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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 13, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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clinton chiming in it. we have more on what he had to say. >> while former president bill clinton said the administration should keep its word people should be allowed to continue coverage with their healthcare plan which is now in the process of being canceled. take a listen. >> i personally believe even if it takes changing the law the president should honor the commitments the federal government made to those people. >> the former president as you may know a champion of healthcare reform. there are others who are also speaking out senator diane fine stein, senator maryla land dror that require insurance companies to continue offering their healthcare plans. at the same time house republicans are expecting to vote on their proposal friday that would allow insurance companies the option of continuing existing plans for a year. while the white house apologized for the failing rollout the
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president said he is exploring administrative action. there have not been any specific changes announced yet. >> the president has half of his team with looking at a range of options as he said to make sure nobody is put in a position where their plans have been canceled and they can't afford a better plan even though they would like to have a better plan. >> the pressure will continue todayed to park the chief technology officer will face lawmakers on the hill. he will have to answer the burning questions why have there been so many warning signs that have been missed. heather and ainsley back to you guys. >> elizabeth prann live this morning thank you. >> isn't likely to be running right at the end of the month of november as promised because contractors aren't fixing the glitches fast enough we are told. the white house promised repairs the web site still having problems as 20 and 30,000 people are trying to use it at the same time. >> dishonest and untrust worthy
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that's what americans say they feel about president obama. they found by a margin of 52 to 44 percent voters believe the president is not honest and cannot be trusted. >> overnight a scare in the air for passengers. an american airlines flight making an emergency landing because of a cracked windshield. the plane had just taken off from miami when the pilot noticed the problem. the flight was carrying 166 people and was headed to boston. it is unclear what caused the crack. >> relief operations are starting to pick up the pace in the philippines five days after that devastating typhoon there. still only a triple of food, water, medical supplies are making it to the hardest hit areas. december praising forcing people to take matters into their own hand. in another incident 8 people were killed looting a rice
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warehouse wihen a wall collapse crushing them to death. >> more than 2200 people have died and that includes two americans. but this may be the most araising video you will see today. amid all of the rubble and the ruins in the philippines this giant statue of jesus. it is still standing. the typhoon produced sustained winds speeds of up to 195 miles per hour. the statue suffered no damage. absolutely incredible. >> brings chills to you. >> a man accused of assault and disorderly conduct for punching a patriots fan. he was charged with punching a woman after the game october 20th. he's due in court in new jersey today. nugent and two others involved will also make court appearances. >> the two university students
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placed on probation after using a pistol to scare off an intruder now have their guns back. they have to be scortored in a nonuniversity residence they are told. >> dan mcintosh and eric fagan's guns after a man was trying to force themselves into the university owned apartment. they were placed on probation for violating the weapons policy. they are not allowed to have guns if they live in a university apartment or a dorm. >> the game changer in 30 years what is being called drastic new guidelines on heart disease. nearly a third of all adults may need to be on cholesterol medication. anna kooiman is here with what you need to know before your next doctor's visit. >> the brand new guidelines are designed to protect our hearts and are recommending a much larger group of people take cholesterol lowering medications including any one with type ii
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diabetes. >> when you have drugs that are that effective and quite safe, it makes sense to treat more people. it will be difficult to know how many more but probably millions of additional americans will be taking these drugs in the future. >> where are the guidelines from, the american heart association and the american college of cardiology. they are stressing the importance of healthy diet that has trans fats and stowed yu-- sodium. they say activity four times a week. experts say if you think some of these changes may apply to you, heather, they say make an appointment to talk it over with your doctor. >> important information to know. thank you so much, anna. the college student who hacked into miss teen usa web
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cam and watched her private moments could spend as many as 11 years behind bars. jared abraham admitted to secretly taking pictures of cassidy wolf and at least a dozen other women. he will be sentenced in march. >> a man is being denied medication. his father went to visit him in prison the medication he needs to treat internal bleeding was not allowed in the were i see son. the guards kwoo let him give to his son. he's an american citizen but has been in the iranian prison for more than a year for practicing christianity. president obama and john kerry are urging the iranian president to release him. >> the state department says that the two were taken in an attack in the gulf of guinea. that's where pirates are on the rise. they won't give the details of
