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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 12, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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start each weekday morning at 5:00 to 9:00 with ainsley and the crew of fox and friends tomorrow morning. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. gretaw. good night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> when you stand in the middle of the road, you're going to get hit on both sides of the road. >> despite big trouble in a democratic precincts over obama care, the divided republican party cannot capitalize. charles krauhammer has thoughts on that. >> i personally believe even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made. >> former president bill clinton criticizing president obama over the health care fiasco. >> a boy steps out into a line of waitresses cheering them on. >> a big controversy in oregon over whether teenage boys should go to a hooters restaurant.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. politics in america getting even more bitter. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with all of the trouble over obama care, you would think that republicans would be gaining momentum. you would think. i mean, even former president clinton taking shots at barack obama because so many americans are getting their health insurance canceled. >> i personally believe even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> so when democratic dissent rises to that level, you know a critical mess has been reached. on the republican side, there's also trouble.
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tea party conservatives and the hard right continue to reject the moderate wing of the party. >> when you stand in the middle of the road, you're going to get hit on both sides of the road. we need to take a stand. some of these guys were fulfilling their campaign promise and asked for debate. they stood up and took the stand and fought for us to debate the issue of obama care. >> so while republicans are united against obama care, they're fighting each other over ideology. the scorecard looks like this. the moderate republican leadership features chris christie, jeb bush, john mccain, marco rubio and paul ryan. the tea party hard right leadership is headed by ted cruz, mike lee, rand paul and sarah palin. and at this point both sides are far apart. now last night we discussed republican politics and received thousands of e-mails. kevin lives in california and writes, bill, i'm sick and tired of you and goldberg calling
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conservatives the hard right. we already tried mccain and romney who were moderate republicans and we got crushed. christie is one of them. it seems as if he's not considering voting for any moderate republican. the question is will he stay home if a non-tea party person gets the presidential nomination? jean who lives in port jefferson, new york, will stay home. there's absolutely no way that anyone in my house will vote for christie after his kissing up to obama during the hurricane. i rather see hillary win. christie is a trader like you, bill. i didn't cozy up to the president. "key points" does not take offense at jean calling me a trader. she's emotional about her convictions. there comes a point when people who hold strong beliefs have to make a decision. if the republican party remains divided, they'll be defeated in the midterm elections next year and lose the presidency in 2016.
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the gop situation is exacerbated by the media. the liberal mainstream media which despises republicans encourages the civil war. talk radio and some on table news stoke the fires of conservative ideology by labeling people that compromise rhinos, republicans in names only. with president obama on the ropes, republicans have a huge opportunity right now but it looks like that opportunity may slip away. now, top story tonight, let's bring on fox news political analyst and another rhino, charles krauhammer. i don't think you're a trader like me but you're a rhino and you know it, don't you? >> i'm a rhino in name only, which means i'm in a new category. we're going to call ourselves hip hippos. >> hippos stands for? >> i don't know. i just made that up. >> hippos.
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hypocrisy. >> it has all of the letters that you want. i think this whole thing is as you say very much blown up by the liberal media because it's a great traumatic story. here's the fundamental contradiction. i think this analysis is wrong. it's fundamentally wrong for this reason. the difference between what are being called a hard right and the moderates, the rhinos and the true believers is really one over tactics rather than over ideology and objectives. let me give you one example. is there a disagreement -- fundamental disagreement between one faction and another over paul ryan's radical reform of medicare. i would say no. what we're talking about is whether it was a good idea to shut down the government. whether it's a good idea to adopt a tactic here, tactic there. on objectives you tell me what is the fundamental difference
