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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 14, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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hillary clinton-care on steroids. they should not have tried to ram it down our throats. thank you for sharing your thoughts. now it's time for shep: president obama's new promise on health care. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, if your insurance company say it's okay, and some insurers claim the fix could cost more money. >> is the tsa wasting your taxpayer cash? you'll hear about the program that comes almost a billion dollars and goes not work at all. >> remember when toronto's crack-smoking mayor hinted he might have more secrets? they might not be secrets anymore. let's get to it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. from fox at the fox news deck. if you like your insurance plan you can keep it, at least for
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another year, and if and only if your insurance company agrees to renew it. president obama says that is his latest fix nor latest health care fiasco. millions of americans losing their insurance despite the president's promises that would not happen. even the president himself admits this will not be a fix for everybody. he announced the changes this afternoon. >> the bottom line is insured can extend current plans that would otherwise be cancelled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been cancelled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. >> the president came under lots of pressure over the cancelled policies. not just from americans or republicans but lawmakers in his own party. already some democrats say the newest plan doesn't good far enough since it lasts only one year, and while today's change means insurance companies can extend the old plan, there's no guarantee they'll do that. a group that represents the health insurance industry is
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slamming the move saying, quote, changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirement office the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums. the cancellations were the latest mess. since the obamacare web site's disastrous launch last night. the president did damage control for all of those, quote, glitches. >> there have been times i thought we were -- got a slapped around a little bit unjustly. this one is deserved. >> the president dismissed accusations he knew all along the site was not ready to go live. >> had i been informed i wouldn't be out saying, this is going to be great. i'm accused of a lot of things, but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity, a week
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before the web site opens, if i thought that it wasn't going to work. >> white house officials warned the web glitches would lead to low enrollment numbers, and they were right. 106,000 people enrolled in the first month. barely a fifth of the administration's goal. so let's get team coverage. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. and peter, who is live outside the white house. what did the president say about all the people getting cancellation notices? >> reporter: he said he is sorry for all those people getting cancellation notices and for fumbling the healthcare rollout but said he is not sorry for trying to reform the healthcare system, and the president was pretty candid, shepard in admitting the people who wrote the affordable care act didn't do enough to prevent the wave of cancellations notices flooding mail boxes across the country for the last six week. >> with respect to the pledge i made, if you like your plan, you can keep it, i think -- i've
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said in interviews, that there's no doubt that the way i put that forward unequivocally, ended up not being accurate. it was not because of my intention not to deliver on that commitment and that promise. we put a grandfather clause into the law, but it was insufficient. >> the president could not guarantee that will be 100% back on track by november 30th, as many officials in his administration have been promising. he says the federal government does many things will, i. turn, not one of them. >> his poll numbers have dropped like a kit on a log flume. >> at the podium he did some political addition. when you add all the cancellation notices to the recent government shutdown and the debt ceiling fight, people are going to be upset and he
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says he has work to do to regain the public's trust and confidence. >> i'm just going to keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. and i think it's legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back some credibility on this healthcare law in particular, and on a whole range of these issues in general. >> reporter: just a few minutes after he wrapped up, he left up to. later this afternoon he will be speaking in ohio about something other than health care, the economy and manufacturing. back to you. >> peter on the north lawn. thank you. the president's fix is not going over well with republicans on capitol hill. as you might imagine. he is also running into trouble with democrats who say the plan doesn't do enough. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. what are you hearing from the president's party? >> reporter: after meeting with the white house chief of staff, senate democratic leaders didn't
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think they could do a legislative fix because with such a heated issue as health care, they didn't think it would work. they essentially said that it would lead to drama or mischief, but two democrats say the fix does not go far enough. they're one of colorado and one of -- of utah and one of colorado, and prefer a two-year extension. another democrat with plan of her own says, she applauds the president but plans to continue her efforts. >> the president's guidance is a great step forward. i have a bill, other bills have been filed. we're going to be working across the aisle, not to repeal the affordable care actor not to defund the affordable care act, not to undermine the affordable care act, not to gut the affordable care act, but to fix it. >> senator says she believes
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legislation is needed to, quote, make it stick. bottom line, her plan would allow people to stay on their current insurance plans indefinitely. >> what about from republicans? >> reporter: republicans continue moving forward with plan from fred upton, republican of michigan, which would allow people to stay on their insurance plan and allow the insurance companies to continue selling the old policies, so direct competition with the obamacare exchange, leading republicans to say, bottom line, they think the president lacks credibility. >> promise after promise from this administration has turn out to be not true. when it comes to the healthcare law, the white house doesn't have much credibility. the only way to fully protect the american people is to scrap this law once and for all. there is no way to fix this. >> i represent 800,000 people. we think we have some ideas to contribute, mr. president. start working with the congress
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in a collaborative way and we can figure this out. we can't have him unilaterally make it up and provide chaos to the american people. >> reporter: republicans have been against the healthcare law and don't care for a president going around lawmakers. shep? >> mike emanuel on the hill. thank you very much. coming up, legal analysis on president obama's, well, change of plans for his healthcare law. another scandal at the secret service, involving agents assigned to protect the president. what did they do this time? the tsa, not yet, not yet -- this one is about the tsa, which is apparently just wasted a billion dollars on something else that doesn't work. he was eager to get to this picture. i don't blame him. the crack-smoking mayor of toronto with some new accusations now, new threats of lawsuits, and a new moniker. north america's mayor.