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the release. it is common for people abducted in nigerian waters to be released after a ransom is paid. a military drone crashes into new york's lake ontario during a national guard training mission. military officials say the mq 9 reaper had taken off from the airport at fort drum. the aircraft was not armed and no one was injured. tv pitch man, kevin trudeau is denying lying about his weight loss. $37 million fine for lying. he had been sentenced in february and could face several years in prison. a major airline merger lauren sim net knonetti ahas th
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more. >> american airlines and u.s. airways cleared for takeoff if the federal judge gives the all clear to the deal that creates the largest airline in the world. valued at 17 billion with 1600 flights a day to 330 destinations. they will give up new york's laguardia airport so competitors like jetblue and southwest can move on in. even though it could be argued more competition means better air fair, father this. since the merger waves began air fare is up more than 15 percent. only fliers in certain cities may see better prices. but a stronger airline with improved finances could mean better customer service in the en. happier workers happier passengers so we hope. the new design shows more thumb nails that explain why the service is recommending a certain show or certain movie to you will. you can send it to facebook to
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see what your friends are watching. >> they are trying to make us touch potatoes i guess. >> yesterday we told you wal-mart was opening up at 6:00 pm on thanksgiving day. the retail guy isn't is offering black thursday deals. ipad mini and $100 gift card for 299 bucks. ledtv's for under 100. don't worry about the five this year. wal-mart increased the tv inventory by 65 ers p. so happy shopping on thanksgiving day one in all. >> you hate to wait in line that long and not have inventory. >> they are guaranteeing if you want it you will get it by christmas day even if they don't have it in stock that day. >> we will see.
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>> weather update. most waking up to freezing temperatures. you won't need the hat and gloves for long. more on the weather coaster forecast. >> a roller-coaster is what it feels like here across eastern parts of the country. they will be heating up ore the next couple days. i want to show you what it looks like outside east of the rockies. it will deep us try and sunny. high pressure across portions of canada. it will be a cold air mass that continues in place through out the day today. 20's in raleigh, north carolina in kansas city minneapolis only 20 degrees in chicago. you factor in a little bit of a breeze. when it feels like when you head out the door is incredibly cool winter like. minneapolis it feels like 17. it feels like 13 as you head out the door in chicago.
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if you live across the parts of the south or even across portions of the carolinas you are not feeling much better. 28 is what it feels like in raleigh, north carolina. 22 in atlanta. atlanta has good news for you. it will be warming up in the early morning hours you will be in the 40's by thursday, 50's by friday also into the 610s by morning hours on sunday. rebounding heather and ainsley. as far as high temperatures today only 39 degrees in new york city. will need it during the morning hours. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour. obamacare trying to appeal to women by looking at casual sex and easy access to birth control. >> kim kardashian is in trouble
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>> good morning to you. here's a picture of new york city with the american flag flying to the left of your screen. beautiful shot. >> a helmet camera catching a dramatic footage of a fire in california. you can see them going into the big black smoke that fills the stairs. five dogs escaped the burning house but two others died. no firefighters were injured in all of this. a gas leak from a lamb used to grow marijuana started that
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fire. >> a man is set free after his murder conviction is overturned. they through out his 2005 conviction last week and attorney general decided no the to retry him. >> it is amazing to be here knowing that other people are in my situation don't have support and help that i have had. this is not an anomaly. we need to look at other cases and be aware this is part of our justice system. there are more innocent people in prison>> furgason was accused in the murder&wsú the convictis overturned because they failed to share evidence with furgason's defense team. >> the florida woman sentenced to 20-years in prison here's her picture for firing a warning shot during a fight with her husband now wants bail. melissa alexander was convicted of aggravated assault back in 2012. an appellate court granted the
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father mother of three a new trial. the appeals court said the trial judge gave the jury incorrect instructions on self defense. alexander hopes to be released from prison while she awaits trial in april. >> after months overseas they return home to a surprise by the baltimore ravens. members of the super bowl championship team were there to salute the troops. >> want to show all of the appreciation for them for what they have done for us and sacrifices they have made for us that's what we want to do. >> many ravens have family members who served and they are eager to show their support to the troops. >> it is 17 minutes after the hour. time to brew on this. the tax payer funded obamacare campaign releases new ads aimed at one woman.
