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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 14, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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you're playing, tonight? >> i'll be out there with clint black. >> oh, wow. >> you'll be at the gmaa's next year. she'll sing another number in the after the show show. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye-bye. martha: we start with a fox news alert. scrambling for political cover this morning. democrats seem to be heading for the hills after the white house finally released enrollment numbers for obamacare. a whole lot worse than anybody thought the numbers were going to be. good morning, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom." bill: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. we'll have more on the numbers. needless to say they are incredibly low. so low that democratic lawmakers are calling for an emergency meeting at the white house apparently upping pressure on the president himself to change parts of the health care law before republicans do it for him. >> fox news team coverage this
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morning. stuart varney will break down those numbers, tell us exactly what is inside the enrollment figures. first mike emanuel is live from capitol hill with the latest. mike, set the stage for this. it is being called by some a crisis meeting for the white house. >> reporter: martha, no question about that. the white house chief of staff will meet with senate democrats today who are very anxious for a fix of this health care law or a at least a fix that would allow their constituents to stay on the current health care plans. denis mcdonough will come to capitol hill to meet with senate democrats looking for some kind of a solution, something they can sell their constituents a day after house democrats had a tense meeting with white house officials. house democrats calling for some way out of this mess. senate majority leader harry reid said he is feeling better, like the law can be fixed after a lengthy phone conversation with the president and offered this preview of today's meeting. >> there are many questions
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about health care and i understand that and that's why tomorrow i'm having a full caucus. it is not a democrat policy communications meeting like we usually on thursday. it is a full caucus. white house is going to be there. a number of them. and to meet with my senators tomorrow. >> reporter: we've seen a numb of senate democrats to offer plans to get away out of obamacare crisis. the latest, senator jeanne shaheen, democrat of new hampshire, mark udall, democrat from colorado. they would allow legislation to allow consumers to stay on the current health care through the end of 2015 there are a variety of plans out there. senate democrats are saying to the white house, pick one we can use and go forward with. martha. martha: shaheen and udall under pressure at home. we're seeing a lot of that movement from the members of the house and senate. republicans are set to vote on their plan as well, mike, that would allow people to keep their
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health insurance. it is slightly different. when do we expect that vote. >> reporter: we expect the house to vote tomorrow. a lot of democrats saying to the white house. you need to give us an option or we'll jump on the option from fred upton, republican from michigan, which would trapped father all current health care plans a lot of critics say that would in effect gut the obamacare law. a bottom line people are looking for solutions for consumers being dropped by their insurance companies. also we're looking for a health, a health care subcommittee meeting headed by congressman joe pitts which will look at prodder issues of this law and try to, beyond the website and try to come up with some solutions, martha. martha: so incredible. we've been at this more than three years. now that it is actually hitting the wires everybody wants to scramble and try to fix what is broken in here. mike, thank you very much. coming up we'll have joe pitts with us in "america's newsroom."
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jay carney, said low enrollment is all because of the website. once they unplug the website, and bottleneck open up and everything wilt be okay. congressman pitts thinks there is lot more at work than the website. he will speak with us in a few minutes. >> looking for that, martha. meantime back to the enrollment numbers they are far from where they need to be. let's break them down. just over 106,000 total people enrolled in the entire country. and of that, only 27,000 enrolledded through the federal exchange using health, or gov, rather. the states did a lot better. 80,000 signing up through the exchanges. look at this. the state of california signing up more people than all 36 states using the federal exchange combined. fox business network's stu varney has been crunching the numbers. host of "varney & company." stu, how bad is it?
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>> terrible, flat-out terrible. nowhere near where they're supposed to be. that key number is 26,794. that is how many people used and select ad health plan. they just select ad health plan. they haven't paid anything yet. don't have to pay until next month. they have merely selected, 26,000 people. >> doesn't mean they're enrolled. >> 26,000 people selected a plan. compare that to the 500,000 people they expected to have enrolled by the end of october, nowhere near that total. and by the way, five million cancellation letters have gone out. so five million people have been notified, hey, we lost our insurance coverage and they only brought on 106,000 through these exchanges nationwide. the numbers, gregg, are flat-out terrible. >> you've been talking, stu, about the collapse of obamacare recently which is pretty strong stuff. are you sticking with that and
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isn't it true that there are actually a couple of ways that it could collapse? >> yes. there are two routes to collapse and the machinery is in motion for both of them. number one, you've got to have a lot, millions of young, healthy people sign up and pay into the insurance pool. you've got to have those healthy young people sign up and pay in. the government is not telling us how many of these 26,000 people were young and healthy. if they don't sign up, the whole economics of obamacare falls flat on its face because premiums have to go up for everybody if the young don't pay up. second route, if you allow people keep policies which they have got and like, you're taking millions of people out of these exchanges. they will stick with the plan they have got. that destroys the economics of the exchanges. both of those two areas, both of those two routes, are in motion towards the collapse of obamacare. and it is happening right now.
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>> no wonder an emergency meeting at the white house today. all right, stu varney. thanks very much. >> republicans as well teeing off on the low enrollment numbers and the push to change the law. senator john mccain says the problems with this law run deep. here he is, on the record last night. watch. >> that is a little unusual that what we've already said was going to be the effect of the law. now we have to pass another law to make sure that we are abiding -- look, it's a lot deeper than senator landrieu and others who want to extend, delay things for a year. there are fundamental problems. people who want to keep their insurance, health insurance and they like it, they should be able to keep it. insurance companies that want to continue to sell policies that, as they have before, should be able to do that as well. martha: he's not alone. texas senator ted cruz taking to twitter, mocking the abysmal enrollment numbers last night,
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saying 106,115 people enrolled in obamacare. 108,713, attended nba all-star game in cowboys stadium. heying full repeal. senator lamar alexander said you could fit everyone that signed for obamacare first month in neyland stadium, is it kneeland, of course where the university of tennessee volunteers play. go rocky top. >> we're getting brand new "fox news poll" numbers, i want to tell these to you, telling us what you think about this debacle and the president's promise that you can keep your insurance plan if you like it. well, look at this. 50%, a full half of the people, think that president obama knowing lied when he said that.
