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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 18, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i was just reading some tweets and people aren't happy with mr. mar. t not at all. keep them coming. follow us on twitter. and follow us on facebook. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. god willing. i stand by what i said there. >> the left doubles down on the obama care lies. >> the fact is it doesn't matter what we are saying here. what matters is what happens at the kitchen table of the american people. >> did oprah winfrey use the race card? >> i think there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs because he's african-american. >> he warned us about the dangers of obama care back in 2009. >> i promise you it is worse for doctors, for patients. >> four years later the prophecy is sadly being fulfilled. >> but the reality is it hasn't worked.
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it's made people iller. >> and the antics of alec baldwin, all coming up. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to kwoez hanlt. also tonight the governor from wisconsin, scott walker, will be here to respond to reports that a special prosecutor is targeting and harassing his allies. an exclusive interview you cannot afor to miss. things are going from bad to worse for the administration. there is no end in sight when it comeses to the disastrous health care law. part of the problem is they are trying to defend what is indefensible. this is what house minority leader nancy pelosi said when confronteded with the famous one line that we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> hasn't the idea that you have to pass it before you know what's in it, isn't that the problem as you look back on it? there was such a rush to get
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this done, no republicans voting for it. now there are unintended effects of this that were foreseen t at the time that you couldn't know the impact. now this is coming home to roost. >> no. what i was saying there is we are a house and a sfat. we get a bill. we go to conference or we ping-pong it. then you see what the final product is. however i stand by what i said there. when people see what is in the bill, they will like it. >> democrats won't lose seats next year over obama care. >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year. i will tell you this. democrats stand tall and support of affordable care act. >> simply put that's delusional. also this weekend legendary journalist bob woodward predicted this. >> it's a mess, cleary. what it isn't and i think you have to look at the question and the motive here, he wants to do
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something good for 30 million people and get them health insurance. this isn't watergate. this isn't clinton and monica lewinsky. >> i'm not saying it's a scandal. what it seems to be is rank incompetence. >> no question about that. you see all of the stories and the frenzy out there. the game over. the presidency is over. some people are saying i think that's not the case. here is the other side of it which i would agree with george will on. when you go down the road it's going to get worse. because you talk to the experts and they will tell you that this is a money issue. it's going to blow a hole in the budget. >> a big ole. he's right. it will get worse. keep in mind according to the cbo as many as 20 million people they say could lose employer provided health care. that doesn't include the individual market and small business. joining me with reaction to this
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and more, author and columnist patrick j. buchanan and leslie marshall. they are saying 20 million. we have had experts saying as high as 93. the manhattan institute and others analyzing that the government's own numbers suggest over 100 million. so this keeps rolling out month after month. people get the rate shock. they can't keep their doctor. when does it end for the democrats. >> i don't think it will end politically for the democrats. in a way that you would want. the reason is -- on the 13th of december, speaking of the congressional budget office, we have a budget with no solutions put forth by republicans. many americans, millions of americans stand to lose their jobses and americans who lose their jobs won't have health care benefits. that will be a moot point. the website will be fixed. millions -- talk to me about that. >> and millions --
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>> if we don't have the number. >> millions are getting cancellation letters. millions getting rate shock. and millions are getting angry. rightly so. how does that play out. >> several million have lost their health insurance. you have had a real debacle. a rolling disaster for five or six weeks now. if anything like the numbers you mentioned -- 20 million or 07 million or 90 million. this hemorrhaging of barack obama and his support and his backing will bleed into the new year until the employer mandates take hold. i don't think it can survive that type of beating when you have seen the beating the president has taken already. t maximum 4 or 5 million. >> we are dealing with competency on one level. the comments by kirsten
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gillibrand. no, we all knew. listen to this. >> did you feel misled by obama? >> he should have been more specific. the point is if you are being offered a terrible health care plan, the minute you get sick you have to go into bankruptcy, those plans should never be offered. we all knew. the point of the plan is to cover things people need like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy. >> now we all knew. we all knew the problems were there. >> if this is true, this is astonishing. what they are saying is they knew 5 million policies would be cancelled. they went out and deceived and misled the american people saying you can all keep the pomss you have, period. this is a massive deception that's worse in ways than this bay of pigs he's been presiding over. it goes to his credibility. his integrity and the belief. >> the wall street journal said
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back in july of 2010 they knew they were debating it internally in the white house but they didn't have the currently when they knew the numbers would be as high as they are and that people would lose their coverage. they didn't have the decency to tell people the truth. that gets to the issue of, okay, people don't trust the government and their president. they think the president lied to them which he did. how does he get his credibility there. >> i don't feel that. >> this is not malice, sean. there is a difference. >> he lied out of love, compassion. why did he lie? >> the insurance companies didn't need to do it. all they had to do was make an adjustment the to so many plans. what the insurance companies want the to do is make the president -- >> they have to say -- >> with regard to the president. what he meant was they have a plan. >> he didn't say if you like your plan you can keep it. he said that.
