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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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tom brady lose it's a good thing for me. wrad brady is a great quarterback. you've got to give him his due. thank you for being with us. don't forget start each who is getting rich off obamacare. an awful lot of money is swirling around in the hundreds of billions of dollars. and we know you aren't getting it. tonight, trordz is following the money. our investigation is just minutes away, but, first, did president obama know any of this seven months ago? >> the bottom line is this report lays out the task that was going on. but, these -- all of this information was known within the white house. >> the president was briefed as early as march and yet as early as march all the way up to the president at least knew there were problems. why wasn't that followed up on. >> they were followed up on as i said. we are in the breaking news business.
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turns out today we learned the web site did not launch. >> the administration was on track. on track for disaster. stubbornly they stayed the course, repeating their claims this was all right until the mess that launched on october 1. >> we have heard it wasn't designed for that many people it didn't pass the stress test. it didn't have end-to-end testing and you are saying it was 100% ready? i want to make sure i understand. >> it was 100% built. >> not working. >> working functionally. >> then it's not built. if a car is built, but you can't run the car, the car is not built. >> are we doing with dishonesty, deception, incompetence all across the board with the way this administration is dealing with the american people in the american people want answers and they want accountability. >> former senior advisor to president reagan pat buchanonins us. nice to see you, pat. >> good to see you, greta. >> today we find out the president was briefed on this march report. >> in march he was briefed
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by makenzie and company this vessel is not sea worthy. he was not briefed. he knew it six months later they pushed it out to the river and it sank. i think they have got a credibility problem here again. and this is inexpick cable. >> what i don't understand is what the white house says the purpose of that review that you are speaking to was to see how people would use the federal marketplaces. identify risk that could effect the strategy to mitigate those risk. the review was not web site. that was not jay carney hair splitting this march report. the march report says there is trouble. >> exactly. six months before you got that contendsy and company coming in and there briefing them. the president included. hhs and say you have got real problems with this. and what carney is saying well, they told us they had these problems but they didn't tell us they had those problems. who was responsible for this? this is an ongoing domestic bay of pigs. when the bay of pigs happened, allen dulles was gone. kennedy said you you know in the british system, allen, i
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would go. he we are in the american system and you go. do we have any names of the individuals who are briefed and all knew these things and then are still sitting right in there on top of this. >> that's funny you should ask because ed henry did ask who it was that was briefed in march. and jay carney says a variety of officials involved in the effort. so, i mean, he admits the president was briefed regularly. but jay carney won't even identify who was previoused? who, what, where and when? we never get that information as to who was briefed and when and who said what to the president. >> that's just it. in the obama white house and hhs nobody has been held accountable, which says really like a group of people that are -- they are not running a government where you say, look, i'm sorry but you have got to go, you made the mistakes, got to be held accountable. they need to be getting together of a small group that feels the world is against them. >> that's what is curious about for me is if they identified who it was, who bet, i wouldn't be suspicious.
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but i mean the fact that they won't release that information, naturally i get suspicious. when they are cagey when jay carney dodges the question question. which officials were briefed a variety of officials. when it's dodgy and cagey like that, it's hard not to be suspicious. >> it is when the president of the united states, i mean ultimately he is responsible. from what i read on that -- what they were talking to carney about today the president himself knew of this and was told about this. are we looking into that matter? are we on top of that? are they fixing that up? we are coming up inics is months. >> this is a recent one. i'm accused of a lot of things. i don't think i'm stupid enough going around saying this is like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the web site opens if i thought it was going to work.
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where was he? he apparently wasn't paying attention to these reports or being deceitful. >> well, you know, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. what we have got here is the president says one thing and then he moves it in one direction and then another. you have almost got to read into it. what you read into it he really is a bystander president. primary domestic situation. legacy. what he wants to leave country. what he wants to be remembered by. he knows. this he has been briefed on this and nothing was done. >> he says he is never going to run for office. he can't run for president again, obviously. it's like, you know, does he even indicate that he even cares that much? >> well, you know, i have argued for a while that when you saw he didn't know about the irs thing. he didn't know about benghazi. two weeks later is he talking about the video.
