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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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thelg t developing the theme of the heart of the speech his whole life. see you next week. see you this is the fox report and we begin with news as a storm system that has been dropping tornadoes all day long remains active at this hour. an estimated 70 million people in the path of the storms. ten states bracing for hours on this sunday. now into the evening hours. this is fairly late in the season for all of this kind of activity. and even with all the forecasts and the warnings, a lot of people say they were caught by surprise. it is a fast moving storm system tearing through great lakes and the ohio valley right now. we begin the day with just reports of damage and now we're reporting three people are dead. at least at this point.
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one of them in the central illinois city of washington. this is what's left of it. emergency crews rushed to the community after getting reports of people trapped under the community center. many towns now unrecognizable. >> literally neighborhoods are completely wimd out. and obviously the entire town of washington is devastated. but driving through very, you know, large home neighborhoods, homes that are half million-dollar brick home that are completely gone. >> meteorologist janice is live. at one point the watch and warning boxes took up half the nation. >> yeah. and millions of people were affected and unfortunately, harris, i think the damage pictures are just starting to come in. it will be devastating tomorrow. a lot of these storms are coming in the evening and the overnight hours when people are not as
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alert. so folks need to have their noaa weather radios on as these storms continue to move eastward. the good news is the storms are losing a little of their punch but we're still looking at the threat for isolated tornadoes. this will go down as one of the top five tornado outbreaks for the month of november. taking a look at the watches, these extend from tennessee up toward ohio, the eastern great lakes region. we have some severe thunderstorm warnings in around bowling green and then east of cincinnati, a tornado warning there. otherwise, severe thunderstorm warnings as we look at the storm sort of pushing into canada. this is the parent storm. the upper level low. you can see the low pressure, the downer clockwise winds as it pushes north and eastward. the trailing cold front will give us the front. as we go through the evening hours, these are the areas i want to take note of here. from nashville toward detroit,
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buffalo, pittsburgh, and toward the northeast. the drive in tomorrow morning. for d.c. up toward new york, it won't have the same severe threat. we still could see some very damaging winds. heavy downpours and isolated tornadoes as well as hail. so as we go through this evening, you can see the lines continuing to move eastward. ohio, you're sort of under the gun as we go through the next hour or so. and then the temperatures will drop behind this cold front. in some cases, 20 to 30 degrees in chicago today, it was in the 60s. we'll go into the 30s tonight and then the winds are going to be impressive. unfortunately, across the great lakes in the ohio river valley we see wind gusts in excess of 80 miles an hour. that's a problem. taking a look, harris the next couple hours, moving in toward the i-95 corridor overnight tonight. and then tomorrow morning, the storm will be no more. but harris, we'll continue to get those pictures.
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just devastating. preliminary reports of ef-4 in and around the washington, illinois area. >> that is like a waffle nature hitting against with you that kind of miles per hour with the winds. we'll come back as the news warrants. the damage as you heard janice describing, you can see from the pictures, extensive. one man in an illinois city is out a gaping hole in his home. the glass from the wind over obliterated. surrounding him, pile of rubble. the devastating hitting so many people, so many broken hearts. we'll go to another part of the state. he is live tonight. >> reporter: this home behind us is one of the homes damaged here. we just spoke with the owner who came back to the home for the first time since this afternoon when that tornado hit. these two white cars that you
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see outfront. there was a garage that was completely over that entire area this morning. now, it is completely gone. to remains of that. the roof completely gone. the side and the back of the home, completely knocked over as well. this is one of seven homes just on this rural street that was completely damaged. the church nearby was also damaged while the congregation was there trapping everyone inside until rescuers can be there. and miraculously, there were only minor injuries there. no fatalities reported. 6,500 home were without power. that is being restored here. and of course much of the rest of the state and the region was hit very hard as well. >> thank you. before i let you go, a lot of time you see one concentrated area. we have a mayor coming up. i want to get an idea how wide
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the system is that hit your particular area. >> reporter: all around chicago, there were tornado warnings, watches all throughout the day. the town just nearby, more than 100 homes were damaged. so here in this area, they were hit. and it was pretty could not assistant on the ground from what we're hearing on the national weather service. they have teams trying to determine how bad it is. we won't know the exact details but they have told us it was very widespread. >> thank you very much. at least two people were killed in southern illinois. remember, gave you that three confirmed off the top of the newscast. three people are saying a category ef-4 twister hit. this is the one that janice dean was talking about. winds in excess of 166 miles an hour. the county coroner said an elderly man and his sister died in their farm house in the town of new minden in this area.
