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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 23, 2013 11:30am-1:01pm PST

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he will be sorely missed. that's it for this week's show. i'm david asman. thanks foring us. catch me weekday afternoons for "after the bell" on fox business network. security scares at two of the nation's biggest airports sparking panic and fear. just ahead of one of the becausist travel weeks of the year. >> good to see you. the disturbing incident in atlanta as well as los angeles turned out to be false alarms, but no one is taking any chances. this is the scene at l.a.x. last night after an anonymous call reporting a gunman led to the evacuation of two terminals. now, nerves on edge of course, as millions of americans take to the skies for the thanksgiving
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holiday. our reporter live from los angeles with more. >> a bizarre series of events turning into a full alert at l.a.x. where just three weeks ago we had that fatal shooting. a driver to the airport suffered a medical emergency according to police. this was around 7:00 last night. they crashed their car into several obstacles and that car ended up on the curb near terminal five. well that sounded like gunfire to some people who broke out into a panic. so the police got reports of both the accident and the shooting. to make matters worse, it was then a third report that there was a gunman inside the terminal. >> somebody called police dispatch here at the airport and indicated that there was a man with a gun at gate 45 in termin terminal four. so officers responded to that particular gate. as a result of those responses to both terminal five and to terminal four, a decision was
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made to evacuate each of those terminals. >> all right, and that's when panic was widespread. one report of a human barricade of officers lined up at the screening area. a attacker earlier this month targeted tsa agents. no doubt, on authority's minds. there was a sweep and no gunman was found. today, it's all back to normal. that was scare number one for travelers yesterday. the second one when passengers aboard a spirit flight in atlanta heard this -- >> there's a bomb on this [ bleep ] plane! if you take me off, i'll blow the [ bleep ] plane up! >> a flight had just come in from ft. lauderdale and the captain told police the man had been unruly since takeoff. the police officer who took the man off the plane said she thought he had some sort of
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mental illness or breakdown. he was taken to the hospital. we don't know yet if he was discharged or what was the cause for his panic. >> when passengers see something like this, you're just thinking the worse, but thankfully it turned out okay. dominic, thank you so much. we're also learning new details now about the deadly shooting at l.a.x. earlier this month. a tsa officer killed after he was shot 12 times. that, according to an autopsy report on the death of hernandez. three others were injured in the shooting at l.a.x. terminal. the suspect also injured during the shootout with police, but he has been released from the hospital. he is now facing a murder charge. if convicted, he could get the death penalty. >> we are closely monitoring the potential nor'easter next week that could mean trouble for
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millions of americans traveling for thanksgiving. let's bring in janice dean now. she's live in the fox news weather center with more. >> it's going to be a mess for millions of people starting today through the weekend and into next week. thanksgiving. taking a look at the current temperatures, really cold, dangerously cold across the northern plains and upper midwest where we've got single digits. windchill factoring in what it feels like with the wind against your skin if you're unprotected. minus two is what it feels like in international falls. you get the picture. it is really, really cold. he storm we are talking about across the southwest. ahead of it, we've got moisture streaming into texas. we could see a quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice in and around the dallas metroplex area tomorrow. very dangerous. if you live in that region, you want to certainly pay close attention to your local weather forecasts. this is the main event. the one that's going to continue to travel eastward and with it bring close to two feet of snow,
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incredibly heavy rain. look at all of the winter weather advisories from southwest through texas up towards oklahoma. we could get some significant icing across north and central texas tomorrow. arthur, we're going to watch this system as we continue to move up the east coast on wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. >> busy time of year for weather and travel. okay, thank you very much for that update. new fallout after democrats push the button for the so-called nuclear option. voting to strip republicans of the power to block many presidential nominees through filibuster. and now the democrats are on defense about the timing of this move amid accusations that all of this was done just as a ploy to sweep obama care's problems under the rug. >> the action taken by leader reid in the senate is unrelated to the implementation of the
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affordable care act. it is related to the historic obstructionism that senate republicans have engaged in by any metric, any metric you put forward, including the rather remarkable one that of the 23 d.c. district court nominees that have been filibustered -- >> it was a brazen partisan abuse of power and designed to do a couple of things. number one, to change the topic. the democrats want to talk about anything other than the millions of people who are hurting because of obama care. >> janine join us. richard goodstein is also with us. democratic political consultant, former advise to president clinton's presidential campaign. the timing is curious, if not suspect. do you think there's a correlation, a deliberate
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diversion away from the debacle? >> it's taken all i cannot just to laugh here. this is really unfortunate because hard working americans are the ones being harmed by the failures of obama care. what we know is that obama lied to americans. keep your doctor, keep your insurance, premiums or rates will go down. we also know obama is a hippo cite because not that long ago he was opposed to ending the filibuster. so he leaned on three democrat senators in order to get this through. this is what we're finding out. >> richard, you think, you got to admit the president has been trying his best to change the subject. you know, he sees his approval rating. it's cratered to a record low of 37% in the latest cbs poll. he's been out giving speeches on everything from immigration reform to the economy to minimum wage, even a carbon tax speech. but would you agree that diversion and deflection is not going to take the attention away
