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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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tom brady lose it's a good thing for me. wrad brady is a great quarterback. you've got to give him his due. thank you for being with us. don't forget start each weekday morning with fox and friends we'll see you back here, home fully, tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> yonk i'm stupid enough to go around saying like this is going to be shopping like amazon or travelocity a week before the web site opens if i thought it wasn't going to work. >> the folks may be turning against obama. is the administration unraveling? we will give you the facts tonight. >> videos of the knockout game are popping up all over the internet innocent victims punched in the face for no reason. deaths have been reported in new york and new jersey. >> latest trend among violent young black males attacking random people and putting the assaults on the net. why is this story not being reported more widely?
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bernie goldberg on that. >> he is in my house breaking all my [bleep] i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now. >> once again, george zimmerman jailed in florida. is it legal will explore this very troubling story. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the folks may be turning against president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the polling is grim. as the president continues to get hammered over obamacare and a perceived lack of leadership. a new "the washington post" abc news poll where more democrats participated than republicans says the following. 55% now disapprove of the way president obama is handling his job.
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52% have unfavorable of barack obama. 57% oppose obamacare. whopping 55% requiring mandatory health insurance or pay a fine. finally 71% of american adults want to delay the affordable healthcare law 71%. that's devastating and damaging to president obama going forward. talking points doesn't say that with any joy. sad to see the nation in this situation. the new gallup poll spotlights the main problem it says a 6% of american adults believe the government is not, not responsible for providing health insurance to we the people. just 42% say it is. now, no question is blood in the political water and when that happens, when a president shows weakness, his administration comes under siege. all kinds of things emerge. for example, the "new york post" is reporting that the
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census bureau may have fabricated unemployment numbers one month before the presidential election last year. in october of 2012, the unemployment number dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%. some economists found that very harvard to believe. immediately after the election, the unemployment rate went back up to 7.9%. if it's proved that unemployment numbers were manipulated, there will be hell to pay. already the house oversight committee has announced it will investigate. tonight, there are reports debunking the story and we will have more on it tomorrow. so, you can see, there is more chaos on the horizon. and every american will feel it. we are a country that depends on a robust economy. we don't have one. president obama vowed to make national health insurance mandates work. so far, the new law is a disaster. again, when a president becomes weakened, people take advantage. both within the country and abroad.
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that's the memo. one of the little known parts of obamacare is an option for the feds to reimburse private health insurance companies if they are not making enough money under the affordable healthcare law. in effect the feds would subsidize private insurance companies if they don't make profit from obamacare. that part of the law has ackered some people. joining us now from washington, florida senator marco rubio has introduced a bill that would prevent any such reimbursement. so, senator, i don't think harry reid is going to allow that bill to come up for a vote. what say you? >> well, he may not initially but i think ultimately he will have to. the idea that the federal government should be baking out insurance companies in order to make obamacare work, that's not something a lot of people are aware of and i haven't taken a poll on it but i guarantee you it would be new jerseyly unhop par. the motion key have to take taxpayer dollars make obamacarework. that's a testament why this entire law needs to be
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repealed. the sooner the better. it will take some time because senator reid and many democrats have been stubborn about this and continue to be turn stubborn. >> they are going to protect the president's flank no matter what. you are going to have to basically take your cause to the people, which you are doing tonight here on the factor. put pressure on reid to put it up. but, what is the threshold? you say well, if they are not making enough money, it's not spelled out, is it, in the affordable healthcare law? >> no. isn't. says any short falls that may happen as a result of the law that they are going to come in and make up for it according to the rules, the way they have written it, any amount. pour hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer plans. you talk about taking it directly to the people. i already see it the damage body language on capitol hill different than it was a month and a half ago. different than it was a couple weeks ago. >> no doubt they are scared particularly the ones that have to run for office next year. >> that's right. >> this insurance thing is interesting because i didn't know this.