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one features a young woman holding birth control pills while standing next to a young man saying, i hope he's as easy as getting birth control. >> another showing a young woman standing next to ryan gosling that says hey, girl, are you excited about easy access to birth control? this is unreal. so we want to know, is it just fine or is it over the line? send us your comments on twitter and facebook or e-mail us. look forward to hearing what you have to say. the time is 18 minutes after the hour. t-shirts to honor a classmate who lost their battle with cancer. the school told them to take them off because it would upset other kids. >> tina turner making a shocking decision to give up their red white and blue. i'm overhe hill.
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>> good morning from the streets of new york city. the lights shining bright in times square as always we hope that you are waking up on the good side of the bed today. we have this story for you. horrible story, actually. arizona high school football player is dead days after taking a hit to the head. charles ubela scored his team's only touchdown of the night. in the 4th quarter he caught a pass and was tackled in a typical clean tackle. he remained on the field for two
2:23 am
more plays before collapsing. he was conscious when he arrived but days later the hospital announced he died from his injuries. a michigan school district reversed the decision to ban students from wearing memorial t-shirts this after students showed up to school monday wearing shirts in honor of the classmate katelyn jackson. she passed away over the battle with leukemia. they told the students to turn their shirts inside out or cover up the name because they were worried the shirts would upset other children. >> do you have the need for speed? florida drivers might soon be hitting the gas pedal a little more. they filed a bill to raise the speed limit on the interstate to 75 miles per hour and 70 miles an hour where there's a divided highway. rural areas would be the only ones affected. kim kardashian pulled over for speeding while trying to avoid
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all of the paparazzi. once she was stopped photographers tried to capture that moment resulting in tons of traffic. they sited one of the photographers for speeding. proud mary will no longer be rolling on the mississippi. ♪ >> tina turner filed paperwork with the u.s. embassy in switzerland to reling wiquish h american citizenship. the 73-year-old who retired from the concert stage. she is lived in switzerland for nearly two decades. she says she has no plans to reside in america again. so she is missing out. >> i am going to stay here. i like this country. it is 24 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up one pup proving she really is man's best friend. >> she knew that i needed help. helped me dig out of the snow and proceeded to lay on my legs
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and my body to keep me warm. >> how she helped save her owner's life after a skiing accident. >> it wasn't flames that proved dangerous it was a fierce wind that almost carried him away literally. but on this day in history first of all back in 2000 charlie's angels. remember that? that was number one. the number one movie at the box office. >> good morning, angels. >> good morning, charlie. >> meet roger corwin he's planning to steal a new software. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> it is november 13th. image this being thousands of pete in the air and this happens to your plane with 152 people on board. what one pilot did to divert disaster. >> a fan punched a woman and it went viral. he's in court and so is the woman he hit. >> is this how you start your day? had >> i am late, i am late, i am late. >> new proof that it may not be your fault after all. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, welcome to "fox & friends first". still dark outside on the
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streets of new york city. i am ainsley earhardt. i >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with this for you. former president bill clinton says president obama gnaw need to keep the promise for americans to keep their health insurance. >> chief technology officer is expected to testify today. hi, doug. >> the web site itself is going to come under more strit knee today as administration chief technology officer todd park explains why so many warning signs were missed along the way. why did the administration's experts sign off on the flawed site in the first place is all of your personal data really safe? we will have to respond to a report of the "washington post" this morning that the white house will probably miss the end of month deadline to get the site fully operational.
2:31 am
former president bill clinton parts ways on this saying the president should make good on his now broken promise that if americans like their current healthcare plan they can keep them. >> so, i personalbly believe even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the president made to these people. >> the president as you know pledged to look at potential actions that could be taken to address this problem. his focus is on making sure people get quality and affordable health insurance. >> but the white house is very lee luck tant to do what president clinton suggested which is to allow people to maintain healthcare plans that are not specifically approved the white house. democrats and congress are putting forward legislation that would allow people to keep their plan if they in fact liked them allow them to grandfather them .
