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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 19, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> i told the world before he did. >> he works upstairs. >> you can break the news. >> that's great news. thanks so much for coming. adopt these pets. >> rand paul with us tomorrow. see you then. bill: morning, everybody. stunning new details that could blow the lid off the obamacare rollout debacle. new documents prove the white house and health and human services department knew that was riddled with problems before the rollout on october 1. martha: good morning. there are internal emails between the obama administration officials that set the stage for a congressional hearing. house republicans believe those officials knew the website was
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very likely to crash. they brought out a new business consultant. bill: the hearing live on the hill starting our coverage here. who knew what and when. >> reporter: a private consulting team warned white house and health and human services officials last string there would be trouble with the rollout. the project relied too much on outside contractors and there was no clear definition of success. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius and white house chief technology officer todd park were among those briefed about the website and april 4. april 5 at the eisenhower executive office building, a meeting was held inside the white house.
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two weeks after sebelius was briefed she tried the reassure congress. >> we have the federal house on track and on time. we are moving ahead with marketplaces we'll be individually responsible for and we are working closely with our partners on their timetables for their marketplace. our energy and resources are focused on getting it up and running. we are monitoring the contracts an step of the way. >> reporter: white house officials acknowledge there were red flags raised along the way. but nobody imagined the size and scope of the problem. bill: that takes us to the hearings. what can we expect? reporter: there are be tough questions and security and
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questions for henry chow about the vast majority of people will be able to sign up for obamacare on the website by the end of the month. they are going to put chow under oath to find out if he really believes that's realistic. martha: you remember just five days ago when the president announced the so-called fix for obamacare he was asked if he was ever told about the problems with the website before the launch. here's what he said. >> i'm accused of a lot of things but i don't think i'm stupid enough to say this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the website opens if i didn't think it was going to work. martha: we have these documents that seem to prove that kathleen
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sebelius and others at the white house knew there were problems with this website. robert gibbs suggested maybe people should be let go and should not oversee the rest of this process. we'll get reactions from a republican on the hearing. bill: the white house lowering the bar for the website saying success would be if 80 per of americans were able to sign up for plans at when asked about the other 20%, jay carney explained the website isn't such a big deal after all. >> when you talk about the two who may not stay with the website there are a variety of reasons that may not be the case. as hard as we work and will continue to work on improving the website and its functionality it has always been the case we need to make sure there are other avenues for
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people with complex situations or people who would rather not perform this kind of purchase online. bill: the vast majority of users were able to use the website in november and the website will be greatly improved by month's end. martha: managing expectations. it will be a vastly improved experience. 80 per of them you hear ratcheting down expectations. so we'll see what happens with that. what do you think about this? should people be fired? the president you would imagine be very upset if he said at that news conference he didn't know that this wasn't going to work. he never would have gone out on a limb. you have got to be unhappy with the people advising you in the
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west wing saying yes, we have got your back, this will be fine. bill: we'll see how these hearings go, too. the key questions we ask mike emanuel. you have got two hours to roll on that. martha: new details on another group losing their health insurance because of obamacare. it's a group that's extremely important to this program. it's college student. the low rate plans that were offered by many universities do not pass muster. the student are facing much higher premiums if they lose that university program and go on to the website and get something that was more expensive. one example is bowie state university of maryland, a lot of student were paying 100 a year for basic coverage. now they could face costs of $1,800 per year. that's a very tough nut for a
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lot of student trying to pay their tuition and books which they said themselves. stuart varney joins me now. stuart, another shoe drops in this story. >> reporter: this is very serious. this is another round of cancellations on top of what we have already seen. this is a key group. obamacare desperately needs young people to come into these insurance pools to pay for the older people who will be taking money out. the bare bones policies are basically sub standard. they have to be replaced with much more expensive coverage under the terms of obamacare. these plans from being canceled or replaced with much more expensive care. put yourself in the hands of a
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youngster in college, got to get your own insurance. you have got to, it's the law, and you are being asked to pay for something you don't want, to pay for something you don't need, and to pay for you find wildly expensive. you are not going to sign up. and that's another hit to obamacare. martha: this is a group that's so integral to the success of the program. from families that have health understand, they are covered until they are 26 under their parents' plan. this is a prime group of people who say the one that you have isn't good enough. what you need is the full comprehensive plan. but it will cost you $1,800 a year. >> reporter: this is the key group. this is the group of people who must sign up for obamacare to make the whole economics of obamacare actually work. are they going to sign up? they have got new insurance policies which are way more
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expensive than the old policies and they don't want the coverage that is being forced upon them. i think it's highly unlikely that the millions of youngsters who are required for obamacare will sign up. it's another notch in that running. it's spiraling down. i think it's collapsing internally. martha: one of the student quoted from that college said you haven't done anything for that college and i'm disappointed in you. so they thought they were going to be taken care of by this president and now they feel betrays. some of them anyway. >> reporter: that's the politics, the economics are also falling apart. bill: beyond college critics say young people will reject obamacare in droves because of the premiums. rand paul was making the case open "special report" last night. >> young people aren't buying it now. we are trying to force them with
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a penalty but even the penalty isn't doing it. it will essentially be a high risk pool iw which is expensive to cover. bill: many questions remaining how all this turns out. two hearings on tap. martha: a pair of twin bombings rocking lebanon's capital overnight. a powerful blast set off near iran's embassy in beruit. 23 people were killed in these explosions. 140 were injured. an affiliate of died has claimed responsibility threatening more attacks if iran does not pull its troops out of nearby syria. bill: picking up the pieces at home after this monster tornado. we have a look at the devastation in communities like washington, illinois. the pictures you are about to see have stunning.
