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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 15, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> bill said unfortunately in 2013 this is how companies get the most attention. without this controversy i would have no idea of this promotion. >> thanks to everyone who responded. >> have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. it's friday, november 15, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the president finally admitting obamacare is a disaster and promises a fix, but will it work? sore is this just another fumble? >> and you've never heard a may day call like this. >> a passenger fell out of your plane? >> that is correct, sir. he opened the backdoor and he fell out the plane. >> you're not supposed to do that. the search for answers about what really happened at 1,800 feet; he fell out. supposedly. >> this story has so many of you fired up, we're going to share it again and
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bring it front and center. no time for the pledge of allegiance at one high school this morning? the war vet leading the fight for a change is going to be here live to talk about why he showed up and pushed his case forward and is not giving up. "fox & friends" for a friday starts right now. >> even if the website isn't working at smoothly as it should be for everybody yet -- >> it's time for "fox & friends." tgif. >> thank goodness it's fox. welcome aboard folks to our telecast live from new york city. >> yesterday was a big day. good morning, everybody. >> that press conference, i could not believe it was happening. number one, it was 45 minutes late -- excuse me -- a half-hour late to get started. i still don't know what happened on that. i imagine when the president opened up and talked about the philippines and the need for aid, i said, wait a second, believe it or not in america that is not the headline. the headline is going to be the president trying to
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explain his obamacare fumbling, bumbeling start. and will he actually take the blame for a system that not only can't you log on but once you get in has been a miserable failure. and more important to him perhaps it is takeing his party down in blames with it. >> this is what he had to say yesterday trying to relate to the american people but still holding on to the fact that the system was originally broken. take a listen. >> i wake up every single day working as hard as i can on behalf of americans out there from every walk of life who are working hard meeting their responsibilities but sometimes are struggling because the way the system works isn't giving them a fair shot. >> forget about the buck stops here. the buck stops with the system. so what the president did yesterday -- and this was not surprising -- he did it yesterday because today in the house, house republicans led by fred upton are going to vote on
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something that's going to allow people to keep their health care insurance for another year if they got canceled. of course this was one of the bedrock tenets of the affordable care act. the obama administration did not want this to happen, but because of all the pressure, essentially what they're saying is those insurance companies will be able to sell for one more year the policies that don't meet the affordable care act standards. keep in mind, for the last how many months has he been describing these as substandard policies sold by bad apple insurers, well as of yesterday they're fine. they'll get to sell them one more year until after the next election. brit hume last night said the president doesn't want to fix nothing. >> he's not looking to accomplish anything. he's looking to shift blame. he doesn't want his law and his party and himself to be blamed for these cancellation notices, and so he's created this apparent fix that says okay, folks, you really can
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keep your policies. sorry about that. well, you know, i'm not sure that will work. and moreover, when you think about it, it shouldn't work. it's dishonest. >> i mean, it's a predicament right now, is it even possible to logistically implement this plan of asking insurance companies to maybe hang on to the policies which they dropped because the administration felt as though they weren't meeting their standards? well, the president and c.e.o. of america's health insurance plans actually had something to say about that, and here's what it was. quote, changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. premiums have already been set for next year based on an assumption of when consumers will be transitioning to the new marketplace. >> it's just unbelievable. >> she goes on. >> it's unbelievable. you're telling the private market, you're telling
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private insurers go reinstate the people that you kicked off and it totals between three and five million. there you see what she looks like. between three and five million, go restate. excuse me, i don't care what company you are, the president of the united states is a powerful guy, but you cannot make people reinstate people because they got kicked off because of obamacare constraints and rules they said i can no longer insure you at this rate or i'm going to pull back the insurance offer and as of january 1, february 1 or december 1, i can no longer insure you. then you tell people to reinstate these people. they have their own business plans, their own goals and they got to know the rules. how can you change the rules in the middle? you can keep your plan for one year? that's still going against what he said. >> everyone is wondering if he has the jurisdiction to do so. can he go and change something congress put in place without congress? that's another question. >> he says it's administrative and not
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legislative. therefore he doesn't have to go back. >> there is a gray area when you're installing a new law there are transitional rules. here's the thing, it's hard to uncancel insurance. what's going to happen is effectively he's shifting blame. don't blame us if it can't get done. blame the insurance industry. blame your state insurance commissioner. already two insurance commissioners for washington state, i believe, and washington, d.c., both have said we're not going to be able to do it. we're going to go ahead and continue to enforce the affordable care act standards. what's interesting is the fact that even though what the president is doing is he is suspending eight complicated rules, keep in mind, this has been the law of the land, they have known for three years, insurance companies. they have done their due diligence. they have changed all the rules for the president. at the 11th hour because of political pressure, because you've got bill clinton, you've got daily
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headlines, stories of people who have lost insurance, the president for a political reason is changing things for one year. but i think people are going to see through this. >> in what business, what insurance company will seeing a year out is just a game delay would go back to where they were. they are going to continue preparing for the year that is to come. why would they install those they dropped. in terms of the website failing and all the glitches, the malfunction we know that it is now, the president kept using the same excuse that he just didn't know. listen to this. >> on the website, i was not informed directly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed, i wouldn't be going out saying boy, this is going to be great. you know, i'm accused of a lot of things, but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is
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going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the website opens if i thought that it wasn't going to work. >> he's also [inaudible] himself as a terrible manager or people are so scared to tell him bad news they're not telling him. there were memos flying around as early as july saying this thing is not going to work and this thing is not going to be up to standards. in july they're worried about it; we know what happened october 1. i could not believe, it was surreal watching him because for the longest time he did not admit mistakes. at the same time you watched it he said i take responsibility, i fumbled the ball. at the same time he said i wasn't told, wasn't informed. every way you look at it it was a disaster. the question is do you need more time or is this thing dead? are we not admitting that this obamacare, do everyone know it is unworkable, unusable, unimplementable?
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are we just pretending? republicans said for the longest time, but are democrats under the impression that this thing will eventually work? >> brian, the democrats, if they want to keep those nice, cushy jobs in washington, d.c., they got to do everything in their power to make this thing work. >> or run for the hills. >> running for reelection is the problem. >> according to this fox news poll about president obama being unaware of the i.r.s. targeting, trouble with the obamacare rollout, n.s.a. expiring, look at this toward the bottom there. unaware, that's understandable, only 18% of people find it understandable that he would be unaware about the i.r.s. targeting, obamacare rollout. 18 think that's understandable only. that is a remarkable finding. >> look at the top line, he knew, he's ducking responsibility. in other words, the buck doesn't stop with him. he knew. is he lying? there was one other thing. you know, it was just a line.
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i didn't see this get picked up anywhere except the daily caller. at one point he did admit he's been lying to people. he said if you like your health care, you can keep it. he's been saying that for years. yesterday he said my expectation was that for 98% of the american people, either it genuinely would not change at all or they would be pleasantly surprised with the options on the marketplace and the grandfather clause would cover the rest. so he knew that 2% of the country was going to lose their health care insurance even though that number was -- it's actually 5%. but he knew ahead of time that people were going to get bounced. and they did. >> he also guaranteed everything was going to be $2,500 less. he also said the website was going to be fixed by the end of the month. he's good at giving deadlines but just not fulfilling hem. hey, heather nauert. >> the names of the four marines killed in camp
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pendelton have been released. two are from california, one from missouri. they were performing a routine sweep to clear a range of unexploded ordinance at the time of the accident. all of the men were bomb removal technicians. that job is considered one of the most dangerous in the marine corps and is one of the few positions in which the corps allows team members to quit at any time for virtually any reason. we'll keep you updated on the cause of this. >> a mid air mystery after a pilot's bizarre call for help leads to a frantic search in the water. this after his only passenger allegedly falls nearly 2,000 feet out of the plane's backdoor and plummets into miami's biscayne bay. listen to the may day call. >> may day. may day. may day. i have a door ajar, and i'm
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heading to miami. i have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. >> you have a passenger that fell out of your plane sph >> that is correct, sir, he opened the backdoor and he just fell out of the plane. >> the pilot eight miles from the airport eventually landed and is now being questioned by police. this morning the coast guard says it plans to resume what is expected to be a recover mission for that missing man. new information this morning and it's very disturbing. it's about the shooting at los angeles international airport. it turns out that the t.s.a. officer who was killed after a gunman opened fire laid helplessly bleeding for 33 minutes before he was helped by paramedics. officer skwrer radar -- her radar dough hernandez was 20 feet from the exit but police wouldn't let them treat him because the cops had not determined that terminal safe to enter yet. it is not know whether medical attention could have saved his life but
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officials are examining whether paramedics could have gone into that terminal earlier. those are your headlines. see you in about 25 minutes. >> thanks, heather. coming up we've been telling you the president is putting on the political band-aid when it comes to obamacare but our next guest, an insurance industry insider, says this fix is about to make things a whole lot worse. >> he's still got it. quite the balancing act between two movies. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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americans into thinking they could keep their health care plans and now many of them can't. >> the president is offering a short-term fix to his credibility crisis but many from the insurance industry say it's not that easy and the so-called fix may make things even worse. >> here to explain is the president of health policy and strategy associates. robert, the president said you insurance companies reinstate those three to five million you canceled. go do it; right. what's so hard about that? >> they're making another mess. one mess after another with the implementation of obamacare., the federal government, says everyone has to pick their new plan by december 15 for january 1 effective days. that's 31 days from now. the white house, the administration has taken three years to implement and they've completely screwed it up. and now what they're saying to the insurance companies is in 31 days backtrack on all the months of planning they've done. this is an incredible logistical problem for the
3:18 am
insurance companies. they have to send a letter, according to the obama administration, to every one of these policy holders. they've got to detail the difference between the plan they have now and what obamacare would require. so they've got to look at each individual plan and send a very detailed letter. they send it through the u.s. mail. then they've got to give the consumer at least a couple of weeks to make up their mind to get back to the insurance company. the insurance company has to change their computer system, their rates, their plan policy, change the doctor and hospital network computer system, make sure they don't debit the bank account the wrong way. and to do all this in 31 days when this administration can't get a simple website going in three years. >> this a literal passing of the buck here? it seems as though it is a changing of hands in terms of responsibility. it is not us anymore -- >> that's all this is. no one asked the industry if this was possible. the industry was shocked yesterday to hear this. this is not about what's operationally possible. this is about politics. this is about the president
3:19 am
having this hot potato where he and obamacare have pushed -- required these cancellations. so what he's doing now is he's saying to the insurance industry in this press conference, we'll give them the choice. they can either have a logistical nightmare to face or the insurance industry can be the goat. they can be the ones to tell the consumers they can't continue on the policy. this is a slick political maneuver to now make the insurance company the bad guy. obama can say i didn't want these policies canceled. they are the ones who told you they couldn't do it. >> robert, stkaoebg emanuel -- zeke emanuel, one of the architects of this, says the insurance industry doesn't want any part of it any way so essentially they're making obama the fall guy. >> what zeke was saying is the insurance companies didn't have to do these
3:20 am
cancellations. zeke, if the insurance companies didn't have to do these cancellations why did the president hold a press conference yesterday and change the rules and say the insurance companies now don't have to do the cancellations, the president yesterday announces they don't now have to do the cancellations. i guess they had to do the cancellations before. >> i think the president can't mandate you guys to do anything; correct? >> i don't know who is advising the president of the united states on health insurance markets. this is just incredible. the national association of insurance commissioners yesterday issued a statement saying that this was not practical and it would create more problems than not. and they are republicans and democrats, about half republic and half democrat. here's an interesting fact -- >> real quick, robert. >> here's an interesting fact. kathleen sebelius is the past president of the national association of insurance commissioners. she doesn't know better? >> i guess not. >> maybe she does. >> robert, we need another
3:21 am
hour. thanks so much. straight ahead. this story had many of you fired up yesterday. a school district says students cannot say the pledge because there is not enough time in the name. veterans are fed up, firing back and speaking up only on our show.
