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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 20, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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and long pause, she said you can't win. >> keep you from getting a big head. anyway, jeb should run for president if he wants to. >> nothing like a pep talk from bra barbara bush. thank you for japanni infor joi. obama care website not secure won't be by the end of the month. government cracking down on pilots who are too fat to fry. >> some people are2g over this add for men's boxer shorts. president obama meeting today with commissioners. this map shows the statesno.
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if you live in one of these states you won't be able to get that plan back even if you want it. brett baeur joins me now. last week the president put it on the insurance companies saying look. you have to give them back when this say this isn't going to work for us, you have a real problem. that is why the president is meeting with the hez of the association and the
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commissioners whether they are boeing to put out something and say we think you are going to go by this and say it doesn't compel them to abide by it. >> i just don't see them changing their minds at this point in time and what does that mean for the americans whose plans why cancel led. >> there will be a gap. if those people can't find and get insurance on the website, through the exchanges and their plans have been cancelled, they are going to have some be something and maybe it is going to be that they are deemed covered but you run into legal problems for all angles on that health cakacare issue.
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the number we heard the 106,000 signed up, the insurance companies don't consider them signed up until they have paid the premium. the 40% of the website that deals with making the payment is not even completed. >> unbelievablunbelievable. >> so how many are really enrolled. >> so the latest cbs news pole say only 37% of americans approve of the job that president obama is doing right now. >> it is a low number. this number is actually got to send democrats shaking even if you are not in the red state up for re-election. i think it is potentially as this thing continues to have
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legs, this story, you are going to see a number of democrats looking for alternatives. >> kathleen sebelius lowering the bar for fixing the website. so brett, yet another explanation for setting a hard date the vast majority will get it. and now she is saying it is even more squishy. it seems like they are a long way away. it is not months away. because the systemic problems in the website are so significant on security, on the build out of the whole thing. secretary sebelius has had a tough run in florida working with navigate tors working on getting them enrolled because the system went down.
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>> we have the video right here. >> i think it is great that this is happening. >> it is okay, it will come back. >> it happens every day. >> how embarrassing. there she is. system doesn't work. and the person says it's okay it will come back really brett? >> it is tough. and i don't think, you talk to people in the tech industry that deal with these websites all the time and putting them together they say they are a long way and there are big big problems november 30th may be the least of their issues. and there may be a december 31st, on that they are playing that game. we will be watching you tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern take care. with only ten days from now with
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the new and improved$0' website supposed to be ready to go. we may know with the white house is hedging. listen to experts testifying on the hill. would any of you have launched given the factual s the website known on october 1st? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> in your opinion do any of you think the site will be security on november 30th? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> would you recommend today that this site be shut down until it is verified to be security? >> yes. >> yes. >> i would need more information. >> yes. >> wow. michael goodwin.
