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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 12, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> one wrote, should have asked for parents' permission. good point. shepard smith reporting now live. >> i love your good news story but i have question. you get an inheritance of $98,000 in cash, put it in a bag, tape is to the back of the desk can forget about it? >> how about the rabbi giving it back. would you too that? >> i'd like too think i would. >> i would, too but i'm not sure. >> i'm not so sure about all of it. we'll investigate. >> we're monitoring several stories. former president bill clinton has some advice for president obama how the administration should fix the healthcare mess. the feds cleared the way for an enormous airline merger weeks before the holiday travel season. stuff -- plus, the teenage college student accuse of hacking into the computers of
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miss teen u.s.a. and other women and taking naked photos of videos of them, back in court today. we'll have the latest on that. let's get to it. >> good tuesday afternoon to you. first from the fox news deck at 3:00 in new york. former president clinton jump interesting the healthcare debate. he is publicly telling president obama he should keep his prom mitt to the american people who like their are inance and want to keep it. even if that means redoing parts of the healthcare law. president clinton says the nation is better with the new healthcare law than without it, but mentioned the millions of folks who lost their insurance even after the president said over and over that would not happen. the former president, president clinton, made the remarks to a web site named, one that for some reason edited music over the interview. >> i personally believe, the president should honor his
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commitment the federal government made to people and let them keep what they got. >> reporters jumped on president clinton's comments at the white house briefing. the very first question for jay carney. >> if you saw the president say in an interview with nbc last week, the answer is, yes, the president has tasked his team with looking at a range of options to make sure that nobody is put in a position where their plans have been canceled and they can't afford a better plan even though they'd like to have a better plan. >> "the wall street journal" is reporting that fewer than 50,000 people have enrolled nationwide. the white house won't comment on the figure, saying only that the government could release a confirmed number sometime this week. wife us now is john bussey, the executive business editor of "the wall street journal," sued to cousin of -- pseudo cousin of
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us. >> tears a story that says between 40,000 and 50,000 people signed up. that's probably not a big surprise given the problems they have had with the web site. but it's a tenth of what the administration hoped would be sign up. it does not help the insurers understand what they demographics are going to be in the new population of customers they're going to get. >> for this to work properly -- and i said from the beginning -- youngish healthy people have to get involve. >> that's right. and why is that? they're healthy, not going to require a lot of healthcare expense, and they're going to be paying into the pool that will ensure old -- insure older people who need healthcare. the demographic is working against the insurers, younger people, older people are signing up, not a lot of younger people. a lot of medicaid also has -- people who are seeking medicaid insurance have signed up because the government expanded that program. but we're early so we don't know
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the full demographic picture. so far it's against the insurer. >> i wonder how much of this is about the app. i lean if you go to the app and it doesn't load instantly, you move on to the next thing. i wonder if the young ones aren't waiting until works. >> that's probably correct and the administration is hoping for that. that's why sebelius said we're not going to extend the open enrollment period. we need to get the insurers with information early so they can understand what they're bins going to look like in 2015, not just 2014. so we're not going to extend the open enrollment period. >> i was reading today in religious -- relation to the story about the mayor in toronto, about canada's problem they had with the same contractor, cgi, which set this up. they had huge problems modernizing the healthcare plan that works well in canada. they were trying to modernize is and then cgi screwed up their. web site and then screwed up us.
