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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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i'm heather childers. >> i'm ainsley earhardt. we'll start with this story. new fear as riegz on both sides of the aisle over iran's nuke deal. >> the big trusted to make good on its promises. all of this concern is the president is on a fundraising blitz in hollywood. >> that's right. the white house is running to a buzz saw criticism here from democrats and republicans in congress as well as key allies in the middle east. he is trying to raise his political capital during the slew of fund raisers out west a series of events in florida. the united states and the dealing with iran. >> cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. it is not the right thing for our security. >> when he talked about bluster,
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that is not so failed reference to benjamin netanyahu. for israel this deal with iran gives too much and gets too little. iran must pause the nuclear program but capacity for enrichment may remain and the economy is seeing a boost and promise of fewer sanctions. >> sanctions were effective. the sanctions were the reason t the iranians came over to the negotiation table. we feel in a sense this is a missed opportunity and the iranians have no reason to really trust them. >> the silver lining for the white house even if there is considerable blow back from the iran deal it has taken the spotlight away from other issues close to home drug the troubled rollout of obamacare. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. thank you. experts say 80 million people could lose their employer
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healthcare plans. >> that is in addition to millions who have already lost personal plans. kelly wright is live in the nation's capital. this is just getting worse and worse it looks like. >> it really is no matter how you look at it. a lot of people are getting up in arms about it as well they should. president owe bhaum is wrapping up a trip. beyond the glitz and glam of hollywood the bottom line is the president is still dealing with the issue of the affordable care act. the president finds himself in an uphill battle on making the signature domestic policy work. >> we are getting this darned web site up to speed. it is getting better. states like california are proving the law works. people want the financial security of health insurance.
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even if you are already insured reach out to a friend and neighbor who is not and help them get coverage. >> even in california a growing number of people are still receiving cancellation notices of their health insurance or seeing an increase in the cost of their coverage. some experts now predict it could get worse when the employer mandate actually kicks in next year. experts claim almost 80 million people with employer health plans could find their coverage canceled because they are not compliant with obamacare. lewey gomer talking about this as it never ends week, month, year cancellation rates shock and they p can't distract from this. may go beyond bad policy according to congressman lewey goldburg and others are saying it is fundamentally bad policy. in the meantime the president
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keeps trying to make it work. back to you heather and ainsley. >> it eventually does. kelly wright live for us. thank you. >> the life of an american pastor imprisoned in iran says she feels be trade by her country after the administration failed to secure her husband's release as a condition of the new deal. pastor abadini remains at a dangerous prison where his wife is fearful he might not survive. >> it breaks my heart that my government has left me and my husband in a time we need them most. being very strict and outspoken against the irani government human rights there's a family hurting. there are two little children that are crying every single night asking for their dad to come home. today they are praying, god, don't let him die. >> the white house says
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negotiations for his release are ongoing. the supreme court deciding if it will hear arguments over whether businesses can be forced under obamacare to buy contraceptives to employees. even if they do so with religious beliefs. hobby lobby says forcing it to provide coverage would violate religious beliefs. it will decide if it will hear the obama administration's appeal. >> contractor is facing six counts of third degree murder in a deadly building collapse. in philadelphia griffin campbell is accused of kicking down the building with equipment rather than the more costly method by hand. that's when an unsupported wall crashed bringing the building down on the people next door. 6 people killed 13 others injured. >> they agreed to a deadline for
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salvage rights for materials recovered from the building. >> the motive was creed. >> the crane operator is facing charges in the june 5th incident. more arrests and charges could follow. a tow boat in iowa singing and relea-- sinking and releasil into the river. this prompting a response from other agencies to determine how much fluid actually leaked. the nine members aboard the boat made it to safety. the coast guard said about 100,000 gallons of pet troll i didn't mean products were reportedly on the boat. not clear how much fluid had been released. >> all eyes on the nasty winter storm heading east. a big break in tennessee temperatures managed to stay just above freezing resulting in only a light snowfall. but the storm system could ramp back up today as it moves further east. preparations underway in
