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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 16, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i send this, on-air invite to the people to make myself available to you. i want five minutes to ask you question and get the truth. what do you say? don't be afraid. i won't bite. see you on "the five." i can't argue for bad policy. >> we're not focusing on angst amongst the democratic republican politicians. our focus is the angst of americans americans who got a cancellation notice and should haven't gotten one. >> individuals are best to decide what policy is best for them. >> dozens of democrats breaking ranks with the white house. signing on to a house g.o.p. fix for obamacare. what does it mean for the future of obamacare and the 2014 election? we talk to frank luntz. your personal information at risk. congressman pete king from the house homeland security committee is here with a big-time security concern for
9:01 am we will reflect on the legacy of john kennedy. 50 years after he was gunned down in dallas. we reflect on events that leave many unanswered questions. >> we are more and more connect and less and less involved with each other. >> a new book that will touch your heart. i'm uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts now. ♪ ♪ hello. the politics of obamacare now in the spotlight, as 39 democrats break ranks with the president backing a republican plan to change the healthcare law. these defections coming from the democrats who are facing tough re-election bids in
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their home district. underscores the tension among the folks in president obama's own party. despite the efforts to offer his fix, for the nation's embattled healthcare law. fox's molly henneberg joins with us more on the fall-out from the house vote that will raise the political stakes at a time when so many americans remain upset over the problems plaguing obamacare. molly? >> that is driving this. changing the minds on this, in the democrats and the house and the senate who may be vulnerable in next year midterm election. we saw yesterday in the house 39 out of 192 democrats that voted for a republican bill, the upton bill. that would allow miles per hours to keep the healthcare plan. even if the plans do not meet obamacare standards. >> this is after they launched pre-emptive strike on thursday by telling the americans who got the cancellation notices because of become become
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carrie would crack administrative fix to keep the plan. the 39 house democrats likely feeling pressure from the home district broke with the president. broke with the leadership. voted for the upton bill. >> what has to drive my vote is what is best for miles per hour patients. >> i have to be response to believe the constituents. >> arizona democrat ron barbour voted for the upton bill told politico that it's a huge bill, over 2,000 pages. there will be unintended consequences. there are going to be things that don't work. i'm about fixing things that don't work. before the vote, some republicans predicted the bill would pass with bipartisan support. >> the democrats recognize that the president made a promise, he needs to keep that promise. he needs to keep the commitment, listen to the miles per hour people. deliver on that promise. >> but one democrat who did not support the upton bill
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says the majority of the members of his party stayed with the president. and democratic leadership. >> this means that fewer than 10% of house democrat, 20% of the house democrats didn't stand together. >> the obama administration indicated that the president would likely veto the upton bill, if it were to get through the democratically controlled senate. because the upton bill allows insurance companies to sell plans that don't meet obamacare standards to people who do not have the plans previously. uma? >> molly, thank you very much. that is on me. i mean, we fumbled the roll-out on the healthcare law. >> so even as the president continues to apologize to the stunning number of technical snafus that prevented people from accessing there are still big-time
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concerns about the security of private information and cyber attacks by hackers. all this as the white house promises to have the website fully up and running by the end of the month. joining us now, republican congressman pete king who is a member of the house homeland security committee. great to have you here. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> in the homeland security committee hearing this week, it was revealed that there was a memo that there were warnings of limitless security risks because of a lack of testing before the roll-out of obamacare. based on what you now know is there enough time to fix the security problems before this is site is open 24/7 to the public again? >> i'd say it's impossible. not only have will been no cyber security precautions, h.h.s., which chose toed a my center the program never once consulted with the department of the homeland security. it's the responsibility of the homeland security department to provide security. they legally don't have it. but it would be pru dept for h.s.s. to have gone to the
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homeland security department and get advice. set up the cyber security procedures. they have done nothing. this brought their attention many months ago. they still have nothing. so even though health and human services is going to have the most intimate and personal medical and personal records of all miles per hours, practical matter there is nothing done as far as the cyber security consumption with the department of homeland security. it leaves americans vulnerable. there is an example of the catch tensy of the administration. rolling out obamacare. this is basic and fundamental requirement, they ignored it when it comes to dealing with the department of the homeland security. >> you're saying it's impossible at this point. how is the white house going to enroll for the healthcare coverage if there are problems securing the personal information? >> to me that is another reason why people are reluctant to get involved. i don't see how the white house can do it. make the false promises. this is another one. they are trying to say there is security in mace, cyber
