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tv   Fox Files  FOX News  November 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> fox files. >> please help me. i smoked too much. >> it is called spike and it is killing across the country. >> it was in the freezer? >> it was hidden on top of the meat. >> we go where they sell it. >> living large, dictator style. >> the vulgarity of some of these homes. >> it is over the top. >> she went from real housewife to skinny girl mogul. >> i am excited to be here. >> we are behind the scenes of bethany frankel's new ventures. >> i am not afraid to own it and be who i am.
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>> meet the bhman who turned th star-spangled banner into a rock anthem. >> we are the counter culture. >> i am kimberly guilfoyle. >> i am heather nauert. >> that's next on "fox files". >> my sonic lass was full of life, very energetic, he loved the outdoors. >> it was a typical wednesday afternoon september 2011, colorado springs, colorado. 19-year-old nicholas checked in with his mom stephanie before heading out with friends. >> they were going to run over to the quick stop and get some smokes. he said, love you mom, bye. he left and i went on to do some other errands that i needed to
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do and i came home and i thought he was sleeping. i tried to shake him awake and he wasn't. he was gone. >> at 4:40 p.m. nicholas coburn was dead. what would surprise many parents as stephanie was what killed her son was sold to him at a convenience store. this kwik stop is on south shelton road in colorado springs. he bought the drug for about $25. he had smoked synthetic marijuana also known as spike. the autopsy report says it all. toxici toxicity. >> i am sur prided how many people have not heard of this. it boggles my mind. >> mostly made in asia it is sold at convenience stores and even major gas stations. it is marketed under names like
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j 2 and mr. smiley. stephanie is suing the convenience store for allegedly selling her son the drug that killed him. >> i was naive since it was being sold with other convenience store items i thought it was completely legal. >> david woodruff is one of her attorneys. >> the coroner told her here's what killed nicholas. there were two chemicals that are banned substances. >> it delivers a high and it is growing in the federal and state level. packaged to appeal the teens it shows the actual behavior of mr. smiley that killed nicholas. >> the one nicholas had taken before he died is packaged as bubble gum flavor. some of the other flavors it comes in is mango potpourri and blueberry potpourri. >> some of the packages will say not for human consumption.
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legally what does that qualifier mean? >> nothing. ap absolutely nothing. >> pam is at the forefront against the fight against medical marijuana. >> this is not illegal on the back of it as well. you can't stamp it on cocaine and make it legal. that's a ploy. they try to get teens to purchase it. they call it synthetic marijuana but there's no pot in this? >> no. >> harmless herbs like key we are often in spike but what is sprayed on them will kill you. they are found in paint thinner and insecticide and nail polish remover. getting high on spike is like playing russian roulette. >> perhaps the idea is you are buying it from a convenience store it can't be dangerous as buying it from a drug dealer down the street. >> in their minds they don't think it is anything like heroin
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or cocaine that they have to buy at night on a street corner. >> this is very different from the drugs people used to talk about in the 60s and 70s. >> horse how it started off. these were one of the first ones the roxies. they were geared toward 17, 19 to older. they started changing the packaging. then they started going after our 12 to 14-year-olds. >> they look like pokey mon trading cards. >> k 2, all kinds of different packaging. >> i find it to be despicable. >> the high wasn't like marijuana. it was more like crack or methamphetamines. >> he is recovering from his spike addiction at the cedar center in aurora. >> i had to keep smoking over and over again probably every
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hour. you were paranoid. didn't want to eat. didn't want to see people. very isolating. >> it can cause psychotic episodes, hal luilucinationhall paranoia, seizures, tremors. >> people started using them in europe. maybe around 2009 we started to notice people in the united states were using them. >> he is an emergency room physician and toxicologist at the university of colorado hospital. in the summer of 2013, colorado had an epidemic of spice casualties with three deaths and 260 people rushed to the emergency room. >> (sirens) >> we were getting 5, 6 a day with fast heart rates high blood pressure agitated and temperature goes up dangerously high. >> please help me. i smoked too much k 2. >> calls about synthetic drugs rocketed from 3200 in 2010 to
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more than 13,000 a year later. >> when you look at the range of drugs that you have to deal with here in the state of florida, which ones concern you the most? >> molly, of course. >> other synthetics include molly and ecstasy both nicknamed for mdna an illegal stimulant popular at raves and electronic dance music festivals. >> it has been glamorized in songs we are hearing by singers. >> madonna for example. >> miley cyrus is singing about it. >> she said molly is quote a happy drug. >> that's a shame. our teens our kids look up to people like that. people are dying from it. it is extremely toxic. >> so toxic the auguin august 2
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at the new dance music festival 20-year-old olivia and jeffery died from overdoses of mdma. she said she had taken six hits of molly. as a result of her death scheduled three-day festival where tickets can cost more than 400 bucks was shut down by the city after two-days. >> it is very tragic. the bottom line is what you sees people doing drugs who shouldn't be doing drugs and you see the fatal consequences. when people want to go down the slippery slope and say it is just fun. it isn't just fun. there are two families that are not going to have their children come home. >> fox files goes on a fight. and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that'swo more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy,
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>> which are getting ready to go on a raid here. what is the target? >> detectives made numerous buys in there. we are going with a warrant make an arrest hope to confiscate the spice. >> in florida they have a spice problem. the detectives are leading the charge. >> there are butterflies nervousness almost like game day in the nfl. >> i rode along with under cover detectives to the target site. >> are you giving one another a heads up about what's coming? is>> it is similar to the same so they will know.