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40% said, he didn't know. some might even argue that is worse. almost 0% believe that the -- 60% believed that the administration knew ahead of time millions of people would be kicked off insurance plans because of the law. 35% say the administration did not know. we'll have a whole lot more coming up on those numbers a bit later on. martha: that number is very interesting, 59% think they knew people would be kicked off, we know that they knew and what's really interesting now to watch all the democratic congressman and women and senators saying they're shocked that people were pushed off of their plan if they wanted to keep it when that was in the law all along. the white house knew it and anybody who had taken the time to read that bill would have also seen it in there. so it is pretty incredible. bill: three years ago the president was caught on tape admitting that millions of americans were going to lose their plans. martha: no surprise. no big surprise there. all right a fox news alert, right now, homes are being evacuated in a neighborhood near
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tampa, florida, after a sinkhole opened up behind two homes, swallowing parts of both buildings, a pool and a boat. we have soon this before. and it is happening again this morning in florida. one family was home at the timet 5:00 a.m. this morning of shaking. sounded like somebody was banging a sledgehammer against their walls. they thankfully were able to escape. nobody was hurt. authorities are worried that the hole is already 35 feet across and it is growing. boy. >> we have a jam-packed show this morning including the white house trying to spin the low obamacare enrollment numbers as a website issue. but lawmakers are not buying it. republican congressman joe pitts will be joining us in just a moment. >> how about this story? we talked about the tsa a lot here in "america's newsroom." so did they waste one billion dollars in taxpayer money? apparently they spent all that money to teach people how to
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just talk to folks as they're coming through the line. >> plus a pilot makes a terrifying announcement and then a packed passenger plane nosedives thousands of feast. the frightening tales from inside that airplane. >> i thought i was going to die. and that's what everybody on that plane thought, we were all going to die. just by one word of the captain. . [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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gregg: a message from the captain of a southwest plane gives passengers the scare of their lives. over the loud speaker the pilot suddenly says, we're going down. the plane then nosedives thousands of feet before leveling off. the pilot did make an emergency landing. everybody was okay. the passengers understandably shaken up by that experience. >> he says we're going down. everybody is looking around like, is this a joke?
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is he serious? the last words were, thank you for hanging with us. >> give your kids, your family, i think they could have handled it a little bit differently. gregg: no kidding. southwest says, there was an emergency alert which forced the plane to try to land. reports say there was a loss in cabin pressure. the faa is investigating. martha: wow. >> i can only tell you we fully expect the numbers will be even lower than anticipated because of the significant challenges caused by the website. i would defer you to cms and the briefing that they will give on the numbers when they present them. martha: numbers, numbers, numbers, right? that was white house press secretary jay carney hedging on dismal enrollment numbers right before they were released perhaps lowering the expectations a little bit before the numbers hit the tape but lawmakers believe the numbers for obamacare may be for more
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serious than the troublesome website. another congressional hearing set to get underway investigating the problems with that law, that will happen this morning. a republican from pennsylvania, congressman joe pitts will be at the hearing the next hour. he is on the house energy and commerce subcommittee. congressman, good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you. martha: what do you all hope to find out? i know the title of this hearing, it is more than just the website. what are your questions going to be? what do you want to learn? >> well, we're looking at other problems of implementation. it is more than just a broken web site. you have sticker shock. premiums are going up. in one case in my district, 300%, plus deductibles going up, eight, 10, $12,000, you have to spend before you can draw on your health plan. you've got doctors who you, you know, developed, worked with for years, your health plan is being changed. you have to go on a new plan. you don't even know who your new
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doctor is going to be. although the promise was clearly made by it president, that no matter how we reform health care, you will be guaranteed to be able to keep your own doctor, period, no matter what he said. and -- martha: yeah. >> you've got identity theft, medicaid expansion, security of private information, many other problems. >> i can not imagine though, you know, what you do to put this genie back in this bottle. i mean all the things thaw just mentioned are what is gripping the nation. it is the subject of conversation all across kitchen tables in this country but there's a vote tomorrow in the house on this and it's fred upton's proposal. it would basically allow everybody to keep the policy they want to keep. it would also as i understand it, allow people who are in limbo who say i actually like that plan over there that is grandfathered in, is that correct? >> that's correct. and the real problem we're going to face in january is millions
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of americans will have lost their health coverage and then they will not be able to be on another plan. they can't get on. you will have a gap in coverage. you talk about panic? that is going to be real panic. martha: so what do you do about it? now we're hearing that the white house is open to the idea that has been been brought forth by senator landrieu, finding a way to allow people to stay on their coverage but that could include giving people subsidies, more money from the government to allow people to stay on some of these plans. how do you think this is all likely to end up? >> well we don't know. it is a train wreck. it is an unmitigated disaster and people really don't know what's going to happen because it keeps getting worse. only 27,000 were able to sign up on 36 different federal -- martha: congressman, you know what they're saying. the wait times are getting smaller. it is easier to go to page to page. the stability of website, jay
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carney says is improving. once it does, they think there will be this huge relief that will sweep across the nation as people get on to the website, you know, it will be okay? i will have my health coverage. and it is plan, x, y and z. >> you still won't be able to have your own doctor. you might not even have your own hospital. you may have to travel a long way under the new exchange contract because half the hospitals haven't even signed up yet. you don't know. you will pay higher costs. you will have less access and, you know, you're not going to be secure in giving private information. you're going to be subject to identity theft. >> i gotcha. let me ask you this politically how do you think this is going to go? do you think this vote will pass in the house tomorrow, the fred upton proposal? >> i think it will pass in the house. i don't know whether it will be considered in the senate. i have my doubts about that. i have tend to think this law is going to continue to have more
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problems as people, you know, try to engage and get on. and i think the backlash is going to continue into 2014. martha: boy, that is going to leave a lot of people really uneasy. this story is not going anywhere. look forward to hearing what comes out of your hearing today. thank you very much for being with us congressman pitts. >> thank you, martha. gregg: a stunning new report on government waste. how the tsa is spending your tax dollars on a program that's about as low-tech as they come. martha: plus, meet the new student at this school. this deer apparently really wants to go to this class and wants to get there on time. >> this is the third one we've had. for some reason this time of the year, i guess they need to get education, so that is why they're coming here.
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martha: well an unusual visitor to an elementary school decide to come to class, right through the window. surveillance shows the animal crashing through the computer lab, running around and crashing out of a different window. hope he wasn't hurt, poor little guy. >> five minutes later this class would have 15 to 25 elementary kids in it. luckily there was nobody in the classroom. >> the animal tried to get into the front door which was easier. school officials say it was third time it happened this year, maybe the deer wants to go to class or learn something about computer programing. >> well a house homeland security panel is set to investigate a program that is costing taxpayers a bundle. turns out that the tsa is spending one billion dollars of your money to train agents to
6:25 am
detect bad guys at airports simply by chatting them up, you know, talking to them. national correspondent steve centanni is live in washington. steve, what do we know about this? >> reporter: well the government accountability office, gregg, has issued a report and basically says the government's wasting money with a program to pick out suspicious people lining up at security checkpoints. it says there is no credible scientific evidence that an officer can spot someone who is a real threat just by looking for unusual behavior. tsa has spent about $900 million on the program since it was launched in 2007 and dedicated 2800 personnel to the project. the report concludes that until tsa can provide evidence demonstrating that behavioral indicators can be used to identify passengers who may pose a threat to aviation security, the agency takes the risk of funding activity that is have not been determined to be
6:26 am
effective. the report also indicated investigative reports of racial profiling with the program and found evidence that was occurring as well, gregg. gregg: what is the tsa saying about this, steve? >> reporter: they defend the program so far at least and the administrator is due on capitol hill in few minutes. john pistole, will be grilled by a subcommittee of the house homeland security committee. he is likely to echo a statement his agency issued yesterday, saying in part behavior detection is vital to tsa's layered approach to deter, detect and disrupt individuals that pose a threat to aviation and looking for suspicious behavior is a common-sense approach and gao found there was not simply enough data to independently evaluate how effective the program is and all past studies that the technique is no better at chance identifying actual threats, gregg. gregg: steve centanni in washington. thanks very much. martha: that is unbelievable, right?