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he didn't know fox news had been wiretapped and everything. he didn't know the a.p. i don't know that he is engaged president who really wants to know. >> what's he doing then. >> what it sounds like he has got a staff that says well, he doesn't really want to know those details. >> what's he doing? >> look, my belief is, he is the first african-american president. he was elected. he was elected twice. he has got a majority both times. that puts him in the history books. i don't think he really cares about a the love these things. but i did think he cared very deeply about what he feels, he says, look, my achievements in my first term were equaled possibly by lincoln, fdr and lbj. obviously he feels this is part of his legacy. but he seems indifferent having passed it to how well it works out. >> you mentioned lincoln. so i'm going to ask you about one other thing about the president's decision today not to go to gettysburg. the president snubbing the 150 anniversary of the getsberg address.
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>> what is he doing? he didn't normed. he was in the states. he spoke in the ceremonial role as president. the chief of state, embodiying the thoughts and feelings of his countryman at one of the great occasions at history. gettysburg is better than the battle of normandy for the country. >> one more event that i don't understand why he wasn't at. tease the viewers to see what that is why do you think he didn't go. >> i don't know, the opportunity seemed perfect for him. that's when lincoln said in effect we have a new birth of freedom and basically he indicated slavery is coming to answered. he could have as an extern president he could have picked up from there. here is where we have come through jim crow and segregation and victories in war and the rest of it to the point where the american people and this continuing saga of the democratic
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republic moving forward, he could have done a magnificent speech. >> distressing about he had a meeting with u.s. senators sometime today that could be moved. that's not fixed in stone. he does have a helicopter. marine one can zip him up to 63 miles up to gettysburg pretty quickly. he is there and back. if he came back, he could land right on the south lawn and he had a meet late afternoon at the four seasonings with some ceos, so it wasn't like he -- it wasn't stopped as far as -- he wasn't stopping some terrorist act. >> historic opportunity. >> maybe he thought he would show up. >> he is not going to beat lincoln. but he can bring from those 150 years to walk us through the history and to show the growth and the progress and the things that have been done. nobody could do it better in terms of how the african-americans have developed and everything come a long to president of
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the united states. >> that would have been a perfect opportunity to inspire some people. >> even on a minor level i would have said look, this is something that can get the doggone web site off the front page for a dare or two. >> give a good speech and we won't be talking about the web site for a few hours. >> exactly. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see. >> you here are words you won't see on processing payment. michele bachmann is here to talk about the latest screw up. that's next.
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get ready for more frustration version 2.0. if you have been able to get into the market, pick a plan, your next step to complete the transaction is to pay for it. is the web site ready for that? a top it official are for the obama administration says that part of the web site, well,'s not even built yet. representative michele bachmann joins us. unbelievable. >> another day, another disaster for the obama administration. >> is this true? >> it's absolutely true. it's amazing that the president's press conference last week when he said he had 106,000 people signed up for healthcare plan and compared it to amazon. if you went to amazon and went to shopping cart and didn't pay for your shopping trip there is no transaction that occurs. you can't sign up. it's impossible to say you signed up. their big problem with this web site which they admit they haven't even built the pay system yet, people have
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to pay by december 15th so that their policy is paid for january 1st. so there is very little time to get this thing up and going. >> how can web site, talking about 80% completion by november 30th. lowering their expectations. not at this point do people have high expectations. you have got to be able to pay for something. aren't the insurance companies absolutely enraged? i mean, they are the ones that want the money. >> they are the ones who are going to get the money and the subsidies from the federal government. that's boy the insurance companies are up in arms right now. they are trying to be a little bit under the radar. but they are absolutely up in reasonable medical certainty a they are pushing back hard against the obama administration. in my state of minnesota, our governor came out the day before the president's press conference and said the president had to keep his promise, that people had to keep their health insurance plans, but he just came out yesterday and our governor in minnesota said
