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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 14, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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are we about to find that out with health care? tonight at 8:00, fbn. >> this is a fox news lart. moments ago they released the numbers for obamacare. they war numbers would be low. with regard to anything obama they are right. after a month of operations it is only a fraction of what they expected. as few as 106,000 people made it through the process. many of those enrollees haven't even paid a penny yet. also recalled by partisan ceo said they need 7 million paying customers by march to make obamacare by financially. the obamacare disappointment is
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toxic even to the left. democrats are jumping ship. bill clinton providing cover for hillary and here are some of the others. >> i don't think it has been a disaster it has been another joke. i am up to that. but i am hoping i have no idea how this is going to work on on november 30th. >> i personally believe even if it makes new law he needs to help those people keep their insurance. >> i have my own business my policies got canceled even before the affordable care act. >> bigger problems than fixing the web site. the fact that nobody believes anything they say any more. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. uh-oh. >> 106,000. >> why didn't you come to me first on this good news. the bigger problem, for the first time i can remember the right media and the mainstream
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media have come together now and are bludgeoning this. i don't know one reporter save schultz on msnbc who is now defending this. that causes real problems. the amen corner isn't there. >> they were expecting 500,000 after a month. they expected 7 million. these numbers are disaster. >> if we had single payer. >> bob is making an interesting point. the irony of it is president obama just lost his health coverage by the media who covered his butt over obamacare. the funny thing is everybody who is has covered for him is to blame. president obama has walked around for the last three years without his clothes on. now that he has gotten pneumonia, they are bolting. they never held his freet to the fire. >> james car vel said there's a
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lot riding on this. boy is he ever right. >> it's not just the 2014 elections it's actually the whole utopian idea of what they have tried to sell to the american people as these other programs that we have come to all benefit from. for example social security. those programs have not been reformed you do not have the ability to sustain them going forward. the moment of crisis where you are going to have to have to have some bargain the liberals are on the losing side of that. the new york sometimes in particular should be called out for protecting president obama when he needed their help the least. today this morning they refer to obama's lie if you like your plan you can keep it, as an inexact promise. they keep making up new language. yesterday jay carney said the white house has been sub effective. all of this language they have used to try to cloak and provide him some kind of cover has served him the worst.
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>> 106,185. we are not sure how many of those are paid. interesting, barry, in that number. we don't know how many of those 106,000 are young people. they are very important. also 3-to-1 signed up at the state level rather than the federal level. what are these numbers telling you? >> these are selected plans. they may be in people's shopping carts but they haven't purchased. in order for them to be counted you have to pay a premium. that's how you calculate getting a plan. the first premium is paid. that's not happened yet. these numbers are a bunch of bologna. remember they changed the formula to make sure the jobs number would look rosie for them. they are all about changing the languages. now they are changing the math. we don't know how many of these people are young, we don't know how many are healthy. you need healthy people in the system. also they have been lying to us
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about a number of different things. i have to call democrats out on something else. they are continuing to lie to us. this bill that diane fine stein has gotten behind the landrieu bill is a fake, phony fraud. it is something to stem the bleeding. it is a cya move to cover their butts. it's not going to do anything to save these people's plans. those plans are gone, baby, gone. they are still lying to their constituents. >> let's remember the vast, vast majority of americans are going to keep health insurance the way they are now. >> that's not true. >> yes it is. >> no, it is not true. >> who is going to get their plan changed at fox? >> why wouldn't they delay the employer mandate. >> when the employer mandate kicks in in a year some 93 million people will likely lose their health insurance. >> how did you get that? >> i think the wall street journal reported that.
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>> okay, that's good. >> who would be letter to you? >> like in fossett sent us an e-mail would you believe it? >> i know you don't want to talk about -- let's talk about the policy. you could argue numbers. you keep throwing these numbers out of some -- the beckel almanac. >> it is reported by the government. i don't know what you are talking about. >> 91 million people dropping their insurance policy. >> many employers are dropping now. >> can i make a point. couldn clinton gave cover for hillary and other democrats to move. i don't know where they move. the solution is there is a growing and almost unstoppable movement among democrats to get
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underneath this thing. >> can we praise john boehner on this? when he said there would be a vote on friday that would put a squeeze on the democrats to a point they have to figure out some way to scramble. republicans aren't helping out. >> you want to talk numbers here are the real numbers. take a look. president obama's approval rating. >> the difference between approval and disapproval 15 percent. i p can't remember any president with that kind of approval. >> i knew one. >> the most important one right here. in one month, in a month and a half since the october 1st rollout look at this, do you trust president obama is he trust worthy and honest? 54 percent to 44 percent.
