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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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sunday, november 24th, 2013. thank you for watching. have a fabulous and a blessed week. "huckabee" starts -- faulkner. huckabee in a live edition tonight. i will run over to the studio to see it happen. tonight on "huckabee" another obama care delay with enrollment pushed back until after the mid-term elections of 2014. >> it is a cynical, political ploy by the administration to hide the additional stick thor shock. people are going to see through this. >> gnu do republicans have a better plan? michele bachmann joins the governor tonight. can extend current plans that would otherwise be cancelled in to 2013. >> some states, like new york say think again. many are left confused and without coverage. plus will your insurance get cancelled? will your premiums go up?
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are you a man forced to get maternity coverage. your questions and comments on obama care. . live from new york, governor mike huckabee. >> what a great lively audience we've got here in new york. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. this past week has seen washington, d.c. at its most disgraceful, disgusting and dysfunctional worst. the president continues to attempt to sell his wrecked used car called obama care, and he thinks that americans are dumb enough to be more likely to buy it if he throws in an am radio and this clunker whose engine won't start and has no tires and senate democrats brazenly invoke
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a power grab that they railed against as un-american when the republicans were in charge of the senate. they truly have no shame or at least no memory or concern that might have violated 200 years of senate tradition and rules. like most americans, i'm just fed up with the total disconnect that the political class in washington has with the working class of the rest of america. d.c. makes the toronto mayor look perfectly normal. contrast that with what i saw while serving as one of the emcees friday night in nashville at the tribute to george jones where rabid fans of the possum filled every seat in bridgestone arena. they paid tribute to the country music legend for thaz ultimate no-show concert. while he may not have shown up, but his loyal followers dichltd as did the royalty of the music world. the greatest artists on the
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planet took to the stage. over 100 of them. and in four unbroken hours played the songs of a man whose voice was the musical equivalent of the echo of the ups and downs of the american population. people might think country music thinks music of the rural world, but the popularity of country music, even in urban areas, simply reveals it is the music of our country. it is the authentic story the telling of our lives. the good, the bad and the broken. the country is the music of real people who face the tough moments of life, fight with all they have and still survive. backstage at the event was kind of like a family reunion of country stars and song writers, producers and musicians. as i listened to the music and saw the camaraderie of those who made the music and observed the approval of those who made sacrifices to pay for the tickets to be in the seats, it occurred to me that fixing washington probably sgonting to
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happen. they don't want it fixed. they live apart from us, exempting themselves from the rules that crush the rest of us. their economy never stutters or sputters because they just print more money for themselves and choke it out of us. so i've decide the solution isn't to reform washington. it is to abandon it. tell the entire government they are fired and let's move the new government of the people, by the people and for the people to where the people gather to act like responsible adults. here's my suggestion. let's make nashville the capital. i mean, after all, it's in the center of the country. it's easier to the get to. and it's an amazingly hospitable place. by the way, it is never been a place that has depended upon government to save them. when they had a devastating flood in 2010, that all but baptized the entire city, the people of nashville helped each other. they didn't wait on the government to save them.