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updating the top story, big change for obamacare. president obama did not involve congress in today's apparent about-face. he made change on his own, allowing companies to renew cancelled plans even if they don't me the law's requirements. does the undercut the whole point of the guidelines. if not, why not? how can a president make changes
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to a law which both houses of congress passed? let's take it to the judge. andrew napolitano in a vacuum i didn't think he could do that. i thought -- >> your thoughts are correct and consistent with 230 years. 230 years of history of the way the constitution works. congress writes the laws, president signs it, it becomes the law, the courts interpret it, the president enforces it. not as he wants it to be but as it's written. so the president cannot change a law, cannot change the terms of the law, cannot change the date at which the law begins, unless congress and the courts are willing to look the other way and let the president do it because it happens to be popular at the moment. when the president sets his own date or his own standards he is effectively changing the law. >> is it opening up the government to suit? >> opens it to another challenge before the supreme court, because by saying to insurance carriers, i want you to go back into these states where you left
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and offer those sort of -- how -- bare bones insurance policy, which he called substandard, and the insurance carriered don't want to offer those because they still have to offer the obamacare poll skis aren't getting enough money on those and will cause the insurance carriers to lose money, and before they will lose money, they will sue the government stop the government from forcing them to make these inexpensive ones available. he has really created a mess, legal mess, a constitutional mess, and an effort to stem the tied of criticism brought on by his own insistence if you like your policy, you can keep it. >> he taught constitutional law. >> he did. >> i don't understand it. whether you were for this law or against this law, frankly, this is america, doesn't matter, because the house of representatives and the senate passed and it the president signed it, now it's the law. >> the supreme court found it
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constitutional. >> that's how the system works. there are a bunch of people screaming at you and your poll numbers are dropping. i don't get it. >> this president, and in fairness to him a lot of presidents have done it. he is doing it more than anybody else. thinks he can change things on his own. killed gadhafi on his own. we don't care about that. so, the more changes the president does, the more congress looks the other way, the more the fabric of the nation is assaulted when president is effectively rewriting laws because the rewritten part happens to be popular at the moment. what happens when he wants to rewrite a law the public doesn't like and congress is cut out because they're accustomed to let him do this. the right way is a legislative fix, let congress change the terms dish. >> he knew they'll start picking it apart because of the democrats that were for it before the were against it.