6:27 am
we have heard for so long everyone has to be checked. they do random checks, put a little x on your thing. it would be profiling if you went down the rows, that person look as little suspicious or that person is not carrying a suitcase, maybe we ask a few questions. they spend $900 million and 2800 people to give people that to pick people out of a line. they don't have any evidence it might be working. gregg: have you ever fly el al? they question extensively every individual in advance. martha: they know what they're doing. gregg: they certainly do. martha: unbelievable. we'll see more from john pistole this afternoon. we'll see what comes out of that. meantime there is new scandal involving president obama's secret service detail. allegations against these two agents. that some cog up next. gregg: a heated city council meeting with the crack-smoking mayor of toronto. you know the guy. we'll show you how that one went. martha: it does not get any better, folks. >> mistakes, will never happen
6:28 am
again and never happened again at the air canada center. [laughter]
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martha: we just want to alert something here. there is an event going on in washington called the washington ideas forum. it is different journalists and capitol hill representatives speaking. you just see ted cruz is here and chris wallace, our own chris wallace is inner viewing him right now. moments ago nancy pelosi was
6:32 am
interviewed. and she said something interesting. she believes that the president will offer a proposal today, for americans who are losing their health insurance. so things seem to be moving quite quickly. we're working our sources at the white house to figure out if indeed a proposal comes from the white house today that would allow to keep your health insurance if you like it as originally promised. that is what nancy pelosi thinks. we'll see what happens coming up. gregg: as more and more americans, democrats show support for changing the health care law, the white house is now suggesting that the president may actually be open to the idea after long saying he would never do such a thing. well democrats proposing a bill that would allow insurance companies to reinstate any canceled policies that may not meet the standards of obamacare. doug schoen joins us, former pollster for president bill clinton, a fox news contributor. monica crowley, syndicated radio
6:33 am
talk show host and a fox news contributor. good to see you both. >> hi, gregg. gregg: doug, in a meeting three years ago the president was caught on tape admitting that millions of americans under obamacare would actually lose their health plans and yet he persisted for three years saying just the opposite. turns out now that millions, five million so far, are losing their plans. take a look at this "fox news poll" that's just out. half of the voters believe that the president knowingly lied about that. 40% say, well, he didn't know, which, is arguably, even worse, since it's his signature bill. can he survive this thing, doug? >> well, that's why martha's report now was just so timely. because i don't think they can survive with obamacare in its current form without grandfathering in health insurance, particularly five to
6:34 am
10 million people who are having their policies canceled. with bill clinton having said the other day, even if the law needs to be changed, there needs to be protection for those who are losing insurance, and with pelosi saying that the white house is working on a fix, i think by the end of the week, gregg, he will recognize the political reality and come up with legislative solution or an administrative solution to allow people to keep their health care. gregg: monica, especially under the fred upton bill which will likely get passed tomorrow, that would allow not just existing people to keep their policies but it would allow insurance companies to go out into the free marketplace and issue other ones, which wouldorgably undermine utterly the whole premise and the whole financial structure of obama care, would it not? >> yes, you're exactly right about this. obamacare was essentially built around this whole idea of forcing people off their private insurance and into the government exchanges.
6:35 am
so if you take that away you take away one of the key elements that will uphold this entire law. look the only reason this president is even considering any kind of fix to this is because of the political pressure that is being brought to bear on him by his fellow democrats. let's be really clear about this. democrats are fleeing the scene of the obama care accident, gregg, not because they believe that the law or the basic idea of obamacare is bad. after all they all voted for it and they all rejected multiple attempts to fix this exact problem. gregg: that's right. >> and also turned down multiple attempts to defund or delay this thing. gregg: yeah. >> so they still believe in its objective. they're just worried about the political toxicity of obamacare right now. gregg: because they're listening to their constituents and they're getting more than an earful. a lot of them are up for re-election. >> exactly. gregg: doug, the president is clearly under siege here not only because his website doesn't work because he made a promise that turned out to be completely
6:36 am
false. if congress does pass a bill to fix the broken promise, here is what george will said about that on "special report." take a listen. >> i do not see how the president on the one hand can endorse it. on the other hand i don't see how he can stop democrats saving their careers by voting for it. perfectly safe vote for democrats. perfectly lethal to obamacare. >> if it passes would he veto it? >> wouldn't dare and might be passed over his veto. gregg: what do you think about that. >> that is why the white house is coming up with its own legislation very quickly because the upton bill is very attractive piece of legislation. you and monica are right, it would undermine obamacare. bottom line the white house needs its own plan, he its own policy and unless it moves very, very quickly it's not going to have one. only way they can keep the legislation intact. this is practical politics and legislative logic. gregg: i don't know how you can
6:37 am
reinstitute canceled plans. they're gone. terminated. >> that's a good question. gregg: united health care in california, they have left the marketplace. see you later. closed down their offices. >> gregg, that is a great point. insurance companies have already moved on. they have had to be in compliance with obamacare for the last three-and-a-half nears, right? which is why they had to make the changes. that now got all of these policies canceled ultimately so they have moved on and really the bottom line is no fix for obamacare. if you restore all of these plans to the extent that you can, then the whole thing falls apart. the only way you fix it is through total repeal. >> can not get the genie back in the bottle once it is terminated. thank you very much, doug schoen, monica crowley, good to see you both. martha: hard to believe, isn't it. you can't believe years you went into this and where we are right now. as we just reported moments ago, nancy pelosi at a forum today in washington saying she believes the president will bring forth his proposal to fix it today.
6:38 am
so stay tuned for that. they say that he repeatedly lied to congress. now a group of republican lawmakers are pushing to impeach u.s. attorney general eric holder. how does this have any chance of happening? we'll debate that coming up. >> and does the failure of obamacare mean the end of big government? charles krauthamer thinks so. karl rove will be joining us in just a moment with his take on that. >> we have knot just obama care unraveling, not just the obama administration unraveling, not just the democratic majority in the senate, but we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism.
