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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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thanks for watching. i'm laura ingram in for bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are always looking out for you. have a good night. is the president's big fix a big head fake? president obama meeting tonight with more than a dozen health insurance executives about his broken promise like your health care plan, you can keep it, period. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. as of tonight nearly 5.1 million americans have gotten cancellation notices leaving them effectively in insurance limbo. unsure if they will be able to keep their plans, if they like them or if they can join the exchanges if they can get on the website. worst case, uncertain if they will have insurance come the new year. these policies are cancelled as of now. they don't know where they are going. back in d.c., we hear it was a
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topic today. but when it was over the executives were ushered out of the building. the discussion was called, quote, productive. the insurance companies come out yesterday, not skultded by the president prior to the big fix being announced which affects their bottom line and how they will conduct business over the next few months. we all have a feeling about insurance companies but we need them insuring people for a few months and not dealing with the headache of paperwork. they come in today and what happens? >> we are intended to not know that.
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based on what was happening across town at the capitol, 49 democrats, i believe, joined with republicans in the house to vote for legislation that would, in effect, memorialize an actual law what the president said at his press conference yesterday about you being able to keep your plan if you like it if your state insurance commissioner and insurance company says it is okay but it's not his fault. >> if, if, if. >> asterisk, double asterisk. >> like when you get married and the spouse is like, i promise to love you forever -- if i want to. and if -- >> it's complicated. >> -- it works out for me. what? >> that was what was happening across town. what the president, we can assume was assuring insurance executives who are his partners in crafting, passing and enacting this law was that his fix was not a fix.
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that it would not do the thing that he said it would. that is crucial to his effort now that this not work. it must not work because if it does, and this is what the insurance industry basically said yesterday when they were gob smacked by what the president did is if this works, it is a disaster. one assumes what he was saying today was, don't worry. the plans will still be cancelled and i won't blame you too much. only as much as necessary. >> any more than yesterday when i said, just know if you get a cancellation notice or your plan is cancelled it's not because of the affordable care act. know that. >> we went through this rodeo clown routine in the passage of the law in which the president was partnering with the insurance industry and drug makers behind closed doors. when he was having trouble getting democrats on board would yell about the insurance industry and go back in and huddle with them. one would suppose we are now in
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a continual version of this as the implementation of the law struggles. so the president is trying to assure partners in the insurance industry that he wants the policies still destroyed and we can also assume that he's reassuring liberal supporters that the fix is meant not to work and that the policies will be destroyed. >> we talked about it with one of the architects of obama care who explained to us how if you keep people out of the exchanges and let them stay on their existing plans it could potentially be the beginning of of the death spiral where the exchanges only have the most unhealthy people and the whole law could collapse because the exchanges won't work if they have only un healthy older people. i understand why the president may have said my fix, forget that. what about the 5 million people who now have no insurance? so basically if the fix doesn't work, they still have no insurance and no working website to go on for new insurance. >> he wanted them to lose their policies -- not them.
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he didn't have anything against them as individuals. but that's the plan. that's the idea. it doesn't work unless they lose coverage. >> it doesn't work unless they can get on health which they are working very hard to get in order by november 30. >> do remember, counselor, the president wouldn't be going through this and having to admit he lied, maybe said something if the internet worked. >> that's not true. >> if people could get online -- i guarantee you if people could get online the talking points from the administration would be people are being upgraded, moved into wonderful new coverage. >> right, but it's not working as they foresaw. they said they would see lower premiums. we know even some older people are seeing higher premiums. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> we'll speak with yet another one of the architects of obama care. they had a lot of people put into this law about what will happen to folks in insurance limbo.