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from obama care? >> greg, the reason that jay carney laughed at the suggestion that there was a combination or some connection between this vote to allow the president to do what every american thinks when you get a majority of the vote you should be able to actually elevate judges. that's kind of the american way. i don't think most people in the public think that's a problem. they think that's a -- if it didn't work like that, they think it would be a problem. the reason why this ted cruz -- why ted cruz thought there was something to this is because he just got to washington. i can tell you, i've been in discussions with democratic senators going back to the beginning the first obama administration when it was obvious a lot of his appointments were going to be blocked to judgeships and so forth. this has been going on for years. to their credit, the republicans said, we're blocking the three nominees to the d.c. circuit
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for -- >> the democrats did the same thing to bush -- >> no, they didn't, they did not, greg, they only did it on the merits. they never said we're blocking people because they have an "r" after their name. they never did that. >> it's obvious obama care is a train wreck -- >> obama care here, because americans seem unnerved, if not downright angry, over obama care. millions have lost their plans. replacements are often double in price. jobs are being lost. the president's out there, you know, doing his sort of hilarious impression of kevin bacon at the end of "animal house", you know, yelling "remain calm, all is well." nobody's buying it. >> the left would rather talk about the weather than to talk about the nightmare of what obama care is doing. it is a train wreck. really what the filibuster, this is a power grab, is abuse of power. they don't want to talk about it. what they're trying to do is bring the republicans in to fight with them. anything to district the americans and anything to district the media away from the
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horrors and nightmares of obama care which is an absolute train wreck. millions of americans and their families are losing their insurers. and they do not want to address the facts that are before them. >> richard, because the president promised a whole bunch of things that, in the end, proved blatantly untrue, people may not doubt not only his credibility but his competence. voters would seem to be in no mood to embrace even more of his programs. so does that renter his remaining term arguably inconsequential? >> well, the premise of your question is laughable for this reason, greg. if you look at every single poll, every single poll, including this past week the question is, do you want to keep obama care or change it to improve it, or do you want to repeal it, every single poll from the start to the present has had majorities in favor of keeping it --
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>> majorities -- >> greg, every single poll shows what's in obama care, preventing people against pre-existing conditions discrimination. keeping people from getting into the doughnut hole. allowing people to have their kids on their programs. every single component of obama care -- >> you're naming the good stuff on the front end. you're leaving out the bad stuff on the back end. you're assuming something's amiss -- >> you're assuming something's amiss which is all these people getting cancellation notices will never be able ton get insurance. you and i know that's not true. once the website's fixed, we admit, this was a big mess-up, once that's fixed and they can ek charge and see what their options are, i think a lot of people will be pretty happy. meanwhile, tens of millions of people who never thought they would get health care are going to get health insurance thanks to bmgz care. that actually -- that's a tradeoff many people will take. >> americans are not happy with what is going on with their health insurance.
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they were very happy with, thank you very much. >> good to see you both, thanks so much for being here. coming up, surfer in some very dangerous waters. killed in a popular beach. now the search is on for what exactly killed him. plus, no relief in sight for the philippines as the death toll from one of the worst typhoons on record. the conditions are getting worse. >> the devastation, it's -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. it's a great human tragedy. there's no power. there's no lights. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels.
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but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. i'm a believer. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. i'm a believer! [ camera shutter clicks ] now, that's cardworthy. [ n ] all right. here we go. ♪ cardworthy. [ female announcer ] this holiday season, visit for all your cardworthy moments. the death toll rising in the philippines after a typhoon slammed the islands earlier this month. communities struggling to get
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clean food and water as the search continues for survivors. 5,200 people killed by the storm and the aftermath. over 23,000 are hurt and thousands more are still missing. 3 million people left homeless. how many folks here -- and now many folks in the u.s. are trying to find ways to help the victims by making special donations as we head towards thanksgiving this thursday. our best it guest is with the wd program and joins us to discuss the urgent relief efforts. thanks so much for being here. i want to get right to it. there's so much crucial information out there. describe the current conditions. we see the photographs on television but they can never give you the full impact. >> it's tough when nature strikes with such force and the world has to come together. think that's what's happening. we have brought in aid supplies from aover the world. people getting food. the world food program has dispatched food to 3 million
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people now. we really support the philippine government. you have to work hand-in-hand there. what's happening people have lost their homes, they've lost their livelihood. it will take a long time for them to rebuild. with the tsunami, you always think, even if you arrive ten days later, they're still finding bodies everywhere. when you have an aid worker work around there, what you see is how everything has been swept away. often the only thing left is kitchen towels of the former houses where families once lived. the situation is really dire. aid is coming in. >> let's talk about that aid in terms of the type of aid getting to the families. >> this is one of those high energy biscuits we always hand out in these kind of situations. you cannot cook anymore if you don't have pots anymore. you cannot heat anything. we give them high energy biscuits. these biscuits will keep a person alive, a couple of these packages per day, all of the calories a person needs. we've been handing those out.