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martha: how about this? the crack-smoking mayor of toronto is at it again. this time watch this. he takes out a 60-year-old woman. he's like a bull in a china shop. he has a tough time getting around that room. there she goes. bill: he caught her on the way down. points for recovery. george zimmerman arrested again. we have the 911 calls from florida. >> i'm doing this again. you just broke my glass table, you broke my sunglasses and put your gun in my face and told me to get out. this is not your house. get out of here.
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ey tell you whaf needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) martha: officials in the philippines are in the process of evacuating the victims from
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last week's monster typhoons. people are still showing up at the airport as they try to catch a flight to another near by island. the storm tore through the country more than a week ago. bill: a new report showing the obama administration knew about the problems with the website months before the launch in october. possibly as early as april. though this will be brought up in a hearing on the hill. in that hearing will be louisiana congressman steve selise. concerns were raised in march of last year. what do you know about this? >> we are all seeing the debacle of not just the website but all of the other problems related to people losing policies. a lot of things we predicted years ago. the president said we were wrong when we were making these predictions.
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in some the hearing we had secretary sebelius and others saying everything would be fine. but we are seeing that everything is not fine and they knew it. there was chaos where you literally had nobody in charge. bill: who was made aware of it in the spring? >> this goes all the way up to secretary sebelius. tavenner, the chief technology officer at the white house. the president is saying it's going to be like buying tv objectv onamazon. this website is a national embarrassment and the president should have known about it. if he didn't know about it, then there should be people held
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accountable and fired. we would test the smallest changes for weeks. they were making large changes days before rollout and not testing anything. bill: you can confirm that kathleen sebelius was aware. >> that's what this report shows, she was in these briefings. bill: can you confirm the president was briefed on this at some points? >> we don't know that yet. clearly people in the white house were briefed on this. if you are working for the president you are in the white house and you are being told this website is not going to work. there are major problems and you didn't tell your boss, then you should be fired. but if that person did tell the boss, then the president need to come clean. either the president knew about it and misled the public or he was misled by his own top staff in the white house and he ought to fire those people today. >> this has an outstanding national reputation.
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just about every major company in america called mackenzie when they need to troubleshoot something. and in this case they did as well. on april 18 of last year, kathleen sebelius appears before your committee, right? that day she said egg will be okay. >> she said the website was moving on track, everything was on track. clearly from this report that is not the case. so we got very serious questions in terms of the kind of testimony. we'll be getting candid testimony from the secretary and others under her in that agency when we were asking those direct questions months ago. bill: here is a statement from the white house that may come up today on a screen from our viewers. nobody anticipated the size and scope of the problems we experienced since the site launched. since that day experts have been working night and day to get it
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functioning. nobody anticipated the size and scope of the problems we experience. does that fly? >> it doesn't look that way from the mckenzie report that clearly shows multiple major problems. they were making major changes all along the way and this is what mckenzie talked about, not on was there no single person in charge, but they were continuing to make major changes where you didn't have a clear scope of what was success. how are you going to have a successful rollout if they couldn't define what success was when they were developing the software package. bill: you put out a statement saying it's like somebody setting your house on fire. is that the analogy? >> the president keeps telling people you might be losing your
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plan about it was a lousy plan anyway. i talked to people in my district who had their plans canceled and they like their plans. just because some unelected breweriate in washington doesn't like -- bureaucrat in washington doesn't like their plan, that not a decision they should be making. if they lose the plan because washington doesn't like it, there are people in washington will be held accountable. bill: there is a poll out that show the majority of americans agree with that. martha: today is a special day and they were 272 word that shaped our nation. four score and seven years ago. now 150 years later. the monumental get why i gettysg address, the president will not be attended.
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bill: george zimmerman awaking behind bars. why he was pea rested yesterday. >> my girlfriend is going crazy on me. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i unrstand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i... no? ok.
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bill: they are picking up the pieces all over the midwest. washington and illinois on the map is southwest of chicago by 150 miles now we see what the town looked like before and after the storm. look at the beautiful pristine country in the midwest. the storm takes a path of
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devastation right through the town. we can show an aerial view. the line of this tornado just ripped right through this town. down here these homes are in pristine condition. over here as well i can see that quite clearly on the map. if you lived on this side of town you are fine. but anywhere within that half mile range of where that storm ripped through your life has been changed forever. one person dead in that town, 122 people injured. this thipg steamed move so quickly through. wind 190 miles an hour. frankly not many homes or buildings anywhere stand a chance. martha: we focus on it several days and it's with these people several days as they try to rebuild and it's a rough one.
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george zimmerman waking up behind bars again this morning. this after he was arrested yesterday by the police who responded to a domestic disturbance call at his girlfriend's house. here is part of that call. >> where is his weapon at. get out of my house. do not push me out of my house. please he knows how to do this. he know how to play this game. martha: phil keating in sanford, florida with more. what triggered this whole thing? >> reporter: all side agree it began with a breakup argument that led to smashed furniture, a shotgun she claims and physical force. george zimmerman has been locked up at the seminole county jail in isolation just four months after walk out of the courthouse next door a free man.