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between the so-called moderates and radicals. i don't see it. we all agree -- let me just say one thing. we all agree on limited government and on restoration of individual rights. we all agree on liberty being central ideal. we agree on individual responsibility. where's the big difference? >> there isn't a lot of philosophical difference but there is in play an intractable -- i don't want to call it hatred but bitterness is the best word. you hear it on talk radio. i'm not compromising my principles. rhinos like mccain. listen to sarah palin talk about chris christie. roll the tape. >> hillary was mistreated when it came to appearances and when it came to wardrobe. petty superficial things that
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men don't ever seem to hear much about. a woman candidate will. >> governor christie hears about his appearance. >> that's because it's been extreme. it's hard for some people not to comment on it. >> all right. so when you have someone as high profile of sarah palin which she should have answered the question was, listen, it's wrong no matter who gets it. i don't think sarah palin meant anything by that comment. but there is -- you can feel the anger in the tea party. you can feel it. they feel betrayed by romney. they feel betrayed by mccain. and i'm not going to go through that again. you know it's out there. >> look, if that clip you just showed is your best shot at showing me the great bitterness in this divide, you made my point. it is trivial. that wasn't a shot. that was kind of a sociological
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statement about why there's comment on women more than men. look, i think this is a lot of players for a lot of reasons. the fundamental point is we all agree on how the government ought to be changed. >> let me challenge you with a fact. you're a big fact guy. >> i'm a big fact guy. fact guy. >> that's right. 3 million fewer people voted for romney than mccain, all right? if all of the republicans who voted for mccain had come out for romney, he would have won. and there was an anger against romney because romney care and all this other business. all right. so i'm saying that you're right philosophically there's not much -- it seems like the two could merge. emotionally, charles, must read your mail. you must see the emotion. thousands of letters poured in
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last night attacking karl rove, bernie goldberg, me, you, attacking. i mean really attacking. >> i get the mail also sent to me directly. and that's why i'm calling for this new hippo caucus. i that as well. and my response is i understand there are a lot of sentiments, emotions and feelings here. but let's try to cool this a little bit by looking rationally at what are the real differences and they are tactical. the question we had and fight we had with blood on the floor is was it a good idea to shut down the government in demanding the abolition of obama care and one-year delay of obama care. >> you said it wasn't a good idea. >> i said is wasn'you said it w. >> i said it wasn't. we were attacked on the radio
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and other cable news forums for saying tactically that wasn't a good idea. o'reilly and krauhammer were right according to all of the polls that showed americans did not like this by a huge number. when we said that -- >> i'm used to being right. i just don't want to dance in the end zone on this one. >> are you used to being attacked for being right? >> i've been attacked a lot over the 30 years. if that -- i would be out of the arena if i was in support of them. i understand people who said this is a time when you want to stand up. i thought it was the wrong tactic at the wrong time. look, what we have as you mentioned in the open, we have not just obama care unraveling, not just the obama administration unraveling, not just the democrat majority in the senate, but we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. obama care is the big thing for them.
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the biggest in 100 years. and this is a moment when we have to be calm. we have to understand what holds us together on the right. we have to watch and explain why the failure of the left is happening. and if we do that, we will win. >> all right. charles krauhammer. be sure to check out the doctor's bestselling new book "things that matter." the obama administration was going to sell out to iran on nukes. is that true? and spike lee sued over something he tweeted about george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case. martin case. is it legal? thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover
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to u.n. nuclear inspectors but not to total access. american and great britain would have taken the partial access but the french said no so the deal collapsed. joining us now from washington with his assessment, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, author of the novel "hell war richmond." the problem with this story for me is that i'm getting second-hand reports. i don't really know what happened in the room. the second-hand reports make america look weak and france look strong. do you think that's the case? >> it not only makes america look weak but it makes us look foolish. second-hand, third-hand, fourth-hand reports, you have to put the jigsaw puzzle together from american claims, when you do that, it becomes pretty clear. the european union and the american diplomats were willing