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(indiscernible). 18 or 19 buys yesterday. >> the shop we are going to? sec >> is it a smoke shop we're going to? >> mobile gas station. >> mobile gas station? >> attorney general and i followed them in. >> we have an under cover deal. let you know what's going on. >> we will get through real quick and start getting names and run a few things. >> the detectives begin their search and focus on a locked door in the back. >> you do not have a key to this? >> we will have to do a forced entry. >> police, police, sheriff's office, search warrant. sheriff's office, search >> with the back room secure they find packets of spice behind the front counter.
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>> this is all considered spice. all synthetic marijuana. >> looks like they are trying to market it to kids. >> this was under the counter. they didn't sell it prominently displayed. >> florida has been proactive banning 127 compounds found in spice. >> it is amazing they add chemicals to the plants that's what makes it so toxic but they keep changing the chemical compounds so they can stay a few steps ahead of the law. >> except they are not any more. >> how is that? >> i can ban the new one. they are running out of chemicals. we are going to stay ahead of them. >> they also came across a cool hiding place. >> hidden in the freezer? >> yeah, it was under the beer and on top of all that meat. >> the food they might make if you are coming to the mini-mart they are hiding it in there.
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>> they are putting it on top of the meat and they are selling >> pretty much stopped -- when we go into drug houses we search cereal boxes and fridges and freezers. same thing with synthetic marijuana. >> it proves to be successful. they ceased more than 200 packets of spice. they also arrested the store manager. fined the store more than 100,000 dollars. >> are you happy with this? did you get what you thought you would get? is>> i am ecstatic about it. >> after the raid fox files contacted exxon mobil. they said in a statement exxon mobil absolutely does not condone the sale or use of elicit drugs or drug pair fan nail yaw. they are independently owned and operated. contract prohibits the sale of such products. exxon mobil is reviewing
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president facts related to this matter and will take appropriate action. >> i don't stop getting high. i xoo stop drinking. i couldn't stop using drugs. i needed help in some way. >> i would highly encourage somebody who has a friend or family member or struggling themselves to get help and not do it on their own. >> he is a recovering addict himself and a counselor. >> patients are educated and told me about what this is all about and how they need help. >> i met him after i did my first 30-days ch inpatient. he became my counselor. >> he was a perfect patient he was highly motivated to go through the process. if someone is willing to do that it is usually high success. >> michael has been sober for
6:17 pm
nine months and is still working on his sobriety every month. >> i don't have a drive to do everything i can to get my fix for the day. >> something else that is important is there's hope. e addiction is real and it is an illness and it can be treated. >> stephanie coburn says it is a warning to others. it isn't harmless, it kills. >> get the word out there. synthetic marijuana is very harmful to you. store owners need to stop selling it. i just want our kids to be safe. this isn't it. >> fox files brings you a closer look at dictator scott. shaving experience.