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according to sheriff deputies he has been living with this new girlfriend since august shortly after separating from his wife. according to zimmerman's brother she is an old family friend. she called 911 during the argument. >> are you serious? i told you what's going on. i asked him to leave. he has a gun and he's break all of my stuff right now. he just broke my glass table. you broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my face and told me to get the [bleep] out. this is not your house. no, get out of here. bill: simmerman barricaded herself inside her house
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according to deputies. he called 911 to publicly record his version. she is pregnant with our child. she he she wants to raise the child on her own. as soon as i started packing up my stuff to leave, she changed, she started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me and throwing it outside. throwing it out of her room. throwing it all over the house. she broke a glass table that she threw something on it. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's department they confirmed that in fact she is not pregnant. so there is not a love child on the way. george zimmerman has a court appearance next door. he's charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief. martha: phil, thank you very much. he has had a hard time staying
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out of the news since he was acquitted. this is not the first time he has had a tangle with the poli police. bill: in a moment, the president is set to put the pressure on lawmakers over the sanction regarding iran. the commander-in-chief telling leading senators, republicans and democrats to back off and give tehran a break. up next. martha: it was a speech that lasted less than 2 minutes but it's still remembered more than a century and a half later. the gettysburg address is being remembered on the date it was given in 1863. why would the president not be there and those hallowed grounds today? i'm overhe hill.
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bill: it has been 150 years since abraham lincoln honored the dead and paid homage to freedom in the gettysburg address. james rosen is live at gettysburg today.
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for everything written about this address, there is still some mystery surrounding it. what do we need to know? >> reporter: primary among the mysteries is how the address sound. no sound recordings could be made in november 1863. we have only one clear and confirmed photograph of america's 16th president on site 150 years ago today, and it's believed it was snapped before he gave his address. we also don't know why for what is believed to be the earliest of the five cop is of the speech lincoln wrote out in his own hand, why it starts out being written in ink on handsome executive manage stationary and the last third of its is scrawled on paper. >> we know he did some
6:35 am
ad-libbing and added a few word. if you look at the first copy there is no phrase under god. and the newspaper reports having him say under god. >> reporter: as for the four copies of the speech he did the all after the fact so the speech could be published in memorial books and used to raise money for soldiers' relief. bill: this address has stood the test of time. why do scholars say it's become known as america's greatest oration. >> reporter: a lot of it has to do with brevity. 70 per of the word are only one syllable. it was dwraftd ordinary americans in mind. but historians say the dee key d historians say the key is that
6:36 am
he used the peach some link. >> i think the fundamental reason the gettysburg address speaks so eloquently decade after decade of american life because it is an ongoing challenge. it's a challenge for every generation of americans. live up to the example shown by those who fought and died at gettysburg. >> reporter: one final mystery is where president lincoln was standing when he delivered the gettysburg address. it's not part of the areas of the national park service toured by visitors here, it's part of what is a private cemetery.
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>> james is there this morning and there are reports that some of the local gettysburg community has been stunned that president obama would not come on this 150th anniversary today for the ceremony. we could not find any instance of the president ever visiting the battlefield either as a candidate or president. it has not stopped him from identifying with abraham lincoln. he announced his candidacy in 2007 in springfield, illinois, a place the president called home. and he was sworn into office both seems using the lincoln bible. steve hayes joins me now. so it is curious that a president who historically has used the inspiration of lincoln in such seminole moments in this presidency that he could not take advantage of what could be a strong moment for him. >> every time he had an
6:38 am
opportunity he sought to line himself up with abraham lincoln. he invited these comparisons. but if you look at the gettysburg address it's one of the great moments in american presidential history. today you have got barack obama out at the lowest point in his presidency, the lowest point. so i would imagine the white house probably didn't want to invite those contrasts. when he's announcing a campaign, when he's being inaugurated those are great ceremonial moments. they don't want to invite those comparisons. martha: lincoln oversaw a nation that was practically torn asunder and literally wrenched it back together. president obama oversees a nation that's see as very torn, very divided left and right on what the mission of the country should be. he could have taken this moment to rise above that and say what
6:39 am
these people fought for on this battlefield, the unity of this country is so important. it's something we have to fight for as well. >> i don't think he's in a position to make that argument because president obama is responsible for a lot of the divisions we see in the country today. president obama has sought to portray his political opponents as the bad guys. he sought to portray republicans as villianses. whether it was on the stimulus or healthcare battle. whether it's conduct of foreign policy. he made the arguments that republicans are block everything he wants to do. martha: i looked at the order of the ceremony, there is a wreath laying ceremony. one of the most historic spots in american history. there is a graveside salute to the up just begs the queste
6:40 am
there times when you can be a political and say i'm the president -- can be apolitical and say i'm the president of the entire country. we'll talk to ken burns about a project he's doing where he wants them to remember every word of the gettysburg address. >> earlier this summer i took my 8-year-old to gettysburg precisely because i thought it was important that she understand the history of the moment of the speech lincoln gave. it was important for her to understand what that meant for her life and the life of the country. martha: president clinton never went. george herbert walker bush did not attend and according to some accounts, president kennedy passed up the 100th anniversary of the gettysburg
6:41 am
address and went to dl has as that same -- weren't to dallas at that same moment. i urge everybody to go back and look at the text and read the speech because it's stunning and so important to our history. great to have you here as always. in new york, still. we cannot let him go. bill: they are going to give hip the key to the city. instead of visiting gettysburg, the president will be visiting with senators asking them not to go ahead with new sanctions on iran. why does he want congress to back off? martha: we go to this now. the crack-smoking mayor of toronto in action taking out a woman, but he caught her and he did apologize. we'll be right back.
