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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 15, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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when the news breaks out we'll break in. speaking of news. the dow is up 83 today, which is good but here's the main thing. 15960, a record. that is the 38th record of this calendar year. go, dow, go. turns out you can keep your healthcare plan wasn't the only thing that did not work out according to man. now this. >> create a healthcare system cutting costs for families and businesses. >> and save a typical family an average of $2,500 on their healthcare costs in the coming years. >> could save families $2,500 in the coming years. >> $2,500 per family. >> $2,500 per family. every year. >> no year. 0-2, time to pay up and beg.
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welcome everyone so much for the average american family saving 2500 bucks a 'er on their health care plan. turns out quite the opposite. a letter sent insurance commissioners with the division for medicare and medicaid services, although individuals businesses may access quality health insurance coverage in many cases with federal subsidies, some are finding such coverage would be more expensive than their current coverage and may be dissuadessed from immediately transitioning to such coverage. >> what? david read through the writing and came to the conclusion, not happening. his health plan canceled and the new plan he is being offered is twice as much. that's a double shock for you. >> i used to pay 2500s to five
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months coverage. now that may cover two, so just a little bit of a surprise. >> when did you get that surprise? when did they inform you it was going to be some bad news? >> they informed me september 1st, blue cross here in california, that my policy would no longer be valid, and thankfully in the last couple of weeks, blue cross has given me a three-month extension, which i think is more than the president put down in writing. >> the president remarked yesterday about getting a one-year extension and going slow on this. are you part of that? could you be part of that? >> i have no idea. do you know what he is saying? i don't. >> i take that you're concerned and cynical. i would be, too. there are a lot of insurance commissioners and the like telling us that it's not easy putting the genie back in the syringe so folks like you that experience this, it's up to the
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individual insurance companies whether they want to reverse it, stall, or move on. the best you have is maybe a six-month extension. >> i've got an for sure three-month extension from blue cross, and from the president's comments possibly up to a year. but it doesn't matter. either way i have to face a larger bill, either this year or next year. it's the law. and so that's what i'm being told i'm going to have to deal with. and all sorts of new coverage in it. i'm 60 years old and now i have pediatric care, no children. my wife has maternity care but we have no children planned. so, we're being -- going to pay a lot more for benefits we don't need. >> now, the argument was that whatever folks had before, according to the president, was substandard, the plans are substandard. what your plan substandard?
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>> my substandard plan that allegedly -- my allegedly substandard plan that got cancelled, about 530 a month but i was offered a new plan by blue cross where my out of pocket went up, my copay went up by 40%, and it costs more money. so, essentially my new aca approved plan is way more substandard than the plan i already had. >> so, what do you do, david? >> you know, i probably spent -- my insurance is going to go up obviously quite a bit, which is probably equal to my grocery bill a month. what am i supposed to do, stop eating? i don't know where i'm going to come up with this money. i'm trying to live on a somewhat budget that is not going to -- i'm on a budget. and apparently i'm going to have to scrape up some more money somewhere in order to pay for this.
