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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 20, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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to say in today's ceremony. >> i hope we carry away from this, a reminder of what jfk understood to be the essence of the american spirit. that it is repreponderated here and some of us may be less talented but all have the opportunity to serve and to open people's hearts and minds and you know, in our smaller orbits. in addition to president clinton, mr. obama preponderated the award to notables. opera winfrey and ben bradley. and loretta lynn. there will be a formal dinner for the recipients in the museum of american history. kennedy was an iconic president and many tried to emulate him. bill clinton made great use of
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that picture of him shaking jfk's hand. presidential historians say they are wise not to compare themselves. alisyn. >> it locks chilly in washington d.c. what do we expect when president obama is there at the wreath? >> reporter: the president will place the wreath at the tomb of the unknown and eternal flame in the arlington national cemetery. it is unclear if former president clenton will be with him. i doubt it. mr. obama will accompany the servicemen who holds the wreath and briefly pay his respects. we'll hear i think briefly from him. and this is as i say is part of a day long celebration of the life of john f. kepd kenned and one that the entire country has been involved in this week.
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there are stories about jfk on all of the networks and all of the television networks. all this week alisyn. >> wend all what is the explanation for today and not friday? >> reporter: i think they wanted to honor the life of john f.bwjñ kennedy rather than to m its death. they chose today to remember kennedy in terms of the medal of freedom ceremony rather than to look at a darker time in our history if you were, or will 50 years ago on friday, when mr. kennedy was killed in dallas. >> we are on stand biechlt thank you, wend all. >> doug, great to have you join us. what are your thoughts on this day? >> thanks, alisyn. >> he was a significant president and there is debatine
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now and some rate him as great. his presidency was cut short and there was not a great legislative record and most say his presidency was significant and a historical linchpin because of the cuban crisis that was impacted us internationally and economically for a generation. the space program, his rhetoric soaring and beautiful rhetoric we go because it is there. it was also a time with the cia gone wild, after the bay of pigs, kepd kenned couldn't say no to the cia. and there was murders of heads of state and attempted assassination of castro which may have come back to bite him. it was controversial time. headquarters of the vietnam war began on his beat.
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it was eventful and a significant presidency. >> as you know, doug you can flip on any tv station this week and you can see specials commemorating his life and his death. and we did ours two weeks ago. we looked in the conspiracy therorrist and if they have a point. and mixed results were in our investigation inconclusive. why is it five decades later, we are still fascinated with the mystery of his assassination? >> we is because the warren commission did a poor job. we may debate whether or not there was a conspiracy to kill president kennedy. it is hard to debate that there was a conspiracy for the warren commission to do a poor job. president kennedy after his
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assassination he was a saint and no one wanted to touch him and no television executive or editor or politician on either side of the aisle was about to bring up the loose ends and mafia and out of marriage relationships and the issue with the attempt on the life of castro. none of this dirty laundry would be aired and all of the loose ends were untied. i had gerald ford in my home on a couple of different occasions. as he grew older he regretted they were not able to do work that was more definitive and get more answers. >> he told you that? >> he did. bill and alisyn, i believe our children will know what really happen. i don't think it is going to happen in my lifetime. we are learning of all of the details of fdr and fascinating and gives me confidence that
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history will catch up to this. too many political forces were at work and no one wanted to know the details. >> it is fascinating our children will know and how will they figure it out? >> if you read the bocks about fdr and new books about john kennedy and there is just evidence and testimony that comes forward and when people who know the kenned kens personally or have a political agenda past and historians look at just the evident carefully more detail begins to emerge. i saw a poll that said 80 percent of the members of the media believe in the lone gunmen theory and 70 percent of the american public believe in a conspiracy and most people don't realize in 1979 house select committee on assassinations concluded it was a conspiracy. and so we'll wait, we'll wait to
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so. at least you are not crazy fubelieve that now. >> doug, thank you so much for your perspective and all of your historical context. i know you will be standing by and you will be coming back to this that it is just beginning. >> today and friday and a lot of memories. and we want to know throughout the home. >> how are you remembering president kennedy this week? >> send me a tweak at bill hemmer. >> or to me at alisyn camerota. >> back to arlington in a moment here. >> despite the promises that our costs would go down. if i told my clients we are raising your prices 49 percent they would laugh at me. froin percent is out of control. even if i sat down and said you will have new features. they don't want to hear about it. >> that was a small business
