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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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20 in five years was astonishing. >> thank you for being with us tonight it. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurred and that occurred in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is african-american. >> oprah winfrey defending president obama using the race card. why is she doing this? and is it harmful to mr. obama's cause? >> i think in this would have happened in the private sector somebody would have lost their job. >> unbefore the president's biggest critics these days is robert gibbs. brit hume has some thoughts on that. >> charles krauthammer on why american workers are not making much money why while the wealthy continue to prosper.
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also tonight george zimmerman arrested in florida. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. oprah winfrey defending president obama using the race card that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last week, ms. wintry promoting her film the butler in great britain was interviewed by the bbc. >> has it ever crossed your mind that some the treatment that obama and the challenges he has faced and some of the reporting he has received is because he is an african-american? >> has it ever crossed my mind? it's crossed my mind probably as many times as it's crossed your mind. probably it's crossed my mind more times than it's i don't said your mind. just the level of disrespect when the senator yelled out "you're a liar," remember
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that? yeah. i think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because is he african-american. now let's analyze oprah's take. i have known her for decades not well but we he have spoken on occasion. as i have written, i have admire oprah winfrey she rose up from humble circumstances to become perhaps the most powerful woman in the world. she did that on pure talent. she also looks out for the kids. i have been on her program talking about protecting children. in my opinion, she is a good person. but, oprah definitely has a blind spot when it comes to politics. she along with some others use a racial prism when analyzing public policy. there is no question that president bush was attacked far more viciously than
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president obama has been. ms. winfrey has not acknowledged that as far as i know. both men had controversies, bush the iraq war, obama healthcare. so, is there an anti-warp sentiment in america? president bush being angry she has failed to appear on this program. statement more erroneous when you examine recent history. this week we are marking the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. weighs hated and vilified by some because he was a roman catholic. again the irrational hatred directed toward kennedy far greater than what barack obama has experienced. so, what oprah winfrey is doing is making an excuse for president obama using race. many other committed left wing people who truly revere the president are doing the same thing. we all know that some americans do despise barack obama because of his skin color. there will always be bigots.
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but the number is insignificant. and i submit that oprah winfrey and others who play the race card can't back up their statements with any facts. the lunatic fringe will hate, no matter. what but legitimate criticism of barack obama is not race-centric. it based on policy. the president wants to change america. he wants to impose a big government income redistribution situation. many americans lake me believe that will weaken the country. i have nothing against president obama. in fact, he has joined with me to help thousands of wounded veterans. he has been great on that issue. but this nanny state play is causing tremendous economic problems. and that's where my criticism comes down. finally, it is irresponsible of oprah winfrey, a woman of influence in this country,
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to say what she said to the bbc. the record shows that mr. obama is simply a president who is being criticized for some of his policies. and as the man himself would say: period. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from cambridge, massachusetts, hard university law professor charles ogetry who is a friend to the president. where am i going wrong here, professor? >> well, bill, where should i start? first of all, i love oprah winfrey she has done a great job and i think in her heart if you heard all of her statement, i'm sure all of it will be put on the fox network, she is talking about how things are much better than they were. she was incensed about whand to president obama with comments about race. she didn't say anything that the president said. in fact, he is one who has teflon when it comes to issues of attacking him. he has been attacked by people from start to finish. i think the reality is that he is a good man, he doesn't
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let race bother him. people say he ♪ race enough. he is too much race. he ignores that and tries to do what's best for the country. you think about it some of these criticisms have not just been about obamacare and people are very critical of that but the reality has been about everything. about whether he is a citizen, whether he was born in hawaii. whether he is really should be someone who is a keep i don't know who shouldn't be in the office. those types of attacks keep going on. and serious indictment. the whole idea that joe wilson did during the state of the union never happens to any president. that was a very terrible event because it showed you after joe wilson said this would happen his contributions increased people agreed with him. that's crazy. >> he will with, look, here is the deal. you say that the president basically is under fire in some precincts because of his race. i reject that. i think it's basically a policy play. >> i agree with that.
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>> and you say that the hawaii, kenya and you left out muslim, you can throw that in there. >> absolutely. >> those people have been marginalized by me and others. >> bill, they still exist. they still on the internet. >> you can't do away with it. but, let me -- >> -- that's exactly right. let me be more pointed to you and oprah winfrey. do you deny that president bush the younger was more vilified than president obama. >> i do. >> did you hear what the left was saying? >> let me just tell you. i do think more has been thrown at president obama and it hasn't stuck. he is the teflon man. no question about that he is able to do that but he has been taking these attacks since he was a state senator from illinois. a u.s. senator from illinois. elected in 2008 when he ran against one of the great men who serves in cock now. john mccain. he was elected again in 2012 when he ran against our governor, former governor mitt romney.