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we've got an update on a story we told you about yesterday. a group of veterans fighting to get high school students in sioux falls, south dakota, to recite the pledge on a daily basis in high school may be one step closer to making that happen. maybe. joining us is u.s. navy vet dave saunders. he's also a current member of the american legion in south dakota. great to have you. >> good to be here. >> thanks for making the trip in from south dakota to tell us this story. it starts back on september 11. there was a high school student there at sioux falls high who wanted to --
3:25 am
he asked the administration could we say the pledge of allegiance. >> yes. the young man's name was marcus hicks. and marcus asked on the anniversary of 9/11 if they could say the pledge of allegiance. and he was told no. and so marcus went home, told dad. dad told granddad, and here we are. >> next thing you know, people started talking about it. in sioux falls at the elementary school and middle school they do it. but when they grow up and are in high school they don't have to do it. you were at a school board meeting recently and you asked what? >> i wasn't on the docket to speak at the school board meeting, but my post commander had sent me an e-mail and said could you show up tonight. so i up and watched this vote go down. it was just unbelievable, but what got me was as we got up to leave was retired
3:26 am
sergeant major rob dickerson. rob is a combat-wounded veteran, and as rob got up to leave, the post commander helped him up, and it just hit me that it took rob longer to get up, retrieve his crutches, put them -- clip them on his arms and walk out than it would have taken these children, high school students to say the pledge. >> the board voted 6-0 was not to include the pledge of allegiance because they say there's no time to recite a ten-second pledge. >> ten seconds, that's all we ask. >> you've got, we should point out that the school board has responded. they say the board will be open to further changes to the policy if the community determines it appropriate. apparently they're feeling some heat now because it's getting publicity. you've got a way that they could do it. >> i think it's a simple
3:27 am
solution. it's simple. whoever is doing the announcements -- >> first thing in the morning. >> first thing in the morning. >> this is the school board president who led the 6-0 vote, doug morrison. go ahead, dave. >> they make the announcements, this particular high school that marcus goes to -- give a shout out to washington high -- they make the announcements, today is cafeteria, we're doing this, we're doing that, if you would like to join me in saying the pledge of allegiance, please rise. say the pledge, done. over. >> it would be that simple. >> that simple. >> why, dave, is it important for you that the kids in that high school say the pledge of allegiance? >> to give them a time to reflect on this great country, the foundation that we're built upon and to think of the men and women that are out there
3:28 am
every day and going in harm's way, to think about the veterans that have given so much of their time. you know, i've heard it described as a veteran is a person who wrote a blank check for their life. and some of them, they gave a full measure. and then i see rob. rob gave a lot. i see the things that he has to deal with. a wonderful man. >> we would love to have him. and it's not too much to ask. it is ten seconds. mr. saunders, thank you very much for making the trip from south dakota. let's see whether or not they change the policy and do it the way you say right at the beginning of the day. dave saunders, military vet, thank you sir. what do you think about that? e-mail us or go to our facebook page and like this story. >> now that the president offered his obamacare fix,
3:29 am
what is the next move for republicans? should they let it fail? congressman michael burgess joins us live. he waited seven years for a kidney and was just about to get it but the hospital now saying sorry, have to cancel. why? it's union. we'll be right back. ♪ mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009.
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the house is all set to vote on a bill later today to allow people to keep their health insurance plans even if they don't meet the strict affordable care act standards. but after the president's administrative fix and mea culpa yesterday, tkao republicans need to change strategy and what will be their next move? >> we're going to ask congressman burgess that exact question now. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> here we are a day later, perhaps many dollars short. what's the next step for republicans here? >> remember that republicans came to town this week after being home in the districts for 10 or 11 days hearing from constituents who were coming to us saying help us, we're losing our insurance, coupled with the fact that for whatever reason now the mainstream
3:34 am
press picked up on the fact that the president misrepresented the facts when he was selling the health care law. so the house determined we've got to do something to help people. understand this is not an attempt to fix a problem in obamacare. this is an attempt to stop the bleeding, people who are hemorrhaging their health care. so many more people have lost their health care than have signed up for these new exchanges that something needs to be done. otherwise we're going to end this year with a net loss and millions of people who have lost their coverage or find they cannot afford the new coverage they're required to purchase. >> congressman, the upton bill, the president said there is no need for it. i told you, i told the insurance companies if you want your plan, reinstate the plan. you can forget about that piece of legislation. >> this has been kind of an interesting back and forth. bear in mind that this time yesterday no one knew the president was even going to come out and say anything about this. so he is reacting to pressure, internal pressure
3:35 am
from house democrats and senate democrats are telling him we've got to do something because we are losing this thing big time. so that's what the attempt was yesterday, the administration to get up there for administrative cover. but i heard from house democrats who say i don't need to go home and tell people there is an administrative fix. i need to go home with a vote to tell them i'm serious about taking care of their problem. let's be honest, the upton bill does not fix this thing. this thing cannot be fixed. you know how it was visited on the american people. snuck through the senate in the middle of the night, sent to the house on a technical trick, signed by the president three and a half years ago. this can't be fixed. what can be fixed is we can allow people to keep the insurance they used to have. the problem here is if we let the president do this his way, what's to say a week and a half from now after hearing from the insurance companies he doesn't feel entirely different and everything gets switched back. you cannot do this by executive fiat. we are not run in this
3:36 am
country by a ruler. we're run by a legislative, executive and judicial branch. government with the consent of the government. isn't that a quaint notion. that's what it ought to be. >> there are some on the right in the pundit class who say don't let -- republicans get out of the way. if they're going to commit suicide, let them, for the democrats. why not do that? >> i'm a physician. that's my background. if i see someone bleeding to death and i can put a tourniquet or pressure dressing on and save their life, i feel like i ought to do that. think of this. this is the first day to fix -- really it is putting a tourniquet on a cancer but you've got to start somewhere and people are hurting. people are losing their health care coverage. there are people who may not be able to continue their chemotherapy on january 2 because they are losing insurance december 31 because now they can't afford what's out there. although we focused on the website and the insurance
3:37 am
problems kpwes, doctors and hospitals in january, february, march are going to begin to feel the effects of the disorganized, uncoordinated way in which health care in this country has been devastated by the affordable care act. and that is going to be the next big story. the story after that is when the renewal premiums come due in september 2014, they are going to be through the roof. >> no kidding. we know you've got a very busy day, voting on the up top bill later today. michael burgess, congressman from texas, thank you very much. i got a feeling you're going to be the first one in the office today. >> probably right. >> going to be fascinated to see how many democrats are not happy with the president's proposal today and going to vote on the upton bill. if the president had not come forward, i think a majority of them would have. >> we'll keep you posted. heather nauert, good morning. >> it seems every day we learn something new about the benghazi. new information coming out, survivors of the benghazi terror attack tell their stories to members of congress.
3:38 am
we now learned that the attackers knew the location of the safe room where ambassador chris stevens and his security team were seeking shelter that night. this is a fascinating twist. according to the late congressman bill young who spent 90 minutes speaking to diplomatic security agent david ubin, wound in the attack, young originally spoke off the record to fox, but after his death his widow gave his permission to broadcast this audio interview. listen. >> we emphasize the fact that it was a military type operation. they got knowledge of almost everything in the compound. they knew where the gasoline was, knew where the generators were. they knew more than they should have about that compound. >> powerful information coming out. asked if he believed the terrorists had inside information, young told fox, yes. closed door sessions are scheduled to resume today. a long wait for a new
3:39 am
kidney gets even longer because of a hospital union strike. after seven years of waiting on a transplant list, a california man finds a donor through facebook. he raises the money to fly her to california and then pay for the surgery. but the surgery which was scheduled for next wednesday was canceled because of a one-day nurses strike that was set for the very same day. the hope is now to do the surgery the day after the strike if the donor can make it. imagine that. watch jean claude van damme pull off one of the greatest stunts ever. from muscles to brussels looking as limber as ever at the age of 53. it is a volvo commercial. volvo says the stunt is the real deal although they tell us some of the safety equipment was removed.
3:40 am
ouch! that hurts just watching it. i'll see you guys in a bit. >> looks like the road was moving. >> he'll be stretching it out for awhile. we start this had week by saluting our veterans. >> the fun didn't stop there. >> check out these vet moments from a great week on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> on this veterans day we also want to give a salute to all our veterans out there. so let's go. hoo-ya! >> all right. >> the veterans job fair, that is coming up next. ♪ i'm playing on fox and friends tv ♪ >> hour two, "fox & friends" for tuesday starts right now.