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when did you find out about it? did you know it before the vote on obamacare? when did you find out? >> well, i wasn't here when they voted on obamacare. can i tell you we have been studying it over the last few months. have been looking at outside groups. looking at what it meant we wanted to be responsible. it is exactly what i said. after last friday the likelihood that they are going to have to come in and bail out companies is going to increase exponentially. counting on people their insurance to be part of their exchanges. have to charge higher premiums which goes against the very thing that the law was sold on or they are going to have to be bailed out by the taxpayers. >> even if they charge higher premiums, which most of them will, i mean the initial data says that people holding private insurance and now as we reported last night here on fox news, even in plans paid for partially by their employers, everything is going bawp because they are not getting the groundswell of people coming in because people can't come in because the machines don't work.
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so. >> if you charge a higher premium, less people will be on these plan mean you have to charge higher premium. you get into that death spiral. that's where this thing is headed no doubt about it it no doubt about that. >> and i said this very early on. that the administration will do anything it can to keep this thing floating. and now we see that federal dollars could be handed, to given to private insurance companies if they don't make enough jack bailout like the auto bailout. it's a bailout. >> the administration doesn't care how much the deficit runs up. they don't care. obviously they don't care. that's what they have been doing for five years running up huge debt. little more debt to carry obamacare on the rolls, they are going to do it. >> what makes this worse this would be every year. these plans don't need one year they need ongoing bailout. >> i thought it was a three year threshold every year for those three years over a
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period of time it's going to be rolling. this thing is not going to go away. bailouts happen one time. they weren't good. this one is over a period of years. so, again, this law cannot be saved. it will have to be repealed. and the question is how long will it take for democrats to realize that and cooperate in that endeavor. so far i think upper echelons of the democratic party still being very stubborn about it my prediction is check back in 8 weeks. >> you have already introduced this bill. you have talked to reid? you have given him a call and said hey, we need to caucus on this? we need to get this up and running? you have? >> i haven't. we haven't reached out to him. i have talked to other senate colleagues who were shocked, particularly in the democratic party shocked this provision was in there. start hearing more about it i have a feeling i will be getting more phone calls i have to be making over the next few days as more people become aware this is one more aspect of this law that noun new about. >> absolutely right. thank you senator for keeping us posted. thank you for your time this evening. >> another example of senseless brutal crimes
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at any mfraud could mean blower credit scores. and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at weekdays with bernie segment tonight another example of young black americans committing senseless crimes. it is called the knockout game. innocent people being assaulted and the attacks posted on the net. >> videos of the knockout became are popping up all over the internet. innocent victims punched in the face for no reason. deaths have been recorded in new york and new jersey. so with conley a victim of the knockout game when she was assaulted in the district friday night? >> i don't know if it's the knockout game. i know that i got hit in the face. it was hard enough that it could have knocked me off my bike. and one of the kids who was in the group kind of cut in front of me and then over
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parallel going crossing in the other way. and as we crossed, he reached out with his left hand and punched me in the face. >> when she told a friend what happened to her, the friend said it sounded like the knockout game. so conley googled it and found out another woman was assaulted in a similar fashion the night before. >> when i called back, they said they got multiple calls on friday night from other people who reported similar things. >> and those similar things are violent crimes largely committed by young black male men. but this story has not received much national attention. joining us from miami, the purveyor of mr. goldberg that afill i can't say was washington, d.c. you picked up on it early. what's your overall take. let's deal with with this crime wave first and then how the media is responding to it. >> well it's savagetry.
