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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we have an open thread. you can talk about all these issues. we want to hear from you. so go to gretawire. good night. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> on friday, we found out the unemployment rate has fallen from the height of 10% down to 7.8%, the lowest since i took office. >> that was president obama last year on the campaign trail. now there are charges the job stats were manipulated in his favor. we have a special report. >> imperative to reach out and to share that conservative message of liberty and less government and lower taxes. >> sarah palin demanding that msnbc discipline a commentator who attacked her in a gross way. we will take a look at that situation. >> i'm not politically correct, billy. i'm off the reservation. this whole thing is going to hell in a hand basket. >> the very best of dennis
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miller this fall. he is out of control this evening. >> i'm perceived as a problem because i'm candid, so be it. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. pardon my voice this evening. aerials again and the frog is back. such is life. president obama and a new jobs controversy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. "new york post" reporting that job numbers during last year's presidential campaign were manipulated to the president's favor by people in the census bureau which is responsible for the stats. the white house quickly denied any wrongdoing. >> that story is obviously misleading. i think a lot of people shed a lot of credibility engaging in conspiracy
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theories last fall without, you know, rigged jobs numbers. i have to tell you as somebody who has been here for a long time one month after month after month the jobs numbers came in and then later were revised upward, sure didn't feel like they were helping us. >> however, president obama did use the job numbers in question on the campaign trail. >> this morning we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. [cheers] >> on friday, we found out the unemployment rate has fallen from the height of 10% down to 7.8%, the lowest since i took office. [cheers] >> now, talking points can cannot say with any certainty whether the job numbers were fixed and apparently a house committee is going to investigate. but you know how these things go. benghazi was investigated. the irs was investigated. fast and furious, on and on, little is ever accomplished. job story reinforces the deep suspicion, the deep
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suspicion currently involving the entire obama administration. cbs poll out tonight again more weighted towards the democrats shows the president's job approval rating standing at a dismal 37%, the lowest point in that poll in his tenure. the disapproval number 57%. it's the same as president bush had when the iraq war was at its lowest point. in fact, mr. bush was on the jay leno program last night. >> now, i know you you have avoided talking policy for the last six or seven years. explain why. >> i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor. applause. [ applause ] >> now, president obama is kind of getting all the late no. >> better him than me. >> well, there you are. [ laughter ] >> are you glad you aren't president now? >> yes, i am.
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8 yelenty. >> and i think that's what barack obama must be saying as well. but talking points pointed out yesterday all the chaos is hurting we the people. it's hurting us. the economy stalled partially because of obamacare. and overseas villains like iran taking advantage of america's weakened status. when a president becomes unpopular, the unintended consequences of that effect everybody. now, the factor will continue to investigate the jobs story and if the numbers were cooked, criminal charges, criminal charges must be filed even by an attorney general as political as eric holder. tampering with a presidential election, perhaps the most serious political charge in the book. we need to get to the bottom of this but my question is, who is even going to investigate it? that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington indicate kate obenshain and
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kirsten powers fox news analyst. kate, what say you? >> on the census bureau thing i think this is a little bit of a controversy theory perhaps, this is one person out of 7,000 people who are census bureau people and i don't think that one person could actually alter the unemployment numbers. >> it was one person identified and then a number of other blind sources, which again, you have got to be skeptical of. i take your point. but, you know, just one after another here, is it not? isn't it just start to just say, look, when is it ever going to end? >> well, it would help, i mean, it can't be one after another if the one we are talking about is probably not even true. >> why do you say probably not even true? give it a 50/50, right? >> because you would have to have an extraordinary number of people doing what this woman was doing in order to actually alter the overall numbers. and we don't have any evidence that that was happening. >> i'm not sure that is true.
