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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 12, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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what a great event. and that book is hiding your wine glass. >> what? >> ear muffs everyone. thank you so much for watching. >> here is gretchen carlson, see you tomorrow. >> mine too, it was a great party. former president bill clinton says president obama should keep his promise to americans. demanding an investigation and she is up for re-election and she voted for obama care. plus is the head obama care website guy too busy fixing it to testify in the house tomorrow? and the miami dolphin's owner says he is shocked at the team's bullying scandal.
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hello, welcome today to the real story. we are now wrapping up his first briefing since the latest reports started strict tricklin today. but making clear that the white house anticipates it. >> he was evasive as to whether or not it would be the 15th. >> he said they are coming. but the numbers that they have seen so far show only 50,000 people or less so far in the 36 states that are covered by the federal marketplace actually enrolling. and from whether we are today. onlyp 139 days to get that number up to 7 million.
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we know many americans have been receiving cancellation notices from their plans that do not meet the affordable care act's high standards. we heard from former president bill clinton he thinks that is wrong. >> the big lesson is that we are better off with this law than without it. >> i believe that even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment made to those people and give them what they got. >>. >> this thing will work massachusetts proves we can make it work. it will work better for you if the whole country is under a similar system. and i do not want another member
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of congress waking up another day praying for anyone to fail in this important mission. >> the white house has said that president obama and president clinton are on the same page. >> we haven't announced any potential fixes or moves that we might be able to make to address this problem but the president as you heard him say, we is interested in trying to address this problem. it is pris striking to hear him that he thinks the affordable care act needs some changes. he said he was his secretary of explaining stuff. >> i remember. i wonder if he is on the phone with him right now trying to get
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a better explanation. time now to dissect these numbers for you. so far, 60,000 people have signed up for obama care from the website. according to a memo obtained by the ap. dismal numbers making the estimate of 7 million sign ups by spring seeming less than ever. >> good to see you congressman. >> good to see you as well. >> i know you are not going to tell me that you are surprised by the numbers. but are you surprised by the spin? >> no, it has been a constant spin. they are trying to manage something that is a huge thing for them. we have said years ago, this is a major issue that the
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government cannot manage this many people and it is not the role of the frl government to do that. this is for individuals and states and players. jay carney was asked about this hearing. i guess he had to subpoena todd park the chief obama care website guru and we heard about whether or not mr. park will actually be there? >> what is your understanding. we are assuming that he will be there and fulfill the subpoena that has come to him personally. every time we ask a question, this say it is someone else. stop finger pointing and determine who is running the ship. it seems like it is always someone else's fault. contract administration and hhs
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did that or the irs. let's get everyone together. you are being blamed too. some democrats are saying we should let todd parks stay at his seat to continue to fix the website. there is a picture of the website there. instead of testifying and giving answers to the american people. >> it is a fascinating response. this is not his project and now it is that he is so important that he can't step away for a couple of hours. it is not difficult to come over for a couple of hours. if he is sitting down and coding everything he is not. he needs to step in and explain it with the other officials that are on the technology side to determine who is running this and why were there decisions made back in july, august and september to launch something
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that they new was not ready and left us vulnerable to inaccurate information. >> another report out today saying that he never saw those security concerns. thank you for your time today, we will be watching the hearing tomorrow. >> white house press secretary was asked about the new numbers at today's briefing listen to this. >> the fact that the website has been so challenging and so problem attic in that first month means that the enrollment numbers will be lower than expected. beyond that i don't have specific figures but i anticipate that we will be releasing data by the end of the week. >> joining us now tom bevin, do you believe that jay carney has not seen any of these numbers? >> it is a little hard to
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believe. it may be one of those deals because it seems unlikely that he wouldn't know. his job is to know what is going on but he is trying to keep distance from those numbers. one of the interesting things that i think will happen if the numbers are released by the promised date will be this. will the numbers be broken down via age? >> one of the numbers is that young people sign up for it? will we know by friday if the numbers come out how many of the people signed up are young people? >> it is a good question. i don't know if anyone has given us information. and what categories that they may be broken down into. if the numbers are bad they are going to be bad. if they are bad on more deep
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levels than that, i suspect that the administration won't provide the information. >> the other interesting point, according to reports today as well is that that 50,000 number may in fact also include people who haven't yet bought the health insurance, they put it in the cart. we have shopped online and we put it in there but we can't afford it so we don't buy it. >> it is a key decision how many folks have paid their money and signed up and then those that have gone shopping and set it aside. >> maybe those have been broken out and then make it until friday. >> when it became law, wait for the bleeps. >> tens of millions of americans will be a whole lot healthier from this moment on.