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it's give to watch those tapes. as far as the media is concerned, if i can get to that the reason most of the people watching us tonight are probably shocked by watching these videos and don't knowing anything about them because as you rightly said they are getting precious little attention that we could find in the "new york post" or the evening newscast. i think there is a reason for. this it's not a journalistic reason. let's imagine that what we are seeing here is white people attacking -- white kids attacking black people. that in cities like st. louis and washington, and milwaukee and who he bok hoboken new york. young white kids got together and said let's start this game. we will call it the knockout. and they go around and some black guy is coming home from work and out of blue they just hit him in the faces a hard as they can and he goes down, and then,
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their idiotic white friends giggle about it like a bunch of hyenas and then they post it on the internet. that would obviously be a national news story because it's orchestrated racial violence. but this isn't. this isn't. >> it would all be a federal crime because it would be a bias crime. now, this is a bias crime, too. but i want to be careful here. because i don't know how pervasive it is. and i don't know if it's all young black men targeting white people. is it all young black men targeting white people or is there j the best we could figure on the one end. on the attacker end everything we have seen are young black men. now, there may be -- that one of the women who got knocked down in the video that you showed. one of the people, that may have been a woman. i can't tell. and it may have been a black woman. that's possible. but, generally speaking, it's it black young men
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attacking white people. as a matter of fact, bill, in some places, they have another name for it it's polar bear hunting. polar bear, polar bear because polar bears are white. since this is not a journalistic decision, obviously this is a legitimate news story, obviously. this is a white liberal paternalistic decision. the white liberals in the media, at places that aren't covering this are saying, you know what? we don't want to give any ammo to those white racist conservatives out there because they equate conservatism with racism anyway. so let's just make believe this isn't happening. how despicable. how disgraceful to make believe something that has spread from one city to another isn't a legitimate news story. and to pick up on what you rightly said, most black kids aren't doing this, i hope that's obvious to everybody. most black kids don't do this.
8:17 pm
but disproportionate number are either doing that or are walking into the stores and hauling entire racks of clothing out on to the street. this is like lord of the flies. this is crazy stuff. and the black establishment civil rights establishment has been silent on this. >>ner not -- it is a troubling situation. it all goes back to an len nation of young black men in this country for a number of reasons. but primarily because they're angry they didn't have a family and their father abandoned them and all of that that's where it goes back to. >> absolutely. >> never acting out on the street and they are sold a bill of goods by the civil rights people that white society is the fault because you are unhappy, it's the whites doing it to you. and so they're whacking whites. but, with the internet and the notoriety, this thing could really get out of control. i will give you the last
8:18 pm
word. >> that's right. on the fatherless part, you and i have been two of the few people that are constantly talking about this. i don't know any of these kids obviously, but i will let bet you 95% of them didn't grow up with a father in the house, number one. number two, on the other part of what you said about blaming white society. what happened after the travon martin case you? had jackson, you had sharpton, you had sanctimonious tavis smiley all going on television all talking about painting a fairy tale picture how young black males being hunted down by white people it was absurd. on this they say nothing. it's important, it speaks to their failure as black leaders. they don't know what to do about this. >> all right, bernie, thanks very much. we appreciate it collectly ahead we have reaction to the enitem pick of crime by young black men in america. and also to oprah using the race card while talking about president obama. then, stossel going
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impact segment tonight. rangsz to our report on the knockout game and the comments made by oprah winfrey that much of the derision directed towards president obama is because of his skin color. with us is jacques degraph a fox news contributor. all right, first the knackout game. why do you think that's happening? >> because there are many alienated black youth in america. and then there are many alienated youth in america. in the african-american community there are people who are doing things about it to address it. you just don't hear about it or it's not -- >> -- i don't know how effective it's being with the the crime stats the way they are. >> crime is going down in new york city.
8:23 pm
>> not among young black males. do these people, in your experience, know right from wrong? do they know right from wrong? >> i think they know right from wrong. they are angry. they are alienated and like other alienated youth they are acting out. >> so they don't mind, you know, if you punch somebody like that, you could kill them. you could literally kill they will. >> i don't pretend to know what's going on in the mind of a 14-year-old. >> wouldn't that be an important thing to know? i'm not getting -- i understand the alienation, said that myself. i understand the anger that the families dissolve and they don't have a dad and i would be angry too if that were my situation. >> there are a lot of families whose families dissolved. >> who have made it and not done it. >> organizations that have done things like the 100 black men who opened schools for young men in those high crime areas. >> there are always organizations that try to help. >> he will with, because it was said earlier that where are the black leaders? black leaders are on on ofront line deal with this waiting for help. >> they're the anonymous black leaders.