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>> even still, the idea that somehow people would be doing this to benefit the president? that's just -- that's a real stretch. i'm sorry. >> wait a minute. and i will get to you in a moment, kate. wait a minute, wait a minute. >> okay. >> you have got the irs investigating the tea party all right with all these meetings in the white house and you are telling me that you're kind of like well, this could never happen business? don't you understand there is a pattern of behavior that's developed over the last five years? don't you get that? >> these things have nothing in common with each other o. >> sure, they do. >> they come out. >> you are going to lie on census bureau numbers? so, just so i understand -- so you were saying it would have to be conspiracy, right? conspiring together? >> i'm saying i don't know how many people would have to be in charge to put out bogus numbers. i don't know that. but i would like to have it defined for me. and i would like to have it defined by the fbi. >> what we know is it's one person. that's what we know. >> no we don't know. >> it's more than one. >> we don't know that because there is a lot of
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blind sources involved. >> one person identified themselves. >> that's right. the rest of them are anonymous. all right. kate. go ahead. >> we also know that the census bureau did not report any questions of misreporting, which they have acknowledged, they didn't report any of them to the labor department. that raises eyebrows. look, the magic number for before the election was 8% unemployment. to get it below that was incredibly important. there is this unnamed source albeit who says he is ready to testify. this needs to be investigated. if it happened and we don't know that it happened. if it did, it was not in a vacuum. again and again we had the justice department saying oh we would never eavesdrop on the a.p. they were eavesdropping on the a. p r. the irs said we would never discriminate based on political -- they did. the president himself saying spontaneous riot based on a movie. there is this pervasive question of deceit within this administration.
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thoroughly. we had a segment with crowley and colmes where the president used a woman in washington state as an example as somebody who was benefiting from obama care. it turns out the woman can't get any health insurance. are you aware of that situation? >> i have heard of that situation, yes. >> okay. i mean, look. vet one woman how are going to put up there as your poster gal for the good things of obamacare isn't it absurd? >> astonishing level of incompetence. >> doesn't have to do with ideology. it has to do with what is
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going on? i mean, it's just. >> same thing with the web site not working. it's the same thing with how many people are going to keep their plans? >> that's right. who is in charge? >> it's really kind of -- >> -- if i ran my show, powers. if i ran my show the way the white house is running its show, i would have lower ratings than msnbc. i would have to commit suicide. all right? i couldn't do it. >> it's not the same thing. >> go ahead, kate. >> thanks. it's not the same thing, kirsten, as the president saying you can keep your healthcare. that's not ineptitude that we are seeing everybody. i -- seeing everywhere. the poll bill pointed out in the beginning goes to my point what the american people have been saying that there is this sense that the president is lying. when the majority of the american people now do not trust the president's integrity, that is a huge problem. >> there is no doubt that his credibility -- real quick, did your brother win the attorney generalship of virginia? >> it's an ongoing thing. he is down by 164 votes, but
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there will be a recount. >> okay. are there any votes not counted are there any votes from overseas not counted? >> no, no. everything has been counted. it hasn't been certified. it's a long process ahead. >> ladies, thanks very much. next on the rundown, sarah palin demanding msnbc discipline a commentator who personally attacked her in a very gross way. later, dennis miller running wild. somebody has to stop this man. the factor is coming right back. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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impact segment tonight, no politician in the country has taken more verbal abuse than sarah palin. and it has nothing to do with her skin color. somebody tell oprah. it has to do with her conservative belief system. now, the other day on msnbc, one of their hateful commentators compared governor palin to a slave owner and said some vial
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things should happen to her. i'm to the going to run that sound bite because it does not deserve to be air ared. in response palin's political action committee issued a statement quote: we would like to know what disciplinary measures you are taking about martin breashear's statement that should should defecate and/or urinate in governor palin's mouth. msnbc has apologized. joining us howard's kirtz. what should happen to this guy? >> it is stunning to me, bill, that msnbc has not suspended martin breashear for a substantial period of time as i would have and i probably would have considered firing his butt if it were not for the apology. nor has msnbc executives said a single syllable to denounce this kind of vitriol that leaves the impression that maybe it's acceptable. >> how can they possibly do that when they have been on the air 17 years and they have a long history of vicious, vial, personal smears against conservative