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6:41 am
gregg: fox news alert. we've been following the events at a forum in washington, d.c. nancy pelosi, the minority leader of the house, is saying that president obama will offer
6:42 am
some kind of a proposal on obamacare. let's go quickly to peter doocy standing by live with more. peter? >> reporter: and, gregg, as you just mentioned very briefly, the understanding of the house minority leader nancy pelosi that at some point today there will be some sort of a presidential announcement about what the white house will do moving forward to stop the surge of cancellation notices of those health plans that are now substandard under the affordable care act. listen here. >> stay tuned. just see what, it could be an administrative fix t could be a legislative fix. i would rather it be done administratively because that can be done much more quickly without any accompanying agendas. >> reporter: at this point we don't have any clarity about the timing of a potential presidential announcement. what we've been hearing from republicans for the last 24 hours they think it is kind of ironic now that democrats are
6:43 am
coming out trying so desperately to change a law just last year and for the last few years they so enthusiastically supported. so we don't have much clarity from the white house about what comes next. but you look at president obama's schedule. he is supposed to be in ohio this afternoon to speak about the economy and then in philly for a fund-raiser as well. we'll keep you posted if they add anything to that schedule. gregg? gregg: lots of drama happening there. peter doocy, thanks for the latest. martha: boy, truth is so much stranger than fiction, isn't it? this is incredible the way it is playing out. let's bring if karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to former president george w. bush and fox news contributor. karl, welcome. good morning to you. you know, you think about this for a moment, right? think about the 38 times that republicans tried to amend or change or delay or defund or get rid of completely obamacare. and now you look at, democrats said absolutely not. there is no way we are going to
6:44 am
deprive the american people of this incredible benefit we have created for them. it would be heartless, it would be wrong. now they are scrambling to come up with a way to do exactly what they said there was no way they would do. >> right. and remember, in the united states senate enzi of wyoming, a republican, brought this issue up in 2010 and said, we have to have strong language that guaranties that people can grandfather their policies and keep them. all of these democrats who are flocking to the white house demanding action voted expense that in the senate in 2010. so there is a great deal of irony in this. if they don't solve this problem, this is going to mushroom. there was a study by the mc klatschchy newspapers, indepth analysis of regulations in force. their analysis of policies between 32 to 52 million american workers, now, remember those policies cover workers and their families. that between 32 and 52 million
6:45 am
american workers are going to lose their policies. that would happen in 2014 during the election year. these democrats understand how problematic that would be. martha: unbelievable mess. you heard what nancy pelosi just said. she is suggesting that the president might come forward with something earlier as today he would like to see happen in terms of trying to get this thing fixed. she also said she would really prefer that the change be administrative rather than legislative because she doesn't want to go through the mess in congress. wants it to happen basically by executive order. what do you think? >> i think we're still a democracy. i think we're still a republic. there is constitution which requires major alterations in laws to be made by it congress of the united states through normal order. i would hope the president would carefully examine his authority under the law and recognize that there are limitations on it. it would be very bad for our country, it would be bad for this president, bad or our system. martha: he changed several times. employ every mandate and all kind of things to the law they say a past and done law. what would stop them from doing
6:46 am
it again. >> first of all let's look at that they delayed employer mandate for politics because the employer mandate if it was in force on january 1st, of 2014, as the law required would lead to companies dumping their employees into the exchanges and paying 2,000-dollar fine. they did not delay the individual mandate. why? because people are not going to know what their penalty is until they go to file their income tax returns in april of 2015, after the election. i think this is bad for the system. i don't know that the president had the authority to do what he did. we know that if he were to do things like say, i will undo, i will undo the individual mandate and require insurance companies to provide thisage, as landrieu legislative proposal is i don't think there is any authority for him to do that through executive action. he does damage to his presidency, our system of laws and rules, and does damage to the constitution if he does that. martha: you know it? implications of this whole thing are so huge. and i want to take the big
6:47 am
picture here for a moment and want to play what charles krauthamer said on special report and get your thoughts on this as well, karl. let's listen. >> we have not just obamacare unraveling, not just the obama administration unraveling, not just the democratic majority of senate but we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. obamacare is the big thing for them. the biggest in 100 years. >> absolutely. >> this is a moment when we have to be calm. we have to understand what holds us together on the right. we have to watch and explain why the failure of the left is happening. and if we do that, we will win. martha: obviously that was o'reilly. that is the question that surfaces here, karl. is this a moment that makes people who thought they liked big government say, you know what? i don't and i want smaller government. i want to make my own choices? >> i think charles is absolutely
6:48 am
on target. this is the centerpiece of president obama's domestic strategy and it was built out of hubris, out of a false pride a bunch eggheads sitting in the west wing of the white house could somehow reorder the, 1/6 of the american economy through a series of laws, rules and regulations. we are a large diverse nation that does not work that way. they were takeing a system where 85 to 90% of people, who had insurance were comfortable with it and upending all of those people. that you do not do that without consequences politically, culturally and economically. and we're starting to see this play out in the lives of ordinary americans and reaction to president obama's scheme, to president obama's ambitious agenda is going to be very negative for the liberal image. martha: people were told, we know what's good for you. you will like it when you get to read it. you just have to trust us because we're really smart. >> and you're dumb. martha: you need to have something better. >> yeah. you made a stupid decision for your family and we'll step in
6:49 am
and rescue you. martha: yeah. we just got word, karl, that the president is going to make a statement at 11:35 this morn on health care. you can't to take a gamble what he is going to say? >> he will try to find some peace saving way to kick this past the 2014 elections. let's be honest about it. he will not allow people to make their own choices. he will not allow people to have a policy that meets their family needs. he will kick it past the 2014 election just like employer mandate so his party doesn't suffer damage at polls. he is intent upon making the american health care system a federally-directed, federally-run, federally-mandated system. he may delay it a little bit you about he will not step back from it. martha: everyone said, republicans were crazy. stop doing what they were doing. never be abe to defund obamacare and they may as well for get it. is there opening here? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. we have to fight this battle on
6:50 am
a tactical level. strategically i don't think, tactically i don't think the idea of defunding worked out. we ought to be careful not to fall back into that. this system, we need to crimp it and make it impossible for him to take politically expedient steps that allow his party to avoid responsibility at the polls for what they are doing. martha: karl, thank you very much. good to talk to you. the pet is coming up as i said, 11:35 this morning. he will make a big announcement. we'll be there live. karl, see you next time. gregg: interesting to see what he said. he can not sua sponte, say all the policies are in effect that takes months of negotiations with doctors and hospitals. you can't do that with a wave of a wand. providing subsidies for people paying higher premiums, that is an act of congress. i'm not sure congress is going to do that. we'll wait and see what the president says. meantime the mayor of toronto in the middle of a political circus after his
6:51 am
stunning public admission at a city council meeting.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
gregg: fox news alert. the president will be delivering a statement on obamacare. it is a little bit unclear exactly what he is going to say but of course we were tipped off a short time ago by nancy pelosi, the minority leader in the house, who said the president would be addressing concerns about fixing obamacare, which is in a whole lot of trouble right now. >> yeah. so we're about an hour 1/2 away from hearing from the president of the united states and, as gregg said, we got a little bit of an inkling from nancy pelosi a little while ago who said that she wanted this to be an administrative fix and not a legislative fix.
