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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 26, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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wednesday, which will kind of feel like a friday telecast because so many people have thanksgiving off. >> all leading up to thanksgiving. you want to log on for our after the show show. >> that's right. see you back here tomorrow. bill: four days away from the deadline to fix this turkey, i mean the obamacare website. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. martha: when thanksgiving comes that late november 30 comes faster than anybody thought. you remember that idea of the tech surge that would make all the difference in this. the president promised they would bring the best and brightest in. it would be done by the end of the month. on a conference call with reporters, the centers for medicare and medicaid
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affectionately known as cms. the system will not work perfectly on december 1. but it will operate' better than it didde -- than it did on octo. bill: stuart varney, how many will the website be able to handle. >> reporter: 50,000 simultaneously. 800 thousand a day. what is handle. 50,000 people simultaneously will be able to log on to the website but that's a far cry tr from 5,000 or 80,000 a day enrolling. bill: you need the he will rollee -- you need the enrollees. >> if it's not tblight money,
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then enough money doesn't go into the understand pools. you need 2.4 million young, healthy people to sign up. bill: democrats are expressing concern. if it's not workable come december 1, they will crank up the pressure. report that was the ultimatum delivered by senate democrats. the pressure because it's not going to be fixed perfectly will be increased. there will be a lot of pressure on senate democrats to delay the individual mandate which frankly would cut obamacare. >> reporter: it's a website. it's two months overdue. >> reporter: if amazon were running a website like this,
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amazon would be bankrupt. martha: fit was amazon maybe it would be working. this rollout taking its toll on democrats. a brand-new poll suggests a dramatic turnaround. 2014 in the mid-terms. you have democrats who appear to be losing the edge that they had. 49% say that they would go for a republican. 47 per se they would go for a democrat in that election. but just a month ago. democrats had a 50% to 42% advantage among registered voters. when you look back at that one month ago period the shutdown had an impact on republicans.
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now those numbers are really gone. it's a statistical dead heat. >> it's an example of how politics can change very quickly. it's interesting that this is the third poll now. that showed this turnaround. i think that shows a trend that republicans are the political beneficiaries of this terrible rollout. i talked to a bunch of republican candidates for the house of representatives for the 2014 elections and they said they are running aggressively on obamacare. this is an issue they think can win them seats. so they see a lot of political fortune but they should probably keep in mind just like those numbers switched up in the last month, republicans don't have an alternative or they don't seem like they have a solution to all
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these problems. those numbers could turn back around again. martha: that's a great point. you look at this as you get further down the road and people will start to weave their way down the program. and no doubt there will be people who say, yeah, through, i got understand. the sky didn't fall on me. and this issue may sort of move again as you are referencing. so what do you think republicans need to do if they want to continue to see the numbers they are seeing in this poll? >> they could do nothing. that is an argument some republicans and consequence are using. the employer mandate will be implemented starting the beginning of 2015. so by the time the 2014 elections are rolling around. all those letters in the individual market will be flowing in to people in the employer market which is much more vast than the individual
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market. but i think republicans ought to be thinking about what kind of changes they would bring to the table, to the healthcare system. nobody likes their insurance company even if they say they like their plan now. so republicans ought to you have a an alternative that's different from obamacare. >> reporter: democrats are putting a lot of distance between themselves and this program in any way they can in a lot of cases as they head home over the holidays. good to have you here. how about healthcare over the holidays. the president's campaign crew urging you to brush up on obamacare during your thanksgiving dinner. >> what did you want to talk to me about. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> you know we love i but it's important. >> i know, and i will do it -- never mind ...