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americans? how can they possibly say now after 17 years well, we don't like it? >> well, let me just say that the culture of cable television does in some ways reward harsh personal attacks by all sides. >> let me stop you there. >> okay. >> on this channel, i'm not aware of that happening. nobody has ever been suspended for doing it. i mean, once in a while it gets rough. but not very much. you go baier, greta, o'reilly, kelly, hannity, five hours straight. none of those people known for personal attacks. how can you make that comparison? cnn doesn't do it except there is one guy who does it on cnn and he is going to be fired soon, the guy in the 9 p.m. slot, all right? but nobody else. >> look, there are people who call guests or political targets idiots and pinheads. >> come on. >> that's a whole different
5:16 pm
category. >> come on. >> hear me out, bill. whole different category this vial than martin bashir was pedaling. sarah palin being target of of attacks. she used the term slavery to describe the national debt. made that analogy. fine to criticize her on that. that is fair game. >> you don't do it that way. you just say -- >> -- absolutely not. look at the contrast to alec baldwin. >> do you want to be frank, howard? sarah palin won't do this program. she won't come on the program because she doesn't want to -- speech, nobody gives speeches here. okay? so she doesn't come on. we invited her on tonight. you are in her stead. but i don't begrudge sarah palin that she can come on. if she doesn't come on, if she does come on, whatever she wants to do okay? fine. >> but. >> wait wait wait wait. there is a pattern of behavior. it's not msnbc, it's nbc
5:17 pm
news. they own it. they run it. okay? they allow it. go. >> first of all, let me give you breaking news. i'm told that sarah palin has cancelled a scheduled christmas interview with matt lauer of the shod show. he today show he is going to go up to wasilla. nbc has not taken action on this matter. secondly, i think a lot of people on nbc probably agree with bashir that she is a idiot and dunst too adjectives he threw at her. alec baldwin has a show you may not have heard about this got involved with an altercation with the paparazzi, used anti-gay slur, nbc was very quick to suspend him for a couple of weeks. >> if they are knocking baldwin off the air and he didn't each do it on his program he did it because the paparazzi are torturing him, all right, why aren't they doing it to bashir? why aren't they sending a message like we don't want to do this anymore? we have been doing it 17 years and it hasn't worked. sto.
5:18 pm
why don't they do it? >> its inexplicable by the way off the cuff remark something said on live television that they regret. this was a scripted piece in the tell prompter with graphics the executive producer had to approve it? >> everybody knew about it. >> everybody knew about it still haven't heard anything from msnbc which to me says all right he apologized and let's slip it under the rug. where is the outrage from the rest of the mainstream media as there would have been if somebody said that about hillary clinton. >> or barack obama. you can imagine that. i thought this english woman who they hired to be the president was going to clean this up. it's getting worse over there i will give you the last word. >> i just think that this is one of those instances where something was so over the pale, so over the top, so despicable that a network has to make a statement with both disciplinary action with a strong statement denouncing that kind of conduct otherwise it looks
5:19 pm
like you are looking the other way. >> all right, howard, thank you very much. mad as hell segment, miller and christie talking about president obama. both of those reports after these messages. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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washington beat segment tent. let's get to ace correspondents carl cameron and james rosen of d.c. i want you guys to top that last segment. i want you to be so provocative and exciting that you make the last segment be brg. rosen, i'm going to start with you. where are we on this iran nuke negotiation? do the israelis hate us now or what? >> well, bill, the israelis are a tough lot and with good reason. suffice to say that the negotiations with iran over its nuclear program are continuing as we speak in geneva between the iranians on one side and what's called the p 5 plus 1 the
5:23 pm