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no, keep his promise in other words the insurance companies won't get paid. >> insurance companies are pushing back, i am suspicious of the insurance companies. i see these numbers hundreds of billions of dollars. we see what goes to the web site. for the life of me i don't understand why i need so much mope for a failed republican. but, whatever. but we are going to do a segment in a minute about the insurance companies how they are doing. i can't understand how they aren't making off like bandits. because, number one, they have guaranteed payment for the government. we talk about subsidy. >> they're on sliding fee scale the insurance company. so, if they don't get enough money, it's written into the bill that the sliding fee, the government will increase their subsidy they are never going to lose. >> talk about subsidies to consumers. we are talking about guaranteed payment to insurance companies. >> that's all it is. and remember the hypocrisy because the obama administration was beating up on those dirty insurance
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companies they were the bad guys and now it's a big complicit mess? >> why the insurance companies? have you figured out the economic advantage? some are throwing doctors off their networks. why do they gain by limiting the number of doctors available to the consumers? how can that possibly be a good money thing for the insurance company? >> it has to do with hospitals. hospitals are trying to thin out some of their doctors, it. the thing is they are seeing there is only going to be so money that comes. in they have got to pay their bills. everything is predictive. what money they think is going to come in. what the cost is going to be. the whole new level of mandates and requirements. so they are having to unload anything that will be costly. >> here is what one doctor told us, just a suspicion, not a fact. 25 doctors and narrow it down to 10 doctors. they will still see the same patients. not 25 doctors. insurance companies won't have to pay out so quickly.
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meanwhile they are getting the premiums. it will be so slow. >> this goes back to gee, i told you so. this was what we were warning for a couple years. it's the fact that you can't have everything, right? you can't add 30 million new people who aren't paying for the service, they are getting subsidies. >> the insurance companies are getting paid. >> insurance companies getting subsidies. they are getting health insurance too. >> they are getting access. >> so all of us, something has got to give, right? longer wait times and fewer services. >> and, of course, we didn't get to it, but sometime about the new deal that apparently looks like the unions are going to get. we will talk about them some other time. >> that's coming, too. >> that's coming as well. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> i don't know but, but as i noted, i am suspicious. you keep hearing about hundreds of billions of dollars. is someone getting rich off obamacare? "on the record" follows the money trail next.
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going to make you angry, probably very angry. remember the department of homeland security worker who was running inflammatory web site promoting a race war? last august we told you the dhs worker was calling tore the mass murder of white people. and yet you, yes, you were paying his salary. get this, you are still paying his salary. almost three months after the southern poverty law center exposed the worker on his web site. the federal government has still not fired him. put him on administrative leave with pay pending review. and today dhs confirming the status has not changed. that is despite co-workers saying they are afraid of him. so now you be the judge. yes i know civil service laws make it difficult, not impossible, to fire federal employees. do you believe the government is really trying to get rid of him so that you are not paying for him
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or do you think it's business as usual, a lazy government, not even trying to so in the meantime have to just keep paying this guy? go to and vote in our poll. coming up, george zimmerman recently separated from his wife. is he in trouble again facing assault battery charges after new fight with girlfriend. much of the drama caught on 911 call.
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hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars awful lot of money swirling around obamacare. where is it all going? are the insurance companies making out like bandits. peter barnes is here with the latest. how are the insurance companies doing? are they doing well financially or poorly or some in between? >> obamacare is trying to find something in between for these companies. you know, they have made billions, tens of balls, hundreds of billions of dollars in providing health
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care, managing healthcare over the years. but, obamacare is designed in part to kind of regulate how much profit they can make. regulate how much they can loose under obamacare. all kinds of subsidies. >> let's get to real numbers. take united health care since obamacare was put -- signed march 23rd, 2010. up 116.16% in stock. that doesn't sound like a company that's hurting to me. >> no. and a lot of these healthcare insurance companies and manage care companies are up because of the opportunity to insure more. goal to get 30 more people insured through through plans like this or medicaid. >> they have more people to insure more people insured the federal government gives them subsidies. they say it goes to consumers. that's a lie it's a subsidy to the insurance company. they ever getting the doe. not the consumer.