2:32 am
>> that's what they were told they would be able to do. thank you so much doug luzader live for us. >> could the disaster have been prevented those close to the obamacare web site say the project is flagged with high risk. despite that were with aing nothing was done to stop the launch. >> the white house created a team to save big projects before they became disasters. since the october launch fewer than 50,000 people had signed up for obamacare. >> overnight a scare in the air for passengers. an american airlines flight making an emergency landing in orlando because of a cracked windshield. now the plane had just taken off from miami. that's when the pilot noticed the problem. the flight was carrying 156 people. it was heading to boston. still not clear what caused the crash. >> another medical aid is on -- federal aid is on the way. the government just agreed to provide $104 million to repair
2:33 am
low income housing here in new york city. this funding allowed initial 1.8 billion in grants and second 1.3 billion installment. >> the death toll from the devastating typhoon at least two americans are among the dead. david piper has been following the story from the beginning for us. he joins us from bangkok, thailand. what is the latest? >> hi, heather. people are becoming increasingly desperate for food, water medical supplies in the mill fein -- philippines. it has been five days. not enough are getting through at this time. in one incident 8 people died when a wall collapsed as thousands of people in warehouses. police and soldiers couldn't stop the looters are taking 100,000 sax of rice from the government building and reports of widespread looting in towns and convoys as people get
2:34 am
desperate. the u.s. marines say the local air force should be operating around the clock there soon, though. the united nations say as many as 11 million people may have been affected by the typhoon with nearly 700,000 left homeless. the government has said the death toll may be more likely to be around 2,500 than 10,000. a relief operation is underway. british ships are steaming to the philippines to help in the effort. the carrier the uss george washington and four other ships logical arrive in the devastated area today. they will likely be put into action particularly the lies into the much needed areas. thank you, heather. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> the american pastor jailed in iran is being denied medication. he went his father went to vism with medicine that he needs for
2:35 am
internal bleeding. they denied it. he has been in jail for practicing christianity. >> attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev says he is too restricted and claim he should have access to a phone. prosecutors cesar neve who r tsarnaev could insight others to become terrorists. once the recommendation is made the attorney general has until the end of january to make that call. >> the u.s. state department is set to designate nigerian islamic militant group as a terrorist organization. the group wants to impose islamic law across nigeria. the group has been blamed for thousands of deaths in the last four years and seen as one of the largest security threats in
2:36 am
nigeria. because they are a terrorist group they can block business and financial transactions to that group. >> the house committee on foreign affairs is set to convene a hearing to examine nuclear negotiations with iran. congressman ed royce the chairman of the committee says president obama looks to be settling rather than toughening sanctions to get meaningful and lasting concessions. he is calling for all bomb making to be ceased. the hearing falls on the 100th day of hassan rouhani's presidency in iran. >> a jets fan accused of punching a patriot fan is due in court today. he is charged with assault for hitting a woman following the jets patriots game october 20th. he is due in east rutherford in a money nis pal court. court appearances will be made by nugent and two others in that roerl. >> it is official new york is home to america's tallest building.