five states that are on the u.n. security council plus germany. and i have learned a great amount of detail about what the package is, what the offer from the west to the iranians is but, unfortunately, a lot of it is classified and i'm not able to reveal it just now. >> why did you do this before? didn't they arrest you before for something like that? weren't you arrested. >> already this segment exceeds the previous one. >> yeah so why -- >> let me say this. >> give us the general outline. >> in general terms what we are talking about, what's being talked about in geneva is caps on the numbers of centrifuges, how much is being enriched, what happens to big big projects of theirs like the iraq reactor and so on. what i can tell you is if the iranians agree to the terms that have been outlined to me, and that's quite possible, very soon, the israelis won't be happy, the saudis won't be happy. conservatives in this country won't be happy and many, perhaps, in the intelligence and military communities won't be happy. there is no deal we can do
5:24 pm
with iran that is absolutely free of the risk that iran will renegative on it and be close to a breakout capability. >> everybody knows that. but it comes down to whether the inspectors have full range. that's what it comes down to. do you want to boil it down? you have got to have guys in there that are looking at everything. they can't be, you can see this, but you can't see that. that's the beef. >> let me boil it down even further. which is that if the deal is accepted as it's been outlined to me, the terms that have been outlined to me as it's been described to me. the breakout capability, that is to say how how long it would take iran if it decided on the spur of the moment you know what we are going to go for the nuclear weapons capability, monitoring be damned. the breakout capability right now is about a month. if the iranians accept a deal that the west is putting on the table as i understand the terms, that's only going to be expanded to about three months. the question really you want to boil down is that the
5:25 pm
better deal? is that a deal worth taking or is no deal better than that deal? >> the president will take it and france will probably come along. all right, rosen, thank you. now, cammeron, you are out in arizona at the republican governor's association meeting; is that what you are doing out there? >> beautiful weather and beautiful scenery, bill, the republican governors are trying to take the g.o.p.'s brand back from colleagues back in washington. making the argument that the government shutdown and g.o.p. hyperbole has hurt the republican brand across the country. two things going on here in scottsdale. the republican governors trying to tell republican legislators in washington that your favorability are in the dumper and you are bringing the party down. we have got an election in 14 and 16 for congress. as well as governors and the president in 16. and they want that stopped. in addition, the republicans have now 30 of the nation's 50 governors. 60% of the states are governed by republicans. and they are far far more popular than the republicans
5:26 pm
in congress. >> let me stop you there. >> leading the polls for presidential stuff. >> christie is going to be the head of this organization, right? chris christie, governor of new jersey is going to be the head of it, right? >> he will get the gavel from bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana who is also looking at a run for president just in the next two days and christie will be the chairman for the next cycle. >> christie is the star of the show. and then he was interviewed out there and he said this about president obama, go. >> he has not developed the relationships that have been necessary on a personal level with both sides of the aisle. both sides of the aisle to be able to be -- wring people to the white house to be a consensus builder to drive force. we have unfortunately in washington on both sides of the aisle at times our absolutists. >> so christie is running for president. we all know it. look at cammeron. >> he is the champion -- >> tell me he is not running for president. >> no. of course he is running for president. that's what he is doing. he has made it very clear. the day after he won re-election one of his
5:27 pm
staffers from the new jersey field team immediately started working to new hampshire to start working with the republican party up there. yes, he is running for president. everybody understands that. he is the champion, standard bearer of bipartisan championship. >> he is going to reach out. >> not only against president obama but doing it against fellow republicans. that's calling consternation. >> are you going to see governor christie? >> oh, sure. he walked by he saw me, he gave me the nod and wave and walked away like i had the plague. not doing interviews now. >> we all do that carl. >> kel the governor to reach out to the factor. never been on. we keep calling on him and all we keep getting is a bruce springsteen recording on his answering machine. i can't listen to it anymore. >> listen, if chris christie is going to put the bill o'reilly primary at risk, that will be. >> he has got to come on. >> a question whether or not he can compete in iowa because he is this bipartisanship that he has been voicing. causes caucus republicans out there to have a little bit of suspicion about it
5:28 pm