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>> they had a slow rampup of its program, and the federal government decided to write the software for its program. california took a lot of off the shelf software and it's doing better. washington state is another interesting glitch, the vast majority of people who have enengaged with the program are seeking medicaid. they're not the healthy young kids who we're hoping to sign up. >> states have made that difficult in some cases on purpose. the justice department reports it will allow a merger between u.s. usairways and american airlines. the government sued to block the deal. attorney general eric holder said the merger would lead to higher ticket prices and fewer optionsful today he said, i quote, the agreement has the potential to shape the landscape of the airline industry by guaranteeing a bigger foothold
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for lower cost airlines. this assures airline passengers will see nor competition. the settlement requires airlines to free up space for other carriers in big cities, including new york and los angeles. the feds say that should lower ticket prices. analysts expected the airlines to combine their frequent flier programs and honor each other's miles. now to the story we have been following closely because it involves one of our own. for me as a journalist it involves the fundamentals of all we do and the government trying to get around the constitution. reporter jana winter is in front of new york's highest court, could face jail time for refusing to give up the names of confidential sources in her recording on the james holmes case, accused of killing people in a shooting in a packed
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athleter in aurora, colorado. that same month, jana winters, said holme mailed a personal note book to a skies before the mass shooting and it had drawings of, quote, gun-wielding stick figures blowing away other stick figures, unquote. in her story, jana cite two unnamed law enforcement sources. now a court in colorado issued a subpoena at the request of holele holmes lawyers they want winter to return to colorado and name the sources or potentially get hauled off to jail. the lawyers say the sources violated the gag order, which they may have but what effect on jana winter. terms for the reporter say so-called shield laws protect her and other journalists, allowing them to keep news gatherings confidential. that shield law is a she'll law here in new york. this where is jana works, and
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the argument is the new york law should apply because the one in colorado is a bit weeker in -- a bit weaker in a number of ways. david lee miller is covering this. why do holmes' attorneys seem so insistent about learning the i'd identity of these sources. >> reporter: his attorneys want to be able to discredit the police. as you mention thread was a gag order in place when sources leaked to jana that there was a notebook that holmes had written and sent to a psychiatrist. 14 law enforcement officers testified that none of them, they said, participated in leaking that information. now, defense attorneys have argued that someone must have looked that and now they want jana brought to colorado to reveal that information. the purpose here comes down to this. they want to be able to discredit those police officers, proving that two of them, cited
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in her article but unnamed issue committed perjury. she has repeatedly said she will never reveal the sources for her story. she would rather go to jail. behind me she is in the appellate building, in albany, new york, and in just a few moments tile time hearing will get underway. this is her last appeal effort before she either has to go to colorado or she'll be victorious. >> the shield law comes into play here, right? it sure does. as you so rightly pointed out, new york has one of the strongest shield laws in the country. it provides for what the attorneys call absolute privilege. in other words, shepard, it says that jana cannot be compelled to reveal her sources. her attorneys argue that this is a juris -- jurisdiction in which she lives and works and new york shield law should prevail. if she is forced to return to colorado and testify, that's
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when colorado's shield law would come into play, that is a much more watererred -- watered down shield law. if the information comes from another source she will be forced to testify, and we should point out that although the hearing is getting underway here now, the determination from the judges will not be known for weeks, possibly months. >> thanks very much. jana winter is fighting for the people, and in this democracy, if reporters cannot keep sources confidential, anymore can't learn what is happening and that's fundamental for democracy. everybody on this news deck is pulling for jana winters, not just because she works for fox news. she doing the right thing. >> a deadly explosion near a shopping mall and the target may be somebody who already survived an attack from a remote controlled shotgun. >> in the evident to help the victimses of the most powerful
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police in south africa say a blast near a mall east of johannesburg killed at least two people and critically injured three more. it happened hours ago outside a shop not from from the eastgate mall. a conversation czech businessman owns the shop, is a czech
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finaltive, convicted of tax fraud in his country and has been linked to underworld figures in johannesburg, some who died violent and i mysteriously lately. the newspaper report the businessman survived an attempt on his life after a remote controlled shut box fired from him at a parked car. you can see the shotguns here on the car's bumper. police say they're still investigating what triggered today's blast. >> food and supplies are finally beginning to arrive in the philippines but not fast enough to save some of the starving survivors of what could be the worst storm in our history. thousands of families with no homes and no food are storming airports, looking for any way to escape. we have a snapshot here that shows soldiers trying to keep people and the crowds away from rushing the planes on the runway. those planes can take only a handful of survivors at the
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time. here you see the crying families who found out they didn't make the cut. this is happening in tacloban, which is by far the hardest hit city in all of the philippines. this photo from the air -- well, you can see -- it just shows a barren coastline where homes used to stand, crowded with buildings. the wind and a 20-foot storm serge wiped everything out. we have a satellite image that should show you why here. this is tab low ban and the typhoon land fall. the rising sun lit up the eye wall. there's no image that can explain the suffering playing out in one family at a time. >> on the streets of tacloban, bodies are piling up. row after row of decaying corpses. and surviveyears are struggling to cope with the stench.