3:41 am
>> they call it your hot shot of the morning. look who it is. it's steve and his son peter adweek. there's duck dynasty and you guys are fox dynasty. >> brian kilmeade is once again a best-selling author. >> who is that in the background? you ruin everything, elisabeth. >> i ruined the family photo. >> what a great book. >> thanks for coming. there is a picture of me kissing you. >> where is ray kelly going next? >> we're going to talk about it next with that woman right there. governor sarah palin. ♪ ♪ >> anna kooiman has been chosen honorary duck master. >> national teddy bear day. >> that's right. so excited. marching scarlet knights of rutgers university performing live. ♪ ♪
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>> you had the bieber before the bieber. >> you look so sally jesse rafael there. >> a bird, a plane, the lone ranger. >> i bought it for halloween. >> we were supposed to have a picture that shows your eyes whether they're sparkling and what do they do? they put up a picture of brian with a mask. >> i'm five years old. >> i need to see that picture at least once a week. >> they put it on the website too. >> good week. >> good week for your book signing. "new york times" bestseller. >> a great one for the doocy dynasty. >> remember you miss a little, you miss a lot. >> right. we also found out women are catty. >> since the president took office, hundreds of our top military leaders have left their posts. why?
3:43 am
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3:46 am
welcome back. time for quick headlines. solar energy could be good for the environment; right? some animal rights activists are saying solar panels are killing migrating birds. dead birds found near several california solar energy facilities. justin bieber facing two criminal complaints after his wild tour in argentina. he's accused of sending body guards to attack a photographer outside of a club and also accused of trashing a national symbol by dragging two argentinian flags on stage with his
3:47 am
feet. if convicted he could spend up to four years in prison. >> hundreds of top military leaders leaving their posts since president obama took office. why, i ask, and who is filling that void? joining us right now is the c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america, pete hegseth. captain, you're still active in the reserves? >> yes. >> do you sense the difference? is it beyond atreugs when we talk about these leaders retired? >> i think it is. you've seen five years under the commander in chief. he's got a different perspective on the military. there has been an emphasis on socialism versus military readiness. gays in the military, women in combat, even radical islam, the way we framed that with what happened in fort hood, he's got a perspective of what this military should look like and how it should be used. over five years you're going to see the
3:48 am
independent minded types sifted out and your house cats are willing to go along with this agenda that isn't necessarily in keeping usually with the way the military does it. >> where is it coming from? 1600 pennsylvania avenue or -- >> i think so. you look at how quickly they moved on women in combat, repealing don't ask, don't tell, how quickly they stripped out the phrases radical islam from the articulation of the threats we face. that is a top-down perspective of the way we want to change this military. this commander in chief doesn't have military background, isn't familiar with it, doesn't have close relationship with his top generals. you see that in the relationships. if you've got folks inside the pentagon who don't like it, i think they have been asked to take a seat. >> it seems as though there is a softening of military leadership intentionally. what does that do to our national security? it seems it can only weaken it. >> also what does it say
3:49 am
about morale? every time i was serving, if you're serving under a petraeus or allen, somebody who knows a hard chargeer, going to take out the enemy and take no b.s., that motivates us. those are guys you want to run through a brick wall for. when you know you've got a general a little more political minded, does he have my back, that hurts morale. >> you know what hurts too is the rules of engagement. it is up to the commander, the general to get in there, get their hands dirty, hands on the ground and go mr. president, it is not going to be effective. our guys are getting killed in the field because they're not allowed to kill the bad guys. >> it trickles down. i had a colonel who didn't agree with everything i did but he would have my back at the end of the day. if we pulled that trigger because we thought there was a they the going on, no questions asked. lieutenant, i have your back. you don't always know that in other contexts, especially in the complexity of afghanistan.
3:50 am
as we drawback it is getting more political and more difficult. >> the direction coming from the top. captain pete hegseth, thank you for joining us on this friday. ten minutes before the top of the hour. next school? one mother is outraged that we have lowered the bar. at one school all you need at one school all you need is a c or d. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
most parents are proud when their kids make the honor roll, but not our next guest. she's furious. the reason? her son received a c and d and still made the cut.
3:54 am
joining us from tampa, that very mom. good morning, beth. you made a lot of news. you find out that your son, douglas, comes home making the honor roll and you weren't happy. why? >> well, i know that he is bright and i know that he can do well. he had a b and -- he had a b in each of the classes, the c and the d, and was doing well. then he didn't do well on a test and didn't complete an assignment and wasn't applying himself. so he ended up with a d and c. and as a mom, it's my job to monitor him and i try to give him his space and let him become independent and responsible, but i'm monitoring from the side lines and i see what his grades are. so when his grades slipped from the b's to the c and d, i said
3:55 am
hey, you can't come home and lay on the sofa and play on your ipod or play mindcraft on the computer. >> like most kids. >> sure. so i'm going to take those things away. you work hard and bring your grades up and you'll get them back. >> so you get this honor roll, you find out he's on the honor and then you write a letter to the school, you we want and told them you weren't happy about it. what was their reaction? >> they understood. i mean, you know, honor roll on one side and c and the d on the other. i have been told it may not be that common to have a d when you get the honor roll, but it is possible, according to their point system. so the main thing was as i'm trying to teach him to study harder to raise his grades and get his privileges back, he still makes honor roll. that was a problem.
3:56 am
>> the superintendent actually agreed and said, my plan is to go back to having honor roll by quarter based on having all a's or a's and b's. he actually heard your battle cry. how does your son feel about this? >> he's not real thrilled about it. you know, i think it's for the greater good. we're trying to teach him that it's not about him particularly, just that it's a flaw in the system that needs changing. i'm not sure how it lasted this long. but if it took this to get the ball rolling to make a change, then that's what this is all about. >> you're fighting the good fight for moms and dads out there who just want the best for their kids. he'll realize it in the long haul. beth, thank you for being with us this morning. you're a good mom. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> take care. coming up, real fixes or another failure? the backlash begins after the president makes more promises. can he really change the rules?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. it's friday, november 15, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the president finally admitting obamacare is a disaster and promises a fix. but will it work or is this just another fumble? all right. the president's excuse for the bad rollout, i didn't know. >> i was not informed correctly that the web site would not be working the way it was supposed to. >> it was on a fax. i didn't check the fax. shouldn't he be in the loop on his signature, so-called signature achievement? you make the call. >> i'm going to make a call. yes, he should have. meanwhile, 100 beauties wanted the crown and she got it.
4:01 am
>> miss universe 2013 is venezuela! >> the former miss venezuela now miss universe tells bus that crowning moment when she joins us live this morning. hello, miss universe. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. ♪ ♪ it's hard to believe, but for five years now, once a year, these guys and gals have been coming here to do the pink glove dance. their videos promoting breast cancer awareness. they've been going viral on youtube. i think we got a couple hundred people out there in danville, pen opinion. we'll find out who won the contest this year, this hour. >> yeah.
4:02 am
they'll announce that. >> a lot more kids than usual n fantastic. >> we'll be discussing that. something to look forward to all year. yesterday was the press conference the president probably never dreamed he would have. the time in which you saw him come out and say that obamacare is a disaster, unworkable, unimplementable plan and the web site is a disaster, the november 30th deadline is going to come and go and it's a disaster, and for those 5 million that lost your health plan, he's got a fix. tell me if you like this fix. he is going to allow insurance companies to go back and reinstate your plan. the problem -- and there is a lot of them -- the insurance companies can't just do that. here is the other thing, they don't have to do that. the president is not the king. he is the president. >> he's not able to give permission then, you're saying? >> yeah. it's not by the power vested in him. >> he did attempt to explain and we'll let you decide. take a listen. >> i completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot
4:03 am
of americans, particularly after assurances they heard from me that if they had a plan that they liked, they could keep it. and to those americans, i hear you loud and clear. i said that i would do everything we can to fix this problem and today i'm offering a an idea that will help do it. the bottom line is, insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. >> for a year. >> yeah. if you like your health care that i used to describe as substandard from bad apples, you can keep it for one year until after the next election. what the president has done, he has taken what was a political problem and he thought he was use -- he would use a scalpel and fix it and made a bigger mess. but he had to do something yesterday because today later in the house, the upton bill of michigan will be voted on where
4:04 am
legislatively people can keep their health care if they like it. there will be other options as well. that is a fix. the president didn't need a whole bunch of democrats defecting, siding with the republicans. and the other problem is -- this is crucial -- it's hard to uncancel insurance. in fact, the health policy and strategies association president was on this program an hour ago and said very clearly what the president is doing is he's trying to turn things around rather than have people blaming the democrats, blame the insurance company. >> no one asked the industry if this was possible. the industry was shocked yesterday to hear this. this is not about what's operationally possible. this is about politics. this is about the president having this hot potato and so what he's doing now is he's saying to the insurance industry in this press conference, we'll give them the choice. they can either have a logistical nightmare to face or the insurance industry can be
4:05 am
the goat. they can be the ones to tell the consumers they can't continue on the policy. this is a slick political maneuver to make the insurance company the bad guy. >> yeah. and he went on to say he put democrats in a bad position. oh, really? this is about democrats in a bad position in 2014? does anyone care about the democrats or republican when is it comes to your health care in which plan that is unworkable and upon us? >> that's not according to us, it's according to the people in the insurance industry that said this is logistickiccally impossible, in 30 days to make this happen. obamacare has been splitting everybody to the sides. you have democrats splitting with democrats, you have republicans and democrats, but now are sort of coming together. look at who this is bringing together. you have howard dean and charles krauthammer agreeing over whether it's even legal for the president of the united states to get in there and make this game change. >> i wonder if he has the legal authority to do this since this
4:06 am
is a bill to set this up. >> he has no right to do this. the executive carries out the laws. the constitution is very clear. congress passes the laws, congress amends the law. he does it now so many times that it's as if it's like the air we breathe. hardly anybody even notices. >> yeah. so while the president was -- those are fantastic points. now what -- >> they both agree. >> they coo agree. what it's going to do is fall upon the state insurance commissioners whether or not to implement it. we've already had two states come out and say no. we're not going to do the fix. we're going to go ahead with the affordable care act standards as they are written. it looks like only a small fraction of dropped policies will return probably in red states for the most part where republicans figure, well, it's the best thing that we could possibly do at this point. what's interesting is while the president was finishing things up there in the briefing room of the white house, his chief of
4:07 am
staff was over on capitol hill. he first talked to 55 senate democrats saying okay, calm down. the president's got a fix. don't worry. we hear your pain. we feel your pain and hear your complaints. then he went to the house and did exactly the same thing. and it looks like to some extent he did allay some of their fears. but you can look for a whole bunch of democrats to probably side with the republicans on this upton bill later on today. >> right. meanwhile, we have something that comes up way too much. something goes wrong issues something goes very wrong and the president comes forward and says, i didn't know. i found out about it in the papers. i found out from news reports. what about october 1 when it came to the obamacare web site? where was he then? what did he know? listen. >> on the web site, i was not informed directly that the web site would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed, i wouldn't
4:08 am
be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. you know, i'm accused of a lot of things, but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the web site opens if i thought that it wasn't going to work. >> it's on him, as he said 20 times, if you walked into the room and said, show me how quick i can log on, show me how easy this is going to be and if their answer was, i can't do it yet, then he would know not to say it. but he obviously didn't take the time even to do that! >> perhaps because it's seemingly systemic at this point. we see benghazi, i didn't know. irs probing into conservatives, i didn't know it was happening. when it comes to the actual obamacare system there, how it would work and how insurance companies would have to squeeze out their policies, i didn't know. when it comes to the web site, i didn't know. >> so are you buying it? we've got the results of a fox news poll where people were
4:09 am
asked: president obama was aware of irs targeting, troubled obamacare rollout, the nsa spying. what do you think? 47% say he knew. he's just ducking responsibility. 27% say he was unaware but should have known. and 18% say he's unaware. the national republican senatial committee has put out a news release as of yesterday to continue to pin the blame on democrats who voted for the affordable care act. says that they are either incompetent or dishonest. i don't think that would be a good -- >> i'd wait around for a c choice. >> no kidding. >> what else is happening, heather nauert? >> could you toss to heather? >> i sure will. >> you have other headlines?