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like neighbors helping neighbors rebuild a barn. the people of nashville acted like americans, responsible, resourceful and resilient. america needs a recovery and it is increasingly obvious the only recovery in washington is recovering some lies and deception. so the heck with washington. let's start over. we can do better. and we'll make nashville the new capital city. i mean, we started with a george, george washington. let's start over with the spirit of another george, george jones. i'm pretty sure that we will govern better. you know what, i know this, the music will be incredible. this thursday, families across the country are going to gather around the table for thanksgiving dinner. they are going to eat delicious food and share some laughs and give thanks. according to president obama, they are going to talk about
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signing up for obama care. here's what the president tweeted this week. when your loved ones get together this holiday season, remember to talk to them about health insurance, #get talking. and it included this helpful video about having the talk. >> hi, mom. >> hi, sweetie. are you almost here? >> yeah, i will be there in a few. >> good because we have something really important to talk to you about. >> so what did you want to talk to me about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what but it is time to get covered. >> that's it, health insurance. >> it is important. >> and i'll do it i just thought -- never mind. ♪ >> oh, yeah. also included on barack is a four-step guide to help you get organized for
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this important talk. the website suggests that if your loved ones are coming home, make sure to remind them to pack their social security card, pay stub and w-2 tax form. also, directions on when, where and how to have your health care talk. remember, here's some conversation tips for example, start by asking, have you ever thought about setting up for health insurance on the new marketplace? and finally a pledge asking you to sign up to have the conversations with your loved one this holiday season. because nothing says -- nothing says i love you like hounding people about having health insurance at the thanksgiving table, right? you can't make this stuff up. so we sent our correspondent ryan reese out on the streets of new york to find out how people felt about talking about obama care at theiring thissinging
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this table. >> the president suggested that americans talk to their families about health insurance and obama care during thanksgiving. are you going to do this? >> i hope not. i am going to take my son-in-law. place him in front of the television set with football on so we don't talk about obama care. >> that's the last thing i will be talking to my family about on thanksgiving. >> wouldn't be a positive conversation. >> i don't think i would want to the talk about health insurance while eating a turkey. >> what would you traditionally bring to a thanksgiving dinner. >> cranberries, mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing. >> obama suggested bringing your w-2s, social security, after the prayer everyone can break out last year's tax return and we can get down to business. given the current situation with the website not working if obama built the mayflower, where do you think it would have ended up? >> probably not in the plymouth area. >> probably at the bottom of the okay sgloegs probably still be building it. >> yeah. they are working on it.
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got the finest people on it. >> what lu l you talk about. >> food. >> what we are thankful for. >> would you rather talk to your parents about sex than obama care. >> yeah. >> what is more full of stuffing, the turkey or obama? how would you bring up health insurance or obama care if you had to during thanksgiving dinner? >> don't eat too much. i don't know. >> don't eat too much. obama care isn't working too much. what is more likely to put you to sleep, the turkey or conversation about obama care. >> close tie. i don't know. >> mr. president, can you comment about the health care debacle. >> our thanks to ryan reese on the streets of new york. is obama care something that you are thankful for, or is it another dry, dead turkey on your table? so what are your questions and concerns about obama care? you can send them to me by way of facebook or twitter and i'm going to get to as many as i can later in the show tonight.
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now, let me assure you, we are not going to be signing up for obama care at our family thanksgiving. but we will be thankful for the new two additions of caroline and huck coming in this year. they are joining chandler an scarlet and this week my best selling book for parents is out in paper back. i hope you will leave your kids the best gift you can give them your values, your story and your heritage. and dear chandler and dear scarlet can be a template for you to think of your stories. it by the way all of our studio audience will go home with their own copy of "dear chandler, scarlet" because you might have a question of why they have delivered the next round of sign ups until after the election of
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2014. this is not hard to understand. instead of making sure that people get that terrible sticker shock just before the election, president obama has decided to the magically move that date to just about a week and a half after the election. now, only the cynical people watching me tonight would suggest that politics would have anything to do with that. why of course not. it's only to better serve the american public with obama care. coming up, how obama care is causing americans some really big problems. stay with us. we'll be right back. stay with us, we'll be right back. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at
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would be extended in to 2014. he doesn't have the power to do that. new york governor andrew cuomo isn't going along with the plan to reinstate policies. he said the new york exchange program is working fine. that decision left new york state resident tina decepola confused and without insurance. so, does she hope to get her plan back, or doesn't she? betty bataglia owns an assisted living facility with 30 employees for whom she provides insurance. she says her renewal premiums are increasing 40% because of obama care. she's not going to be able to afford to insure her staff. thank you for being here. >> thank you. tina, what was your reaction when you found out your policy was cancelled. that was a surprise to you, wasn't it? >> it was. i received a letter in the mail and it was complete disbelief.