christie is very popular. sky high polls. only potential republican candidate. >> my mom is from jersey, she is 90, she is teed off at him because he won't come on my program. >> here is the worse thing that can happen for any candidate of president being ahead in the polls and christie is. that's. >> come on the factor. i need to be reached out to. gentlemen. liberal states so desperate to sign people up for obamacare they are spending thousands of dollars on crazy ads. we will show you some of them. also on call, dennis miller and our mad as hell segment, both out-of-control tonight, we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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mad as hell segment tonight, five letters brimming with indignation. here to help us out with it the always perspicacious on heather nauert. >> perspicacious. i had to look that up. i think of it as level-headed. >> it does fit you. >> thank you. >> letter number one from edwin erby from tallahassee, florida, makes me mad as hell i can't express my rights to public policy without personal attacks. we live in a very liberal town, whenever we dare to complain about president obama's policies it is inferred or attacked directly as being racist. oprah was certainly no surprise. ed referring to president
5:33 pm
obama's comments. >> were you surprised to hear those. >> no, i was not. hear more and more of these stories whether it's oprah's attitude or the story that ed tells. i had had a conversation with a network news produce his or her said to me that republicans don't want to see president obama succeed because he is black. >> and this is a network news guy? >> network news woman. and i said wait a minute, are you serious? you honestly believe that? yes, she did. there are so many people in this country unfortunately who do not understand that republicans and conservatives have legitimate policy differences with the president. >> tallahassee, florida is a liberal town. >> yeah. >> okay but i lived in liberal towns all myself. cambridge, massachusetts; you don't let the stuff bother you you. consider the source, right? who cares what they say? second letter from linda gardner from south dakota, i hope you and megyn go after the school board in sioux falls for say -- pledge of allegiance. military heros put their
5:34 pm
lives on the line every day so school board members. they should all be fired. dim wits inflicting beliefs on holidays. >> what's going on. >> sioux falls, south dakota, the school board voted down a proposal that would have required the pledge of allegiance to be said every day at high schools. they voted that down. veterans had been proposing this. >> why did they vote it down. >> they did support it at the middle school level. >> why did they vote it down. >> they said they didn't have time for it. they didn't have time to do it during the day. >> how many seconds 45 seconds. >> 8 seconds. they said it was too chaotic in the classrooms. this it is not a done deal. i spoke with someone who is speaking before the school board next monday. >> keep an eye on it third letter from deanna:
5:35 pm
heather knows why i haven't put her on. you get a lot of mail. >> i get a lot of mail. 7,000 letters a week. >> if not more. >> that doesn't count the mad as hell letters. >> yeah. >> nothing personal dina. it's like you have got to get our attention in the first line. >> bill, you go through these letters personally. >> not all of them, no. we have a brilliant staff. and they funnel ones to me -- and then i pick them. next letter from richard heinz who lives in new jersey: the third commandment says you shall not take the name of the lord your god in vain, all forms of profanity are condemned in scripture. mad as a hornet? are you kidding me in this isn't nickelodeon. finally, here is the last letter, judith bellinger]
5:36 pm
>> we used to do it. remember companies filed for bankruptcy and now they are made overseas. the problem is labor, labor costs. >> cheap labor over there. >> in the united states for manufacturing. is $35 an hour in china it's 1.36 or so. we can't compete with that what we are good at, we are good at growing soybeans, corn, wheat. >> you do that on the weekends. >> no. but i have family members who are ranchers and farmers and so we tell me technology better than ever. >> technology. that's where our economy is heading. technology. >> yep. >> heather nawrt, everybody. if you are mad as hell we want to know it about it write us at mad as hell at when we come right back, the best of miller. and then outrageous christmas ad outraging some
5:37 pm
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from td ameritrade. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly on the miller time seeing want tonight. best summer from time to time we like to play some of the most irresponsible, irrelevant, and irritating stuff the sage of southern
5:41 pm
california has to offer o. roll the tape. >> the mayor of toronto just said this. go. >> you have purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? [clock ticking] >> be careful. >> yes, i have. >> and the reason he took so long to answer is because he smoked so much pot he forgot. >> listen, this guy does need to be treated for crack addiction. trust me he is coming down to participate what's left of our healthcare system. he goes in there they think he is chris farley doing a character ♪ that guy in a little coat. >> incognito and i are doing a retake of the three amig goes together. he will be the ones saying his lines too fast because he is on crack. >> you are in a lot of trouble, mister. >> you know what, miller, i was going to book a bolder fresher show in toronto. i don't think that's a good idea now.