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he said it and his white house knew better than that. >> let me ask you a question. >> did he need to be specific. >> absolutely. he didn't go far enough in the comment, absolutely. he was not specific enough with his comments. i don't feel he was doing dr. >> let me get in here and ask you a question. should he have told us the truth? why not say there are a number of substandard plans. i'm sorry. we'll give you better plan. >> tell us the truth. >> frankly, pat, you have to remember and my husband is a physician. i own a medical center with my husband and other physicians. one of the things that we forget here is unlessle senator gillibrand has a crystal ball did blue cross go over every plan with the president and know what they were and were not going to do?
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were they hopeful the supreme court would throw it out the window and the mandate would be unconstitutional and they wouldn't have to make the changes? >> if millions of plans would go out the window why didn't it go out the bin dow. sean is right. health care wouldn't haves passed. we may not like it. millions of plans are going out the window. we'll have a better plan for everybody. why didn't he tell us the truth. the credibility wouldn't be below 50%. >> it's higher than congress. >> even democratic senators said this weekend the if the president comes to alaska over the head. >> the politicians will say anything. they throw the president under the bus often. >> is that obama doing anything he can to get re-elected? i'm afraid so. >> they all do. >> good luck in your service. appreciate you being with us.
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coming up next, a hannity exclusive. if you thought the targeting of conservatives ended, think again. scott walker here in studio tonight to respond to reports that a special prosecutor is singling out his friends and allies. we'll explain after the break. also in the new york studios coming up. >> the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term. so you can get back on your feet and start running the country again. with paxil, you will feel you are giving a speech at a college campus in 2008. or getting bin laden. all over again. >> the snl skit is coming up. it's tonight's video of the day. also, did oprah winfrey play the race card? the latest on alec baldwin. can he recover. does he need treatment for the anger problem? straight ahead. [ male announcer at red lobster,
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welcome back. the wall street journal is reporting a special prosecutor has been hired to target conservative groups that were involved in wisconsin governor scott walker's recall election. the prosecutor has hit dozens of organizations with subpoenas demanding communication and donor information from 2011 and 2012 as part of an investigation into possible campaign coordination violations. this is the second probe in the scott walker finances. it comes as the governor's 2014 re-election campaign approaches. is this another example of what happens when you dare the disagree with the left's radical ideology. here to discuss it, author of " "unintimidated a governor the's story and a nation's challenge" wisconsin governor scott walker. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> i'm sorry about the packers.
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>> i was at the game with chris christie. he was a gracious host considering he's a cowboys fan. >> true. they are the new york giants, not the -- >> play in jersey. >> does this mean a lot to you? does it sound like what they did to tea party or conservative groups? >> i don't know. most of this was the first time i read about it. saturday over the weekend. but it's never dull in wisconsin. we'll leave it to people with insight to speculate. it's never dull in wisconsin. >> you seem to be in a perpetual recall cycle. >> next year will be my first time in four years. getting good at it. >> difficult thing. why isn't wisconsin in play for republicans. michigan, wisconsin, minnesota. you know, there is a thought we could get the states, win the
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governor race but not a national election. why? >> in 2004 we were one of the closest blue states in terms of president bush's election and re-election. we were competitive last time the. i won by 7.5 points in june. mitt romney lost by 7 points. the key difference was, and i said it on your show i shortly after my recall election. mitt needed to show the r didn't stand for republican, it stood for reform. the folks advising him thought it had to be a referendum on barack obama and they didn't make the case what america would be like under president mitt romney and the obama campaign was successful in saying the r stands for rich guy who cares about rich guys which wasn't the case with mitt romney. >> democrats will play the race card every election, class warfare, scare old people. say republicans want dirty air
7:17 pm
and water. they play the card because it works. >> we create a void. in my book i lay out real optimism at the beginning where i talk about despite what happened in the presidential election there are 30 states in america that now have republican governors. almost as many as with legislative majorities. what's the difference between that and the presidential ticket? we have an optimistic vision. we lay it out in real terms that are relevant and show the courage to act. we can do it in wisconsin and iowa, michigan, ohio. down the line. all the states we talked about, nevada, new mexico, florida all have republican governors in place though they were carried by barack obama. >> you say the mistake is the republican party needs to offer solutions. do you think they have fail thad? i'm putting together a piece for 2014. i'm laying out what the solutions are. for example, what would your solution be on health care?