2:37 am
according to the council on tall buildings which actually exists, one world trade certainty will be the united states tallest building beating out chicago's willis tower and the first tower of the 16 acre world trade center will officially open today. officials have planned a ribbon cutting ceremony for 4 world trade center. >> it is time for the first degree weather update. most waking up with below freezing temperatures. >> you will not need your hat and gloves for very long. that's the good news. ma roa molina is in the weather center with more on this roller-coaster forecast. >> hi, good morning. it is fog and that is what we tend to sees temperatures really cooling off and heating back up. we are going to be seeing that through out this week. i want to start out with what we are looking at right now. it is very cold across the entire eastern half of the country. current actual temperatures, not your windchills are in the 20's for so many of you like in
2:38 am
nashville, little rock, louisville it is 20 degrees in chicago. then you factor in a little bit of a breeze what it feels like when you head out the door and as far south as atlanta you are talking windchill at 22. it feels like 27 in montgomery, alabama all of the way down to parts of alabama and feels like only 3 1r degrees in new orleans. bundle up as you head outdoors across the entire eastern half of the country. parts of texas very cold this morning. windchills across portions of dallas. as we head to the afternoon we are going to stay cold. only climbing into the 50's that's the actual temperature. it will feel colder than that. otherwise over the next several days take a look at this forecast. by sunday you will be back into the 80s. saturday in the 70s and friday through out the workweek you will be into the 60s. those morning temperatures are also going to be warming up. you are not going to get below 50 coming up on saturday morning. pretty incredible to see that shift in temperatures just so
2:39 am
sharp over parts of the eastern half of the country. otherwise actual high temperatures today only 39 in new york city. look how quiet it is for the entire 48. it will be across parts of the great lakes. it will be a cold one. >> we will be repaprepared. >> that's why they tell you to dress in layers this time of year. the time now is about 5:40 on the east coast. 20 minutes to the top of the hour that's how i should say it whenever you are. are you getting tricked at the ticket counter? the fee you might be paying when you really don't have to. >> you are not going to like this if you are a student. thousands of kids across the country will be spending more time in school. what administrators ep who to accomplish by extending the school day. moms will like it.
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>> keith urban. great in concert. he's coming here headed to new york in january. >> let's go. we need to get our tickets. >> good morning to you. in the news this morning a missouri man freed after 8 years in prison as his murder conviction is appealed. his 2005 conviction last week. an attorney general has decided not to retry him. >> it is amazing to be here knowing that other people are in my situation don't have the support and the help that i have had. so this is not an anomaly. we need to look at other cases and be aware this is part of our justice system and there are other innocent people in prison.
2:44 am
>> he was accused in the 2001 murder of kent titholt. the conviction was overturned because prosecutors violated federal law by failing to share evidence with his defense team. >> kids in high poverty areas in connecticut, massachusetts, new york, and tennessee are adding 300 hours to the school year additional instruction and enrichment. the length of the day varies by school but some are adding an hour and a half of extra study time. >> listen to the story. a man in colorado is alive this morning because of his dog. he was out skiing earlier this month when he hit a tree and he couldn't move. freezing temperatures were setting in and he says, what his dog juneau did was miraculous. >> i don't know if that was god reaching out to her, to me. she knew that i needed help. helped me dig out of the snow
2:45 am
she laid on my legs and part of my body to keep me warm. >> she only left his side to get the tanks of other skiers who called for help and he was air lifted to the hospital. he still has a long recovery in front of him but he will always be grateful to his dog for helping save his life. cha-ching. a rare orange diamond. that's what that is. it sells for a record $35.5 million at auction in switzerland. the gem found in south africa the largest of its kind weighing in at 14.82 carats. it comes out to be 2.4 million per carrot. the man who bought it wants to remain anonymous, although he will be sending it to me. >> nothing new of course but one fee you are paying could be more of a rip off. diane macedo from the fox newsroom joins us now to explain this. >> the arizona department of
2:46 am
waste and measures fined several airlines after discovering their luggage at tucson were inaccurate. the problem came in it several varieties blueing scales not starting at zero or inoperable digital displays. the agency's compliance director sa tells the star they were especially concentrated at the point that each airline started imposing a sir charge meaning smaller ors could cause passengers big bucks. in some cases $100 for being one pound over. it is entirely possible this is going on in airports all over the country. luggage scale testing is low on priority lists for federal and state agencies. what can you do to protect yourself. use your bathroom scale to test your bag at home. it won't give you a perfect reading but will give you an idea of how close the limit you are. once at the airport if your baggage is slightly over weight ask to check it on a diffeynw
2:47 am
scale. as a last resort you could ask to see documents on the last calibration of the scale. if you get to that point you may be better off paying the fine than dealing with the angry passengers waiting in line. >> you will be happy to know my aunt sitting in the studio she called me said i put my bag on the scale 42 pounds. >> way to go. >> good job. >> that's when you start shifting things around. >> i have been that person before. >> the time now is about 15 minutes to the top of the hour. is this how you start your day? ♪ i'm late i'm late for a very important date ♪ >> there is proof it may not be your fault after all. ñ a firefighter who swept up in the air on top of a metal roof during the storm. you want to see how the story ends. first brian kilmeade coming up on "fox & friends." you have a fan. my aunt loves you.