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a 10 percent slide in the trust worthiness. >> that's the most dangerous of the poll numbers. the rest of it there are plenty that have 15 percentage point difference. >> at 39, though? >> yes. will>> yes. >> they don't mean anything if the republican poll numbers are projected. for the republicans to come up with a meaningful sponsor than you suck, it doesn't matter, because these crisises come and go. thi they need to come up with a legitimate action plan with likeable accessible candidates or they are going to have to -- >> democrats have given them a huge gift and this is going to be the biggest failure from the democratic party in our time. republicans can't do anything they need to do. they need to grab the gasoline and continue to pour it. by the way, if i were a
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shareholder of the insurance companies which bob and i agree are bad people they should demand management come clean to ask what are the financial implications for the company? are they going to pass down higher costs to everybody at this table? the insurance companies were quick to take a deal with the white house. >> they have the biggest increases of any industry in the stock market. i don't know why the stock market is will down. how anybody with a 9 percent approval rating which is the lowest they have how do they offer an alternative. obama is in far better thshape than they are. >> it is not bowing well for any one going up against the republicans in 2014. >> why? >> because this plan. this law is a disaster. >> you are assuming as many people do. you have to come up with someone
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that is not obama. >> i am talking when the senate seats come up. democratic senators are trying to push away from obamacare right no you. >> hagan at north carolina had a disastrous call with reporters. not just that she didn't have a good answer it's the way they have very little confidence in the ability to defend the president at the moment. that is fine in the mid terms you can run on your own, however, republicans are smart. so far they have been placing a cloak on the democrats with a big sign that says, why did you repeat the obamacare lie? that's all you have to say. >> put this under their face. you built that? >> put this under their face. you built that. >> it is not just an indictment of a web site it's an indictment of the way of life. we talked about the last five
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years various miseries and atrocities that have come from this administration. we all fall under one umbrella. coercion and concerns liberalism. this is the best undergraduate college course for young people who are getting screwed through obamacare. they are learning something valuable. >> you can't campaign against -- >> can you do this instead. can someone just admit this isn't reducing or bending the cost curve down for healthcare. >> nothing i have seen so far. i agree. >> the only thing that is going to bring it down is making them become more efficient. the only way you make them more efficient is when you introduce competition. wh what do you do? let them fight amongst themselves for the insurance es and enrollees and drive the cost um. >> you think insurance companies are going to go after vig louory
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four people without an insurance policy. >> if the government sment paying their subsidy? absolutely. one of the troubling things was the report out of pro publica quoting that a guy named hammock who is basically making a decision to try to make less money next year so he comes under it so he gets the federal subsidies. we are basically teaching people to want to do less and less. that is a much bigger problem that we talked about on here. when it comes to healthcare you will find people you will find companies that if they think the government is going to pay them that's the surest thing. >> if you take the government t ment out of it under the current health system before obamacare was dissolving in front of our very eyes costs were going up they were increasing premiums every year for 50 years what's going to happen? >> you have the same problems plus 50 million people that
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don't have their health insurance they paid before. you have nothing. >> i have to get this in here? why do i have to get schultz in. we have to. listen to this guy. i called him a buffoon yesterday i am calling him a crazy buffoon. >> the mainstream media wants obamacare to fail. they look for every negative number they can find. they are afraid to do a positive story they are afraid that somebody might not watch. the media is just cherry picking bad facts that are out there repeating them over and over again and in many cases they are making stuff up. >> there is -- they found every negative story they could find and there are positive stories. >> the news media doesn't have to do anything. the numbers coming out write the stories for the news media. as greg pointed out where was the media years ago. the big heat is the subsidies.