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bill: i ain't going to that house. bill: jonah goldberg saw the ad, then he got an email from organizing for america. then we'll get his reaction on that. will you talk obamacare over turkey come thanksgiving? pretty simple @billhemmer or @marthamaccallum. martha: i'm going to try to avoid. it can be dangerous. bill: all want is a drumstick. martha: you will be throwing drumsticks across the table. i predict that will happen at some drumsticks across this country. we have extreme weather we have to tell you about as we get ready for the thanksgiving travel nightmare. millions of people expected to
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hit the road or take to the skies. forecasters say a huge snowstorm to contend with. it's moving east and could disrupt many of those plans as you can see from this scene at new york'new york'snew york's l. maria molina has been tracking it and she joins us with what we can expect. >> reporter: we are tracking this huge storm system. it's so massive the center is across parts of the southeast. but we are seeing a bit of precipitation associated with it well off to the north across portions of pennsylvania. what's coming down right now is snowfall. so we are seeing snow reaching the ground out here. but the bulk of it is across parts of the southeast today. this is where were seeing a lot of heavy rain. also parts of tennessee. the wind will be picking up. as the snowstorm moves northward
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it will be intensifying. what's going to happen across the know is we are going to be see something of the worst conditions. so that snow will be coming down heavily at times across interior parts of the northeast. parts of upstate new york, along coastal areas, the big airports like boston and new york city and philadelphia. we are expecting heavy rain out here. gusts up to 60 miles per hour will be producing all kind of traffic delays and cancellations. thursday the storm is out of here. i want to show you this map because the rain will be significant. widespread 2-3 inches. and 6-12 inches of snow across western p.a. and upstate new york. so get ready for the storm system today and tomorrow. >> maria, thank you very much. so thanksgiving of course as you have been hearing is one of the byest travel seasons of the
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year. according to the group airlines for america 25 million people are going to take to the skies. that's a 1.5% increase from what we saw last year and the most air travel we have seen since 2011. the group also says it's the busiest travel day will be sunday december 1 as everybody head back home. we have an estimated 2.5 million passengers back there. >> as my prend friend lou waters used to say. how to they know that? we are jam packed today. president obama hitting his critics on iran. saying it's easy to bluster. john bolton is here to respond to that in minutes. >> reporter: new reaction from the wife of this american pastor who is jailed in iran and wanted to be home with his family this christmas. she is calling out the white
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house on this and said she could have made her husband part of the deal. bill: the mother of a girl who took her life and her push for rebecca's law. >> i decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit in the civil courts against the individual i believe are responsible for my daughter's death.
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martha: the nuclear deal reached with iran not what the family of the u.s. pastor has been hoping for. he has been locked up in an iranian prison for more than a year now for the crime of practicing christianity. but the state department confirms he was not even mentioned during those u.s. negotiations with iran over the nuclear program. his wife he she believes the
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government left her husband behind. >> president obama called and asked for his release and the secretary of state asked for his release and iran's reaction was to move him to a worst prison and a ward pulled with murderers and rapists. they did this on a day they were chanting "death to america." this would have been our best chance of getting him out of there alive. martha: there is the family. they were hoping they would have him home in time for christmas. >> we cannot close the door on diplomacy and we, not rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problem. tough talk and bluster may be
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the easy thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our security. it is not the right thing for our security. bill: talking about the bluster comment. there is a push in congress on the part of many democrats to pass tougher sanctions against iran. my next guest is here to respond to that. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. congress wants a crack at this? >> i don't think the sanctions legislation that passed the house and is pending in the senate will ever make it to the senate floor. i think way withs and means will be found to suit the administration's priority that it never come up. the administration is desperate to defend this deal it cut in geneva. bill: you don't think this will ever come to the senate floor?
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you have got schumer and reid? >> i think the administration will put pressure on reid to make sure there is no vote on this. i don't think they want to veto the sanction but i think they fear it's the political obstacle that could make the deal come unstuck. despite the president's rhetoric, the real question is does this deal advance american interests or does it not. can your diplomacy make you worse off and the answer is yes and this deal reveals this. bill: sanctions in iran have been cranked up and mike rogers said we are close to getting to the elite who live in iran. so why take the heat off now. but you make the case the sanctions have not slowed down the nuclear program. >> the director of national up tell jones testified to that. the ayatollahs who run iran.
