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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  November 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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been developing the themes at the heart of the speech his whole life. and that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you next fox news sunday. a fox extreme weather alert now, a dangerous situation. in the midwest, 10 different states affected, extensive damage reported. in illinois, structures reduced to rubble, trees uprooted, cars turned upside down. illinois, indiana, southern michigan, western ohio all at greater risk of people being told to take cover. i'm greg jared in american news headquarters. >> it's serious enough to bring you this special coverage because some 53 million americans right now across nearly a dozen states and
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several major cities are all caught in the crosshairs, these pictures just giving you an example of how severe the weather has been. the national weather service is calling the risk significant for severe weather. dangerous thunderstorms and destructive tornadoes all possible throughout the rest of today. we want to get straight to meteorologist janice steen in the fox news weather center. janice, what have you seen so far? >> we've seen dozens of high-risk tornadoes, and the warnings they're putting out is very rare for this time of year and encompasses millions of people across the midwest. because it is a sunday, i'm concerned that people aren't as alert. if you have neighbors or relatives that live in these areas, please make sure they know what to do if or when a watch or warning comes in. we have several watches in effect, and some of these watches are kind of being whittled away a little bit
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because the risk of tornadoes is starting to diminish in these regions. but you can see new watches that are being issued east of where the storms are headed. so we're not out of the woods just yet. we've got several hours to get through. these storms are moving very quickly, and you saw where the watches were, meaning that conditions are favorable for tornadoes. these are all of the warnings. we have at least a dozen warnings right now from patuca all the way up towards western indiana. indianapolis, you are under the gun for the possibility of tornadoes, and into michigan, these are severe thunderstorm warnings, but within that, we're starting to see some rotation, so we have a tornado warning just south of cadillac. moving into the chicago area, of course, the bears game was on delay. it looks like the worst of the weather is now to the east of them. we will certainly keep you updated because we do have some storms firing west of the chicago area, but it looks like the worst is over. and they certainly dodged a bullet because we have seen
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incredible damage in parts of illinois in and around the peoria area, in and around washington, illinois where we have seven confirmed tornadoes. these are all tornado warnings that have happened within the last hour or so and damage that looks like it could be an ef-4 that moved through around the washington, illinois area. the damage is incredible. i just hope that folks took shelter when the warnings went out. and then moving up towards the north and east, several tornado warnings in and around manhattan and wilmington and braceville as well. so it's going to be a particularly dangerous storm throughout the afternoon and evening hours, and the areas that you see here in pink, the storm prediction center says this is the highest risk for strong, destructive, life-threatening weather, including tornadoes. the red shaded area is the elevated risk. but to see a high risk like this, jamie and greg, this time of year is incredibly rare.
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this actually might be historic in terms of the amount of tornadoes, the amount of damage we're seeing for the month of november. back to you. >> all right, we hope people heed the call and stay safe. the bears game apparently is going to be back on shortly, so that's good news for those fans, but they were told to take cover. we'll check back with you, janice. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> greg? >> people in central illinois reporting tornadoes there, several of them. congressman eric shock says his district office is staffed, they're taking telephone calls, and they're trying to help out people. they are working also with the red cross. the congressman joins us now on the telephone, and congressman, i know it's a busy day for you. thanks for taking a few moments. what areas were hit hardest? >> greg, it's good to be with you. i'm literally standing in washington, illinois, which is the community that's been hit hardest by tornadoes this morning and early afternoon. the city has put out an all-call
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for physicians and nurses in the surrounding communities to come to the fire station. they're needing additional medical help here. literally neighborhoods are completely wiped out. and, obviously, the entire town of washington is devastated. but driving through, you know, very -- you know, large home neighborhoods, homes that are half-million-dollar brick homes that are completely gone, and nothing but the sign of the entrance to the neighborhood. i'm looking at subdivisions of 20 to 30 homes, and there is not a home there. and, you know, many of these people thankfully took shelter in their basements, but some of them didn't, so there are some folks needing medical assistance and they've been finding them through the rubbish, so i'm sure we're going to learn more about the extent of the damage over the next couple of days. but washington, illinois by far
