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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 24, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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he will be sorely missed. that's it for this week's show. i'm david asman. thanks for watching us. you can catch me on "after the bell" on the fox business network. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. brand-new reaction to iran's nuclear deal. this agreement reached by iran, the united states and five world powers calls for tehran to curb its nuclear activities for six months in exchange for easing of some sanctions. however, not everyone is happy with this deal. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live in washington with more. jennifer. >> gregg, differences are emerging over the interpretation of what the deal does and doesn't do.
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>> translator: no matter what interpretations are given iran's right to enrichment has been recognized in the text and for that reason i announce that iran's enrichment activity will continue as before. >> there is no right to enrich. we do not recognize a right to enrich. it is clear in the npt it's very clear that there is no right to enrich. >> here's what the deal includes. it pauses construction of the heavy reactor, the arak one and neutralized their stockpile of uranium refined to a concentration of 20%. it suspends enrichment above 5% for six months. iran agrees to not advent tri hugs to its existing cascades but leaves intact more than 18,000 centrifuges which it
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continues to operate and allows iaea inspections at fardow and natanz. >> these are substantial limitations that will help prevent them from building a nuclear weapon and simply put cut off their paths to a bomb. >> however, the deal does not require iran to ship its current stockpile of enriched uranium out of the country which means any enrichment pauses can be reversed. the deal received a less than ringing endorsement from key democrats on capitol hill. >> let me first say that it's disappointing to me that iran is still going to be allowed to enrich while they're talking. i would have thought that should be a prerequisite to any kind of talks. we're not asking them to dismantle any of the centrifuges so that's disappointing. >> iran's leadership just issued a statement if congress imposes new sanctions, then the deal is off. gregg. >> jennifer griffin, thanks very
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much. we're also learning more about the events that may have led up to the latest historic agreement, according to the associated press, the united states and iran were engaged in a series of secret face-to-face talks over the course of the last year. those talks reportedly led by two members of the obama administration. apparently the discussions were kept hidden from america's closest allies including israel. julie pace, one of the reporters who worked on that story for the associated press spoke to anchor chris wallace on "knox news sunday" earlier this sunday about the importance of those meetings. >> those are the meetings that really laid the groundwork for this agreement that we saw last night. it was in these meetings that some of the details were actually discussed between the u.s. and iran and that's the deal that actually was then brought to the p-5 talks and a lot of the allies were surprised that this deal came together a little more quickly than they expected and that's in large
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part because the meetings happened. >> the ap says it was tipped off about those discussions shortly after the first meeting back in march. >> historic mistake. that's what israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is calling this nuclear deal with iran. while also saying that his country is not at all bound by the agreement. leland vitter with more. leland. >> very serious words and emotions flying around in jerusalem. betrayal and abandonment. the israeli foreign minister said in the united states is going to make a deal like the one they just did maybe israel needs to go looking for some other allies. one of the foreigner ministers key allies, benjamin netanyahu, who has made the iranian nuclear program a centerpiece for the past ten years of his political career and the government here in israel is very angry about any deal that -- which in their
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opinion leaves the path open for iran to get the bomb. prime minister netanyahu did not pull any punches after his cabinet meeting today. >> last night is not historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. see is israel is not bound by this agreement we not and will not allow for a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. >> it's a very thinly veiled threat that the israelis maintain the right to unilateral military action although a strike against the iranian nuclear facilities is right at the outer edge of the envelope not only for the israeli air force but diplomatically seen as a difficult thing to do. israel for its part wants all 6 iran's centrifuges disabled and all of its enriched uranium taken out of the country. best to sum it up this way, israel's red line is -- are the iranian ability to have a
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nuclear bomb whereas it appears the united states is okay just so long as iran doesn't actually have a nuclear bomb. ordinarily greg these kind of differences between close allies are armied out in private. very public split in terms of the world views between prime minister netanyahu, president obama certainly beginning to shake the israeli/u.s. relationship overall. >> leland vittert live in jerusalem, thanks. our next guest traveled to iran five times for meetings on nuclear issues and also met with the president rouhani. jim walsh joins us. jim, thanks for being with us. let me get this straight. here is the so-called deal and let's put it up on the screen so our viewers can see it. iran and this is the most important part gets to keep enriching uranium. it does not have to dismantle its existing 19,000 centrifuges. it does not have to disassemble
