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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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very amusing tonight about our segment with the humanist. we're taking your thoughts on that and any other segment you want to weigh in. follow me on twitter and let me know what you think. i read them right now. have a great night. welcome to hannity tonight. this administration proved just how low they will go to push through their radical agenda in one of the most lawless power grabs in the history of the u.s. senate. liberal harry reid used the, quote, nuclear option to eradicate most filibusters for presidential nominees. there is absolutely no question, now this was politically timed, all to turn your attention away from obama care, but on this program, nothing will stop us from getting to the truth on both issues. we'll talk about that in just a minu minute. but first, this is what is ahead tonight on "hannity."
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undercover video captures an obama care navigator offering up your personal information all for political gain. new, incredibly disturbing knock out assaults all caught on tape. as this deadly game, could it be coming to a town near you? >> there was no sign at all my dog was off leash running around. >> a blind airline passenger was kicked off his flight because of a service animal and is here to tell his emotional story. all of that plus juan williams takes us inside his meeting with president barack obama. "hannity" starts right here, right now. earlier today in a blatant power grab senate democrats eliminated filibusters for most presidential nominations, a radical move, senator harry reid, vice president joe biden, former secretary of state hillary clinton, even president barack obama himself all blasted it a few years ago. watch this. >> i rise today to urge my colleagues to think about the
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implications of what's been called the nuclear option and what effect that might have on this chamber and on this country. i urge all of us to think not just about winning every debate but about protecting free and democratic debate. >> this is the single most significant vote as i said earlier that i will have cast in my 32 years in the senate. >> we have confirmed 95% of your nominees and if you can't get 60 votes for a nominee, maybe you should think about who you're sending to us to be confirmed. >> some in this chamber want to throw out 214 years of history in the quest for absolute power. they want to do away with mr. smith as depicted in the great movie being able to come to washington. they want to do away with the filibuster. >> joining me now with reaction, three lawyers, the cohost,
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kimberly and my other guests. you just heard them all. we can go through, let's see, obama, we got biden, reid, thurman, schumer, hawken, feinstein, kerry, hillary clinton, all dead set against it a few years ago. >> yeah. 2005. here's what's fascinating. you're actually right in what you said about harry reid, who said 12 years ago that this exact move would ruin the country. here's the funny part. guess who took the exact opposite point of view and supported it dramatically, mitch mcconnell -- >> here is one difference. no, no. they did threaten it. one big difference. they didn't do it. they never did it. this is the first -- how long have we had this rule? >> let me help rick a little bit. okay? >> i had a feeling you would. >> i live in a country that's a republic with majority rule and minority rights. thomas jefferson, madison, monroe, lincoln, all believed in this filibuster. >> really?
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why did they leave it out of the constitution? >> let me say this. this is obama care. because they know in the next year they're going to get hammered. they're going to ram through their liberal federal judges now because the senate is going to be republican. you know it. she knows it. and i know it. >> wait. there's been what, 215 confirmations this year and two rejected? two? now, two -- >> here is the problem with this showing they have no honor and they have no shame. they're just replete with hypocrisy. every time you see them make a move, my gosh. these people honestly seem like they have no conscience and they want to push this through because they know how this administration and the president is. they feel that desperate. i'll tell you what about conniving harry reid. he had these votes ahead of time. he knew he could be able to get this through and nothing surprises me at this point. >> do you think this is in part a distraction? >> sure. >> from obama care?