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great to see you in stud dwroe. >> what do you mauk ke of that. you are hearing that no no no no. what were they thinking and why would they invite them to testify if nothing is done as a result of that. imagine that, that company would be out of business today.9j'p c1 it would be busted and they would have no customers. here they are talking about a government entity which requires them to go to it. it is a disaster and i don't think they are going to be out of it soon. we may be in the first inning of an extra inning game that is going to go on and on. it is not just the was it is the policies behind it. and it is also the people that are trying to get the insurance this out today. check out this poll 8 in 10
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uninsured americans saying they have not visited a health insurance site. now you have 21% of them going to the website. more of them saying they don't intend to go to the website. >> within that group there are two different kinds the younger ones who are going to be paying for that insurance for the other people. the rates are configured for the way for the young to subsidize the old. if you are young and see the trouble you are having and think it is not going to be a good deal for you and need the insurance you are going to go on. >> sometimes in your column you are tough on people. do you believe somebody will be fired some time soon? >> i think kathleen sebelius is
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the obvious for the chopping block. then who is next? he is the next in line here. who is the second person you fire after kathleen? in a way she has job security she is the insurance policy for him. >> very interesting. great to see you. thank you so much. we want to hear from you. do you feel safe putting your personal information on a site that so many people feel is unsecure. the president sinking in the polls but the one group where he is dropping fast that the president's team and democrats will find troubling that straight ahead. super stars honored at the white house. country singer loretta lynn today. and the major dent in the
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president obama presenting medal of honfreedom. it is the nation's highest civilian honor. turns out he is doing worse you among women. cbs news poll finding a ten
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percent drop. he owes this election to women. simon rosenberg president and found founder of thinktank and former adviser. women were so important in this entire election but in this one. what do you make of this horrific slide in one month's time? >> i think it reflects the general slide the president has been on. he is doing worse with all groups right now. i'm not surprised to see this and in part bus ecause it is an issue that has dry siven down t numbers. health care is a concern to working moms and moms around the
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country. a lot of the sales pitch of barack oba obama care was to women and getting woirnget getting birth control and having it paid for. >> his veracity and women has been let down the same as youth. and they are feeling it now. everything they thought that he was turns out that he wasn't. if you look at governor christie in a blue state. who pushed him over the top? women, why? because he was confident and he got the job done. the president is going to learn he has a big path to come back to win the vote. if an election were held today mitt romney would beat
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president obama 49 to 45%. an 8 point swing. >> well the election isn't today. it was a year ago. and i don't think either political party today is where they want to be.v&4$ >> i think mitt romney would want to be there. >> the republican party is still 15 to 20 points lower than both obama and obama care. both parties have got to work hard to be where they want to be going into the fall elections last year. >> what about the fact that george bush went on the tonight show with jay leno. listen to this? >> when the president had that heart scare, how scary was that? >> it was scary, very scary. >> yeah? >> but. >> i wasn't that scared.
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>> you had obama care? >> quick whit from everyone involved on that show. >> was it safe for the president i'm not going to criticize the man or woman who takes over the job. >> was it because of8;c what i going on with obama care? >> jay leno was not like fox news and the president knows that the club that he was fortunate enough to be in is a closed society and that the president who is elected deserves the ability to lead and so president bush's appearance on jay leno he is doing fantastic work as a private citizen. he is going to leave the policies to others to talk
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about. >> it made us think about those billboards that came out. miss me yet? people privately paid for those. he does look relaxed though. >> simon and brad thank you for your time today. >> owner work for a small business. how obama care could mean an end to your health plan and a congressman saying that he is sorry and needs help after getting nabbed in a cocaine sting. >> do you have anything to say? is this related to your alcoholism? >> you can e-mail us and we of course always read your comments at the end of the show we'll be right back.
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remember when the president said if you like your doctor you can also keep your doctor? he may have to rethink that promise as well. check this out. >> if you are looking for if you want coverage for a doctor that you have seen in the past you can look at see if there is a plan that, that doctor participate. >> is this another promise that he needs to modify. that is not what he said. he said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor period. >> in the meantime, some are
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calling it the obama care time bomb. reports of wasecond wave of cancellations. mike, what is the practical impact of this particulary on small business? >> good afternoon. estimated two thirds of small businesses could find their plans cancelled and be left scrambling. >> it will make it harder to start a new firm. it will be harder to attract them larger firms that are not heard by these measures. for the first year or two, they will not know the situation that they are facing.