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coming up later on the show. and the president did take blame but there was a different story when lawmakers were asked if they would like to apologize. >> i have not apologized. i don't think there is anything for us to apologize for. >> the statement, if it was limited to the bill itself was accurate. >> i agree with mr. hoyer. what the president said in regard to the affordable care act is absolutely so. >> i was absolutely accurate and said nothing in the bill will take this away from you. that's accurate. >> wow. okay. dana laesh is a conservative radio host and josh barrow is from business insider. welcome. this may be my favorite sampling from the day. if we can get this sound bite of nancy pelosi and president obama
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both speaking about whether the president's promise was accurate or not, watch this. >> as far as the affordable care act is concerned, what the president said was completely accurate. >> there is no doubt that the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. >> it's embarrassing really. is it not embarrassing, dana? hello. it's reality knocking. it's already been admitted, ms. pelosi, by the president. >> i have never heard anybody take so many words to use to say that i lied. you can cut it all out and say, i lied instead of having to say this other stuff. >> she can't even admit it. he wouldn't say i lied but he said it wasn't accurate. she comes out and says, he didn't say anything inaccurate. >> exactly.
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i'm going to cover for him. he didn't lie. the bottom line is they knew what was going to happen. as far back as 2010. that's why you had democrats on a party line vote against a provision that came from republicans that would have saved the plans and prevented obama care from cancelling the plans. they voted against it. >> love means never having to say you're sorry, apparently. do the we have it? do we have that? [ sobbing ] >> i forgot my key. ♪ >> jenny -- i'm sorry. >> don't. love means never having to say you're sorry. >> i'm sorry, josh. >> that's all right. >> i had to. hello. the president can apologize but nancy pelosi can't?
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st stenny hoyer? they are offended that it would be asked. >> i think the white house has figured out nobody is buying the line anymore. the house democrats are trying to say, well f the insurance company hadn't changed the plan in the last three and a half years there would be nothing legally forcing them to give it up. what's strange about this is the idea that you would do a reform of the american health care system which is a very broken system. we spend twice as much money to get the same outcomes and we leave 47 million people un insured. >> can we stay on point? >> how will we do a reform without makinging people change the health care plan? >> we are off point. where is the apology? the question is are the democrats still living in fantasyland? pelosi said, i have never said -- i'm trying to find it. i have never said, as the president did, if they like their plan, they can keep it. look at her website. we have a picture of it. on her website right now. keep your doctor and your
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current plan if you like them. hello! earth calling nancy. >> she said it. they need to own it. the american people aren't stupid. you can't fake people out of getting cancellation notices from insurance companies. 5 million americans now being told they don't have coverage. they have no recourse. they have an 800 number that directs them to limo repair shops. there is nowhere for people to go. no one wants to take responsibility. >> they are not on ether. we are seeing people signing up. they can sign up through private health insurance which is where they were insured before. in jan general the letters offer new coverage and hopefully -- >> at what cost? >> the letters that may or may not come from insurance company ifs they decide to do it if the state insurance commissioner says it's sunoco. >> depends on the person. some pay more and some pay less.