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when economists say it is going to die its own death, do you think the biggest spender president obama is going to let this thing die? he is going to raise every program he has to subsidiary dies the insurance companies and again these democrats that keep saying they have a plan to keep your plan, do not believe them. there's no way they can do that. they can keep them for maybe a couple months. a federal mandate and employer mandate for insurance but let the states define the definition? >> also get the plan back -- >> it makes no sense. >> we have to get out of here. go ahead dana. >> it defies the laws of economics and business if you are a company that you are trying to fulfill a mandate from the government you tell that to your customer now congress all of a sudden is going to change it maybe for a year. what kind of confidence and certainty does that give any one in the business community, not just insurance companies. it defies logic. >> you want to turn this all
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over to the -- >> every time i want to say something she starts talking. >> who cares about schultz. i love the leftist common caters losing their plan. you are supposed to have sympathy. it's like having sympathy for an orphan because he killed his parents. the other fact 34 times as many americans bought guns as they did signing up for obamacare, which means self defense is health defense and it reflects the power of individual choice and that's what matters. >> if you believe the free market is going to handle all of this why don't you take medicare. (talking over one more) >> you interrupted. let me finish this. you jump on it call it socialism. do away with medicaid and let the free market handle it. >> absolutely. >> is that where you are? >> is that where the republican party is? they have been there a long time. >> let me finish. >> that's crap.
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>> everybody in public and private life infested by government has failed. look at retirement, look at education and healthcare. those are three areas if they let the free market explore and look at options but they are so scared you have to cling to the government. that's pathetic. >> grab some popcorn. krauthammer thinks he may be watching liberalism collapse in front of your very eyes. >> they made another admission. he just confessed to doing something else illegal as his city council holds votes to get him out of office. that and more coming up on "the five."
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joshua. we are going to have words. welcome >> welcome back to "the five.
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the democratic party has been dealt a huge blow in the wake of obamacare rollout. could that be lethal for liberalism. some think so like krauthammer. >> not just the obamacare administration unravelling not just democrat and senate. but we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. the obamacare is the big thing for that. this is a moment where we have to be calm. we have to see what holds us together on the right. we have to explain why the failure on the left is happening, if we do that we will win. >> co host you heard dr. krauthammer. he said we have to remain calm. that is the goal. right before the segment dr. krauthammer new york times best seller list for "things that matter." congratulations. we just got that news.
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liberalism is it dying on the vine, greg? >> there is never an end to anything. you have heard this for 8 years. it is generally a cycle. liberalism is bold. titan tick anti iceberg. if they are around long enough they actually destroyed big government. i think that happens a lot of times with conservatives. if you are in power for a long time it falls apart. the only thing it started immediately day one with the obama presidency. >> do you remember james car vel rote it's the end of republicans and conservativism when president obama won and 2006 when they took over the majority. you have seen these cycles. where are they in the cycle of liberal life and death? >> i agree with greg.
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i am a fstudent of the history f politics. the number of times i have seen the progressive movement baruri go back. they take on different iterations there. you take a look at the john burt society and goldwater, became very conservative people stayed away from it. reagan came along and made it very populus movement. i think liberals could take a big hit on this. charles is wrong. there's no way the death of anything happens with american policy. >> what do you think? >> i agree with both of you guys everything is cyclical. but i don't think there's any one that has been as aggressive in their ideology as president obama and the obama administration. he's the guy who says we are going to fundamentally transform america and has done everything since then think about the green energy think about obamacare.