7:18 pm
if you were president -- >> it's a free market solution where you are not dependent on the state or federal government. as a family we should make decisions. give everybody the same tax incentive with a health savings account, through the employer or by yourself. have the same tax incentive. then as consumers, that's how you manage costs. not in the extreme where the government plays an active role in the future. >> what about pre-existing conditions and may rose insurance? >>. >> all those things play into it. you don't need the state exchange, federal exchanges. to your point, again it's something i highlight in the book. in the states we are offering real solutions, to real people's problems. we are talking about schools and businesses growing. >> when i interviewed you during the recall what was the estimated costs?
7:19 pm
>> $3.6 million. >> you had a surplus. >> we finished with a $760 million surplus. this december the third year in a row property taxes go down because we reinvested in the prolt taxes. we are showing across america that republican leaders in the states are getting things done. we should make the case. one of the frustrating things terry brandstead and i talked about last year with the romney campaign is it would come into states like ours where we spent millions telling people things are getting better and romney would say, hey, things aren't getting better. we should have said where republican governors were elected, remember how bad things were before? remember how much better they have gotten in the next year and a half. how much better could it be in america with a republican chief executive. >> if we would use our own energy resources we could save the country in record time. >> plus, the jobs are related to that. north american dependent on energy is another great example.
7:20 pm
we are helping with energy supply. all the jobs, the new technology, innovation involved with it. there are so many examples like that across the board. >> running for president? >> i'm running for governor in -- >> i didn't ask you. >> i would love to be president of the harley-davidson motor company. my wife would love it. i would make more money. >> do you ride one? >> do i. wear your helmet, don't drink. my wife said that's all i have to do to ride. >> let her talk to my wife. would you consider running in 2016? >> i had to work hard the last two and a half yards to be governor. not once but twice. i think for the future of my state, i need to focus on being governor not just politically. >> would you rather see a governor running versus a senator? >> hands down. there are a lot of good people in congress and people i respect but a governor, particularly an outsider. >> can chris christie who is from new jersey, his issues on
7:21 pm
immigration, et cetera. would he have a hard time in red states? >> i think any of the 30 republican governors would make a compelling case to be the next chief executive. whether it's chris, down the line. bobby jindal. there are a lot of good republican governor. >> you are inclined for a governor not a senate. and paul ryan. >> you have heard me say before. >> you're getting defensive le. >> i love paul. i would be the leader of his fan club if he had a paul ryan fan club. i would be the president. in the end, i think historically people want executives to be the chief executive. on top of that the to beat hillary clinton we have to have somebody from outside of washington. >> thanks for being with us. up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> i think there is a level disrespect for the office that occurs and that oh occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he's african-american.
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at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? welcome back. media mogul oprah winfrey is in the spotlight. this time not for a good reason. she stirred up controversy for saying this. >> has it ever crossed your mind that some of the treatment obama and the challenges he's faced
7:26 pm
and some of the reporting he's received is because he's an african-american and if he wasn't african-american, if he was a white guy he wouldn't be treated in the same way, wouldn't have to deal with the same confrontation? >> has it ever crossed my mind? it's crossed my mind probably as many times as it's crossed your mind. probably mine more times. it's the level of disrespect. when the senator yelled out, you're a liar. do you remember that? yeah. i think there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he's african-american. >> now unfortunately this is not the first time the liberals played the race card. i'm sure it won't be the last. from freedom works, denneen burrelli and alexis mcgill johnson. is it disptful when president
7:27 pm
obama the way he and his campaign treated mitt romney or when he said their plan, they want dirty air and water, they want kids with with down's syndrome and the elderly to fend for themselves, which is a lie. is that disrespectful when the president does that? >> it's part of politics. on the same side when we are talking about obama care being nothing more than death panels. i think what was happening in this conversation with oprah is she was trying to make it seem as though most americans dislike the president because of race. they just dislike him because he's liberal. that's where we have to have the conversation. >> it's interesting you say that. denneen was on my radio program. does anybody think i would be against hillary clinton proposing the same thingses barack obama proposed? >> oprah lost it. how racist could america be? she's a black and a billionaire. you have obama who is black, the president of the united states. how racist could our country be?