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the generals of the revolutionary guard corps are not american consumers who think if they can't debt a double mocha latte at starbucks they will agree to anything. iran came to the table to get relief in the sanctions. bill: dew agree with rogers that we were get together elite in the population and the pressure is getting tighter? >> no, i don't. if you are trying to build a nuclear weapon and somebody is kick you in the knee every minute wouldn't you want them to stop kick you in the knee? iran had two objectives. continuing its nuclear weapons,
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and getting relief on sanctions. bill: what's the next step in this? >> i think iran has seen they can drive a wedge between europe and the united states on the sanctions. european countries already engaged in discussions with iran to take advantage of any relaxation of the sanctions. once the regime of the sanctions begins to crumbles, it crumbles quickly. i think iran will try to take advantage of that. i think it will shave around the edges of this agreement. it's poorly written. it has lots of am by fewities -s lots of ambiguities and loopholes. bill: why do you think the president did it? >> he fears an israeli strike more than he fears a nuclear
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weapon. i think this will leave the middle east, leave the united states, leave israel much more vulnerable than we were before this deal. martha: the summer of 2009 and the sanger over the healthcare push was really just getting started in this country. >> they will be written off because they have cancer, that's a vicious, untrue rumor. if you want to be led out of here, you are welcome to go. you want to leave. >> i'm going to speak my mind before i leave because your people told me i could. i called your office and i was told you could have the right to speak. martha: the lawmakers are headed home for the holidays and they are hearing their constituents.
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constituents. bill: dramatic developments on the alleged rape of a teenaged girl in stubenville, ohio, why the superintendent is under arrest. >> this began as a rape of a 16-year-old girl. about it also represents blurred, stretched distorted boundaries of right and wrong.
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bill: two more people charged in connection with the rape of a teenaged girl. the four are all school officials including the superintendent. investigators say he knew about the crime but did not report the crime. >> it's up to the adults to change things.
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it's up to the adults to set boundaries and teach kids right from wrong. bill: two high school football players convicted of the rape. one sentenced to 2 years in juvenile detention and one sentenced to one year. martha: there is a new set of demands from afghanistan's president hamid karzai forcing a cleat withdrawal of i.s. troops by the end of 2014. a lot of ramifications for the lives and treasures lost in afghanistan. kelly, why is the afghan president refusing to sign an agreement that would have kept troops there to train afghan soldiers beyond 2014. >> reporter: that's a good question. so far we know hamid karzai told susan rice he wants his
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successor to sign the bilateral security agreement. here is the problem with that. his successor will not be elected in april 5 of next year. the president of the united states would like hamid karzai to sign the pact by december 31. in a meeting monday susan vice met with president karzai in afghanistan. she stressed to the president the significance of signing the agreement beyond the 2014 pullout. afghanistan needs the allied forces to continue training afghan forces to insure stability and security in that country. the country's 2,500 tribal ann and regional leaders known at loya jirga said the office rebuffed them.
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and his office says he won't back down from his refusal to sign the agreement. it's part of the ramifications we were talking about. what's going on in guantanamo bay as it relates to afghan detainees. hamid karzai wants half of them to be released. he also wants assurances from the u.s. that its forces will not conduct raids on homes in afghanistan plus he wants the u.s. to be committed to reigniting peace talks with the taliban. it's a head scratcher because some experts are saying why would karzai do this and they are saying he's doing it to appease his domestic base to show them he can stand up to a major super power. but it comes with many risks, and one is losing $8 billion in
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u.s. aid which it needs to train security forces. martha: kelly, thank you very much. bill: a hollywood super producer with a bombshell confession. we'll tell you about the guy behind hits such as "pretty woman" and "hit club." he says he has been living a double life as a spy for a foreign government. martha: this is arlen specter back in 2009. could they once again hang over our holidays? coming up we'll speak with a congressman to hear what he's hearing from folks in georgia. >> that's a vicious, malicious, untrue rumor.