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that's what the law is designed to do. >> nobody was supposed to pay more. >> that's impossible. >> then he lied. >> we'll take it up with one of the obama care architects coming up. we're not saying we're sorry because -- you know why. you heard it there. we are not done yet. charles krauthammer will explain why obama care could haunt the president's party for years to come. and alec baldwin loses his cool again. the reporter he screamed at today joins us live. >> you're the one that almost hit my wife in the face with the microphone. >> i did not. >> do you want to poll squiez to her on camera. >> i did not -- >> i asked you a question. do you want to apologize? get the [ bleep ] out of here. ♪ as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> scores of democrats voted for a bill today that critics say would effectively undo obama care. charles krauthammer says that's because liberals are panicked about the law for good reason. charles is a fox news contributor, a syndicated columnist and author of "things that matter" which is now number one on the new york times bestseller list. great to see you. why are they now in a panic? >> because i think there is so much at stake ideologically. obama is an ideologically
6:15 pm
ambitious president. he represents a burst of liberalism. you had the new deal with fdr and the great society with lbj. obama sees himself as a re-vancouver of the idea of government as the central engine of progress, as the central engine of fairness, as the central engine of society itself. so he's the guy who will be the robin hood, government that takes from the rich -- taxes the rich and give tos to the middle class. a government that will give a green energy industry run on solar, wind and algae and the center piece, the symbol, the embodiment of his new kind of liberalism. obama care, government that will take care of you and your family and control your health care. this obama care is the central element of that. it's the one that affects everyone's lives intimately. it is not abstract like
6:16 pm
solyndra. it's real stuff in your real life. now it's collapsed. if it continues unless it is somehow rescued and they make it work, this will be a story of an epic collapse of the central element of a new kind of liberalism and this ideology will go down with the policy. that's why liberals are so afraid of this thing collapsing and they are in horror at the train wreck that they are now witnessing. >> we just talked in the a block about nancy pelosi coming out and basically just once again denying reality. the president has admitted what he said was not accurate. she won't admit that. so the deception goes on. >> it's self-deception. i once practiced psychiatry. this is classic denial. they simply can't face the fact that this is actually happening. the worst part is this. they were able to pass this and
6:17 pm
pretend it would help everybody. it didn't cost the government a dime. that was the promise. this was the ultimate free lunch. you insure 40 million uninsured. everybody gets free mammograms, free birth control, free everything. now it's obvious to all of the american people that that was a fraud and the deception was that you would be the one who would pay the freight through hidden subsidies, through being thrown off your own insurance into exchanges where you would be compelled to purchase the kind of insurance you don't need, you don't want but that's so expensive that it creates a surplus with with which the government will subsidize others. so the payment was hidden. the deception is there. they know that americans can now see that. once you take away the veil, the emperor looks rather unclothed. >> what does the president do
6:18 pm
now? >> he's got a 39% approval rating, lowest ever. the american people do not trust him. can he get back? >> i would recommend prayer. right now the reason that this is a calamity, it's not like the irs scandal. it is a day, two, three or a week. bad press. then it's over. it doesn't have legs. january 1 when this kicks in. the end of march when people have to this is unstoppable and you can't escape the story. it's a story every day. that's why it is a nightmare and why you get pelosi who goes into a fantasyland of denial and pretends nothing ever happened. >> charles, great to see you. >> pleasure. coming up, for the first
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time in 14 months since they first asked, congress finally gets a chance to talk to five cia operatives who were at the compound in benghazi the night four americans were murdered. a lot of questions about what those five witnesses saw and whether our government has been honest with us about what really went down that night. the chairman of the committee who got to question eyewitnesss in an exclusive interview you will see only tonight on "the kelly file" coming up. plus, alec baldwin's latest explosive outburst. what set him off this time? the reporter he lashed out at is here live. >> do you want to apologize to her on camera? i asked you a question. >> i am not apologizing to your wife. >> then get the ble[ bleep ] ouf here. >> i did nothing wrong. i'm beth...
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[ inaudible ] >> you're the one that almost hit my wife with the microphone in the face? >> i did not almost hit your wife. >> do you want to apologize to her on camera? i asked you a question -- >> i am not apologizing to your wife. >> get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> i did nothing wrong. i did nothing wrong, alec. >> idiot. >> he's a charmer. that was actor alec baldwin in new york unleashing another epic rant this time at another fox affiliate reporter. it didn't stop there. >> what i do want to tell you, please come with me for a second. the blond, i do want to press charges against her. she assaulted my wife yesterday.