5:42 pm
you know what i'm talking about. >> i'm not politically correct. i'm off the reservation. this whole thing is going to hell in a hand basket. ♪ >> if i'm perceived as a problem because i'm candid, so be it. >> here in new york city, we can have the big gulp again, we can drink as much soda as we want because the courts ruled that mayor bloomberg and the board of health cannot limit the size of sodas and you say? >> it's about time mayor lucky charms got shot down. >> he they are always after me lucky charms. >> they are magically delicious. >> beware of the dwarf star who fancies himself a quay caesar. >> what do we have on this thing queen san. >> go back and cash checks off the stock ticker, that was a good idea. where do you get off? how about a new rule where 5'9" people can't eat flogray. all of a sudden i'm in new york and i have got to worry
5:43 pm
about i can't have salt. lighten up, pow. >> he doesn't talk very nice. >> what about this miley cyrus person, lots of people were offended by her performance on tv the other night. were you? first off i want to see karzai with those horns. miley, i and most of america are now officially bored. we are bored with people like you insays tantly feeling the need to shock us squares. you are insipid because you don't have an acted. that foam finger you used is going to last longer on the landfill than your career. and you know something? i would say i hope you got something tucked away. if i was robin ethic i would fire my people. he has the hottest song in america. the kid can actually sing ♪ baby i'm going down
5:44 pm
>> all of a sudden he is in a gulliver's travels i got a good look at that tongue and the coloration was bad. that's the same pallet that worked on. you have got to get that looked at. i had a long long look at it because it was constantly unfurled like the fire hose that bruce willis used to go between floors in die hard. [explosions] >> there is a lot to digest in that, miller. >> that's what i think, billy. >> i want to recommend to mr. ethic's taylor that -- mr. thick's taylor that he might get glasses. what about that suit? i thought the kingston trio was on stage ♪ i'm worried now. >> you and i come out in medallions. >> now, are you an angler?
5:45 pm
are are you a fisherman, miller? you throw that line out there once in a while. >> i have been known to work an angle, of course. >> and putin and miller and i big putin fans. form a putin fan club. apparently putin went to siberia and caught a pike that weighs 46 pounds. >> billy, the monitor is partially obscured here. did you just put up another anthony weiner photo. >> no time for small thoughts. >> that was putin. >> just scared the living hell out of me. this is getting really weird. that's beyond limit. you can't keep that. >> no. so he got it but here's the controversy. fishermen tell me putin is fudging it here. >> well, i love putin because he wears camo out on the lake and waders when he is inside the forest. i don't know what that is about. he is most interesting man in the world. >> stay thirsty my friends. >> put on the shirt after he caught the fish. >> billy, that is a solid cup. >> you want me to wear a
5:46 pm
bra? >> no, no. a bra is for ladies. meet the bro. >> and the problem is that you can't tell -- russians can't tell putin that he is fudging the fish or they will throw him in jail with those girls. >> the world has gone insane. putin alleluia ought to solve their fiscal problems and come out with a double d cup of the month calendar. ♪ ♪ >> i apologize for that. all right, very soon miller and i will announce some more dates for the bolder fresher shows next year 2014. in the meantime i will see everybody out on long island wednesday december 4th. high school in minneola. benefit. education, we will talk jesus, kennedy, state of the union. bill o' going to be a great evening. on deck, fun with juliet huddy. there is a new christmas ad that has some folks seeing red. right back with it.
5:47 pm
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5:50 pm
back-to-back back of the book segment tonight. trying to get people to sign up for obama care by using wacky advertising. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! ow, ow. >> minnesota. land of 10,000 reasons to get health insurance. ♪ >> say hi to chance. without health insurance you're playing with her. too bad because washington health plan finder offers financial help on new plans and without one, it could bite you.
5:51 pm
♪ >> that made me sick. here now to further the conversation, julia huddy. >> hello. >> the state government, the legislatures are using tax dollars for those dopey things. >> taxpayer money used for marketing. >> they got it from the federal government in grants. >> they did, yes. >> to persuade people to go into obama care. >> the ads are trying to be funny, humorous. >> i don't know who that guy is. >> something like riding a carrot in the last commercial. >> i like this gremlin thing here. >> it's a racoon. people are concerned about the ads. one person commented on this one. guy said where do i sign up for
5:52 pm
racoon insurance. people aren't sure what this is about. >> who is this woman? she looks lively. >> she's a folk singer. she definitely has a sweet voice, hippy. >> all right. second one, kmart. >> here we go, baby. >> a lot of controversy on the christmas display of men's briefs. go. ♪ [ bells ] [ applause ] ♪ >> bring in the holidays with joe boxer. kmart, get in, get more christmas. >> i've got to get those. >> he's crying. i have never seen -- >> that was the dumbest thing. >> that was brilliant.