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>> that expert predicts it will be on smaller entrepreneurial firm that is are focused on their plans. >> also another hearing on obama care. their premiums are sky rocketing. because he likes to offer the plan that allows for generic drugs, democrats admit that go they think the law need to be fixed and there was this exchange. i'm talking about the truth of promises were made here. we were promised that it would decrease costs. >> sir, if i could point out to you that 25% of the premium that you pay today goes to cover the uninsured and the services that
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they get. once those people get covered the insurance companies will have a major opportunity to lower costs. >> already business groups are saying that weentrepreneurs are considering dropping off rages. >> wow, new development every day. new developments following an explosive report that a crucial jobs report my have been fudged just before the presidential election last year. he fessed up to smoking crack and just about ran over a grandma on the floor. so what is up with his staying power. our man panel is going to weigh in on that. and peter deucy live from a
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investigators say they have found a type of cockpit conversations of a russian aircraft that crashed killing all 50 people onboard. and several native american cold talkers receive iing congressional medals today. congratulations. college kids getting a first hand education now in obama care. many schools dropping health coverage for all students rather than offer plans. >> tell us what is happening there peter. >> gretchen, what is happening is that until recently all students were required to have some kind of health insurance. it was mandatory for everyone who went to school here.
11:31 am
more than half the campus was covered by a plan that cost $49 every semester. but only for $5,000 worth of coverage every incident. not enough to comply with the affordable care act. so the school looked and realized if they were going to continue offering a care it would cost $1800 a year they decided to cancel the plans. but some students say neither of those are good options for them. >> it puts me in a bind to which financial obligations i'm willing to honor. i'm not here on privilege. i have to pick and choose what
11:32 am
is priority and what is not. >> meanwhile there are students who are losing that coverage and think that the administration is doing the right thing. i think the university is doing the right thing. if they were to have that plan, there are still students it is a tough economic time. they are having trouble affording school to add on 1500% increase to the fees. it is asking them for a lot. we have also spoken to students here at bouie state who are on their parent's plans and nationally 7% of college students actually buy the plans that the school has cancelled. >> what is the school now saying? >> they say in the spring they asked students for feedback and the feedback favored getting rid
11:33 am
of those plans and the school told us this. quote cost conchscious in their choices. provisions in the new health care law avoid costs as they can be covered by parent's plans. the school tells us that there will be reps here from the state's exchange to help students who need to enroll soon sign up before the end of the commence ter. back to you. >> thank you for going back to the college campus. and we are learning new details following a stunneding report suggesting that a crucial job's report may have been manipulated before the 2012 national election. have we in anyway confirmed the post's reporting on this story? >> we were finally able to reach
11:34 am
the one source cited by the new york post who was named. he is a rye tiretired ke ed cen. he said that the story is in accura accurate. the columnist asked him if he could be quoted and he said he didn't want to be. the white house is dismissing the post claims that census workers deliberately faked unemployment numbers. >> that story is obviously misleading. i think a lot of people shed a lot of credibility in conspiracy theories last fall about rigged job's numbers. >> house republicans are taking
11:35 am
the allegations very seriously. >> this data came 30 days before the election. republicans were pounding on the fact that obama doesn't work. and 30 days before the election it did. so that begs the question did that really happen. >> yesterday house oversight sent a letter demanding all documents including e-mails related to the population survey to or from mr. buckman. it takes allegations of fraud very seriously. we carefully cross check to ensure the data's validity. we are aware of the media reports and our office is evaluating what action may be war ranned. it is important to note that he is retired in 2011.
11:36 am
that is the latest that we have for you. >> his new tv show may have been cancelled after one airing but rob ford seems to be taking power. check this out. fans mobbing ford at every turn. what is up with that? while his popularity has taken a nose dive in the polls 40% say they still approve of his job performance. time for our man panel. gentlemen, let me start with you david. what do you make of this? >> what does it say about our culture. >> they are our 51st state. we like our canadian neighbors.