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now i'm just angry. >> when you first heard the president say, i'm going to fix this. i'm going to tell those insurance companies what they have to do. did that give you hope? >> no, i didn't buy it. i didn't believe it. when you listen to what he actually said, all he's doing is extending your current plan in to the next year. so -- if it weren't being cancelled now it would be cancelled a year from now. >> basically your insurance company said hey, call back because there maybe answers later on. you don't know what it will cost, if anything. >> i don't. i put a call in to my insurance carrier and i was able to speak to someone just three days ago. they had no answers for me. told me to call back on monday. >> that's great because you have only six or seven weeks to even pull it off so you can get insurance. betty, your situation is you and your husband will, who's in the audience tonight, you own a business and you have 30
5:17 pm
employees. you probably thought, we're not going to be affected. we are under the 50-employee threshold. turns out that isn't quite the way it works, huh? >> thanks to fox we weren't surprised. yes, we are not under the mandate, however our premiums are soaring. some other portions of obama care affected us such as competitive bidding. it is affecting our daily lives. premiums have been rising in annan 'tis passion and now 40% increase and it is even worse than that. >> 40% increase for 30 employees. >> at a minimum. we have fewer employees. so we have part-time employees. >> you have made decisions to say we're not going to make people full time. we will make them part time anticipating what it will cost if they are full time. >> exactly. not only the 40% increase but we have people jumping from health care like what tina went through with insurance premiums lost and
5:18 pm
cancellations. we are looking at 250 month our cost monthly that we can't absorb. >> 250% is the total cost you would have to add to what you are doing. >> for example, our average premium was 479 for 2013. when we average for the new plan, it's going to be about 9 $00. >> wow. >> i'm sorry. not even a new plan. the same plan to renew our small group. >> i thought the plan was you get better coverage. the terrible companies selling bad apple policies you are knot getting something else but you are seeing it is not much better. >> we with have been advised cancel the policy. we are not mandated to provide it. where do i send my employees. the exchange doesn't work. it is not secure. they would be uninsured if we cancel or we can pass along the charges to the employees who cannot afford it but god forebif
5:19 pm
bid they waive our policy then they are penalized because they have denied employer fund insurance. >> you don't even take insurance personally for your practice, right? >> we are out of network providers. we give them a bill. patient a bill and they submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement. >> the insurance you had was to cover for catastrophic issues. your only option was to go on the obama care website or the exchange website. you didn't feel too safe about this, is that right? >> i was never able to get on the obama care website. i was never successful at doing that, and then i stopped. i tried to get on the new york state health website today. i wasn't successful there either. but at least the site wasn't frozen. i just wasn't successful. i don't know -- i don't know what to do at this point. >> that's the tragedy. all of this was suppose ed to help people who didn't have
5:20 pm
insurance have it and now the people that have it aren't going to have it and the ones who didn't have it didn't want it any way and they are not signing up either. am i missing something here? >> that's exactly what is going on. >> i want to say thanks to both of you, tina and betty. we will keep in touch because we want to see ou the saga continues in the fuchlt thank you to bot you. >> thank you. sglmplts please go to facebook or twitter and send me your questions and concerns about obama care. i'm going to be responding to them in just a little while. but first, i'll ask minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann if the republicans have a plan that maybe better than the affordable care act. she's next right here. [ female announcer ] tide pods three-in-one detergent.