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that they would go this far? we're not going to be distracted. we're getting right back into obama care. >> the house of representatives -- this is about administrative agencies like the epa with liberal federal judges in the d.c. circuit to say it's all constitutional. this is all about those three judges and they want the epa to take control of the congress, the irs. they want atf. it's going to be regulation not legislation. he knows -- >> i'm going to give you a very different point of view which you can read about in my column at today. have you noticed in april when this issue came up what happened? mcconnell got together with reid. >> they worked it out. >> they worked it out. didn't you find the republicans incredibly quiet this time? you want to know why? because like you just said the republicans believe they're going to win the senate next year and that means harry reid has already done the dirty work for mitch mcconnell. >> john mccain apparently tried to meet with them for an hour. where was that gang of eight? now, president obama two weeks
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ago bragged about remaking the courts. that goes to your argument. >> exactly the point. it goes to the epa taking it all over the country, no legislation, only regulation. he needs those liberal federal judges in the d.c. circuit to impose that through regulation. >> he is the president. he gets to appoint them. >> we have not a parliamentary system but a republic. this is the first time in american history, there should be marches in the street with peasants and pitch forks and torches. >> i don't know. the rhetoric is really inspiring. right? but what i think is a problem, this is really just a vicious power grab. they want to get as much through and done as they can while they have the opportunity and they're not going to care about the way they get it done as long as they can make it happen. you understand they are not concerned at all about the constitution. they're not concerned at all i don't believe about the good will of the american people. it's what they think is best for the american people whether you want it or not. >> what about the total,
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complete hypocrisy? >> you know, you're sitting there making rational arguments why they might have done it, what they're up to. every one of them says this goes against the constitution. >> right. >> our founders and framers. >> every one of them. barack obama himself. >> they're all on record. >> all saying that this is bad for the country, would divide the country. you're not there saying they're hypocrites. i want to hear you -- >> first of all i got to say one thing first. we're all patriots. just because we don't agree -- >> i want to hear you say they are hypocrites. >> they are. both sides. in 2005 -- >> they didn't do it, rick. >> i'm sorry. when they stand up there and they make speeches and say this is what we think we should do -- >> but they didn't do it. >> come on. so the democrats were okay with it in april. >> no, no. i think right now i don't like a parliament. we have a congress. >> where were you in 2005? >> where is the power of -- >> why weren't you criticizing
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the democrats for bad behavior? >> what did i just say? >> why don't you say the democrats are hypocrites? >> and the republicans. >> no they're not. >> yes they are. they didn't do it. >> they didn't do it. >> you can yell as loud as you want. it doesn't change the reality. >> they didn't do it. >> in 2005. >> they didn't do it. >> great. in 2005 george bush couldn't get his judicial nominees through. >> they didn't do it. >> the democrats wouldn't let it happen. >> the gang of 12. >> what happened? >> they didn't do it. >> why? it was the gang of 14 not the gang of 12. >> in the end, more rational views prevailed. >> yes. >> the difference here -- >> when we get to january -- they won't change it. >> i'm used to bob beckel. >> oh, well. anyway. >> can't handle the truth. >> if you look at the coverups, the lying, this has become the most lawless regime. >> true. >> narrarator: the history of this period --
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>> watch with iran, wag the dog. you watch what happens. >> a distraction but we're not going to be distracted. we're getting right back to obama care. thank you for being with us. coming up we won't be distracted. obama care. one employee caught on tape literally conspiring to release private health data of american people. now we have the undercover video and we'll prove that tonight. later, we told you earlier about a disturbing new trend among troubled kids called a knockout game. tonight we have a scary update for you. these assaults are spreading all across the country. and the story is almost too shocking to believe. president obama invited left wing nbc news host lawrence o'donnell and eddie schultz to the white house and our very own juan williams was in the room. what was said? he'll join us for a special edition of media mash. a quick programming note. check in with us tomorrow night 10:00 eastern for a studio audience edition of "hannity" for the entire hour joined by millennials, young people, those
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welcome back. now we have a shocking report to tell you about. a group dedicated to helping people sign up for obama care has purportedly been caught on tape conspiring to release the private data of you the american people. this was uncovered by none other than james o'keefe and his organization. now, what we're about to show you is part of a 14-minute tape of undercover footage. the investigator posed as the
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director of a political action committee and he asked the enroll america communications director to give him the personal information of people who have indicated they want to sign up for obama care. while the employee at first was hesitant to do so, well, he eventually caved. take a look. >> how do we get the list though? >> well, i can't get you that list. that list is like safeguarded. it is lock and key type of thing. that's people's personal information. >> i'm not talking about the people's social. you know what i'm saying? >> look. you're going by what we call rule number 17. rule number 17 is, and i told you is do whatever it takes. >> that's it. >> so you can't talk, you don't know anybody off the record that would -- i mean nobody ever has to hear this. >> i do i do i do -- nobody will hear about this.