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pennsylvania and west virginia. a winter storm warning is in effect. >> at least 13 people have been killed in weather related accidents as a result of the storm. maria molina is in the tracking center tracking the storm. >> this storm system will be intensifying through out the day today and into tomorrow. while many areas across the southeast and up to the northeast are dealing with precipitation with the storm system. the worst of it will be closer to the center of the storm system. depending on the storm it is pretty much going to be this afternoon across parts of the southeast. that's why we will be seeing some of the worst conditions. it will head up the east coast. by wednesday afternoon we are expecting some of the worst impact across parts of the northeast and heavy rainfall and snowfall picking up as early as overnight tonight. eventually it folds into parts of new england and into thanksgiving day into the morning. very heavy rain expected we are talking locally up to 4 inches
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of rain across the north carolinas and new york city the city of boston. believe it or not even severe weather is possible with the storm system late november. we are talking about the possible of tornadoes, of damaging winds and that's across parts of florida, southwestern parts of georgia and also the carolinas. please be safe out there. otherwise winter weather advisories and warnings across the midc and the northeast. more than 8 inches of snowy specially across interior sections of the northeast where you have the winter storm warnings in effect. keep tracking the storms. head over to you heather and ainsley. to florida now the gop is calling on florida congressman tray raid ddel to resign follow the recent cocaine conviction. joins a growing number of republican leaders from radel's district. he should step down and focus his attention on rehabilitation
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and his family. the republican executive committee says it will not support rade flsl in future elections. he is in rehab. >> obama stalled the immigration agenda with immigrants behind him. a young man standing on stage disrupted the speech. >> you have the power -- >> that's why we are here. >> activists heckling him for his administration record number of deportations. they supported more immigrants annually. 85-year-old u.s. war veteran may have been thrown into a north korean prison by mistake. merle newman was taken away by a
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korean official. newman's family believes they have the wrong man and they were looking for someone with a similar name. the family is worried for his health because he has a heart problem. no word if this new information will get newman out of prison. >> cold weather forecast freezing over black friday sales. they are expected to attract a huge amount of customers. we have more on this news and other stories in business. kno nothing will keep people away from the sales. it begins to feel a lot like christmas the winter weather moving on east. retailers say that could put us in the mood to shop especially for warm weather like food, scarfs and hats. the cold weather really started to set in last week. folks in cleveland were buying a lot of food.
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snow removal sales in pittsburgh jumped by 34 percent. e cigarettes are the latest fad and chicago could be the first city to ban them. the chicago sun times report mayor rob emanuel to be regulated as tobacco products in the city therefore subject to the same redirections. they would be banned for minors and anywhere add traditional cigarettes are banned. this is expected to be a $2 billion industry this year. southwest is raising fees $20 to $ $95 for a flight that starts january 15th. all of these airlines currently charge over 100 bucks. back to you. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. senator joe mansion asking for help from a first grader. the letter she sent that made him pick up the phone.
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>> a ice cream shop is out money because of a four-legged customer.
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s radio
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>> an accused terrorist wants special treatment. al hasri demands he be put in a different cell. he has a hook and one eye wants to be moved to a prison that deals with long-term health problems. calling in bomb threats against the carrier. patrick cow who worked there for 15 years before being fired.
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the threats started soon after. they will not say how they tracked him down. he will have to pay 300,000 dollars in in restitution and reimburse the los angeles police department. a couple in downtown colorado fight back after being robbed at gun point. miles price and his girlfriend were walking home when two men ambushed them from behind. >> one gentlemen had a gun pointed at me the other yes had a gun pointed at my girlfriend. when i turned around and saw that that's when it really made everything hit hard. >> they stole his wallet before taking off. >> a deer burst in through the window while the owner was closing up. it was at the yogurt store in new jersey. you can see the animal sliding
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all over the floor as it makes its way behind the counter into the dining area knocking over chairs. the employee from a business nearby helped the owner get the deer out. the damage was already done. about $5,000 worth of damage as a matter of fact. the volume turned down on the national an dem at a naval base after neighbors complain. a >> stars and stripes at 8 in the morning. come on. it really wasn't loud. >> the rest of the community raising their voices. he hid to new jersey to find out why. >> looking this good could be as simple as a hug. research that makes you want to snuggle up.