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a new cbs news new cbs news poll shows support for the president's health care plan has hit an all-time low. just 31% of americans are in favor of it. but do the republicans have any better ideas how to fix health care? joining me now minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. please make her welcome. [ applause ] >> hi, governor. >> congresswoman, it is so nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you have a lot of fans in this audience. >> that's because they are the finest audience in america, don't you think? >> yes, i do think so. >> congresswoman, you heard tina and betty just talk about the challenges they are facing. both of them had been insured. they thought everything was fine. obama care is not helping them. it's hurting them. are their stories the kind of stories you're hearing and how
5:25 pm
can you help ladies like betty and tina? >> you are asking exactly the right question. first of all, yes. we literally get hundreds of phone calls and e-mails, letters and texts from people in my district every day. i'm not the only one. all the other members of congress are hearing the same thing. it is very reflective of what we are hearing. it is unbelievable, as a matter of fact. not only small businesses but individuals they are seeing doubling, tripling, quadrupling of the premiums and they are seeing deductibles -- this is the big unknown story, the deductible, the first dollar you have to pay before you get insurance, some are going up to $13,000 a year. it's like people are saying why bother health insurance. >> you are self insured at that point. you really are. >> the worst hasn't happened. we are about to see the small businesses, like you just saw with both of your guests. small businesses are getting hit
5:26 pm
next. that's the next tsunami and could be as many as 50 to 100 million americans that could be impacted by cancellations. so we're only just beginning. cancellations of policies but then people will find out their doctors aren't available. then they are getting the sticker shock on what they are expected to pay. i think we will see far fewer people sign up for obama care than the administration ever thought. people are just going to say no. >> earlier this week, you said you and some of your colleagues are looking at the possibility of suing the president and saying mr. president you can't just extend these rules or change them without legislation. how would you go about in a lawsuit? what could you do that would challenge what seems to many of us to be amazing magic wand he seems to believe he has. >> yeah, because the president is not a king. he is not above the law. that's the point. we aren't above the law. he's not above the law, and
5:27 pm
people all across america, governor, have been saying, when are you in congress going to stand up and do something about this? he can't have a magic wand, as you say. one of our members, ron desantos this week is filing a resolution. so that is legislatively to try to get something like that through. another avenue through a lawsuit to enjoin or stop the president because he doesn't have the right to rule by press conference. today, it's by tweet. it's by press conference and he thinks if he says it's law. it doesn't work that way. the constitution is about limiting. he doesn't have unlimited power. i know it is a news flash, but the president doesn't have unlimited power. >> i'm also concerned that the president keeps saying but the republicans don't have any ideas i'm the only one with an idea. i know that's not true. but what are some of the republican ideas that are out there that maybe these not been willing to hear?
5:28 pm
>> we think health care that is based on your choice and on freedom is a pretty good idea. right now, the president's plan has everything to do with government having the choice and government having the freedom. first of all, we think that we shouldn't let an insurance company have is a monopoly. every state almost has a wall built around it and only the policies that work in that state are allowed. we think earn every american should be able to buy any policy they want, anywhere in the united states with no minimum federal requirement. if you are a single gierks you shouldn't be forced to pay for birth control pills. you shouldn't have to pay for children's dental plan if you don't have children. we think you should buy any health policy, anywhere you want in america with no film federal mandate and we also think it would be a good idea. there are a lot of christian organizations, a lot of schools and religious groups that would
5:29 pm
like to set up free clinics. a lot of doctors and nurses aring willing to give time, pharmaceutical companies would give free drugs, free medical ste devices. a lot of places would like to do that and we'd like to give them a liability shield so they wouldn't have lawsuits filed against them. so people could get truly free care, reduced care, but a liability shield because we can never forget the poor and that's one way to reach out a helping hand to the poor. >> i am glad you mentioned the poor. a lot of times republicans are recused of not caring about the poompl i've not seen or experienced that. people care but they don't want the poor to be in the norm. we thank you very much for being here. what a pleasure to have you. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you, everyone. thank you. >> keep sending your comments and questions on obama care i'm going to get to them soon. but first he made his job pitch
5:30 pm
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[ woman ] i love the convenience of adt. i can finally be in two places at once. [ male announcer ] call today to get adt for less tha$2 a day. helping protect your business, is our business. adt. always there. the obama administration is touting the iran nuclear agreement, but there's already major disagreement over actually what's in the deal. iran's president rouhani is insisting it ends all economic sanctions against its country while granting them the right to enrich uranium. the white house denys that completely. netanyahu calls the deal a quote historic mistake which fails to eliminate the nuclear iranian threat. and amid the celebration over the new deal, one american held prisoner in iran seems to have