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martha: the federal government is launching an official investigation into the safety of tesla electric cars after the batteries burst into flames after the cars ran off debris on the highway. apparently the debris was able to pierce the battery compartment. bill: a meeting at the white house about to get underway. president obama is about to ask senators including republicans and democrats to hold on on sanctions against iran. he says it could undermine nuclear talks. benjamin netanyahu is warning world leaders they are being played by tehran. >> iran is the world's nightmare.
6:46 am
bill: how do you, sir. >> good morning. bill: benjamin netanyahu sent out this tweet four minutes ago. it would be a great mistake to capitulate with iran. >> i think the administration is desperate to reach a deal with iran. but as more people examine the terms that may be signed in geneva this week, the less attractive they become. there is no doubt iran wants relief from the economic sanctions. but let's be clear, these sanctions have not slowed down the nuclear weapons. wait wants is to get back into the oil market and that's the concession the administration is poised to make, getting back
6:47 am
essentially nothing in return. bill: you think the white house is looking for a victory on something. >> the obama white house fears israel taking action against iran's nuclear program more than they fear iran getting a nuclear weapon. this deal which they admit is an interim deal is to buy more time for negotiation. iran is perfectly happy with that. they get relief from sanctions. they get international legitimacy. what could be wrong from their point of view? bill: you have got to convince a lot of people on this. a lot of democrats and republicans are pushing back about iran's intentions here. the white house is making the argument, if you tighten the sanctions it will make it more difficult to negotiate. explain that logic. >> i think they understand fundamentally that iran is pursuing a program that people
6:48 am
don't trust. if iran's program was truly peatful, it would be very easy to establish. they would open up the country to inspectors from the iaea. they have a lot of international personnel around and they are not going to do that. the reasoner in noting if to do that is they don't want the truth of the program to come out. the fact that the administration is rush, trying to cram this deal down the throats of congress and israel, i think shows that they fundamentally understand how weak their foundation is. bill: they walked away already and one would argue they were looking for a better deal and now, you wonder whether they will get that better deal. it appears they might. >> reporter: they made more concessions to iran. from iran's point of view we are negotiating with ourselves. so they would be just as happy to continue to receive concessions from the united states which is what we are giving even to the point where france opposed the deal. bill: one more point here.
6:49 am
the secretary said this. nothing that we are doing here in my judgment will put israel at any additional risk. i'm back full circle on this. let me make this clear, he said. we believe it reduces risk. wow. >> i think it's delusional. what secretary kerry also said is this deal was fail safe. from the point of view of anything going wrong that could endanger israel or the united states. you can't say that about any arms control deal. i think what this demonstrates is that the administration has gone over the top to try and sell the deal and it reflect.their concern that it rests on very shaky foundation. this is something they feel if they don't get the deal perhaps this week that people will realize that iran has been taking them to the cleaners and that deal will not come back. >> we are going to watch for reaction from the senators.
6:50 am
ambassador john bolton out of washington today. martha: the question being asked this morning is the white house terrified of the political ramifications if obamacare does fail. why rush limbaugh he the president is putting the pressure on democrats to come on in and circle the wagons. >> the message as gone out. you better not run away from us. because it isn't just obama. it isn't just obamacare. it's your way of life. hey, i notice your car yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) to share with family.
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shortage of frozen foul in your freezer. they are expected to produce 41 million turkeys. martha: why would the turkeys not gain weight? bill: what do you go for on the turkey? martha: the stuffing and mashed potatoes. bill: i go for the drumstick. martha: there you have it. i'm a white meat person basically. a little bit of drumstick and stuffing. are * has officially been stripped of all of his powers as a mayor. what about are * remind us of thanksgiving. he knocked over one of the council women. he cannot stay out of trouble. they got into a heated argument and he knocked her over. john roberts is with us. john, fill in the blanks for us.
6:55 am
what happened this time? >> toronto's crack-smoking mayor says he has not had a drink in the past 3 weeks. he has smoked crack in the last three weeks. but he comes into work stripped of his budget, stripped of his staff and most of his powers. a bizarre day yesterday at city hall when mayor ford running to the aid of his brother who thought was involved in an altercation bowled over a city councilmember pam mcconnell. it's just another example how this guy runs into controversy literally at every turn. he warned the council against taking action. in the end the council voted overwhelmingly to leave him mayor in name only and are * did not like it one bit.
6:56 am
>> if you think [inaudible] you guys have just attacked -- this is going to be an outright war in the next election. >> reporter: he said january 2 his name will be on the ballot. he will starting and october 27 of next year he plans to win. martha: thank you very much. bill: i need a drink after this. document show the white house knew about the issues with the website months before it went public and online. hearings into who knew what and when are about to begin.
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>> tuesday november 19th, 11 days to the obamacare website fix, the government is about to admit, no it will not martha: all righty, then. we're waiting to hear from the house republican leaders this morning. the gop is lacking ahead to 2014 as they prepare an election year
7:00 am
agenda. health care is a become issue. economy, budget, debt ceiling. when it happens we'll take you there live in a few moments. another fox news alert. awe the obamacare fiasco under the microscope. there will be a congressional hearing on warnings that the white house received that the site would crash and they were told by mcconcernssy and company, one of the finest business consultants out there months before the rollout they should be cautious about that. serious questions who knew about that. did the president know about the report from mcconcernssy? we'll see why nobody has been fired because of all this that is a big question. robert gibbs, the former press secretary asked that question. we welcome you to hour two of "america's newsroom." good to have you. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. our heads will not roll. martha: i certainly hope not.