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and it's -- i adopt know how this is going to work -- i don't know hough this is going to work because not only do i have to scrape up the money, but make below a certain amount of money i won't get a subsidy, and where is the government going to scrape up the subsidy. so a lot of people are going to get it. say there's five million people cancelled next year. there's going to be 95 million people put in somewhat in the same position next year when their employers get a bail -- a bill like i got. >> it's hard to say but we know this much. the president's claim that the problems you're having is the same deal, that you're the exception, not the rule. you're the stink minority, not -- the distinct minority, not close to the majority. what do you say to that? >> i'd say that to get out of washington and take a walk around and even talk to some of the people that are on his staff somewhere else that are not on a group plan, because individuals
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right now are just getting a gigantic surprise out of this, and i think that next year is going to be even more of a surprise when there's so many more millions of people that are going to be facing the same thing. either the employers are going to drop them. they have to go to the individual market, or the employers are going to be getting a bill that is going preclude them getting any raises at all for a couple three years in order for the employers to absorb it. so the problem is not just right now. the problem is going to be happening next year and years down the road. i don't see where all this money is going to come from. from the government or from the individuals. >> amazing. david, hang in there. very good of you to come. >> oh, yeah. i'll tough it out. thanks a lot. >> now to the white house. the president meeting with insurance honchos this very hour, coming after he prodded them to continue health care
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policy that were cancelled. peter? >> that meeting got underway an our ago, and just two weeks ago the president was calling insurance companies bad apples for canceling policies that did not meet the benefits and the standards required under obamacare, but apparently the insurance companies are good apples today because the president is just told reporters he invited all the insurance companies executives into the white house for a collaborative discussion, a brainstorming session, how to make sure that customers know what health insurance options are out there for them now with his announcement yesterday. the companies are saying this is causing them to scramble. aetna, for example, which is represented in the meeting, said that it supports allowing people to keep their current healthcare plans. however, we will need cooperation and expedited approval from state regulators to remove barriers that would make it difficult to make this change in such a short period of time.
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one analyst says that the president's announcement at least takes the heat off the white house. >> what the white house policy essentially did is kind of said, at least for the next year, we want the attention to be on what the insurance companies choose to do about this problem, and how they and their state insurance commissioners choose to fix it. and maybe you'll then allow us time to fix and maybe we'll have this thing fixed sometime this year. >> and we'll see when the meeting breaks up momentarily if the president and the insurance companies have come together over some collaboration. neil? >> talk bat love/hate relationship. thank you very much, peter. just because the president now says he is responsible for this fix, he left plenty of wiggle room if america still isn't knee deep in this healthcare fix, republican governors in particular who block his
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exchanges and pretty much, he says, everything else. >> if every republican governor did what kasich did here, you would have another 5.4 million americans who could get access to health care next year, regardless of what happens with the web site. that's their decision to do it. it's the wrong decision. they have the to sign folks. >> the president is referring to governor kashich in ohio and the federal dollars to expand medicaid. the governor turned down the dollars and said it would have been a bad deal for the state. but he is pointing the fingers at governors like that blocked him. you say what? >> i think we are correct, and i think the more that we see of this plan unfolding, it proves that governors who made that decision were absolutely right. i think it's important to remember that the reason that the entire statute was not
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stricken by the supreme court of the united states as being unconstitutional wag in part on the fact that they could not coerce states to expand their medicaid programs. as you know, this kind of rhetoric is only aimed at trying to coerce states to expand a medicaid enrollment, a program that is very broken, and one that states already struggle to pay the cost of it. >> so, here we be. something he tried to extend for a year, insurance commissioners are saying kind of what you just did, governor, it's easier said than done to do that. but do you fear, maybe through no fault of your own, that republicans will be portrayed as the ones who said no to the president to make this happen? you say what? >> well, i simply say that i think republicans that have made this choice are correct, and the more time that passes proves us to be correct.
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you're not establishing state exchanges, which have totally become a disaster. the four million people who have had their private health insurance policies cancelled are overwhelmingly larger than the very few -- in fact in the state of georgia, i'm told we have only slightly over 500 people who have actually sent an application to an insurance company, and they have not even purchased those. so, there is a huge void here that i think confirms the fact that governors who are being cautious as i am, have made the right choice. >> do you think the president can be taken at his word he did not appreciate the magnitude of this? he didn't know this? >> well, you know, as you may recall, i was a member of congress when this passed. in fact my last vote before i left to run for governor, was to vote against the affordable care act. a vote i still am very proud of. it was a piece of legislation
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that was hastily conceived. it kept changing in the process of going through the congress. it did not receive a single republican vote in order to be put into law. on its face indicates there war series your problem with the legislation from the very beginning, and the regrettable problem is the administration and leadership in congress have not addressed those deficiencies and tried to correct them. pointing fingers at governors is not the thing to do. we are looking at the fact that promises have already been broken. to rely on the promise that expanded medicaid will never go below 90% federal reimbursement? how do we have any conversation that promise is anymore keepable by the white house than the promise that if you liked your health insurance, you can keep it. >> governor, thank you very much. two promises have been broken. not only that but the fact you can save $2,500.