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and he has always been and will always be, as long as he lives, -- just think about this, 2012, less than a year ago, just before hes would reelected it it was donald trump saying if you give me your transcript from college. if you give me your birth certificate i will give you $5 million. you know, come on, now. we have already solved that issue. why are we still doing that. >> you can't control individuals from doing what they do. but, ms. winfrey is indicting this country and great britain for being a racist country who objectings to president obama because of his skin color. flat out false. not true. and you just made the point he was elected twice. black americans comprise 13% of the population. okay? so, just the facts, just the facts. is there one legitimate news organization in this country, anywhere, professor that has used race to attack president obama? is there. >> there is a lot of them. >> give me one. >> a lot of them.
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you look at what has happened to president obama for the first time he ran for office. there were ads and all of these papers about whether he was a muslim. >> give me one news organization. one that has used race to vilify the president? you can't. you can't give me any. you are pointing to kooks. you are pointing -- >> -- do you want me to finish. >> you call breitbart a kook and what he he had to say before he passed away about president obama. >> he was a blogger. he worked for himself. >> that goes to more people than anything else. >> there is not an institutional bias against the president. you know there isn't. kennedy, roman catholics, okay? you know what happened to him. it all presidents get it. it is not a skin color deal. i will give you the last word. >> just, this bill, i think if people look at history and what happened to president obama. he has overcome the issue of claims of race. he has done a very good job on that. i think as much as you can
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criticize oprah winfrey he has in a sense fluffed off all of these attacks on him and his focus son the economy. on making americans go back to work. on trying to make sure we have a comprehensive healthcare plan and all those things are important. i love this man he is doing a great job and is he going to do a great job as ambassador to the world once his term ends in 2016. >> good debate, professor. we appreciate you taking time to come on tonight. >> come to harvard, bill. invitation on its way. >> i'm embarrassment to them. >> no, not at all. >> thank you. next on the rundown, juan and mary katharine on reaction to oprah winfrey and zimmerman. getting arrested in florida. later, charles krauthammer on why the rich are getting richer. and workers are stuck in the mud also. the mayor of toronto acting out -- look at him go. oh. no look at that. factor is coming right back.
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built bill impact segment tonight. reaction to the winfrey situation. george zimmerman in trouble again. joining us from washington. mary katharineham and juan williams. both fox news analysts. in seminole county, florida. the police said this. >> the victim in this particular case indicated that she and george zimmerman were having a verbal dispute. and at that time she alleged that he had broken a table and at one point pointed a long barreled shotgun at her. she was able to work her way to the front door of the residence on her cell phone and calmed 911 to make contact with authorities. and at that time he actually pushed her out of the front of the residence and then bare caved the door with some furniture from inside of the house. >> it's obviously a domestic dispute but zimmerman in big trouble. so, juan, that sounds really bad. what say you you? >> well, i think that, you know, immediately people are
5:15 pm
going to go back to the trayvon martin case, bill. that argument broke down and people were saying oh it's about stand your ground and about your right to have a gun and about citizen patrol. i think what we are seeing here is someone who now, not only in this case with his girlfriend but in previous cases with his former wife, is evidencing a lack of self-control. lack of any restraint. anger issues. and a penchant for using guns. you look back historically you will the arguments we went through on the trayvon martin case and the verdict. people who were upset by that verdict who think there was a lack of justice over a dead black child are going to be saying hey, i told you so. >> should they convict zimmerman? to me? >> no, juan. you know, look. >> go ahead. >> it looks bad. no doubt. >> yeah. >> should they -- people convict them? >> nobody is convicting him. i mean, the trial is over. i'm just telling. >> you no, no.