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>> he assaulted the philosophical premise of the law. the premise is that government, not you and me, but government will decide what insurance you are going to get. by saying, oh, we'll let you go back to this substandard policies, the ones you bought on your open. he has attacked the very basis of the law which was to have been his legacy. >> i bet this ain't over. >> not at all. the democrats can't live it. the republicans can't live witness. i and there wilber challenges in the court. >> we have breaking, judge, let's get to detroit. sky fox is up above the scene of a commercial building fire and this one is a doozie. the result of this -- this is the scene of a commercial building fire with hazardous materials inside. that's the word we have gotten from the authorities. i don't know what kind of hazardous material but the result of the potentially toxic plume of smoke has forced police and fire crews to evacuate and, get this, 300-meter radius around the area. maybe the new caretakers of
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detroit speak now in meters and liters. i don't know. but i would say some kind of yards but apparently they're seeing meters. the building is at 13271 mt. elliott in detroit. these are coming from wjbk for the detroit area, fox 2. we don't know anything about injuries or anything else, but we know this plume of smoke is dangerous enough to where for, 250 yards or so around there, they evacuated things which isn't that far. another station, our network news service affiliate, wxyz, says crews are on team, it's a hazmat level three situation at this location. the large building is clearly esalk waited. and xyz is reporting a three-block radius has been evacuated. cops are telling them there are toxic chemicals inside the facility. i'm not sure how long this has
12:17 pm
been burning. these just came in. but i see john glenn over there -- do you have something new? >> we're hearing -- >> here's the plant before it was burning, a shot of it. this is over on one of our big fancy computer screens here. this is a google earth of it before. i have no information on anybody inside at the time. to the it's clearly work hours. i don't have any information on anybody injured so let's suffice to say this is something we're working on, and we'll get you more of it as we get more details. again, this is coming to us from detroit, and our good friends at fox 2, wjbk. >> huge flames forced a town to clear out. investigators in this one say it all started with somebody's simple mistake. >> president obama took on iran in today's healthcare announcement. he says economic punishments are
12:18 pm
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really big pipeline explosion forced an entire town in texas to evacuate. happened this morning in the town of millford, 50 miles southwest of dallas. witnesses say they could see plumes of thick black smoke for miles away. the national weather service even reported the smoke showed up on its radar. so far no word if anybody is hurt. emergency work says a construction crew accident drilled -- accidently drilled
12:22 pm
into the gas line there and ruptured it. fire crews are letting the whole thing burn out on its own and that could take a full day. >> president obama says the u.s. should test potential diplomacy with iran. arguing if the united states is serious about reaching a diplomatic solution over the nuclear program then negotiation is the best way forward. >> no need for us to add new sanctions on top of the sanctions already very effective and that brought them to the table in the first place. now, if it turns out they can't deliver, can't come to the table in a serious we and get this issue resolved, the sanctions can be ramped back up, and we have that option. >> president obama re-affirmed the administration does not want iran to have nuclear weapons, du. and earlier today secretary of state john kerry said any deal
12:23 pm
with iran would be, quote, fail safe. but lawmakers say they're skeptical and the u.s. should put in more economic penalties. jonathan hunt is working this. this is not an easy sell. >> reporter: know and the debate on capital hill is becoming more strident and in some cases more bizarre. senator john mccain of arizona making headlines today, rather than president obama. he is among those who simply do not trust the iranian president rouhani and the rest of the iranian leadership, and senator mccain didn't seem to trust the obama administration in terms of its negotiation today, and he appeared to invoke the spirit of none other than miley cyrus when discussing the executive negotiating skills. >> secretary kerry refused to give in the details of the negotiations, position of the united states in these negotiations, and yet at the same time, wants to rely on our good will. look, this guy has been a human
12:24 pm
wrecking ball. >> secretary of state came in like a wrecking ball according to senator mccain. >> you know what the white house is arguing, we have penalized them. the economy is crippled, the people are furious. give them incentives. >> the obama administration is looking for a carrot and stick approach to these negotiations rather than all stick, as some like senator mccain would like to see, and the obama administration are pointing to a new united nations report which shows that iran has indeed slowed its uranium enrichment since hoe ran my -- rouhani became president. and secretary of state kerry says everybody should calm down. >> the risk is that if congress were to unilaterally move on sanctions it could break faith in the negotiations and actually stop them and breck them apart.
12:25 pm
what we're asking everybody to do is calm down, look hard at what can be achieved and what the realities are. >> senator mark kirk of illinois, meanwhile, compared secretary of state kerry to those who apieced the nazi regime in germany prior to world war ii. so you have comparisons to nazi appeasers and comparisons, intentional or not, to the bad girl of pop. our washington chit political leaders could make miley cyrus seem like the grownup in the room. >> that's very difficult to do. more wild times for the crack-smoking mayor of toronto. reports of drunk driving, cocaine and prostitutes. plus what mayor ford's own staffers reportedly had to convince him not to do in his office. >> there's word that tsa spent nearly one billion of our taxpayer dollar on an airport security system that goes not now and never has worked at all.
12:26 pm
the accusation and the agency's response.