11:37 am
they have the worst of us. they have these terrible officials look our generation is kind of a pop culture generation the same one that made snookie a star. >> he will be re-elected. >> do you agree with that? >> no way. this guy is a complete train wreck. there is a reason why i think so that those poll numbers are as good as they are. first of all, people are tired of politicians who seem fake. this guy has issues but he is not fake. >> he was probably elected based on his rool realness. ryan,fb0b is that right? do you think what david says is
11:38 am
true? >> he probably will be. what is interesting about these poll numbers. his likeablity. he called smoking crack an issue. >> look at his poor wife in this photo. >> she looks like she is about to bail in the middle. >> but the list goes on and on. >> why do the wives stay up there? >> come on ladies get it together. the man panel tells this get away from him the guy is a bum. >> florida congressman pleading guilty to a cocaine charge. quick to say though, he is sorry and he has a problem with alcohol. theyi ing telling the judge i'm sorry. i let my country down my family
11:39 am
and my two-year-old who doesn't know it yet. >> ryan, is this different where you have somebody coming forward right away i need guilty and i was wrong. >> no. he didn't cop to anything. he got arrested for cocaine. that is like sorry i cheated on my girlfriend i have allergies. >> kent? listen, this guy, they blamed it on alcohol. you can't get much worse than rob ford handling it. the congressman looks good for fessing up. but i say long shot on that. he is up for re-election in less than two years and it will be a steep road. >> a lot of people if they are telling the truth. no family is perfect. and politics has changed since
11:40 am
bill clinton said that he didn't in hail but that was the first entre into oh we are going to talk about this stuff now. we elect people who admit to this stuff. could there be more of this coming? >> it is a bit of the sign of the times because we let ourselves be fooled by politicians. how about a question that is asked of all of us is there anything now or in your past that may embarrass us. try vetting your people and two, why do we accept cop into cocaine which you have to buy which is illegal and alcohol is legal. no excuse here, make a choice on who you want to represent you. if you think buying cocaine is
11:41 am
okay vote him back in office >> well these guys sure don't look like santa. >> a new k-mart add causing controversy. is this too sexy? plus mike tyson and evander holyfield reuniting. there is think update. >> as far as the whole night goes i wouldn't change anything. we did what we should of. >> it is not pleasant to have to use force but i would do it again. even if i did know that these ramifications were to come.
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test test test test test test
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political families shedding light on the mental health state
11:45 am
of america. local media reporting the son failed to get psychiatric help because no beds were available in his part of the state. in 1945 the u.s. had 340 bets per 100,000 people. still finding the state had a serious shortage. does the family does anyone have a legal case here because he went to this emergency order four hours, didn't have a bed, sent him home, shoots himself and trying to kill his father? >> we can't point fin dper dpg
11:46 am
anywhere and here is why. we won't go to a state hospital we will go to a private facility. liber liability willen sue and then this tragedy happened. the way this went down didn't have room at the inn. >> for me why don't they have room at the inn. mental health laws have changed so dramatically. what about the rights of the other people? >> if the order was made that he was dangerous to himself or other people? i agree with the way that my colleague put it, you can flip it and say that it is their responsibility or keeping him contained. i agree it is a typical case. but at the same time it is
11:47 am
possible. mental health is an issue. to people being pushed in front of subways. it is a huge problem. another story. two students who pulled out their guns. remember the story. we talked about it last week. here is the thing the fellon was going to break into their home these two guys, they had a permit and pull it out but because they were in student housing off campus, they were put on probation and now they appeal that is they are keeping it simple. listen, the policy only pertained the property that was owned by the campus, the property was leased by the campus a little bit of a lo loophole in the campus. that will not change the landscape moved forward.