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>> lavish lifestyle of some of the world leaders multi-million dollar mansions super yachts and star studded parties. >> in june jennifer lopez got $1.2 million to perform for the president which she later apologized for. kazakhstan's president paid wrapper kanye west a reported $3 million to perform at his grandson's wedding in september. >> the british chronicle of style peter york says the flash
6:22 pm
of the clash are the dictators like sadam hussein and they dedicated a book to their tape called dictator style. >> it is over the top. they designed to give off messages to their own pop lapgs which say, i am great shths i am invincible, i could eat you alive. >> not only do they control their people but they spend their money, too. >> what matters to dictators are things that are very big. sexuality that out sized also. >> dr. keith ablow is a forensic psychiatrist and fox news contributor. >> if you need to be that flashy you might feel quite dull inside. >> big, chandeliers, mirrors and
6:23 pm
18th century furniture, not real century aged furniture. >> which they can afford. >> it is not quite shiny enough. >> the slooin of shine -- slooh shine the yacht. went on board to keep the super rich afloat and good for a dictator, too. >> (indiscernible). >> looking for a spot to park your helicopter with a super car. what about building a huge shark tank aboard a ship. in 2010 one of the sons of the late libyan dictator moammar khaddafy ordered a massive 1100 foot long cruise liner worth
6:24 pm
$700 million which included a 120 ton shark tank. >> you have to have specialty vision. >> the offspring are notorious for lavish spending spree. the son of the longest serving african leader president of ecuadorial begin agun knee owns mappings. >> there is a guy who is the son of a dictator of a tiny country that suddenly becomes oil and gas rich. all of that money has gone to his dad. >> the u.s. justice department has attempted to cease his ocean front estate and other assets saying he purchased the items with dirty moon. the judge ruled they lacked
6:25 pm
probable cause against him. a justice department spokesman tells us it still plans to pursue the case. they tried to get an interview but did not hear back. >> do we get any clues as to the mind set of a dictator by looking at his home? >> you can tell this is a person who works on a prudent basis. >> how did the brutality relate to a love of luxury items. >> dictators feel inside vulnerable, unworthy. they need everything around them that would suggest they are the opposite of that. >> they are lovable beyond belief, they are worthy of incredible wealth. they have to surround themselves with constant reminders of how special they are. >> about 65 palaces. not quite like buckingham palace. they look like 1970s american hotels. >> fox news cameras witnessed it
6:26 pm
all during the invasion of iran. >> chandeliers and cars. sadam hussein had the weird sad doe mass cysts. >> they tracked down the artist at her home in up state new york. it was news to her that copies of her work ended up in sadam's baghdad townhouse. >> once you do a painting heaven only knows where it is going to end up. he probably identified. >> hard to image when he saw the killing and repressing he had the state of mind to have this replica of the flint stone village bedrock children and grandchildren. adolph hitler built his own pal lashian retreat. it was a place to entertain and unwind with his nazi friends.
6:27 pm
his mistress eva brawn as seen in the home movies. >> it is meant to be a manly german hunting place. the truth is it is very -- lots of 19th century china almost lady like. >> during 20-years as dictator of the philippines he is accused of stealing millions of dollars. former beauty queen is best known for her shoe collection. >> how many d inves-- she have? >> thousands. >> could they escape from the compound? [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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6:31 pm
life threatening injuries. pictures coming into the newsroom. a woman 60 feet from the third level of the open coliseum stadium on to the concourse people were yelling at her not to jump. she jumped anyway. a second person was hurt who was trying to catch her as she fell. both people are in critical condition. dispatchers got called reporting the incident after the game just after 4:00 p.m. local time. the raiders were playing the tennessee titans. a helicopter called to the scene to evacuate victims was then called off. fox news will keep you updated on any more information on this story as it comes in. a woman has jumped from a level inside the coliseum and is injured. now back to "fox files. >> exotic cars lavish homes expensive shopping and regardless of the backdrop. a serious bloody conflict the
6:32 pm
first lady indulged in resatail therapy according to e-mails all over the papers. she spent tens of thousands on gold chandeliers and furniture. in 2012 the european union last sanctions on mrs. assad's access. >> western magazine says she is a breath of fresh air she is tremendously nice. >> this woman is addicted to fine reto the trappings of power. >> there's dictator style the north korean way. he has developed a habit of posting flamboyant former nba star dennis rodman. rodman returned for the second time and says he is helping train the north korean basketball team in the 2016
6:33 pm
olympics. >> he is perfect to hang around with. the two of them can inflate each other like big balloons in the macy's day parade. >> he denied to comment on his recent trip. >> it can be easy to poke fun d impossible to ignore the grim reality of millions of people brutally repressed by some of these regimes. >> we are talking about people living multi million dollar lives while the country lives on less than a dollar a day. >> once you consider yourself almost a different species you don't suffer over the disparities of financial resources and power. >> after moammar khaddafy was in power for 30 years he had lavr vish dress. he was surrounded by female body guards. >> his message was to say i am
6:34 pm
the best friend of the woman. >> there was something far more sinister going on. fox files sat down with journalist in paris her book qaddafi's harem exposed new details of the abuses of power and twisted sexual appetite. >> some of these women had been chosen most of them were sex slaves. >> the expo say revolves around a story of a young libyan woman called saria. it represents countless women he kidnapped and repeatedly raped qaddafi. she spent five years under a tunnel entrance like this one. it was the headquarters for the secret hair ram. >> the day after she was kidnapped was given the uniform and was supposed to act as if she was a real soldier. >> she was 15 when qaddafi
6:35 pm
visited her school. >> he put his hands on her head that was a sign of the body guard to say i want this one. she was washed, shaved, given sexy clothes, joined a group of young women where he taught her to smoke, take cocaine and drink whiskey. >> what happens to people who refuse gadhafi's advances? >> they were forced to stay with him because of what would happen to their parents, their brothers, sisters. >> is it possible ever to escape from the compound? >> gadhafi had the spies every where. it was impossible. >> the dictator was always hunting. >> every occasion to select women, weddings, parties, firstivelies. university lectures.