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security in mace, to protect, they cannot guarantee that. again, an example of the responsibility is the fact they have not once sat down and consulted with the department of homeland security to see how the security measures will work. so again, it's another example of gross incatch tensy. it is. >> -- gross incompetency. >> we learned that a number of bogus websites pop up claiming to be the official government site for those who want to get in the health insurance exchanges. can anything be done at this point to shut them down? >> that has to be worked on. something like this can happen. but precautions should be in place. but it seems that a lackadaisical laissez-faire attitude. >> on the bigger picture here, what is the reaction to the way the president is scrambling toking get millions of policies reinstated at this
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point as a way to restore the credibility after he claimed that if you like your healthcare man you could keep it? >> a desperate attempt to compensate. what he announced on thursday, some democrats try to hide behind yesterday no real impact. he doesn't have the power to order this. this is an attempt to cover up the fact that he definitely misled the american people. the fable that 39 democrats, this is the first serious vote we had, that you would have 20% of the democratic party despite the intense pressure they are under from the president, preak from nancy pelosi and break from the democratic leadership to vote with republicans shows that this is really in critical condition. he would be advised to level and say he was wrong. they will put the program for at least a year to try to get it working. there is no way it's sal
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advantaged. american people know it. each day that goes by adds to the confusion. >> sobering scenario. congressman pete king, thank you for joining us with the insight. we appreciate it. >> uma, thank you very much. >> so while the security of the website remains a big concern for consumers, for those who already lost their insurance, the news of a presidential fix is actually now creating more confusion. 5 million people expected to have the policy cancel. will the plan to reinstate the canceled policy make advenes in what the insurance companies are offering? elizabeth prann is joining us live with more on this. >> on friday, the president met with insurance executives at the white house. this is just one day after he apologized for botched roll-out. reinstated a broken promise by allowing customers to keep their health plans. but in order to undo what has been three years in the making, the administration needs full compliance. after all, insurance companies can't reinstate customers
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without thegoning body approval the state regulators, and a number rejected the president's renewal proposal warning it could raise premiums. >> it would be a huge undertaking. putting the toothpaste back in the tube is difficult to do. >> "washington post" reporting that the florida, north carolina, ohio, kentucky, texas for example have said insurers will have the opportunity to sell plans. but rhode island and vermont will not make changes. washington state commissioner saying that his state is staying the course, too. the white house says there will many states to follow the president's orders. the administration is standing by the decision. >> he has responsibility to follow steps for the vims and make the transition smoother to allow the insurance company and the insurance commissioners to ensure they
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can renew the policy if they desire and making sure they are aware of the alternative and what the a terptives that might be better for them in benefits they receive. cost that they incur. >> remember, they don't have much time. december 15 is the deadline to purchase a plan on the new insurance exchange coverage beginning in 2014. uma, back to?÷8@÷ you. >> a lot at stake as deadlines loom. thank you. we want to hear from you. what are your thoughts about this? are you as confused as the insurance companies? i want you to sound off on twitter. you can reach me at uma pemmaraju. let me know thinking. i'll read the tweets later on. shifting gears now to turn to a big health concern with the fox news alert. potentially deadly strain of meningitis is sweeping across princeton university. there are seven confirmed cases so far. now the c.d.c. is looking
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overseas for help. no vaccine available in the u.s. for the mar scrape -- particular strain. so c.d.c. is seeking special permission to import a vaccine from australia and europe. in the meantime, the school tells students to watch their hands and not to share personal items. in an exclusive interview on fox, mike rogers revealing to megyn kelly new information surrounding the attack in benghazi on december 11, 2012. that attacklet chrissteins and three other americans dead. ross says ambassadorsteins had concerns about the security situation? libya. tried to tell lawmakers about it on capitol hill. >> the fact that investigator stephens spoke to the committee prior to the murder? >> ambassador stevens did spend time with our committee
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prior to his passing. >> that is significant. >> americans on the ground were aware of the threat level before that attack. they warned the state department about it. much more ahead. live from washington, including a multimillion lawsuit in the wake of a tragic arizona wildfire that killed 1 firefighters this summer. plus, pollster frank luntz will join us on how voters may react on the ballot box after the obama administration apology over healthcare. it's been almost 50 years since the assassination of president kennedy. a little later, we will be joined with a perspective on the tragic day in dallas. heart healthy, huh?!