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owner airing their concerns earlier today. this comes as a new report suggest that the majority of the health care policys may be dropped for not meeting up to obama care standards and could lead to more money coming out of your pocket. melissa francis is with me now. hello to you. next to hear the fall is small accident. >> this was the plan all along to get policys cancelled so they would be forced in the exchange. it started with individuals, last couple of days students who found out their policies are cancelled and now it is business owners especially small business owners. american enterprise institute went through federal data and who has what policy and estimated 50 or hundred million business policies will be cancelled as a result of this bill. that is a lot more than five percent that we are talking about same reason as individuals
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and they don't meet the standards. is that next september or november. when is that melissa in >> it depends, a lot of the small businesses saw this coming and renewed for one more year. but by the end of 2014, when that policy expires, many small businesses already heard and the way they responding. they hired a navigator or lawyer to sort through what it means. that costs money. they are passing that on to consummers and cutting sal rows and those are the employees that are committed to providing insurance. the others will say i am sorry, i need to do. that you need to go on the exchange. >> that affects the bottom line and incentive and how you do business. that is a significant trickle down there? >> i sorted through the rules in
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this report. more than 50 employees the penalties are staggering. it doesn't cover everything. there is a real incentive to keep it under 50 people, bill. >> that is money with melissa francis. >> in the meanwhile we'll go back to arlington national cemetery. president obama has arrived for the wreath- laying ceremony in jfk's final resting place. people are getting in position for the very reverent and celebration. >> what wendall said they want to remember him in life and having it today as opposed to friday and we'll all pause and stop to remember as a nation. >> we understand president clinton and former first lady
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clinton are there. anding aboutly president clinton received a medal of freedom award today. it has a poignant echo. it was a couple of weeks before president kennedy's assassination that he signed the executive order creating that initiative for the medals of freedomment for president clinton to get that today is a special day. >> we'll squeeze in a commercial break. doug weed is on stand by. and that and more as we continue after this.
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back live to arlington we seat president and former president clinton. >> that's right. president obama is there for the wreath- laying ceremony. this is the 50th anniversary of jfk's death and they're commemorating that in his final resting place. it is a solemn occasion as they make their way up to the eternal flame. >> if you know. how remarkable that place is across the river from the potammac and what a place that is for the final resting place for president kennedy. there will be a wreath- laying ceremony. we'll watch this from arlington.
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you have been watching the wreath- laying ceremony in arlington national cemetery. we'll bring back doug weed and tell us your thoughts as you watch the ceremony. >> well, alisyn, i think of the kennedy family and i think of their faith and rose kennedy, very devout president kennedy's mother and this generation doesn't fully understood how dope the seem of anti- catholic
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bigot row that existed for a long time. as late as 1930s, ten members elected from the u.s. house of representative from the no nothing program that was anti- catholic and long comes president john f. kennedy and part of his legacy, he broke this barrier and today, we have six members of the u.s. supreme court that are catholic and catholics are very much accepted and part of public life and so john kennedy didn't just break the catholic barrier, he crushed. it snshg that's a great point. it was only 50 years ago, too. wow. when you think about the decision made on behalf of jackie and the rest of the kennedy family to pick this site. you have been there many times throughout being a student of the man and the family and
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presidency and to know that his brother who was assassinated five years later is buried next to him robert kennedy, the significance of this location to you and to others is what? >> well, in the words of secretary stanton, he belongs to the ages and in a sense, john kennedy and robert kennedy belonged to the nation and they are i think the kennedys were very generous in acknowledging that and there was controversy at the time about it. compared that of lincolns who took the body out of the capitol and back to springfield and the family gathered around this is our dad and my husband. the kennedys recognized that john kennedy belonged to the nation. it was generous on their part. >> we are watching president
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obama greet the kennedy family. kerry kennedy in the front taking pictures and ethyl kennedy. she is in front of the screen and rfk's widow and what was the lasting legacy of president kennedy? >> boy, i mentioned breaking the catholic barrier and the cuban missile crisis was definitive and so much came from that and so many other decisions rippled through the world and it was very critical moment in the cold war. and from the development of weaponry and the impact on the economy. there was the period of the cia gone wild. i don't know how else to describe it. the president was seen as crossing the ciowa a and the bay of pigs invasion and now couldn't say no to them.