11:48 am
we also brought rice from other parts of the philippines in. we've got lots of trucks. we've got barge, ships, bringing in rice from other parts of the philippines to the hardest hit areas. and of course relief supplies. we're bringing in heavy equipment to help with the unloading. and a lot of the debris still has to be removed. what we're doing at the world food program is we will, for example, pay worker, people who have lost their jobs, they will start cleaning the sewage system, the drainage system. we will pay them on food. they have jobs. they will also have food to keep their families alive. >> i want to get back to some of those details before we get to the end of the segment. want to pop this up here. world food program. visit the website or text the
11:49 am
word "aid" to the number 27722 to give a donation. i'll repeat that again. grab a pencil if you need to. you mentioned that the government, the philippine government, is helping to decimate the aid to the people. are those efforts -- we hear kind of conflicting reports of how those efforts are going. in your estimation, how is it going? >> i think it is going -- one has to see, it's always hard to watch this in the first few days of such a big aid operation. when huge amounts of aid has to be spread out to various places. we now have outposts in various outlying areas to get food and other relief materials, shelter, storage spaces. you need warehouses for all the relief supplies. working hand-in-hand with all the other u.n. organizations, all the other ngos. what we're doing is in partnership with the philippine government. they're working very, very hard. >> what about those who
11:50 am
perished? >> that is the hardest thing. they need to get buried. that's what the philippines are working on now. >> we'll pop that information on the website for you. in terms of how you can donate. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me and thank you for all the donations from the americans. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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his family issuing a statement calling it a, quote, dreadful misunderstanding, after reports say newman may have been mistaken for another korean war veteran who has the same name. and now his family is asking for his quick return. a high-speed police chase may be exciting to watch, but they don't happen without risks. iowa state police now looking for ways to avoid fatal dangers involved with a crash. fox's dan springer reporting in from seattle. >> reporter: innocent motorists make up 42% of those killed. it's got cops around the country rewriting pursuit policies and looking for alternatives. >> i'm always constantly looking after that innocent person that's going to get struck, you know, blowing through an intersection, going through a light. >> reporter: that's why the iowa
11:55 am
state patrol is now experimenting with the latest gadget aimed at reducing the number of pursuits. it's a mini air cannon mounted to the patrol car's push bar. it fires a gps device that's e designed to stick to the back of the fleeing vehicle. the officer can lay back while the car is tracked. the gps cannon is made by star chase. >> it allows the officers to really use different tactics on what would be a traditional pursuit. but just run it differently and lower the adrenaline, lower the risk, and it allows everybody to make better decisions, even the criminal. >> according to police in austin there are some limitations. they won't fire their cannon in the rain or when the fleeing car is swerving. officers have missed on 4 of their 15 shots. still, the police in los angeles and washington state have recently seen demonstrations and are considering it. >> anything that we can get our
11:56 am
hands on to reduce the number of pursuits per year would be something we would definitely be interested in. >> reporter: this technology is not cheap. the cannons run $5,000 and the gps units cost $250 a pop. for every 100 police pursuits, there's one fatality so it definitely could save lives. >> dan springer, thanks very much. if you're planning on traveling for thanksgiving, look out. a storm could put a huge damper on your plans. we'll tell you about it. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pai it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away,
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if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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. hello, glad you're with us, welcome inside america's news headquarters. >> tops this news this hour, panic all l.a.x., on a busy travel weekend. a car crash and reports of a gunman seeing passengers flee for the exits in l.a., chaos in one of the nation's biggest airports. and pushing for an agreement in iran's nuclear program as diplomats drive a hard bargain in geneva. and look at this, countdown for shopping, we'll tell you where to find the best deals
12:01 pm