8:24 pm
the black leaders -- >> -- we are not anonymous. >> yeah you are. nobody knows. >> you are running after a few leaders. >> the leaders who have the visibility and the television time and the money, they are not doing jack. they are not doing anything. >> excuse me, when al sharpton did -- protested gun violence by going into the tough areas at midnight and holding around the clock prayer vigils, that was not covered. al sharpton did that. >> with all due respect to reverend sharpton i think most people think is he a charlton. >> maybe most people at your house but not people in america. >> you don't think if we did a poll most people wouldn't think he is a ler. >> there was a time when the head of the fbi called martin luther king a communist person. >> you are not going to compare sharpton to martin luther king. you are not going to sit there and do that. >> public opinion of people who make a difference at the time they are making the difference is always different than how history judges. >> i think the facts speak for themselves. martin luther king vs. al sharpton i will let those facts speak for themselves.
8:25 pm
>> leaders that make a difference. >> oprah playing a race card saying that a lot of the criticism directed towards president obama is the color of his skin. >> it's a widely held belief. >> is it true. >> yeah, it's it's absolutely true. >> you you think most of the criticism or much of the criticism. >> i didn't say that. >> directed at him is because he has dark skin? you you really believe that. >> no, that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying because is he african-american, because he was at harvard review, because is he a constitutional scholar, because is he uppity, things like rescuing the banks bailing out auto industry. putting al qaeda on heel. leadership against people who have been against him from day one, vitriolic, mean-spirited, hateful, before he even got, in the only question why this leader why now? >> what about bush the younger? wasn't he criticized as vehemently as president obama? >> no. >> you don't believe that. >> no. >> really? >> he was criticized and i'm
8:26 pm
old enough to have seen the criticism at one time against lbj very personal against nixon. very personal. but the office was not demeaned. and the office has been disrespected when barack obama. >> you don't think the office was demeaned under bush the younger bush lied, people died? that was the slogan on the far left bush died, -- bush lied, people died. >> during the state of the union and that's a different platform and different issue. that's a u.s. official. >> i'm not getting that but, i think jfk got it a lot worse than barack obama because is he a roman catholic. >> that's your opinion. i don't agree with it but that's your opinion. >> you don't agree with that? >> i'm saying he faced discrimination and bigotry and others have faced discrimination and bigotry the level of this is directed at barack obama because his skin is black. >> let me just tell you one thing, read "killing kennedy" and you will see what the climate was in dallas texas against jfk when he came down there and shot down there. you tell me if there is another american city that feels that way against barack obama and i will tell
8:27 pm
you it doesn't exist. >> it's a pervasive. a city called washington where a lot of this mean-spirited if not hateful behavior emanates from. >> it's ideological not racial. >> it has repercussions in the real world, bill. >> good debate. reverend good to he sue. >> good to see. >> you john stossel on charitable giving and why americans waste so much money in that arena. stossel going undercover. then is it legal on george zimmerman arrested again. also some cops shooting at a mother and her kids in a minivan. minivan. we hop hey wayn quick question...
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>> stossel matter seeing isment tonight. charitable giving with thanksgiving and christmas coming on quickly. many americans will give their hard ownerred money to try to help people. you should know that because you guys buy stuff on bill o' i will be donating about $200,000 it to various charities between now and the first of the year. i fervently hope all of that money is used properly and i think it will be because we researched the chairs before donating. many americans do not as john stossel reported when he went undercover. i ready to free load. >> i put on a fake beard and tried free loading in new york city. people gave me money. they gave me money when my cardboard sign said homeless and cold and even gave when i changed it to need a beer thank you. >> when we asked givers why they gave people said things like this.