6:55 am
because she believed that it needed to be addressed right away. she didn't want to go through the process of going through congress. we spoke to karl rove who said, hold the phone. wait a minute. this is democracy. we've already seen one-fifth of our economy upended and redone by this legislation in the first place. if anything else will be changed to it, he was recommending it go through legislatively. there are a couple of bills out there right now. the house will vote tomorrow on legislation that would basically grandfather in every single health care insurance policy across the country. would allow if you lore lost it, got the letter in the mail, to keep insurance that you have, that you like, the doctor that you like just as the president had promised. but, boy, gregg, there are a lot of people that are raising the question, we'll talk to a health care executive coming up, how on earth would you do that? gregg: one of the other things they're floating at the white house the last 24 hours, all right, maybe we can give
6:56 am
subsidies to people paying a whole lot more in that brand new premiums? there are two problems with that first of all the president promised you wouldn't have higher premiums that would put a lie yet another one of his promises and second of all, you're talking about billions and billions of dollars in subsidies. who is going to pay for that? that would require an act of congress. and my guess is, congress is in appetite right now to provide that kind of money. >> also promised that it wouldn't add one dime to the federal deficit as a result of this program. it really makes you wonder, gee would it have been a whole lot easier, to give them a whole basic health insurance policy instead of uprooting this entire system as it has. this is unbelievable situation the way the whole thing developed. got to be a very important day are to the president as he steps forward what he is going to do to fix it. so we'll take a quick break here. but stay with us. because we've got breaking news on something that affects you
6:57 am
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march parr we are back, and this fox news alitter as we wait for the president now. he's going to deliver a statement on obamacare, some sort of fix. it followed an announcement by nancy pelosi who said she thought he all of a sudden offer some sort of proposal. 11:35 is the time you will hear there the president at the white house. we welcome you back, i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. more than five of million people so far receiving cancellation notices from their insurance companies after the beginning of the health care law that started a firestorm which caused even democrats to head for the hills. martha: now the president is set to speak, as i said, next hour at 11:35, we don't know exactly what he's going to say, but he's got to be feeling pressure, because he's been getting a lot
7:01 am
of pressure from democrats saying, look, mr. president, we cannot go home to the mess that is happening in our states and expect to get reelected at this moment in time. rich lowry joins me now, editor of "the national review" and a fox news contributor. rich, i open it up to you there. what do you make of all this? >> it is ap amazing -- an amazing moment. he is facing a bipartisan revolt, and this is a key event because he's going to announce the so-called administrative fix and how this is perceived by democrats is the key thing here. if they think it provides enough cover, then it will stem some of the defections over to this republican grandfathering bill in the house. if they don't, well, then it could be katie, bar the door, and you could see a full-scale stampede. martha: i just can't imagine how you sort of undo this because we all know people who got those letters, and their policy was ending, so they've been scrambling to get a new policy to. many have already signed up, but it may be more expensive, and
7:02 am
there doctor may not be on it. what do they do now, raise their hand and say, you know what? i actually want to go back to what i have? it's mind-boggling to try to imagine how that would work. >> yeah, it's a real mess. the policy wonks i talk to have a hard time imagining what the president can propose administratively that would be legal and effective. legal doesn't always matter that much to this white house, but it's still hard to imagine something that would be effective x. the key thing, martha, you put your finger on it, is his promise was not just a false promise, it ran counter to the entire premise of the law which is based on forcing people out of their current insurance on the individual market and into the exchanges to make the exchanges work. so any fix, any real fix to this problem really kicks out one of the legs under this law. martha: all right, rich, stay with us for a minute. we're going to go to peter doocy for some news from the white house, and then i want to come back to you, because i have another question on the other
7:03 am
side. thank you, rich. gregg: our white house team has been working very hard with their sources, and peter doocy is on the north lawn of the white house right now. peter, what do you know? >> reporter: gregg, we know that about an hour and a half from right now president obama's going to step up to the podium in the briefing room where we normally see jay carney, and we believe he's going to discuss some kind of a remedy to the affordable care act, his signature legislative achievement over his first two terms, a way to remedy that so that millions of people stop seeing their insurance plans canceled. and whatever it is that he announces, we know that he had options, because jay carney said yesterday that the president instructed his team to give him choices, basically, several different avenues that he could go through to stop -- rather, to help tease people who have seen their -- these people who have seen their insurance plans canceled. so we don't know which thing he will end up announcing, but one of his very close friends in congress who helped get the affordable care act through who
7:04 am
is now the democratic minority leader, nancy pelosi, talked about what we might see just about an hour and a half ago. listen to this. >> stay tuned and just see what -- it could be an administrative fix, it could be a legislative fix. i would rather it be with done administratively because that can be done much more quickly without any accompanying agendas. >> reporter: and this is big because, remember, just yesterday afternoon, less than 24 hours ago, we found out that under 27,000 people have selected plans at, and that number is a big number that includes folks who have just selected a plan, those who have paid a premium and those who have not. so, obviously, a lot of pressure from the other end of pennsylvania avenue at the capitol from democrats and republicans, and now we are going to hear from presibout 90t what he's going to do to help all these people who are now
7:05 am
desperate since they saw their plans canceled even though -- and, basically, that came out of left field for most people. we're going to see what president obama thinks he can do to help them, gregg. gregg: and it's provocative, what nancy pelosi is saying. she would prefer an administrative fix as opposed to a legislative fix. and, of course, the white house is famous for ruling by executive fiat. but the machinations of, for example, providing subsidies, that's money. i don't think the president has the power by fiat to do that sort of thing. it would require an act of congress as i said before, i'm not sure there's an appetite for that which would mean that perhaps he would endorse mary landrieu's bill in the united states senate to allow people to keep their policies. but, again, you've got a problem there since five million are already canceled. and, you know, that's like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube. so, you know, it'll be interesting to see what happens
7:06 am
at 11:35 eastern time, the so-called fix, peter. >> it is going to be interesting, gregg. but remember, congress was not involved back in july -- or, rather, in the middle of the summer when the employer mandate, when they decided the employer mandate should be delayed. that just came out in a release during a quiet holiday weekend. so we don't know what we're going to see. but you're right, it is interesting for someone who was the speaker of the house when this law went think to say maybe a legislative fix not the best idea despite mounting democratic pressure. gregg: yeah. i wonder if she's read it since the time she said we've got to pass it before we read it and know what's in it. peter doocy on the north lawn of the white house, thanks. martha: let's go back to rich lowry now. i am so struck when i see nancy pelosi talking about what they're going to do to fix it, and you think about that moment that gregg just mentioned where she said, you know what, everybody? and she was talking to regular americans out there. you just have to hang in there,