with black friday shopping just days away. >> we want to start with a deadly storm slamming the southwest, the death toll rising to at least five people killed so far. the fast-moving storm bringing snow and freezing temperatures to arizona. now, that system also bearing down on california with sleet and freezing rain, and could spell big trouble for people traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. but folks do not seem to be too worried just yet. >> it is finally here now, yeah, i love it. it is great. >> everyone just seems so much happier, first snowfall. >> looking at half a foot, can't wait for it on the open slopes. >> our snowfall guy has not been here yet, i hope he is not on vacation, sometimes they go on vacation before it starts to snow, hopefully he will be up here. you know, it is serious there in the southwest, some of the skiers in the west coast are
12:02 pm
enjoying it. but what gives, what will happen? >> well, obviously the skiers love it. but it will cause major problems on the roads, causing trouble into the thanksgiving holiday. let's take a look at it right now. the main parent system is still across the southwest, ahead of that we're seeing moisture streaming into texas, pay attention to dallas over the next 12 to 24 hours. if you live in this area, be careful, we could see quarter of an inch of ice on the roads tomorrow, very dynamic system, as you can see the low pressure system is across the southwest bringing over a foot of snow to some areas, and very cold temperatures. in the 20s here in parts of new mexico, in towards texas. and the pink, we could see very dangerous icing on the roadways, so as we go ahead into time monday and tuesday, heavy, heavy snow. we'll skip the mix of sleet, freezing rain across central
12:03 pm
texas. but of course for the skiers they're loving it. over the mountainous regions, you could see over a foot of snow. and then that storm will move east ward, you could see just offshore the 32 degree mark, heavy wind, rain or snow all along the east coast, millions of people affected on wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. we'll keep you updated from the fox news weather center. janice dean, i know you will. thank you, j.d. check the bindings, get ready. >> really important stuff you're talking about, appreciate that. bad weather is not the only concern for travellers. they're also dealing with a bunch of security scares in some of the nation's biggest airports. take a look at the scene last night in l.a.x., in los angeles,
12:04 pm
the authorities evacuated, two different reports after a gunman was seen there. >> and couldn't really have happened in a worst place, because it was on november first, this month, the gunman opened fire at l.a.x. well, reports of shots fired came out, even though it was the sound of a traffic accident which pushed people off onto the sidewalk and complicated things further, there was an anonymous call reported, a man with a weapon at a gate at terminal four. no gunman was found, but police responded fast because it had been a terminal agent there killed at terminal three. >> shots fired, due to the banging of the noise as you said, especially with what recently occurred here everybody is still a little on edge.
12:05 pm
and they called 911 saying that some shots had been fired. >> and that crash car was just over the shoulder there. they got the bomb sniffer dogs out and also did the security sweep, as well. everything back to normal today, flights operating. everything is okay. this is the only travel weekend for thanksgiving. a lot of people are on the move. and of course that creates a lot of tension, certainly didn't help when a man on board a spirit plane that just landed there appeared to totally freak out, he was forcibly removed from the airport. he shouted what just must have put fear into the hearts of everyone sitting around him. take a listen. >> there is a bomb on this plane! >> people around him looked relatively calm, there was a reason for that. apparently his unruly behavior started shortly after takeoff as they flew out of ft. lauderdale.
12:06 pm
the pilot radioed that they had had a troublesome passenger. there was a suggestion that he had a mental illness or a psychotic breakdown in the officers report. as you can see from there it must have been highly disturbing to anybody on board the plane. and this being one of the busiest travel weekends, stories going around like that puts the fear in anybody certainly who is going to travel. thank you. >> well, international news now, greg, new deal yet to curb iran's controversial nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry and five other world leaders just wrapping up a meeting in geneva where they hope to hammer out a plan. bringing in molly henneberg. do we have a follow-up on the reports? >> reporter: we're still waiting for reports from geneva, secretary kerry and his
12:07 pm
counterparts from germany, fran france, russia, meeting today to discuss a deal, if any to make with iran. the foreign minister said they reached the final moment. so far, no announcement of a deal. likely the key sticking point is iran's nuclear program. iran wants to keep enriching uranium. the islamic republic says it is for peaceful purposes, but the other nations want iran to curb their enrichment at least in some ways in exchange for diplomatic sanctions. >> what we're clear right n-- r now, the first step, six month, including significant limits on iran's enrichment capabilities on the stock pile weapons, and enrich the program and roll it back in key aspects.