5:16 pm
i mean in the court of public opinion. >> no, in the court of public opinion, i think he is damaging himself. i don't think there is any question about it you i and mary katharine would all agree this kind of behavior would indicate that a lot of the excuses people are making for him back in the day were unjustified. this guy is not your average citizen. this is someone with some major emotional issues. >> what do you say, mary katharine? >> well, the issue in the trayvon case is that they could not convict him on the law that was in place and that's what the jury felt. and this time he will go through the system again. and if those who feel like he didn't get his come uppings the first time feel like they are excited they get another run of him because of his own alleged misdeeds and that's how the system works. it's not for me to say whether he can do that now. >> what about the commentators who stuck up for zimmerman in a personal way? what about them? >> yeah. well, i was careful not to do that. i think. and i think it's going to be about the facts of this case this time. >> what about the commentators who weren't like you who stuck up for
5:17 pm
him personally? what about them? >> well then i think we will see how this plays out. it might turn out to be trouble for the fact that they stuck up for him that way. >> okay. >> i don't know how big this story is going to be nationally. we will see. >> i think it's a fairly significant story. i do. all right. oprah winfrey, juan, she make a mistake saying what she said? >> no. i don't. i you know, i i was listening in with you and professor ogle tree. and i thought the reality is you missed a point. which is that politics in this country has become so polarized and in part polarized in terms of race, bill. that the republican party is now based in the south in the 11 former confederate states. overwhelmingly white congressional districts. the rest of the country voted for obama. then you hear all the joe wilson you lie case and internet just rift with bigot trip. can i tell you on a personal basis people writing me angry using the "n" word. why are these people bringing race into it. i have written in support
5:18 pm
that the tea party is about small government lower taxes. but why when you start to see images of president obama, the joker, you start to say to yourself, hey, this is the first black president and he is treated like this? this is pretty rank. >> what do you say mary katharine? >> first of all, the chimpy mcbush hit remember brigades not having respect for the office when bush was there that's a good point that you made, bill. look, i think it's problematic when you smear half of the country with these kind of motives when i think you are right, bill, it's not a huge significant part. the left says it's crazy to think none of this has to do with race. >> equally crazy to say that all of his problems are due to race. i think it's an excuse and hasn't served him well. obamacare and aren't falling apart because of racism. falling apart because of ill advised scheme incompetently managed. >> mary katharine, you are right not all of his problems have to do with race. gosh, the obamacare stuff has been a disaster so far.
5:19 pm
that has nothing to do with race. let me tell u, if you look at obamacare, immigration, food stamp president, you know, entitlement president, there is a consistency here and it's whites are on one side. hispanics, blacks on another. asians with the minority groups. young women. it's becoming pretty polarized. and it would be, i think, irresponsible. >> i have got to stop. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. got to stop it. i think it's becoming polarized more by the media than the individuals. mary katharine and juan. thank you. we have more on the zimmerman situation tomorrow in the is it legal segment. directly ahead, former white house spokesman robert gibbs emerging as president obama's chief critic. brit hume will analyze that later, jesse watters talking to an american veteran who lost almost everything in iraq. those reports after these messages.
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personal story segment tonight. robert gibbs was are a accident defender of president obama. he has become very critical of his former boss. >> i think they are going to have to hold somebody accountable for the botched rollout and the web site not working. somebody at hhs or a group of people. i think if this were to happen in the private sector, somebody would have probably already lost their job. >> and joining us now from washington with analysis, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. what do you think is going on with gibbs? >> well, i think he is dispensing what i think is quite mild advice. that was no attack on the president. i mean, maybe by implication he is saying the president should have done more. i don't -- i mean, it's pretty straightforward advice and he is certainly not the only one saying it. all kinds of people have said that. >> he has been very outspoken, divibs, not the
5:24 pm
the -- gibbs. not the first time. you say it's not delivered gently. it's like hey, in the private sector, somebody would have been gone immediately. what's going on with this guy? that's the way the tone that i take away from it. >> well, perhaps. but my since about it is that he recognizes and would probably like the president to recognize more clearly just how damaging this whole healthcare rollout and the revelation that the president clearly mislead the public about what would happen to their individual policies is to the president. this is very damaging. and if you you look at that number that was in the quinnipiac poll last week. which showed a complete reversal of people's opinions of the president's honesty, that is very very bad news for the president and for his party in the midterm elections and i suspect loyal democrats like robert gibbs are trying some sense of alarm and trying to alert the white house, this is bad you need to move on it. >> you think gibbs is looking out for barack obama then? >> in a way yeah, i do. >> do you think bill clinton
5:25 pm
is looking out for barack obama when he he says hey, you got to change this crazy thing. do you think is he looking out for him? >> i think that's a more complicated question. you know, bill clinton is, as i have said this before, he is his own guy. he occupies a special niche in american politics. he is the big dog. and nobody gets to tell him what to say and nobody can be sure what he is going to say. if you look at the full statement he made be better off with this program than we were without it and so on. there is some softening there. there that was pretty blunt advice he gave about keeping the promise. the president has come out and kind of in a peculiar way tried to make it look like is he living up to that promise. i don't think he is doing so. >> bill clinton to, you know get hillary to distance. >> a lot of people have speculated that. i can't read his mind so i don't really know. >> you know.