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it's a guaranteed payment. >> yeah, there are all kinds of systems and processes and pull pools of money and taxes and subsidies built into this to try to make sure that 'diminishes its goals which is to expand coverage and try to slow the cost of healthcare inflation. >> reinsurance tax 63 bucks a head that everyone is supposed to pay. when you look at how much their stock is going up since healthcare and all the little things that are built into this to pay them. what the government wants them to do. i think it's a public utility model frankly profit in the system invest it into research and development new
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drugs. >> >> there is a big difference between utility and pharmaceutical company. they actually have a product they sel insurance company is a blam gling institution. they gamble. they gamble that you are going to pay money and stay well. they are gamblers. they don't have a product. the product is healthcare service and managing your care on paper. that's what it is supposed to be. >> they have -- >> do you want a single pair system like canada. >> no, no. but i don't understand why they get the subsidies, the reinsurance tax and everything else. you know, they seem to be doing really fine and i'm for competition and for market economies and capitalism. it's like they are getting extra. >> yeah. the reinsurance subsidy is a temporary thing for three years. >> did you get anything temporary like that? >> i'm looking for permanent everything. i want a peter barnes bailout. listen, it is a rube goldbergesque system. you have seen those pictures on the floor in the well of
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the house when obamacare was coming together wall the pipes and the charts and everything. but, you know, it is what the president and supporters in congress came up with on paper to try to expand coverage under control and try to provide better care. gigantic experience, greta. >> and my only thing every time i turn around insurance company special deal protect them not the american people get on the web site. i'm taking the last word on that. >> nice to see you. >> a white hat hacker. and what is that? should president obama be calling the white hat hacker tent. tweet or post on #greta. do you think your information is safe [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded?
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get ready to speed read
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your way through the news. first to florida, months after being found not guilty in the shooting of travon martin and separated from his wife george zimmerman is back in the courtroom. zimmerman appeared before the judge on a charge of assault and battery. yesterday, zimmerman was arrested after a fight with his new girlfriend. she told police he pulled a gun on her. both the girlfriend and zimmerman making 911 calls. oh brother and today prosecutors say zimmerman
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tried to choke his girlfriend last week. the judge setting bond at $9,000 and ordering him to spha away from weapons and his girlfriend. tonight posting bond and walking out of jail. his next court date is january 7th. in washington tomorrow, florida congressman trey ridel. he in court. he is charged with misdemeanor drug possession. he said i'm sorry to let down my family and particularly wife and son in southwest florida. i struggle with alcoholism and this led to it poor choice. now virginia state senator stabbed multiple times and gun found dead from gunshot wound. attempted murder suicide. creigh deeds and 24-year-old son. senator deeds was stabbed in the head and chest and able to run for help. police found 24-year-old gus deeds inside the home apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. yesterday gus deeds was hospitalized for mental
11:32 pm
health evaluation but then released. right now senator deeds is in fair condition at uva hospital. and now south africa, a shopping mall under construction collapses, killing at least two people and trapping as many as 450 others. rescue workers working into the night to find survivors, dozens of injured people have already been taken to the hospital. the cause of the collapse not known and that's is tonight's speed read. and this one is disturbing. a cyber security expert sounding the alarm saying hackers are definitely after healthcare dodd gov. that disturbing warning from white hat hacker david kennedy. is he one of several security experts giving congress more bad news about the obamacare web site. >> do any of you today think today that the sight is secure. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> well, this is a hypothetical in your opinion do any of of you think the site will be secure on november 30th? >> no.