5:34 pm
been forgotten. he was locked in a prison a year ago serving an eight-year sentence for practicing his religious faith. he was opening churches there. there was hope they would use the leverage of the talks to free him. that did not happen. now his family is waiting in worry back in idaho. back to "huckabee." >> last week we introduced to a business school graduate. he's having a tough time finding a job in his field. he came up with a creative idea to market himself by setting up a stand to hand out free coffee and doughnuts and his raze ever resume and did it in the heart of new york's financial district. he received a lot of reaction from his appearance last week on our show. but the big question, did he get any offers mike is joining us once again. glad to have you back. >> thank you for having me, governor. appreciate it. >> it is great to see you. i know your mom is with you tonight. we are delighted to have
5:35 pm
barbara. what happened after you were on the show last week? >> after i was on the show my inbox was flood. plethora of e-mails and various offers. i can't thank you enough. the whole fox crew changed my life for the better. thank you so much. >> that's wonderful. we may change the name of the show to the huckabee employment agency. commissions will be due for every job you find. >> of course. >> michael, i'm curious, what kind of job offers are inquiries, a lot were offers and some were inquiries to start a conversation. what kind of people did you hear from and business did you hear from? >> everything under the sun, sales, marketing, business development and also heard from people trying to get me to sell kitchen ware. it was absolutely incredible. the thing that touch me the most is supportive e-mails. appreciate that. i write back to every one of them. i am sorry for the delay but thank you so much. >> do you expect you will get a
5:36 pm
job based on everything that you received. are you more optistic than handing doughnuts and coffee on wall street. >> looks mick my story will have a happy ending -- for everyone who is struggling out there, i got a lot of e-mails from people in my shoes. it is tough out there. don't be discouraged. get 0 there and be unique and it only takes one. >> i'm so proud of you and wish you the best. thank you for coming back and giving us a followup. great to have you back. >> really appreciate it. >> throughout the show, i have been asking you to send your questions and concerns about obama care. we have received a bunch. we are still getting them and we want you to keep sending them. ron paxton said i have a plan i liked period. it costs me $950 a month period, it got cancelled with one that cost 1450 month. my insurance company said take it or leave it. it will be a long time before i vote for another democrat again, period.
5:37 pm
>> here's one from tracey. she says sorry huckabee. i thought you were going to be with the president asking him these questions. please let me know what you have to say any way. i'd love to sit down and have a conversation on air with president obama. believe you me, i've got some questions for him about obama care. mr. president, i know you watch the show every weerks give mae call. we'll talk. cindy writes, i just cringe thinking that someone actually put the words obama and care together. talk about fire and ice. good one, mindy. this one from william birch. he writes and says governor huck i can, i'd like to know if i can get my pro- file taken off of the obama care website. i don't believe it is a safe site. my mistake trying to find out the coast cost and i couldn't
5:38 pm
find out because the website wouldn't let me get that far. william, that's the problem. in last week, four i.t. experts sat before congress. they were point-blank asked, do you trust the security of the website, would you get on it? wow would you sign up and give that information and believe it is secure and the went answers went, no, no, no and no. so i don't blame you for wanting to get off of the obama care website. here's one from joe keith lockwood. why do you want to stop millions of children from having health care used gompl i don't want to stop having children on health care. the fact is several million have lost their health care and i don't know if you know this, but in new hampshire more people got a moose hunting permit than signed up for obama care. here's the real truth of that. did you know that probably moose meat will do better to keep them warm and healthy in the winter than the obama care policy will.
5:39 pm
keep them coming. we'd like more of your questions and comments and we'll take more of them after this. stay with us. questions and comments right after this. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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5:43 pm
comments. keep them coming. if we don't get to them tonight, we will get to them in the coming weeks. tamara davis says, bless you, mike. we left liberal minnesota for lovely nashville, tennessee. obviously like the monologue our business is thriving and we are blessed with wonderful new friends. this is from twinspan 99. how will obama care be paid for? you will pay for it. a lot of people thought it was a great idea to give insurance to people that don't have it. and a lot of people understand if people need help we get that. but a lot of people will be shocked to find out the generosity of obama care is paid for by middle-class hard-working people who can barely afford what they have now. that's the harsh reality. we tried to tell you and hope people start listening now. diane says how is it that delaying any part of obama care will help?