7:28 pm
oprah is bitter. she's a bitter billionaire who -- >> why do you think she's bitter? >> backstabbing america who put her on the map. why is she? who knows how her network is doing. >> i thought she was a searching, interesting personality. she always seemed to be searching for good things in life. where does this comment -- i never met her. i don't know her. that was my impression that she wanted to share good things with people. >> she's the last person to play up the race card. she grew up dirt poor. look ator her example saying if i can do it, you can do it, too. no matter what your challenges are snm in 2008 the question was brought up whether or not america had transcended issues of race and would elect a black president. >> that's the basic fact she overlooked. he was elected twice. if there are many people who disrespect him
7:29 pm
of research. americans are value var g-- egalitarian. it's embedded over time and it's not about whether or not people are big r-word racist. i don't think most americans are. if you look t at the mind sciences there is a field that talks about how we have embedded negative stereotypes. that's what's happening here. >> we'll begin the sixth year of the obama presidency. we have we had the numbers in
7:30 pm
the last week and a half that the labor participation rate in the black community is at a 31-year low. have his policies been good for the black community, for women in this country? in other words, core constituents that the elected him in huge numbers. i would argue no. >> for anyone. especially which is ironic, the black community who overwhel for both presidential elections. high unemployment. what's he doing for energy, for example. people were getting harmed by higher energy prices and obama care. we had a college come out last week. i can't think of the name. students saying they were harmed because their insurance. >> they lost their health -- >> theyen can't afford the obama care coverage. >> exactly right. the policies haven't been good for anybody. this is a time because of that for republicans to make a strong case to make an appeal -- a broad appeal to show up. make your arm.
7:31 pm
if you want to debate on b.e.t., do it. it was something they hadn't done. they would be wise to do it this time. >> not a bad idea. i don't disagree. last word? >> there are a lot of ways republicans can do outrage. showing up on b.e.t. is one way but changing the policies so they are more friendly and -- >> what policies aren't friendly to -- >> not play the race card like the left does all the time. [ simultaneous voices ] >> black americans -- >> here's the other thing oprah said. she concludes that america's race problems will be solved when older generations of southern whites die. isn't that outrageous? >> i think she's talking about generationally. >> outrageous. that people need to die. >> when they die they will change their minds. >> -- more equipped to deal with
7:32 pm
race than previous generations. >> it's a harsh way. what you said was better than what oprah said. >> good to see you all. coming up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> your advice to stay away from nationalized health care. you're clear on that. >> if you gt nothing else don't make that mistake. if any congressmen think it might be fairer, i promise you, it is worse for doctors, wors for patients and taxpayers. >> he warned the country but democrats didn't listen. up next, daniel hannen explains what we have gotten into and how to get out of the mess. later, he can't help himself. what left wing hollywood hot head alec baldwin did that may cost him his job. log onto we are on twitter @sean hasnnni. we want your thoughts. clierz
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welcome back to "hannity." four years ago my next guest, british member of parliament daniel hannen warned what would happen if obama care was passed and fully implemented. this is what he said on this program. your advice to america is stay away from nationalized health care. >> if you get nothing else from what i'm saying this evening, please do not make that mistake. if there are any congressmen watching who think, yeah, it might be fair, cozier. i promise you it is worse for doctors, worse for patients and taxpayers. >> can you explain why you are giving such a dire warning to the people of the united states? >> because you are our friends. if you see a friend about to make a terrible mistake you try to warn him. we have lived there through this mistake for 60 years now. it began with the best of intentions. it began because people thought it was wrong for those who weren't well off and couldn't
7:38 pm
afford the best health care to be treated differently. everyone felt it's a nice togetherness, solidarity thing if we all take part in this experiment. the reality is it hasn't worked. it's made people iller. we spend a lot of money and get bad results. you look at survival rates for cancer or heart disease. we are well down on all the leagues. we have very few doctors. we disincentivized people from practicing. a lot of people go to north america. >> sadly his prophecy is now our reality. daniel is back with us. his new book "inventing freedom, how the english-speaking peoples made the modern world requests is in stores across the country. good to see you. >> great to be back. >> i have gotten to know you. you answered it in that question. you love america. you love this country. you love what we stand for. have we changed? are we in the middle of