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welcome back, everybody. the mother of one of the 19 firefighters killed in the fast-moving arizona wildfire back in upis filing a $36 million lawsuit against the state of arizona and the city and county where he died. marcia mckee is claiming negligence on the death in her 21-year-old son grant. investigation did not determine whether the tragedy was avoidable but said proper
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procedures had been followedded. it's been a rough week for the president and the democratic party, as we have been reporting. all-time lows if for president's approval rating from the botched healthcare roll-out. we reported congressial democrats up for re-election in 2014 defecting from the white house. joining us now with insight in how it could shake up halls of congress and the white house is fox news con triber frank luntz. great to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> as the healthcare deadline loom, the president credibility is on the line right now. if we take a look at the latest approval numbers we see he is taking a hit. white house is scrambling to find a way out of the mess. what impact is it having on people who are worried about where we are headed for obamacare? >> they are there segments of the american population particularly concerned. this is where the president and the congressial democrats are frankly now afraid.
9:19 am
independents are most hostile to the healthcare plan. they are even angrier over the democrats and healthcare. the other segment you have to watch in off-year election are the voters over age 65. they vote in disproportionate number in the off-year elections and they're the most opposed to the president healthcare. they determine the majority and both of them moved half a dozen points from the democrats to the republicans in the last month. >> interesting. the president announced he was implementing his open fix address that millions of miles per hours are dropped from the insurance plan on the market. do you think he has bought back time and can he win confidence of people at this point to show obamacare can go
9:20 am
forward? >> you used a word "confidence." what you have right now is the miles per hour people believe washington is making promises it cannot keep. they feel that all institutions who are supposed to keep this country together, that they are all failing. they are making commitments, they cannot afford them or produce them. the frustration of the american people over obamacare is they did not want it, they did not need it. they cannot afford it. they cannot get it. all these challenges have now really caused the country to say enough is enough. i have not seen anti-washington perspective sense ross peron since 1992. 20 years sense the miles per hour people have been this angry in washington, d.c. >> it's been polarizing. at the moment, we have the
9:21 am
nervous democrats about the implication of offending in the botched roll-out. especially the swing states. what happens if the president sees more democrat breaking ranks with him? >> my expectations are more democrats will break ranks because they are trying to protect themselves. in the end if you voted for the legislation you will be held accountable. i want to make the point for viewers listening. the number one attribute that the american people want from washington, d.c. now is accountability. if you voted for it, you have to take responsibility for the vote. if the system doesn't work, i think the people will be punished. frankly, it's what the miles per hour people -- american people want. if you insist on something that is hostile for what the american people want you suffer consequences. >> also, we have seen if the politicians or the high profile individuals actually
9:22 am
apologize to the public and say that they made a mistake, often the public will forgive them. >> most often apologies work. but it has to be sincere. in the polling groups that we have done, public doesn't believe the president is sincere. the president is not saying i'm sorry that matters, it's fixing the problem. for president, saying i'm sorry without changing the law is not being sorry at all. >> very interesting. thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> up next, why adoptive parents of a 9-year-old son are returning him to child welfare agency and what charges they are facing for doing that. plus, legacy of a president. presidential hisser to ran
9:23 am
douglas -- historian douglas brinkley will talk about "p.t.i." obama's missteps and 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination. n' the . mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. find out why over one milliusinesses have trusted legalzoom to hp them get started. when you're ready to open the doors to your business, wel have a personalized legal solution that's right r you. start your business today with legalzoom.
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welcome back, everybody. take a quick look at the stories making news in today's fox news flash. president obama's healthcare fix could end up spiking premiums, according to some industry experts, they are saying that changing the rules this late in game and allowing people to renew lower premium policies will up-end the financial balance of the industry hoping to strike. ohio couple being charged with abandonment after giving their 9-year-old son back to welfare officials. the couple adopting the boy when he was an infant say he was displaying aggressive behavior. police report says the mother claimed the boy threatened the family with a knife. the parents are due back if court later this month.