8:32 pm
>> that guy looked pretty needy, i suppose. >> i just begged for an hour but i about well. if i did this for an 8 hour day i would have made the 90 bucks. 23,000 for a year tax-free. >> here now is stossel. what were you trying to get across in that report? >> i wasn't saying you can make a good living begging. i was trying to illustrate why all the people who work with the homeless say don't give them money. they are almost all, if not all scams. and you are national enabler. you are helping a guy with a drug problem or alcohol problem buy intoxicant. give to groups to help them. >> americans, would you say that we basically generally are a generous people. >> yeah, much more than other people in other countries. >> all the studies show that we are very charitable people. you know what's interesting. the bottom earners give more proportionately than the top. because the top get addicted
8:33 pm
to all kinds of material things. it's a very complicated world in which we live. and charity navigators where i go and then i -- when i give money to somebody i have got to know them personally, you know, i just wrote a big check to a homeless operation today but i know the woman, mary brznehan people come at me and it's hard to vet them. people vet like charity navigator like you said. they are very imperfect because they can get lied to. they don't all the charities. they talk about how much for fundraising. how much for program. definition of program is fuzzy. i also give to groups that i can personally keep an eye on. i saw some guys here in the street in new york picking up trash dressed in blue. they had a spring in their step. i checked this group out called the dough fund, ready, will and able. >> they are drug rehab group. substance abuse rehab group. >> prison rehab group.
8:34 pm
and they seem to have a good record. i thought somebody is doing right with these guys. i give them money. >> here is what i recommend and you tell me if i am right or wrong. i want people in their hometowns to donate locally. >> i agree. >> rather than these big, big funds where you do have offices and -- go local where you know and you can get involved and you see what the results are i think that's the way to do it. >> secondly, if you get the phone call, skip those charities. the telemarketers often. >> they take a big piece. >> 90% of the phone money. >> huge piece. and, you know, and then there is -- there are organizations that don't use the money the way you want them to. and, i'm not going to mention the name but huge charity we are investigating right now. >> you will mention the name. >> well, if i think they are doing wrong, i certainly will. but i don't want to besmirch them until we have the facts. john stossel. when we come back, george
8:35 pm
zimmerman in big trouble again. >> what's going on? >> he is in my house baking all my [bleep] because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now. >> legal is next.
8:36 pm
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♪ hah thanks for staying with
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us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. jorm zimmerman acquitted of murdering trayvon martin last july in trouble again. zimmerman has been arrested in a domestic dispute. what's going on? >> he is in my house breaking all my [bleep] because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now. >> he just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me. throwing it outside, throwing it out of her room. >> zimmerman released on $900,000 bail. here an attorney in for lis wiehl tonight. attorney are and co-host of the five kimberly guilfoyle. >> what do you think of this. >> bad situation for him. looking at a top charge which is serious. this is a man who has a past. he he will can't help but think about the case where he was found not guilty but since then he has been arrested for this incident of domestic violence. he has been pulled over three times. there is also an allegation was very important that the prosecutor said today, is he alleged to have choked this
8:40 pm
girlfriend a week and a half prior to this incident. she didn't report it. facing three charges here. aggravated assault, domestic violence,. >> they are felonies. >> top one is a felony. second one is a misdemeanor. >> why did they make him out on $9,000 bond. >> it is low. think about it. in terms of a record, he was found not guilty of that prior murder of trayvon martin. >> yeah, but still with that kind -- >> -- in the past he was acquitted. >> how do you see this, lisa? >> i see that he is charged with a felony. look, it's a third-degree felony. florida follows really the federal penal code. they prosecute similarly. it's unlikely that any other person would face serious time. this could have time up to five years. but, the aggravating. >> he said it's a he said, she said, right? >> don't want to convict zimmerman on. obviously with the past. that brings on memories with trayvon martin back.
8:41 pm
sticking up for zimmerman. people were routing for him in the trayvon martin case. post-traumatic stress disorder during the trial. we just don't know. this guy. >> and if he does he should get help. >> there is a serious warning sign here. >> absolutely. especially if there is a firearm involved. >> we are hoping to get a warrant. >> that's interesting. it was not recovered at the scene. let's just let that fly. >> in new mexico there was a traffic violation. cops try to stop a woman driving a van. and all hell broke loose. roll the tape. >> turn around and face your vehicle. >> ma'am? >> please. >> you said you would not. [kids screaming] open the door. open the door.