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>> translator: we have no clothes, nothing to cover our mouths and noses from the foul smell. >> the injured are arriving at hospitals where lights are out and basic necessities are gone. >> we have no other here and just doing all the resources. >> aid is now arriving from around the world but it's slow to reach those who need it the most. >> translator: yeah, we didn't die in the typhoon but we'll die here of hunger. >> right now united states marines are helping to unload supplies for the victims. william is in the philippines capitol of manila. what is the holdup on the replies there, william? >> reporter: well, you know, there's three issues, shepard, number one, communications. without it, with the typhoon knocking out all of the cell phone towers and there's no land lines, very difficult time -- they didn't know where to send the people to take care of all the stuff that was coming into
12:17 pm
the airport. secondly, logistics. ideally aid would flow smoothly from the plane to the people and that is not happening now and you have to add 400 tons of equipment coming in to a airport that is frankly closed and the tower is closed. and thousands of starving people with nothing to lose are attacking attack convoys. the police are trying to protect the routes from the airport to the city. they should recover and improve in the next two or three days. >> three days from now will be eight days since the storm. and eight days after a storm, man, thoughts and prayers with all of them. >> attorneys defending the accused boston marathon bomber are in court today to challenge the current prison restrictions against their client. these are common in terror cases but there are questions how constitutional they are, and defense attorneys say the rules keep the attorneys from building
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officials in afghanistan destroyed 20-tons of opium, heroin and hashish in their supposed fight against drugs. anybody who believes this is real, don't know. authorities seized everything over the past ten months. afghanistan produces more than 0% of the world's opium, the key ingredient in heroin, and everyone believes the leaders are fully involved in the heroin trade. afghanistan security officials watch everything burp here. they're proud of this particular
12:22 pm
photo op. this is a closeup of the fire. this is them pouring gasoline over what appears to be heineken beer. i don't know what to say about this. this one here -- okay. that's fine. but heineken, really? maybe they're up happy the bottles are now long neck instead of traditional? i think they should come before a world court on this activity. this is a traitor. here's somebody burning more stuff they actual are okay with growing. here's somebody with a gun doing it. here's a nice fire of them burning the stuff, which is -- this is a photo op that is not worth our time. >> the lawyers for the accused boston marathon bomber, tsarnaev, in court today, trying to east the suspect's restrictive prison sentence as he awaits trial. dzhokar tsarnaev is being held without bail. prosecutor says he and his brother master minded the
12:23 pm
bombings at the boston marry ton -- marry -- marathon in april. the suspect's lawyers argued that special administrative measures are hurting their ability to build a strong defense. the prisons an use the measures in terrorism cases. these restrict access to mail, media, telephone, e-mail, and the number of visitors the person can have. the judge has not handed down a decision. this comes arizona tsarnaev awaits attorney general's decision on whether tsarnaev should face the death penalty. prosecutors will decide within the next week whether to recommend it and then the attorney general has until the end of january to make the call. now to mel robbins. good to see you. i want to focus on the restrictive measures. an e-mail or letter a day, the
12:24 pm
number of phone calls, he has different restrictions on him than everybody necessary the prison population since he has been labeled a suspected but not convicted terrorist. or thoughts. >> yes, as he should. basically what happened is that eric holder wrote an 18-page letter identifying all the ropes why it was reasonably necessary to restrict this guy's contact, and i want to put some information out there for you guys, because i also read the indictment. turns out when tsarnaev was in the bet hiding after he had killed all those people, dismembered people, killed the m.i.t. security officer, he was scrawling jihadist phrases inside the boat. >> i know that's the accusation. >> then the other thing that came out is when he was allowed to talk to his mother in may, he maas taped the conversation and then played it for the media, as a way to garner sympathy for this guy. why there are restrictions is