6:24 pm
almost hit her in the face. >> we'll take the information. >> see the blond woman? i want to press charges against her. let's get her over here. she's the one. >> you want to press charges against me? >> [ bleep ]. >> the one he wants to press charges against. fox affiliate reporter linda schmidt with me now. he's a gentleman. that's clear. >> i had no idea my day would turn out like this. i didn't know i would be covering the story. to start out, he threatened one of my colleagues from the good day new york program. so as a result of ta he threatened him twice. after that our bosses decided, you know, the story is done. the reason we were there today, this morning and yesterday is because of the trial that happened involving the stalker. >> he's been in the news he had a stalker. >> heaven testified and cried
6:25 pm
during the trial. she was convicted so that's why we were there yesterday and my colleague was there this morning as a follow up. >> you're not some paparazzi trying to get a picture of alec baldwin. >> this was a news story. he threatened my colleague this morning. the bosses had a meeting and everybody decided the story is done, we covered the trial. we were there this morning. now the story is over. we don't want to pile on. a short time later we get a report that he's allegedly assaulted another reporter in front of his apartment in new york city. >> and allegedly uttered an anti-gay slur. >> yesterday. but allegedly assaulted another reporter today. >> i can't keep up with the alleged assaults. >> it's one right after the next. as a result our boss sends me down to say, look, go down there. it is again a legitimate news story and he could be arrested if he's charged with assault. only reason we were there at all. >> when you went you weren't anticipating that you might be
6:26 pm
charged with assault or have a threat levelled against you. >> no. >> he was ticked off because you tried to get a comment from his wife. >> yesterday. >> yesterday. i want to tell the viewers, the alleged assault he accuses linda of. the moment where you allegedly almost chipped her tooth -- watch for yourselves. did she assault her. >> -- being found guilty today? anything to say? >> get away from me. >> any comment on the verdict. >> hmm. >> after this she then tells her publicist and her husband that i assaulted her in front of her apartment. this is the video we are talking about here and that i nearly knocked her teeth out with my microphone. >> we have to roll it again so the viewers can see. >> any comments about the woman being found guilty today? anything -- >> whoa! >> get away from me. >> any comment -- >> this whole show, the first 26 minutes has been about living in fantasyland. assault? almost knocked her teeth out?
6:27 pm
>> right. >> what's your feeling when you see alec baldwin. he's a big man. so aggressive. you're a tall woman, but it is a man angry in your face. what are you thinking? >> i was shocked he came over. his wife had spotted me and went over to him as they were leaving their apartment, getting into the car to say, that's the woman -- she's pointing to me -- that's the woman who nearly knocked my teeth out. >> she's instigating. everyone knows him and his temper. >> he comes over to me and launches into this tirade, just screaming and yelling at me. there was no way i was going to back down. i was professional about it. i didn't lose my cool. >> no explosietives from me, ths for sure. i said, look, i did not assault your wife yesterday. i did not almost knock her teeth out. your wife is exaggerating what happened. we have video. >> were you charged? >> no. i was never charged.
6:28 pm
>> because you didn't assault her. >> correct. >> i will go on the record predicting there will be no charge against linda. it's interesting to get that perspective. i think we all know what we are dealing with with when we see the alec baldwin stories one after another. we just received news tonight that msnbc suspended his show in the wake of this allegation that he uttered an anti-gay slur at another reporter yesterday. linda, thank you. >> you're welcome. one last quick thing here. the nypd officers came up to me after this happened to make sure that i was okay and that i was not injured in any way. >> good for them. good to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up, one of the architects of obama care is here. this is a new one. we'll ask if the president's fix makes sense. i will ask if you're one of the t people in limbo, what if the insurance company doesn't let you renew the policy? what will you do? can't get on health what does it mean for you? 14 months after four americans were killed in the benghazi
6:29 pm
attacks, congress gets to question cia agents on the ground. we'll have an exclusive interview with the chairman of the committee looking into this next. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. ameriprise financial. more within reach. ♪ [ male announcer ] united is rolling out global, satellite-fed wi-fi
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and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ breaking tonight eyewitnesses to the deadly benghazi terror attacks finally get a chance to speak 14 months after lawmakers first requested to speak with them. four americans died in benghazi, libya, that night. just this week congress getting the chance to interview five c irgs a eyewitnesses in closed door sessions. now in an exclusive interview michigan congressman mike rogers joins me. he's chairman of the committee lieding the investigation. great to see you. >> congratulations on your show. >> great to have you here.