7:01 am
bill: depending on how the hearings go. how high up the chain of command does this go? who knew what when, essentially. officials like kathleen sebelius are on the hot seat again. martha: we have a chief white house correspondent ed henry live from the white house. ed, a lot ever talk about rolling of heads issue and whether anybody will get a pink slip from the white house. >> reporter: martha, nobody has really been held accountable so far. there is new pressure with the revelations coming out at this hearing about the fact that months ago, people like kathleen sebelius, the health and assuming services secretary got a early warning from mckenzie and company that things were not going well. that might not square with what kathleen sebelius said in her testimony and interviews and whatnot that will get scrutiny. robert gibbs, the president's former white house press secretary told nbc yesterday, look, if this were the private sector somebody would be fired
7:02 am
already and held accountable. his successor jay carney, said he would not rule out a staff shake-up but he indicated it would be after the website got fixed. >> he believes his team ought to be and is focused on getting this right for the american people. making fixes to the website that are necessary. to make it functional for the people across the country. >> reporter: chief of staff denis mcdonough is supposed to be the quarterback. you're right, there will be lots of questions about what the president was informed about all of this, martha. martha: you would think the president would be angry with his folks for not really being straight with him how this looked t has been really tough for approval numbers have been weak in the wake of all this. it is not just republicans who are suggesting that changes should be made at the
7:03 am
white house, right? >> reporter: that's right. you certainly have had democrats in the senate, particularly, folks who are up for re-election and in some of those red states. mark pryor in arkansas who have been demanding real changes to the law. beyond heads rolling look, make substantive changes, in fairness to the president that is why he came out at look pat this is on me. i fumbleed. he tried after weeks of this took some responsibility but some republicans like mike lee says this is not about accountability and who knew what? it is about fixing this because it's a mess right now. take a listen. >> i think the most important question instead talking about who should get fired or where we he can track a pound of flesh, we need to find out how best help people hurt by obamacare and lost health care because of this law and that is really where we ought to be focused. >> reporter: you mentioned the president's low approval ratings. "washington post" abc poll has the president in their poll at
7:04 am
the lowest approval rating during his entire presidency. the health care law is down to 57% opposed to the health care law. that is extremely high number in the "washington post/abc news poll" as well. that is why there is pressure on the president. democrats lacking at the poll and joining republican pubs saying. bill: will heads roll at the white house because of botched rollout of obamacare? what do you think. @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. heads are rolling. we'll get to all could have those. martha: big question whose side is robert gibbs on at this point? is he softening the ground and there will be firing at the white house? discuss he suggest things are mismanaged and if he were there he would have done a better job.
7:05 am
bill: "washington post" poll we'll talk about that in 25 minutes. so much criticism to go around this singular issue. gibbs is not alone whether you're a democrat or republicanning. we're watching a hearing on the hill. peter doocy is life in washington. what do we expect. >> reporter: bill we'll see big holes in, hackers use to exploit consumers. we'll hear as you said from a white hat hacker a good guy hacker also the ceo of a company that is what he will say, bill. quote, there are clear indicators that even basic security was not built into the website. they are confident based on the exposures identified that the website has critical risks associated with it. and security concerns should be
7:06 am
remediated immediately. now take a look at this screen shot, taken by this white hat hacker that we'll hear from this morning. it shows profile information for people who have created individual accounts is very easily found with a simple unsecure google search. furthermore, another trick he used, typing plain quotation marks into the search bar on's homepage produced result that is suggest hackers are hitting the site very frequently, bill. >> peter, how severe did this morning's witnesses think the risk could be for identity theft? what are they saying about that? >> reporter: a huge concern, bill and grow ing every day in part because there are hundreds of bogus websites that look like designed by very clever but sinister hackers to basically trick consumers into giving up their personal data. one witness this morning,
7:07 am
dr. frederick chang will say, quote, there are many, many fake websites. to the extent users are concerned where to go they may be lureed to the wrong place. users should start their search for coverage on the actual website and not via a search engine. more experts this morning say it is possible to make more secure. in fact a professor from johns hopkins says if certain steps are taken there is no reason the site can't function as well as other huge, complicateed sites like google. bill: interesting. peter, thank you. we're waiting on this security identity theft. certainly a big deal there. peter, thank you for that. now watch ing and waiting for the republican leadership >> fox news alert. a group claiming a deadly attack
7:08 am
happened outside iran's embassy in beirut. 23 are dead including an iranian diplomat. they claim more attacks if their demands are not met. leland vittert is live. good morning, leland. >> reporter: good morning, martha. this group wants hezbollah to top fighting to support president assad in syria. they support president assad and hezbollah. they are fighting against the al qaeda-backed groups which are largely takeing over the rebel groups inside syria. we've seen the violence come full circle. the al qaeda groups now attacking iranians directly which is a spillover here into lebanon of the syrian civil war. this has clearly been a nightmare scenario as this proxy war inside syria, martha is expanding out and certainly could come full circle around the region. back to you. martha: leland, thank you very
7:09 am
much. volatile situation. bill: as we mentioned house speaker john boehner. let's listen. capitol hill right now. >> premiums are going to go down and i think what many people are seeing that the premiums are going right through the roof. listen, it is just one more reason why this health care law needs to be scraped now. >> good morning. the american people are very, very worried. you know moms and dads are worryed that they're going to lose their health care plan and this they have the one they have and they like and they're worryed they will actually be able to go to the same pediatrician they want their children to go to. young adults are now witnessing an increase in health care costs and wondering whether they can afford even a basic policy. individuals going on to the website are begining to fear that perhaps their identity will be stolen. millions of americans, we know
7:10 am
now are receiving cancellation notices from insurance companies. the president broke a major promise. to the american people. and now it is hard for them to trust any assurances under this law. we've heard the president say that he didn't know about the problems with the website. but yet a report has just come out to say they were warning signs throughout the white house from a report back in march there would be a problem with the rollout of this health care law. now, nancy pelosi and the house democrats were some of the architects of obamacare. they helped design this law. last week 39 of them joined us in trying to help americans that are being hurt under this law. it is time for the senate to join them and join us and act to help protect the american people >> we all know the famous quote
7:11 am
by then speaker nancy pelosi that you have to pass the bill to know what's in it. the american people, 55%, disapprove of this law. mainly because of the three main principle waves of the law itself. first it was the website. didn't work. "consumer reports", have you ever noticed "consumer reports" to recommend you not to go to a website? they recommend americans not go to the website because of fear of having fraud. the failure of the president to say, if you have your health care and you like it you can keep it. americans know now it was not true and he wasn't being honest. the final wave of principle of failure is going to be the cost, the idea this would lower costs. they say it will raise the costs. you won't be able to keep your doctor. it is time now for the senate to act with us as the american people continue to see this is a major failure and will not solve the problem.