4:10 am
>> how are you doing? we've got news to bring you. police in florida are trying to solve a midair mystery. how did a pilot only passenger allegedly fall nearly 2,000 feet out of the plane's door and then plummet into miami's biscayne bay? take a listen to the bizarre call for help. >> may day, may day, may day. i have a passenger and i'm heading to miami. i have a passenger that fell down. >> you said you had a passenger that fell out of your plane? >> that's correct, sir. he opened the back door and he just fell out. >> the pilot who was at the time about eight miles away from from that airport eventual leelanded. he's now being questioned by police. right now they say there is no evidence of foul play. at this hour, a recovery mission is underway for that man who is supposedly missing. disturbing new information coming out about that shooting at los angeles international airport. it turns out that the tsa
4:11 am
officer -- you can see him there -- the man who was gunned down after a gunman opened fire there, laid bleeding for 33 minutes before he was helped by paramedics. officer gerardo hernandez was 20 feet from an exit and that is where an ambulance waited on the other side. police wouldn't let the paramedics treat him because the terminal wasn't declared safe to enter yet. it's unclear if the immediate medical attention could have saved him, but officials are examining whether or not paramedics could have gone in earlier. and it takes a lot to keep your cool reporting on the side lines, especially when this happens. >> he'll have to do it going against -- his game plan is use his speed. >> looks like she's completely unaware of that incoming ball. reporting from the side lines, did it like a pro and didn't skip a beat. that kind of reminds me of a classic moment. remember this?
4:12 am
>> you're a machine! you're a machine! how do you stop this! i'm sorry. >> oh, just can't get enough of that video. >> sorry, brian, you know we love you. that's why we all pick on you so much. >> right. i think titus could learn something from that reporter. titus should have shaken it off. >> shake it off, you two-year-old. >> exactly. not only that, he's three. >> are you saying he should have been able to handle that? >> you make the call at home. but i'm just saying that the reporter walked it right off. just kept going. >> brian. >> this was a little immature. >> we hope so. he's two or three. heather, thank you very much. on this friday, brand-new benghazi bombshell. survivors forced to sign nondisclosure agreements at the memorial services of those who lost their lives during the attack. the disturbing details coming up
4:13 am
next. what is going on there? plus, the cutest video you will probably see all day. meet the kitten with the perfect bark. >> that's a dog bark. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. new revelations about the benghazi attack. before he died, congressman bill young met with benghazi survivors and learned about details about the attack. fox gained permission it air what he said. >> they emphasized the fact that it was a very, very military-type operation. they had knowledge of almost everything in the compound.
4:17 am
they knew where the gasoline was. they knew where the generators were. they knew where the safe room was. they knew more than they should have about that compound. >> all this as the benghazi survivors who testified yesterday were required to sign nondisclosure agreements by the c.i.a. here with details, fox news contributor and senior writer, steven hayes. thank you for joining us from naples, florida. >> good morning, guy. >> i know we can't identify the people who testified yesterday, but generally, who were they and why was it okay to talk yesterday? >> there were three c.i.a. affiliated personnel who were on the ground and engaged in the fighting in benghazi. these are people actually there who were helping in the fighting. as i understand it, one of them was standing next to one of the americans who was killed during the fighting in benghazi during those attacks. these are people, i think, at least by experience, bring a fair amount of credibility and are able to give a perspective
4:18 am
that nobody else has been able to do, particularly in the aftermath of the problems with the "60 minutes" report. >> how significant is it what bill young said before he passed away? >> it's yet another piece of evidence to suggest this was a planned, coordinated terrorist attack on the compound and the fact that somebody like david oven, who was a source for congressman young knew that and was telling that to congressmen and presumably telling that to folks when he was interviewed, whether it was the f.b.i., whether it was the state department folks, when he was interviewed upon leaving benghazi. i think it's suggestive that the administration knew this probably a long time before they let us know that this was a planned coordinated terrorist attack. >> sure. and no doubt, steven, the administration has not wanted this story out. what's interesting is we've kind of heard back channel that the c.i.a. guys were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements so they wouldn't reveal any of the details. c.i.a. came out and said, we didn't ask them to sign
4:19 am
anything. they had to sign them, didn't they? >> yeah. this has been really sort of a long, simmering dispute, kind of hyped the scenes dispute. it was a position of the c.i.a. no, we did not ask them to sign nondisclosure agreements. they were not subjected to additional polygraph tests. john brennan wrote a letter that the c.i.a. eventually released with a categorical denial they were asked to sign any new nondisclosure agreements -- >> that was a lie! >> it turns out they were asked to sign these things at the memorial service for two of the c.i.a.-affiliated guys who were killed in the attack. the survivors were then presented with new nondisclosure agreements that while they didn't mention benghazi, obviously were related to benghazi. i mean, their lawyer said they were related to benghazi. they were presented at the memorial service. these were benghazi survivors. they came back. the subject of the day was benghazi. it's strange to suggest that these didn't have anything to do with benghazi. >> right.
4:20 am
so it's just amazing that they told the families when the bodies were at dover, it's about a video. everyone was talking about a video, when they knew instantly it was a military operation. recent poll reveals that the american people want to continue the investigation on benghazi by a toll of 65% yes. 31% no. we'll continue to do it. thanks, steven hayes. >> you bet. >> coming up straight ahead, a blind man kicked off the plane because of his guide dog. that man speaking out this morning. >> plus, 100 beautiful women wanted the crown. only one got it. >> miss universe 2013 is venezuela! >> you know what? she is going to be live on the curvy couch in just a moment. elisabeth, walk her in. ♪ [ tires screech ]
4:21 am
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4:24 am
well, she definitely turned heads and took home the crown to win the title of miss universe. >> miss universe 2013 is venezuela! >> joining us is miss universe 2013, miss venezuela, formerly gabriela isler. good morning and welcome to the curvy couch. >> good morning and thank you for the invitation. >> how does it feel to be miss universe? >> oh, my god. i feel blessed because in the pageant, there are so many beautiful girls, natural beauties. not only physical, but also inner beauty. i feel blessed to -- i feel very
4:25 am
happy. >> you have such a kind heart. we see this clip and you're with miss spain, who was your roommate and your best friends through the process. but you didn't realize at first that you had won. >> no, because i couldn't hear. if you look at the videotape in slow motion, you can see, i told her what happened? and she said i don't know. we were so excited to have both because she was my best friend in the packagent. >> we just saw right there, the crown got knocked off, right? >> i'm sorry? >> your crown got knocked off. >> it was not mine the first time. >> it is now. >> but right now it's mine. they fix me very well. it's mine. >> i didn't know the crown is fully adjustable? >> yeah.
4:26 am
>> i'm just saying -- >> because the people -- no, it's mine. >> i wouldn't wear your crown. let me ask you, what does it mean for the people of venezuela that you won? >> the people of my country are very proud of me because they think that was very difficult for the possibility that miss venezuela became the miss universe again. but they feel very happy because we are in difficult situations right now. and i give more reason to share this same happiness. the people is very proud and happy for me and all the country. >> the president tweeted his congratulations, calling your victory a, quote, triumph. >> yes. >> what did that mean to you? >> i feel they know my effort to put the name of my country in high position and i think that all the country feel proud of me. i feel blessed.
4:27 am
i feel happy. >> what did it mean to meet donald trump. >> your new boss? >> yesterday i was in a meeting with him. no, he was so nice, so kind with me. i feel very happy to know him because i think it was very serious guy, but no. i feel happy. >> you're hired, he said. you are miss universe and he owns the pageant. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> good luck with that adjustable crown this year. >> yeah. >> enjoy it. >> for a year. >> right. >> well done. >> thank you. coming up, pro golf superstar phil mickleson using his fame to stomp out child illiteracy and he'll join us next. plus, think pink. the dancing hospital workers who started a world wide contest are back and dancing for us and in a few moments, a new winner gets named right here on "fox & friends." who will it be?
4:28 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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the ones that let you call for help. and i said, "that's not for me! that's for some old person!" but we finally talked my mom into calling adt. then, one day, i slipped and broke my hip. the pain was terrible, and i couldn't get to the phone.
4:31 am
i needed an ambulance, so i pushed the button. it's okay, mrs. anderson. the paramedics are on their way. it was so good to hear adt at the other end. [ male announcer ] adt home health security services. with one touch of a button, you can summon help from anywhere in your home and talk with adt's trained professionals, who can call for emergency assistance and even stay on the line until help arrives. 1 out of every 3 people over 65 will fall this year. adt helps you maintain your independence starting at just over $1 a day. call now to receive free activation and a free guide to living alone. i'm glad adt could call for help. so am i. [ male announcer ] protect your independence. call today for more information and ask about special discounts for aarp members. adt. always there. all right. we told you about this story in sioux falls, south dakota, a high school student on 9-11 asked that the high school start saying the pledge of allegiance. the high school said no.