6:36 pm
>> this apartment with a female physical examination room was discovered right on university campus. >> also there was an obsession of having movie stars, daughters or wives of ministries. >> gaddafi had an obsession with secretary of state condoleezza rice. >> another has gone under ground. >> she was always close to gadaffi. he was thinking she was so important. her real job was to take care of the woman. >> she says his sex victim also included young men. >> i p haven't heard of any system like gadhafi's system. >> how many women do you think at any one time were a part of
6:37 pm
his haram? >> around 13 but thousands of women have been raped qaddafi. >> in october 2011 qaddafi's reign of terror came to an end when he was captured and killed. libya remains in chaos as interim government struggles to take over the country. a new libya has yet to reemerge after the nightmare of the qaddafi years. few want to acknowledge his sex crimes. >> people don't talk about sex or rape? >> how is saria today? >> she is trying to make a future. she would like to mary. she would like to have a normal life. i don't know what will happen to her. >> are dictators a thing of the past? we have seen so many over thrown recently. >> dictators will be with us for a long time here.
6:38 pm
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>> not afraid to own it and be who i am. >> bethany frankel went on the hit series "the real housewives of new york."
6:42 pm
it earned her series bethany getting married and bethany ever after with documented her engagement and marriage to co-star jason hop pee and birth and firs year parenthood of their daughter. the 43-year-old is never too far away from the camera. whether on the red carpet, as a frequent cover girl or as a four-time best selling author. but all of this pails in comparison to her $100 million skinny girl brand. if that's not enough she is also adding a daytime talk show to her growing empire. >> i am excited to be here. this is the moment. >> bethany is unfiltered. >> everybody knows you can't sleep with a guy on the first date. you cannot, but you are probably going to. >> brutally honest. and playful. >> my goal is to learn how to
6:43 pm
twerk. >> we can do that now. >> with over 2 million followers on twitter and facebook. >> i am so excitemented. oo you will be like oh no she said it. >> let's take a look at bethany's new talk show. >> i want to say i have been a fan for a bazillion years. >> i sat town with bethany in the signature red room. >> did you ever think you would have your name like this in a daytime talk show along with the likes of oprah and ellen. pretty incredible accomplishment. >> it is incredible. i am not drinking my own kool-aid. >> what makes bethany different in terms of the talk show? >> what makes me different is i am different and i am complicated like many women and i want to be open about what i am going through yet still keep something for myself. >> always candid with her
6:44 pm
audience bethany opened up about the end of her highly publicized three-year marriage. >> i have been going through a very difficult divorce as many of you can probably relate to and you helped get me through it. >> that is tough with ta time talk shows you want to make sure the audience opens up as well. >> you want to feel safe not feeling judged. >> i think we are getting there and connecting. it is really early. >> ellen degeneres is one of her biggest fans. >> the audience loved her. i was so impressed i said do a show. we will give awe a ses show for three weeks. >> you are my first audience ever. if bette knee can do for daytime talk what she has done for her
6:45 pm
brand skinny girl it will be great. >> people really love it. i have it. i am a big fan of it. i have it at my place and all of my girlfriends love it. >> i have over shot the mark. i never thought that it would be this big. i have research going at different liquor stores it sells really love. people think i can have fun and drink it and not have the extra weight. >> it is a practical solution for women. it's like a unicorn. you don't see them every day and it's amazing. >> skinny girl started with the real housewives of new york. she was the only entrepreneur. what's the point of being on tv if you have nothing to sell. >> they wrote forbes 100 list cover story about betheny. this is how he came up with the skinny girl margarita. >> she was at a restaurant ordering her standard drink
6:46 pm
fresh lime juice tequila and triple sec. they called it the skinny girl margarita. >> given that it happened on television it was a perfect opportunity to build a brand. >> the idea that bethany hit upon is the average margarita at the restaurant that you love has 4 or 500 calories. why not create something that tastes as great but only 100 calories. it is easy to make it light. the idea that it was created around the idea of skinny it gave it a personality instantly and a silhouette and a name. changed the entire dynamic of it. >> kevin george is the chief marketing office in chicago. his company bought skinny girl cocktails for an estimated $100 million. >> it has been very success will for us for a brand that didn't exist in our portfolio to be in our top five brands is powerful. >> she didn't sell the thing and
6:47 pm