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any of its nuclear program. it can still produce weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear bomb within weeks. it does not have to dismantle the plutonium many producing reactor near arak and refuses to agree to all inspections demanded by the iaea and in return the united states provides iran with up to 7 billion in sanctions relief. jim, this is a good deal for whom? >> i think it's a good deal for the u.s. and britain, germany, france, all countries who signed on to it. i would challenge some of the claims there, gregg but i think the most important thing about the list it says what doesn't happen. it doesn't list what iran is doing, so let's go through that list. iran is not going to produce 20% enriched uranium. that's gone. no more. that's the top nonproliferation priority for anyone who works on this issue, the 0% people feared
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if it sat on iranian soil might quickly be converted to higher enrichment levels at 80% or 90% for a bomb. that is no longer there. they can only enrich 3% to 5%. you can't mick a nuclear weapon with 3% to 5%. what else is in the deal? allow iaea inspectors on on a daily basis. there is no country in the world who has rules that are that intrusive for transparency. they also do not start -- they just built and installed according to iaea advanced centrifuges. they will not start those. they will not operate that so there's a whole list of things in the absence of a deal they could build more centrifuges and start the advanced ones or produce -- >> i got you. but, look, you heard the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. he thinks the u.s. is being schnookered. leaving iran just a few short moves away from making a nuclear
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bomb and all during the next six months of negotiations, he thinks tehran can inch closer and closer perhaps in a clandestine way to weapons capability. what do you think? >> i think it's obviously not true. now, the eu has, of course, been against the dial. he was against the deal before it was finished. i think he's pretty much against any deal and this is the likud party in israel. we hear different voices in israel but this is a deal supported by americans 2-1. polls show americans support this 2-1 where democrats and republicans, zbigniew bre skzezi and brent scowcroft support the deal. you know, this rhetoric seems increasingly troublesome and extreme. i think what israel and the u.s. shares, neither of us want iran to get a nuclear weapon and the question is what's the best path
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to do that? i think the six countries of the world, not just the u.s., france and others think this is the way to push that off and turn it around. >> all right. jim, last question, if the israelis are disappointed, the saudis would appear to be poppo mechanic tick. they're moving to plan b, nuclear weapons of their own likely bought from pakistan. you know, there's egypt, there's turkey, they're going to want to get in on this. this interim plan with iran seems to do little to slow an escalating arms race in that region. >> i hear you, gregg. this is an area of the world i've studied a long time and particularly i studied proliferation cascades. i would say this, the purest way to put pressure on those countries on the countries that you named where they feel pressure where they get a nuclear weapon is if iran gets a nuclear weapon. so the question is how to stop that. i think this deal helps prevent
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that and puts it on a different track. you know, i don't want any nuclear weapons in the middle east. i don't want any proliferation. that's what i spent my career on. the way to stop is keep iran from having it and this deal goes pretty far down that path on that score. >> jim walsh, as always, great to talk to you. >> great to see you, gregg. >> thanks. new concerns for an american pastor locked up inside an iranian prison because of his christian faith. did the obama administration turn their backs on him? we're going to look at how the nuclear deal with iran may affect the fight to win his freedom. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin?
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u.s. pastor saeed abedini has been in prison for iran for more than a year because of his christian faith. well, now a group working for his release says the obama administration betrayed abedini with this deal and should have fought for the u.s. citizen's release before reaching an agreement. >> we're going to now have to use diplomatic uses outside the united states and have been working as a fallback but now have no choice because the united states of america, our country, let one of its citizens actually three of its citizens rot right now in a jail in iran because we did not put as a precondition to negotiations including i want everybody to hear this given the iranians money, easing sanctions, what they said would make sure there is a flow of humanitarian aid, what secretary kerry said, well, you want some humanitarian aid on both side that is would be the release of these americans being held. >> abedini is serving an eight-year prison sentence.
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fox extreme weather now. dangerous winter storm could snarl thanksgiving travel. a large system already blamed for at least eight deaths in the west and is now targeting other parts of the united states. meteorologist janice dean is live in the extreme weather center with more. j.d. >> you might want to stock up on those deli meats. you were talking yesterday if you're not traveling to your final destination you got to make other plans because all of the computer models are coming together and looks like we'll have a doozy of a coastal storm wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. let's take a look at it as we saw the video out of texas. we have snow moving into oklahoma and an icy mix pushing into the dallas/ft. worth area that's going to continue to today, overnight and into tomorrow's drive in. so keep that in mind, roads could be very dangerous and next to impossible to travel on. as we go further out in time into monday and tuesday, pushes across the southeast perhaps
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some severe weather and then this low moves hooks up with a northern low that will give us our coastal event, our nor'easter that could potentially give us heavy rain, extremely gusty winds and even some snow on the back side of this and some of the computer models are saying that perhaps as this storm moves northward we could get some snow even into new york city but, gregg, the big travel day wednesday is just going to be a mess all up and down the i-95 corridor. looks like it's going to be a strong event. >> a nor'easter. we'll keep a track on it, j.d., thanks very much. >> you got it. a new delay for the enro enrollment period of obama care. is this about sufficiency or is the administration playing politics?