12:25 pm
because they don't want him to have any contact with the outside world because he could continue to inspire others, which would lead to other people getting injured. i believe that there is no way that these attorneys are going to be able to limit the restrictions. i think the row distributions are reasonable. we have an accused terrorist here. but he is getting his due process, as much as it kells me as a boston resident to see the taxpayer dollars used on the hearing, this is part of the constitution and i think it has absolutely no grounds at all. >> essentially he is upset he can't send more than one letter to one adult per week in and only one adult can visit him at a time with no physical contact. our judge, andrew napolitano, weighed in on this. >> with respect to this specific sixth amendment right of the guarantee of effective counsel. effective coup means counsel can
12:26 pm
use their tools, and among the tools are the ability to interview witnesses, and if the government prevents him from interviewing wilts and he is convicted, he has a built-in appealable issue and the last thing the government wants is to convict him and then the conviction overturned. >> would the bostonnans be concerned? >> that would be the worst ever. it's bad enough that this is going to probably go to a trial and they're going to be people dragged into these proceedings, shep. but to have a kind of case presented that then has grounds for appeal, just keeps not only all the wounds open, so to speak, but also if you're looking at a capital case here, it also delays any execution that might happen if they do indeed seek the death penalty. >> if that's a concern, then wipe not have the same restrictions on this person that you might have for a mass murder who wasn't labeled a terrorist. >> because the public interest in this case -- you're talking
12:27 pm
about over 200 people injured, number of people killed, people dismembered, the fact they had been plotting this for a while, then executed it. the ties with the jihadist messages here. you need to send a very, very strong message, not only nationally but internationally in terms of how we handle terrorist threats here at home. that's why we have the different handle in here and we have different laws vis-a-vis somebody that is being detained, shep, for an alleged terrorist act. >> we have different laws, and i guess one of the questions that some people are asking -- i'm not one of them -- some people are asking is, should we? should the due process be the same for all people? under the constitution with the same rules for everybody no matter what your label is. i'm not -- >> i'm agreeing with you. i'm taking a position. >> you should. >> i do not believe the same rules should apply. i do not believe it. it angers me. >> nobody is arguing with you but the judge mentioned the constitution and the equal treatment of people who have not been convicted and that what the
12:28 pm
court will be weigh being whatever they've decide we'll report. >> the only issue is, does this impede his defense attorneys' ability to represent him? absolutely not. >> yep. i hear your opinion and a court will decide and we'll report it. mel, gravity to see you. >> great to see you. >> he threatened to turn miss teen u.s.a. into a porn star. that is what prosecutors are saying about a 19-year-old student accused of threatening to post naked pictures of the beauty queen online. he had court date today. that's coming up on the fox news deck. of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said, "we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance."
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we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match.
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fox report now and more headlines. north korea killed as many as 80 people last week in public executions. that's the word from a south korean newspaper. it reports kim jong-un's regime targeted people for watching
12:31 pm
south korean videos or keeping a bible. we can't confirm that. friends and relatives paid their respects at a memorial service of a security worker who died at a shooting at lax this month. he first tsa officer to die on the job. three other people were hurt. the suspect could face a death penalty in the hospital. >> the current home of the atlanta braves is coming down the mayor confirmed what we reported yesterday, the city will demolish turner field after the braves move to a stadium outside of atlanta 201. a 17-year-old stadium. not good enough anymore. can't fill it up so they will make the next one ten thousand seats smaller.