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ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [ applause ] >> this is a big [ bleep ] deal. >> it seems to have gone from a big blanking deal to a big blanking mess. >> it was sort of a classic joe biden gaff. the kind of sound byte that sticks in the public consciousness. it certainly hasn't turn itted out that way. this is his signature achievement and everything that he has accomplished in his first term. the worst roll out that you can imagine. there is not much they can do other than to ride this thing out and hope that things can clear out of the that. >> we'll have to see, thank you
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so much for joining us again. we want to hear from you. send us your thoughts about president obama honoring his keep your plan commitment. e-mail us we of course read your tweets and e-mails and facebook posts at the end of our show. >> heart breaking scenes of overwhelming devastation philippines. but the key, getting supplies to where they are needed most. the hardest hit areas have no food, power or sanitation. >> they were freezing, children crying. i saw dead men so i asked somebody i shout out the broken window i said help help. >> doctors say they are desperate for medical supplies.
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the greater the chance of disease breaking out. >> toronto's mayor remember that guy? he admitted he smoked crack. but he says he is not going to back down. now the city council taking things into its own hands. after learning this. >> so a convicted fellon could be a navigator and could acquire personal information without knowing to them. >> that is possible. >> and our panel debates why president obama is coming under fire by bill clinton. >> i personally believe that the president should honor his commitment to those people and
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it is not breaking at this moment but the information that it has happened is new to us. the state department that the two americans did napped off the coast of nigeria are back in the united states. it came after the ship negotiated some sort of ransome payment. the two americans are reportedly healthy. we think they are back.
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this is on the west side. we have been recording on this for a while now. the numbers speak loudly of it. >> all right thank you so much for the breaking news. >> harsh words for form are president bill clinton. >> the big loz on is that we are better off with this law than without it. >> the president should honor his commitment to that law. why would president clinton come up now and say what he did.
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>> that is a perfectly good question. these presidents are not really fond with each other to begin with i think. i suspect that he is taking a shot at president obama here to benefit his wife, hillary clinton. when you have him lecturing him regarding truthfulness. he is the man that wagged his finger at us and told us i did not have sexual relations with that woman monica lewinski. it is time to take stock. >> could it be leslie as well could he be helping president obama? because the administration floated his trial balloon yesterday suggesting that they may give stipends.
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now you have president clinton coming out say iing i think you have to do things like that. that is the first time i have heard that one. i have to tell you i have to say i agree a bit with chris although not on the blue dress impeachment road. i'm wearing a blue dress too. the bottom line here, i'm hoping and praying that former president clinton's wife is going to run. i think it helps them to distance themselves from president obama which i think we all know that any candidate needs to do. >> it is interesting it wasn't so long ago that president obama said this about the former
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president. >> somebody emailed me after a speech and said you need to appoint him secretary of explaining stuff. that was pretty good. i like that. secretary of explaining stuff. splaining. >> so did he do just that for the president today? or is he sitting back right now going oh my gosh, i have to respond again to something president clinton did? >> i think b the latter. honestly, this is a hole in the side of president obama's hull. whether the news media latches onto it or not is separate. whether president clinto damming him for not telling the truth. no fewer than 35 or 40 times. directly telling the american
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people something that we now know he knew was not true. he is recommending to president obama and come out and admit what he did wrong and try to put it behind him. >> it is more than that now. he is offering up a fix. it would cost $1.2 trillion. i have to wrap it up there. but thank you again to both of you. fox reporter in court after publishing sealed information on the colorado massacre shooter. as one of our own is taken in for refusing to give up her sources. >> plus a power boat. wow, we'll tell you how that one ended. >> and a group of middle school boys go to hooter's with their church. what did the kids think about that? >> i think it is great. >> i don't think it is that big
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welcome back. oregon middle school team celebrate their team at hooter's. >> i was here before the administration is upset. i way likely be coaching again. the coach turned it into a
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private event not sponsored by the school. as they got out of their limo hooter's picked up the tab and donated 1000 to the team. >> reporter was the first to break the story about a chilling notebook in the case of the colorado theater massacre. david lee miller is live outside the courthouse in new york. >> reporter: new york state which is where janet winters lives and works has an absolute shield law. that means a journalist cannot be compelled to reveal his or her sources for a story. what has complicated this case is the colorado appeal.