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>> 18-year-old jeffery biteman teaching himself to fly rand tale is itti stealing an airplaa joy ride. the plane belongs to an officer. he lifted it for sale. biteman contacted him saying he was interested in the plane and took it a test flight. unknown to the brother biteman flew the plane all over the state this summer. he was finally caught. he is facing a 10 year felony charge and is being investigated the faa for irregular piloting. first grade can be stressful of koefrs just ask stephanie pullins who is getting
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overwhelmed and no sympathy from her parents. she wrote to her senator telling him all they do is work, work, work. >> are you learning a lot? >> yes. >> if you work hard you will payoff you will be smarter aren't you. >> yes. >> that's good, isn't it? >> you keep working hard on your studies so you get smart so you can help them. >> okay. >> perhaps a future legislator. we told you about the story last week residents of a new jersey neighborhood up in arms over the morning colors at a nearby navrl base. it is a ritual every u.s. military station honors. there was a sudden sen surge in
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complaints saying the music was too loud. i headed out to the neighborhood in middletown to hear for myself. >> this is how they start every morning at the naval weapon station in middletown, new jersey. >> we honor the flag by raising it each morning where all military personnel stop, come to attention either salute or place a hand over their heart. >> they always play the national an dem at 8:00 a.m. on the emergency broadcast system. the loud speaker was fixed this last summer reigniting the old tradition of playing the morning colors through the speakers echoing loudly through the neighborhood. >> i don't think there's a problem with it noise wise. >> some people living less than half a mile from the base complained like pat who lives here on 11th street in bell ford. she called police three times to
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report the noise. i called all of those who complained and went to knock on their doors but no one would talk. they did however speak earlier to a local newspaper. bob willie lives here on 11th street and said this to the paper. why should someone not in the service have to wake up to revel lee. we are only asking them to drop the volume. we are not against anything. the base heard their complaints and did turn down the volume of the morning colors and now complaints are coming in of a different sort. residents who miss the morning patriotism. >> they are asleep at 8 in the morning? is come on. it really wasn't loud. it was just right. >> i can't believe people complained about it. you can hear it at the house you get used to hearing stuff. you live by a naval base. >> this mother says it was the reason she learned the spar spangled banner.
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she would stop every morning and sing the song with it. i thought it was the cutest thing and she was learning to be patriotic. >> i think if it's too loud you are too old. >> the entire ceremony lasts less than three minutes. most say that's a small sacrifice compared to the one made by the men and women who put their lyeings on the line to protect our freedom. >> take a moment to reflect not only what the ceremony means but the history of our country and the conflict they have thought and the people who have given their lives to that flag. >> despite the new complaints for neighbors to turn it up they have no plans to raise the volume. seems to be a happy need yum now. that brings us to today's brew on this question. should the volume of the morning colors stay the same or be turned back up? >> tell us what you think on facebook, twitter or e-mail us at we will air your comments later
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in the show. >> 25 after the top of the hour. uncle sam wants your personal information but it's not private. new problems for the troubled irs. plus a warning about one of the most controversial medications available to women around the world. reports that it might not work at all for some women. on this day in history back in 1991 the adams family was the number one movie in america.