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12:33 pm
science student pleaded guilty to trying to extort money from several young women, including miss teen u.s.a. the feds say he took control of the victims' web cams and took pictures while they were naked and sent them e-mails threatening to publish those
12:34 pm
pictures. i mentioned miss teen u.s.a. she says somebody threatened to go welcome with her image -- go public with her ims unless she sent nude pictures of herself. she told fox news it was very alarming experience. >> i have the same password forever, for years, and now seeing that someone can easily hack into my stuff just by downloading an incorrect link, it's very important to change your passwords, delete your cookies, put a sticker over your web cam because someone could be watching. >> wolf may be one of at least -- well, is one of what may be at least a dozen victims. trace gallagher has more. the feds say he was not targeting women just here in the united states. >> that's right, shep. 19-year-old jarred abraham's convictions in the united states, canada, russia, and ireland. he would send the e-mails and block his identity by using a
12:35 pm
virtual private network. he didn't just demand more nude pictures. also that these women skype with him for five minutes and do whatever he told them, and in some cases the victims complied with those demands. one victim messaged him back saying, please have a heart. i'm only 1 -- 17 years old and he messaged her back saying, i don't have a heart. >> what is he facing? >> up to 11 years in prison. plus maybe a $1 million fine. he's not going to get either one of those but has been told everytime he uses a computer he will now have to contact his probation officer and from now on, he'll never be allowed to have any kind of nude photos on any device he has. his sentencing date has now been set for march 17, 9:30. until then, he will remain free on bon. and by the way, miss teen u.s.a. has not yet responded at all about his guilty plea this morning. >> trace gallagher, live.
12:36 pm
the man accused of starting a fake charity and rung off with $100 million will not testify in his own defense. and here's the thing. seems nobody -- still seems nobody knows his true identity in this really bizarre case. the defendant calls him bobby thompson. that was the name attached to his charity in florida. the united states nave are veterans association he called it. he was also known as the commander or even mr. x. but prosecutors say his real name is john donald cody, an attorney, the a former military intelligence officer. he ran a bogus charity using false identities and then suddenly disappeared. when u.s. marshals captured him last year in oregon, he was holding fake and nearly a million dollars in cash. and today he arrived late to court after reportedly refusing to leave his jail kemp you can see him looking kind of
12:37 pm
disheveled and disgusting, and the judge asked him if he identified himself or intended to testify? the suspect didn't say a word, and again the judge said, asking the suspect for a second time. clean yourself up and talk to your lawyer. the court took a short recess, and then the guy came back his attorney announced the defendant would not take the stand. mike toe -- >> reporter: the judge says the injure has been sent home. the guy known as bobby thompson never testified in his defense. did not put on much of a case at all. a little evidence, and then they rested. you mentioned the appearance. the judge sent himway to at least button up his shirt. when he came back he still looked sloppy. the claim that thompson, or beyond donald cody, did some work in military intelligence
12:38 pm
has some thread of truth according to reports and his attorney, but the claim that they were going to use that pass art -- as part of the defense never materialized. this guy ran his scam to the hilt allegedly. the money that was raised was used for big political donations, and big political donations game you access to the big fundraisers and that created photo ops with powerful people like rudy giuliani, karl rove, and president bush, and that's going into this very bizarre case, and the latest he has taken to banging his head on the wall of his cell. >> the brother of rob ford will face a, quote, public flogging. last week mayor ford fessed up to smoking crack. tomorrow toronto's city council is expected to vote on a motion to ask the province of ontario to remove the mayor if he didn't agree to take a leave of
12:39 pm
absence. the mayor says he is not going anywhere and is hawking official mayor bop bob ford bobble heads. he sign them at city hall. they had a line out the front door. hundreds of people lined up to buy these bobbleheads. all around the concerner, and by the time the last person was inside the building, they had run out of the bobbleheads. now they're for sale on ebay and other places for hundreds of dollars each. thankfully the proceeds go to the united way charity, not to maintain anybody's habit of any kind. >> we have heard from the suspended miami dolphins lineman and the team's owner. now there's word the player who said his teammates harassed him for more than a year will soon give his side of the story. >> we have a ruling whether one world trade center is the tallest building of the united states. right after this.