5:26 pm
ill. >> will leave the knowing to you, bill. >> oprah winfrey am i too tough on her. >> another case of somebody reading everybody's mind. i was struck in your interview with charlesology tree, a man that i have known for a long time and always considered to be very smart. it was striking that he had no real examples of racial attacks on the president. and i actually believe that part of the president's appeal black man elected president and i think it helps to sustain him through these difficulties. i think america is a nation made up its mind on issue of racial discrimination a long time ago. overwhelming and i mean overwhelming consensus against it racism one of the nasaest things you can be accused of and that people who look at barack obama look at him and say well, you know, look at his story.
5:27 pm
and the fact that he is african-american appeals to him. he they are proud of him. >> anybody can rise up. >> i don't think being black is hurting him. as you pointed out, there is a subset of people who were haters and who may dislike because of his race. i think they are a minority. they were never for him and never be for him and not large up enough to make a difference. >> when the dixie chicks went to britain and criticized president bush and the iraq war, their career was effectively over. >> right. >> does this hurt oprah winfrey? >> well, she didn't attack anybody by name or personally the way the dixie chicks did. and i think that distinguishes this episode what happened with the dixie chicks. also add, bill, bush lied, people died? oh and bush said something that every intelligence service in the country and all the democrats in congress had said about saddam hussein and chemical weapons? that's different. that was pretty harsh.
5:28 pm
>> coward national guard thing. said he set it up. and the fact that the professor didn't really understand. well, it's all right. i like him. >> i do too. >> all right, brit. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. a bunch of hollywood people promoted obamacare or some of them. what do they think now? we have a special report. charles krauthammer on the growing division between working and wealthy americans. why is it happening? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ay, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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>> watters world segment tonight it fighting back from near death. 2006 sergeant mayor jesse accosta from southern california hit in the face with a mortar round from iraq. a 34 year veteran of the army. he lost both eyes. had his jawbone shattered and suffered a variety of other injuries. while healing, he was given massive amounts of narcotics and became addicted. took him four years to get clean the sergeant now sits on the board of the independence fundraising money for high tech wheelchairs for other badly wounded vets. we sent jesse watters out to talk to mr. accosta. sergeant major jess a accosta, when did you know you wanted to be in the military. >> my father was a world war ii vet. and i would hear his stories. i decided very young that i would join the military and i did right after high school. >> where were you based? >> my first home station was fort lewis, washington.
5:33 pm
>> when 9/11 happened, did that effect you? >> at that point in time, i was already stationed in los angeles and that's when all the deployment started would everywhere stationed in wbelot also known as. >> when did you face enemy fire. >> every sing get day he crew chief say we are under attack. that's all we could do was chug our duffle bags immediately we took cover in bunkers. that day, january 16th, when that bomb landed right by me and took me out, hit me on the left side hit me in the face and took out my eyes and my jaws. >> can i see you without the sunglasses? >> yes.
5:34 pm
>> i have extensive reconstruction con to my face and also my jaw, they did bone graphing. >> did you have a big support system? >> when i came home i had no support system whatsoever. i think that was very hard. from germany they shipped me to walter reid. i never saw -- i never saw anybody to be honest with you. >> that's troubling. >> i was asked one time why wasn't i eating my food in front of me? and i told them what food? >> do you feel you are neglected by the medical professionals at walter reid? >> at that time, yes, absolutely. a couple of my staff from my old unit, the medical unit i belong, to they actually flew in out of pocket to take care of their old first sergeant back then. that was actually my first support group and the only support group i had. >> what type of opiates were they giving you at the v.a. in california? >> i remember having still
5:35 pm
morphine pills. vicodin, percocet. codeine. >> how long were you taking these narcotics for? >> i was taking those pills for four years every single day. i came to realize that this is out-of-control. i just finally cold turkey stopped. [cheers] >> i would love to go back to v.a., west lava and tell them look at me now. >> what's next? >> we are going to go out and second shot and see if you can get on the green. >> all right. how did you get introduced to the independence fund? >> back in 2007, while i was going through all my surgeries, and whatnot, i get a call if i wanted to partake in the cycling event. i said why not? >> steve looker? >> what a man. >> bill o'reilly has been very supportive of the independence fund. are you a factor fan by any chance? >> oh, yeah.