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martha: from capitol hill too prurl america. obamacare hearings are headed to people who have been the most affected. this hearing was held in georgia. lawmakers sat in a room that was packed with 100 people. what they shared and heard in most cases was not pretty. >> 900,000 californiaons, 134,000 minnesotans and 1340,000 georgians have received cancellation notices. in just trees four states that's
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almost 2 million americans affected by obamacare's you be necessary mandates. >> when you hear the leader of the free world tell you something you want to believe it's the truth. that's not the case. real people are tragically affected and others are receiving great benefit. i know it's too premature to know the full impact of the affordable care acts. martha: congressman re -- thank you for being here. what's surprising you when you are in this hearing? >> the clip you just showed of dr. jeff reinhart, they have 1,5. >> 0 employees at -- they have
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1,500 employees. he says the helps some and hurts some. but i had a nice conversation with him and other members of the panel. small businessmen and women. an understand broker. this bill, we knew it 3 1/2 years ago, those of us particularly in the healthcare. i practiced medicine. i knew then and i know now, the fact that the $600 million we spend on and it doesn't work, that's only the tip of the iceberg. maybe they will get that fixed eventually. but the problem is the bill itself. these folks on the panel yesterday, the experts, main street in the 9th and the 7th congressional districts of north georgia, they knew of what necessity were speaking. martha: we showed a clip from
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2009 when we started to get a sense of what the american people were thinking about, the possibility that this might become a reality which of course now it is. do you expect your democratic colleagues in the house are going to hold these forums when they go home to get feedback are they not going to want to risk a moment like that? >> i think they will not want to risk a moment like that. particularly the six or so in the senate up for reelection democrats in red states that romney carry. they may do tele-town hall meetings on the phone but i doubt they will even do that. it's amazing. some of the amendments we on the energy and commercial committee where this bill originated in 2009 offered amendments when we marked up and passed the bill strictly on party line vote. all republicans opposed. all democrats in favor of. many of these amendments at that time like my amendment, they
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said, hey, look, if we are going to do this to the american people. all cabinet members -- we members of congress and our staff, they don't callify for a subsidy. they should be on the same plan everybody else is. and the new president voted overwhelmingly against it and they are coming around. so a lot of these amendments fan the ones we presented they don't want to vote on. martha: people are saying what's the idea to fix this. you have telling them you had ideas that were shot down. we are starting to hear people who have insurance, who thought they were never going to be touched by this. that their employer would peace cover them. they are getting noticed the doctor they have isn't on the plan. they will not have their understand anymore. the supposition is it will have a huge ripple effect among people who are employed. but what about the government.
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are folks in congress going get those letters and will the president and others in power ever have to be subjected to this plan? >> you are right, martha. millions, literally millions are getting those letter and it will get worse. and how many have actually gone successfully through the website, i think 100,000. and you know, of those 100,000, only 26,000 went through the rest of them were successful by going through the state exchanges. not this crazy $600 million exchange that the federal government screwed up royally. so, yeah, when the big employers with more than 50 with this one-year delay of the mandate. but when that mandate hits you will see there we may be talking about 150 million people, employees losing their health insurance when that happens in
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2015. martha: the administration would say if they had their own say the run plan they wouldn't be running into these problems with the state trying to pull up the bigger ones. >> we are going to be watching those elections. it will be interesting and we wish you and your family well. happy thanksgiving. bill: the holiday travel rush is getting on the move. extreme weather can make it a tough slog for 10s of millions hitting the road tomorrow. they just got the cancellation of 300 flights because of the storm. how is it looking? >> reporter: it is a mess. close to 1,000 flights in and out of dwf international
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airport. this is a major hub, especially for american airlines. but things have slowly starting to return to normal. i just walked over to the quick check of the flight boards annals of now it seems most of the stuff is running on time with the exception of planes headed east where this winter storm is bearing down. the timing couldn't be any worse. 43.4 million people heading out of town for thanksgiving this year according to triple aaa and in general aside from the weather headaches. everybody paying more. the folks at orbitz tell us fees up 10%. change fees and pricey food onboard. people in for sticker shock. >> it would be $6. >> 0 one day each for our three kids in college in new mexico so
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we used airline miles to the get them there. report prrp if there is a silver lining. if your flight is impacted by weather, a lot of the airlines are waiving those outrageous change fees. bill: it might be a better idea to drive and it might be. >> reporter: better prices if the roads are clear. it might be wise to pack up the car and take a good old-fashioned road trip if you have the time and weather permits. the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular down 15 cents this year over last from $3.48 to $3.28. it may not sound like a lot. but if you are driving long distances those savings aimed. plus out of all the people who wind up traveling for turkey day the majority drive 90% on the roads.