7:12 am
>> this week i got a letter from maureen hunter. she lives in spokane valley. this is what she wrote to me. cathy, like so many others i've had my health insurance policy canceled. my policy was affordable and filled my needs as a 63-year-old woman. i feel so helpless and my heart is heavy. i've worked since i was 13 and i've done what i could to be productive and responsible. do you see a way out of this awful situation for me and millions like me? how did people like me end up being on the casualty list? please help. her words struck me because she is not different than millions of hard-working average americans all across this country. we've heard the numbers. over 5 million have received a letter canceling their health insurance policy. yet just over 100,000 have signed up for the plan but these
7:13 am
are more than just numbers. these are real people that are being impacted like maureen who come january 1st doesn't know whether or not she will be able to go see her doctor. now, the house has passed a legislative solution. the president has proposed this political fix, short term. in states like mine, washington state, the governor and the insurance commissioner have said they are not going to implement the president's quick fix. so it leaves people like maureen wondering what is going to happen on january 1st. bill: she is certainly not alone. website, keep your plan, the cost, a major failure is the message from the house republican leadership on obamacare. that continues, headlines in a moment with more. martha. martha: big question in light of all of this. are liberals scared that democrats may jump ship as obamacare falls short. rush limbaugh weighs in on that.
7:14 am
>> democrats who are vulnerable in 2014, who are running away from it and i think the regime is scared of this. , i really do. martha: he really does but what does bob beckel think? he will join us next. the best waters on earth... like the cold alaskan seas. it's the cleanes clearest water. a haven for crab. [ male announcer ] and the unspoiled cst of maine. maine lobster is the tastiest, the sweetest. [ male announcer ] we serve it the only way seafood should be... prepared to order by experts. if i wouldn't eat it, i'm not gonna serve it. [ le announcer nd delivered hot from our kitchen, right your table. ♪ that's how sea food differently. now get ten dollars off any two seafood bakes, crabr lobster entrees.
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martha: interesting development here. because the president told his staunchest supporters he is ready for a battle with republicans and he knows this time it will be over health care. >> there are a lot of vested interests and obviously we're not getting a lot of cooperation from the other party. i've run my last political campaign. i have one more campaign in me and that is making sure this law works. martha: interesting. that was on a conference call with some of the biggest obama supporters. many of them are still around from the election and he is trying to rally them to this cause now and this fight. but rush limbaugh says that democrats are being warned they
7:18 am
need to circle the wagons and stay the course. >> democrats who are vulnerable in 2014, who are running away from it, and i think the regime is scared of this, i really do, and that's what, the message has gone out, you better not run away from us, because it isn't just obama, it isn't just obamacare. it is your way of life. it is liberalism, big government will go by the wayside if you people abandon us and let this thing go down the tubes. martha: bob beckel joins me now, former democratic campaign manager and co-host of "the five." is there this fear of liberals this huge initiative by this president, which encompasses so much of his hope and change agenda, may be in real trouble? >> sure there is. but you can't go through it day by day and listen to the news reports and listen to the reality of what is happening not be concerned about it. the issue is when rush says you're supposed to circle the wagons, of course you will circle the wagons, but what is
7:19 am
your choice? idea somehow you distance yourself from a president in the midterm of a second term election which historically has been a rough election for the party in power. martha: people ran away from george bush on issue of iraq. they didn't want him campaigning with them. they kept him at arms length. that may happen with health care as well. >> i'm sure it will. if you voted for this thing and on record on it, then you will have to pay some consequences for it, but, i continue to repeat, when i hear things like this is the death of liberalism, i heard this historically over the years where the death of conservatism was as late as 2008. and yet conservatism came back. there are cycles in american politics. this is one of them. now this one happens to be more personal for people than the iraq war was. as you and i talked about but i'm not so sure that what we see today is what we're going to see in november. one of the problems we've got in america, in the american
7:20 am
political analysis world, we take the events of today and sort of transport them 12 months down the road to an election and assume what is going on today will be going on then. by then i sumos people who had policies canceled will have made arrangements. martha: that could be. that could absolutely be. in terms of the issue big government, small post, liberalism and conservatism, we have new polls out that i think are interesting. 56% of adults say it is not the federal government's responsibility to provide health care for all americans. that is the broad number. this is a gal up number. look at the independent number because this will be of great interest to anybody running for office in the midterm. 55% of independents say, no, the government is not responsible for providing health care. and that number, bob, is up 2points since 2000. the whole course of the obama presidency when apparently a lot of those folks thought it was a great idea. they have all changed their mind. >> it will be very tough right
7:21 am