8:42 pm
open the door. >> what, five kids in the car, lisa. >> yes. five kids in the car, you know. >> they subsequently, obviously got the woman. and the da says no charges against the cops. >> surprising. you know. this is the -- othe devil is in the details, right? this is not just a case of pursuing a crime. this is somebody who being charged with speeding ticket. >> woman was obviously not cooperating. sped off, 100 mile-per-hour chase going the wrong way and the woman had drug paraphernalia in the car, right? >> alleges two pieces of drug paraphernalia from marijuana found in the car. understand three stops. first one is for speeding, right? they're pulled over there some kind of altercatio where ts a verbal dispute. she takes off. on the second stop is when one officer discharges his weapon three times
8:43 pm
inexcusable. that officer should lose his job. shooting at a car with a mom with five kids? how is that justified with the crime which she was alleged to have committed which is speeding? that's excessive and it's dangerous. it's inappropriate. >> all right. but the cops and the d.a. in new mexico, again says not going to charge the police with anything. >> the final thing is the nfl games and a lot of people tailgate and they get loaded before the games. here is a very -- let me ask you a simple question. put up the picture of the buffalo bill game. the guy falls out of the stands, there he goes. boom. now, i don't know but i-i because they are not he releasing details right now guilfoyle good chance he is drunk. he falls on somebody and somebody is paralyzed. what is the stadium's obligation, the buffalo bills' obligation? can they be sued? >> in my opinion under the state of new york, the law is that when you go to a game like, this you are essentially assuming the
8:44 pm
risk, that you know that things could happen there -- >> -- is that right? >> you are assuming the risk that everybody could be drunk. >> assuming the risk did buffalo bills take precautions to make it safe environment. you cannot control the conduct of every single person what they drink and take on. this idiot was sliding down the railing. not supposed to do that guy injured has a good case against that fan. >> you see my point with this tailgating phenomenon, a lot of people are going to the games drunk. i have seen it myself. loaded. what is the obligation of the stadium and the team to prevent that? >> well, look, in sporting events, there is a foreseeable risk. but a fan falling 40 feet on top of you is not foreseeable and it's not foreseeable to think a fight would break out. >> you think they have liability. >> they do have liability. >> the stadium has got to tighten it out. >> not let people in that are loaded because they can get drunk like you said beforehand. >> they have to do a better job. >> tightened security. they look at everybody. >> good luck bringing your family to these games.
8:45 pm
that's the way they are. >> very tough in some places. >> ladies, thank you. on deck, will alan colmes turn on president obama as millions of other americans are doing? we will answer that after these messages. [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insunce companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it. so what if instead ofjust a cheachoice, you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. that's what they've always ne. not just somhing they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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president obama's administration is falling fast. we pointed to terrible poll numbers and a new report that the census bureau might have put out fraudulent unemployment numbers. more on that tomorrow. in addition, there is this: >> i recently received a letter from a woman named jessica sanford in washington state. here is what she wrote: i am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and i haven't had insurance for
8:49 pm
15 years because it's too expensive. i was crying the other day when i signed up so much stress lifted. >> but that story is not holding up. >> it was a huge disappointment and especially since i had -- you know my story had been shared by the president. i felt like, you know, i just felt really embarrassed that he had quoted my story and then come to find that the washington health plan finder, the web site here in our state had grossly miscalculated or they are having a problem figuring their tax credits and and so at least for right now i'm not going to be getting insurance alan colmes and monica crowley. >> i feel sorry for that lady. >> the president picked -- >> -- it went bad. >> you can pick an antidote
8:50 pm
on any side you want on this. by the way we are talking about 3% to 5% of the population. >> stop with the propaganda. >> no it's not propaganda those are facts. >> no it isn't. >> we have to disagree. >> it's not a fact. now, he picked the antidote. >> right. >> his staff vetted, you would think, right? turns out to be not true. >> and we're not saying the 80% of people who keep exactly what they have -- >> stop the propaganda. >> it is not propaganda. >> does it not worry you that time after time after time the president is getting out there and saying things that are not true? >> no, it doesn't worry me. he is saying things to the best of his ability at the time. he will be seen through the lens of the american history for people who didn't get health care, and now have it. i know that makes you crazy? >> no, it doesn't make me crazy,
8:51 pm
but makes you look foolish. >> if there were success stories don't you think the white house would be trumpeting it every day. >> let's go back to the president of the united states, going to use a center piece that this is a worthily law -- and it falls apart. >> so what does it tell you, monica -- >> all the people he used at the white house, including this woman to tout the obama care program none of them have successfully enrolled in obama care. >> so what does that tell you? >> it tells me that this is not going as the president -- well, let me take a step back. this might actually be a controlled explosion. i mean, the ultimate objective of all of this is to get us to single payers. so what you see may be a controlled explosion. the website may be out-pacing them. >> you say it is a conspiracy, they want it to fail? is that what you're saying?