6:33 pm
let's go through it piece by piece so the viewers can follow us. first of all, i want to ask you whether you believe it took 14 months to get witnesses in front of you. you were stone walled in getting access to them. >> i don't. let me tell you why. we had a good base of interviews. not as close as i would have liked but close to the event. so we had a base of interviews that we were using to try to determine what leadership discrepancies were in what events happened on the ground. at some point it worked at a logical point where we needed to bring witnesses in even after they were interviewed by the fbi so we would have at least some base and comparisons to see where the discrepancies were and where the investigations should go next. >> one of the big issues in this attack is whether the fighting that was going on there was
6:34 pm
constant or whether there was a lull in the fighting. the reason that's relevant is the state department didn't send the counter terrorism team. there was a team here stateside that could have been dispatched and is normally dispatched in incidents such as these but was not dispatched. one of the explanations we have been given for the decision not to send the team is, well, the attack, we thought it was over. it happened. it was done. some said that's not uh true. the fighting was ongoing. there is no good reason for them not to send the team. do you believe that the fighting was ongoing that the night or do you believe as the administration claimed there were two waves, the second attack at the annex came much later and it wasn't this ongoing thing. >> well, by the team we have received over the last few days compared by the testimony that was taken earlier, and it does synch up, it was clear to me that there was intervals of lulls in the fighting including a three-hour block of a lull in the fighting. >> from when to when?
6:35 pm
>> well, the very last wave, 2:30 to 5:30, that last wave that happened around 5:30 there was a lull and in between that. there were several different stages. one was where the ambassador was. >> compound 9:30 to 10:30ish. >> by the way, the guys on the ground, heroes. we should all be taking our hats off, patting them on the back. huge courage to leave the annex, go over and rescue folks on the temporary mission facility. >> absolutely. >> that's beyond question. >> just a refresher. the ornlal compound where the ambassador was was attacked sometime after 9:30 and guy goous at the cia annex came to save him. they get there. he's missing. they can't find him. they get some people back to annex but the ambassador was missing. so the guys who went are heroes and the first wave of attacks
6:36 pm
tyke place at the compound. >> second wave at the annex was roughly 45 minutes after they got back. then you have another lull in the fighting. it appears the mortar attack happened some hours later. >> let me ask you -- >> let me ask you this -- >> i will give you the floor. but congressman nunez came on special report yesterday and suggested there was no lull in the fighting. >> is that your impression of what happened? there were two separate attacks with an hours-long lull in between? >> there is conflicting testimony. i will tell you that i believe the survivors. >> and the survivors tell you that it was more constant? >> i don't think it stopped. >> the good news is we have the
6:37 pm
transcripts. we'll sit down next week and we filled in all the gaps. you're a recovering attorney. you have to establish the record so you have things to compare with. that's why this was a very, very important part of a long investigation at least on the intelligence side of it. by the way, we have done more hearings than anything else in intelligence since the benghazi attack. this has been a serious effort. >> strange to hear two guys from the same party. >> i understand that. >> let me ask you this. there is a lot i want to cover with you. there is an allegation that the cia operatives were forced, asked, whatever, to sign nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements. that would be highly unusual for them to be asked because the cia guys have to sign it at the beginning of their employment. there is no reason to turn around and ask them to sign it again. the suggestion is they were asked to do it at the memorial service for the guys who died in
6:38 pm
the benghazi terror attacks. at the memorial they say, hey, can you sign another one? and they did it. is that true? >> it appears they did sign a nondisclosure agreement and they returned to the agency. there are three teem interviewed, four that had to sign nondisclosure agreements. there is an explanation for all but one. that's certainly something that came out in the hearings here. we'll have to go back and ask further questions on. you have to remember these folks are dispersed all over the world. administrative things they have to do when there is a change in their agreement. there are rule requirements that they have to sign another one. >> mr. chairman, come on. >> i'm just saying. >> they come back the day of the memorial service with nondisclosures in place. they are asked to sign one? it doesn't pass the the smell
6:39 pm