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27 minutes past the hour. covering breaking news out of detroit where this chemical warehouse fire is still raging. we can see at least three long streams of water going on to this thing. hazardous materials said to be inside the building. the name of the place is cti. they offer all different kinds of solventsed a he's sift isive -- adhesives. a school has been closed down. a chemical company on mt. elliott. one school has been evacuated. they're having a tough afternoon. they're concern the plume may contain chemicals hazardous to people's health. wjbk in detroit is providing these ping pictures and we're
12:29 pm
looking to get more information on what may have been inside the plant. our coverage continues in just a moment. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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>> half past the hour. word that toronto's crack-smoking mayor through a wild st. .trix day party that we missed. including cocaine, suspected prostitute. a fight, and lots of booze. that's according to newly released information from toronto police. the documents show mayor rob ford started drinking with a few people at city hall, including what is described as a blond, blue-haired -- that would be funny -- a blue-eyed blacktopped named allan newscast. former staffer says he believes alana may have been an escort or prostitute, and said the mayor is pulling from a 40-ounce bottle of smirnov and drank at least half of it. the staffer claimed alana had
12:32 pm
weed with her and he had to convince the mayor not to smoke it in his own office. he said that staffers tried to talk the mayor out of going to a bar, but at midnight approached the mayor took off anyway. a waiter told investigators that mayor ford and his entourage sat in a private room and that's where the waiter said he believed the mayor was snorting coke -- cocaine, and the chief of says he saw he mayor pop pain kills so booze, coke, weed, pain killer, a big evening. these are just some of the accusations in the police report mayor rob ford is threatening to sue the former staffer who ratted on him. he said he is getting professional health. >> john roberts is live with us now. mayor ford is stepping down or not stepping done or what? >> reporter: he is not stepping down. in fact the latest twist in this
12:33 pm
whole sag gays -- saga is, in canada, when you behavioral badly you get your own news shore. rob ford and his brother will be hosting a weekly television talk show titled "ford nation." a slow motion train wreck hit a new low when he was asked about allegations he was in the presence of prostitute and talked about performing oral sex with a former staffer and his security guard. rob ford responded with a statement so vulgar even the seasoned reporters gasps when he said it and prompted this exchange at city council. >> repugnant, distastele. >> you're offend i'm not apologizing. put yourself in my shoes if someone said that about your husband or your wife. >> enough is enough. >> later with his wife in tow,
12:34 pm
ford apologized and said he was getting help but didn't go into details. >> we cannot even begin to start saying what he said in the open forum there. we can't even get near it. if people want to going it, -- gookle it, they can. can this mayor survive? >> it looked initially as he could but increasingly looks like rob ford is an island or maybe his brother is there with hill. many of his former closest allies have abandoned him. colleagues on city council believe he is an addict and alcoholic who is desperately in need of help. even toronto's professional football team are upset with him because the mayor was wearing their jersey when he made the remarks, prompting the team to say it's disappointed it's now been associated will the whole thing. and his political fortunes are
12:35 pm
falling quickly. 76 or the torontoans think he should go. >> thank you very much. >> breaking news just coming into us here in the fox news deck. we just got word from the faa that a pilot of a small plane off miami has just reported to the faa that somebody fell out of his plane and fell into the ocean. this was a piper 46 aircraft. the report said it's out of south florida. it's my understanding the search is underway right now, near the airport where it raked. so water units were searching an area eight miles south and east from the airport. tammy -- tami-ami is a small executive airport. he is flying over the water, and
12:36 pm
the passenger falls out. so they're searching and when we get more we'll bring it to you. word of a new scandal rocking the united states secret service and reported by removed two agents from president obama's security detail of they're said to have sent a female coworker sexually suggestive e-mails. the "washington post" reports an incident earlier this year at the hay adams hotel, which doesn't overlook anything but the white house. it's in d.c. and has started the investigation. it's where president obama and his family stayed before his first inauguration. it's right across the street from the white house. back in may the feds got a call from a hotel staffer the saying a secret service agent tried to force his way interest a woman's room because he accidently left behind a bullet. how very mayberry of them. officials investigated and found that he and a fellow agent had sent a female colleague explicit
12:37 pm
e-mails. lawyers for the agents could not comment on the investigation. last year supervisors suspended a dozen agents for partying with prostitutes in colombia while they were supposed to be getting ready for the president's visit to the done cry. >> the tsa tsa is back in the news and it is accused of wasting nearly $1 billion of our taxpayer money on a program that does not work at all. officials say that program is meant to help catch potential terrorists but having agents watch the behavior of airline passengers using special, quote, observation techniques, unquote. but there's a new report from federal investigators that shows the tsa has not proved that the program is effective. it also shows that those techniques may be no better than random selection. the feds say they include looking for signs of stress and deception. tsa administrator john pistole
12:38 pm
today told a house panel that he knows the techniques work. >> i'm a strong advocate because i don't want to take away a layer of security that may identify the next terrorist who may decide they want to try to get into an airport here in the u.s. to too something bad. >> he also called the program the least invasive layer of airport security. that report indicates the tsa spent some $900 million on this program since it took effect in the year 2007. mel robbins is with us. she is a trial attorney and talk show host and editor in chief the >> you see them, you're running to get to the airport could be a little sweat and and out of breath and they'll go -- >> are are you headed? >> i'm like, it's hot and i ran. >> has anyone ever engaged you in conversation beyond, how you doing? >> no. unless they recognize you. >> the most astounding part of
12:39 pm
the story is the fact he was defending the program today, and asking for three more years to iron this out. when you wrap your head around this, shep, i don't think anybody is surprised the government is wasting money. the fact they're spending almost 200 million bucks a year to train 3,000 people on how to spot people that look suspicious is absurd. and it doesn't work. it's one thing if you're in israel and you're using this kinds of techniques. those work because people are in uniforms and they have machine guns. >> and they spend time with you. you're getting on el al out of tel aviv and you might spend ten or 15 minutes with somebody asking you questions, where you have been, where your head is at. that seems to be work for them. >> the other thing that was interesting is they could not come up with one single example of where the program actually worked, and you said it was the least invasive measure, it's because it's not nonis existent.