7:07 am
because when you see what's in this bill, you're really going to like it. now, i think most people assumed at that point at least to some degree that she knew what was in the bill. now you've got all of these democrats clamoring to the white house we need a fix, we need a fix. the language that was in the bill, rich, it didn't change. it was always in there that all of these people were going to get pushed off their policies. the president admitted that he knew that. so how do they with a straight face, you know, after they fought you can't delay, you can't deny, you can't defund this whole thing now say, oh, my gosh, you know, their hair's on fire. we've got to fix this. >> yeah. well, some democrats probably just were ignorant because a lot of congress people don't read major pieces of legislation before they vote on it. but there's no excuse for the white house. but pelosi, when she said that, you know, we've got to pass it to find out what's in it, it was a key premise politically of democrats that once you force this thing into law by look or
7:08 am
crook, there'd be so many wonderful benefits that the debate about it would be over. and instead we've seen this debate drag on for year after year after year because it's a horrible piece of legislation, and we're seeing it perhaps now begin to fall apart in front of our eyes. and that nancy pelosi, a key leader in congress, wants to bypass congress can over fixing -- congress over fixing a key piece of this legislation is just shameful and unbelievable in my view. martha: a very interesting point. you know, i'm also struck, rich, by really what a big deal -- as you said -- that this moment is at 11:35 when the president comes out here, because this president is under a tremendous amount of pressure in his office right now. i don't think this is an overstatement, he's fighting for his credibility, for his legacy, for his presidency at this moment. is he not? >> yeah. and that's another really important point is in the government shutdown, democrats were completely united while republicans were divided. here you're seeing separation
7:09 am
between harry reid who's a key player, obviously, in the senate and the white house. because president obama, it's all about preserving his law and reserving his legacy. harry reid, it's all about preserving his senate democratic majority, and those two goals are very much at odds at the moment and might be more so as time moves on. martha: all right, rich, thank you very much. big morning here, and we're watching it all live as it continues to unfold over the next hour or so. rich, we'll see you next time. >> thanks, martha. gregg: we've been talking so much about nancy pelosi who broke the news about the president speaking at 11:35. she has a 10:45 news conference herself, it's her regular one. whether she's going to keep it or not, you know, we just can't tell you, but we're going to be -- stay tuned to watch that. in the meantime, some new questions about obamacare and the millions of insurance policy cancellations. what happens if the law changes? we're going to be talking to an insurance industry expert who
7:10 am
says this could become an even bigger mess, if that's possible. martha: good guest for us to have on this day. plus, a new push by republican lawmakers to impeach u.s. attorney general eric holder. does this have a chance of happening? our panel will take that on. gregg: and the moment a truck smashes into the roof of a tunnel, just how did that happen? >> these idiots when they do this have got to acknowledge that they not only stop their own truck at a real disadvantage, but they disadvantage the whole city.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
martha: all right. good morning once again, everybody. we are now hearing president obama will deliver a statement on the obamacare rollout and a possible administrative or legislative fix to it. it's a very big deal. it'll happen in about an hour plus from now. house minority leader nancy pelosi already signaling the president could offer some kind
7:14 am
of proposal, we showed you that tape just a moment ago. but five million americans have already had the plans that they were told they could keep canceled. so what happens now if the president tries to rewind that tape? it's a really interesting question. john tuttle is an insurance broker, long time in the business, and he joins me now. john, welcome. good to have you here today. >> thanks for having me, guys. martha: let's just assume for a moment because we don't know what the president's going to say, but there's some speculation it could include something along the lines of what we've heard in this proposed legislation which would be to allow people who were told they were going to lose their insurance to actually keep it. so what would happen if they tried to rewind that tape? >> yeah. well, i'll tell you, first off, i can't really specifically speak on behalf of the insurance companies, but from a broker's standpoint, we obviously have a little bit of knowledge on what the carriers are thinking. you know, the reality is i don't think it's going to happen. i don't think the insurance,
7:15 am
carriers -- insurance carriers, highly feel it's unlikely that the insurance carriers will be able to make an about face and make changes within 45 days or so for january 1st with all of these losses of plans. be now, what do you do about that? well, you know, the reality is i think, you know, they're going to have to really go out and shop around for an individual policy, another individual policy that is out there available for them within the state or, unfortunately, go to the exchange, and we all know how well that's been going. martha: but, john, so you're saying -- so, you know, people across the nation, five million of them, got these letters in the mail very unexpectedly that said, you know what? the plan you liked you were told you could keep, you can't keep it. >> correct. martha: if the president were to come out and say, you know what? i said if you like your plan, you could keep it, and we're going to figure out a way to make that happen for you, um -- >> how does that happen? martha: i mean, so if i've lost my plan, right? and i'm looking at other plans
7:16 am
and i call my insurers back and say did you hear the president? he said i can keep my plan, all that good stuff, i want it back. >> here's the thing, what happens with insurance companies, you know, they -- months well in advance of an effective date -- in this case we're dealing with january 1st -- well in advance especially in the individual market and small group markets, and i specifically deal a lot with small businesses, and it's not only the individuals that are losing coverage, it is basically every single small business owner. i deal a lot with them. last night i was working on my january 1st renewals, and i'm telling you, the changes are unbelievable. 50, 60, the lowest was 38%. martha: you're talking in terms of a premium increase. >> that is correct. for small businesses too. now, with that in mind, you know, you have from a carrier's standpoint, you know, when you're dealing with this market segment, you're dealing with individuals and small groups, they have to file the rates and
7:17 am
the plans well, well in advance, months in advance of the effective date. in this case we're dealing with january 3st. so -- 1st. so they file that with the state insurance -- and that's a long, long process. i don't know how they can reverse that. martha: understood. how about this possible fix, they say we can't do that, you left your plan, now you're looking for another plan, but that plan, as you say, is going to cost you more, you're saying 50-60% more. so if the president were to say we are going to help people pay for the increase in those premiums, we're going to give them some subsidies to do that, that would be pretty expensive. >> absolutely. of course, it's going to increase taxes. and the other topic on hand is, you know, whether or not the push back of the individual mandate for a year, and that's also going to adversely affect the affordable care act. last night i was actually going through some information, and on november 7th the american
7:18 am