4:32 am
it was brought up recently at a school board meeting and the school board said they took a vote, 6-0, no. >> no time. they time to say the pledge. >> take ten seconds. the president of the school board, we've got a photograph of him. there he is. he said you know what? just don't have the time, even they though do it in elementary time, they do it in middle school as well. just an hour ago right here on the program, we had u.s. navy vet dave saunders from sioux falls, south dakota. we asked him why the kids in that high school should say the pledge of allegiance each and every morning. >> a time to reflect on this great country, the foundation that we're built upon. to think of the men and women that are out there every day and going in harm's way, to think about the veterans that have given so much of their time. you know, i've heard it described as a veteran, a person
4:33 am
who wrote a blank check for their life. some of them, they gave a full measure. >> they did. >> that was so well said and it means a lot. it just takes ten seconds. we were home yesterday and talking about it with the kids and it was one of the first things we taught them. so our youngest says, it doesn't take long. listen. >> all right. that was under ten seconds. >> he wanted to beat the record. but if you have your little one ready to say it, or your big student up in high school, send it to us on facebook and like us. >> we'll trio play it. >> it's just ten seconds or less. >> that was a good job, isiah. >> what the school board says, because they've gotten a lot of attention, i don't think they like feeling the heat. they say, well, we'll revisit
4:34 am
it. the board will be open to further changes to the policy if the community determines appropriate. dave says they do the morning announcements, at the end of it, in the lunchroom, say, now it's time, if anybody would like to join us, for the pledge of allegiance. >> it's a great suggestion, i thought. >> we'll keep you posted. heather nauert will keep us posted. >> heather, that was your little boy? >> yeah. >> all three say it. >> nice job, spiderman. >> four years old and he knows that. love it. got some headlines to bring you. there is another new twist in the saga of toronto's mayor. as the city council meets today to map out a plan to take away rob ford's power, ford is -- listen to this -- getting a new reality show. uh-huh. that's right. apparently scandal in politics do sell. we know that. but can did sun news network announcing ford and his brother, also a city council
4:35 am
member, will host a new tv show called "ford nation." the first episode airs on monday. got to see that. it is the same day that the city council there will consider a motion that could strip ford of most of his duties. of course, he recently admitted to smoking crack, but he is refusing to resign. wow. we now know the driver who dragged a state trooper 100 yards down a freeway while high on meth will spend three years behind bars. look at the crazy incident caught on dash cam video. >> stop! stop! >> don't move! >> this happening in missouri in july of 2012. the 42-year-old suspect tried to drive off during that traffic stop, but the trooper held on to the window and shot him twice before he finally stopped. the trooper, thank goodness, was not seriously hurt. for the first time, we're hearing from the blind man who
4:36 am
was booted off a u.s. airways flight because he couldn't keep his guide dog still. albert says the flight attendants wouldn't let the plane take off until his golden lab would curl up perfectly under his seat. but the dog grew restless, as dogs sometimes do, and then the plane waited on the tarmac for more than an hour. >> the flight attendant said the dog can't be here. he needs to be stowed under a seat. there was no time at all that my dog was off leash and running around. >> when the flight attendant kicked him off the plane, all of the passengers on the plane protested. as a result, the anger pilot canceled the flight. albert will be live on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning, that's saturday, at 9:50 a.m. eastern. what a story. get ready for the cutest video that you are going to see today. take a look at this. (barking) >> it's a barking kitten. that video going viral on-line.
4:37 am
kitten's name is bun bun. his owner says he's a born entertainer and he thinks he's a puppy. i guess so. those are your headlines at this hour. >> it's a dog, he's a cat, he's a dog. >> he's confused. >> she does news, she does weather. she does news. where is the weather? >> here is maria. >> hi, good morning. hello. today we're talking about warmer temperatures in store for many across the east. i have good news for you finally. take a look at the high temperature expected in new york city. 57 degrees today. it does feel very mild, even as we head out there this morning. 60s across some parts of the southeast. atlanta, 59 for your high temperature. here is the forecast for saturday and also sunday. some of you expecting temperatures to actually be above average. that is good news. we're talking generally quiet weather. there are some areas of rain farther south across parts of louisiana and parts of arkansas. otherwise out west, relatively quiet right now.
4:38 am
nevada, parts of utah. you just had light snow showers. take a look at this. this is a brand-new storm system headed your way later today into saturday and also on sunday. some of you expecting more than a foot of snow. a lot of wind and it's going to get very cold out there. steve, elisabeth, brian, we're talk dangerously cold wind chill temperatures out there. that will be something of concern out there. >> all right. thanks. it's good news here in the east. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. thursday night football, they're playing about every day now. indianapolis against tennessee. great game. it didn't look great for the colts early on. then they would turn it on in the second half. there you see the colts coming back. they were down 17-6 in the thir. then a little later on, 17-13. there is andrew luck. into the end zone, having fun himself. the final score was 20-17. in the end, this couldn't get their running game going in the second half and go on with the colts to win 30-27.
4:39 am
last night at book ends, steve was able to come down and join us as we were in new jersey, ridgewoods, new jersey, for george washington's secret six. a lot of people knew a lot about the story of washington and all his spies and it was a blast. it was nice of steve to come down and talk to his people of new jersey. as you know, elisabeth, what's it like working out? is she always that happy? i just said, what about me? >> i wrote the book! >> it should be about you. that book is great. so many of my friends are getting it and getting another copy for their kids to keep on their book shelf and telling them it's great way to go through history. >> steve, i appreciate you going down. >> my pleasure. >> talk about good buddy, he's one of our friends. he's a pro golf superstar, one of the greatest american golfers ever and he's taking it to focus on child illiteracy. joining us to explain, hall of famer phil mickleson, a lefty, kpmg's u.s. chairman, john. welcome to both you guys.
4:40 am
>> thanks, brian. >> good morning. >> first off, phil, out of all the causes that comes after a big name like with you a bright personality, why does illiteracy mean so much? >> education is the greatest gift that you could give anybody. kpmg's family for literacy has been involved for the last five years in getting over 2 million books into the hands of youngsters and there is no better way to help a child than to give them a path to education. this has been a fun program and right now we're in the middle of our reading relay. across 80-plus cities that they're involved throughout the nation, we're having this reading relay, getting a couple hundred thousands books into the hands of young kids. >> john what, is this reading relay. your new goal is 15,000 books to support the reading relay initiative. so john, what's it about? >> we started this program about five years ago to really deal with some pretty alarming statistics in this country.
4:41 am
low income communities, there is one age appropriate book for every 300 children as compared to in middle income communities, 13 books per child. so that's what we're dealing with. access to books is the biggest challenge to improving literacy in this country and we pulled together all our people at kpmg, their families to distribute books, read those books to children, and to commemorate our five-year anniversary, we're taking our reading relay through every one of our offices in the u.s. distributing books and as phil said, we'll get about 130, 150,000 books in the hands of kids who otherwise have no books and we're going to make an exact on this literacy problem in the u.s. >> phil mickleson, you're tired, it's in between matches, you're by yourself in the locker room. everyone is jealous of you and they're not talking to you. you have to whip out one book. is it a biography? is it a mystery? a children's book? what kind -- what is it, phil? what's your choice?
4:42 am
>> history. i enjoy reading about history. i enjoy reading about lincoln, about washington. i heard you guys talking about him earlier. i enjoy reading about civil war and much of america's past history. >> people are concerned about kids not involved in here. i think john, that's why this is important. just looking real quick, phil, at your career, as great a year as you've had, you're missing one thing. what is it? >> it would be a u.s. open. you're stating the obvious there. i came so close this last year in philadelphia, but obviously my goal is to get that final leg of the career grand slam, to get the u.s. open of the it's next year at pinehurst in june and i'll be focusing on that tournament. i've come close six times. i've had a second place finish in the u.s. open and i believe if i keep getting close like that, i'll eventually break through. >> there at pinehurst with payne stewart. your memory of that in '99? >> pretty special memory for me, even though he knocked in a putt on the last hole to beat me by a stroke, it would have required a monday playoff.
4:43 am
it turned out that my first child, amanda, was born that monday and i would have ended up having to fly back and miss it anyway. so it worked out for the best and i was able to be there for the most emotional experience of my life, sharing that with amy, the first of our first child. >> it's always been family first and giving back as well. john and phil, great program. thanks for sharing with us. have a great day. >> thanks for having us. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. >> i think the message is, you've got to get him your book. >> up next on the rundown, real fixes or another failure? the backlash begins after the president makes more promises. can he really change the rules? >> then talk about a long shot. this rookie harlem globetrotter shattering world records with this shot. kaboom! how did he do it? watch it again. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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♪ fox news alert. we've just learned from the white house the president of the united states is going to be meeting with executives from the insurance industry later today there at the white house. why? to explain his political and insurance fix, peter johnson, jr. was watching. he joins us live. peter, what did you think of yesterday? >> too little, too late. don't be fooled, american people. you're not going to get the health care coverage you were promised. you're not going to get the doctors. the president can't order it. you need a legislative fix in congress. he's saying i'm going to allow insurance companies to do it. i'm going to allow state regulators to do it and allow them to do it in six weeks. they can't get 25,000 people in six weeks on the web site, but they want these insurance companies to reinstate 5 million policies in six weeks.
4:48 am
logistically it's very, very tough to do. the bigger point, though, and we see it today, this big footing of the president in private markets. they created an insurance market. they told the insurance industry in america, this is how you're going to sell it. this is where you're going to sell it. this is why you're going to sell it. i'm going to tell you how it do it and you're going to show up at the white house today. he's going to jaw bone them and push them hard. i suggest this, i think all of our viewers would agree with this: that meeting should be televised on every network in america. >> yes! >> we should not have backroom deals. they should sit with the president. let's hear what the president is telling them. let's hear what the insurance industry is telling the president and then let's go forward. not have this phony big back room insurance deal, association of retired people deals. let's find out what the heck is going on because he's made a mess of it. and we're in the dumper today. >> you know what? your suggestion is a good one
4:49 am
because when you look at the number, 5 million people so far have lost their insurance because their canceled policies weren't up to affordable care act standard. you're right, it is a mess. >> crocodile tears were misplaced yesterday. they should be real tears for people who lost their policies. not crocodile tears for a president who screwed up a rollout and blaming this on capitalism. when you play with the markets, when go into an industry and say people must buy this and they must buy it at this price and i want to fix it so it occurs in this way and then you play with it again and then the industry says, listen, you're going to tank our industry by doing this, what the heck is going on? it's not a political issue. it's an economic issue now. destroy the insurance industry in america on top of destroying health care in america. let's destroy both together. maybe today.