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>> at least somebody in your family likes me. that's a big relief. how do you know we have planned something today? today you are in luck. we did plan a 3 hour show. it will begin something like this. big news from the white house. they may need yet another big break on the healthcare law. senator ted cruz is here to react to that. i am sure he will be against it. do you know someone who worries a lot even when there's nothing to worry about? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow went to college. he will answer for it. image you are rearranging the furniture and 100,000 dollars falls out. it happened to one man and what he did next will astound you. he will tell us himself. also dr. mark seigel is here. he wears a stealtthoscopstethos. he breaks down the study on cholesterol drugs. let me look at them now. back in a em mo meant. -- a moment. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals
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and find a retailer near you.
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>> we have brand-new information, guidelines designed to protect our hearts and recommending a larger group of people take cholesterol lowering medications including anyone with type 2 diabetes. >> when you have drugs that are that effective and quite safe, it makes sense to treat more people. it will be difficult to know how many more probably millions of additional americans in the future.
2:53 am
>> cardiology experts are stressing the importance of a healthy diet. they are recommending at least 40 minutes of modern to vigorous aerobic activity three to four times a week. they say this new information will help them better identify people who may be at risk for a heart attack. experts say if you think these changes may apply to you, you ought to talk it over with your doctor quickly. >> thank you. important information for people today. just how good for your body is chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milk? >> in an effort to do sales the dairy industry is in a fight to have flavored milk to be defined as just milk but critics say the change would allow dairy producers to add artificial sweeteners without putting it on the package. they say parents need to know especially for kids. do you know people who
2:54 am
show up late to everything? now science says it's possible they may not be able to help it. >> very often it is somebody who is really self-involved and it may not be in a mean way but just in a nonthinking kind of way. >> many times it is somebody not understanding what it takes to get from one place to another. >> turns out your tardy friends might really have an excuse. they see time differently than the rest of us. it is goodbye again for "all my children," the soap opera that has been on air for 40 years and revived again on-line has been canceled. "the los angeles times" reporting soap net channel will shut down on december 31 after 14 years. >> it's six minutes till the top of the hour. they might be called smart phones but how smart is it or are we if we own one?
2:55 am
something inside could make you very sick. what everyone who owns one needs to know. >> we want to know what you think about this obamacare ad that is pushing easy access to birth control. your comments up next. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o
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it is two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. the death toll from that devastating typhoon in the philippines rising to more than 2,200 people. at least two americans are among the dead. a jets fan accused of punching a female patriots fan heads to court today. curt was caught on camera punching jacqueline nugent on october 30. a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for
2:59 am
four world trade center. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. thanks to thousands of volunteers and the make a wish foundation, a five-year-old boy with leukemia is becoming bat kid. >> new research shows high levels of tungsten metals can double a person's risk for stroke. the metal is found in cell phones and laptops. a fighter in croatia goes for a ride on a tin roof while trying to clean up after a storm. he was swept into the air. luckily he was not injured. >> time for your brew on question of the day responses. >> we showed you new obamacare ads showing easy access to birth control. this woman shows a woman saying let's hope he's as easy to get as birth control. what do you think? >> chris wrote one more
3:00 am
reason to participate or not participate in the program. disgusting. >> just when you think obamacare can't get worse, what happened to the war on women. >> be dazzler says these ads are offensive. a ploy to defend obamacare. thanks to everyone who responded. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it's wednesday, november 13. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. harsh words for the president obamacare rollout from one very high-profile democrat. >> even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor his commitment the federal government made to those people. >> it gets worse. the white house backtracking on their promise to fix obamacare by the end of the month. >> amid typhoon wreckage and desperation, one statue still standing tall. a sign of hope for those still trying to cope with disaster. >> then the tallest


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