5:36 pm
he has been tremendous for us, the independence fund. thank you, bill. >> now, the sergeant major, is he getting a track chair. >> he doesn't need a track chair is he blind so he does not use a track chair. >> why is he on the board? why is he helping the independence fund? >> well, right now they have hyperbowl lick chambers for guys that they enter into. if you suffer from depression or head trauma or addiction like he did, you go in these chambers and it works a lot better. >> that's interesting. not just the track chairs doing other things. >> not just the track chair. >> when you play golf he plays on a sound ball. >> no, no. he actually warms up, gets loose, i put the ball in front of him and it's basically i have to guide him to where he swingts. he actually almost outdrove me on the tee, which was a little embarrassing but he has got a nice swing. >> he can feel the ball on his club. >> feel the ball it's muscle memory. he never played before he lost his eyesight. this is all he has gained
5:37 pm
since he has been blind. >> amazing story, watters. >> amazing man. if you would like to help severely wounded vets go to independence when we come right back, a bunch of hollywood personalities. were on board with obamacare. have they jumped off that train. krauthammer money in america. gap between workers and wealthy is growing. and the factor will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch?
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up seeing many tonight, promoting obamacare. as you may know a bunch of hollywood personalities did just that. >> health insurance executives are getting a bad wrap. >> as the healthcare debate heats up. >> we need to know who the real victims are. >> lydia coal cuts through the b.s. >> are you my contact. >> we have a bit of a scandal. >> she takes seemingly impossible scandals and makes them go -- >> this is my son. he is out of college. he doesn't have any health insurance. >> i thought you said this was a scandal. under the affordable care act you will stay under your parent's plan until you are 26. >> joining us now from los angeles linda blood worth thomasson creator and writer of successful programs such as designing women. she has produced a new documentary called bridegroom.
5:42 pm
get to that in a minute. is it wise in your opinion for celebrities to promote public policy before they know whether it's going to work or not? >> well, i think, you know, you can't measure your conscience by, you know, how it's going to benefit your career. it's obvious to me that affordable healthcare is what america needs bottom of the rupg outside my wheel house i know that people in hollywood are just like people everywhere. people always talk about the glamorous or crazy or deck can't side of hollywood. grown up here my whole life after growing up in a small town of missouri. i find that people are decent, hard working, patriotic, this is what i find on the film crews of my show. and they all have pretty much the same wish which is that their children and their grandchildren will be able to get affordable healthcare and not just -- >> -- and i don't disagree
5:43 pm
with what you are saying although i think that there is a liberal mind set that is entrenched in hollywood. sometimes destructive to the nation. let me give you an example. i submit to you that the people in that commercial don't understand what obamacare is. think didn't read the law. we don't believe the president read the law. we know that nancy pelosi didn't read it they don't understand the unintended consequences of what is being imposed on the nation. i also submit to you that people who, many people who object to obamacare do want a fair affordable healthcare system in america. they just want to go about it in a different way. so the question becomes should uninformed celebrities, should they use their fame to promote something they really don't understand? >> well, i don't think anybody who is uninformed make has any business making a documentary or a commercial. you know, i have to say i'm not up on every aspect of
5:44 pm
any program the government has. but i know i do believe what everyone, you know, on, quote, my side has been saying, which is, you know, it was very controversial when we first had social security. there was a lot of brouhaha over medicare. and i think in six months this will all be history. i don't think you want to throw out this great and noble plan overall just because of some administrative snafu. >> no, that would be foolish. >> no matter how heinous they appear in the beginning. >> last question on this and then i will get to the documentary. do you understand how obamacare has harmed the american economy? do you understand that? can you tell me how it has? >> >> first the american economy goes, bill, and i had to stay after school? economics. here is what i do understand, that we are, at the very bottom of healthcare in the world. and if we don't have affordable healthcare for all americans. >> there are different ways to get there. >> paying on the other end. >> i'm going to take that and i want to be respectful to you, i'm going to take
5:45 pm
that is that you really don't understand the unintended consequence on the economy. >> i understand. this i understand that if you don't do something about this problem now, america will end up paying trillions in the end. and i would rather do the right and moral thing that actually accrues to us financially in the end. >> we are close. i want to do the right and moral thing but i want to do the smart, intelligent thing so everybody prospers. okay. your documentary is bridegroom. all right? you produced it, you directed it. you wrote it. what is the headline of the documentary? >> well, i really -- you know, as i said, i grew up in a little town in missouri. i grew up in a place where nobody talked about being gay. it occurred to me that nobody really knows what it is exactly that they are opposing the people who are against gay marriage. i wanted to show a quintessential gay love story. i was lucky enough to come
5:46 pm
across this love story. very tragic love story. it illustrates that love is love. and it doesn't matter who is doing the loving. it illustrates that we all have a right to be who we are and love who we love. we have to stop torturing our kids and allowing them to jump off of bridges and hang themselves in closets. >> documentary is available tomorrow on itunes. already on netflix. thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you bill. >> krauthammer on deck. money on his mind. the workers vs. the wealthy in america. also, the mayor of toronto going off again. wait until you see this. charles moments away. hi there, welcome to the gallery.