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>> now to wall street, another record despite all of this. therer is a flip side that maybe because of it, the dow get close to 16,000, the s&p 500 closing in on what could be 2,000, which would be a heretofore unthinkable level. part of it has to go back to the fact that the profits are looking good. that right now stimulus is going to keep coming from the federal reserve, and ironically with the rise of insurance stock, this healthcare law is tamed or dialed back or outright out, good for wall street. >> you think this health care thing ain't going as plan? what if i tell you it could be going exactly as planned. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number.
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medicare open solutionof year again.r you. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare >> after all that fuss, what was the rush? new jersey governor chris christie under fire for going
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slow on getting sandy housing relief out. the reason why senator rand paul wanted to slow doling it out. >> what do you make of the fuss that was created at the time that particularly when governor christie was targeting house speaker boehner for holding up getting that money back to new jerseyans because he said they desperately needed it and this is no time to dilly dally. i'm paraphrasing. now it turns out a year later the majority of that has not been spent. >> was an invalid argument at the time and also a reason why we should spend money prudently, even forego cause -- for good causes so i say offset it by cutting foreign aid, money we are were sending overseas. if we're building new jersey, i'm not against that, but cut the money we spend in pakistan to pay for the building in new jersey, one year at a time. there are conservative ways to spend money, but then there are ways you can spend it where there are no spending
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restraints, and i think that's a mistake. >> do you think chris christie botched it? >> well, i think sort of this give me my money now was not really the best attitude. there was a traveled people were in need. -- a tragedy. people were in need, and the fact that much of the money has not been spent at this point, maybe the money should have been given out a little bit at a time and offset with cuts from building overseas. >> much fresh with senator rand paul at 8:00 p.m., and that guy sitting next to him could i not get him to shut up. find out who he is and why he was there very interesting. i've got one of my favorite governors, mike huckabee on all of this. what do you make quickly of that? >> i think, when you're dealing with a natural disaster takes months and months to sort out what is reimbursable. but you don't have to have the money so quickly.
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i symbolically you can say it look goods because the federal government has given us this money but you can't spend it that quickly. >> lawsuit the governor ripped boehner and the house leaper showed a -- leadership a new one and they could come back and say, what was the rush? >> that's what they are doing. i can't blame them. of you can't spend it quickly, why do you need it quickly? i understand what he was doing. i have to take care of my state, and a lot of people are pressuring him as the governor, where is the money, and if he can take the stand and say, we want our money today -- >> you can never foresee this stuff do you think -- back to the health care, the money we're spending there -- that this might be something that the president is strategizing, it could get us to a singing pair system because everything else seems to be failing. >> i'd like to think he is that smart but the inept way he has handled it, it's not because he is that smart.
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this is the most bone-headed thing have ever seen a president of the united states roll out. and everyone tried -- at least i think they tried to tell him there's no way to do what you're going to do, save money, cost families less. here's the crazy thing. yesterday he comes out with the thing of telling the insurance companies what they need to put on the shelf. that's like the president of the united states telling mcdonald rid have to put the mcrib on the menu permanently. >> i would support that. >> that would be more popular than what he is doing now which is just god awful. >> i was thinking of the rand paul and chris christie thing. your always tried to keep everyone calm, don't go nuts, but do you think republicans -- this thing isn't easing, there's a problem? >> there is but just remember a lot of it is because of the politics we're prepare four in the 2014 and 2016 cycle.