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>> it's november 26th. what you need to know should you change your plans or keep them. >> a warning about one of the most controversial medications around the world why it may not be effective at all for some women who take it. >> he is being hailed a hero for saving a woman who tried to take her life. >> i blocked her so she wouldn't bounce. >> the training he says that was put to good use. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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pretty scene of times square. early, early. >> it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with this all eyes on the nasty storm that will hinder travel plans for millions of people. >> maria is in the tracking center. should people keep their plans? >> i don't know. if you look at the camera view of times square that picture will look much different come tomorrow morning. we are dealing with a lot of heavy rain during the overnight and early morning hours. strong winds that could gust up to 60 miles per hour. a big issue with the storm system. we are seeing precipitation of light snow in the east. the center of the storm is
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located across parts of the southeast. as we head into overnight hours into tomorrow we have conditions in the northeast strong winds gusting again 60 miles per hour. we could see snow inland as a foot of it and the storm quickly pulls away by thursday. much wider for thanksgiving across pretty much most of the country including parts of the east. in the south east today we have the heavy rain we are going to be seeing some thunderstorms that could actually produce severe weather in the form of damaging winds in excess of 58 miles per hour and also tornadoes including florida, southwestern parts of georgia and eastern portions of the carolinas. so please have a way to get the warnings today. there is a slight chance we could see tornadoes with the same storm system. otherwise as far as how much rain we are expecting locally up to 4 inches so flooding is a bit of a concern. snow as much as a foot of it right here across interior sections of the northeast. heather and ainsley?
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>> i know airlines are changing flights for free. call the airport ahead. >> it is nice of them to do that. >> helps them, too, though. >> meantime a tow boat in iowa sinking and releasing oil into the river in iowa. this prompting a response from several agencies trying to determine how much fluid actually leaked. 100,000 gallons were there but not clear how much fluid was released. a costa concordia worker was ordered to tell people everything was under control. cabin services director said when the passengers grew worried she was told to tell them there was an electrical problem and to calm them all down. more than 4,000 passengers and crew members were on board when it hit the under water reef off
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the italian coast. 32 people died in that accident. >> fox news learned the cia was on high alert before the september 11th terror attack that left four americans dead. they revealed this information during the recent tour that they also testified 13 months before the attack. there was never any specific credible threat. >> nearly 80 million people could have their healthcare canceled. the glitches from the web site are just days away. this is alarming to a lot of people who really just want their insurance.
2:35 am
president obama will be making a speech he is one of the top political supporters. the president is dealing with the affordable healthcare act. they are making it actually work. >> we are getting this darned web site up to speed. it is getting better. states like california are proving the law works. people want the financial security of health insurance. even if you are insured reach out to a friend or neighbor. >> in california there is a growing number of people who are still receiving cancellation notices of their health insurance we are seeing an increase in the cause of coverage. some experts now predict it could get even worse when employer mandate kicks in next year. experts claiming nearly 80 million people with employer health plans could lose their
2:36 am
coverage because their plan isn't compliant with the requirement of obamacare. >> a lot of employer plans don't meet those requirements. employers deem it unnecessary to buy things like maternity care or extensive prescription drug coverage. now the law is going to force them to buy other policies they could have gotten in the past if they wanted to. a lot of employer plans don't meet those requirements because they deemed it necessary to buy things like maternity care or expensive prescription care coverage. now the law will force them to buy other policies. >> we can see right there the gentlemen is still talking about it. we apologize for that. in the meantime if it prediction proves through the president could find himself doing a lot more apologizing for people every where for losing their health insurance. >> kelly wright live for us this
2:37 am
morning. >> new fears arriving ever the iran nuke deal. is this a surprise with the fundraising glitch in hollywood? >> the president is waking up in california with a new round of fund raisers after a series opened yesterday. defended the iran deal. >> this diplomacy and the sanctions we brought on iran has brought us the progress we have achieved this weekend. we have halted the progress on iran's nuclear program. the program will be rolled back.