9:28 am
the toronto city council hoping to strip the mayor of his power. you heard about the oscars? what about the honorary oscars? hon rar academy awards are going to be presented in l.a. angelina jolie, angela lanesbury some of the celebrity receiving award. quick look at the top stories making news right now. >> turning to the president's signature legislative achievement, it's turning in the legacy perhaps he does not want. presidential policy this week on top of the troubled healthcare roll-out. will the missteps hurt the president legacy in joining us to talk about this and another pov to moment in presidential history. many people are focusing on this week.
9:29 am
the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination. joining us, historian douglas brinkly. welcome. great to have you here today. >> thank you. >> let's talk about what we have been witnessing over the last several weeks as we watch president obama hand what has been an embarrassing roll-out. part of the signature legislative accomplishments, what impact will it have on the leadership? >> deadly right now. he has to go forward. robert frost used to say the only way out is through when you have a problem. he has to go through a process here of five or six months, basically cam paping all across the country. trying to get people to engage in obamacare. the president has himself painted in the corner. president obama, what seemed like seemed like a clever
9:30 am
embraced it like a zone. >> call it obamacare, i'll live up to it and own it. now it's broke son you have egg on your face. >> he is not the first president to make mistakes. in history there are others who opened up to the failings. at the same time, though, the impact varies from one leader to the next. from your perspective, how would you rate what is happening now? >> this is a big black mark on the ton your. he has been a magician before. he could turn in a positive for himself if the next turn of the web is running and people are able to get online and recommend center for it. it starts to grow. you can people in the media turn the tune. i wouldn't watch an obituary
9:31 am
on the second term. this is a fast news cycle. who knows what we talk about next year at this time. president have the problem. ronald reagan with the iran contra in the second term. nixon with watergate and clinton with lewinsky. some are fatal like with nixon but the big apology by ronald reagan saying it was a mess-up. other people head rolled for it. nobody thinks about the first line of ronald reagan on iran contra. the president has omses ahead of him. up like watergatee, nobody is accusing him of the felony. it's not being disbarred. the way bill clinton was. >> he has reputation together. >> pivotal moment. 50 years ago this week. we mark the assassination of john f. kennedy. hard to believe it's 50 years ago this happened in dallas.
9:32 am
>> this fascinates people around the world and raises questions. why do you think so many people don't want to believe the conclusion that lee harvey oswald was the longhorn -- lone gunman in the case? >> people don't want to believe that a president in his prime, handsome like john kennedy could be snuffed out by evil guy like lee harvey oswald. then oswald was killed by jack ruby and there was mystery and bad law enforcement. you know, this isn't the modern era. this isn't the era of the dna and tape recordings like we do today. there is sloppiness to it. we need to do two things on the anniversary. one is honor the eyewitnesses.
9:33 am
media is doing. >> interview people that knew him. secondly, maybe we need to say thank you to warren commission. >> in truth, they did a good job as the 27 volumes. basically found what the scholars are finding out. >> quickly, do you see this as a beginning for when america lost the innocence? >> i do. in a lot of ways. people said they didn't turn on the kennedy government. meaning miles per hours in the '60s say let's go to the moon. we put neil armstrong on the moon. people cared about the peace corp. it wasn't turning on johndy.
9:34 am
the extent of the war in vietnam. people started to think the government wasn't telling them the truth. people believed believe eisenho, they thought the buck stopped here. f.d.r. also got things drop and balanced the books. but something happened after kennedy's death. they think if the government could kill their open president, of course they didn't, but there was a faith, corrosion of faith. we are always getting older but kennedy never ages. he is always the handsome man gunned down in his prime. >> frozep in our mand. i appreciate you joining us today. and sharing the stories with us. >> thank you. >> for more on the kennedy assassination and questions that linger 50 years later. join us at 10:00 p.m. for an
9:35 am
hour-long special with bill hemmer. 50 years of questions tonight at 10:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. time for a quick break but coming up. actor alec baldwin lashes out again. >> why the latest con pronation with a reporter led to sus specific from msnbc. a live report from the philippines where finally making it to -- aid is making it to hardest hit regions after the devastating typhoon hit the region. stay with us. blank
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welcome back. the death toll from the devastating typhoon hitting the philippines stands at 3,500 with another 1200 people still missing at this time. some of the desperately need aid is reaching the hardest hit area of the island nation. fox news' william la jeunesse is joining us live with a story of one family's survival. william? >> reporter: uma, like any disaster there is story of loss and those who survived.