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joining us now by phone, the mayor, mayor, thank you for being us. >> thank you. >> what did you live through today? >> well, i live on the south part of new minden which didn't get hit. actually, the whole town for the most part didn't get hit. just a lot of tree damage. but it was to the north of us, right on the edge of our city limits that got it. i lived through winds. it was very strong. and we've seen it coming through the field. it went around. for the post part. >> i know we are trying to get e-mail. what people are looking at is washington. as we get new minen in, we'll pop it up on the screen but so much of the community there looks much like what we're seeing on this screen, too. i understand from census
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reports, there are fewer than 500 people in your town. the like will hood people knew there that you've lost today. >> i'm sorry. >> the likelihood that you knew people you lost today. your communal is fairly small. >> yeah. we're only a town of 250 people. for the most part, yeah. they were known. they lived at the country park outside the city limits. pretty much everybody knew of them. >> this is hate in the season. i was telling our viewers that people hear the warnings. sometimes they don't always heed them. it is cooler out. it is november. >> that's true. that's true. i was standing out on my porch looking if i could see anything. the sirens were going off. sometimes it was too close. they ring about five minutes and they go off and e has their warning. and this time they didn't quit. they kept going. and finally, when there were
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quite a few people seen it coming through. the ones that lost their homes, they were in the basement. and unfortunately for the other two people, i don't know where they were at. whether they made it but the up to house was it is unfortunate for them. >> i know. i'm so sorry for your loss. i can hear it in your voice. as a mayor in that communal, your task is to house people, shelter them, give them food. what are your challenges? >> luckily, since we're such a small town, everybody knows everybody. and everybody has a place to go to tonight. there were a couple of, a house that was empty. friends and relatives were having them stay there so it wasn't damaged. and other people just
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volunteered their home. everybody has a place to go. >> mayor candi cross, you are busy tonight. we appreciate you taking time only the. our prayers are with you. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. the threat of severe weather in the heart of the windy city forced officials to evacuate the field. these were jttle outside of chicago or st. louis. so when you have that kind of a gathering of people, you have to get them out of there. today nfl game between bears and the baltimore ravens was suspended about two hours with about five minutes left in the first quarter themselves got everybody out and it was impressive. fans ordered to take cover inside the hallways. hovering under blankets until play resumed. should i mention the temperatures dropped 20 to 25 degrees. so it got cold very quickly. in addition to being wet from all the rain as they were trying to take cover. if you have pictures or video as
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the storms have pulled away from you, please send all of those to us that you report at fox i know some stormchasers are very, very brave out there. please remember to snap carefully. be careful out there as you get those pictures. right now toronto's crack-smoking mayor is did he know he is an addict and he says he is not leaving office no matter what. emi'm going to tell it to fox news and did he. our exclusive interview ahead. >> i've admitted to drinking too much. okay. so i'm dealing with it. i am training every day. i'm in a gym two hours every day. i'm seeking professional help. i am not an alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. more cofs prefer the taste of gevalia house blend over thtaste of starbucks house blend? not that we like tooting our own horn but... ♪
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extreme weather, as you know. twisters left behind changed lives forever. on the left, the radar where the storm is moving right now and dropping, potentially dropping tornadoes to do the kind of destruction you're seeing on the right side of your screen. central illinois and other parts of that state hit so hard today. we're confirming three people dead in all of this. we're told communities simply wimd away some of them but people coming together tonight. those deaths all in the state of illinois but ten states were in the path of this thing and it is still on the move. tonight there's more news affecting america. and we have that for you as well. we'll turn to the fallout in washington over the affordable care act. with millions of people losing their health insurance policies, the race is on to fix the problem with the president's signature health care law. both houses of congress and the president himself proposing plans to make good on his broken promise that if you like your health care plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep them.