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10% in the air, bill. bill: thanks, casey stegall watching things in dallas. martha: do you have your obama talking points on healthcare with you? have you packed them up for the weekend? the president's political farm wants to make sure you are prepared. we'll show you the memo and video to help you with the comeback at the dinner table. bill: terrifying moments aa deck collapses at an nfl stadium. >> i stuck both arms out. once she hit it locked her so she wouldn't bounce. that was my intention.
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martha: police say a woman would likely be dead fit weren't for a u.s. marine who reacted just in time. the woman jumped from a third
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floor deck. a vietnam veteran saw what was going on and he tried to reach out and break her fall. >> you train to make quick decisions. as she was descending i just reacted the way i disregarding my life. my wife said you could have died. martha: he's in stable condition. the woman is in critical condition and many where are grateful that he stepped in. bill: obamacare wants a seat at your thanksgiving dinner table. the president's campaign team sending out an email arming supporters with talking points and obamacare for you to use for discussions as you pass the stuffing. folks at the dinner table probably look to you as a voice of reason on the subject. so be prepared when healthcare comes up. my next guest received an email and he fired off his own
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missive. hello to you, jonah. good morning. what do you think of this idea? >> it might be smart. a lot of the -- we know a lot of viral marketing is done by word of mouth where you have sort of leaders in their little communities and all the rest. that said, i find it incredibly creepy. i find the whole sort of sucking up to the obamacare supporter who gets this email as the quote-unquote voice of reason. my guess is the people probably do think they are a voice of reason. but that doesn't mean the rest of their extended family at thanksgiving do. they might think they are the supporters of obamacare which is not the kind of person you want to be sharing yams with.
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bill: i hate a.m.s but i love cranberry sauce. this is the first time the quality of affordable healthcare is within reach. for some people that may be true. but for millions and millions of others like me you get this notice in the mail just yesterday that your doctor is giving you a in the of termination. the position will no longer be in the network starting december 31, 2013. this cuts both ways. millions have seen their healthcare plans change. if you like the plan, forget it, like your doctor, forget it. >> that's the challenge, the scary part for the obama administration. they hoped people would be going home over thanksgiving and they would be talking about the great deals every one was getting off or talking about how terrible the republicans were during the government shut down. it seems like it happened toward
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the later prehistoric era. they are more bad stories about obamacare, more stories about uncertainty or canceled plans or lost doctors or increased costs and increased premiums. this is a real care for the obama administration and in so far as you have a lot of attitude harden as people start sharing these stories and start talking about this. bill: would you have thought two months sea go they would have been talking about the goodness that is obamacare and they would have been talking about the government shutdown. and that's back in the prehistoric era, whenever that was. >> i don't like the creepy impulse to intrude politics and the into every nook and cranny of our lives. the obamacare campaign asked
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supporters in through of getting wedding presents asked for donations to the obama campaign in your name. i think this could backfire on the administration, it seems so heavy handed. bill: we are asking on twitter whether this will come up. it's true that word of mouth is very influential. a lot of people won't go see a movie unless someone recommends it to them because they have seen sit already. if they endorse it they will get on board. but i don't know how this will go over. the family gets together and talks about their own experiences including these letters i just showed you. >> this is aimed at young people. but young people have less experience dealing with this. that is a bad conversation for
6:50 am
this administration and for the law. bill: there is a campaign for that that went out a few weeks ago. the young people sign. jonah, thanks for your time. go see hunger games. i hear it's great. >> i say the, it is great. martha: i have to see it this weekend. thanks, jonah. the first rule of spying is don't talk about spying. it gives you away. the second rule of spying is don't talk about spying. nightclub's mega producer is talking. had to get it out there. a huge secret revealed. bill: is that tbling your eyeball. this is a disturbing new trend. a new trend in jewelry. the pain started up the back of my head
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and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor.