2:38 am
>> but will this have much of an impact on iran's capacity to enrich uranium? probably not much. this is primarily a six-month pause while talks continue tofoa longer term deal. >> the more i hear what the administration officials are saying defending this the more i see deception. i heard the secretary of state say they are going to destroy their enriched uranium. that is false they are going to turn it into a chemical oxide. >> that process can be easily reversed. israeli prime minister netanyahu is one of the most vocal critic. if there are any signs they are not complying this will be talks about all new sanctions. >> the wife of an american pastor in prison in iran feels
2:39 am
be trade by her country. pastor saeed abedini who was obtained for practicing his faith christianity. he remains at a dangerous prison where his wife fears he might not survive. >> it has been devastating for our family to know it is obviously not a priority human rights issue iran being the top violator of human rights and here's another american citizen wasting away. here's a family broken apart. this is the hardest time of the year for us christmas and thanksgiving is approaching and we hoped he would be home by now. we don't know if he is going to survive. >> the white house says negotiations for his release are ongoing. >> is the ground under their home opens up. it happened as they were sitting in the living room everybody started scrambling for shelter.
2:40 am
7 people live in the home. it's in tampa. >> it was looking like a hole in the floor then the floor started coming up. >> crews are expected to return to the house today to check more closely for possible sink holes. >> the supreme court deciding whether to hold arguments whether businesses can be forced under obamacare to provide contraceptives to employees even if it goes against the owner's religious beliefs. hobby lobby says forcing it to provide the coverage would violate religious beliefs. the supreme court is set to decide if it will hear the obama administration's appeal. >> a u.s. marine says he is no hero after saving a woman at the oakland raider's stadium. the woman jumped from the third level but donnie was there to break her fall rushing to try to catch her. the 61-year-old veteran was left with a severely bruised arm but
2:41 am
says he would do it all over again. >> you train to make quick decisions. as she was disending i reacted the way i did. my wife said you could have died. >> the woman is still in the hospital she is in critical condition. her name has not been released. >> a technical glitch delays the launch of the falcon 9 rocket. space x says they will have another lunch on thanksgiving. once it is in space they will provide television, cable and broadband services to people in asia. the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up police officers getting fancy suv's. these new wheels aren't to deal with winter weather they are to keep an extra close eye on drivers. >> stay right where you are. watching television could replace your workout. the programs you need to watch to slim down and stay healthy.
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>> welcome back. a big blow for women who want to use the morning after pill. researchers say it starts losing ineffectiveness of women who weigh 155 pounds and for those who work 176 pounds it may not work at all. >> those may include failure of the medicine in preventing a pregnancy. >> a warning label will be placed on the french version of the emergency contraceptive. the fda not saying yet whether plan b will get a similar warning label. >> the fda lifting restrictions
2:46 am
on the former blockbuster pill. they are saying it does not increase the risk of heart attacks. they will have to enroll on a special registry to be eligible for this drug. the drug will be available at most pharmacies. >> state troopers will keep an eye on drivers. new york gave state police tall unmarked suv's to help spot motorists who are texting. all part of a crack down on studies texting a texting driver is 23 times more likely to be in a collision more than those who are not texting. your personal information at risk once again thanks to the irs. a new report shows the agency has serious security weaknesses leaving millions of tax payer's financial information vulnerable to hackers. diane macedo joins us with more on this. >> hi, diane.
2:47 am
>> good morning, ainsley. a new report for tax administration says the irs hasn't been keeping up with auditor's recommendations on protecting tax payer information even though the agency said it has. 8 of 19 fixes from previous audits hadn't been fully implemented despite the irs reporting they were complete. they failed to lock user accounts update software or servers for quote critical and major vulnerabilities. when the right degree of security diligence is not applied to the system disgruntled insiders or fal l h malicious outsiders can employ security issues and gain access. it is less than five months after the irs inadvertently posted thousands of social security numbers on a government web site. about a year after social security numbers credit card
2:48 am
numbers and bank account data for nearly 4 million taxpayers were stolen from south carolina department of revenue. it already issued an employee to hem improve monitoring practices. this is the latest irs audit to reveal a major lack of over site which is raising major concerns about the agency's ability to take on new responsibilities under the affordable care act which makes thas tax payer sensitive information. still to come peens may be good for a lot more than honey. doctors say what they could help detect. >> stuck for a week in the storm drain. the amazing rescue that sounds like an episode of lassie. let's see what steve doocy has on "fox & friends." >> we are going to talk a little bit about how we have heard five percent of the country could be impacted and lose their
2:49 am
insurance. that is small beer compared to the big numbers coming. better than 50/50 chance if you get your insurance through work you are going to lose it. talk about that and so much more. "fox & friends" starts 12 minutes from right now. yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ undehis breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, ck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at
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you have eight minutes until the top of the hour. a california teenager is in a coma after a possible stunt gone wrong. the 15-year-old boy was found unconscious outside a pool. park core is a noncompetitive sport that sometimes includes jumping from roofs. >> try to get from point a to point b by jumping overboard, doing flips.