5:44 pm
ent isn't ate sucker move about control? it is exactly about government control. if it was health care the focus would have been on the 15% that didn't have it, not disrupting the 85% who did. this is about the government getting control. you bet it is. here's one from monitor state i don't think. how long before we get this nightmare repealed? i will tell you how long -- next year if we didn't get rid of harry reid in the senate, two things have to happen, change the senate, make harry the minority leader and elect a republican president in 2016 who will sign his signature to the repeal of obama care. that's how it happens. all right. this is from cindy price. the only way to change obama care is to elect republicans and take back the senate. this will save america -- you must be reading my mind. what will you do with your show to help this effort.
5:45 pm
>> what i am doing right now, cindy. that's what i will continue to do. >> i don't have insurance and i plan to pay the fines. i work in i.t. and refuse to sign up for the affordable identity theft act. i like the way you classified it. wait until you hear from now when a million or so identities are stolen from health what you just say is something that a lot of americans need to wake up to. the people who have gone on, in many cases, very innocently, very honestly, trying to find health care for their families and they have given all of this personal information. this week we learned from the officials in charge of the website that they can't guarantee your security and they actually said they wouldn't sign up. they wouldn't put that stuff of theirs on the website. well, you know what? here's what i tell you, when president obama puts himself and his family on, and they are willing to give up
5:46 pm
their information, i agree with you. you shouldn't have to give up yours. let me remind you, this last week, we remembered the 50th anniversary of the death of john f. kennedy. think of something. he said in 1961, that the end of the decade we will send a man to the moon and bring him back. and we did it. he had vision. in an amazing short period of time we did something remarkable that challenged human innovation. think of this. we have had three and a half years. we can't even build a website. do you think we need some help in this country? i think so. and this one from right man says poe tus is making up the rules as he goes along. it is imperative to stop the machine now. if we fail our way of life is over. i think that's the frightening reality. this is not just about
5:47 pm it's not about a website. it's not about premiums going up. what we are really faced with, and what we need to be afraid of, is whether or not the government or you and your family will make the most important decisions of your life. former kansas front man joins the it willle rockers for the classing band's great hits. back with that after this.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
>> top 40 hits like "carry on way ward sons," "point of no kurn rgs rgs makes kansas one of the best in the 80s. we have the former lead singer. john has a brand new cd called
5:51 pm
"on my way to the sun" it is a pro-life message called "this time." when i think about rock stars i don't think about guys out there as pro-life advocates, but there's something very special that has touched the life of you and your wife michelle. why is this so important to you? >> this is probably one of the most important songs -- or the most important song i have ever written. my daughter's birth mother was 13 years old was sent to abort my daughter changed her mind called my mom from the abortion clinic and said mom i am pregnant. as she choose life i now have my beautiful 20-year-old daughter. >> who is out here in the audience. (applause) >> i know it is difficult for a 13-year-old. it is very, very young, but she choose life. she did the right thing.
5:52 pm
adoption is a great, great alternative. >> it really is. you have the rest of your family, your wife michelle, sandy and your other children. tell us about your whole family. >> well, i have been married 27 years to my lovely wife michelle. my 11-year-old son is here. i also have my son daniel who is 17 and my in-laws are here, too. >> that's important. you have to make good with the in-laws for sure. >> i am delighted to know that your life has been enhanced because somebody choose life and now you are singing about it. i hope people will go to your web site and see the video, get the song. >> very powerful. >> when i listened to it for the first time, it is a real right in your face but beautiful kind of reminder of why life is important. john, thank you for writing it. we are not going to do that song today we are going to do one of kansas' songs.
5:53 pm
>> doing carry on my way ward sun. lauren green is on key board and keith wilson brand new daddy is playing guitar and bob higgins on drums our harmony vocals em b em early and justin. and g ♪ ♪
5:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> john elafonte and the little rockers with a song from kansas. hope you have a great wonderful holiday. i hope your thanksgiving is the best ever. see you next week and until then this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless.
5:57 pm
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>> fox files. >> please help me. i smoked too much. >> it is called spike and it is killing across the country. >> it was in the freezer? >> it was hidden on top of the meat. >> we go where they sell it. >> living large, dictator style. >> the vulgarity of some of these homes. >> it is over the top. >> she went from real housewife to skinny girl mogul. >> i am excited to be here. >> we are behind the scenes of bethany frankel's new ventures. >> i am not afraid to own it and be who i


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