11:27 am
court in colorado says who ever leaked info to winter about holmes's notebook violated a gag order. winter in her article cited two unnamed law enforcement sources and that is why they want to talk to her. two lower court s state that sh must testify in colorado. if she is compeled to testify in colorado there is a shield law there, but it is far weaker than the unin new york. a group for journalists says this is not about her alone, it is about all jurournalists. >> having an order like this that forces her to testify would chill the ability of reporters to be able to get this kind of
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important information from sources in the future. it would have an mediate effect. >> the arguments will be getting underway in just a short time in the courthouse behind me. but that could take weeks if not months, back to you. >> a raiising star in nascar diagnosed with a major illness and why he won't stop driving. >> secretary sebelius admitted alarming information about the navigateters. >> and this democratic senator now demanding an investigation into the roll out. details on letters she sent out even though she voted for the bill. ♪ i'm coming home my baby she wrote me a letter ♪ people go to a mattress
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doctors in the philippines say they aare desperate for medical supplies after the typhoon in the pihilippines. >> and nascar driver trevor bane
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announces that he has multiple sclerosis and that he will continue driving. he was the youngest driver to win the datona 500. >> fewer than 50,000 americans signed up for obama care so far. not even enough people to fill up a football stadium. now some lawmakers a convicted fellon could acquire sensitivity personal information. >> that is possible. >> joining me now republican
11:34 am
congressman, scott tipton. >> this behavior is unacceptable, he says, the deeply flawed system needs to be shut down immediately. do you agree? >> you know i do. we are seeing compounded problems. from navigate toters the impact. we need a system that addresses affortability and accessibility. >> it would be difficult to know why americans are not flocking to the website. because you have the glitches
11:35 am
with the concerns. we have had fears like that for so long. if you were interested in buying this would you consider it if you thought your information would be out there for the general public? >> this is probably one of the most failed roll outs. you don't know if your information is going to be secure and if you wanted to be able to get on it is not acce accessible for you to get on. this is a broken program failed from the start. if you actually like your health care program, to be able to put people in control to look out for citizens and young families, the real concerns are definitely there when it comes to security and access. >> funny you should mention
11:36 am
being able to keep the health care plan that you once had. it is not just republicans that are pushing the bills now. i it is democrats. kate hagan is asking for a complete probe now of obama care. she is sending a hetter to the department of health and human services saying: >> i do have to say to you, she voted for obama care, i'm stunned. we are see iing things out of durango, colorado a lady today
11:37 am
who has cancer, her policy was cancelled and she is still waiting to see if she is able to get a new policy up in time that her treatments are not delayed. and the empathy for we are see ing that they are jumping onboard and willing to work with us. a lot of americans are saying which one sit. >> congressman. skop scott tipton. thank you for joining us. >> today we learned more about the low numbers of obama care enroll lees. but they have been coming from
11:38 am
anonymous sources. the washington post got it's numbers from two people with access to the figures. so who are these anonymous leakers? lauren ashburn is the host of top twitter talk. i see you already have your make up on. >> ha. it seems that this administrate has had the good fortune of having the leaks get in with the good news and now we are seeing anonymous people leaking and they are being published. >> is there anyone who likes
11:39 am
president obama and th giving him the benefit of the doubt at all. the reason that so many people are jumping onto this is because the numbers are so shockingly low. it said this, the president apparently said this, if i had known mr. obama said according to the aid, we could have delayed the website. now there is a lot to talk about within that quote. should the president have known, the issue with you lauren is, what kind of aid would give this
11:40 am
kind of information out and why? >> why would they do it? they know they are in trouble. he was the one trying to say the white house is facing increasing pressure from the media right now to do something about the 3.5 million people to lose their health kcare and the individual mandate. as you were talking about earlier kay hagan, she is going to face a tough battle coming up in 2014. why? >> because republicans are going to hammer her. wait a minute, i have to run for re-election and they love that
11:41 am
kind of fight in the party. >> you can check her out on sunday. >> thank you for her time today. alley-oop turns into a scary alley-oops for the harlem globe trotters. and breaking his silence. what the owner of the team says about the bullying scandal and how dan marino figurers into it next. >> when all of this got attached to it i texted him as a friend and said it is not coming from me. i haven't said anything to anybody. >> i'm like you know okay.