4:50 am
let's see the meeting live here on fox, on c-span, everywhere in america. >> you suggested it. it's a great idea. i hope they do. peter johnson, jr., terrific idea. >> good to see you. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, the president finally admitting obamacare is a mess as peter just said. but he says he didn't know just how bad it was. so what happened to his leadership in the white house? dana perino has an explanation, joins us coming up. they're the dancing hospital workers who started a world wide contest five years ago. this morning it's a sea of pink live and you will find out who the winner is for this year as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant
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4:54 am
♪ ♪ >> back in 2009, hospital workers in oregon put on pink gloves and made this video, raising awareness for breast cancer research. it went viral, paving the way for a pink glove dance competition and we are about to announce this year's winner. we're going to go out to danville, pennsylvania, where the chief marketing officer is standing by with sue hallek from guyinger health system. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. >> so this is an awesome cause, obviously. 10 million people watched this year's video. unbelievable. look at those dancers go. great job, everybody. what's the latest today? i know you have a winner to announce. they're standing by right now.
4:55 am
sue is going to announce formally and officially live right now the winner of this year's contest. >> yes, good morning. i have a very important announcement with more than 80,000 health care workers from across the country and their communities and more than 600,000 votes in a very tight race, i'm very proud to announce the 2013 pink line dance contest winner from danville, pennsylvania, geisinger health system! >> what an incredible reaction. certainly happiness there. you guys have been out dancing a long time. sue what, does this mean to you? i know you got so many people to participate. and this year's theme was bravery, correct?
4:56 am
>> yes. we have had participatants from our employee base, which spans several hundred miles across the state of pennsylvania, as well as our community and most importantly, our patients, our survivors and their families. this has really been a true community effort and that's why we're so proud to have won this video contest. >> congratulations. specifically where will the money go? we love seeing all that pink flying around there. >> the money will be going to the american cancer society to support northeastern and central pennsylvania patients and their families, primarily to help transport them to their treatments. we live in a rural community and many times they live many miles away and they cannot get treatment. so we're very proud to have this opportunity for our patients and families in this community. >> sue and sue, we thank you for today. give you a thumbs up. my mom is a breast cancer survivor. i love this movement. thank you for being with us and congratulations and keep the dancing going!
4:57 am
>> oh, thank you. we are so very proud and honored. thank you very much. >> of course. great cause there. coming up, i know it's only friday, but if you want to have a better monday, you may not want to rest this weekend s across america people are taking charge
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5:00 am
which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good morning. it's friday, november 15. the fox news alert. president obama just announcing he's meeting with insurance industry leaders today, but shouldn't he have done that before he promised the american people he would let them keep their health plan for one more year? well, geraldo rivera is here to answer that. >> how do you know? >> i know things. >> is that high karate you're wearing today? >> you mean in terms of what i smell like? >> yeah. >> you don't have to answer that. >> meanwhile, a high school senior takes on the common core program in school. >> somewhere our family fathers are turning in their graves,
5:01 am
pleading and trying to say that we teach a free mind. >> we'll have more on the epic take down you just saw on just how bad the federal government's program really is. >> all right. here is geraldo reacting to me reading. harlem globetrotter attempting to do something that's never been done, sink a basket from over 100 feet away. did he make it? >> we just saw. sorry. >> did he make it? >> good question, brian. >> thank you very much. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i was supposed to say that! >> this fix won't solve every problem for every person. >> whose idea was it to have geraldo from the very beginning sit down here? >> i like the idea. >> that is the rage in america right now. >> really. >> there you go. >> you got to stop dating. >> geraldo, the president will be meeting with members of
5:02 am
the -- >> about time. >> probably should have done it before the press talk. what do you think of what the president did yesterday, given the fact that it looks like he has messed it up even more? >> well, he has clearly told a story that was not true, also it is a lie or he did not know, i guess we'll figure that out when we have documentation. >> only he knows. >> and people come forward. >> i think the bigger lie, if you're going to use that word that has been uncovered by all this is something that wasn't a lie at all. just remember back -- i sat on this couch the day after justice roberts declared the health care law constitutional. what did justice roberts say? justice roberts, the chief judge of the supreme court, said that this is constitutional. why? it is constitutional because it is a tax. a new tax. so the president's biggest misrepresentation was that healthcare was a win-win for everybody. it's not. this is a tax on the young and healthy in favor of the older and infirm. it's a tax on the rich in favor
5:03 am
of the poor. it's a tax on men in favor of women. >> if he said that, listen, you healthy people, you got to pitch in. the only way to save america's health care system is for the healthy to pay more, so for the aged and sick who can't. did does he get a pass? >> i doubt it because he didn't get any republican votes anyway. it was all democrats. maybe the democrats would have rallied around him. my point is that it was kind of a bait and switch. it was not sold to the american people as what it really was, which is a new tax. >> there was at one point yesterday where the president revealed -- and i think this revealed on camera -- he revealed if you like it, you can keep it thing. he revealed he knew going in that at least 2% of the country was going to get kicked off. here is the president from yesterday, then geraldo talks about it. >> my expectation was that for 98% of the american people,
5:04 am
either itne wouldn't change at all, or they'd be pleasantly surprised with the options in the marketplace and that the grandfather clause would cover the rest. >> so he knew that it was 2%, even though it was 5%. it's just such a little number. >> it seems to me that he was -- that sounds to me, just because i want him not to be a person who tells untruths, it seems to me that he put my -- i always wear those rose colored glasses, maybe he wore the rose colored glasses throughout that period looking on the bright side, thinking that this product was going to be so hugely successful and popular. >> while those who criticized him as not liking the poor and old people. >> i am here this morning to defend the president. >> you are, though. >> the -- i think what we have to do is this is like -- is this like weapons of mass destruction?
5:05 am
is this like president george w. bush after katrina? is this a president who stumbled so badly, but he's the only president we have. i hope we can find a way to redeem himself. >> can he recover from this and can the democrats recover? >> i don't know. >> going into the elections come 2014 based on this? they supported this. >> are two different questions. in terms of the president, this is a profoundly negative stain on his legacy. there is no doubt that he is now going to be crippled, hobbled politically for the next three years. he's truly lame duck. as to the democrats, as to how far they can distance themselves, i think a lot depends on what happens in the next year. 2014 is still a year away. something else could happen. >> how toasted are they? >> if the election were any time soon, they'd be up the creek without a paddle. >> the emphasis he had on the future of the democratic party and democratic representatives, does he understand this is about
5:06 am
america and american health care, and if does he, why bring up, i know i painted my democrats in a tough position. does anyone care about any party at this point? >> but surely you don't think that would have happened at all yesterday if it wasn't for the mary landrieus and the joe manchins and diane feinsteins and the bill clintons who said not me kimasabi. it is clearly a response by the president to the distress he caused for his own party. he's not up for reelection. i have no doubt but that he was pushed kicking and screaming into that very embarrassing admission. he's a very proud guy. he doesn't like to say i screwed this up. what we just saw was a major i screwed this up. >> would it concern you more if he truly was so hands off to know he didn't know his web site wasn't ready to work? does it concern you more about the irs, fast and furious, all the things, he has the same answer, i didn't know. does that bother you? >> what bothers me is the 155 rounds of golf. i play golf and it takes all
5:07 am
day. if you play with john boehner, that's one thing. if you're going to play with your high school buddy, that's another. if you're playing with your high school buddy, you're not thinking about the web site. but clearly these guys had the i.t. expertise. they won the election in 08 and in 2012 with their i.t., internet expertise. they could have done a much more professional job to put it out to the highest bidder in that corrupt government acquisition system and then to pay hundreds and millions of dollars to get a program that was so obviously flawed, i think it's pathetic. it shows their lack of management expertise. >> what's on your show this weekend? >> i'm off this weekend. but my kennedy special is being repeated. we had the original interview with lee harvey oswald's mother from back in the day, one of the few people to actually get her on camera. she talks about her own feelings about lee harvey oswald. we're seeing all of these conspiracy theories being reborn, you know, and we review
5:08 am
them. i come to the conclusion that it was probably her son that did it and did it alone. but that's just my personal thought. >> we'll be watching. >> thank you. >> i've seen it. it's a great show. >> thank you. >> for the rest of the headlines, we're going to turn to heather nauert. >> all right. good morning to you. hope you're all off to a good day today. we're just getting new video into "fox & friends" of crews working on an explosion and a fire at a southern mississippi refinery that killed one person earlier this morning. emergency officials say it happened around 2:00 a.m. at the chevron refinery. chevron says there is no danger to the community and that more information will be released later today. we'll keep watching this story. the names of the four marines killed in that tragic accident at camp pendleton in california have been released. 28-year-old staff sergeant matthew marsh, 27-year-old sergeant my bell ortiz, both from california. 31-year-old gunnery sergeant gregory mullens of louisiana. 32-year-old staff sergeant eric
5:09 am
summers of missouri died. the men were all bomb removal technicians and performing a routine sweep to clear the range of unexploded ordinance at the time of the accident. we'll keep you posted on developments there. police in florida are trying to solve a really bizarre midair mystery. how did a pilot's only passenger allegedly fall nearly 2,000 feet out of the plane back door and plummet into miami's biscayne bay? take a listen to this bizarre call for help. >> may day, may day, may day. i have a door ajar and i am heading in. i have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. >> you say you had a passenger that fell out of your plane? >> that's correct, sir. he opened the back door and he just fell down. >> how strange is that? the pilot who at the time was eight miles from the airport eventual leelanded the plane and is being questioned by police. rye now they say there is no
5:10 am
evidence of foul play. at this hour, a recovery mission is still underway for that man who is supposedly missing. another story we'll keep watching for you. this shot just may blow your mind. harlem globetrotter rookie went beyond the court to hit this world record shot. he drilled it from 109 feet away. that is an incredible feat. guiness book of world records rep was on hand to present him with the award. shouldn't we put up that titus video again? brian? >> we probably don't have time. here is the thing, you never -- no nba player would ever do it because he's out of bounds. they wouldn't count it. >> do we have the video of the washington general trying and failing at that? >> no, we have alex karras. >> thanks, heather. if you want to spend this whole weekend doing nothing, you're definitely not alone. but all that laying around could
5:11 am
actually be bad for you come monday. >> oh. >> have you ever laid around in your life? >> yes, i have -- i'm lazy on the weekends. >> you are not. >> i am. and messy. in other news, the president finally admitting obamacare is a mess, but claims he didn't know just how bad it was. but shouldn't he have known? former white house press secretary dana perino is in the house. ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
5:12 am
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5:14 am
15 minutes past the top of the hour. the president apologizing once again for the disasterous debut of obamacare. >> i was not informed directly
5:15 am
that the web site would not be working. that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care law and the american people, those got cancellation notices do deserve and have received an apology from me. again, that's on us, which is -- that's on me. >> this as distrust in his administration grows and approval rating stalls at 47%. >> i think it's even south of that. the new report suggests that he has insulated himself at the white house, left the president blind sided to the disaster of the health carrollout. dana perino is the former secretary for president george w. bush -- >> beth: stop -- >> stop with the formality! >> a while back, the president essentially told rahm emanuel, i got too much on my plate. try to cut down on the number of
5:16 am
decisions i need to make. >> right. i read that yesterday and when a dog tilts its head and like huh? what did he just say? in my charitable view, i think the president was probably trying to say, you're bringing me too many small ball things. i don't want to be a micro manager on every little small decision. i want you to only bring me the big stuff. however, this year has been a banner year, particularly with the irs, syria, and then the obamacare rollout. the things that he doesn't know about that are the really big deals, these are the things that maybe rahm emanuel took him too literally and don't seem to tell him anything. >> he doesn't use his cabinet secretaries. is that correct? he's using advisors, not cabinet secretaries. >> i've always thought that the cabinet was very underutilized. in the year of 2012, during the election year, you know the president met with his cabinet once before the election. and these are really great did
5:17 am
she issue it was only because they were starting to get a lot of criticism. your cabinet is your first line of defense. you have very talented people who went through senate confirmation and managing really big things. but we're in the middle of one of the anemic economic recovery. could anybody here name the commerce secretary? energy secretary? we cover this stuff every day. how about the labor secretary? no one in the cabinet is being utilized. >> who is he talking to? >> it seems by all accounts, if you look at the double down book, which just came out and, and this politico story that came out, he has a small group of advisors and it seems to me that it's valerie jarrett, maybe the chief of staff, and i think dan pheiffer and the communications team. but outside of that, he doesn't seem to really have a lot of people coming in and telling him things and sometimes you don't hear things that you want to hear. >> and it sounds like -- tell me
5:18 am
if this is right -- it sounds like people will come in and say, okay, mr. president. these are the choices, these are the practical explanations of what's going on. then the political people will come in and say, okay, mr. president. if you do that, it's going to impact you this way. it sounds like he's listening to the political people rather than the practical people. >> that also bore out in the book and the front page stories from last weekend, the communications people apparently said look, we can not have the president continue to go out and say that you're going to be -- people will be able to keep their health insurance plans if they like it because that's practically not true. in the regulation he we are imposing that, is not true. what he's saying won't hold up. the political people say, we've got this. don't worry about it. and they win. effectively they disserve the president so much. now he looks weak and alone. >> what about this not knowing? how can you -- first of all, the only thing worse is not knowing.