11:48 am
>> how does this change permitted firearms they had a permit. >> i think the last time the university must revisit his policy and under keeping it simple, come on, wipe this off this kid's record call it a day. not everyone will call it a day. >> i used to hear that a lot. in a different way. >> great to see you. the faa concerned that some of the pilots flying your planes too fat to fly. new requirements packing on the pounds. ♪ come fly with me let's fly let's fly away ♪ ♪ if you can use some exottic boo sooxt e there is a bar in
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welcome back, everyone. here is what america is clicking on today. you have seen this k-mart ad for joe boxer ♪ ♪? the ad features men in boxers shaking their hips with bells achiming. critics blasting k-mart calling it his risque. workers only use 10 out of 14 vacation days. some are saving days for future trip. others can't pull themselves away from the office. and tyson and holyfield reunited? ♪ >> i'm sorry offender, it's your ear. >> oh my gosh, foot locker helping us take a few steps world peace in new ad features tyson returning
11:53 am
holyfield's ear 16 years after biting it off o. weird or right on? he we have heard about passengers being too fat to fly? pilots now? that required the fa to issue new requirements for pilots and air traffic controllers. trace gallagher in our newsroom. pilots are too fat now, too? >> the reason behind, this gretchen is that all obese people likely suffer from osa which is obstructive sleep apnea. the excess weight means that you lose sleep during a night you are not getting good enough sleep, that can affect your performance during the daytime hours. sleep apnea fall asleep without warning any given time. clearly if you are a pilot or air traffic controller that would be a safety risk. the report says and i'm quoting here it can cause daytime sleepiness, cardiac disrit me i writed me i can'ts. and hypertension to cite a few. the first people the faa
11:54 am
will ch pilots and air traffic controllers with a body mass index above 40 the bmi. bmi is your height divided by your weight. 40 is roughly 6 feet, 300 pounds. those people would have to be treated before they can fly again or get back in the air traffic control tower. we spoke to a sleep specialist who says he thinks the faa needs to be even more aggressive. listen to him. >> somebody with a bmi of 40 falls into the almost morbidly obese category. and we're almost assured that they have got sleep apnea. i think they need to go to people who have got the amount closer to 35 or 30. >> they are starting with people who are 40, gretchen. they are going to work their way down once they clear those people out to get to those though are are 35, 30 is like 6 feet, about 225 pounds. gretchen? >> so any response? i had no idea that this was going to be the angle of this. i thought it was because they couldn't fit in those
11:55 am
tight little areas of the cockpit. they are pretty tight. any response from the pilot's union? >> no. but you bet there will be. we contacted the pilot's union. the airlines haven't weighed. in i hate to use that term. but they haven't commented about this at all yet. the reasoning here is pilots working for long times. sitting down for long stretches of time and they need to be it alert. when you get down to the 35 and the 30 bmi levels you are going to effect a lot of pilots and air traffic controllers and the unions are definitely going to weigh in at some point in time. >> no doubt they are going to weigh in. thanks, trace. >> okay. >> students are often told sky is is the limit. one high school taking it much further. your thoughts on the supposed targets of the obamacare web site as well reportedly ignoring it and on the cost of health insurance these days, all your comments coming up next. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
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time for good news. a high school project that's out of this world. 3, 2, 1. ignition. >> you might think that's nasa, right? no, students at thomas jefferson high in alexandria, virginia launching a rocket into outerspace. it took seven years of work to get that project off the ground and it's the very first rocket built by high schoolers sent into space. who says american students rank 1 millionth in science? good for you. and you guys really went off on the stunning poll numbers showing only 21% of americans uninsured going to the government health insurance sites that are supposed to be for them. barbara tweeting take from those who have and give to those who don't yep, sounds like a good plan. facebook page rufus posting i'm at the poverty level and i would never be able to afford obamacare so it sounds like not made for
12:00 pm
people like me. just because i can't afford health insurance doesn't mean i'm not in favor of health reform. we need tortd reform not socialism. i'm freshmannen. time to go to shepard reporting from the fox news deck. shep shep gretchen thanks. president set for a meeting at the white house. you can bet he will have pervading to do. plus, an awkward moment for cath leone sebelius when workers try to launch the obamacare web site. the congressman caught with cocaine goes before a judge. ahead, his punishment and what we have now learned about how agents busted him. plus, how did an amtrak train wind up getting lost in the suburbs? the story of some very confused travelers and the train that took a wrong turn. so let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> and good wednesday afternoon to you from the fox news deck. president obama is getting ready right now to sit dwn


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