9:40 am
for every casualty there are dozens more who now see life as a second chance. where were you when the typhoon hit? >> we were in our house. >> he and his wife, and two sons live in coastal town and he works at a local hotel. >> you can go out there, because of very, very strong winds. >> winds more than 100 miles per hour hit at 5:00. the surge came several hours later. destroying the first four houses. he lives in number five. >> then the water was here? >> yeah. >> no? >> yes! >> in a matter of seconds the water was this high? >> yes. >> because of the two or three big waves. >> we were just praying the whole time. >> did you think you were going to die? >> yes. yes. >> the family ran upstairs and braced themselves inside a small bedroom. >> because of the strong wind,
9:41 am
i had a plastic matt recovered. we lie down here. it's already gone. then the ceiling crashed on top of us. >> so you survived because you had the mattress on top of you? >> yes. >> others were not so lucky. >> across the street. next door and down the block, dozens of neighbors didn't make it. the hotel where he works, destroyed. >> what is going through your mind? >> i saidford, thank you for the, for this. >> like everyone here, this family continues to struggle with food, and water. but i get out around the city extensively, and you do see sign of improvement. city workers apt heavy equipment and food lines which is refreshing. government is still having a hard time filling one job.
9:42 am
the gruesome but necessary task of picking up the dead and i can tell you there is still just now getting in certain neighborhoods. this took the brunt of the storm. back to you. >> devastating situation. inspir rational story from the family that you spent some time with. our heart goes out to them. thank you, william, very much. >> helping those affected by the typhoon is a click away. we compiled a list of eight groups taking a lead in the recovery effort. head to the show's facebook page, america news headquarters and find out more information about what you can do to help. he is known for his amazing best-selling book "tuesday with morrie." and now mitch abrom tells us about his latest book. stay with us. [ man ] adventure, it means taking chances.
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it means trying something new. [ woman ] that uncertainty of what to come.
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we are back with news of actor alec baldwin in the hot seat again with the media. take a look at the video from the new york fox affiliate. reporter linda submit trying to question baldwin's life. his wife tells baldwin that the reporter almost hit her with a microphone so then he
9:47 am
confronted schmidt. >> you are the one who almost hit my wife with the microphone? >> i didn't. i did not. >> you want to apologize for what has happened? i requested you a question. do you want to apologize? i ask you a question. get the [bleep] out of here. >> that was quite a confrontation. baldwin then threatened to press charges against the reporter. submit schaefered her side of the story -- schmidt shared her side of the story on "fox and friends" and said she never touched mrs. baldwin. >> i respect the man for believing his wife. you should believe your spouse. you have to respect him for that. that is what she told him. in this case, she got it wrong. as a result he got it wrong. >> this comes days after baldwin was caught on camera using antigay slur. boston -- baldwin has been suspended from the show on msnbc for two weeks.
9:48 am
author that told 20 million books worldwide. the story touch the heart andin. we are talking about author mitch albom who caught the attention of the world with the book "tuesdays with morrie." now the latest work "first phone call from especially" -- call from heaven." i caught up with him this week. >> this is a wonderful story. there is a town where people veeve phone calls from especially, people -- people receiving phone calls from heaven. once people know about it, the city and the town is the center of attention for the media and skeptics alike. the fundamental question raised: do you believe in the concept of phone calls from heaven, for example? what are you trying to let people know through the book in terms of the concept of belief? >> well, i think that when a miracle takes place, it can
9:49 am
happen on a very small level. small ones happen every day. i guess what i was exploring is if you believe something has happened, if you believe you witnessed a little bit of a miracle, do you have to have science or society to agree with you to think it was true? that is kind of what happens ultimately, in this small little town that has phones ringing from heaven. >> do you think people are open to the concept of miracle s and an afterlife? >> yes and no. people are more and more dissatisfied with their lives so they are looking for other things to help fulfill them. we life if prison a world that everything can be broken down technically. the dna, inside of an ipad, you name it. there is a scientific explanation. but i met many people who tell
9:50 am