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and there was an assassination of heads of state and which is part of the controversy with the warren commission and trying to understand all of the los ends and it is a mixed legacy and extremely significant and legendary president so. i noticed your correspondent in the white house called it iconic. that's the best way to describe. it >> thank you, doug. terrific thoughts. doug weed, historian. and in arlington 400,000 service members and families and there are 7,000 funerals there each year. that is 27 services each and every day. >> remarkable location and event today. and we'll be right back after this break. [ female announcer ] ladies and gentlemen i'm here to say a few words about the power of baking stuff with nestle toll house morsels. you can heal a broken heart with a bundt cake. make a monday mornin' feel like a friday afternoon
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the fate of our troops in afghanistan could be decided if a meet nothing kabul tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry is hammering out the details and it is not without controversy. jennifer griffin has more from there. >> 2500 tribal elders will meet for to decide the fate of any u.s. troops will be allowed to stay in afghanistan post 2014. the meeting is so important to the process of getting a bilateral security and standards of force agreement secretary of state kerry called afghan president karzi last night. the u.s. failed to reach a similar agreement in iraq. and a lack of agreement in afghanistan would impact the u.s. ability to carry out drone
10:25 am
strikes in afghanistan and pakistan. president karzi's office said that president obama planned to pen a letter to apologize acknowledging that the u.s. erred and killed civilians. that was an effort to apiece their elders. >> what i can tell you, we don't comment on presidential correspondence. and i don't have specifics on the language. i would reiterate that we take all precaution to not have civilian casulties. susan rice denied flat out that the u.s. was apologizing for the actions in the afghanistan. >> for more on all of this, we want to bring in lieutenant cornell ralph peters. ralph, nice to see you. you heard the report just there.
10:26 am
the administration will not confirm that there is any sort of letter and not an apology letter. but the reports that we are getting, that part of the security deal to allow u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan without fear of prosecution in the future in an afghan court, there needs to be some acknowledgment from the u.s. that civilians were killed and that is regrettable. what is wrong with that in your mind? >> just about everything is wrong with it. the biggest assembly meet nothing kabul or this week in kabul. it is a meeting of all of the local mob bosses and incredibly corrupt country and president obama in his astonishing inepiitude allowed afghanistan and karzi to turn it around. the afghan government is not surviving without our help. and yet they we are begging them
10:27 am
to stay when they should be begging us. what should we apologize for? for the 2500 americans that died protecting that government and freeing them from the taliban tyranny and giving the afghan people a chance to rise out and build a civilized nation. should we apologize for;e'c go giving them dollars. and i have yet to hear a cogent practical reason why we want to stay in afghanistan. that is the booby prize. but afghanistan is and has been president obama's vanitty project. since the election and campaign in 2008 where he promised to fix afghanistan. he doesn't know how and doesn't know how to get out and american troops are dying for nothing. >> what about the civilian deaths? if we want to stay in
10:28 am
afghanistan and something that is a good move, do we need to acknowledge that there have been civilian deaths in afghanistan in the hands of our and international troops? >> we had acknowledged it repeatedly. but president karzi, this vicious man we empowered keeps exaggerating the civilian casulties caused by nato and the u.s. and saying nothing about the atrocitiys of the taliban. we have the precision of attacks are without precedence in military history. it is stunning. and the civilian casulties compareed to previous wars are low. we spare the civilians and it is not enough for karzi because he
10:29 am
has own agenda. and instead of apologize. president obama will not sign the letter, of course. instead of that, we should be demanding that the afghans give us what we need or we are leaving. >> lieutenant ralph peters. >> big meeting of republican governors and mapping out the future of the gop. we'll take you there live. >> the white house taking a different care on obama care and are they backing off the promise of november 30th fix? >> you believe it was delivered on october 1st. >> it was. it was not performing as well as we liked and more glitches than anticipated but we did deliver a system on october 1st. >> do you think dmrichs is the proper word to describe the roll out? t know if we could have
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only moments ago, president obama laying a wreath in the national arlington cemetery and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of president kennedy. former president clinton there laying the wreath with the kennedy family in attendance. >> and florida congressman sentenced to one year of super vised probation.