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12:43 pm
>> just in, and happening right now. whatever you want to call it. the president announcing the nomination of timothy massad as chairman of the commodities futures trade board. it's an independent agency that regulates the futures and options market, a big job. he has overseason the troubled t.a.r.p. program, the bank rescue plan. this nomination needs to be confirmed by the senate but it's happening now. new york's one world trade center is now officially the tallest building in the nation, surpassing the former chicago sears tower. there's a council on tall buildings and urban habitate and they have a committee and it announced that today. after some debate the architects decided to include the spire in the official height of one world
12:44 pm
trade because without the needle, it stanes gist more than 1300 feet tall while theis tower is 1451 feet tall. now one world trade will go into the record books at 1776 feet, even though it isn't but it's a symbolic number for one of the towers on the site of the terror attacks on 9/11. >> the miami dolphins player who says his teammates harassed him daily will meet with the team's owner tomorrow, that's according to the owner who spoke publicly about the scandal yesterday. his name is jonathan martin. he left the team a couple of weeks ago. the owner says he has been in touch with martin with text messages but the meeting tomorrow will be face-to-face. he the owner would like to meet with richie incognito. he said that changes need to be made. >> we all now that the football locker room is a different workplace than most of us are accustomed to.
12:45 pm
and basically i don't want to make any excuses, i want to know our workplace going forward will be the best workplace you can find in the nfl. >> the opener held the news conference hours before the team lost to tampa in an absolutely miserable outing last night. it's worth point ought tampa had not won a game before last night. i was actually hoping they wouldn't have this. actually, breaking news. the dolphins will not meet with jonathan martin. steve harrigan is there. i just got that in my ear right as i was reading that thing. i don't know what this is about. >> reporter: your producer are dead right and right on top of it. fox just confirmed the situation which has changed by the minute. as you correctly noted, before last night's game, the dolphins owner said two weeks into this scandal i don't know what is going on. i'm going to sit down and have a face-to-face with jonathan martin and hear his story. now that is not happening. fox has confirmed that the league has asked owner to
12:46 pm
postpone the meeting. looks like the league wants to first crack at hearing jonathan martin's own story from his own mouth. it's likely, according to espn, that the meeting will take place in new york on friday. and we still expect and are waiting for a videotaped statement from jonathan martin where he gives his reason for leaving the team. >> the owner is acting like he didn't realize this sort of thing goes on in locker rooms. i wonder. and he also talked about changing the team's culture. what does that mean? >> reporter: he did say he was appalled and really just stunned at some of these text messages. one line last night, i didn't know human being actually talked to each other like this. he was firm about saying he intends to drag this outdated culture into the 21st century. he said on the dolphins there will be zero tolerance for any racist remarks or bullying. going to be get can help. called on former coaches and players, including tony dungey, don shula and dan marino.
12:47 pm
>> the headlines just confirmed, that the dolphins are not going to meet with the players involved in this matter, at least not with jonathan martin. they said it would happen at an undisclosed location. now fox news confirmed that not going to happen. >> when people talk to me about this story they ask the exact same question everytime. why is the media making such a big deal out of this thing? sometimes people ask about substance of reports, sometimes people ask about what we know, and sometimes they say, why are you spending all this time on that? a couple decided to good on a trip to eight different countries for three weeks, with only the clothes they were wearing. interestingly, just weeks after they met online. they went on a trip for weeks, and that's what they wore. every day for 21 days. so they're going to be here live
12:48 pm
with us from the news deck in just a moment to explain this excursion, and tell us whether they still like each other. jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that ki. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. was a truly amazing day.ey, without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers. you can find it all on angie's list. join today. ienjoy plum amazins, dicedprune, you haven't tprunes.nsweet, the amazing prune.
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i'd put these on a salad. these would be perfect for cookies. delicious and nutritious sunsweet, the amazing prune.