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of course, deadlines are ticking toward with us only days toward the administration's self-imposed plan to get the glitchy program working properly. steve? >> republicans today are saying it is time to go back to the drawing board and start all over. they point out the website doesn't work. people are losing their health care insurance and the president didn't offer a real solution when he nounced last week that people can keep their current health care plans but only for one more year. john said that was nothing but a political band-aid and he offers this solution. >> it is time to start over. this health care law is terribly flawed. it has failed the american people because they're losing their insurance, their doctor, their premiums are going up. i think there will be a massive taxpayer bailout needed just to deal with the impact of this health care law. this is not what the american
4:17 pm
people wanted. >> and republicans say the call out of new hampshire. time-out to fix the fundamental problems. >> apparently, we did see that last week. democrats are jumping over. some of them are getting pretty nervous about obama care. >> they have reelections coming up and they're hearing from their constituents. 39 jumped ship and supported a republican plan allowing people to keep their coverage. but nancy pelosi said the bill will further undermine obama care and she called for patience. >> i think we have to remain calm, get through the website getting fixed. clarify some misrepresentations about it. but it is the law of the land. it is an important economic and health stability issue, to cure the issue for the american
4:18 pm
people. >> meantime, the house committee plans another meeting on obama care. >> our coverage of the deadly severe weather now rocking the midwest will continue. we'll be live on the ground with our journalists who have headed to the hardest hit areas. if you have pictures of the storm, you can help us cover the story. please send them to us safely when you snap. again, remember to be safe when you snap. have you heard what this guy has to say? toronto's crack smoking mayor. we did not make that up. coming up in a fox news exclusive, he says he has his sights on higher office. >> i don't call it subsidies. i'm not an addict.
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two workers who were killed and nine others injured in a mining accident in colorado. emergency crews got a call very early this morning. and when they got there they found the workers trapped underground. the mine owner, star mine operations is the company. the on or about has now accounted for everybody at the site. no word on the conditions of those who were hurt or what caused them to get stuck underground. this just coming in. as we learn more we'll tell you. now a fox news exclusive about one of the most talked about people around the world right now. toronto's he will battled mayor is speaking out to our own john
4:23 pm
roberts. of course, mayor rob ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a drunken stupor, captured on video going off in a violent rage and using extremely as a resu vulgar language. and through it all he is refusing to resign and is even vowing to run for higher office. john has more. >> harris, good evening to you. you cannot make this stuff up. it is going to be a big day tomorrow when toronto city council tries to embarrass mayor bob ford into resigning by stripping him of virtually all of his powers. in my interview today, he made it clear. he is not going anywhere. here is a guy who is wildly popular, running north america's fifth largest city. a guy who. he wanted to be prime minister one dayism began the interview asking him, why would he risk all of that to smoke crack? >> if you want to get personal,
4:24 pm
i think we can get personal with anybody. not just politicians. everybody has done something in their life that they don't want people to know about. some more than once. so john, the bottom line is, i know i would save taxpayers money, bing customer service. i take business approach to running this city. if people want to start bringing up personal stuff, that's fine. and one day, yes, do i want to run for prime minister. >> do you think you still can after recent els? >> most definitely i can. we all make mistakes and we move on. all i can do is apologize which i have done profusely. it is degrading and humiliating and belittling. you have to be strong and do what the taxpayers want you to do. >> there are a lot of could not constituent, who appreciate your policy to lower tafls, to get rid of takes that that drive many people crazy. but at one point does personal
4:25 pm
behavior outweigh your popular policies? >> you know what? that's up to the people to decide. again, again john, i've admitted to it. i've admitted that i've made mistakes. and we've all made mistakes, john. all i can do is apologize and move on. let's talk about my record. nobody but nobody wants to talk about the labor deal. we don't have labor strikes anymore in toronto. i've never been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at a council meeting or any time in office. have i made mistakes in my personal life on my own town in that's all they've got. if you want to get nasty, we can get nastiy. i can dig up dirt on everyone of those politicians down there. >> the son of a very popular politician will likely become the country's next prime minister. he mass admitted that he has smoked pot since holding elected office. now obviously there is a measure of degree between marijuana and
4:26 pm
crack cocaine. do you think that there is a bit of a double standard here? illegal drugs are illegal drugs. >> night and day. that's the first thing. i've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. okay. i've admitted to drinking too much. okay. so i'm dealing with it. i am training every day. i'm in a gym for two hours every day. i'm seeking professional help. i am not a alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. 50 had my outbursts in the past? absolutely. 99% of the people say i don't know how you can do this. you should resign. i'm not resigning. i'm not stepping aside. i'm here to fight for the little guy. >> city councilmembers have said you're an embarrassment to the city. your continued prenls is a distraction and you have to go. what do you say in response? >> we're booming. this city has never been in better shape. we've created over 50,000 jobs in one year.