8:52 pm
>> they're all on the record, saying single payers objective. >> here is what it says to me, it says that the president and his staff have lost total control of the narrative. they can't even give an example, one example, all right? that holds up. and this is added to all of the other quote unquote misstatements. so the american public doesn't have a -- you both have -- what do they call it? a dog in the hunt. you both do. you don't like him, you love him. but most people don't feel that emotional about him. but most people are going -- >> well, now, they feel emotional about it. >> well, now they're worried. you're arriviffecting them in t most personal way, now it is their health care. >> i think they're viscerally worried about the health care. >> you go back to 1935.
8:53 pm
>> now we're back to 1935. do i have to bring al jolson on -- all right, we're in 1935. >> romney care in massachusetts, very slow at first. >> tomorrow, we'll try to book neville -- all right, factor tip of the day and president carter and me on tv together. the tip, moments away. so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today.
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factor tip of the day, president carter, president bush, president clinton and me all on tv together in a moment. first, christmas eve five weeks away. hottest item this year on billo', signing copies of "killing jesus" at you know, we're going to have to cut off the orders because i sign them in person, so if you want them order them now.
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and "killing kennedy" still in the top 20 after more than 20 weeks, and killing kennedy, after more than two years, on top. they make great gifts for christmas and hanukkah. and bill, you're totally wrong, the hatred for president obama has nothing to do with race, it is white america i hear, code words all the time about his skin color. >> you know, i'm also a white american, ray, i think i'm the whitest guy i know, i'm very pale, i never hear those words. and why do we support herman cain? lin, oregon, have people forgotten the president's mother was white? the president's skin is dark, and there are people who will demean him because of it, i submit they are few and they are
8:57 pm
loons, jane, please stop the madness with george zimmerman, he obviously has problems and we are sick of the media's obsession with him? don't you have better things to report on? you're kidding, right, zimmerman was in the eye of the nation and i'm not supposed to report on his arrest? come, come, mr. bill, you were one of many who believed trayvon martin -- george zimmerman was justified in killing trayvon martin? that is totally false, i wasn't there. and ingrid, bill, you seem to enjoy taking a bite out of mayor ford. i'm not a resident of toronto, but if i were i would support him. just want to tell you one thing, i would never bite him under any circumstance. and you think you can be
8:58 pm
disputed, that is the ultimate history book. no, it is not, beth, the bible is a theological book. i simply report on what happened to jesus of nazareth, and congratulations to bill o'reilly for writing such a moving book, tears often flooded my eyes as i read "killing jesus." and finally, the factor tip of the day. today was the hundredth anniversary of lincoln's gettysburg address. that we take increased devotion to that cause. >> for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. >> that this nation, under god. >> shall have a new birth of freedom. >> and that government. >> of the people. >> by the people.
8:59 pm
for the people. >> shall not perish from the earth. >> now, i was privileged, mr. burns is a great author and a good guy. and the address for the ages, as they said about abraham lincoln is superb. you can see the whole gettysburg address deal on "" it is well worth it to do so. the factor tip of the day. and that is it for us, check out the factor website, which is totally different than billo' also, spout out about anything in the world. o' and word of the day, do not be a jobbernoll, when writing to the factor. all right, tomorrow, the writing sector, if you're mad as hell
9:00 pm
about something, just go to madashell address, and ms. megyn is up please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking news tonight, a congressional investigation has just been launched into allegations that the u.s. census bureau may have been falsifying the unemployment numbers, including in the months just before the last presidential election. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the house oversight committee, sending a letter to the director of the census bureau, citing the fact that the unemployment number was fabricated and demanding a quick response, the report


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