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to accept a deal just to have a deal. iran gave up nothing. we would lose sanctions. kerry interrupted his middle east trip, flies to even geneva expected to get off the plane, do the photo-op and sign the deal and thank god the french foreign minister, a socialist government by the way, said no. this is stupid. iran is not giving up anything and threw a monkey wrench into the works and kerry tries to go back to iranians with french demands and then when iranians say no, no, no and kerry flies home. the bottom line is this. you can't give the iranians a free lunch just because they're willing to talk to us. >> let's get specific so folks know what we're talking about. nobody is in the dopey meetings in switzerland. the crux of the matter is iran wouldn't provide the u.n. inspectors -- that makes me
8:17 pm
nervous that we're depending on them. you can see some of the facilities but you can't see all of them. so what we're getting told is that president obama and cameron, the british prime minister would have said okay. it seems to me impossible to believe they would sign off on a deal that wouldn't allow the u.n. inspectors to look at all of the nuclear facilities. that seems impossible to believe, colonel. >> well, one, i think we can all agree that a serious deal with iran that had real teeth in stopping a nuclear program would be better than military action. but the obama administration is desperate for positive headlines after the debacle of obama care and frankly you want the fact about what iran was not going to do, they were going to basically look in the shop windows and not enter the store and not look in the stock room. we couldn't go into the complex and couldn't see any of the deep
8:18 pm
underground bunkers and rumored facility northwest of tehran. we were going to look at old centrifuges. the thing is you have to be able to get into every last bunker or it doesn't work. >> here's my question. this is why i'm suspect of the reporting. if president obama and cameron had signed such a deal, the whole world would have laughed at them. you would have been leading the factor. i would have been out raising talking points memo. everyone would have said what the hell are you doing? this is insane. israel would have blown that thing up. there's no way they could have gotten away with that, colonel. that shows me that i don't know if this is true. >> well, i can't explain cameron's behavior. that surprises me. an old school liberal, eu chief negotiator, president obama needs a headline. kerry wants an instant legacy to show us he's the greatest secretary of state in history and frankly, nobody in this administration cares about israel at all. bill, i don't approve of
8:19 pm
everything israel does, but prime minister netanyahu is 100% right that this was a really bad deal, solved nothing, gave the iranians time and my bottom line is this. the obama administration doesn't care about israel. obama comes out of that left wing south side chicago in which the 6 million israelis are the imperialist aggressors and somehow 450 million arabs and persians are freedom fighters and innocent parties. i don't think obama even after five years understands how to play international hardball which is amazing because he knows how to play domestic hardball. >> the president even if he isn't sympathetic to israel has to know how he would have been clubbed. it would have made syria look like candyland if they signed this deal. >> i think he thought he would have a piece of paper in his hand guaranteeing peace in our time. >> all right, colonel.
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thanks very much. directly ahead, welfare fraud out of control in the usa. we'll show you something that will make you angry. later, should teenage boys go to hooters, the restaurant? the controversy over that out west. "the factor" will be right back. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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personal choice segment tonight. a tv station has been investigating how tax money is being looted in shocking ways. this woman 39-year-old jamie frankford has collected hundreds of thousands in lottery winnings in 2009 but she collected child care subsidies, medical insurance and food stamps.
8:24 pm
>> judging by that big smile on jamie frankford's face, it had to be one of the happiest days of her life. it was january 2012 and she just won $330,000 in the pennsylvania lottery. that big smile was missing when we went to talk to her about her winnings. >> turn the camera off and get off my property. >> reporter: when frankford hit big, it continued her lucky streak. since july of 2009, she's won $344,000. prior to this picture, frankford was collecting welfare including day care and medical assistance. afterwards, she kept collecting. did you declare to dpw? under state law, welfare recipients must report lottery winnings to dpw. >> do you think the taxpayers should subsidize when you win that much money in the lottery? ma'am, what did you do with that
8:25 pm
money? >> joining us now is chris pabst, the reporter on the case. was that woman arrested? she obviously took the money under false pretenses. has anything happened to her? >> well, i did get a chance to speak with her on the phone. she told me there's an active investigation into her for what she did and the amount of money she did defraud the state of pennsylvania, the taxpayers of pennsylvania out of. she says she wants to may that money back but the state has not done its investigation. >> the state has not completed its investigation. she hasn't been arrested or anything because that's a criminal offense defrauding a state, is it not? >> it's a major offense. she could face felony charges and go to jail and face a $10,000 fine this is a big deal. a very big deal in the state of pennsylvania and anywhere especially when you defraud the state out of as much money as she potentially did over couple years she won that money and not told the state she won it. >> so now is it the state's