12:40 pm
>> sounds sort of random and that if you have been run through the airport. >> i don't know what they're looking forker if somebody looks up to the right, they've have sweat on their brother and -- on their brow and keep their body away from you, those are techniques to know somebody is stressed out or lying. >> people are stressed out because they're about to get on a dynamic -- dang plane. this is stressful for a lot of people. >> what goo they ask them? if you're stressed out, i'm just supposed to engage you in conversation as if a terrorist is going to talk to you and reveal something. >> this agency, i think they have very good intentions, i think. i know some of them and they want to do good work. but i haven't seen they've accomplished much of anything. >> how can you. when you do the numbers, every one of these 3,000 tsa agents that have been trained are responsible for kind of casually screening through conversation
12:41 pm
and observation half a million people. how do you do that effectively? you don't. >> i hear john pistole's recorded message about how great tsa is doing and they're working for us and be cooperative. until they start touching your junk. once they touch your junk, they've gone too far. >> i don't mind the patdowns and the screen. for anybody that minds them, they can go ton a plane with everyone else that didn't go through it. >> i want to be screened. the junk touching is weird but i -- >> i'll take it. rock my world. >> a minute ago i was reporting on this pilot in south florida who reported he was flying a piper pa-46 every craft and told air traffic controllers a passenger fell from the aircraft eight miles and southeast of the tami-ami airport. here's a map.
12:42 pm
they faa's statement: the aircraft continued to the airport and did land safely. they're zooming in. it's a inland. the f notified the coast guard and miami-dade rescue, and please contacted -- said please contact the agencies for information about the search for the peak. the pilot contacted faa air travel controllers at miami terminal radar approach, which is like miami center, which provides radar services servicer flights rather written a 55-mile radius of miami airport so up tophet lauderdale. this is preliminary information -- still reading -- they say they'll update. it's our life there are searchers out there looking for somebody who fell out of an airplane. south and east of tami-ami airport. what you got? >> we have a may day call that
12:43 pm
went out. i can't get to my e-mail right now. just read that are for us. >> over the radio was: may day, may day, his door was ajar. >> right now police are working to verify whether or not it's true. just investigating. >> here it is. the pilot screaming, may day, may day, may day, this door was ajar. >> the passenger's door was ajar, the man who fell out 2,000 feet into the water. >> anybody got a p.a.? one of this planes, piper p.a.-46? it's one of those small planes you can open the door yourself. and the claim of the pilot is that passenger just hit the drink there, south and east of miami. that's what we have been told. john, you got anything on that? >> not yet. >> well, anyway, there's a frantic search underway at miami-dade fire rescue is on it, and my understanding is, our fox
12:44 pm
chopper down there is on route to this so we ought to have something presently. we'll take a quick commercial break. breaking news coverage continues after this. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> never heard a story like this before. the pilot of a piper air craft told asia traffic controllers that at passenger somehow fell from the aircraft eight miles and feet of the tamiami airport. this is more than two hours old. the air craft continued to the air important and landed safely and i'm told by local sources they have the pilot in the back of a vehicle there the faa notified the u.s. coast guard and the miami-dade search and rescue group and they're supposedly looking. phil keating is in our south florida newsroom. this is weird even there. >> reporter: absolutely. our affiliate here has their
12:48 pm
helicopter up and you can see from the feed that the state park, on the southern tip of key biscayne, known for the big, tall light house, where ground crews are assembling right now. south of that is a very historic and famous area in the water, only eight or nine of these homes built on stilts which were over the decades used by fishermen to fish. hurricane andrew knocked down a whole lot of those. it's that area of biscayne bay that the aerial search and the water search is now going on, looking for this body reported by the pilot of the piper private small plane as having opened the door and jumped out, falling 2,000 feet to his or her death. the weather down here, as the pig cold front coming down, hits florida. the weather was atrocious, very windy, rainy, cloudy, so today would be a good afternoon to go
12:49 pm
