city. the good news is you are not looking at travel delays because of the snowfall. not accumulating to very much. other areas we will see some accumulation. i want to start out with the freezing temperatures. take a look at how cold it is right now across portions of the midwest. 20's in chicago. also in kansas city and only in the teens right now. this is your current temperature in minneapolis and also in rapid city. guess where that arctic air is headed? it is going to spread southward and eastward coming up as we head to the next 24-hours. by early tomorrow morning we are going to be in the 20's. actual temperatures in atlanta 20's in raleigh, little rock,
2:40 am
kansas city. widespread area across parts of the south and through sections of the midwest. we will be experiencing temperatures in the early morning hours only in the 20's. it will be very cold out there. we also have a number of freeze warnings and watches in effect and anticipation through texas and parts of georgia and north carolina because of how cold it will be getting out there. otherwise the snowfall heather and ainsley we have a cold front that is moving out there. we are seeing snow coming down parts of pennsylvania down to west virginia accumulations a little bit across parts of the higher elevations of the central and southern appalachians. but all in all generally very light not looking too bad in terms of travel. that's the best kind of snow to get. snow that you get to see flying around looks pretty and you don't have to shovel. >> just enough to take a picture and tweet it. >> exactly. thank you very much maria. >> it is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. would you let a football coach take a middle schooler to
2:41 am
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>> a middle school coach is benched after promising to take players to hooters if they won. they did. the school district objected but the coach took them anyway. not everyone disagreed with his decision. >> i think they made a big fuss about nothing. these kids are great kids and
2:45 am
they deserve to come to somewhere nice. >> hooters picked up the tab and donated 20 percent of their profits that night to the school's football program. the coach will not be returning next year. >> from world series mvp to television producer they are doing it all. mtv and major league baseball announcing a 30 episode series that has baseball and pop culture. the show is set to begin near the start of next season. pits purring pirates outfielder andrew much kuch enwiinwill sers producer. >> the film "killing kennedy" proving to be television gold. it premiered sunday night bringing in 3.4 million viewers. a record for the national geographic channel. the movie based on the best selling book "killing kennedy" written by our very own bill
2:46 am
o'reilly. >> usda figures showing the government shelled out a shocking amount of food stamps for 13 consecutive months. diane macedo joins us now with more on this story. >> we keep hearing about how the u.s. economy is in recovery but that isn't having much of an impact on food stamp enrollment. according to the department of agriculture enrollment in the supplemental assistance program first hit 47 million back in august of 2012. since then the markets are up the unemployment rate is down and yet the department's most recent figures show enrollment in august of 2013 actually climbed to nearly 48 million. that is way up from the less than 32 million people enrolled in the program when the president took office in january of 2009. that year people also started getting as much as 13.6 percent more in food stamps as part of the federal economic stimulus package. that increase expired last week which will save the government about $5 billion next year. we will see if that has any
2:47 am
impact on the number of people enrolled in it the program. for now the current number means that nearly 1 out of every 7 americans left food stamps. >> thanks, diane. the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. it may be one of the scariest police chases you have ever seen. a suspect trying to outrun police goes over the edge, literally and then the officer follows. >> a frightening statistic about couples and cheating. your iphone may be to blame. we will explain. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> what iphone? i just use that for work. >> it is never your fault. blame it on the iphone. >> that's right. good morning to you, ladies. karl rove former senior advisor for george bush fox news contributor is talking about the rotten numbers for enrollment. also laura ingram she is a fox news contributor.
2:48 am
ray kelly, who is currently the commissioner of police for new york city, he won't have that job much longer. where is he heading and what does he think about the new mayor getting rid of risk. former mayor of alaska sarah palin is an author of a new book all about christmas. busy three hours kicks off in 12 minutes from right now right here on your channel for news. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel.
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nine minutes till the top of the hour. new video just released from a police cruiser's dash cam. the incredible video captures a michigan state police trooper and a suspect that he was chasing as they were both falling off the side of that highway overpass. amazingly after that
2:52 am
25-foot drop both of the men are okay. the chase began when the trooper tried po pull the suspect over for defective equipment. the suspect refused to pull over and is in jail on probation violation. facebook founder mark zuckerberg's sister is under fire for using veterans day to promote her new book. she tweeted in honor of veterans day get a free signed copy of my book. angry twitter users ridiculing her, civilians and veterans alike for using that day to benefit herself. >> want to keep your partner from cheating? new research suggests you should spend less time on your smart phone. a recent survey says that almost half of those questioned admitted that they have cheated because they felt second best to their partner's phone or tabt. some said -- or tablet. some said their partners checked phones during
2:53 am
meals, an important conversation and even immediately after sexual relations. >> it was a powerful scene as a nine-year-old ohio boy returned world war ii dog tags to the family of a soldier. lenny idemere was given the tags by friends and he started researching the tags. he found the family of pilot jack b. robbins. his family was thrilled to have the pieces back. >> we do something for the americans. i do something for the americans to thank them. >> he was very proud of what he did, and it was tickling to give them back. >> after jack b. robbins lost heug dog tags during -- lost his dog tags during the war his family has the tags to take home.
2:54 am
7 mints till the top of the hour. a new survey told you southern accents are the sexiest in responses. we -- sexiest in americans. we asked if you agree and your responses next. why justin bieber is in big trouble with the fans. . yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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three minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. the death toll from the devastating typhoon in the philippines topping more than 1,700 people. aid has arrived to the region and many survivors are trying to leave the country. >> reporter jana winter is back in court today. the new york state court of appeals will hear her plea to reverse a ruling which orders her to return to colorado to testify in the trial of the accused movie massacre james holmes. a decision will be announced today if the new world trade center tower is the country's tallest
2:58 am
building. architects need to determine if the 408 foot needle disqualifies it from being counted. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. heartwarming reunions to celebrate veterans day. as some of the nation's heroes meet their newborns for the first time, a total of 48 service men had the honor yesterday as they returned home. >> up next, the bad. americans are busy surfing the internet while driving. a new national survey finds one in four people admit to going on-line behind the wheel. finally, the ugly. justin bieber disappointing fans in south america again. >> i'm out of energy. i want to say that -- >> the singer walking off stage in argentina after performing for only an hour
2:59 am
blaming food poisoning. he left the stage in brazil after fans threw a water bottle at him. time for your brew on question of the day responses. we told you a new study found southern accents are the most attractive but we want to know which one you think is the sexiest. here are some of the responses. >> even though i hail from boston, i love a man with a southern accent like blake shelton. okay, cowboy. ♪ ♪ >> totally agree. love blake shelton. v dad tweeted i like the aussie accent but as american accents go, i guess i like the midwest. >> okay, are you sure? i mean how do you know? because the crime i'm investigating --
3:00 am
>> kate tweets i'm from the west coast but i've got to say there's something about a sweet southern accent that gets me every time. thank you so much to all y'all out there who tweeted us. we certainly appreciate it. and "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> bye. good morning, it's tuesday, november 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the numbers are out and they don't look good for the white house. new reports this morning revealing less than 50,000 people enrolled in obamacare. that's only 3% of their goal. >> i'm sure they've got a good excuse. if you did go on, you faced, quote, limitless risk. so why would the top obamacare contractor, an executive, left in the dark about the serious security risks? we'll talk about that. >> caught on video. a powerful racer crashes at 930 miles an


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