10:34 am
he blowed guilty to drug possession. >> and enlisting the army of zom bows to break in cars to lock it and hide it and keep it campaign. you get the break ins and they want to make sure the zombies can break through the clutter. >> whose side is the zom bows on. >> they are helping. >> i know that. >> i think it is not possible for me to guarantee that 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time going on the website will have a perfectly seemless and smooth experience. we are going to have to continue to improvementine after november 30th. >> is that a shift in tone from president obama? >> this is kathleen sebelius said november 30th is not a magic date and there will be a
10:35 am
lot of work to do after that date. christen powers columnist for the daily beast. and ladies, good day to both of you. >> good day to you. >> we have a clip from florida that happen. kathleen sebelius and she was apparently with the consumers and they were looking at the website and here's what happened moments ago. listen carefully and watch here. >> it is a long time coming. it is temporarily down. >> that's okay. it will come back. it happens every day. >> i mean, if you hear that carefully ladies, the hits cope on coming and the website went down when she was doing a public event to push for. it you can't make it up. >> it is sad they are so nonchalent about this. people who lost their health
10:36 am
care and lost their health insurance. oh, this happens all of the time? what will happen in 2014. and voters are going to vote and the republicans will take over the house and senate. >> christen, it sounds like the administration is changing their tone or moving the goal post a little bit. yesterday kathleen sebelius said the website is a work in progress and what she thought the hard-and-fast date on 30th. the 30th of november is a work of constant improvement. and we have spectacular things we know we need to complete by the 30th and that punch list is getting knocked out every week. are they lowering expectations about the 30th? >> i think they are trying to and a lot of people were mystified when they said november 30th date because it didn't so many like a enough time to fix everything that is
10:37 am
wrong with the site. and now we are getting closer to the date, they are starting to say, we didn't say it was perfect, but the vast mangity of the people will be able to get o. i don't think people will buy. that they came out with a november 30th. people understood it to mean it is going to work. >> you have ten days to go before the date on the calendar. and that 7d in miami, floatered on the 19th. and christen, the whole thing about democrats freaking out. you continue to delay the torteur for them to wait to get it figured out. what do they do? >> there is two problems. one is the website not working and the other is people feeling like false promises being made. famous one if you like your plan you can keep it and then a promise, we'll get it up and running by the 30th. if it is not up and running by the 30th. democrats will freak out more
10:38 am
than they are. they are frankly freaking out right now. but you can start to see a place where people say we'll have to delay this for a year or do something. that would be another embarrassment on the press conference. >> you can't tell people they have to have something they kaebt get. >> it is an embarrassing press conference. but both parties need to stop with the poll tibs and come up with solution. i would love to see republicans take the house and senate. but right now, parties need to work together and the administration needs to work with the republicans in the house and reid in the senate and delay. it why keep kicking the can down the rod? >> and the president also this week becomely blamed the gop for the problems in obama care and if they were not so opposed implementation would be smoother. is that the right strategy. this is our fault and end of
10:39 am
story and fix it. >> it is not the right strategy. i don't think anybody believes that the republicans are reasonable for building it is true had the republicans not opposed the exchanges, in the states. but the states are also having problems. in the end of the day, he owns this. and he owns he can't put it off on anybody else and he needs to take responsibility. >> and that's why democrats are jumping ship and joining fred upton and others. >> first law of politics self preservation. >> that is the first law of politics. >> and right now as the administration deals with the problems on the roll out. republican governors gathered together. carl cameron is live in the governor's annual association in
10:40 am
scotts dale, arizona. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. there are 30 republican governors out of the nation's 50 states and they will number a pow- wow for 2014 and 16. one thing they agree on, the affordable care act is a disaster and the states that did not implement the exchanges. 27 states have not put together state exchanges and demanded that the federal government do it on their own. bobby jindel is eyeing a presidential bid and health care expert and was the state commissioner for his state. and he is one that they are united. they believe it is a disaster and while it may not be repealable or defundable. they are spending time now to stop it and minimize the damage in the state level. this is bobby jindel.