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everything he has done has been take from the wealthy or give from the poor. there has never been this progressive aggressive progressiveness. what they are probably going to do is speed up the cycle. i think your skin is sort and they will get sick of it. i wonder if you thought there was a policy that would bring the gop back together. is there one thing you think that could unite us? >> i think obamacare is a policy. republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. don't do it this time. you mentioned conservatism died, too. they die when conservatives act like liberals. that's when they get thrown out. we have a situation where republicans pass law and they hope people will understand liberals pass laws and they hope
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people won't find out. >> they won't notice? >> they won't pay attention. they have an opportunity not just to educate people about healthcare but i think they should reach higher. if you look at chris christie's exit polls the one attribute against all african americans whites, democrats republicans the one attributes they add meyer most with chris christie he means what he says and when he says something he is not going to do it. you may not like what i am going to tell you but always tell you the truth. there's a crisis with this legislation and liberalism now is the time we need to step up and say we are credible. if we win we will fix it. you have to reach higher over funding and delaying. you have to coalesce around credibility. >> first of all it would probably be social than obama. the republican party is perceived overwhelmingly
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negative and the tea party is a big part of that. you have to fight your own perception before you can stand forward and offer yourself up as an alternative. >> now is the best time to do that. >> to that point fighting and public when you are married you don't fight in aisle 3 in wal-mart. that's what republicans have to do hide their fighting and remember the enemy is out there. >> public fighting is the worst. >> i love watching it. >> i hate it. horrible, horrible. i don't like it. >> there's nothing better especially when there's a little alcohol involved. >> coming up ks liberal folks richard cohen getting accusat n accusations he made details next on t "the five." [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
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richard cohen's last column, an >> richard cohen's last call. when i say last probably his last. it is said people with conventional views must keep from throwing up knowing the mayor elect new york white man is actually married to a black woman. we americans find mixed marriages so gross. this caused a firestorm from the right but also from the left. i love these racial things. cohen is a beneficiary of media welfare in which ideology allows hacks to linger when they should let go. he is operating on after school specials. he hasn't had a new thought in decades because he doesn't have to. ticking the right box has been his job. katherine wainous called the
1:32 am
column brilliant. she is a racist or very stupid. a side note from my friends when my sentence falter it is up to you to tell me so i don't make a complete ass of myself in my twilight years. if cohen had one friend who said you are losing it, dick, he's not an oddity they are like relatives in your house the only way to retire bad ideas those who push them. i am saying shame the crap out of him. god knows he has an endless supply. it could take a while. >> i was surprised the publisher called the column brilliant. >> i am not. well they may be shocked by it it was the first thing i read this morning. i read it at 6 #:30 in the morning. believe thme they are high-fivi each other especially the swipe at sarah palin that comes out of
1:33 am
nowhere in the column. he has to i can at that a swipe for her. gives you six more months. >> you are a boy scout you get badges for consulting conservatives. what did you make of it? >> it flies in the face of 85 percent of americans agree with by racial marriage number one. slightly against the grain. but interestingly most of the polling the older you get the less receptive you are. in richard's case he is in that cohort of old. the criticism of him reflecting a guy who has been around or in it for 70 years is probably right. >> you think the left were mad at conventional people if he had been conservative would they been okay? >> repeat conventional people with conventional views. that assumes he knows what conventional is. i cafall into conventional.
1:34 am
85 percent of americans doesn't fall into conventional any more. there may be a time they did but they don't now. honestly he can write but who is buying it? who is reading it? we are talking about at some point you are right they need to let this guy go. >> i don't like witch hunts. >> is he that grill yant of a writer he is writing the same column. attacking the tea party is so 2012. that was my point about writing the con vinksnal. he wanted to say pro ven shall he wanted to say small minded he wanted to say conservative. he is not conventional. bill deblasio knows it is not conventional. in almost every single ad he embraced his african american wife and by racial children. he rallied. he knows people are accepting. he ran to it not from it. it shows even bill deblasio thinks richard cohen is an idiot.
1:35 am
>> in a blind taste test i would say ending stop and frisk is a bad policy. if you could layout all of the policy you have no idea who is imposing them i would end up on the conservative side that's because of who i am not because of what they look like. >> he was opposed to stop and ri frisk. >> cohen? i don't know i was talking about deblasio. >> cohen said you shouldn't allow black people in the store. >> i think we found the true racist. >> who makes a better boss a man or a woman? >> oh. >> this is going to end up on media. what do most employees say and what do we have to say next. t d next?