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has been hit the hardest in central illinois. >> congressman, we're looking now at some video. it looks like circumference video that you took and tweeted to us. i mean, there are no structures left from what you showed us. there is one little structure you saw, and one wonders and worries about the people who may be trapped beneath the rubble. >> yeah. yeah. well, you know, we have had quite a bit of experience with flood in the area, and tornadoes from time to time, but this is like by far in recent history the worst i've seen. so as good neighbors do, we've had great response from surrounding communities around washington, other communities, illinois, my district, roanoke, illinois, northern parts of
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peoria seeing some damage, but the northern part is completely devastated, so their first responder teams, firefighters and the like have been going through the neighborhood from house to house looking for survivors and those who need help. >> the national weather service is telling us that tornadoes touched down in the following communities, which is where you are essentially. washington, metamora, morton, near peakon, and east haoria. as we understand it, your office is working the phones and trying to help out people. what else are you doing with the red cross? >> for those who -- for many of the families who have survived the tornado, you know, the first thing is, gee, are you alive, do you need help, are you -- do you need assistance? and if you don't, then the first responders move on to the next house. the reality is hundreds of people in this community, at
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least, will not have a place to stay tonight. they will not -- you know, as you can see from those photos, not just their house but everything in the house. so clothing, food, basic life necessities that you need to go to work tomorrow. tomorrow is monday. and many of these folks, you know, will be expected at work. some kids will need to go to school and everything they had as part of their life is gone. so those are the things that the red cross can really help with and our office has been working with them to make sure that they're on-site, which they are now, and providing help to the families that need it so that they can hopefully have some sense of normalcy, albeit not much given their houses being gone, but that they can at least carry on with their life this week as they work with the community and all the insurance adjusters and everything else that have to come in now when a
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disaster like this strikes. >> well, i know your constituents greatly appreciate your being there in their time of need, and your entire staff is at the ready, and they're working the phones, and they're helping people. again, with the red cross, one of the great organizations that come to people when they really need them. so congressman aaron schock, good luck to you and everybody there. thanks for taking a few moments to fill us in. >> thanks, greg. >> it happens so quickly, you also need to be on alert. we're getting some good news for some bears fans. their game against the baltimore ravens were initially called off due to the weather, everyone was told to take cover. that game is now resumed at 2:09 central time. you can see here people after being told to take cover. joining me on the phone right
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now, luka. describe the situation, how did you get word out, and was the stadium able to clear out? >> thanks for having us, and again, when you hear the humbling reality of what a storm can do of this magnitude when it comes through, sports become a little bit secondary. for these folks here at the stadium today, it was supposed to be a great day, and hopefullily -- which was really the first order of business. we knew and started talking about the weather last night and really started to make them move to develop our plan in terms of putting things in motion to get the word out and make sure that fans were aware of that when they came to the stadium. but then when they got here on campus, they saw what measures had been taken, whether it be
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through some things that just weren't up on normal game days, whether it be the tents that are up and flags what whatnot because of the winds we're expecting. our video board, notices that we were expecting some severe weather. but inn is very cooperative. we're scared to say the bears were being. >> for how long? >> they were probably out of commission for a good hour, hour and a half. >> it looks like some light got into the. the building.
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the temperature dropped, roughly 15 to 20 degrees pretty quickly and the rain was pretty expansive. >> what about winds? >> wind were high. i can't tell you what they were wintering it. we started to see some winding and that's the place most people can ignore. that came shortly after to check areas of the building. >> in your area, luca, and we'll let you go. are you out of the clear now, because other areas are still reporting watches and warnings. >> yeah. we're still on the watch, but you guys have spoken a little bit ago that they are on the
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tier radio of storms coming through. we might have a couple pop up here and there, but right now not anything too bad. >> thank you very much. >> if you happen to have youreport at, and we may very well put them on the. first and fore most, safety is first. >> how about this, going one on one with the embattled mayor of toronto. rod ford has made headlines worldwide, among clus sieve interview you will only see here on the fox newschannel. >> and the threat of tornadoes and severe storms posing a dangerous situation in the
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. welcome back. we are getting word of flight delays now at chicago's o'hare international airport. it's averaging about one hour at the moment due to the severe weather throughout the area. passengers are being asked to contact their airlines in advance for updates. and some other big stories we're following today, lawmakers are weighing in on the botched obama care rollout while the president is offering a temporary fix for those receiving cancellation notices saying they've lost their coverage. many say it's creating more confusion. steve sentani joining me now from washington. hi, steve. >> new fallout on the rollout on