5:19 am
but how much can you get away with not knowing? >> i remember one thing in particular. during 2007, there was a decision made, personnel, george w. bush's administration, to remove seven u.s. attorneys and replace them with other people. this turned into a gigantic scabbeddal with one -- scandal, with one of the rubs being george w. bush wasn't told. how could it be he didn't know? then what you try to do is then you overtell the president certain things. but president bush in his book, he writes decision points, he talks about how the presidency is a decision making experience. you got to love making decisions. i remember when he made a couple of decisions and him just saying, i feel so good after you finally make that decision and get all that anxiety off of your back. >> to me, it means two things. he's staying with the same style, but definitely got the b team in now. david axelrod, all these guys
5:20 am
are government the new people are in and not giving him advice. >> if that was the a team, they really screwed up for the b team. now the b team has to look like the d team. >> you're right about that. >> in what way? >> because they're having to clean up the mess that was set up in 2010 with all of these promises that if you like your plan you can keep it. which was a great thing for a campaign, but a terrible way to govern. >> rahm emanuel didn't want this whole thing done. he recommended they do it piecemeal. >> dana perino, who is looking at her dog jasper a lot, the first thing out of her mouth is quoting a dog. >> yeah. i was thinking about a way to help your ratings by talking about my dog on your show. >> always thinking about our ratings. we'll see you at "the five." >> by the way, it's bob beckel's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> coming up straight ahead, brand-new video of the sink hole that swallowed a home. here is the thing, they told them about this sink hole while wrestling with insurers. >> then, it's a best selling book. will it translate to the silver
5:21 am
screen? kevin mccarthy here next on whether the book thief is worth a trip to the movies this weekend. >> i'm about to meet the people. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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welcome back. time for quick headlines. disturbing new information on the shooting at a los angeles international airport. geraldo hernandez, the tsa officer killed, lay bleeding for 33 minutes before being helped by paramedics. he was 20 feet from the exit. the police did not declare the terminal safe to enter. the chinese government will loosen its decades old one-child family size restriction to abolish their labor camp system. the party announced the changes in a policy document following a
5:25 am
four-day meeting of party leaders that ended tuesday. all right. two movies opening up this weekend have big shoes to fill. one is a sequel and the other is based off a best selling book. do either live up to the hype? this next guy is a hard judge. >> here with details, fox news contributor and founder of, kevin mccarthy. good morning to you. >> i like the music cue this morning. steve, i love the article with you and peter. it was fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> it was awesome. >> thank you. so there is this new movie out called "best man holiday." this is a knockoff of "best man," isn't it? >> right. a sequel from 1999 and that film maker was his first movie he had ever done. he's spike lee's cousin. it made $34 million in the box office and they're bringing back all nine principal cast members, 14 years later c. is incredible. the characters are so much fun. that film launched the careers
5:26 am
of tarrant power, his breakout performance. now all the characters are reuniting over the holidays. like the first movie, blends comedy and drama, works really well. the only problem is the last ten minutes. the movie becomes absurdly ridiculous and really jumps from serious to comedy too quickly. i gave it a 3 1/2 out of five. it is worth seeing as a matinee in theaters. i had a chance to sit down with the cast and in the movie, they're discussing three principles they live by and one says god, family and football. i sat down with the entire cast, all nine of them, and i said, what are three principles you live by as an actor? here is what they had to say. >> family, friendship and loyalty. >> partying, fast cars. >> drinking. >> good music. >> pray, pray, pray. >> contracts, fire your agent, get new agent. >> committing the family and
5:27 am
enjoying life. >> love, family, art. >> great. how many stars? >> i gave it 3 1/2 out of five. definitely improves on the first movie. definitely worth seeing. >> what about "the book thief"? >> this is coming out on a platform release. it opened up in l.a. and new york last week and comes out in dc, chicago and other cities this weekend. if you're looking for it, it opens up wide on november 27. this is based on a book from 2005. hundreds of weeks on the "new york times" best seller list. joining mr. kilmeade's book, by the way, which is on the "new york times" best seller list. this is about a young girl who moves in with an adoptive family during world war ii in germany. a very touching story. very moving movie. i gave it 3 1/2 how have five. i recommend it if you're a fan of the book. definitely check it out. the only problem is the lack of narration. they mix it in too unevenly. the book was narrated by death. you can follow me on twitter if
5:28 am
you want to check out more of my interviews and reviews. >> of course we do. at kevin mccarthy tv. thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> have a great weekend. >> talk to you on radio. coming up straight ahead. >> high school senior takes on the common core program. >> somewhere our founding fathers are turning in their graves, pleading, screaming and trying to say to us that we teach to free mind. >> more on that epic take down of just how bad the federal government program really is coming up. and a car crashes down an embankment and into a pond with the driver trapped inside. meet the man who didn't think twice before risking his life to help. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
earlier today, president obama talked about and he said, buying health insurance is never going to be easy as buying a song on itunes. the answer is simple, fire the web site people and hire the people from itunes! there you go! >> would it save $600 million, plus the fix money, which we can't put a price tag on. >> it would have sounded a lot better, too.
5:33 am
well, a bigger debauchle than obamacare, tennessee high school senior, talking about the common core and -- he's a high school senior and was expressing how outraged he was at what this type of education has hadn't for him. take a listen. >> the specific standards were never voted upon by congress, the department of education, state or local government. yet their implementation was approved by 49 states and territories. the president essentially bribed states into implementation offering a 4.35 billion taxpayer dollars, but education is unlike every other bureaucratic institute in our government. the task of teaching is never quantifiable. if everything i learned in high school was a measurable objective, i haven't learned anything. i'd like to repeat that. if everything i learn in high school is a measurable objective, i have not learned anything. creativity appreciation
5:34 am
inquisitiveness, these are impossible to scale, but they're the purpose of education. why our teachers teach, why i choose to learn. we find our self in a nation that produces workers. everything is career and college preparation. somewhere our founding fathers are turning in their graves pleading, screaming and trying to say to us that we teach to free minds. we teach to inspire. we teach to equip. the careers will come naturally. >> wow. what a great speech. he was actually chewing out the school board for his high school in knox county, tennessee. the whole thing about common core is the question of curriculum choices. why are you teaching these things and the practices? why are you teaching them this way? there are a lot of people who don't like the standards with common core and would prefer things the way they used to be. >> they got hammered out of washington and forced on the states and he claimed they bribed because race to the top provides money to the states that need those money if they implement the common core standards and practices. >> certainly he's speaking for both teachers and students who
5:35 am
want the best for their education. ethan young is his name. he certainly seems to have a bright future. >> he's impresssive. >> good for him. what courage. >> no kidding. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. final time for headlines on this friday. >> let's get that young man on the show. >> he's great. >> we will get working on that. new information to bring you this morning. survivors of the benghazi terrorist attack tell their stories to members of congress. we have learned that the attackers apparently knew the location of the safe room where ambassador chris stevens and his security team were seeking shelter the night they were attacked. we've learned those from the late congressmen bill young. here is how that happened. he had spoken with diplomatic security agent who was wounded in the attack. and this audio recording of that interview is now being made public after young's death. listen. >> they emphasized the fact that it was a very, very military-type operation. they had knowledge of almost
5:36 am
everything in the compound. they knew where the gasoline was. they knew where the generators were. they knew where the safe room was. they knew more than they should have about that compound. >> earlier on "fox & friends" today, fox news contributor and senior writer at the weekly standard, steven hayes, who has been writing a lot about this, said this. listen. >> it's yet another piece of evidence that suggests that this was a planned, coordinated terrorist attack on the compound. >> well, this is the benghazi survivors who testified yesterday were required to sign nondisclosure agreements by the c.i.a. fox will continue to cover this story. in the meantime, some incredible new video coming into "fox & friends" from dunedin, florida. take a look at the massive sinkhole that swallowed up two homes. this morning, it is now nearly
5:37 am
90 feet wide and is still growing. fire officials are now assessing that scene. they hope to get a crew there today with a bulldozer to begin filling that hole. those two homes that collapsed will have to be demolished. at least five other homes in that neighborhood have been evacuated. what would you do if you saw this? a car plunge noose a pond with the driver trapped inside. for one man driving by, there was simply no question. he drove down the embankment and pulled the woman out of her car. moments later, that car slipped under water. >> you were the hero of the day. how do you feel about that? >> just being in the right place at the right time. i'm not a hero. i'm just another man. >> love that guy! way to go. the woman was pulled from the car and she wasn't hurt. finally, lounging around for a lazy weekend may seem like a great way to unwind, but it could make you more stressed out monday morning. the reason is we measure time apparently by packing in memories. there is a new study that those that one third of people who
5:38 am
kept busy felt like they had three days off, but those who just had a lazy weekend said that they didn't have enough time away from work when monday rolled around. those are your headlines at this hour. >> soon we'll be talking about our lazy weekend. first, we'll find out what kind of weather we'll have during the weekend. maria, where are you? >> i'm outside and we are expecting some nice weather this weekend. that's good news. we're going to talk about temperatures being above average across the northeast and also across parts of the southeast. take a look at the high temperatures we're expecting. 56 for your high in new york city. in the 60s and 50s across parts of the south east and over the next couple of days, warming up. 60s in new york city by sunday and also across parts of raleigh and in the city of atlanta. we do have light showers right now across parts of arkansas, louisiana, right along the gulf coast. as we head farther west, light snow showers in nevada and utah. we'll see that increasing coverage and intensity and
5:39 am
you're also going to be seeing accumulations of up to a foot of snow, a lot of wind and even rain out there. so a big storm system headed towards the west to impact their weekend. now let's head to brian. >> all right. thanks a lot. i got to tell you, last night they played football. for a morning show host, it's tough to keep up with the game. indianapolis against tennessee. let's take a look on how it started off. it started good for the titans, but second half was all colts. trailing 17-6. not anymore. 17-13. then andrew luck joins in. he runs into the end zone, gives the colts the lead 20-17. the titans would make a late run of the the colts won 30-27. i have to say, we were at book ends last night in ridgewood, new jersey. there is steve was kind enough to come down. he would not speak, but he would heckle. that is allison mansfield's mom who came down. a great radio producer. that's walter who runs the place. >> that's great book.