1:21 pm
everybody is jockeying for their position on the stage. the mistake some guys may make, they're going to take their positions too soon. you can never make too many friends but you can make too many enemies. don't want to make those too soon. you need to make friends north enemies at this stage of the game. that's my advice. >> if you become president and you force mcdonald's on the mcrib thing got my vote. you hear the one about the kid who comes home, tells his mom he made the honor role. mom can't believe and it goes to the school to protest it. let's just say some moms are about ha of the a field day with this. lcome to the gallery. how do you react when you first see this? it looks kind of like a dancer? reality check: some 4g lte coverage maps don't really look like maps. seems like maybe... a bunch of berries. a witch-like shrew. this one feels more empty. i'm seeing america, but a lot of it is missing. what do you see here? clearly a picture of the united states. check the map. verizon's superfast 4g lte
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>> nothing says i'm glad i brought kids into the world than when they make agreeds out of
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the world. how many times have you seen bumper stickers my son or daughter is an honor role student. how many times do you see this, my son is an honor role student and i'm ashame. he got a c and his d on the report card that made a mom mad, and a good job and a smiley face. by the way, smiley face, stop it. the mom says she loves her son but she doesn't love his school coddling her son. does she have a point? two moms, stephanie and michelle. michelle, what do you think? >> i think that this is the problem with the world. we are constantly celebrating immediate october -- immediate october -- immediate october credit. and this school says that 50% of their students are on the honor
1:26 pm
role. if you take the top 50% of students and award them for academic excellence, then why have an honor role as all. this is ridiculous. >> clearly i disagree. so, i actually think that it shows that this child is exceeding in other areas. he made the honor roll, which means -- >> one criteria, great point average? >> grade point average. >> so even with the c and d he made it. >> let's say the student is extremely artistic and got the c or d in math, and he is not an algebra kid or science kid. but he is a creative kid. >> but honor roll is built on an average. >> it's the average of all of your courses. if you're taking courses and straight a's or a-pluses -- i would say if he did that he made up for the c and d. >> it's for academic excellence. when did cost well you get
1:27 pm
rewarded for academic excellence. >> only get smiley faces, get the honor roll. >> you would you put a tragic >> i would. a lot of schools adopted an additional philosophy of the first time we don't give high grades because we want kids to work towards something. if we're going to shift the way we assign grades and recognition for academic excellence, then why do we have these grades at all? these kids will wind up being confused. where is the reward ask the award for doing well. >> here's the thing we're missing. this is a mother who is complaining her child got on honor roll, and that is ridiculous. >> no, it isn't. she loves her child but doesn't think that -- >> where is the encouragement? what if he is a really bright kid but not a math kid? where is the encouragement coming from the mom to celebrate the fact he is doing well in all his other subjects. >> when i was in high school i
1:28 pm
got into the national honor society. it was big deal. my father says that makes me suspicious about the honor roll. i kid to make a point. are we making things so easy, lowering the bar, might make the kid feel good but the mom is saying he is getting encouraged about things likes lack of participation. >> it's harder to get a kid motivate if if he is going to be rewarded anyway. if he gets a cod, why -- a c or d, why try? >> he had to have gotten so many other grays of acor a-pluses to outweigh the cod. it's possible. >> you could do that, squeak by. budgets in washington, we can do this. >> kid's being perfect. there is no perfect kid, and so i think --
1:29 pm
>> she has a point. everyone makes -- >> you know why this lasts so long? because everybody makes the playoffs. >> that's true. >> we got stop that. that's what she is saying. >> one winner of every contest. one winner. >> no wild cards. >> 50% of the school on the honor roll? it should be 10, for recognition, and it should be three for the best three percent should get on the honor roll. >> three percent. >> in my school -- >> to make the honor role, only three percent can make -- then other 90% looking inning going to commit suicide. >> they're not. they're going to the football team and maybe get recognition there. >> you don't have to always be the smartest kid in school. why not be a football player. >> right off the track. >> not everybody is an academic kid. that's my point. and when a kid does really way in academics you don't give them
1:30 pm
a football trophy. >> i don't note know what god you pray to. >> kids are more academic and obviously he is academic in every other year that he did really well. >> i tell my little guy is that, did you get arrested today? and if he says no, that's a good day. i think maybe you would -- >> when we come back, here is the ultimate making lemonade out of lemons. all you millions of folks getting knocked off your insurance plan? you haven't been hit. your hilt the lottery. the details in a minute-30. bot have hail damage to their cars. ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about...