8:26 pm
fault that this woman defrauded them if they didn't know, she didn't declare it, the state of pennsylvania, i mean, how could they know? >> it's a good question. the state does not have the ability to talk to different departments within the state so even though this woman won the money from the pennsylvania lottery, the pennsylvania department of public welfare paying for her medical bills, for her kids, also paying for child care for both kids, they had no way of knowing or talking to each other to say the woman won this much money. the welfare department depends on people to be honest to come to them and say adjust my benefits. >> they're not pro-active in investigating fraud. you in your piece talked to a whistle-blower, someone that works in the pennsylvania department of welfare. what did she tell you? >> she was a caseworker. she's been there for five years. so it was her job to sit down with the people that come in and
8:27 pm
then determine eligibility and distribute that aid. she said over her time she heard multiple people say things like when in doubt, give it out. close your eyes and authorize. that's in reference to giving out the assistance. she said that when people come in, they're not encouraged -- caseworkers are not encouraged to check the information for truth. the eligibility information to see if people are lying. it's an ongoing joke in the department that the family dog could make these statements of what these people are getting in eligibility, stamp their paw on it and welfare caseworkers would accept it. >> good work. we appreciate you bringing it to the national audience. thank you. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves ahead this evening. if you think things are bad in pennsylvania, wait until you hear the irs refunding billions with a b of our taxpayer dollars to identity thieves and then spike lee getting sued over comments he made on george zimmerman and the boston terror
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according to the inspector general for the treasury department's tax administration group, the irs has sent out tax refunds totalling $3.6 billion to identity thieves. 3.6 billion. to explain how that could
8:32 pm
happen, we have john. >> people get ahold of social security numbers. they buy them or people used to go to cemeteries and get names of kids that died. i lost my social security number. then they file a phony tax return and say i was paid this much. you owe me so and so much and the irs pays it. >> you're asking the irs -- you're sending something in and you sign it, okay. >> a 1040. >> right. and then you make it so that you get a tax refund but it's all bogus from a to z, right? >> which they often find out later when the employer says i don't know who that is. the identity thief is gone because they use a bogus name and everything else along with the social security number that isn't there. but $3.6 billion, this must be
8:33 pm
an industry. there must be thieves that know how to do this because that's an enormous amount of money. >> of course. you have one address in lithuania getting 500 refunds. >> lithuania. >> you would think they would wake up to that. you just had the guy on from pennsylvania. they couldn't figure out that the lottery winner was on welfare. big government programs handing out tons of money there will always be fraud. >> what this is all about is -- it must be a place where they teach people how to do this, these criminals. i'm not saying that -- >> people learn on their own pretty well. >> i bet you there's an internet site or something like that that shows how to do it. they send it in and then bureaucrats get it because they're overwhelmed. 330 million americans, all right. so there's 100 million tax returns coming in. they can't check each one. they audit people like me, you know, that's who they are going after. but then maybe down the road
8:34 pm
some auditor says we sent 100,000 to lithuania. let's check it out. it's too late. >> that's right. they say we have to get refunds out quickly. people depend on this money. >> is that the mentality? >> that's the official statement. they need it for heating bills. people find out when you file your taxes and irs says we won't give you a refund. we already sent a refund to lithuania. >> under your social security number. >> right. >> is it that easy to steal somebody's identity and to file? it seems like -- >> apparently it's pretty easy to get a social security number. it's not easy to collect the money and not get caught eventually many of these people get caught. they do prosecute 100 or so. still a small percentage. >> 3.6 billion. >> it seems like in this high
8:35 pm
tech age, they should have a better program. >> medicare fraud is much higher. we have a guy running a clinic in florida that bought a horse and all these cars and jewelry. >> because he was just billing phony medical things. >> one guy $20 million. >> obama care is going to stop all that. >> obama care is going to create a new font of fraud. >> i think it will. john stossel. a big controversy in oregon over a hooters restaurant. should teenagers be taken there? those reports after these messages. welcome back. how is everything?