4:27 pm
i'm a businessman. no nonsense. it makes me sick. when these politicians are at the top standing left, right and center. you're from tron. you've seen a lot of this stuff. nothing hams. do what i've been doing the last three years and put these side shows aside. if they want to strip my powers, that's up to them. the people haven't spoken yet. mark my words. on october 27th, the people will speak loud and clear. >> ford also denies snorting cocaine, being in the presence of prostitutes, making vulgar statements to a female former staff member and ties to gangs. while he still remangs very popular in some parts of the city, recent polls show he has an up-hill battle if he hopes to win re-election. the man is nothing if not confident. >> you were showing those polls
4:28 pm
showing his up-hill child. they have not shown a slide at all in terms of his favorability. >> he still gets a lot of support in those callar suburbs around the city. he's never had a lot of support in the city center where the political elites live. in the areas outside, people who like low taxes, fewer fees, he does remain fairly popular. and a week is a long time in politics. if he were to walk the straight are a lot of very smart people in canada who give him a better than even chance. >> i thought it something that he has stuck to the point of sticking as mayor. we'll be watching. glad to have you on the program. >> we'll be watching long before then. >> great exclusive. thank you. the white house working to
4:29 pm
fix the flaws in obama care. what many americans, even the too late to call them skeptical. they're losing faith in the politicians. fox news political insiders will weigh in. and we're a tornado sweeping across a huge part of the country. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. i'm a believer. ooooo. it's the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, the national weather service is now saying an ef-4 tornado hit the town of minden, illinois. two people there confirmed dead. we had the mayor on in the past 20 minutes or. so another death reported in the city of washington, illinois where so many of the pictures in the video have been coming. just moments ago, this brand new video taken in washington, illinois. you can see a twister approaching. it is enormous in the back ground. listen to the man as he prays. >> i hope no one is hurt. our father who art in heaven. thigh will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as
4:34 pm
we forgive those who trespass against us. lead us not into temptation. hail, mary, full of grace. blessed art thou among women. holy mary, mother of god. >> there they are, in washington, illinois, praying that it will pass and it does, but it did a lot of damage on its way out. mike tobin is there. >> reporter: it is remarkable. the destruction we're getting right now is really consistent with very powerful tornadoes. we are seeing construction rimmed right down to the foundation. we're seeing power lines on top of what remains on buildings. we have a lot of trees down. not seeing a lot of payment broken up. what we have heard from people in the town is there was not a
4:35 pm
lot of warning. they got the sirens weapon off. some of them when they were heading off to church on sunday. by the time they got back to their neighborhoods, the neighborhoods were gone. very powerful, very fast acting tornadoes. a reminder that we he have to takes them seriously. also we're seeing the very fickle nature of tornadoes you will look at one neighborhood and see that serving flattened to its foundation. and across the street they look normal. >> you describe it as it was a couple hours ago. now they'll go through the night with cut utilities and people pulling together. real quick will, i know you're just getting there. are you seeing any signs of shelter going up? what is the emergency response like? >> usually what you find in towns like this, a very tight knit community. when people in a town like this are without shelter, someone will step up for them. so oftentimes, people have
4:36 pm
friends and family that they can rely. on that being said, it is very cold. people who don't have shelters will be in a bad way if they don't have someplace to go throughout the night. and keep in mine there are dozens and dozens of people injured. in the town of washington county, we know three people were killed by the force of the storm. >> wow. that's a very large number that we're going to update now as we can confirm that, including the deaths in new minden. we'll work on that to make sure our numbers are jiving. nike tobin, thank you very much. our prayers go out to those people. so powerful hearing that man and his family praying in the back ground. we'll toggle now to what's making news across the country. the subl of people and their health care dominating the political arena on this sunday. roughly six weeks after the center piece of the affordable care act rolled out. the white house scrambling to fix the flawed obama care
4:37 pm
website. million of people who will lose their current health care plans. they're getting the cancellations notices despite the president's insurance that's they can deem their insurance if they like it. now the president's health care has president obama promising he can solve what so many people say feels like hard shirp for them right now. many americans, even fellow democrats, seem skeptical. let's bring in our insider who has been tweeting like there is no tomorrow. john, former congressman. a form he pollster for president jimmy carter. the former pollster for bill clinton and a fox news contributor as well. good to have you along. a bran new fox news poll sks whether the administration was honest about what the health care law would do.