test. >> it doesn't. there are reasons to sign it and also it doesn't pass the smell test on the day they came back. that's the one discrepancy out of the testimony that will require further probing by the committee. as a matter of fact, there are meetings subsequent to that on that issue. let me tell you one thing that gets mised in this. we spent a lot of time on the time frame and a few minutes difference between the team leaders on the ground and maybe the guys on the ground. then we spent a year worried about that eight, nine, ten, 15 minutes. we'll spend time and the nondisclosure agreement is a substantive issue. here's the problem. the agency folks on the ground told the state department people on the ground, if you guys behave the way you do now, you are going to die here in benghazi. that's a problem. so they knew it. they requested up through the state department for additional both arm meant and additional security services that was
6:40 pm
denied. here's the other thing that came out of this. i thought we need to get to the bottom of this. there was a posting of a threat in the area, nonspecific, that the agency personnel received. leading up to the event. so think about the this. the agency personnel were on high alert. they understood that with 9/11 they had a generalized threat. why didn't they react to the higher threat environment and why didn't they honor the requests by security guys on the ground at the temporary mission facility supposed to guard the ambassador. they ignored all of that. we'll spend time looking at what happened with the cia officials on the ground. >> it's relevant. if the state department didn't send help people want to know why. >> that's a huge problem. >> is it a fact that ambassador stevens spoke to your committee prior to his murder? >> ambassador stevens spent time
6:41 pm
with our committee prior to his passing. >> that's significant. you don't normally have ambassadors to libya speaking to the house intel committee. that lay it is foundation so the viewers understand for yet another question we should be asking about why he wasn't better protected and why he was even at the consulate on the 9/11 anniversary. you're a good man to come on. thank you, sir. >> thank you, megyn. >> all the best. still more questions than answers. another story that people say, it's just a fox story. really? like obama care? coming up, one of the architects of obama care joins me live. i will ask him what will happen to the more than 5 million people who had insurance cancelled and are now in insurance limbo. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving.
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from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. president obama meeting with more than a dozen insurance executives at the white house. will they go along with the president's fix so the 5 million people who were cancelled won't be cancelled? what if they don't? jonathan gruber is one of the architects of the massachusetts health care law known as romneycare and an architect of obama care. now we are learning there were quite a few architects of obama care. you are one of them. thank you very much for being here, professor. here's my question. the 5 million people, what if the insurance companies don't go along with the fix? what happens to them? >> the individuals have another month to buy insurance before
6:46 pm
they have to have plans before january. >> on health >> right. they could go on and buy plans f. not, state insurance companies will have to work together to find a way to get a lot of people to keep their insurance. >> the last part is terrifying. >> well, we have to understand the context in which this is happening. these individuals are seeing their insurance policies cancelled often because they are substandard policies. >> let's not go there. >> our viewers know about the policies. i want to talk about what will happen to them. you have 5 million people, many of whom are watching now. the last part you said is very concerning that the state insurance commissioners and the insurance companies have to work together to protect them. we have heard from them. some of them have cancer. their children have life-threatening diseases. they are getting ongoing treatments and they are worried. we have a website we don't know if it will work or not. now it's like, well, they have to work together to solve it. >> once again, we have a month
6:47 pm
on the website. you're right. the website has to get up and get working. we have to remember the point of the exercise. ten times as many people are uninsured and suffering from diseases and able to get insurance. >> people had insurance and they were paying for it, doing the responsible thing. they were told by the president, support me on the law. if you have a plan you can keep it, period. so many of them did. they found out that was not true. now they are going to be hurt. they may be hurt. and not have coverage for their life-saving procedures and health-saving procedures because of no fault of their own. >> you're right. it's a concern. but it's may. they may be hurt. >> no, it's january. >> no -- >> oh, may as in possible. >> yes. it's possible. if they don't have it working in
6:48 pm
a month that's the concern. we can't assume because it's not working yet it won't work. it takes time in massachusetts where we did a similar law. many people in massachusetts had substandard policies and had to give them up. >> massachusetts had the support of two thirds of the people. not so with the federal. >> it had support once people saw how successful it was. once americans see the benefits. >> it was implemented differently. you agree david cutler is an honest broker. >> absolutely. >> he's been on the program a couple of times. he's a harvard guy. larry summers got a letter saying you can't keep pointing thomas mass. they did it differently, better and in a way we are doing it at the federal level and we should. no one listened. >> you can learn a lot from massachusetts. i disagree on that point.