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welcome back everyone. here is what america is clicking on today. walmart is going to chick on its
11:45 am
black friday weekend sales as early as dinner time thanksgiving night. and globe trotter suffering a mashed gash and dislocated shoulder while he was in the middle of that spectacular dunk. plus this power boat racer cheating death. he had set a record for this formula two class boat when it flipped through the air. new reaction to the nfl bullying scandal. the owner now calling it a ni t nightma nightmare. saying he has been in touch with jonathan martin and will be in touch soon. >> it is important to me and what is going on couldn't have
11:46 am
been a worse nightmare. we care about jonathan martin. we have to look at ourselves. i know this is so appalling to me. a don't want to make excuses. i want to know that our work place going forward will be the best that you can find in the nfl. >> joining us now is brian erlacher. what do you think is going to happen during this meeting? >> i think they will try and get the facts out there. we have heard richy's side for the most part. i think we want to get what is going on in jonathan's head. i also think he needs to talk to the teammates in that to lockerroom. >> many of the football players on the team have come forward and have been supporting
11:47 am
incognito. i think as players, we support who we like in the lockerroom. but that behavior is not supported. but sometimes it happens. richy, i don't think anyone thought was being out of hand. i'm sure there were text messages going back and forth some quite some time. it is interesting, i think americans were shocked with the voice mail and language that was being used and some would say that is football culture. i found it interesting after the interview with incognito that fox aired on sunday. michael strayhan played for recently played like you and w howie long was skeptical.
11:48 am
>> offensive linemen are different. they are a close knit group. they would communicate differently than normal people. we spent a lot of time together and know each other very well. that is the way they communicated and i think it is not okay. but that is what they did down there and i think a lot of lockerrooms the same way. >> it is interesting to think about the way that might change. i want to bring your attention to this committee now that is going to be changed. >> big names don schula, tony dungy, curtis martin. >> those are big names there. i'm not sure what they are trying to do. i think something has to be done and i think they want to try and get this fixed and i think that is the way to do it.
11:49 am
get some big names and some stand out guys who have accomplished a lot in this game. >> it will be interesting to see if they ever play football again and just in close iing as a bea you were always beating up my team, pal. >> we had ups and downs with those guys. >> great to see you on fox. take care, we will see you on sunday. >> check out the low obama care enrollment numbers. they wanted 500,000 but they got 50,000. your e-mails and tweets. plus killer whales. but the show hasn't been the same since a deadly attack on a trainer. we are live with that story for you. >> they love having us around. it is important that we build that relationship and continue to do the right things for them and this show does that. aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition
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defind toronto mayor rob ford saying again, ease not going anywhere. appearing at a ceremony for canada's version of veterans day, where he was booed by the crowdle last week he publicly admitted to smoking crashing but only after he spent much of the last year denying it. >> if do not use crack cocaine, nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> huh? toronto city council is in the process of trying to remove ford from office but admits it's an uphill battle because technically he has never been convicted of any crime. >> three years after a trainer's death the operators of sea world are become in court fighting a federal ban against contact between killer whales and the
11:54 am
trainers. trace has the story. >> reporter: this really is the peak of this three-year legal battle between sea world and the federal government. the feds banned any contact between trains and whales in 2010 after a trainer was ripped off the platform by a whale, and held her in his mouth for up to an hour after she died. the fed says sea world violated safety standard because they new the whale was a killer, and a man who sneaked into the park was found in the whale's pool. quoting 40 plus years at the history at the sea world park have had occasions after occasion where captive killer whales have not responsibled as trainers intended. sea world argues the interaction between humans and whales is
11:55 am
essential to hit product and now the show is designed to keep trainers and whales apart, sea world wants to put the trainer backs in the water, saying this got the government ruling, the clause is no more an industry for supervising the interaction between whales as sea world than it is a charter to prohibit block and tackling in the nfl or post speed limits on the nascar circuit. so sea world is asking a court of appeals to reinstated the park's magic. there's no time line when the court will rule. >> thank you so much, trace. what do you think about that coach who took his mid school -- middle school teach to hooters. the low obamacare enrollment numbers. much more coming up next. would you return $98,000 if you found it? this rabbi has to make just that decision. >> behind the joy is this
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>> a good news story now about someone who did the right thing. a connecticut rabbi bought a desk. they were shocked what they found inside. >> we opened it up and it's full of cash. we count it up and there's $98,000 cash in the bag. right away, my wife and i sort of looked at each other and said we can't keep this money. >> wow. he returned the cash to the seller. she stored her inheritance inside and forgot where she put it. that's good news. >> you're comments on the middle school coach fired for taking his team too hooter. carol says, they've seen more skin on the girls in school.
12:00 pm
>> one wrote, should have asked for parents' permission. good point. shepard smith reporting now live. >> i love your good news story but i have question. you get an inheritance of $98,000 in cash, put it in a bag, tape is to the back of the desk can forget about it? >> how about the rabbi giving it back. would you too that? >> i'd like too think i would. >> i would, too but i'm not sure. >> i'm not so sure about all of it. we'll investigate. >> we're monitoring several stories. former president bill clinton has some advice for president obama how the administration should fix the healthcare mess. the feds cleared the way for an enormous airline merger weeks before the holiday travel season. stuff -- plus, the teenage college student accuse of


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