4:38 pm
a whopping 55% of those who responded say they feel deceived. what does this mean for the president? >> this is huge. huge news. it means that the president of the united states is losing the trust and credibility with the american people. a president to govern has to have the confidence of the people to govern. i would argue somewhat more broadly, the president has lost the trust of the electorate, a huge, huge development. >> it is interesting to see someone like a veteran journalist bob woodward talking about this. he was speaking with chris wallace. and he said the health care's debacle is not watergate. then he said it will get worse. >> there will be further people losing insurance. the employer mandate which will force people to be kicked off
4:39 pm
their plans. this is the 150th anniversary of government of the people by the people and for the people at the gettysburg address that the president chose not to commemorate. do you know what? what we now have is not just the lying about this. it is the contempt. the contempt by elite washington. contempt of the people and contempt for the people that we know better than you, we are smarter than you and we have a right. that is the dangerous of the entire police clash. >> to get some%, the republicans have dealt with eroding trust. we heard the democrats campaigning that there were no weapons of mass destruction before we went into iraq with you history is a good teacher whempl can the republicans go with this? >> we have said with you the last couple weapons inspection,
4:40 pm
they haven't done what they should do. come one a unified health care plan. an alternative to obama care and only talk about that. don't criticize the president anymore. he is going down of his own weight. this man is unfixable. we can see that. they need to be standing there saying, hey, america, we do care with your health care problems. we do care with your insurance problems. here is a better idea. >> we've seen some fix-it ideas come up. and we've him try to get bit partisan smort. we saw a plan come up and 39 democrats jumped ship to vote on this and how to fix the problem for people keeping their health care. >> this is huge in the same way you asked about people's trust. it shows for the first time large numbers of crass are breaking with the president on his core domestic achievement. it says that the democratic
4:41 pm
unity is going and credibility continuing. >> is there some sort of confusion about that. congresswoman pelosi said, i'm defending the president. i'm paraphrasing here. there is no defection. >> that isn't a question of democrats defecting from the president. it is not even about the president so much. bits the affordable care act. and we will always be supportive of it and we'll advance it and we're disappointed that the website doesn't work. that has a big impact on implementation. >> i don't often quote bill o'reil o'reilly. >> this is woman who told us that we would have to pass obama care and the affordable care act to find out what is in it and we are. this is a dead weight. an anchor around the neck of many democrats. those defections were real.
4:42 pm
that they continue, the leadership continues, deborah wasserman schultz of the house saying it will be an advantage for democrats. let me tell you what they face. the defections would have been about 100 if it had not been for the fact the president said he would do okay. the democrats' problem will be finding cover and claiming i voted for something. and it is not going to be enough in the reality for people if they don't break. this is where the crisis i will come. >> everyone of the 39 who voted with the republicans are, obviously house members. they're up for re-election in difficult districts. >> you're not saying politics played a role, are you? really? >> it is totally politics on that vote. but the bigger thing is what doug brought up. once the president of the united states, their party, their fellow democrat, loses the trust and the moral authority, the
4:43 pm
whole thing will fall apart. and they'll be scattering and running away. we saw it last week when senator landrieu appeared. >> and mary landrieu out of louisiana also came up with her own version of a fix-it bill that goes much further along and opens up the plans indefinitely to people who want to keep their health care. >> and that is a sign that what john was speaking of, trust and moral authority. now it is every man and woman for themselves. >> you mention woman. let's talk about hillary clinton. critics say no one wins if millions lose their health care plans because of obama care. maybe, doug, john, pat, they're wrong. maybe there is one person mixing it. you can tweet us with your comments, your questions at
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that is so juicy. it's packaged by itself. that's fantastic. delicious and nutritious my kids are going to love this. ones and plum amazins. only from sunsweet, the amazing prune. so you guys are really active on twitter. i'm tired of hearing about obama care. what about the 70,000 other problems with this government? i wonder if hillary clinton might want to focus in on that. let's bring it back. >> in the short term, hillary clinton is very happy with what bill clinton said? he offered a fix. in the longer term, the lack of success, the failing presidency of president obama is a huge challenge for hillary clinton. notwithstanding what bill clinton said. bottom line, the problems facing the country are the problems facing the next democratic
4:48 pm
candidate. likely hillary clinton. >> what did you understand former president bill clinton to say and to mean? >> well, i think he said it, mr. president, you keep lying to the american people and keep up this contempt for them. we're all going to pay a price and you ought to keep your word. i think he had his wife in mind. it is not just, and i agree entirely with what doug said, she is associated with him. the democratic party was in lock step on this. more importantly, it is a disaster for the concept and philosophy of bigger and bigger government and taking over the huge sectors of the economy. particularly health care. this is not good for democrats already phasing facing a public that thinks government should do less, not more. >> the next big thing is trying to win the senate in 2014. they failed in 2010 them failed in 2012. they got a shot at i this time.