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♪ i just want to be your lover girl ♪ if you could pick your own boss, would it be a man or would >> if you picked your own boss would it be a man or a woman? 35 percent say they would pick a man. only 23 percent would want a female boss. interestingly enough the results haven't changed much since gallop asked that question back in 1953. who makes a better boss a woman or a man? >> i don't think it matters. what was stunning is women prefer male bosses more than males do. the biggest obstacle for the women isn't the glass ceiling it's the women ceiling. women have a super power. they are charming. you can't use it on other women. >> there was an article on the wall street journal the tyranny of the queen bee women are killing other women in the
1:41 am
workplace. >> guys can get sucked in by the charms of women. >> confession? >> i am just saying. >> what are you saying? >> nothing, i am done. >> maybe you can charm a female boss, too. >> you think women are great bosses? >> one of my favorite bosses holly probst chief of staff. demanding but she taught me a ton. she was patient with me taught me everything about what i needed to know because chairman schafer was on the energy and commerce i didn't know the difference between a megawatt and mega phone. what i liked she was not your friend. she is my friend now. my preference is to be my own boss. i don't want any one r to be the boss of me. >> you are saying females make the best boss. >> yes. because i am always right. >> you had a clear opinion. >> my opinion was the survey is
1:42 am
skewed. 41 percent say they don't care. they shouldn't give you that option. if it you want a male or female as a boss they find out what they really thought. 41 percent say they care. i have never really had a boss. i played pro baseball for a while the coach was the boss. after i got hurt i went out on my own. i don't know. i have one here it is a male. >> now you are saying you don't know. you are like the people that don't know. >> i am going to say if i finish i have a boss who here is a male i respond better to a male as a boss than a female. >> rosh bert women or men as bosses? >> the statistics we played out here 66 percent of people who rather have a real boss. i disagree with the way we positioned that. beyond that 50 percent of the
1:43 am
women who actually were ceo's or the corporations, i think disaster the great aspect of white -- >> you saved yourself from that question. >> which one would you rather have? >> if i had to have a boss, if i had to have a boss but i don't like to have one i would rather have a women boss. >> did you ever have a woman boss? >> did you like her? >> yeah. >> it was fun. >> we are not talking about dominatrix. >> inside the workplace. >> oh. >> i have had men and i have had women and i have had great men and i have had great women bosses i have had real jerks the best one was a woman. katherine layman chief of staff for house republic. there was fear if you didn't do your job you didn't get in trouble. she didn't micro manage you didn't want to disappoint her. >> didn't get a lot of praise. you could get a small pat on the
1:44 am
back or nice job. it wasn't everybody gets a trophy. >> they say if you have a bad boss, woman or a man, it's the boss that causes workplace depression which i 100 percent agree with. bad bosses. i don't care how much work you give me but if the boss is bad. >> you could say the same thing about bad employees it could suck the life out of you. >> sounds like confession. >> we will call doctor fill. the coke confession. mike sityson admits being high cocaine during some of his biggest fights. baldwin bawled on the stand yesterday. what happened today? we will tell you coming up.
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sounds a little bit like christmas, new year's and easter put together. mike tyson has a new memoir out. the former heavyweight champ is making all kinds of >> divisions about his troubled past. one was he used coke during most of his boxes career including
1:49 am
most of his fights. he talks about his addictions in a new hbo documentary with the same title as his book "undisputed truth." >> i don't know much about my mother. i remember dreaming a lot and fighting. i suppose my addictions are here with her. i was born with an addictive gene that still haunts me to this day. >> can i ask questions now? what do you think? >> i am shocked. i remember the mike tyson the champ, the 8 second knockout. now he is saying he was high on coke. not that you couldn't do it on that but what a great boxer. i am not sure if this is going to tarnish his record i guess. >> not much left to tarnish. i don't believe half of the stuff he says. he needs to keep building up attention. the weird thing about this is we
1:50 am
keep hearing about tyson but you never hear about the other people, the strirps, t -- strip, the hookers that he partied with for years. the only cool guy is the guy with the power and money and all of the people that emulate him are dead. >> was he high on coke when i bit that guy's ear off? is that a performance enhancing drug? i am serious. >> it would take away the pain of taking a punch that's for sure. >> is that fair? >> is it fair? no. >> i don't think it's fair. >> it's not fair is it. >> let's strip him of any of the wins that he got. you would do that to a baseball player. >> he got stripped to most of them when he went to prison. he went to priz tson for rape. >> what kind of woman shows up at your door at 2 in the morning drunk and calls it rape. he takes that on. but he did -- there's some
1:51 am
factubbinctual things he did do. he lied to his ex-wife about having aids so she would divorce him. even the language he uses in this book for women is so profane. he fantasizes about blowing someone's brain out so he can go back to jail. i have little sympathy for one. i think he needs some kind of help. i don't believe his efforts to get sober. >> he is not looking for redemption. he's looking to get back on the hangover series movies as himself. >> he begged for redemption at that press conference a couple weeks ago. he said i am sober for 72-hours. three hours. >> he was the greatest single fighter i ever saw. >> he was amazing. >> first let's go to the breaking news at the fox news desk. >> thank you very much, bob. we are getting bad news from the u.s. military which has reported to us there was an incident
1:52 am
today at camp pendleton in california. we are told it happened about 11:00 local time there. so 2:00 eastern time this afternoon. our understanding is four marines lost their lives there this morning, california time. they have been very vague about exactly what happened. but they told us there was an accident there and that all of the names will be given within 24-hours. they have to identify -- notify all of the next of kin. the marine says they will release the identities sometime in the late morning california time tomorrow. this is a mock-up of camp pendleton. this is a 3-d view. 42,000 military personnel. 4 of our brave marines lost their lives. i am shepherd smith at the fox news desk. "the five" continues after a short break.