7:15 pm
>> nobody ever has -- all we need is the list. if you can give me that list, then we -- that's it. i know you can do it. i know you can do it. >> okay. i will talk to one person that i think might be open to having this conversation behind closed doors. and i'll get back to you on that. i mean then again i have -- >> if i can get the list off the record -- >> yeah if we can do it we'll get the list. >> there is also a lot more. the employee went on to say that he would try to use alcohol to persuade his source from giving up the information. watch this. >> and here's the other thing about exporting that stuff any time an export happens it tends to -- sends some sort of a message to someone or something like that. the reason i know this is because last year in north texas in your neck of the woods someone did that. someone exported a list an ofa
7:16 pm
list so they could then give it to a political campaign, a local political campaign. that person -- i don't know what sort of mechanism is in place but there are those safeguards in place. >> it sounds like the person they're referring to is like me in a leadership position. and so he could export the list if he wanted to but -- >> come on. >> i know him well enough to feel like if we had a few beers that this would not be the craziest conversation he's ever heard. the answer is no but i think we can speak the same language. >> that's pretty insane. we did reach out to enroll america by phone and by e-mail to try and get a statement on the story animation that this employee in question did indeed work for them.
7:17 pm
however, they never got back to us. joining me now with reaction, my guests, guys, good to see you. really? this is now part three of a series of navigators, you know, saying oh, don't give your full income and all the things you just heard there. >> yes. whether you like this law or you don't this is unexcusable and this is the type of thing that goes to further this negative narrative that is surrounding what has been a very unfortunate rollout for the president and this administration. >> very unfortunate but isn't it unsustainable? isn't there a reason when you spend hundreds of millions of dollars and you have three days to lay this thing out? >> it is obvious the president and his team are more obsessed with the politics, the winning, getting obama care passed than the actual policy and implementation and we're seeing it unravel. in the case of the navigators these guys as we've been told by kathleen sebelius don't even go through a criminal background check. they deal with the most sensitive information of every american under penalty of law who is compelled to give it in
7:18 pm
order to get health care through the online exchanges which don't even work. when you watch this it has to send a chill down your spine to know these are the people who are going to be dealing with our most personal information. >> let me say this, sean. somebody from the beginning who very much supported this law and also the president a's enthusia it is very frustrating to see the time and money spent on this making sure it passed muster politically. talking about 43 repeal attempts from congress, talking about supreme court -- >> fundamentally we got to go back to the main crux of this. the president sold this with very specific promises. and it is going to be 900 billion and per family per year $2500 savings. now the president is telling everybody oh, it's only 5%. only a small percentage of people.
7:19 pm
they're pointing out what i've been saying, 50 to 100 million americans just like the manhattan experts we've had on this program and the problem politically for the democrats and the president and the white house is that this is day after day, week after week, month after month, cancellation letters, great shock, and you can't keep your doctor. this is unsustainable politically. you ought to cut your losses not that you'll listen to me and get out of this. >> one thing that is frustrating is when the president comes out and says conditionally you can keep your plan like he did in alabama. >> but working for three years to do this other plan and gave them six weeks to fix it. >> he put himself in a bad situation. >> north carolina blue cross going up what, 24% if you want to go back to your old plan. >> in north carolina if you are a young, healthy man your premium is going up by 300% under the obama care regulations and mandates. sean, you brought up a very good point. i agree people like ebony in her heart believe obama care probably does something good because it covers the 30 to 40
7:20 pm
million uninsured but what are we learning now? 129 million americans are going to have their private health insurance once the employer mandate kicks in disrupted or eliminated because of obama care. >> ebony, i would think because, look. you and i get along i think you are a really honest person. >> thank you. >> i think this is beyond disappointment. where are the democrats going to stick up and say either keep your promise or we've got to have, litigate this law again. the country needs a fair debate. would you support that? >> there is an argument for that, sean. >> i'm asking you if you'll join me in -- this was a bait and switch, a fraud from the beginning. they knew in july of 2010 they were lying to us. >> i can't say the lying part. i will say this. you make a good point. let's not let insurance companies off the hook here. >> forget the insurance companies. >> i can't. >> considering no promises he made are being kept why can't we litigate this, have a national debate about the best system
7:21 pm
instead of ramming this down our throats? >> because it's here, sean. why can't we fix it? >> why can't we start again? cut our losses and start over? >> i agree and i say stop making promises you can't make like november 30th. >> it was sold as a fraud and unfortunately we have very few recourses in order to stop obama care. in and of itself it is collapsing, sean. and that we can't deny. >> we can't deny that part. thanks. >> good to see you in the studio. coming up, is violence, sometimes deadly, a new so-called game called the knockout game sweeping across the u.s. will it soon be coming to a town or city near you? we'll have the very latest on this disturbing investigation. and why did the people invite nbc hosts like ed schultz, lawrence o'donnell to the white house? our very own juan williams was in the same meeting. he is going to join us to tell us what went on behind closed doors. a liberal pow-wow that happened earlier today. i was not invited of course.