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. as far as we know the president still meeting with all of these big health insurance ceos, when they come out and have anything to say we'll pass that along to you. with us one of the premiere architects of the healthcare law, jonathan gruber. you made some news by saying these millions of people who are seeing their premiums dramatically rise that they hit the lottery because they were paying ridiculously low rates. i don't think they feel that way. did you want to explain that? >> sure. i'm sure they don't. the point i was making is that what americans want in overall whelming numbers is a fair insurance market where insurers cannot discriminate against the sick. if they don't discriminate, that
1:35 pm
means less special deals for the healthy. the special deals were healthy because if you were sick your were excluded. that's the trade off to move to a fir insurance market which is what people want. >> a lot of the people who presumably had substandard plans didn't know they were substandard and a lot of them paid if you had a preexisting condition, they paid a lot for the plans and now they're being told, when they're passed on to something else, that they're going to have to pay a lot more. how are they in the cat bird's seat on that one? >> well, first of all, they're not in the cat bird's seat. i didn't say that. it's a small minority of americans, four million people, which is still a lot of people but a mall minority. >> you say small minority. it could be dramatically ten office millions more next year as corporations start likely dumping their plans right? >> that's not true. experts have looked at this like the anan congressional budget office has shown there's not a huge exit from employer
1:36 pm
sponsorrerred -- >> how do you no. what's to stop the numbers from crunching numbers and not putting retirees under the president's plan but private exchanges. >> there's now a large existing tax break to employers to offer health insurance, and if they dump they're employees from the health insurance, they give up the tack break. >> the ibm crunched that and said, this is the best move to make. >> i we have to remember employer sponsored coverage is diminishing. there's been a 20% decline. ibm is following existing trend. but look at the example of massachusetts, which put in a program that was more generous than obamacare, and employer sponsored went up, not down. >> why is this one size fits all advantageous? i just talked to a number of people, dozen, who have been saying, look, i have to -- pediatric care, i'm a
1:37 pm
grandfather, way over that, or child coverage for my wife who is long past her child-bearing years. how did it get to be that it way? >> it's not one size. the key thing is, you've want to end discrimination, by gender, say that women should not have to pay more than men for health insurance, then that means that everyone has to share the cost of maternity coverage. if you don't think that's right, that's legitimate. >> but that was never telegraphed. when this started -- that's fine if you want to say thought now. number of that was tell grafted, as well as the fact people would lose their plan or pay more, none of this you would do better by doing some good, maybe paying more but in the net positive the country would benefit. that was never, ever said. >> but the net positive is still true. >> it might be. i'm saying -- i don't believe it is but what you told people is a lie. not saying it was deliberately a
1:38 pm
lie but they were sold a bill of goods, thinking it wouldn't happen to them and it has happened to them. and now we're saying that you're better off with a system where even the people who are uninsured now, only 18% of them, want to be part of it. so we upended the entire healthcare system to help nose who didn't have coverage, many of whom don't even want coverage now. for what? >> for what? to cover millions of americans with health insurance -- >> but we're not. we have millions more without it. >> ruth, but we have millions we're going to cover. >> but they're not covered and don't want to be covered. 18% are interested in it. >> i am happy to make a huge bet with you that more than 18% of americans will sign up once the webs is working. >> you're arguing the only thing that is stopping them is the web site and that once they get past the web site, and they log in and see the benefits, they're going to sign up, because millions of others who have had the same opportunity once they
1:39 pm
get through, have been royally reamed. >> that is not true at all. first of all, millions of others haven't about toen through. the congressional budget office, which is not a partisan view, no dog in the fight, predicts that over 50% of the uninsured will sign up under the plan. so the notion of 18% -- >> the millions who lost insurance and those who have just had to move on and realize they have to pay more -- and you will say it's not going to be much more than that and they're a minority, might be right, you're the expert, but you're saying in the end all this will be worth it. when? when do you think? a year from now? look back, a year from now, when? >> i believe a year from now. i believe basically by the end of 2014. once we see the coverage people have gotten and the rates are still affordable, we'll look back and i certainly think -- in massachusetts it took a year to start getting in place -- >> i tell you what, a year from now i want you back on this show. >> sounds awesome.