association of society of actuaries who kind of crunch the numbers for claims and so on and so forth, they actually sent a letter out november 7th to lawmakers saying and stating that, you know, if you push back the individual mandate, it's going to adversely affect, it's going to further disrupt the rates in premiums in 2015. because what you're going to have is adverse selection. you're going to have individuals that are now not required, not mandated to go on the coverage. they're healthy individuals that are not going to go on the plan. but you're going to have everybody that has adverse, you know, have problems, have pre-existing conditions and so on and so forth, they're going to end up on the exchanges -- martha: right. there'll be no additional pool to draw from, because all the people who don't have a plan, those are the ones you want to sign up, if you give them another year, they'll say, forget it. i wasn't going to do it now, and now i've got a whole other year to do it. because we know we've got a huge
7:19 am
runup in medicaid folks that have signed up. >> yep. and in 2015, you know, if that's what happens, if they do push back the mandate, you know, or, you know, don't have the mandate, it's going to affect it in 2015, you know? it's just basically kicking the can down the road, you know? it's been a mess, i'll tell you. from a broker's stand point, you know, we're out there serving the individuals and small businesses and large businesses, and it's really sad to be the bearer of bad news, i'll tell you. martha: the thing that kills me -- it's been so helpful to talk to you, by the way, and it shows the exact same things that everybody was screaming and yelling about that were going to happen are exactly what's happening. >> yeah. martha: it just makes you wonder. >> you know, i'll tell you, i don't foresee the insurance companies being able to do anything with the swipe of a pen down in d.c. within 45 days, you know? martha: john tuttle, we wish you luck in your business and good to talk to you. >> anytime. you're welcome. gregg: it may be that the
7:20 am
president has no authority to tell the insurance companies what to do. martha: maybe. gregg: there's another wrinkle. we're going to have much more ahead on the presidential announcement. it's coming up shortly at 3 1:-- 11:35 and what lawmakers think about secretary sebelius claiming that the health care marketplace is working. >> i think some folks if you repeat something to yourself enough, you begin to believe it. she would be the only perp in the western hemisphere that thinks this is working if she really believes that. gregg: trey gowdy, we're going to be talking to him live in just a moment. martha: and a sinkhole swallowing everything around it including parts of two homes, and it's getting bigger. we're going to take you there live for a report when we cometl back. a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene.
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7:24 am
gregg: a fox news alert as we await a critical new hearing on benghazi. three cia employees who witnessed that deadly terror attack expected to testify in closed-door session today before the house intel committee about what they saw and heard that terrible night. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live at our d.c. bureau with more. >> reporter: gregg, fox news has confirmed that two contractors appeared before the house intelligence committee wednesday, and three more, as you mentioned, who have signed this book deal for their story are scheduled to answer questions in a classified session later today. the congressman who leads the subcommittee on investigations confirming to reporters that the cia personnel are offering new information that does conflict with earlier testimony. >> pretty direct questions by members of the committee, and i
7:25 am
think we've gotten some answers to some of the questions. there has been some contradiction in some of the testimony that we've had this previous hearings. >> reporter: one of the teems that came out of yesterday's -- themes that came out of yesterday's decision was that personnel were ill equipped to deal with the assault, and the state department leadership in washington were also caught flat-footed that evening despite multiple warnings about the growing threat and requests for security. of we understand some of the contractors characterize the fighting that night as consistent and constant rather than two attacks with a seven-hour lull between them, and this again raises the question about the lack of a military response because at that time the ambassador's whereabouts were unaccounted for, and potentially they were looking at a hostage situation. gregg? gregg: catherine, we, of course, know that four people were killed that night. but what are we learning about the ininjured? >> reporter: well, fox news has learned that one of the contractors appearing on capitol hill was on the roof defending
7:26 am
the cia annex, and this contractor's injuries are so severe that he's had multiple surgeries and still has not regained the full use of one of his arms. fox is also told by a source close to the contractor that the blood loss was so significant it had been life threatening. and here you see diplomatic security agent david uben who's still recovering as late as july at walter reed. we are not showing his photo in full to respect his privacy, but his leg was so badly injured in that mortar attack, we're told that he had multiple surgeries to repair his leg. this is called in the medical profession a limb salvage before you consider an amputation in a severe medical case. grg greg tragic. all right, katherine her rimming, we'll check -- martha: this just breaking across the wires, the sentencing for james "whitey" bulger has thousand taken place in boston -- now taken place in boston. he's been given two life
7:27 am
sentences plus five years in the murders of 11 people. the victims' families spoke out this court yesterday. according to this report from the ap, the judge, denise casper, exlained the sentence. she called his crimes heinous and all about money. during that period he was looking at her, intently listening according to the report. this really continues, this process that we've watched as they try to close the chapter on what was a awful crime spree that was carried out by james "whitey" bulger. he was a fugitive for more than 16 years, captured back this santa monica back in 2011. also coming up moments away at the white house we'll be hearing from the president. 11:35 is the appointment for that statement where we expect he will make some kind of plan or propose some kind of plan to fix the problems that exist with obamacare. we heard a little bit about it earlier, speculation from house minority leader nancy pelosi. she is expected to hold her news
7:28 am
conference at 10:45, so we may learn more there. we're going to have all of that live, breaking news this morning on health care when we come bace in "america's newsroom." me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen.
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7:32 am
>> you can reactivate all those canceled policy and how in the world was the president have the authority to tell private insurance companies to do anything? >> you are right.
7:33 am
if he stays with the plan, if violates other promises because they are able to join in rescission and that means if you get cancer they can throw you off and preexisting condition. he cannot offer that fix of you fingers and say that canceled policy is good now.
7:34 am
>> but the left loves to thing that everything is fixed by the snap of the finger. we have to change this mentality across the country that problems caused by government can be fixed by more government. the government is going to propose more mandates by a problem caused by mandates. the president should talk about things we can repeal so we can prevent more from canceling. >> it would appear the president has lost a lot of confidence among the american people. the latest fox poll poses the question of did obama tell americans tell the truth of keeping your health care plan
7:35 am
and the majority said he knowingly lied and 40% said he didn't know which is just as bad. his approval numbers are dropping. can he get out of this? >> at the end of the day we will have to look at in march is houm how many people signed up. it is more complicated because it deals with how many people sign up in each state and how many young healthy people versus older, sicker people. because the younger people will help to subsidize the older people. i don't know the answer to that. we will see in march what happens. anybody who is a supporter of the president who stood up here
7:36 am
and said he had it under control would be lying. time will tell. >> for a while, mike, it was republicans that were railing against the president and obamacare and shutdown the government for 16 days and offered him an out to delay obamacare and probably wishes now he had taken that. now you have a stampede among democrats, especially those who are coming up in election, and they are looking at the poll numbers and it is looking ugly in north carolina particularly. the democratic senator there has had plummeting rating.