7:22 pm
later this man and his guide dog literally kicked off a plane because his service animal, the airline says, wouldn't go under a seat. the passengers disagree and they walked out after he was kicked out. wait until you hear this amazing story as he joins us tonight. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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7:26 pm
popularity and is spreading to several cities all across the u.s. and is proven to be fatal in some cases. as you can see on your screen the trend involves groups of young males targeting random strangers who are usually alone on the street. now, one of the teens chooses his victim, approaches the unsuspecting person, hits them as hard as possible with the idea to knock them down. the attacks have turned fatal in at least four documented incidents thus far. the so-called game has now spread to at least these seven states with the most recent being in philadelphia and that area. so the question remains, what is being done to stop this so-called game and why is the main stream media exposing these heinous crimes? here with reaction, my guests. don, philly is the most recent case. tell us what is going on there and how dangerous and widespread this is. >> it is very widespread, sean. i know you know philadelphia a
7:27 pm
little bit. lower marion is not a place where you'd see something like this, one of the most affluent suburbs in the country literally and we had an attack war guy in his 70s was knocked down now walking with a cane. we had another in a nice northeastern philadelphia middle class neighborhood and here people are saying what you just said. why is it that these are not considered hate crimes out of the box? why is everything defused? and it's up to fox and talk radio to bring this and piece it together that these things are happening in great numbers? >> you know, especially when you consider some cases. they've been fatal here. we've had so much debate over the zimmerman trayvon martin case. >> exactly. >> people are dying. old people are being attacked. 80-year-old people have been victims of this. they are also videotaping this and putting it on the internet. >> and bragging about the so-called accomplishments. it is not a game. i think when the media does put this out there they need to make it very known that it's a crime.
7:28 pm
and it's senseless, heinous, and i think -- >> just evil. pure evil. >> the people who are doing this need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent and they should be prosecuted under the hate crime statute. >> we discussed this earlier in the week, and some suggested there is a racial component to this that is not being discussed. is that the case in philly? >> yes, it is. the attackers as far as i know are african-american males, two arrested in lower marion are 18 to 25 years of age, and the people they are assailing are often white. sean, there is a little twist at least in new york. they're looking at it here, some of them are jewish. there seems to be an added element. what the media is doing, some of them, they're taking a look at social media and blaming that rather than what is going on here which are crimes of violence and hate. >> do you agree it's racial and religious in nature? >> i do. the way you look at hate crimes is you look at the victims. if there is a trend and it is showing they are targeting -- i believe in new york they targeted jewish people i think
7:29 pm
victims or possible victims need to be put on notice that this could happen. >> for all of the people that made the trayvon martin case political, where a i haven't heard from any of them. i think dom is right. but for talk radio and the fox news channel, this show in particular, i don't know the people covering this. >> right. i think some people -- i think it needs to be in the media because it apparently is a racial problem. >> what do you think? >> sean, you are a particular target because you were a champion as we were here in philadelphia of trying to get to the truth about trayvon martin and i know you've been attacked for the zimmerman interviews, etcetera. where are the very same people that do that that are silent around this? where are they? this isn't one random incident unfortunate or otherwise. >> there is a huge distinction. that is that you had an eyewitness seeing ground and pound and somebody under attack. these are random people that are literally set up, blind sided,
7:30 pm
and whacked to the ground. >> right. society needs to be placed on notice and these perpetrators, these criminals, their identification needs to be known. their pictures should be plastered all over the media. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. coming up next right here on "hannity" -- >> you damn right dick cheney's heart's a political football. we ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him. i'm glad he didn't tip over. he is the new poster child for health care in this country. >> all right. in a move almost too shocking to believe, left wing nbc news host ed schultz is personally invited to the white house by the president. you heard me right. next, we'll be joined for a special edition and late ther man and his guide dog were literally kicked off a plane because a service animal wouldn't go under the seat 100%.