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wel have a personalized legal solution that's right r you. start your business today with legalzoom. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. three hot topics beginning with the boston terror bombing suspect who has been charged. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been charged with murder. he's being held at a federal facility. the medical center in massachusetts. the american civil liberties union say he's being maltreated in prison. here to explain, a criminal defense attorney and an attorney and co-host of "the five" so why is this thug complaining? what's the problem? >> he's saying that these restrictions are excessive and interfering with his right to
8:40 pm
represent himself. the fact that he's kept in sol te solitary. the person that put the restrictions in place is our own attorney general, eric holder. he did that on august 27th. so the problem is they're saying and aclu is joining in on this with mr. tsarnaev's lawyer saying these are undue restrictions. >> he's isolated from the other prisoners. >> solitary confinement. >> number two, all of his communications are monitored because he's a terrorist. he's a terrorist. is there anything else? >> the other one that's important is attorneys are forbidden from releasing information to outside sources. these are common measures put in place in terrorist cases. >> not a gag order on the attorney. >> it happens in many cases. it's not out of the question. >> in this case, i don't. what the prosecution has and
8:41 pm
what eric holder is going to rely on is that these two brothers prior to one brother being killed, had disseminated information saying everyone else join up. join up with the terrorists. >> you don't see abuse here. so aclu stuff. >> common place restrictions. >> let's go to spike lee, our pal. very far left guy. he tweeted something in the zimmerman/trayvon martin case. what exactly did he tweet? >> he tweeted an address of an elderly couple in florida that he claims was george zimmerman's parents. >> let me stop you right there. so spike lee wanted the rest of the world to know the address of zimmerman's parents? >> yeah, he did. >> that's what he wanted? >> he confirmed that it was his tweet and he admits that he tweeted that address. >> he apologized and offered financial compensation in the amount of $10,000. >> to the wrong addressees. >> yes. the couple that was harmed by this information.
8:42 pm
you can imagine the amount of social media reach that spike lee has. when he retweeted this address out to his followers. >> a wrong address and these elderly floridians are suing for how much? >> no specified number. the checkbook is open. >> do you think lee will lose this case and have to settle for some money? >> absolutely. no question. they can't sell their house, the poor people. they want to leave and they can't sell. >> lee is on the hook for substantial money. >> correct. >> finally in california, 14-year-old bully and we're saying that because we have video to back it up and i want you to roll the video now. in san bernardino. posted this. this is how stupid kids are of him attacking another kid. all right. and pick it up from there. >> attackers were in the burgundy shirt. he posted on facebook school was
8:43 pm
unaware of the situation. >> this is school grounds? >> yes. the victim is 15. he's looking at misdemeanor charges in juvenile court plus potential expulsion from the school and the school said thank goodness it was brought to you are attention. we weren't aware of it. >> the bully himself posted it. who shot it? do we know? >> the other student who shot it has already been disciplined and under california bullying laws, the student who bullied will probably be expelled. it's pretty cut and dry. he put it on his own facebook account. >> this is how insane they are. this is on school grounds you can see. the public school now because the video is out there, they have to take action against the student and the authorities have to take action as well. this kid is cooked, right? >> he posted it so it's his video. he's been properly identified. and now he's going to have a record for this going forward. he obviously needs some counseling and a spanking himself.
8:44 pm
>> this is an insane age we live in that these kids -- he's proud of that. he's proud of that. >> he bragged about it. he's in juvenile hall. he's in a youth detention facility pending outcome of these charges. it's being taken very seriously. >> we don't know about his parents or anything like that. >> we don't know about his parents. >> they're locking it down because he's 14. >> correct. >> all right, ladies. good to see you both. thank you. on deck, hooters, the popular restaurant involved in a major controversy. should young teenagers be taken there. "the factor" continues all across the usa and all around the world. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired.
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>> hooters, a middle school football team in oregon outside of portland was rewarded for a good season with an outing to a hooters restaurant. the school district didn't like that and booted the coach but the boys ages 12 to 14 went to hooters any way. >> the excursion limo pulled up and the boys exited to a line of waitresses cheering them on. the coach asked his boys weeks ago when they wanted to have a end of year banquet, this is where it happened. he stood his ground. leaders wanted the event moved to a district venue after a parent complained. when he refused, the district decided he wouldn't return next year as the volunteer coach. >> on the surface it seems like a trivial story.