us they lost a loved one and sitting in the bedroom crying and all of a sudden a picture of the loved one fell off the counter and landed on their feet. they say i know it was a signla feet. i could bring in a physicist and explain exactly why that picture fell off the counter and landed when it did. wouldn't make one bit of difference to them. to that person, they know that it was a sign. and i think in some ways, that's okay. >> now, itvery interesting. you talk about technology for example. the advances we have in technology today, could that not be seen as a miracle by some? >> it certainly could. one of the things that i do is tell the story of this town that gets bigger and bigger. and then there's this one guy who's just trying to disprove it all the time. he's convinced it's a hoax. i use the story of alexander graham bell who invented the phone. because there was a fascinating
9:51 am
history about how that first came about. when it was first invented, nobody believed that it was true either. everybody thought it was some kind of a joke. you can't pick up something here and talk to somebody there. that takes a certain amount of belief, you know? and now look how integral phones are to our lives. we're using them for everything but talking to one another. >> very good point. >> texting and facebooking and all the rest. >> absolutely. you know, you've sold millions of books and so many people around the world love the stories that you tell. why do you think your stories connect with many people around the world? >> well, year very kind to say that and i'm flattered if that's true. i guess it's because the subjects that i pick are sort of universal. everybody's kind of gone through them. for example, for this, the first phone call from heaven it really came from something very sad that happen a few years ago to me. my mother suffered several
9:52 am
debilitating strokes and she lost her ability to speak and she hasn't spoken in 3 1/2 years. i can sit with her and hold her hand, look at her, but i haven't heard her voice in all that time and i really miss it. even though i was one of those kids growing up saying, when's she gonna stop talking, you know. i think a lot of people go through that. it's the reason people save answering machine recordings after somebody died even though the message is "let's go shopping at target tomorrow" because they want to hear that voice. in this case, it was the connectivity of the human voice and how much it's the thing that brings us together. it's the thing that we remember about somebody and we miss the most. now, i don't know, i guess if -- i just write the things that seep meaningful to me. apparently, i've tapped into things other people have felt and thought about too. >> i feel from my experience -- i don't know if this is true for you, but people are hungering for that sense of connection in
9:53 am
today's society. >> i think that's true. we're more and more connected and less and less involved with each other. if we've gotten to that point where human conversation is in danger of extinction, we're probably doing something really wrong. i think that's why people feel disconnected. >> they certainly do feel close to the heart of the subjects you talk about and the storieses you tell. we celebrate you and celebrate your writing. thank you so much for joining us today. >> my pleasure, thank you for having me on. >> coming up, get ready, it's batkid to the rescue. the city of san francisco makes a dream come true for one little boy who is battling cancer. we'll show you how his story is capturing the hearts of so many who have been touched by his plight.
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did you know there are 175,000 pages of federal regulations on the books and thousands of pages get added every year? well, many of them have good intentions. but in a new series, war on the little guy, some regulations go too far. >> we're haunted by casper the frog. >> he called him casper the ghost because none of these frogs currently live anywhere near ed's property. >> i looked it up on their website and found out by their own publications, the frog has not been seen in the state of louisiana because our land is not suitable for it. >> this frog doesn't exist in this area. >> it doesn't right now. it has historically. >> they tell you how you can cooperate. they have this handbook. >> it's an enormously complex
9:59 am
road map. >> 300 some pages. unbelievably complex. you certainly couldn't have a life and deal with this. >> you couldn't. >> this is reasonable? >> yes. >> it's hundreds of pages. i think his lawyers are capable. if i can understand it, they can understand it. >> but you're an environmental lawyer. what about normal people trying to live their lives? i see why you lawyers love this. i would probably write it a little differently but i think it does make sure the government commits itself to a process that's transparent and fast. >> fast? >> "er." >> you can watch that special right here on fox news. well, look out, gotham, batkid is here. a 5-year-old boy battling leukemia had a chance to become his favorite superhero, racing around san francisco with a police escort. a very happy. as he dresses up as his favorite batman. diagnosed when he was just 18
10:00 am
months old, he's now in remission. his superhero dream was made possible by the make a wish foundation. the mayor proclaiming november 15th as batkid day forever. great story. that's going to do it for me. have a great day. welcome to all of you. great to have you here. we're in america's news headquarters. >> thank you for joining us today on this saturday. topping the news at this hour, the obama care vote. some democrats breaking ranks with the administration over the botched health care rollout and they're teaming up with the republicans to try and let people keep their health care plan. >> well, more than a week after a super typhoon tore through the philippi


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