7:31 pm
the passenger is here in the studio to give the details. we'll tell you how the passengers walked off the plane as soon as he was kicked off. we want to hear from you. logon to our special companion site hannity and vote on our online poll today. are you afraid this terrifying so-called knockout game could come to your neighborhood? logon and vote. hannity on twitter at sean hannity. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. hmm. ♪ mm-hmm.
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welcome back to "hannity" time for a special edition of media mash. recent days on this program we have been actively exposing the despicable, disgusting rhetoric flowing from nbc news. now particularly against governor sarah palin. while we were focused on denouncing their classless comments the obama white house instead, well, they were rewarding them. believe it or not this afternoon even ed schultz of nbc news and lawrence o'donnell were personally invited to attend meetings inside the west wing with the president of the united states. fortunately, our very own juan
7:36 pm
williams was also on hand for the huddle among liberals. the left wing conspiracy. he is here for a special edition of "media mash." all right. bring us inside the white house, juan. i don't even get an invite to the media christmas party. >> what? oh, no. >> i have not been invited to one white house christmas party and when i went to one party in the bush years there were tons of liberals there. what's up with that? >> i was there. i must tell you i was very surprised that they invited me again, this is like the second time they've invited me in because the fox brand, i'm a fox guy and they have such trouble with us. >> what do you mean the fox brand? a very balanced brand. >> hey, do you have any doubt the obama white house has trouble with fox? come on. >> that's their problem. >> that's what i'm saying. a reality right? >> put us in the room. who else was in there? you got you, schultzie, who else? >> they had ezra klein, greg
7:37 pm
sergeant from "the washington post" who are bloggers. they had david korn from mother jones. >> good grief. >> they has howard fineman who used to be a senior political editor. they had people there, trying to think of some of the other names just off the top. i mean, they had people there from atlantic monthly, from some of these other liberal blogs. mostly as you said i think an effort to buck up the democrats. when you look at the president's falling poll numbers it's democrats and independents that have been buying off. >> all right. listen. i don't have a problem with the president can meet with whoever he wants. that means journalists, opinion hosts. i've been in the white house. i don't have a problem with that. i do have a problem i mean in the case of the extreme rhetoric. martin bashir. was he there? >> no. >> all right. but ed schultz was. let's just remind every -- this is the type of incendiary rhetoric bashir, alec baldwin, chris matthews, and then this
7:38 pm
guy. >> you damn right dick cheney's heart's a political football. we ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him. i'm glad he didn't tip over. he is the new poster child for health care in this country. he is an enemy of the country in my opinion dick cheney is. he is an enemy of the country. lord take him to the promised land, will you? see i don't even wish the guy goes to hell. i just want to get him the hell out of here. you know what they're talking about? like this right wing slut, what is her name, laura ingram? yeah. a talk slut. >> he was there in the room with the president? >> yeah. he was there. that was pretty rank. pretty awful. >> by the way, i could play a montage -- >> i'm going to say i except juan williams from this. i don't have any problems with a meeting like this taking place. as a matter of fact, i'll go a step further and suggest that sometimes it's a good thing to have an off-the-record meeting with journalists because more
7:39 pm
can be discussed. however, that said, i bet you there is one question that wasn't asked of the president today which is, mr. president, when will you ever give an interview to a reporter who is going to ask you a tough question? he won't do that. the wheels have come off this administration. they're bringing in the shock troops. these are the shock troops that are going to do the outrageous for him. these are people who are used to making vile statements, character assassination statements. he is not bringing them in in spite of those actions. he is bringing them in because of those actions. >> all right. let me just say that, you know, the other day they had charles krauthammer in. i don't think he is anybody's liberal. they had a variety of people in. i think this effort at this moment is ontrack with what you're saying in terms of trying to buck up public opinion among their base. >> juan, did you say hi to the president for me? >> i always do, sean.