12:08 pm
>> the iran foreign minister says that iran's right to enrich uranium is a close right that needs to be respected. >> an enrichment program that iran has will continue with any agreement. and that is our red line. that any agreement should include the enrichment program for iran. we will not accept anything else other than that. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with secretary kerry a couple of weeks ago and pressed kerry not to make a deal that allows iran to continue enriching uranium programs, he also urged them not to allow them to continue with the uranium program. and we're going to ask the question, will it pose any dangerer to our allies, including israel, a closer look
12:09 pm
at that later on the show. some new controversy following the plagued rollout of obama care. the washington post reporting a pre-flight check list, exposing half a dozen of the website's functions were not working. this coming on the heels of the white house announcement to delay open enrollment. more from washington. >> reporter: just how many red flags were raised before the rollout of a pre-flight check list put together by the agency overseeing the launch shows 49 of the functions were still not working as late as august, listings dozens of defects. they reported the incapacity to handle heavy traffic, or allowing people to browse without registering. this including a status report from the agency, the internal
12:10 pm
documents conclude that the testing framework was not adequate. while the white house acknowledges the rollout has not been perfect the officials continue to change deadlines. this year's enrollment is december 23rd, next year, later. >> democrats realize holy cow, there are 5 million policies being cancelled right now, probably be millions more than that in the next couple of months. but it would be certainly more than that to swing the election. >> however, they say it simply gives the consumer more time. >> there will be substantial numbers of people enrolling before the deadline. this gives them more time to assess the -- the pool of people who are getting insurance through the marketplace. >> this, while many state insurance commissioners are still deciding whether or not to go along with the instructions, whether or not people can keep
12:11 pm
their insuranans for another year. >> elizabeth, thank you. and greg, meanwhile, there is growing outrage over the wave of the health care cancellations sweeps over the country and possibly taking a political toll on the democrats in next year's mid-term elections. as of today, more than 5 million people have received cancellations nationwide. now, the so-called fix obama care is running into resistance, there, the nine states highlighted on the map refuse to go along with the proposal that would allow the cancelled plans to be renewed. hi, good to see you, elise. >> good to see you, too. let me talk about this. first of all, you think that if the administration thinks that they're in hot water now, that they should brace themselves for what might come next year. expound on that for me. >> sure, so the white house has been dealing with a month-long,
12:12 pm
even six-long political firestorm over the botched rollout of obama care. but we here in washington know things can get a whole lot worse next year. because the plan cancellations are going to continue to come either from the market or from employers. and employers will have to continue with their mandate to provide insurance, which could cause some of them to lower employee hours in order to stop from having to offer health care coverage to their workers. so there are many more shoes to drop, and we know that next year is the mid-term elections. so things will get a lot worse. all of these will be debated and seen in the context of politics which is not a good thing for the obama administration right now knew but at least if the other shoes drop as your forecast, you as well as many others wouldn't you think that the administration is not sitting by passively waiting. do the president and his supporters have anything in
12:13 pm
their arsenal that could perhaps turn the pages for them and give them a win or at least stop the bleeding? >> i think that is a great question, what the administration is counting on right now by the end of this month,, the federal rollout website will work much better and allow millions of people to get health care coverage that the white house says in many cases will be cheaper than what they had before. and certainly with more extensive benefits. so i think what the white house is counting on, once the rollout begins to go better, consumers will rally behind the affordable care act, going into the mid-term elections and democrats will be able to run on that in a strong position. now, it has been very difficult for the white house to get a lot of these rollout tasks right. so it remains to be seen if they can count on that momentum in the future. but i think if they can it could be a boon to them in next year's election. >> so you're talking about enrollment, of course, the numbers have to be high enough and impressive enough, but also
12:14 pm
demographics. you have to have a group of people, young folks signing up. and of course, the insurance premiums, the cost of the premiums will play a major role, as well, right? >> that is exactly right, what matters is not just the number of people who sign up for obama care this year, but who they are, are they sick, healthy, old, what is their gender? and the white house has not exactly released people that are signing up, the numbers, but not who they are. if people are sick it will drive up premium costs on the exchanges next year. which will again cause problems for the white house, because as people encounter more problems on the website, they will blame the president and the affordable care act. >> and those who are accusing the administration of sort of moving the goal line, changing the rules of the game to to win, what do you hear on the reporting of that aspect of the
12:15 pm