8:49 pm
it goes to modern parenting and rights of kids in middle school, 12 to 15. so hooters, anything objectionable there? >> not for adults but i will say these are boys. they're age 12 to 14. coach got fired and he went ahead any way to take them. >> he didn't see anything wrong with it. >> this is poor judgment here. >> why is it poor judgment? you go into the restaurant. this is their outfit there. what's the matter with that? >> you are talking about adolescent boys and in this case they weren't giving parents a veto. they're saying we're taking these kids. >> if parents didn't want them to go, they say you don't go. >> the coach decided he was taking the kids and eight parents said no. >> you object to taking boys -- >> you know why? look, you're going to take adolescent boys and put them in a situation where you have female boobs and butts hanging out all over the place. >> do you take them to a beach? >> this is a different context,
8:50 pm
bill. there's alcohol served here. not to these kids. >> no, no, no. come on. come on. do you take the kids to the beach? >> there are a zillion other --e kids. >> that is true, they could have taken them to chucky cheese. if you take the kids to the beach -- i think i went to hooters once in east long island. but there is so much fried food. i think the food food is worse than the outfits. the kids break out, i mean, it is tasty -- >> it was a long time ago. and you say what? >> the coach should have been fired, because this obeyed a superior who said don't take the kids. >> you're saying don't take the kids, what about the kids, should they go to hooters? >> it is up to the parents to decide if the kids should go or not. >> if you had a 12-year-old boy -- >> no, i would not let a
8:51 pm
12-year-old boy go. >> you would not take a 12-year-old boy? why? >> that place is all about t & a. >> why, is that funny? >> i was going to say that. i let you do it. >> you both agree it is inappropriate to take 12-year-old boys to hooters? >> would you take the 12-year-old gboys to a strip club? >> come on, crowley -- every time we talk politics, back with warren harding in a strip club. >> i'm talking about judgment here, and this coach didn't exercise judgment, a lot of these parents didn't either. >> now, you're a conservative individual -- but you, i'm a little bit surprised about you. you are legalizing america, you want the transsexual in the bathrooms. >> i'm talking about kids, it is
8:52 pm
a different story. >> in the locker room, transsexual, you're fine with that. >> you have to deal with it. the people have to deal with it. >> the way to deal with it is basically, if you're born a boy, in the boy's locker room, then when you're an adult you can go where you want. this is what gets me, you -- you say no to hooters, but yes to the transgender, the guy who thinks he is a girl can come into the locker room. >> this is not -- >> no, it is not like monica. >> you think the 12-year-old and the t & a. >> if the guy goes into the locker room, you're okay with it? >> the locker room is like hooters to you? >> have you ever been in a colmes? they don't have chicken wings, but it is called hooters for a
8:53 pm
reason. >> it is entertainment. >> do you see what i'm saying? >> yeah, i do understand what you're saying. >> down with the transgender, into the locker room, but he wouldn't take them to hooters. >> two separate issues and environments, nothing to do with one another. >> can i just make one final comment about hooters? because i have been there, and had to -- it is the curly fries are great. hooters actually capitalized on this situation, they gave money to the middle school program and donated it to the after-school program. you can't blame them for taking advantage. >> i'm not blaming anybody, i love the colmes thing, the transgender locker room is fine, but you don't take the kids to hooters. >> you're taking two totally different things. >> all right, well, let the audience decide like usual. and the tip of the day, are
8:54 pm
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8:58 pm
very pleased with the care i have received. charlie, south boston, massachusetts, vietnam vets were not ill-treated in this town. we had the first memorial for them in this town. southy came through on this one. and bill, i am the chancellor of the midwest college of theology and just finished reading killing jesus, i believe there is a non-theological term for those who believe this. and i am 12, watched the movie, "killing kennedy." i want to read more, can only find killing jesus in the book store. barnes and nobles has a kid book written for you guys ages nine to 13. but i'm going to send you a copy of kennedy's last days because you're a good guy and you watch the factor and you watch the
8:59 pm
movie. so that is on the way to you. vincent joy, in boca raton, florida, killing jesus was a great book, i thank you, it is a nice compliment. and it will run this friday at 8 eastern time, we're up against zombies, 60 minute, nfl and homeland. that is what the killing kennedy movie was up against, it got ratings anyway. please check out the factor website, which is different than bill o'reilly. and if you would like to spout out we'll get a lot of mail on the hooters deal. and name and town, name and town, if you wish to opine, word of the day, no palter, simple word, nobody knows what it means, when writing to the factor. good word. mad as hell.
9:00 pm
at our segment issteamed, we want know about it. and ms. megyn is next, please remember, the spin stops here, we're always looking out for you. breaking tonight, democrats breaking ranks with the white house, welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the day started with president clinton telling the white house that the president needs to keep his promise to america even if doing so would require a change in the law. then we heard congressional democrats reportedly gave the presidents 72 hours to do something significant about the disastrous health care rollout. otherwise, they are reportedly ready to join congressional republicans on an obama care fix. then tonight.


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