11:33 pm
>> no. >> no. >> no. >> an opinion, how long do you think it will be before the site could be secure. just give me an estimate of months. >> unknown. >> hard to estimate. >> i don't have enough information. a long time. >> and david kennedy, one of those four gentlemen joins us. wow. is that 0 o-4 or 4 and 0? i guess it was 0 and four. >> it's not looking good for the web site. >> why is it vulnerable it? >> was done swiftly. when you gospel a web site like this you build security into the application. and what happened here is it was kind of rushed together, pieced together and at the very shoved out the door. unfortunately that included a lot of security exposures and vulnerabilities we were able to identify. >> the administration keeps talking about the hub is
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just a hub. the information goes through the hub, it's not stored in the hub. interfaced with so many agencies. does that make it a security risk the fact that the hub. they brag about the hub being not a storage of information is that a point vulnerability? >> right. hackers what they do is if you look at how information traverses those different departments like the irs or dhs or third parties like expeer i don't know, they have to rely off the connected. data intermediary conduit to pull that information off different areas. if the hacker can get control of that they can get access to other databases and expose other government agencies as well. scott white a researcher as well as myself did a lot of analysis on the web site you can basically hack the web site get access of it and start to take key control of the web site and key components about people who have registered for it. >> is there any way that this could be fixed between now and 30th of november? >> not possible, unfortunately. in order for it to fix
11:35 pm
something this complex it's estimated that the web site is 500 million lines of code. windows operating system is 50 to 80 million lines of codes which is one of the most complex. six times more complex. to fix something like that is going to be near impossible in the short time frame. >> don't you want to strangle yourself when you hear the government say this is all going to be 80% fixed by november? i mean, if you can log on, but you are so vulnerable to the security. i mean, that is just a lie that it works at that point. >> unfortunate. the site could have been built in a way that didn't have all these exposures. my testimony on capitol hill today. some of the testimony was well, other web sites get hacked so why are we any different? and if we are at that point and debating that? then we have lost our motive around security around security hasn't done job against those issues. we can protect against hackers and we owe it to americans to protect this infrastructure and data that's on it. it's our personal
11:36 pm
information not the government's. >> up six weeks has it been hacked so far. >> it's hard to tell you about it looks like it. if you look at the search bar on the web site itself. go to and put a semicolon in there. top results on the search engine actually show hackers trying to break into the web site. additionally they came out with the statistic that the web site had been attacked 16 different times to. me that is very low. little to low monitoring probably don't know they are being attacked. >> you can be attacked and fend off an attack. maybe 16 attacks but has the system managed to successful live fight off 16 attacks so we should see that as success? >> we don't know enough information about it service attack rudimentary an attack as you can get. most web sites on average receive about 30 to 40,000 different attacks. something like is going to see more than that only 16.
11:37 pm
a elevate these have gone undetected access to this site or working on getting access. >> would you ever sign up to this point. >> absolutely not. >> didn't each hesitate. >> no chance. knowing the security around the infrastructure how it was rushed of out the door and exposures we are seeing now. i got an email right in the middle of the congressional hearing of someone saying i have another 30 findings for you -- 30 vulnerabilities on the web site. >> while you are in the hearing. >> while i'm in the hearing. it's like okay, so you have this amount of exposures, not doing hacking looking at outside view. we can see all these exposure that's pretty were wad. >> three out of fur doesn't work. won't get fixed and everything. not like 3 and 1 but 0-4. >> unanimous. >> unanimous as can you get. >> david, thank you. >> thanks, greta. appreciate it. >> skyrocketing premiums are not the only problem. americans facing another obstacle thanks to
11:38 pm
obamacare. is this a problem you might face. senator kelly a00 is here to talk about tha
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>> okay. we want time toll hash it out o. grab your smart phone and start snapping away. the objection tarred dictionary word of the year 2013 is self-y. according to oxford frequency of the word selfie has increased 17,000 percent in the last year. self-y traces its origins back to 2002 when the word
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legs. features a group of boxer clad men performing jingle bells in very uncon generational way. promotes underwear brand sold at k-mart but some customers are less than amused. taking to twitter and facebook to deem the ad offensive and daseless. so now it's your turn to hash it out with us. this s. this k-mart holiday ad clever or too risque for you? tweet me #greta. your healthcare choices may be shrinking as we