5:40 am
>> people in new jersey are so nice. >> brian, they showed up on a cold night. they embraced you. they loved the book. they asked great questions about george washington's secret six. great success. >> yeah. thanks. i really don't have signings because it's 2013. but if you want the book signed, go to and it goes to my local barnes & noble and i sign them and we send them. can you do a selfy reading? >> absolutely. >> i think geraldo did one, didn't he? >> right. i don't think he was reading. he was looking. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> he waited seven years for a kidney and was just about to get the kidney, but the hospital said sorry. you're going to have to wait. we'll have to cancel. why? you're not going to believe it. then can you picture yourself resting your head here every night? well, it's not far out of reach. we'll tell where you the markets are hot for home buyers and affordable. >> now take a look at this.
5:41 am
brian, i told you it was possible. there is clayton taking a selfy. >> you can't do it clam give it up! >> i'm trying to read chapter 9 and i can't do it. >> what if you're stuck on a word? >> it's also a physical challenge. >> great book, by the way. >> thank you. coming up this weekend, i was just getting off the subway, someone coughing in my face and think the winter cold is here. how can you really beat the winter cold? are those things your mom told you, like drink hot tea true? we'll separate fact from fiction this weekend on the show. and what's the biggest threat facing our nation today? no, it's not terrorism. try what's hiding behind your computer screen. we'll tell you. and brand-new series facing bracklash from critics. minister ben tanker and his wife aren't afraid to show off their riches from the new show "thicker than water." they'll join us to defend their good luck. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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15 minutes 'til the top of the hour. some headlines now. a long wait for a new kidney gets even longer because of a hospital union strike. a california man found a donor after seven years on a transplant list, but then his surgery was canceled because of a one-day nurses strike set for the same day. the hope now is to do the surgery the day after the strike if the donor can make it that long. a nuclear tank tumbled off a truck. if tampered with, there is a risk of dangerous radiation exposure. brian? >> the latest data on homes. this may be a good thing for
5:46 am
potential home buyers. here joining us to talk about some great affordable homes, available in these areas is real estate expert, author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett. first off, vacancy rates, this is a trend that's sad for those who had to leave burks good for those who want to buy. >> right. what this means is these are houses that are not on the market for sale or for rent for reasons that they're being renovated, prepped for sale or else financial institutions or banks are holding them. so when they do start to come onto the market, it will alleviate the problem of the very low inventory rates in these cities. >> all right. so for example, you picked out a few homes for us. the first stop is birmingham, alabama. the price of this home we're about to see, 249,900 bucks. you like the buy? >> this one is a great one. this is about 2500 square feet, four bedrooms, three baths. it's a contemporary architectural. this is a really cool house for this price. vaulted ceilings.
5:47 am
it's got new kitchen, granite counter tops, fireplace. it's got floor to ceiling windows in the living room. it's got a great room. it's also got a wonderful pool. it's on a cul-de-sac, it's private. this whole property will cost you $1,200 a month, including your taxes, mortgage and insurance. >> i'm in. unless this one in gary, indiana is nicer. 199,000, 900. we know it's cheaper. >> you're going to love this. two bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, 1700 square feet. it is picture perfect. two story cape cod brick, huge wooded lot. updated kitchen. this has got hardwood floors, a gorgeous sun room, a full basement and this baby is going to cost you about $1,000 a month. >> all right. finally, memphis, tennessee. we look at a house now that costs $195,000. what do we get for it? >> you get a beautiful almost 2,000 square foot home, three bedrooms, two baths.
5:48 am
1911 bungalow that's been completely redone, large porch, original hardwood floors. it's got a wonderful back rear deck for entertaining. this one is absolutely redone and ready to move in and it's going to cost you under $1,000 a month. >> wow. that is not bad. i appreciate it, michael. going over a few of the buys that are emblematic of other buys in the same area. thanks so much. >> absolutely. >> elisabeth? >> thanks. coming up, he's the author of a brand-new book detailing how to get the republican party back on the right path to the white house. he's here next. >> first, let's check in with martha mccal lull for a preview of what happens on this channel in 12 minutes. >> this is a big day 'cause the house is getting ready for a big vote this morning. having voted more than 38 times to repeal obamacare. the president is also attempting to staunch the bleeding this morning as well. can he do that?
5:49 am
we've got michelle bachmann, fred upton is here. john barrasso and former head of cigna insurance. what does he think of the president's idea? we'll see you at the top of the hour
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. what does the republican party need to do to get back on the right track and take the white house? >> joe scarborough is with us right now. he's the author of the new book "the right path, from ike to reagan," what are you doing on the curvy couch? you're supposed to be over there in that building! >> here is the deal, if you want to sell books about republicans, you have to come to the mothership. so i did. you know something about -- >> any book if you want to sell.
5:53 am
>> exactly. you know something about being in the mission field. >> i know everything. >> and then coming home. >> i don't claim to know anything. >> that's good. >> this is -- >> it's much easier that way. >> the book is about how republicans can win again. you say that there is a real lesson with, for instance, reagan and eisenhower. >> yeah. reagan and eisenhower, how funny that eisenhower has long been decried a established republican. now a lot of people are look at this guy and this happened really after barak obama got elected, that two presidents have had trouble managing the presidency in a row. suddenly dwight eisenhower, competence and conservatism with the small c makes sense. we have to be conservative ideal logicallily. we need to get more moderate presidents with candidates. that flies in the face of history. moderate republicans don't win elections. but you got to be conservative ideal logically -- ideologuecally. >> certainly it's almost like you need to run two candidates.
5:54 am
someone who is ultimately truly conservative, and then has to almost become more moderate as you go through the marathon of that pace. >> but look, we have two republican parties right now. we've got the dc republican party, all-time record lows. go outside dc, look what john kasich is doing in ohio. unbelievable stuff. scott walker in wisconsin, a blue state. scott is doing great work out there. we had scott on our show early on, he had big blowup out there. we had said scott what, have you learned? he said i learned you need to listen more. i believe in everything i did, but i should have gone out there and talked to people more. i should have listened to people more. and i think scott also learned you do it with hue millionity and a smile. that's why i hope the guy runs in 2016. he's a real winner. >> who is that guy or who is that gal? we're not voting today, so we don't have to vote, but who is out there that you think fits this bill? >> i think barak obama has shown us why senators don't make great presidents.
5:55 am
you look at john kasich in ohio. another guy, you talk about ideologuiccally conservative, we produced first balanced budget in the generation. john figured out how to win in the middle of america. he's very conservative, but he's talking about the poor. we can't leave the poor behind. again, i talk about scott walker, chris christie obviously in new jersey. a lot of people are already saying, oh, he's not sufficiently conservative. he's the first pro-life candidate to win statewide in new jersey since 1973, since roe v wade passed. maybe chris isn't the guy, maybe scott is not the guy. i think the key is you get people that have figured out how to win in tough territory. i'm from northwest florida, i can say whatever i wanted to say. a great conservative territory. the question is, how do we win in the suburbs of philly? how do we win in the i-4 corridor and recorrect? do we recorrect and show --
5:56 am
reconnect and show people what reagan knew and thatcher knew. >> plus listen. >> this is the kinds of book somebody would write before they ran for president. are you suggesting -- >> i should have sold this to chris christie then. >> are you that man? >> no, i am not. you asked me that before. we've moved around a lot over the past four or five years. my ten-year-old daughter said here is the deal, daddy. you can't get back into politics until i graduate from high school. i'm staying put. >> all right. >> when does she graduate? >> she's got about eight years. i'm going to teach her she needs to be pragmatic. >> the book is called "the right path." joe scarborough from across the street and cable spectrum. >> it's great to be here. >> good luck. >> congratulations. >> on the new curvy couch. >> i love the curvy couch. we need this (dad) just feather it out. that's right.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
man, it's been a busy three hours. where has the time gone? >> we know this, after the show show looms ahead. >> it does. >> have a great weekend, everybody. see you back here monday. martha: this fox news alert, a huge moment in this presidency as obama tries to dig his signature legislation out of a very deep hole. 5 million people have lost their health insurance as a result of this plan. the president attempted to come clean on this plan yesterday. >> plans twhoobt cancelled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. welcome to america's newsroom.


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