story? >> well, every administration has broad discretion on this key keys of legislation. some would argue that the obama administration has taken it too far in pushing back deadlines and adjusting the time line in order to suit their needs. like your reporter said we've seen instances where the white house has chosen specific delays that would not only help consumers perhaps giving them more time or giving insurance companies more time to adjust to this system but also gives themselves a political advantage and avoid some of the pressure that the botched rollout is creating. so we'll have to watch for more moves like those from the administration. i'm sure they will come throughout the next year. the big question for viewers, do you think that this is within their discretion. or do you think it is not? thank you. >> staff writer for the hill, thank you elise. all right, some new trouble for the woman at the center of
12:16 pm
the duke lacrosse center. we'll tell you about that. she has been convicted of a very serious crime. and more on the ban on smoking, going to a whole new level. details on the toughest rules in the country. and how criminals are using the social media to keep so-called snitches from talking to police. witness intimidation affects the entire community. when people are afraid they don't report crime. when people are afraid they don't come forward to testify. when a crime has occurred diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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. time for a quick check of the headlines now, banned from smoking in your own home. that is happening, in san raphael, california. a new law being called the strictest in the country, making it a crime to smoke in your home if there is a wall inside your house that is shared with another resident. and thrwarning as a supermat collapses in the capitol city of
12:21 pm
riga, killing two people, injuring dozens. investigators there looking into why the structure fell apart. and no coins needs for this casino, just a click of a mouse. new jersey is starting to test out on-line gambling. but there have been reports of problems in the state with logging on, only two other states allow on-line casinos with heavy restrictions. well, the woman who falsely accused the duke lacrosse players of rape now herself has been convicted of second degree murder. she was charged with stabbing her boyfriend, 46-year-old reginald day. she was sentenced up to 18 years in prison, saying the stabbing was in self defense, the jury didn't buy it. mangum, was of course, at the center of controversy in 2006 where she accused duke players
12:22 pm
of rape at a team party where she was hired as a stripper. all team players were found innocent. criminals are now using a new strategy to intimidate witnesses, doing it on line with the help of social media. how does this work? >> hi, well, you know, witness intimidation is nothing new. but with the rise of social media reports like instagram and facebook, it is becoming easier, the philadelphia attorney general says that witness intimidation is reaching epidemic levels in his city. just two weeks ago, an anonymous account was taken down. this is a reference to the area code. this is dedicated to exposing rats, posing witness photos, testimony and police statements. the account reportedly outed more than 30 witnesses to violent crimes since february, there have been no arrests since
12:23 pm
august, and a witness was sentenced to prison after he posted an eight-page witness statement on facebook exposing a witness and call iing her a rat. the city's first assistant district attorney says that cases like these threaten the justice system. >> you have people like this in virtually every case, in cases that are homicide, and in almost every case there has been intimidation. but there has definitely been an increase with the use of social media to do intimidation. a manual published by the retired judge outlines how to combat the intimidation, urging the cell phones, and gang attire in courtrooms, hughes says that one of the down sides of the social media makes them anonymous, making it difficult to track down people doing the witness intimidation.
12:24 pm
>> witness intimidation is a chilling factor, but without sounding dramatic, it is beyond the chilling factor. it shuts down the system. when witnesses will for the come forth and testify, justice is not done. both facebook and twitter have specific policies in place to deal with law enforcement requests. meanwhile, the philadelphia district attorney's office says they continue to monitor social media. >> brian, thank you so much for that report. well, there is new trouble for the man who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden. we're talking about the hero doctor, remember him? now facing new charges. we're going to tell you what the pakistani government is accusing him of doing. now, a family feud now playing out in court involving big bucks. and the he -- heirs of the
12:25 pm
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more troubling news for the hero pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden. hit with a murder charge stemming from the death of a little boy following surgery he performed six years ago. he is already in prison for quote, conspireing against the state. his sentence was overturned in august, but a retrial ordered him reacted to the latest charge earlier on fox and friends. >> it is ridiculous, clearly this is nothing more than a sham on the part of the pakistanis to continue their efforts to
12:30 pm
humiliate the united states as bad partners, and in order to extort continued amounts of dollars, in addition to the $1.5 billion we already send them. >> others worry that it could impact the situation in the future. well, their name reminds people of happier things, but now, the disney family is locked in a bitter family feud over hundreds of millions of dollars left by one of walt disney's daughters to her twin children. the family deals with sadness this week with the death of walt disney's last surviving child. here now to talk about the legal dispute, former prosecutor david schwartz. good to see you both. >> when you read the news accounts, we talk about 400
12:31 pm
million, 500 million. i got news for you, we're talking billions of dollars here. because when you talk about all the trusts and all the assets and all the property associated with this, it has to be in excess of a billion dollars. >> oh, yes. >> this is a story of rich people fighting over their riches. i don't think that has ever happened before in the history. there is a lot of money there, which is why they're fighting of the -- it is not just the grandchildren who are fighting, but the trustees who manage the trust are getting half a million dollars to do that. they don't want the trust to go away. >> right, they're making huge amounts of money. allegations of lying, thieves, for forgery, i haven't seen anything about sex, but that has yet to emerge, this has all the makings