flying, and right now they're still looking for this passenger, and other details so far. we're still waiting for to come out of the investigation. >> phil, the piper pa46 is a prop plane, high-performance turbo prop that holds six people, and i can only presume from being in that little aircraft like that, you can reach over and open your door. >> right, and the pilot is in the front seat, not looking behind him. paying attention to his controls and looking around. like i said, it was a beautiful day to fly this afternoon. tamiami airport where the plane turned around and landed, that's west northwest of homestead, and you can see the actual runways right there at tamiami airport. eight miles between the runway and the light house of key biscayne so this would have been a relatively short flight if the
12:50 pm
passenger had some intent of jumping out, whether it was a suicide plan or an accident. this we still don't know. we do know that pilot made no mention to the florida or the tower this was a sky-driving trip. so teams to be either a bad mishap or perhaps a plan of the passenger. >> the latest we have is that there is some degree of skepticism in the nuss media in. south florida. it's quite a claim, and as of now we're two hours and 20 minutes into this, so not too hours and 20 minutes into the search. but since this report. and so far there's nothing to report. we know that the pilot has talked to investigators, and we're working to find out from investigators if there is more to this story. so we'll work on that and get back to ruelight after this.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> breaking news. the president is at the podium at a steel plant in cleveland, ohio, hours after the spoke at the white house about the health care rollout. a live look now in cleveland. the president talking about the state of the nation's manufacturing industry, call is a critical part of the economy. i you want to watch this, you can do that. we're streaming it live at and on all of our mobile platforms. next time somebody promises you the moon, you might get it. the head of a private space company says he wants property rights on the moon and permission to mine the moon. scientists say the moon may hold a lot of extremely valuable minerals. according to the oater space treaty of the year 1967, no nation can own the moon. the u.s. and many other world powers have signed that treaty.
12:55 pm
but that space company, boss robert bigelow says the agreement does not prevent private companies from owning parts of the moon, so he wants to stake his claim. analysts say this could spark a huge fight with china. they plan to launch a mission to the moon in march. michael gold is joining us from washington, the director of d.c. operations and business growth at bigelow aero space. nice to see you. >> how are you. >> i'm good. there's more than cheese there. what do you hope to do? >> there's a lot of things more valuable than cheese on the map, and we hope to open up the moon to private sector investment for the ben benefit of nasa and get america engaged and on the move again and get us on the moon to develop that for benefits on earth. >> china is going stan -- stand
12:56 pm
in your way, i'm guessing. >> china is a very interesting situation. they're going to have a rover on the moon next month. they already conduct more space launches than we do per year. and china can launch their people into space and we can't. really what more can you say than that? i think that speaks volumes. >> one thing you're trying to do is set up some sort of inflatable thing where you can live up there and work up there. is that true? >> absolutely. our company is developing some backbone technology to allow for not only operations on the moon but in orbit potentially as far as mars. they have more volume and enhanced protection against radiation and physical debris. the model t of being able to live up there, and most important of all, 10% of the bryce you would otherwise pay for the traditional module. so protect you against the greatest threat of all, budget cuts. >> i want to go. thank you. we'll be back. what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed?
12:57 pm
what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition.
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>> mick tours of tamiami airport
1:00 pm
in florida. the pilot insists a passenger fell into the water. we know air rescue called off the search. when news breaks out, i'll break in. well, after the fix, are americans in a fix? welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. you can keep your health plan, kind of period. the president reversed a course and saying this time he real ly, really means it. if you like your coverage you can keep it for another year. here's the problem. he will have a devil of a time making this promise stick bus it's proving really tough getting this genie back in the syringe. the problem? the president. try as he might, it's beyond his control. he can't make this happen. it's up to your insurance company to make this happen, and your state to let this happen. and washington state, the very