now to have a new initiative would be federal government takeing over anything. it will be a while happens. now, you get this kind of reaction. you can't go through this day by day, drumming on the affordable care act and not assume that it is going to take political damage and it has. now for democrats they're running scared. if i were still a political consultant i would say to my candidate, i would not campaign with obama out in the field. i would take his money. certainly that is always helpful but i can think of endless number of campaigns people said that in the midterm. martha: what do they say ? i will vote for repeal. i changed my mind. i don't like this bill? are they going to jump ship? he saying don't do that. >> the idea of voting for repeal is bad politics you can't get to the other side after republican candidate on that. what are they going to say, vote against it now? where were you when it came up in the first place. that is one of the problems. martha: these numbers say they will have a hard time. >> that is the cards dealt to
7:22 am
them and they have to play. martha: bob, good to see you. thanks for coming to "america's newsroom." we'll see you tonight on "the five." >> all right. bill: a apology for nasty on-air attack. nbc's martin bashir sparking outrage for thisu comment againt sarah palin. it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! and i have no feet... i really didn't think this through. trust the midas touch. for brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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>> good thing 150 years ago the gettysburg addressed delivered four and half month after the battle and if our next guest had his way all-americans would memorize and recite it like
7:26 am
these americans. >> we are live from gettysburg is ken burn and creator of the address and he did the program we watched there and another one coming out in april on pbs. what a day it must be. you got all five living preside presidents to participate. >> i made a video with kids with learning disabilities and i was impressed by them memorizing the gettysburg address i started and got people from both sides of the
7:27 am
political aisle and they all volunteered to read it and inspire us to come together. we are fracture and it is important we do some things together and that was the message 150 years go to this moment. an important part of americans sticking together. >>o'reily and mado had dinner each week. just kidding. there is a couple things about why it is so important and one was the school in vermont. you said for lincoln it was our marching orders. we doubled down on the decrela i
7:28 am
decrelation of independence. >> he owned americans while he did that and then the civil war began. lincoln went to the greatest battle sight every and doubled down on it and said we do believe all men are created equal and we can have freedom. it is our marching orders. and it has been our model since. so on the first anniversary of 9-11 what did we read out loud? the gettysburg address. these are our finest words. were referring about our county we said the united states and
7:29 am
plural our. but now it is one thing. a nation. it is lincoln's genioious to go from where we are today to now. >> the people shall not parish from the earth. >> thank you, ken. >> one major public university taking a giant step for free speech and what it means for n conservatives. >> and are we seeing a significant term and the end of the obamacare presidency? our panel weighs in. don't go away.
7:30 am
7:31 am
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expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> there is breaking news coming from the state of virginia at this hour. the state senator, deeds, who once ran for governor in 2009 is in critical condition with stab wounds. there are multiple reports out
7:34 am
there that there is also a person who is deceased at the residence as well. and that person is his 24-year-old son gus who died from a gunshot wound. a tragic and really, you know, incredible story we are learning this morning. cray deed in the hospital with stab wounds and his son gus dead from a gunshot at his house. we will bring you more as it comes in. >> 34 past the hour and the obamacare fiasco has been a drag in the poll numbers. the president is at the lowest point of his presidency. 57% of americans oppose obamacare.
7:35 am
40% approve. we have ebony williams here and also jettida. how low will they go? >> obama's personality creditability is at stake now. many felt he was telling the truth and the kind of guy he would sit down and have a beer with. now he is the president that lide -- lied -- to them and when you couple with the fact they were warned about this and that it would affect the employer plans and cost that are 2-3 times the cost of the plan they had, i think they feel betrayed. >> the white house is looking
7:36 am
for good news on this and it isn't happening. what do you think about this, ebony? >> i think this is more about the personal likability and that is what he is relying on coming back from high poll numbers. a year from 2011, he got over the 50 percent threshold so if is possibility. but he has the creditability issue. i would recommend a gesture of faith and get behind the legislation that allows people to keep their policy >> i think people thought that was what was in the works thursday, but it didn't go far enough. back to the poll numbers and
7:37 am
then pick up on the personal approval of the government. how good and strong it has been for five years and held him up until you see numbers like these. 63% disapprove with the new law. his entire presidency for the moment not able to forecast the next three years. but the entire presidency is now sitting and riding on this piece of legislation. >> this is obamacare. it is president obama's obamacare. and that is why it is strange to say he didn't know the details. no, if this is what your legacy rest on, i am giving him credit saying he should be smart enough
7:38 am
to know what happened. he saw republicans running on appealing obamacare and standing up against the policies and let people keep their plans or those democrats will face difficulty getting reelected. >> we will see how many democrats jump aboard the same ship. ebony? >> i am a part of the disapproval of the handling the president has done. it is time for plain talk. no more broken promises or the website will be fixed by the end of the month. plain talk and be direct. >> it isn't going to matter >> you want that, but did you expect that? >> i don't expect it and it isn't going to matter because it is bad policy. >> ebony, do you expect that?