6:49 pm
there are a lot of parallels to draw. most importantly, we have to stop panicking over days and weeks and focus on the bigger picture here. over time we'll fix broken insurance markets in america. >> you will get people who didn't have insurance insurance. but i don't know. i'm worried based on including what you said about the first people who had it and lost it. thank you for coming on. >> send me a tweet about that. i'm concerned by what i just heard. i was concerned before that. my concerns are not assuaged. are they for you? send me a tweet or log onto facebook and let me know. kelly file. coming up, oprah's comments about president obama making headlines around the world. geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to. the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pih, especially when it comes to my investments. you want a broker you can trust.
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6:53 pm
oprah winfrey making headlines with what she's saying about the treatment president obama gets. watch. >> i thinks there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he's african-american. >> allison barber, what do you make of this? >> in general i take issue with any grandstanding assertion that tries to say how a specific group thinks particularly if it's the more abstract "many people feel ". you don't know. have you polled those people and they told you that? it's silly and arrogant to say that you know how a large group thinks when you haven't talked to them. >> she may have talked to people who feel this way. this is getting a lot of criticism.
6:54 pm
people say it's sort of a comfortable armchair for folks to fall back into to ascribe the criticisms of the president to his race. >> there is one thing when you criticize the president about his policy options. another thing to go after his character. i think if you talk to the african-american community a lot of folks would say and folks not in the african-american community that the president is treated differently because he is the first african-american president. >> how specifically? >> oh, i think there are a couple of examples. you could talk about a state of the union address where congress openly defied the president. >> called him a liar because he said something about obama care that he didn't think was true. >> it happened one time with this congressman being out of order, to be honest with the president of the united states. >> it happened to be because he was. >> i would say joe wilson was leched to congress in 2001. that's the first time he's held
6:55 pm
federal office which is the same time george bush came in office. he's never served under another democratic president. he didn't lie out "you lie" at george bush. team. there is nothing but anecdotal evidence. it could be the fact that he's a democrat. there is a policy he didn't agree with. it was completely inappropriate to yell out something like that. there is no proof of -- >> in a court of law, you would lose that argument. there is no evidence tying a comment like that that to a man's race. it's your suspicion and the suspicion of others. >> it's the suspicion of millions of people that the comment had racial intonations to it. >> how? >> those comments are valid. that's the same as saying you can't criticize his character because he's black. that is a form of paternalism. >> not at all.
6:56 pm
it's clear there is a big distinction between criticizing the president's character and the arguments when people have called the president a tar baby. >> well, that's explicit. >> comparing her to a national geographic documentary. we can go on and on here. >> that's explicit. >> tons of times where this president has been degraded because of his race. at the end of the day -- >> i have to go my apologies. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
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all right. we already pasted our interview with charles krauthammer and well paste our interview with chairman ronlers on facebook and twitter. follow me. good night, everybody. welcome to "hannity." the white house cannot claw their way out of the hole they have dug for themselves when it comes to obama care. tonight for the hour we'll be joined by a bright lively studio audience to talk about the very issue and to discuss the life changing implications this law will have for you and your family. we went back to the beginning when the universal nightmare. this is what we'd like to call the evolution of a huge lie. >> we can stop talking about the health care crisis and start doing something about it. >> we'll keep this promise. if you like your doct


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