5:53 pm
>> brilliant. huddy thinks it is brilliant. "jingle bells" corrupted. >> jingle bells. a beautiful, clever, brilliant commercial done by the same ad firm that did "ship your pants" if you remember that one. and "big gas". >> i don't remember that. >> we talked about those. your memory is going. >> i'm very old. some people are genuinely offended by that. >> people are -- really, come on, people. it is airing on television. you can see it on the regular tv waves. people are upset. >> would that ad make you go to kmart? >> you know, it probably would actually. if those guys are there, i would go. >> kmart sells a ton of my books. i like them. i don't know if that ad will draw me in there. >> you were laughing historically. >> i was laughing because it was dumb. >> it's brilliant. it's on "the o'reilly factor". >> next the tip of the day. an outrageous smear directed at
5:54 pm
me. the tip is moments away. have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments.
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just a click away on
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factor tip of the day in a moment. a smear directed at me. first the mail. toronto, canada. 50 years ago some americans were called communists to diminish them. same thing today is down with racism. it's the new mccarthyism. you and bernie have more insight on black crime than most other journalists combined. good for you. bill, there you go again blaming single parent homes for black crime. the reason there are single parent homes is because black men don't have jobs. good grief. they abandon children because of selfishness. if you're unemployed you can spend more time with your kids, right? get a grip. rick from indiana. reverend degraaf says we can't read the minds of young black men who commit crimes but
5:57 pm
apparently he can read the minds of folks he calls racists for criticizing president obama. very perceptive. from alaska. your debate with the reverend was lively. you spoke with conviction. that's why we like it. wasting time regurgitating leftist propaganda. he adds nothing. from ohio. bill, i love that you have guests who espouse liberal positions because it reveals flaws. we like to bring in all points of views. that philosophy has worked for more than 17 years. don from littleton, colorado. o'reilly, your disrespect for scripture is very troubling. i have not read "killing jesus" nor do i intend to. well, you are bearing false witness, don. no disrespect in scripture in "killing jesus." how can you make that accusation
5:58 pm
without having read the book? perhaps you yourself, don, are disrespecting scripture by leveling an untrue accusation. pastor sharon pea gel from new jersey. i admit i was leery of "killing jesus." i was drawn into the story of jesus by your book more than ever before. thank you. an amazing book. thank you for raiding it, pa i g it, pastor. it's the best nonfiction book in the country by far. order on now. the cut-off date is approaching. i have to sign them. also signing copies of killing kennedy and killing lincoln. there is a theme this year, usa strong on the gear. all proceeds go to charity. the tip of the day, i believe some media outlets in america are corrupt and promote
5:59 pm
ideology. it happens most often on the left but sometimes on the right as well. we are not alone in america. recently the new zealand herald published a smear by paul casterly. quote, killing kennedy is based on the book by red neck motor mouth bill o'reilly who also wrote the rather good "killing lincoln." i bet bill wait for someone to knock off obama care. the new zealand herald is responsible for that. the blogger is obviously emotionally disturbed. so why would a newspaper allow that kind of hatred to be published? there comes a point when all good people have to walk away from garbage like that. factor tip of the day. that's it for us. check out the fox news factor website. different from spout off about the factor.
6:00 pm
name and town if you wish to opine. do not be obtuse when writing the factor. i'm sorry about the throat. ms. megyn is next. remember, the spin stops first. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, serious new worries about president obama's plan to save more than 5 million americans from having no insurance thanks to his signature health care law. plus, a new warning about how tens of millions of americans will likely lose their insurance at work in the coming months. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. a series of developing stories concerning the troubled obama care rollout. first, involving a white house meeting with insurance insiders that took place earlier tonight. the insurance folks came out of the meeting warning about higher premiums and about potential gaps in coverage for the americans whose policies have been cancelled. people who had


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