2:53 am
>> investigators are trying to determine the exact cause of his injury. honeybees may be able to take sting out of the cancer by detecting it early and getting patients treated sooner. bees, they are known for their sensitive sense of smell, so a portugese scientist invented a glass dome that uses bees to sniff out cancer. good news for couch potatoes. all that sunday football beneficial to your health. new research find watching sports on tv increases people's heart rate like a workout. researchers had participants watch someone else running and that resulted in a faster heart rate and breathing rate. >> when a man tells his lady she looks nice it is not because of her new shoes or hair do. instead his hormones are doing the talking. a chemical made men find their partners a lot of more attractive but the hormone did not make strangers look more
2:54 am
beautiful in a man's eye. just their significant other. >> a puppy pulled from a storm drain in texas after being stuffed there for more than a week. animal control workers set a trap and five and a half hours later the dog was free. a local teacher first heard the barking dog days ago but when fire crews came out they couldn't find the dog. but she heard it again and called animal control and the puppy is okay and will be up for adoption. >> what made this road explode underneath a car? >> frosty the snowman not a jolly old soul after all. the scare that has people freezing in the street.
2:55 am
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2:57 am
before you leave the house here's what's happening. better check on your flight before you break for thanksgiving. a nasty winter storm is moving east and threatening travel plans for millions of americans. the supreme court deciding today if it will hear arguments over whether businesses can be forced
2:58 am
under obamacare to provide contraceptives to employees. the arts and craft store hobby lobby says forcing it to provide coverage would violate religious belief. exerts say nearly 80 million people with employer health plans could still lose their coverage because their plan is not compatible with obamacare requirements. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. we're going to start with the good. love is in the air. take a look at this romantic proposal over los angeles. a guy writes in the clouds mico, marry me. the proposal paid off. she said yes. next the bad. a driver had a narrow escape when the road erupted in front of him. a dash cam camera caught the moment. >> this guy is not as friendly as frosty. >> oh!
2:59 am
>> the snowman scaring shoppers in boston. the pranksters behind it started doing this two years ago. i love it. >> time for your brew on this responses. >> the volume was turned down on the national anthem at a naval base in new jersey after neighbors were complaining but now many middle town residents miss the morning patriotism. we want to know should the volume of the morning colors be left where it is or turned back up. >> lewis tweeted absolutely. if the neighbors don't like it, they should move. >> be dazzler tweeted i don't believe they should have ever turned it down. perhaps some people should consider relocation. >> tracy said i think those neighbors should be ashamed of themselves. a little loud music in the morning that stand in the country we live in. >> you were out there and a lot of people had a lot of to say about it. >> you had both side of the story but the majority of the people wanted the music. >> you can keep letting us
3:00 am
know what you think throughout the day and we'll retweet some of those on our site. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning. it's tuesday, november 26. obamacare was supposed to hit a small amount of americans. remember? >> we're talking about 5% of the population. >> but now your employer-provided health care is in trouble too. >> that's not good. then a mother of four fights her way out of that car just before it burst into flames. but she could not free three of her children. how they made it out is a miracle. they will all join us live this hour. >> from a burning car to a football free fall and a retired marine comes to the rescue. >> had both arms out and then the procedure was once she hit, i'd lock her so she wouldn't


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