7:39 pm
changing? >> i have huge confidence in the american people. >> i'm glad you do. i'm losing confidence. >> i'm losing confidence in some of the leaders but the people are wiser than the expert. it's true in your country and mine. there is a great auto correct in the constitution where the public can impose itself on the government. >> do you know what makes me think that's not true? after a period of time wen you condition people, mentally they are reaped to look to the government for answers. when you stop teaching them the concepts of individual liberty; constitutional government they think things are in the constitution that don't exist there. >> that's right. that's especially true in a country that defines itself by its ideas. not by its territory or ancestry but by its creed. you can become an american provided you sign up for the ideals. the flip side is if you lose the
7:40 pm
ideals, you lose your identity as a country much more though the rowly than a place defined by space or race. you need to teach kids that they are heirs to a sublime inheritance they have to keep fast to. >> great britains has a government rationing body with the national health service. you look at greece which is bankrupt. spain, portugal, ireland. these countries that are now literally suffocating because of the growth of government and indebtedness. it seems like america is moving in that direction more every day. >> on one measure it is, which is the level of state spending. it was funny. do you remember at the beginning of his presidency when barack obama was asked if he believed in american exceptionalism. he said, yeah, just like the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism. i thought, that's just greece. he could have mentioned any country. the more i see the u.s. debt grow i think it's suspicious
7:41 pm
that he picked greece. this is a helenification, or whatever the word, of the u.s. outlook. if enough people are dpen the dend on the state as employees or welfare buseneficiaries, sur people are behaving like greeks. >> when i read the title of your book, i know if it hasn't happened yet, it will that people will criticize it without having even read the book. >> sure. >> you expect it? standard operating procedure. >> it is. i'm sure the moment it goes on sale there will be ten reviews on amazon saying this is outrageous before they could have possibly read it. the beauty of anglo sphere principles is they took root anywhere. what the indian writer calls the blood of the mind, not the body. anglos fear principles are why
7:42 pm
hong kong isn't china, singapore isn't indonesia, why ber mu a da isn't haiti. if you have the rule of law, personal freedom and individual liberty it can take root in any society. >> you say it can take root in any society. i believe that through the prism of history, and i hope i'm wrong. i pray i'm wrong. that we're going to look back as the rise of the radical islamist. america even gave f-16s and tanks and billionses of dollars to the leader of egypt who is a member and former head of the muslim brotherhood. it seems like we don't get it. >> well, i think the most important geopolitical question of the century is whether india defines itself primarily as an anglo sphere democracy or an asian super power. india, by the way,s has one of, if not the largest muslim population in the world.
7:43 pm
but without the associated problems of -- >> radicalism. >> it's a common law democracy. although it's like your country and mine it has imperfections, of course. perfection isn't for this life. but it is a place where governments change peacefully. the army doesn't interfere in politics. above all, there is a common law system where the individual -- >> you think it could be adopted and advanced in areas where today if we were to predict democratization you think it could happen anywhere. >> right. but in the places where it was first developed in the core anglo sphere territorieses, your country and mine the system is betrayed by its own children. >> scary. >> isn't it? >> i love the book. love your writing. it's a great admonition. you are an american hero. >> listen, your current president has a great way with with words. we have to give him that. let me paraphrase him. if you want to keep your way of life, you can keep your way of
7:44 pm
life. if you want to keep your constitution, you can keep your constitution. period. no one can take it away from you. >> wow. well said. daniel hannan, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next, left wing lunatic alec baldwin flies off the handle. it's costing him a gig. we'll explain later. and this. >> paxil treats a range of symptoms. like benghazi. the nsa scandal, the irs can scandal, the ap, the time jay-z and beyonce went to cuba and, of course, obama care website problem. >> "saturday night live" nailed it. it's the video of the day. don't miss it. we'll play it for you and what they think will cure the president's second term blues at the end of the show. this could be the skit of the year. straight ahead. [ whistle blowin] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good.