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well, work with me here. a couple traveled to eight countries in 21 days. they took no luggage and no change of clothes. as you will witness from all of those photos on different days in different cities, all the same clothes, they did that just weeks after they met each other through ok cupid. they started in turkey, ended in london, and stopped in all these other countries along the way. here they are in athens. clara benson said she was striking out on the dating site unti guy, jeff wilson, and they hit it off.
12:52 pm
they say they had so much fun they plan another trip for december, this time to explore south america. jeff is a college professor. he says he is doing another project for a class in which he plans to live in a dumpster for a year. jeff wilson and clara benson join us now from austin, texas. so all of you know, i hear you, the questions you're asking, i hear them and i'm going to ask them. hello. how is everything? >> hello. hi. >> we need to get you back down here in austin. >> you only want those longhorns beaten by three touchdowns once per year by my rebels. who meets on a dating site, buys a ticket from home to istanbul and a ticket from london back here and has no other plans and no other clothes. who does that? >> i guess we do. >> i guess you do.
12:53 pm
>> we're both crazy. >> i was going to ask you that at the end of the interview if you are. how was it? >> it was very interesting. it was unexpected. we end up getting into all kinds of situations we wouldn't have. it was like missing a limb. everytime you reach for a bag yang, small backpack, it just wasn't there. >> why did you do this? why would you go anywhere without more underwear and more clothes? >> well, the reason we like each other is because we're both interested in experimenting, and so what we wanted to test with this trip was whether you can have sort of a meaningful travel experience without off this stuff, and be happy with less. we found out, at least for us, we can. >> do you like each other? >> we do. yes. >> here's why i'm asking. >> right? >> i'm looking at the pictures. and they all have something in
12:54 pm
common. here's one. here's another one. here's another one. i'm walking the big wall here. here's another one. you haven't been as close to each other as you are now on the entirety of the trip. it's as if you -- this thing is standing arm's length -- why? >> now, shepard, if you hat gone through europe with one pair of clothes -- >> i knew it. >> the ladies don't necessarily want to stand right up next to you. >> i knew that was the reason. how did you choose these particular uniforms for the trip? >> interesting. well, we went through the changing room over at -- where was it -- anthropology for several hours with her trying ago things. for me we said, screw it, and i wore my normal uniform i wear in austin on a fairly typical basis. >> i like it. just since it was written there on the teleprompter, why are you going to live in a dumpster?
12:55 pm
>> oh. it's another experiment. we're going to see if we can live on much, much less, and 33 square feet, 1% the size of an average american home. >> when you say we, you mean you. >> will this dump -- dumpster be cleaned? it will, and i will have more than one pair of clothes. >> those things are comforting. this is very interesting. i'm so glad to meet you. like your pictures and it's an interesting story of the meeting and the travel together. good luck to you. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. and hook 'em hornes or something. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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12:59 pm
the court sentenced him to jail for crimes including enjesting of heroin, breaking into an office building and the stealing of his brother's bank card. >> on this day in the year 1980 narks a's voyager i took the first high resolution images of saturn. the agency had already gotten a look earlier with a different spacecraft, but voyager i had special tv cameras that can take pictures with greater detail and sent back more than 30,000 really stunning photographs of stat turn, giving scientists new information about the rings, and voyager first captured the jewel of the solar system, 33 years ago today. >> and let's check the dow. there are but 24 seconds left in the trading day. we'll not set the 36th record
1:00 pm
close today. 13,755. that's a large number. we'll break out when news breaks in, until then i'm shepard smith canner for all of us on the fox news deck, have a great afternoon. "your world" is coming up right now. >> suck it in. the usairways and american airlines mr. jerry -- merger is on it. fewer carriers and fewer seats and this thanksgiving what is looking like a lot more crowded planes. so before you bite into the bird, get ready for a travel experience that could prove for the birds. >> welcome everybody, justice has resulted but that does not mean for the flying publicities or at the very least comfort has been served, because while the justice department just okayed the merger of usairways and american airlines do not assume the skies are friendlier, louder, maybe. more crowded,