12:32 pm
of a tragic situation. >> it is going to be a tragedy, that is why there will be a trial. and the trial judge has the discretion on what to do. i personally favor guardian, people watching over the property. and usually in cases it works. it could work in this case. the judge could change the guardians. however, there is much at stake. there is mental capacity here, it is always safer for the judge to appoint guardians. >> now, one of the twins suffered a terrible aneurysm, there is talk she has recovered from her state, so there is competency there. the other brother was alleged to have chronic cognitive disability which may or may not be true. but that could also go to his competence, as well, right? >> i think that is the issue, is
12:33 pm
brad competent enough to take over his money? that is the issue they will talk about when they start the trial december 5th. look, we're not talking about children, we're talking about the adult, the disorders that would have been known. he is not living in an assisted facility. i don't favor guardians, because keep your hands out of my dough. and i think that that is the message brad will send -- >> that is not a practical message, i have been appointed a guardian many times, like you said before there could be billions at stake. we don't even know how much money is at stake. you need court-appointed guardians. you need experts to be able to control this money, and there is a reason -- >> he is getting money, millions aside from the trust. >> she knew about the capacity issues way back when, or else she would have just given him the money. >> and what is interesting in terms of trusts, sometimes the trusts are set up for
12:34 pm
distribution at various times of maturity so it is not spent by youthful greed. so here they have ages of 40, 45, on top of annual stipends. >> right, that doesn't seem to be the issue. we're not talking about teenagers where this would make a whole lot of sense, you can't just give $25 million to people who are in their teens and 20s. these are grown people who are not just getting money from their trusts. they have been living on millions up to ynow. if they're managing millions, what is another 20 million -- >> well, the trustees were manages the money. and bill, the father was a trustee up until recently. so there is a reason that sharon appointed bill as one of the trustees. so again, especially in a convoluted situation like this,
12:35 pm
trustee, guardians are very important to manage this money. >> but there are allegations that he is engaging in self-enrichment as a trustee, right? >> that is right, he voluntarily left his position as a trustee because of the allegations. he was not thrown off. but here, we have brad, the other son saying i'm fine with my father and stepmother being up in my business. he is okay with that. so why does the court have to step in and put more people in between brad and his money? >> you know, there is a lesson here, even the most careful estate planning by some of the most astute planners and lawyers cannot always stop this sort of vicious sordid family disputes driven mostly by greed. >> that is right, it is sad, that is why the courts need to be involved to sort this thing out. >> i'm going to leave my millions to you, no courts
12:36 pm
involved. >> bless you, so sweet of you. but i'm going to challenge that in court. >> hey, i knew you word. all right, good to see you both. >> we'll have to see how this court case turns out. we'll watch it. okay. all right. >> what about your sister over here? how about sharing those millions with me? >> nothing for you, zero. >> we won't leave you out. >> thank you. moving on, social media tightening up the security measures, what twitter is doing to guard against cyber measure, including the us government. plus, shoppers already pounding the pavement. look at them looking for deals and steals with black friday just days away. we'll tell you what you need to know. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here.
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what do you see here? clearly a picture of the united states. check the map. rizon's superfast 4g lte is the most reliable, and in morplaces than any other 4g network. i should switch to verizon immediately. that's powerful. verizon. welcome back, twitter is now beefing up security against cyber predators. the social networking site is following in the footsteps of google and facebook, both, both taking steps in the wake of the scandal. well, this entire fallout causing a number of websites to take additional security measures to stop on-line snooping. retailers under pressure to get us to spend more this season. and there are reports of people already camping out for black friday deals. some stores will even be opened
12:41 pm
this year on thanksgiving. so where can we find the best bargains? joining us is mickey cargyle, president of management investments, good to see you. >> thank you. >> so i understand the best deals are in the electronic division, for example, the screen tv that everybody seems to covet, tell us about those deals. >> yes, that is what you will see for the big deals, a flat screen, $229, a 63% markdown from the retail price -- so that is a tease -- >> wait a minute, i can go to target and get a 59-inch flat screen for $229? >> isn't that amazing, a few years ago they were a thousand dollars. >> but you have to spend time in the cardboard boxes, stay in
12:42 pm
line overnight -- greg is looking at me like -- >> cardboard boxes. >> mickey, back me up here, there are people who bring sleeping bags. i know this for a fact, i know someone who would do this. they're young, seriously. they can handle it. but 61% off of that. if it is not there, like basically when supplies run out you can't kind of get an iou, right? >> that is right. and also you have to be careful that not everything on sale is actually a good buy. you know, they have these promotional items to get you in the store and hope you will use the impulse buying that you can buy something to make a good profit on. you have to be very careful as a consumer. >> also, we have more on the kindle fire hd? >> yes, a markdown of 53% from the price you would normally buy it. again, that is a tease to get you in the store.