walk away. she is in the business ongoing. they expect her to be there, market it 100 percent. they are never taking betheny out of the brand. >> thank you for your commitment to selling skinny girl cocktails. >> did i know it was a great idea? i was is hundred percent eacertn it was a great idea. execution is the thing. if people don't execute them properly they are not going to get anywhere. >> it is hard to expand a brand while hosting a daily talk show. >> my skinny girl brand is taking on a life of its own. i am involved in every single decision. >> she had the skinny girl line of supplements, energy bars, face creams. she has skinny girl shape wear. she sees no limits to the skinny girl line. >> kim kardashian would be right up there with building brands but in terms of brands like this i think bethany is in a class of her own. >> bethany is a 50/50 partner
6:48 pm
with the exception of shape deal. she has long-term earning potential as opposed to a million dollar payoff. >> is there another idea you are thinking about or another venue you might like to get involved with in the future? >> i have a lot of different problems that solve products for women that are coming out with the skinny girl brand. there are 150 people relying on me. i want to do well. >> if the talk show doesn't work out you have not seen the end of bethany on television. >> cheers. >> up next, some rock and roll. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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♪ ♪ the home of the brave
6:52 pm
>> the screaming guitar is hard rock but the world melody is there. the song was written over two centuries ago this version of the star-spangled banner is pure modern rock. the band is madison rising the new version has received more than 4 and a half million hits on youtube. ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave >> i feel music has the ability to like you said give people goose bumps, it let's people feel like they are a part of something. >> i realize there was a huge void. >> formed in 2011 the band named after one of america's founding fathers former president james
6:53 pm
madison is the brainchild of entrepreneur richard. >> there were no pro american rock bands out there. for all practical purposes there were no pro american songs out there. >> he hand picked the members. he saw more than just their musical ability. >> we looked first at music capability and second ideology like pro american and thirdly on chemistry. >> fox files caught up with the band at a mid town mat hat tan studio guitarist alex bodner was the first to sign on. he was no stranger to rock and roll the lead singer of creed. drummer sam michiganman and base player steve fidelski. the last was dave britt. he served four years as a navy core man and was stationed
6:54 pm
aboard the uss guam. >> the navy was a call to service. my dad was a navy guy, my brother was a navy guy. when i got back i had a gig less than a week after i signed my papers to get out of the military i was on stage. >> p how did you decide to do a rock and roll cover to star-spangled banner? is ♪ >> why do you think it has resinated? >> what it means, what it stands for. the brave men and women who serve our country today are all things that are still i think meaningful to most americans. when they do it's a sense of pride that comes over.
6:55 pm
>> legendary australian rocker ac/dc once proclaimed it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. madison rising has discovered it's even harder to get there if you want to do more than just rock and roll. >> the mission is to promote american politics, bring back great rock music but with a message. there's nothing wrong with loving your country. >> yet you as their promoter have had a hard time selling them to mainstream mede cal media. >> what's going on? >> no secret the media for the large part controlled the left, so as we approach people in the music industry you can be robbed they are like, no, no thanks. we don't like this. we don't like this. >> what's it been like trying to make a name for yourself.
6:56 pm
>> he is referring to the song in the days where regular ban rules featuring lyrics like these. ♪ >> controversial songs like the right to bear arms makes them not everyone's cup of tea. but still the band says they will not compromise just to sell records. >> i leave the right to bear arms protects the other rights and amendments of the constitution. >> we go there and scream about the second amendment their heads go back and they are like, it is one of my rights as a free person. that's what we want to do is support our military get behind our troops, give thanks to the families and things like that. we are out there to spread basically this feeling of
6:57 pm
patriotism. >> you are sort of carving your own path. >> we are the counter culture to the counter culture. >> thank you so much. ya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ male aavo: thesales event fedex one rign is back. drive" which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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7:00 pm
take your cyanide and gunite. if you wake up we will see you tomorrow. ♪ john: it is the season >> it is the season of giving so where should you give? >> what about this man. >> thank you. >> the government must spend more. >> social security will reduce poverty. >> but does government really help the pool? oo by management this isn't, woulding. >> more people figure that out. even the singer bono. >> commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes it out. >> if you are waitingor


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