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okay, let's go off the record for a minute. remember this? president reagan at the 40th anniversary of the normandy invasion? >> behind me is a memorial that symbolizes the ranger daggers that were thrust into the top of these cliffs and before me are the men who put them there. these are the boys of flint
11:45 pm
aho. these are the men who took the fiscal cliffs. these are the champions who helped free acontinent. and these are the heros who helped end a war. >> that was inspiring. it felt so good listening to our president such important date in our history. he traveled 4,000 miles across the atlantic to honor those who fought or even died for the world's freedom freedom. this is one of the reasons he had we admire our president. console us in great times of grief and hardship. they inspire us when we achieve and admire greatness of those who come before us and changed the nation all for the better. this is important to america. so, it's with disappointment that i ask this question tonight. why didn't president obama travel a short distance 63 miles to getsberg to speak at one gettysburg most important anniversaries. 150 years ago. president reagan like from illinois talked about the civil war and what means to be an american. today's explanation for president obama's no show at
11:46 pm
today's historic veencht event didn't work with his schedule. his schedule? i don't get it frankly this is not the first time president obama has missed the mark big time. last fall he opted for out-of-town fundraising instead of attending the memorial here in d.c. for astronaut neil armstrong the first to set foot on the moan moon and for first claim victory nouns to russia we won, we he beat you on the moon. that step on the moon was incredible moment in history, winning the space race was a huge source of pride to many americans. still can't figure out why mr. obama didn't make time for mr. armstrong's memorial. or why he would snub the gettysburg address commendation. maybe president obama with all his great education skipped american history and just doesn't get it that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-report go to and tell us about it. while many americans are watching their premiums go, some are also watching their
11:47 pm
healthcare choices shrink. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte joins us. nice to he sue. >> good to see you, greta. >> what's going on in new hampshire. how many choices it you have up theren othe exchange? >> it's a real mess, greta, essentially only one insurer on the exchange and 10 out of our 26 hospitals aren't included in the exchange. so capitol of new hampshire not in the exchange. can i go oon major hospitals. sullivan county no hospitals in the exchange. >> why only one insurance company on the exchange? >> not enough competition, first of all. you know, this law actually reduces competition unfortunately. secondly. that's the only insurer that signed up for it and then finally, where we have is the insurance company is making the decision to limit the number of hospitals so that they can keep cost down. what i have been told. >> so you have 26 hospitals in the state. and -- is that right, 26? >> 26. >> how many are now being
11:48 pm
kicked off the exchange? >> 10. >> 10 out of insurance condition. >> 10? pay g. to this hospital pay out of pocket. >> the problem is have you a problem like a woman wrote me had all our children at one hospital. is pregnant now and can't have her children at the same hospital and has to drive over an hour where she was close before to have her babies. all kinds of cases like that. >> hit by a car not be able to drive. some things you can plan a little bit for like your tonsils. >> yes, you can people had providers at these hospitals that they cared and had relationships with. those on the exchange are ended. and then if something is unplanned, you are right, there is the big question, you are not on the exchange so what you have to pay out of pocket? how do you deal with that? that's a huge problem. >> the discussion very early on is we were going to be able to shop across state lines there was that discussion. what happened with that? that would bring in more options for people in new hampshire. >> absolutely, greta. i'm fully supportive of that. the administration never
11:49 pm
embraced those kind of ideas because that would actually increase competition for insurers, give people more choice. they built this as a very closed matter or reduced people's choices and put certain mandates in place. they really reduced the options that people had, and we need to give people more choice and competition for insurance companies. >> if you look at this whole thing, i'm now tonight very down on insurance companies. we talk about the subsidies all the time but the subsidies they are not for the consumers. those are guaranteed payments to the insurance companies. they are getting their money. if they don't get the money too many sick people. $63 apiece we are all paying. there is so much attention on taking care of the insurance companies. i am all in favor of them making money, i like money. stocks are climbing. they are making a fortune. >> well, greta, the insurance companies ended up going along with this thing in the end. i think that tells you something that they didn't think that they could make a go of it on the other hand, i don't appreciate when the