7:40 pm
i just think he has difficulty with all of us. >> ah. i feel so bad. i'm sure, you know, he is going to blame that on george bush. all right, guys. good to see you. thank you. coming up next meet the man who got kicked off a flight because his seeing eye dog they say wouldn't sit still. guess what? every passenger got up and walked out with him. the incredible story, next. if you've got copd like me, hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment
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welcome back to "hannity." my next guest was legally blind. said he and his service dog were booted from a u.s. airways flight earlier this week because his four-legged friend would not sit still. and after other passengers protested the flight was canceled. now we did reach out to us airways for a statement. this is what they told us. they said us airways transports more than 80 million customers every year and ensures all customers including those with disabilities are treated with
7:45 pm
dignity and respect. we're particularly sensitive to those customers who travel with service animals and we partner with assistance dogs international, an organization that trains and places assistance dogs around the world. the statement goes on to read, in this instance mr. rizzi became disruptive and refused to comply with crew member instructions when the flight attendant asked him to secure his service dog. as a result of his disruptive behavior the crew returned to the gate and removed mr. rizzi and his service dog from the flight. the flight was eventually canceled and we transported the passengers on the flight to islip airport in long island by bus. we apologize to the customers of the flight for the inconvenience. we continue to investigate the incident and have reached out to mr. rizzi several times but he has not responded. here with us the passenger, his attorney, and of course doxie the dog. >> first of all it is great to see you.
7:46 pm
i got to talk with you on the radio. you've been blind for how long now, since 2006 right? >> 2006 i lost my eyesight. i woke up on january 6, 2006, and was in the hospital for two months. the last month of 2005 and the first month of 2006. >> all right. this was a bad case of meningitis. >> yes. >> really difficult case. you woke up one day totally blind. >> yes. >> okay. so you traveled many times before, right? >> yes. i've traveled since i got doxie and this year alone i think probably no less than ten times. >> so you get on this flight. i also spoke to the passenger mary who was sitting next to you. >> right. >> and the passenger sitting in front of you, kirk. >> yes. >> they said doxie was extremely well behaved, sat under the seat, were there any issues with doxie? they told me no. >> no. as far as i was concerned the only issue that doxie had was he did not like to be away from me and every time he was put in a place that was, quote-unquote,
7:47 pm
stowed he wanted to sneak back over and say hi to me and be touching daddy. his hind quarters were back under mary's feet and his head was under my feet. never once was he in the aisle or off leash. >> mary told me she kept telling the flight attendant it's okay. i have no problem at all. we're very happy here. nothing is going on. and you were in the last row. >> we were in the last row. a little puddle jumper. there are five seats and two rows on i was sitting in the mi facing down the aisle. there was nothing at all of truth to what this woman purports was going on. and, you know, mary was very generous in giving up her leg room. many people on any flight, i don't know many people who would do that and the dog was always well behaved and totally in control like he is right now. >> so tell me what happened. the flight attendant comes back. walk us through what happened. >> we got on the plane. right away she noticed i came on with a dog. i self-identify as a blind traveler and always let people know i'm traveling with my guide dog just out of respect and out
7:48 pm
of hope that everybody will travel comfortably. we walked to the back of the plane. she showed me to the seat. i sat down. as i'm putting up my stuff she said, would you be able to put the dog under a seat? i'm like no. i don't have a seat. so a conversation started. mary offered her spot. the dog went under. now we were on the tarmac about two hours. i would say an hour and 43 minutes when we turned around. >> the plane was delayed. >> which we really still don't know why at this moment. >> right. >> and the dog walked, kind of snuck out like i said before, wanted to be with daddy. had his paws out, head on my foot. whatever it was. half of his hind quarters were under mary. and the flight attendant comes back and says you need to move that dog back under the seat. we can't take off until he does. so we obliged. it was the third time now about an hour and a half maybe into the whole process and she does this again. and as we stated yesterday on the radio, curt remembers i said
7:49 pm
to her why are you being so evil about this? she said if i were evil i would just turn this plane around now. so a dialogue ensued. i said to her, i can't do what you want me to do. you're not giving me the tools to succeed. so why don't you just go back, sit down, when you're ready tell me we're taking off. i'll put the dog under the seat. we'll be in long island in 45 minutes. this will be a memory. >> a short flight. >> we spent more time talking about the dog being under the seat than in the air. >> look, you never got in the air. >> true. >> when we come back, this is a pretty amazing story because when they kicked you off the flight, i'll let you tell the story. >> okay. >> every other passenger went with you. >> yes, sir. >> they stood up in solidarity for you which is an incredible story. we'll continue with albert and of course doxie. beautiful dog. and his lawyer right after the break. stay with us. "the hannity" continues.