1:40 pm
>> we'll have more.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
say it ain't snow. healthcare cancellations are heading out to the north pole. a guy named kris kringle got one. people experiencing these higher premiums have to take it out of somewhere, and it's their holiday shopping. >> gallup did a poll in october how much they were planning on spending. they did the same thing in november. they trimmed their estimate by 12%. it's a lot. they knocked almost $100 off what they were budgeting for the holidays. >> tracy? >> if you don't know what you're going to spend on healthcare insurance premiums, you cut what is within your control, your spending. so you would say, don't know what i'm going to have to spend for that. i'm going to save also extra
1:44 pm
money. >> i think the devil is in the details. when you look at the overall spending decline you see an interesting pattern in terms of who is cutting back their spending. we're seeing within the data, middle income families and higher income families making anywhere from 30,000 to 75,000 plus, are actually cutting their spending from eight ten percent, and folks making less are planning to increase spending by 20%. so feels like some people feel a comfort level -- >> the lower end is the biggest beneficiaries of this because they get coverage cheaper -- >> there's going too be a cost on everything that is happening. >> doesn't make sense. >> in the numbers don't lie. >> the numbers might have nothing to do with this. >> they could. they could. >> i think that the data is about expectations of what you're planning on spending. we do know that when people get in a store their budget goes out to win to. what they were planning on spending for the holidays is not related to what they do.
1:45 pm
this has to do with what people are planning to do you see a toy your kid wants and it's like, whatever. >> in previous years they did the same poll and people had a level of confidence last year and the year before they don't have today. so that's an indication -- >> the confidence numbers go into the holiday shopping period versus the final sales from the period. later, this gallup poll says people ramp up what they're going to spend when you get closer to christmas. wal-mart is saying they expect it to be a bad holiday season because of obama cars. companies are bracing. >> this millions of people are paying double for their premiums or -- >> that money comes from somewhere. >> and they're going to juggle their expenses. >> right. that's what -- the money does have to come from somewhere. >> you just think it doesn't add up. >> the last six weeks have given
1:46 pm
consumers reason for pause. 69% of people see the economy going south and 27% of people see a better economy in the future. that spread has doubled in the last month, meaning more people feel worse about the economy. >> it's been more thans a dozen years since he left office. something that bill clinton pulled off that has is wondering if he never left office, or maybe he's just warming up the office.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
>> two days after this. >> i personally believe even if it takes changing the law, the president should keep the commitment made to the people and let them keep what they got. >> the president's healthcare fix. if that is what it took to get
1:50 pm
the white house to make the change, what does that say about the man in charge. doug wilder, governor, i don't know if there was a quid pro quo or this led to that, but the timing was interesting. what do you make of it? >> i think you have are absolutely right. it was very interesting. but not surprising. because bill clinton is a lot of things but has never been accused of being stupid. he knows that it's going to be virtually impossible for hillary to run and to carry the backage of the aftermath of the obamacare bill. bill through hillary had their own vision for health care and they weren't successful. so, when bill did that, he did it intentionally -- and then when you consider that the house was considering the bill they had today, which passed today, which may have had more democratic numbers and members
1:51 pm
than the ultimately ended up with -- but i think it's clear that the democrats and the senate as well as in the house are saying, hold up, hold on, 2014, is coming coming and 2016d this wasn't in an absents-minded comment made by bill nor was it something that was just made on this less mentioned network. >> i like how they played music in the background. that -- we had a music track underneath you, might actually work. but governor, one thing i took away from that, it was like bill clinton's way -- i agree with you, not unintentional at all -- to sort of take the president by the lapels and shake him and say you got to get in front of this. millions of people are losing plan or having to pay double some they're not happy and it's going to grow, and a year from now with a lot of companies going to do the same when the mandate kicks in, it's going to get worse. so get in front of this now,