10:41 am
>> don't just stay quiet. it will implode. but offer real solutions and alternatives and say mr. president you want to bend the cost and you want to address people with preexisting conditions. this is a plan that does it. >> reporter: jinda les talks about lower taxes and state lines and jinda l is running for president he thinks. he's said we have to get congressional midterms out of the was in 2014. there are four presidential candidates among the governors. chris christie will be the incoming chairman of the republican governor's association and rick peri. eyes a president so for a second time. he will be here. and scott walker will not be. governor of wisconsin and john
10:42 am
ca sack. and indiana governor mike pence seriously thinking of running for president. he is a member of congress and governor. >> you heard it here first. >> thank you, carl. everyone is talking about a solution. >> we have brand new information on the attack of state senator deeds. >> that is raising serious questions about the system meant to help mentally ill people. >> he is a good man and our prayers are with him and i encourage everyone to say a prayer for senators deeds and his family. often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] split atoms? [ flo chuckles ] [ whirring ] hey, how's that atom-splitting thing going? oh! a smarter way to shop around --
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4 or 5 experts testified to congress that the obama care website is not secure and will not be by the end of the month. and feds say pilots may be too fat to fly. really? all a head on the real story. >> we have the update on the condition of senator deeds. he is in good condition. his son suffering from psychiatric problems stabbed him several types before grabbing a gun and killing himself. gus deeds of the forced to stay home and raises questions of the nation's ability to help those with mental illness. dr. keith a blow is here and you have talked about the problem. i want to start wu. the judge issued an emergency order for gus deeds, the
10:47 am
24-year-old just 24 hours before the tragedy happen but they couldn't find a bed in a facility there are him. how can that be? >> it can only be because we decimated the mental health care system and allowed third party insurers to put the word out whenyx someone is in a danger t others from psychiatric causes they can flip that person back in the community because the person said okay, i will not hurt anyone. contracting for safety can get you released from the er. no one should be saying because of a shortage of bode that's the reason gus doed was sent home. they can be held in an emergency room. >> why did they send him home? >> they made a mistake and it is malpractice. >> i want to bring in geraldo on this, too. geraldo, you don't have an exact
10:48 am
experience but you have looked at the issue for a very long time and you hear dr. a blow talk about this. what do you think? >> in the recorded history of the 20th century the united states dealt with mentally ill and retarded in big institutions. they were available and this question never came up. you have a developmental disability you went to a nugz you went to a institution and you closed the institution with expose about the horrid conditions and what was created was a network of community based small residences generally speaking kids with developmental disabilities can be cared for on a 1 to 1 basis. we never opened the homes for
10:49 am
theill. we closed those institutions and no alternative was provided and the shortages that you hear about. they are commonplace. talk to dr. arcs blow how often it happens day after day. >> this is a broken roeshd. virginia tech shooter and newton. and a urora, colorado they had mental health histories. how do we intervene before the young men explode? >> we have to beef up the community health system. we have to beef it up and get the word out there needs to be a triage and a emergency rom or psychiatric facility identifies someone as a risk they are triaged in a way. gus deeds was identified as potentially troubled.
10:50 am
and yet he went home. millions are identified and not triaged and not said they should go to the hospital. pause they are turned away from substandard outpatient care when they need in patient experience and no insurer will pay. third- party insurers have leaked in the system the word. if they come to the er and said i will hurt someone and 20 minutes later say i won't and they are still hearing voices they go home. >> i think the insurance companies as dr. coating suggest are[zc,p woeful and avoided liability. and exposure and closed the families off from seeking long- term care and it is a scandal. >> great to see you. thank you. >> a debate over clean energy. >> critics see a problem with that plan and we'll tell you why.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
one of the largest electric utilities have teamed up together to buy wind power out of state at a fraction of the cost to cape wind. here is the negotiating deal on the utilities. here is where this deal was made. it provides less than 8 cents of
10:55 am
kilowatt hour. cape wind starts at a one year contract at 19 cents per kilowatt hour and ends up in exsecess of 30 cents in the fin year. you are looking at an 8 cent average price versus 25 cents average price. >> cape wind has jumped through hurdles for 12 years and argue that the energies created close to home and with investment the cost of this younger technology will drop. cape wind representatives
10:56 am
referred us to the president of the league of massachusetts who said the cost to the utilities which is higher is not the same cost to the consumer. it gets into a mix of the other energy source and it is a very nominal amount for an important source of energy. cape wind is hoping to begin building next year. >> thank you very much. >> and now we know what president bush has been doing with all of his time. don't miss this.
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yeah, this is the woman who when i was getting ready to run against governor richards in texas. i said hey, mom, i'm going to run against governor richards
11:00 am
and long pause, she said you can't win. >> keep you from getting a big head. anyway, jeb should run for president if he wants to. >> nothing like a pep talk from bra barbara bush. thank you for japanni infor joi. obama care website not secure won't be by the end of the month. government cracking down on pilots who are too fat to fry. >> some people are2g over this add for men's boxer shorts. president obama meeting today with commissioners. this map


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