7:50 pm
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as we continue on "hannity". so you're on the plane. now, the flaekt -- you're getting kicked off the plane? >> right. she decides we turn the plane around we find out we're on the tarmac an hour and 45 minutes. go in. the guy comes on, his name is lamar. a fantastic representation of calm and collected. just great. and says let me help you with your bags. i don't need help, but okay. going to help the poor blind guy. okay. i get this eerie feeling i'm the only one getting off the plane. i said excuse me, am i the only one getting off the plane? he said we'll discuss that inside. then, only then i lost
7:55 pm
my temper dropping a few colorful words, f-bombs and others screaming at this flight attendant for being obnoxious. in we went sort of walking a walk of shame. the most unbelievable sense of horrible. i just felt so disenfranchiseed and felt like garbage. it was the worst thing i ever felt since finding out i was never going to see again. just crazy. so you get -- you have a confrontation you, they decided they're kicking you off the plane. >> yes. >> this is where the story gets incredible to me. because everyone else on the plane stands up for you. tell that part. >> what happens is that i'm wondering what is going on. we had a different exchange going on happening on the plane. what's happening on the plane is that everybody stood up, and was
7:56 pm
telling the whatever management, the pilot, the flight attendant, whoever was on the plane that this was not right. that there is nothing they saw that could have caused thoer come to that conclusion. there is no dog running up and down the aisle. no argment. there is me saying i can't do what you want me to do. these people stood up. there is a va gentleman on the flight named chris whose brother is blind he got personal and involved mary said we're not going without albert. a few others, everybody. she broke down in tears the pilot said, you know, we can't fly like this. now, inside i'm trying to figure out what is going on, on the plane. lamar and i are talking. stop yelling at me, i think you understand what happened. saw the dog laying down, calm. and i was having a dialogue. >> this dog hasn't moved? >> no. no. this is what he does
7:57 pm
all the time. we're doing different interviews for tv and news, the papers and everything he said can you make the dog jump? no. >> so you're talking to lamar and off the plane. what happens? this is where it gets crazy. i was really feeling terrible. lamar realized not only was it nothing like this woman reported but there are empty seats i could have moved anywhere. his colleague said you mean the dog could have had his own seat? yes. i self identify as a blind traveller with a guide dog. at that moment, i hear lamar go oh, my god. i'm thinking they're coming to put handcuffs on me. open the door and incomes all 35 people. screaming, get my bags. if he's not on the plane we're not going. you fire her. nothing she said is true. i'm getting choked just thinking about that.
7:58 pm
that concentration of solidarity. that sense of humanity is what we're lacking today, those people gave to it me in spades. i just -- you know, it's, i think we could have learned from this. this is where i'm here today to try, i appreciate the opportunity to really challenge people to do the right thing. even if it's uncomfortable. >> i'm getting chills just hearing it they're saying we're not going without you. >> i -- >> unbelievable. >> i have to ask your lawyer one question. are you going to sue them? >> we are exploring all possibilities. and our principle objective is to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else the answer is, we're considering that possibility. and you know, albert has told you, he wants to make sure that people with
7:59 pm
disabilities are treated fairly. that it doesn't happen again. that may include a lawsuit. >> i have to tell you like a lot of, when bad situations happen smshgs times it brings out the best out of people. this is one of the cases. i heard you're all going out to dinner soon? >> yes. i would love to be able to get a hold of that manifest. one of the things i want to do when the dust settles, it's started i've been asked to speak in washington, d.c. on the 10th at air lien transportation access conference. it's a new conference and it's all about being accessible to travel options that is what we're going to do. everybody come out ask celebrate. i want to take them to dinner. >> it's an honor to meet you. thank you. >> my friend, god bless you. >> god bless you too. >> i think you're going to have a pro found impact. >> thank you. >> thank you >> that is all of the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. start
8:00 pm
your day with fox and friends z a special live "hannity" audience edition tomorrow night the hour of millenial voters we'll see you back tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> confidential documents obtained by fox suggest that people inside the administration just one week before the web site launch had fears that it may fail. >> more problems for obamacare. just how much did the white house know about the impending obamacare web site disaster? and why didn't they do anything to stop it? we'll have a report. >> somebody asked me for a cigarette and by the time i got my hands out of the pocket i was getting hid by four kids. >> a new wave of knockout assaults blind sides innocent victims. we will tell you what's not being said about this growing trend of violence by predominantly blac


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