1:52 pm
pal, or you're going to ruin its for us. >> he scripted the words, that he promised -- that's what he said -- that the healthcare provisions in the bill that he promises -- >> do you think he is leaving an out for his wife? in other words, he promised -- i took that as well -- i'm not as dumb as i appear -- and that by saying, look, hillary and i were on board with this until he broke his promise. >> exactly right. >> so, further greasing the skids for her presidential run and avoiding a land mine. >> i think he did. i think also, bill clinton, as well as hillary, both know that there has to be a lot of work done on this bill, not just making the web site available for more people to sign up on, there are any numbers of imponderables, you see the democrats and the house and senate saying, wait a minute, this is the last term of the
1:53 pm
president. they're not too many more things you can do for us. we have to start looking out for ourself. the more important thing, the american people are sick and tired of seeing the wrangling going on and we have a few weeks really before we start speaking about what about this second phase -- >> you're right. you're right. governor, thank you. have a wonderful weekend, sir. >> always good seeing a wonderful weekend, sir. >> good seeing you yesterday. >> same here yes. doug wilder. all right, now to hear some biz guys tell us, another bill is a real pill. and new york's mayor will be a tough business act to swallow at that. his landslide win has really got him worrying about something he just said. now has a few of them packing up and leaving. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future.
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this just in, something new york city's ex-mayor just said that is dropping jaws. long reported acts le s like a socialist. to a small group, it might have just proved it. >> remember, he was giving a speech, a sort of presentation to some of the top real estate honchos. he said this, he said, listen, you guys know who i am, i april n am not a free marketer -- >> as we fix your mic here. i just want to make sure, he ran with the surprising -- and then it was victory ever since. but his affection for the business community, i think it's save to say, charlie, is lacking, right? >> yes, and he doesn't hide his,
1:58 pm
you know, i think it's socialism. i mean, this is -- >> well, what did he say exactly? i'm going to lean over so you can talk into my mic. >> they asked him about how he plan to promote business in new york. he said point blank, i am not a free marketeer. i believe in the heavy hand of government. that was amazing. the people in the audience were, like, we'd never heard a politician -- >> somebody saying i am not a free marketeer? >> i am not a free marketeer. >> the de blasio people say this, the mayor believes government has an important role to play in addressing the crisis of inequality. to con tetort his very clear vi is silly and desperate. >> not quite a denial. i asked him the point blank question, did you make -- did he
1:59 pm
make these statements, what does he say. i've gotten this from four people. >> what was their reaction? >> that. >> and what was -- so these are all real estate titans, right? >> i'm not going to tell you who -- >> i understand, but -- >> his meeting was held by -- >> this confirmed their worst suspicions? >> yes. listen, why does the business community worry about a bill de blasio who attacks, bashes cop, who plans big government? they're worrying about new york city going back ton the 1970s. these guys have a lot of money here. they employ a lot of people. >> he hasn't reached the skids. was it a warning shot? >> listen, this is just him -- you know, at some point, you got to give him kudos for being honest. sometimes you get these politicians like the president who says everybody can keep their health plans. they left that meeting scared to death. what's interesting about it, since he's been -- since he's been elected, those comments are
2:00 pm
now making their way -- those comments were made before the election. they're starting to make the rounds now because people are worried about him. >> bill de blasio always welcome on this home. look for us at 8:00 p.m. tonight. hello, everyone, i'm greg gotfeld. it's dana perino. it's 5:00 somewhere. remember way back when, when you noted failures, the media called you a racist? remember when you were curious about fast and furious, the media called you a racist? apology accepted. remember the tea parties uniting other small government? they were called bigots too? ol


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