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the obama administration announcing it will delay the second enrollment period for obama care by just one month million after the 2014 mid-term elections. they claim that it will give insurers more time to evaluate the market and set the 2015 premiums. republicans are having none of it. senator lamar alexander -- it is all political. the only american consumers this will help are on democratic politicians that voted for this bill. joining us now is national review columnist john fond. is this the definition of
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political chicanery? >> in 2009, president obama took office promising us the most transparent in administration history. he delivered that except he left out one word -- most transparently political. this is so obvious that it doesn't even pass the snicker or laugh test. this clearly shows that they believe obama care's problems are going to go well into the future. a year from now we are still going to be stuck with people losing doctors and insurance coverage, lots of problems. and this is an attempt to try to mitigate the political damage from the only people who actually can change course on this, the american people. the voters. >> yes. delay it a month after the vote. a majority of the americans believe that the president knowingly lied about keeping health plans. we are going to put that up on the screen. now actually there's documented evidence that he and the white house knew it all along. and take a look at this next poll. nearly 60% think that me and the
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administration knew millions would get canceled which is puzzling to me. why would he make claims he knew to be false on a massive scale knowing that it would eventually be exposed and the anger of millions would be deafening? >> key word there was eventually. if the website had worked as they intended on october 1, there would be a lot more beneficiaries to obama care to talk about. there would be a lot of heartwarming stories of people that had insurance for 20 years and suddenly had it. they believe they had far more gainers than losers out of obama care and the gainers would get public notice and attention long before the losers started complaining. >> interesting. next on the cancellation block are going to be workers. employers are going to stop offering coverage because obama care actually provides an incentive to do so. the cbo projects 20 million
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workers across america over the neck year are going to lose their employer-sponsored plans. i talked to doug lags holtz-akin, the head of the cbo. he said it is not 20 million. show said, it is going to be more like 40 million who are going to lose their employer plan. >> and go into the exchanges that aren't work. >> right. i mean, isn't this just going to compound the fallout exponentially? >> in 2007, president obama told a union conference, you know, i don't want to keep the current insurance-based system. i prefer single payer system but it may take 15, 20 years to wean americans off of the insurance based private care. the problem is that the president got the timeline right except that instead of 15 to 20 years it is happening in in 15 to 20 months and that's way too fast to americans because the damage being done to our health care system becomes too obvious, too quickly. the president is getting what he wants. chaos in the insurance market.
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he is not, i don't think, going to get what he thought would be the result which is a demand for single-payer national health care, socialized medicine let me switch subjects to something you wrote about. harry reid and democrats killed a filibuster on nominees. it had been there for, what, 100 years. >> well, this only inflames -- will will this only inflame part russian intentions and change actually the fundamental function of the u.s. senate? >> the u.s. senate is becoming very much like the house now. the majority rules. and the minority can eat sand. i think that this manassas the president will now -- the point a lot of people to positions where he thought, you know, i can't really get this nominee through because they will need 60 votes in the 123459 to be confirmed. now he only needs 50 votes with vice president biden's vote. i think you will see more radical, more polarizing appoint hes to the courts and to the executive agencies. and, of course, you know, a turnabout is -- you know, fair play for republicans through
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republicans take the white house and senate, they, too, will feel emboldened to do this. this will drive the center away and make politics more unstable and have less consensus which is what supposedly the american people tell pollsters then want. >> i have 30 seconds. will it be extended eventually to legislation on just nominees? >> it already extends to everything that's budget related. so that's a big part of it. i think that the filibuster is a -- dramatically weakened here and i think it will ruin the day this was actually done. >> john, as always, great to talk to you. >> pleasure. >> thanks for being here. >> that will do it for me. thanks for joining us. a healthy you and carol alt is coming up next. have a great sunday, everybody, and a terrific week. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. i have a big meeting when we land,
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