5:47 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. the growing income gap in america from 1979 to 2007. the top 1% of wealthy
5:50 pm
americans saw their income grow by an astounding 275% according to the congressional budget office. the bottom fifth saw gains of only 14%. president obama mow notes income equality. the rich are getting richer and income for working americans gone down. charles krauthammer, why is this happening? >> it's happening because there is low economic growth. it's what kennedy said a rising tide lifts all boats. if you are obsessed with equality as they are in europe, what you end up is chronic unemployment. because the real engine of growth is low regulation, low taxation and you allow the golden goose, meaning the private economy to go ahead and to flourish. and when you overregulate and you overtax it, especially if you are doing it in the name of reducing inequality, you are going to get the opposite effect. you are going to get inqualities. in america we are never obsessed with how irish with the irish.
5:51 pm
traditionally we want to help the poor become unpoor. we aren't obsessed with the gap. there is a reason that we in new york harbor a statue of liberty and that is statue of quality. that is if you allow liberty, allow the freedom to free enterprise you will get an improvement of the lot of the poor. that has always worked in the past. >> why does the liberal establishment now disdain that? they reject it. and the reason i believe the workers aren't making more money is not enough jobs. as simple as that. if there were more jobs than workers, you have got to pay them more to compete to get them in the building. if there are fewer jobs you can drive it down. but president obama, the "new york times," all these people, they don't seem to understand that. >> they want to transfer wealth rather than create it. and when you create wealth you create jobs. when he was running in november. asked by charlie gibson a famous question in one the run-ups to the primaries. he was asked if we raise
5:52 pm
capital gains taxes. and it turns out that the revenues to the treasury actually decrease as a result, would you still raise capital gains taxes? obama's answers? answer was yes. in the name of fairness. >> that's right. fairness. i remember. >> wanted to do something self-destructive that robs the treasury of cash and money in order to to do somethi self-destructive ta robses the treasury of cash and money in order to achieve the ideal of fairness. >> got it. >> that's the reason you have an anemic economy. >> today in toronto, canada, the mayor was sanctioned by the city council and lost most of the authority. here is how rob ford reacted to that. roll the tape. >> so we have angry exchanges going on. the mayor is attacking somebody. the mayor has -- [ shouting ] >> that's counselor pam --
5:53 pm
another counselor. he ran at her and grabbed her. >> so he knocked down betty white. what's going on out there? well, i guess that means tonight's party is cancelled. what a pity. as a psychiatrist this is what's happening and it's sad. a lot of people unravel under stress. they are unstable and really lose it. generally speaking it happens in a hospital, in private, under care and nobody sees. once in a while it happens in the public eye to somebody who doesn't have the insight into his condition to understand he has to get off the stage into treatment and get help. he becomes a buffoon and the object of derision. it really is a collapse of the person and though it can be funny it's really a tragedy. >> i'm glad he's not america's problem. the city council did the wrong thing.
5:54 pm
>> in my day it was dull. >> now they have a lot of rules and regulations. thank you very much. as always, thank you very much. "things that matter" will replace me at number one. on the publisher's weekly list charles is number one. we are both having good weeks. charles deserves it. really good book. factor tip of the day, what you should get the guys this christmas. the tip moments away. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?°
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for the guys, check it out. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight a bombshell about the president's health care law from the president's own justice department. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. just last week as president obama was claiming that he was sincere but mistaken in his repeated promises that if you liked your health care plan you could keep it under obama care, top attorneys in his justice department were telling ale federal court something very different. first, here is the president last week. >> there is no doubt that the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate.


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