7:37 am
this could change the face of congress. >> yes, absolutely. how do i say this? the left likes to say the president had to lie because it was the only way he could get what we wanted and then there is the narrative of the american people couldn't handle the truth and that is not true and the they would have handled the truth and been against it. you would think the democrats who would be criticizing the president the most because he is on their team and they are failing because of it. >> americans are used to politicians engaging in double talk but outright lies is
7:38 am
something they recoil at. >> investigators business daily has a great cartoon where it says you can keep your plan period. and for everyone thought name period you are on your own. >> i don't any democrats who said the president had to lie >> good to see you. >> thanks. >> we are all over this breaking news that is happening this morning. the president is about the address the american people on a potential fix for obamacare. what will it be? we will bring it to you live. republican congressman tray grouty joins me next. grouty joins me next. ing the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes.
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>> we have back and the house
7:42 am
minority leader is about to hold her conference and then the president will address the public a year from now. we hear he could be offering a potential fix to obamacare. trey gowdy is here and he has been involved in the course of the rollout. he is here. >> good morning. >> we don't know what the president is going to say. i am preface this by saying a report from the wall treat journal that says the president plans to allow people to get the coverage back that was canceled and that substandard policy will be available to people if that is what they want; but they have to come with information attached to them that says you
7:43 am
should shop on the government plan because it might offer you more. what do you think about that? >> i assume the office has the now about to dictate what the companies offer. are you going to believe what he tells you in an hour? 27 different times he told us you and i would never be having this conversation. and he said period. are you going to believe what he tells you this morning? or is this a political remedy because his dream of retaking the house has turned into the nightmare of loosing the senate because half of the people he works for don't believe him. >> that is an interesting questi question. and fox news has confirmed that
7:44 am
is what the president is about to propose and we will have live coverage of that this morning as it gets underway. we talked to an insurance broker and he said there is no way these companies that have been working for months to months to unwind the policies are going to be able to put that back in the bottle and offer people to come back home to the policy canceled. not that easy, is it? >> no. it is a regulated industry and some insurance companies are in the business of producing profit. this is about politics. his polls numbers are almost where congress is and he need as political remedy. this isn't a legislation fix. this is all about politics. he doesn't want the republicans
7:45 am
to ride in on a white horse and save this rolling out so he wants to do something like that through executive order. i just hope americans are savvy enough to say why would we believe you now. >> the timing of this is interesting because there is a house vote tomorrow on a bill that would say you can keep the coverage you like if you can get it back. so he might be trying to cover that. >> that is exactly what he was doing. i am not gracious enough to use
7:46 am
the word may. i live on capital hill and they are terrified of what is happening with obamacare. they cannot let the republicans fix this. and they will come in with this executive order at the last minute and i hope my fellow citizens are smart enough not to fall for it. >> that is an interesting question. if the president says we will allow you to keep the coverage you had before, doesn't it undermine the basics of how the plan was supposed to work? republicans tried to defund and delay this 37-38 times and were called terrorist and people who didn't care about folks who didn't have insurance. >> right.
7:47 am
and they have said your policy isn't good and that is why you cannot keep it. so the president is going to say you can keep your old policy, ee even though it isn't as good. i am not going the legislative route. this is to stop the bleeding. his numbers are abysmabysmal. the place to fix this, martha, was before the passage of the bill. >> it is too late for that now. the people at home want to know where their health insurance is coming from and how they will pay for the additional cost it is presenting to them. and then there is the political
7:48 am
side. so take me through that. president speaks today, vote in the house tomorrow and proposal in the senate. >> he is going to give cover to house democrats to vote no on fred's bill because they can go home and convince constituents they said no because we have something better and harry reid won't have to bring to the senate. and that is the way this goes. but that only works with an educated citizenry and i would hope my fellow citizens are not going to believe what they say today after lying that mean many times. if he lied to get the job, will
7:49 am
he not misrepresent the truth to keep the job? >> the american people want to keep the health insurance they like and are told they can keep and now you have to figure it out because they are feeling it. thank you congressman. >> democrats are going after the president and he is in a tough spot. he is making a statement at 11:35 eastern time and the president is said to offer a proposal and the house minority leader nancy pelosi is holding a news conference at 10:45. it is unclear if she is going to do that. we are back with the latest news
7:50 am
on obamacare. nancy pelosi
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> a fox news alert on the left side of your screen nancy pelosi is talking about obamacare and said she is happy with the company numbers of enrollment so far. but she is critical of the upcoming vote tomorrow in the house that might dramatically affect obamacare. let's listen. >> a high consumer confidence same and we want confidence high there as well as yearend. we have removed the doubt that
7:54 am
government isn't going to be shutdown and we can find common ground on a small package. we ought to address it and find out if that is possible. if it isn't the american people should have to know why. we know the sequester will cost by estimate 800,000 jobs. the sequester doesn't enable us to meet the requirements of the republican people. and that is a republican chairman saying that. we need to lift that and we have initiative to do that and the time to do that. but with only 12 legislative days or maybe 13? very few days left in the session we should not be squandering it. we were offered 12 days. is that unbelievable?
7:55 am
why were we off last week when were only here half a week the week before? so again, the clock a ticking. time is wasting. and why they try to figure out the budget, and i hope to work in a bipartisan way and have a package by thanksgiving, we have issues to deal with. we have spoken directly to the republican leadership that the votes are there for immigration reform and they can bring that to the form. we have 191 co-sponsors and three republicans and another 28 of them have spoken out publically they would vote for immigration reform that takes us where we need to be to pass the legislation. and 199 co-sponsors that
7:56 am
includes delegates. >> after briefly addressing the issue of obamacare, which is the issue of the day given the fact the president is going to be offering to the nation his fix, cr critics would say this leader might be reflecting by talking about the process and immigration reform. we will continue to follow what is happening here, not only in washington on capital hill, but the white house where the president will be speaking. >> we are waiting for that 10:35 from the president and we will bring it to you live. bring it to you live.
7:57 am
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martha: very big morning at the white house and on capitol hill. inside those doors the president is preparing to make a statement to the american people at 11:35. we understand he will propose a fix to obamacare. "happening now" gets started right now. >> take another fox news alert to get your attention here as we start off the show. we're certainly awaiting the president at 11:35 to make a big statement on the health care law. early reporting suggest that is he will say canceled health insurance policies in the private market will be allowed to be renewed. again early reporting, the details are very tricky in all of this and the words matter here more than ever. we'll bring you the president live, 11:35. in the meantime on the hill today the house energy and commerce panel is hearing testimony on the rocky obamacare rollout. this as a senate confirmation hearing is underway for the president's nominee to be the next chairman of the federal


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