4:49 pm
they had no chance six weeks ago after that shutdown. but this lie by the president, the whole obama care thing has resuscitated the possibility of republicans winning eight seats in the senate. it is possible now they can do it. that's what the focus is. >> don't they need a positive message? not only on health care but the 70,000 other issues johnny spoke of? >> of course they do. they never seem to have one. they love just criticizing. you don't need to do the criticizing. even some of the main stream media is criticizing obama for the first real-time over this thing. let that go and come one a republican optimistic plan. >> i get a lot of tweets on this. and i'm reading it, too. there have been some good ideas coming from the gop. >> what john spoke of is a union united gop message. it doesn't exist. needs to happen. >> last word from pat.
4:50 pm
>> let me say that it is more than this. it is not just the republicans may benefit because the democrats are hurt. they are both hurt. we saw yesterday a candidate in louisiana and yesterday a candi louisiana in a special election who was attacking the political process 60-40. i'm telling you, it will be more than that. yes, the democrats may be hurt but so are the republicans. the angrier the american people are on this, the entire system should not be underestimated. john, pat, dog, always good to have you. >> continue the conversation with them tomorrow morning at 10:30 eastern. our coverage of the deadly tornado system that is ripping through the midwest completely wiping out several communities will continue.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
we like to check in with our fox affiliates around the nation to see what they are working on that particularly stands out. tonight we go to georgia for city officials recording a restaurant to remove a tribute to america's bravest. >> reporter: hot dogs are on the menu here but look around the owner has a appetite for
4:55 pm
service. his father is a vietnam vet and the walls of cj's hot dogs are covered with patches from men and women who also served. >> if it wasn't for these guys we wouldn't have the right today. he blielieves it is his right t fly flags. friday the city sent him a citation saying that the flags have to come down. he said i'm in violation for my flags flying above my restaurant. so-called the citation sad. >> too many guys have been killed and got hurt for that representation. >> if you can't stand up to those flags then you ain't bheep bleep. >> while i talked to him in the parking lot his phone rang.
4:56 pm
>> the city at min straighter told miller over the phone the ordinance that classifies these flags as signs is too vague and needs to be rewritten. he is going to ask that it be thrown out. >> i've had enough of it. i'm tired of being pushed around. >> and that was waga's chris shaw reporting. thank you to him for that. >> and now let's do fox fast forward. tomorrow nasa will launch it's newest mars probe. the maven craft will blast off on the ten month journey to the red planet. on tuesday, the sloppy obama care roll out will once again dominate capitol hill
4:57 pm
discussion. it official will testify and face questions whether your personal data is safe when you put it on the website. that is how fox reports on this sunday. thank you for watching. ♪ toot toot. [ male announcer ] find gevalia in the coffee aisle or at
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grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. i'm harris falkner, we will join huckaby shortly. we want to give you a weather alert. estimated 7 million people in the path. more video coming in. even in the last couple of minutes. the storm swept across the great lakes. at least three people confirmed dead. one person in the central illinois city of washington. both of those communities described as being unrecognizable. meteorologist


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