12:18 pm
the sunday talk shows. the president with the new health care law stumbles at the starting gate, and many are getting kicked off their present plan. he announced that anyone who wants to keep their existing plans can do so for one year. but it's not a solution to the problem. >> they're being hit by sticker shock, they can't keep their doctors. and what the president has proposed is basically a false fix. it's a political band-aid but it's not a permanent cure for the people who are being hurt by his policies. >> now, the administration has promised to fix the health dare website by the end of this month. in the meantime, insurance experts say they will continue to work with the administration to make sure the markets don't blow up and the insurers don't become insolvent. democrats say it's time to be patient and let the system work for the american people. >> i think we just have to remain calm, get through the website getting fixed, clarify
12:19 pm
some misrepresentations about it, but it's the law of the land. it's an important economic and health stability issue, security issue, for the american people. >> the house committee holds another hearing on obama care tuesday, focusing partly on whether personal and financial information is secure on that troubled obama care website. jamie? >> a lot of folks concerned about that, steve. thanks for the update. >> you bet. here on the fox newschannel, we are keeping an eye on all the latest weather in the midwest. we told you now some sporting events had to be stopped, people told to take cover in many, many areas. we're keeping you safe here on fox. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back with the very latest. ♪
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welcome back. a fox news exclusive interview. the embattled mayor of toronto rob ford talking one on one about his headline-grabbing behavior. >> he addresses everything, including smoking crack cocaine and binge drinking. john roberts joining us live from laatlanta. john, tell us more. >> jamie, greg, good afternoon to you. i spent about 15 minutes talking one on one with rob ford. he was taking a break from a new television show he's doing for the sun network that debuts tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the new bottom line message i got from rob ford, it doesn't matter what's going on right now, all the protests, he's hanging tough and he's not going anywhere. unlike ray film erer who caved.
12:24 pm
there is no way they can remove him, all they can do is embarrass him. he says he's way past embarrassed skpeand he's going try to stay and get reelected next year. he did say he was getting professional treatment. he went into more detail with me. here's what he said. >> i have admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. okay, i've admitted to drinking too much. s so i'm dealing with it. i'm training every day. i'm in a gym for two hours every day. i'm seeking professional help. i am not an alcoholic, i am not a drug addict. have i had my problems in the past? absolutely. >> is it safe to say you're getting substance abuse counseling? >> it's not substance abuse because i'm not an alcoholic, i'm not a drug addict. maybe some people are, i'm not. my weight is a huge issue, and have i drank in excess sometimes? absolutely. but to say i've got an addiction, no.
12:25 pm
the professionals have said, no, you don't have an addiction. we've got ways of curbing your drinking, losing some weight and working on other eissues. >> some of the people on the council would say that's denial, but rob ford himself says he is not an alcoholic, he is not an addict. the city council stripped him of some of his executive powers but what happens tomorrow if city council eclipses that? he could be stripped of all his powers and be nothing but a p figurehead of the city of toronto. but he said he really doesn't care what the city council does to him. here's what he said. >> the naysayrers are going to be the naysayers, the haters are going to be the haters. but i've watched every dime spent and these council men don't like to be held
12:26 pm
accountable. let's call it what it is, john. these majority councilmembers at city hall are left wing socialists. >> but at what point does this outweigh your personal policies? >> i was elected to do a job. i've never missed one council meeting. i've never been on drugs or alcohol in any council meetings. that's all they've got. if you want to get nasty, i can get nasty and i can dig up dirt on every one of those politicians down there. >> basically rob ford saying this could be war. i asked him specifically about his crack use. he declined to go into the whens and wheres about it, only to say repeatedly he has smoked drugs in the past and he has binge drank on many occasions. the bottom line here, jamie and greg, and this is an important principal to remember. you get the politician you elect.
12:27 pm
people knew about rob ford's warts. they knew about his potentially dysfunctional personality and they elected him in a landslide in 2010 with no method of recall. jamie and greg? >> all right. it's very interesting stuff, john. interesting and congratulations on getting that interview so we could learn more. take care. we are now getting reports from illinois emergency management of one fatality in the state of illinois. the storm is hitting deep in the midwest right now. it is heading toward the northeast. the latest from the fox extreme weather center coming up next. like maps. seems like maybe... a bunch of berries. a witch-like shrew. this one feels more empty. i'm seeing america, but a lot of it is missing. what do you see here? clearly a picture of the united states. check the map. verizon's superfast 4g lte is the most reliable, and in moraces than any other 4g network. i should switch to verizon immediately. that's powerful. verizon.
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