12:43 pm
again, one thing we're always cautioning consumers about, don't shop emotionally, make sure you have a list. know what you will buy and only buy the things on your list. don't go into debt on your christmas gifts. consumer debt is evil and will ruin your financial life. you want to be sure and be a smart shopper but only buy the things you want to buy. >> you really make an important point, a lot of people don't realize, they sit there and go, i have to get this and that. they end up with meaningful gifts, a lot is junk, they feel on obligated to buy something and forget that come january, or tend of january, and look at the credit card billings and -- bills and realize they spent money own savings, which is really not a good thing to do, they can get into debt this time of year. >> that is why you have to be such an informed shopper. you know, a thoughtful gift is
12:44 pm
much more important than an expensive gift, particularly if it is something you can't afford. >> i say make a gift. >> you can go to the secondhand book stores, you know, a thoughtful book that is used is more important than a sweater that you just bought that you can't use. >> really good tips for us on this saturday, thank you very much. my pleasure. >> what are you going to make? >> let me talk to you for a second, take a base from the dollar store, get a glue gun, and make something awesome on it. and i have a vase for your office. >> a vase for me? >> what i want to see is you in a cardboard box outside the store all night long. i want a video of that. will you join me? we'll get a video camera and do
12:45 pm
the whole thing all night long. are there bathroom breaks for that? >> leave me alone. >> all right, on a serious note, no deals so far in geneva as secretary of state john kerry and other world powers take a pause in talks to reach an agreement on iran's nuclear program. what a potential deal means for the united states and allies in the region, including israel, next. >> tough and challenging negotiations. it is not easy to get to the finish line. and as the secretary has said many times he is the last person who is going to accept a bad deal. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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time for a quick check of the headlines, princeton university reporting their eighth case of meningitis. they are reporting use of a vaccine at princeton and will be available to those on campus with weakened immune systems. and a victim dying from massive injuries, losing his
12:50 pm
left arm and flesh from his right leg. no details about the type of shark but the researchers are looking through the waters. and a massive cosmic explosion passed by our planet. and if it were any closer, earth would have burned to a crisp. it was the biggest one ever witnessed, thankfully, it was 3.7 billion miles away. still a little too close. and nuclear talks set to resume with iran in moments, this as secretary of state john kerry hopes to clinch a breakthrough, expected in london tomorrow. now, the united states and five other world powers working to overcome the last remaining hurdles, and reach an historic deal with iran, amid doubts, serious doubts about the concessions they may be making to the government in tehran. steven yates joins us, former assistant to the vice president
12:51 pm
for national security affairs. steven, always good to see you. the u.s. and other world powers are absolutely convinced that iran is intent on developing nuclear bombs. yet iran wants to ease the sanctions right now while at the same time continuing to enrich uranium. is that an unacceptable deal from our perspective? >> well, from my person purpose, it is. i think when it comes to nuclear counterproliferation, there is only one standard to pursue, that is the irreversible dismantle of programs. anything but that allows them to come and do what they did before. once you have violated terms of the treaty, you shouldn't be able to go back and violate the other terms in good standing.
12:52 pm
>> and exactly what you're saying is what prime minister benjamin netanyahu is arguing, he is demanding a complete dismantling of iran's nuclear program. and then maybe sanctions would be eased later, but only then. do you think that would force tehran to capitulate? >> well, i think the only chance we have for real strategic commitment for iran is that they realize they have to choose between the continued regime survival, and the prosperity of their country to continue, in giving up this choice of weapon. this pursuit of the nuclear weapon has been a generation-long pursuit on their part. so it won't be easy for it to go away. i think the worst part to imagine that a temporary partial deal will actually buy time to
12:53 pm
achieve the nuclearization. >> by making concessions, instead of escalating them, is the united states and their allies giving up important leverage against tehran? >> i think for sure we're giving up leverage, but i think the worst part is we seem to ignore the negotiations we had with iran and others, where we focus on a path to a bomb, giving concessions along the way. celebrating with the historic partial agreements all the while, the violator of international agreements continues to pursue the ultimate weapon by another path. >> you know, iran has that we know of, roughly 19,000 centerfuges, and they're building more and more advanced ones, how do we know that iran is not pursuing some other
12:54 pm
clandestine operation elsewhere? for example, the complex was successfully hidden for two years, i mean, for all we know there are others we know nothing about. >> absolutely true, this is one of the most difficult things in dealing with hard targets like iran and ultimate weapons like nuclear, there is a great deal we can't possibly know. and that is why we have to be very cautious about what concessions we give and have a reasonable path to actually verify the agreement we're making. we should offer inducements, if at all, as part of an agreement, not as an agreement to a deal. >> you and i talked about uranium enrichment, there are talks about a nuclear reactor near iraq which could yield
12:55 pm
plutonium. that is not a good deal, is it? >> in fact, that is the negotiations we had in the past on denuclearazion, we could make a similar mistake in reverse, focusing only only uranium and then allowing the plutonium, short of that, iran is a threat to the region. i have less than a minute, most world powers believe that iran could not realistically build a usable bomb in less than a year. do you agree? >> i say look at north korea, that was a backward country, completely isolated, heavily sanctioned, and they have detonated multiple devices, iran is more developed than north korea, i think we can't know the time line they will develop the weapon. >> steven yates, good to see
12:56 pm
you. >> thank you, that will do it for us. >> we'll see you back here, 4:30 p.m. eastern time. a healthy you with carol alt is coming up next.
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