11:50 pm
administration instead of taking responsibility for things and promises they made when they say oh it's the insurance company's problems when they, you know, obviously put together the law and supported it and the regulations they are implementing them. you are right, more competition for insurance companies instead of where we are. >> unbelievable. i wish when i practiced law i had the government guaranteeing if i didn't make a certain amount of money that they would come in and pay it and all these protections. >> or you had a monday monopoly. >> and all the only lawyer in town i could have used that one. >> thank you. >> appreciate it, thanks. >> rnc has invitation for democrats running in 2014. you heard right. you are only going to see it right here an "on the record" that's next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10 p.m. eastern blake aaron hold and darrell issa will trend called e
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knockout game. it's not a game. it's a crime. even murder. in most cases young african-american teens are attacking random people on the street punching them and knocking them out o. four victims died just this year. two in syracuse, new york. and one in ha bok can, new jersey, and another in saint cloud, minnesota. suspects were arrested and charged in all those cases. and those are just places where the victims have actually died. there are other attacks where victims survived in missouri, wisconsin, illinois, massachusetts, pennsylvania, washington, d.c., and georgia. and today more disturbing news. targeting jewish people. police say there have been a recent knockout attacks
11:54 pm
singling out people in the jewish committee. the knockout game is not reported on enough. today the "new york post" also reporting the mainstream media usually expresses news about this knockout game and/or orchestrated racial violence as i said last night. young teens need roll models and i am calling on those role models, jesse jackson and al sharpton and even president obama to speak out against the deadly game. "on the record" will continue to stay on top of the story and for more information, you can go to i was having trouble
11:55 pm
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>> no doubt about it it obamacare with take center stage elections of the dnc announcing they will be rubbing obamacare. tonight rnc priebus is going "on the record" with another big announcement. he is here. >> good to he so. >> you rnc and dnc both agree. >> a couple weeks ago i did a joint appearance with the dnc chair debbie wasser isman schultz she shocked the world when she said the democrats were eager and proud to run on obamacare in 2014. then they issued a memo and the memo is here basically bring it on so what we are going to do tomorrow morning we are going to send press release and invitation out to every u.s. senate race that's, you know, the targeted races, all of the
11:58 pm
targeted house races and we are going to invite those democrats we're going to set up press conference. invite them and give them an opportunity to come to the rnc and set up the press conference and tell the media and all the people in their district why it is that they believe obamacare is great for this country and great for their constituency constituents. we have also taken the liberty for those that show up we have bought the domain names like mark prior was running in arkansas. prior loves if they show up, we will give them those web sites so they can prove that. >> you are so full of mischief. they are not going to show up. >> you never know obviously the dnc put out. memo same subject why they are going to run on obama care. give them the opportunity to come and tell the press and the people in their district why obamacare is great for this country. >> i mean, as a practical matter figure out a way to respond to you.
11:59 pm
>> they can they are not going to show you up. >> they can show up. >> do you think they are going to show up? i think you are poking a stick in their eye we have about 20 folks we are inviting. i'm sure one brave soul. >> like who? i looked at your list. al franken he is not showing up. >> mark you you kay hagan they van opportunity to be here. >> if they don't want these web sites like prior loves or whatever it is are you going to use them in the campaign. >> we might use them and illustrate to constituents. mark prior said obama is amazing success tore. mary landrieu in louisiana who said if her constituents don't like obamacare they can unelect her. we are going to give them that shot. >> nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> thanks for being with us tonight. going to see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern.
12:00 am
up next o'reilly factor. go to and tell us what you think about tonight's show see you tomorrow night. welcome to "red eye." tonight, this -- >> coming up on "red eye." does air guitar cause shingles? how new evidence has some shredders have some people thinking twice before their next solo. and is the white house negotiating a a secret alliance with the decepticon? >> we are consulting with our allies and our partners and we will see if an agreement can be reached. >> and finally synchronized walk you you walk -- walkers. we will get to the bottom of it. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she is smart. she is cute and


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