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welcome back to "hannity." left wing lunatic lech wald is at it again. he was caught on tape using a homophobic slur too offensive for this program. it caused the nbc news show he has to be suspended for two weeks. the troubled actor addressed the situation in an op-ed on the huffington post threatening to quit the show and show business all together. there's an idea. the remark cause add stir. his daughter ireland, who has been the subject of her father's rants in the past, took to twitter to defend him. one read my dad is far from a homo phone or a racist. that was not his only incident over the weekend. in typical fashion he was caught screaming at a female fox 5 wnyw reporter. >> you almost hit my wife?
7:50 pm
>> i did not hit your wife. >> do you want to apologize? i asked you a question. get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> i did nothing wrong. i did >> and here to help get to the bottom of this, good to see you. all right. look. first of all ireland came to his defense. we had a huge twitter fight going back and forth. i got a tweet from his daughters asking me to stop fighting wither her father. i stopped but i'm thinking why are you writing me? not him? >> well, i think she's protecting her father. she feels she needs to. she seems like the kifd a divorced family
7:51 pm
she gets in the middle trying to fix things she probably also sees her father's vulnerability and sees you as not vulnerable. it's sad your daughter who is 18 is fighting your media fire storms and has to apologize on her dad's behave. i would be sad if that was the case. we're watching that video of alec in front of a sea of reporters in his manhattan street. if he didn't want it to be a circus why is he walking around outside provoking people? >> other question, i was just saying hi, how are you? good to see everybody, sorry, can't talk right now. why not be nice? >> he's out of control he acts like a raga alcoholic. almost like he's better than everybody else and can't handle it when things don't go as
7:52 pm
predicted and has tantrums like a little boy. >> in light of the fact he may lose a tv show over this, we have to look at the prix of the network he works for. you've got martin bashere suggesting governor palin suggests the same punishment given out by a 18 century slave master forcing people to defacat next people's mouths >> she doesn't prove her rank ignorance but confirms anyone kwaul fizz for this, she would be the outstanding candidate. >> your damn right dick cheney's heart is a political football. we ought to rip it out and stuff it back in him. he's the new poster child for health care in this country. he's a enemy of the country in my opinion.
7:53 pm
>> lord take him to the promise land, will you? i don't wish the guy goes to hell. i just want him out of here. do you know like what they're talking about? like this right wing slut? laura engram? she's a talk slut. >> well, first of all, it's a ridiculous comment made by him and i think that he owes her an apology but i believe her comments were taken out of context. this thing is blown out of proportion. >> it's one thing to critique someone based on politics. that is what makes our country existing in ways it's different to attack sexuality. we've got a break. fire or not fired? >> i think fired you're out. >> fired all right. coming up next our choice for video of the day will be revealed a saturday night
7:54 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". there was no competition when it came to choosing the video of the day. we selected the winner. a clip from saturday night live. you don't want to miss it. >> run down, like you just can't win? are you the president of the united states? then you may be suffering from presidential depression. it feels like even your friends turned against you. >> enrollment period this is actually there were. >> it's beginning to affect your work. ask your doctor for paxil.
7:59 pm
second term strength. the only antidepressant strong enough for an embattled second term. so you can get back on your feet and start running the country again. with paxil you'll feel you're giving a speech at a college campus in 2008 or getting bin laden all over again. so you can turn those approval ratings upside down. and paxil's second term strength treats a range of symptoms like benghazi, nsa scandal, irs scandal, petraeus scandal, that time beyonce and jay-z went to cuba and of course, obamacare web site problems warning it's not covered by obamacare. we'll promise it will be, but it's not, for that, we apoll jiechlz >> yes, we still can with paxil.
8:00 pm
>> now, there is paxil republican strength for when you have to answer to congress. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. as always thank you for westbounding us. start the morning at 5:00 to 9:00 with fox and friends thank you for being with us. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurred and that occurred in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is african-american. >> oprah winfrey defending president obama using the race card. why is she doing this? and is it harmful to mr. obama's cause? >> i think in this would have happened in the private sector somebody would have lost their job. >> unbefore the president's biggest critics these days is robert gibbs. brit hume has some thoughts on that. >> charles krauthammer on why american workers are not making much money why while the wealthy continue to pros


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