7:39 am
>> i do because he is never going to pivot away from this and three years is too long to be a sitting duck. he has to move on and can't do that until the americans trust his ability. >> they are out of touch and still out calling people's plan substandard. that is not the government's right to decide what is substandard and what isn't. >> this is an albatross for the next three years unless it gets better >> breaking news from virginia and very disturbing story about former gubernatorial state senator cray deeds. he is in critical condition and the reports we are hearing from virginia and national democratic sources are telling fox nauz news it is alleged the son
7:40 am
stabbed him and then the son, gus, shot himself that their home. deeds is in critical condition at this hour. we are working on our sources in washington and in virginia and we will bring your more on this live, breaking news as it develops. in the meantime, msnbc martin was smarbg sparking outrage about the comment regarding sarah palin. wait until you hear about this. sarah palin
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> working on this breaking news and a shocking story prfrom virginia. this is along the west virginia border. the virginia law enforcement sources are saying the democratic state senator craig
7:44 am
deeds, at one time a gubernatorial, was stabbed by his son who shot himself. he is in critical condition and has been transported to another hospital. this is a guy who is poplar in his home state of virginia and we are trying to sort through the details and figure out the facts. steve has been working the story and jay gibson. >> reporter: deeds was in his home and this is from law enforcement, democratic sources speaking to virginia law enforcement are telling us they are hearing this, cray deeds son stabbed his father and shot himself. deeds was taken to the university of virginia hospital and is in critical condition.
7:45 am
that is all we know now. except we know in 2009, deeds did run for the governor of virginia and lost in the primary to terry mccall who is now the governor elect of virginia and deeds is a longtime state maker. and we don't have anything further except critical condition in the hospital and this is what we are hearing happened. that his son stabbed him and then shot himself. we will keep you posted and get more details. >> steve, thank you. rushing to the micrmicrophone t. he was well-known throughout the state despite the failed attempt at governor. this is a guy that has strong state recognition.
7:46 am
did he lose steve? steve is with us in washington on the news of cray deeds at the hospital listed in critical condition >> tragic family story playing out and we will get more details. but we remember when deeds ran for governor and became a state senator. long-time political name in that state. and just a tragedy appears to have unfolded. 24-year-old son gus, according to the law enforcement reports we are seeing, stabbed his father and then allegedly killed himself in what has unfolded as an awful, awful, moment and morning on tuesday for the deeds' family. our thoughts go out to them and we will continue to cover the story and get you the latest as it is available. let's go to janna now.
7:47 am
>> what a story so far and the headlines coming out. obamacare is returning to the top of the news as hearing are back on and a new poll is out. and a new warning to parents about spicy snacks for kids and detergent pods you might use. and a segment for treatment of depression that doesn't cost a thing. and the appenniversary of the t get-tysbuget-ty gettysburg address. >> and getting a statement from the governor of virginia saying
7:48 am
our thoughts and prayers are with the family and our state unites in prayer for deeds and his family. he is 55 and served in the state senate going back to 2011 representing bath county. he lost two state-wide governor races against bob mcdonald. the statement from the governor is now in and we are waiting more news from the richmond times dispatch and others in the state of virginia >> we will get your more as week. in the meantime, msnbc sparking o outrage over what he said about sarah palin. is his apology enough? howard weighs in.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> all right. we are back. we have appen apology to sarah palin after suggesting someone should defecate on the former vip because of comments she made. she says they were unacceptable. >> i want to take this opportunity to say sorry to ms. palin and offer an apology to friends, family, supporters and our viewers and anyone who may have heard what i said. >> he is a fox news media analyst and the host of media buzz. this is unbelievable, howard. i don't know how you get away with saying something like this on cable news/national television. what do you think of this?
7:53 am
>> it is sad, pathetic and disgusting. and he is a former coanchor of nig nightline. i am glad he apologized and pocked about the politics of destruction and he is a slashing and personal style. where our his bosses? not a word from the network executives and no suspension of him. even though ed shultz was suspended for calling someone an right wing bleslut. >> when we tacked about it this morning it was like how do you verbalize what they are saying? i am not sure why martin is getting treated differently.
7:54 am
especially given the fact it is worse than what these two folks said on these shows. how is this he is able to keep doing the show? can you imagine if someone of the caliber of his competitors said anything like this about hilary clinton and what would be going on in his country. >> msnbc would be jumping up and down about this all day long. and sarah palin gave a speech and likened the national debt to slavery. i think it is fair game for criticism but this wasn't an offhand remark you might make. this was a long scripted read off from a tell prompter and
7:55 am
talked about the way slaves were punished and wished sarah palin was punish would the same way and that is defecation. it is amazing msnbc hasn't done anything about this. i cannot figure it out. >> it suggest they don't think it is a big deal. when it comes to certain people all bets are off it and it okay to pick on them because of their believes. >> i hear a lot of harsh things said on television, not just by liberals either. he calls her a dunce and idiot, and that plays to the base and
7:56 am
he despises republicans. it says something about the standards of the network and i think it will build and they will be forced to address the remar remarks. >> i suggest everybody read the piece and send your thoughts to msn msnbc. thank you. >> not a word yet as he said. yet. new revelation about what was known about obamacare before the site waslaunched. launched.
7:57 am
wib website
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7:59 am
bill: so the oxford dictionary, added a new word. martha: what is it? bill: called the self if i.
8:00 am
we do this every day before we start the show. martha: we do not. selfies are not easy to take. teenagers are expert at it. bill: beat out twerk and bitcoin martha: i bye, everybody. see you tomorrow. jenna: we begin with a fox news alert today as we take you live to capitol hill. the security of data on the obamacare website is the focal appointment after congressional hearing right now. members of the house energy and commerce committee are expected to grill the site's top i.t. person on security and why the administration pushed ahead with the rollout despite months and months of warning are problems to come. we'll bring you highlights from the hearing and developments as soon as they happen. first, brand new stories you only see here. jon: the government launches an investigation into the safety of a popular and very expensive electric car, this after several batter


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