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time for "one more thing." >> if you are sick and tired of people, if you are >> if you are tired of and crowds and you need a little space and you have a little bit of money you can invest in a ghost town in california near seneca. 225,000 dollars gets you all of this space, a river does run through it. it is called feather river, and it has very valuable assets a liquor license. there are not many of those in the county. i am telling you eric this could be a very good investment for you. >> i think we should buy it and rename the town "the five." >> there would be less crowds. >> less crowds and a liquor license sounds perfect. >> you are up. >> we talk a lot about the state war on women on the show. but there's a real war i believe it's a war on men. you may be familiar with hollywood actor jason patrick from "the lost boys" he's in a
1:56 am
fight to see his young son gus. patrick and his former girlfriend had gus with in vitro. now since they have broken up she will not let him see his young son. because of a loophole sperm donors are not allowed to get rights to their family. he's appealing the case. it's another story where men are not allowed to see their kids. i think there's a benefit to having two pair werents in a household. he wants to have a role in his life. >> why won't they let him have it? >> because of the custody law. >> i will give you more information if you want standing up for gus information. you have a dad who wants to be involved in his life they won't let him. >> it is time for... i hate these people. >> that's not attractive. let's roll this. this is a public proposal that
1:57 am
happened on cnbc. >> i love the way you laugh. i love the way you dance. will you marry me? yes. >> obviously that's very nice and romantic. i am not going to make fun of them. i can't stand public proposals. it's a form of emotional extortion puts the pressure on the person to say yes. maybe they might not want to. i have a theory or a law i want to put in place. if you have a public proposal the marriage doesn't work out the divorce has to be public as well. i am happy for them. it was entertaining. >> you want to balance it out so people don't hate me. i really can't stand the whole thing. >> will you go to the bar with me afterwards? >> i am saying november 13th,
1:58 am
1982, the vietnam war memorial in washington is dedicated after marches by thousands of veterans. it has now become the most visited site in all of washington. rightfully so it contains a list of over 50,000 men and women and service people who lost their lives in vietnam. >> very good. very good. >> we told you about the accused stalker in court yesterday. she was nailed for 30-days for contempt of court. here is alec baldwin coming out of court yesterday. >> i hope you choke. >> what a great guy. that's all we have time for. >> thanks for watching special report on deck there. >> it is november 14th. the obamacare debacle. dismal enrollment numbers giving new ammunition to republicans who want to repeal the healthcare law.
1:59 am
will democrats join them? we will breakdown what's next. >> she is just seven years old. this little girl is already being called a hero. oo >> i could see him. i hold on to the handle while i was going down the steps. >> the move she made that saved her entire family from the fire. >> big buzz as the most taked about person of 2013 is revealed. the answer may surprise you. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> getting ready for the holidays. look at the red trees in front of our building this morning.
2:00 am
hope you are having a great time with your family. it is almost 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for stating your day with us. we always appreciate it. enrollment numbers are out and we know how many people signed up for obamacare. >> it is way worse than anticipated. 26,794 have signed up in the federal exchanges and 79,391 enrolled in state exchanges. that brings the whopping total of enrollees to 106,185. >> and number falling way short of the administration's goal. elizabeth prann is live for us in washington with what is up next. li elizabeth, what are they going to do. >> you talked about that goal. federal officials wanted 7 million to buy health insurance. they got less than two percent of that included in the overall figure of more than 106,0


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