6:54 am
there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped. >> you do not talk about fight qulub. the second rule of nightclub is you do not talk about nightclub. martha: the producer of "nightclub," "l.a. confidential" and other movies is confessing he has been living a double life. this is a movie in itself. william lajeunesse is live with the details from our l.a. bureau. >> reporter: this guy was an arms deal more spied on the u.s.
6:55 am
from israel. but also helped illegally smuggled technology to enrich his arms program. he produced dozens of films and used that cover to spy for israel's bureau of scientific relations. an agency that was closed after an agent was convicted for spying in 1980. he helped purchase technology for nuclear weapons and negotiating arms deals. he's chairman of new regency films. he's worth $4 billion. he claimed to support apartheid in south africa to obtain defense materials and today he apologize for nothing. >> i should have said [bleep] you know what, i did it for my country and i'm proud of them. report * he produced such films
6:56 am
as "pretty woman," "nightclub," and "l.a. confidential." he was recruited as a spy by israel's currents pd perez in the 1960s. he claims sydney pollard was also involved in spying for israel. >> sydney was [inaudible] all kind of things. he had to decide what he's willing and what he's not. many things he said no. many things he said yes. >> reporter: so there was speculation milchan was a spy. but now he confirms it. martha: what a story that is. bill: president obama heads to
6:57 am
hollywood for glitzy fundraisers, raising money on the west coast. is that where he should be? a long way away from
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>> all right. we are getting word of a tornado warning in the florida panhandle. what is going on? >> we have the low pressure we have been telling everyone about and it is moving up the east coast. but we want to bring you tornado warnings that are being shutdown in the parts of the florida panhandle. this is going on until 9:15 central time. liberty county and gulf county are under warning.
7:01 am
what this means with this tornado watch until 5 p.m. is we have conditions favorable for the tornados two develop. you have rain moving onshore interacting with the land. it is east of panama city for liberty and gulf county. the threat of severe weather is in effect through florida, georgia and the carolinas. now we are talking about possible tornados out here. >> a lot to keep an eye on. and breaking news on that as we get it. four days until the deadline that was set by the white house to have the website fixed. but obamacare is sputtering and where is the president? hol
7:02 am
hol hol hollywood of course. >> good morning to you, martha. the president is hitting up two events after four fundraisers. california is one of the states hit hardest by the wave of insurance cancelation and more than a million there. the president is mixing business on these trips? >> the white house has orchestrated now fewer than six fundrais fundraisers for the democratic national convention. these events have a way of melding together to where it can be the fundraiser like last night's event where the attendees witnessed something
7:03 am
important. this time the iran deal and that the court conceded with the right for them to produce uranium. >> we have created a space where there is a possibility of resolving problems that have lingered for decades. it isn't easy. i c i can't just sign ann executive order. >> obama plans to make this a focal point in his state of the union address. >> thank you, james. >> so is haollywood where the president needs to be with his
7:04 am
signature program on the ropes? there is an argument the president wants to be away from this. >> this is one of the way he can be useful for democrats. his ratings are going down. and we can go out and raise a bunch of money for the party committee and that is what he is doing. >> it is interesting on that level. because you look at what he can do. and he wants to shore up democrats in congress. he might be facing a serious effort to repeal if the republicans can take the senate. and it reminds me of the decision on judges. he is faring there is going to be a lot of incoming. >> all of the stuff is on the
7:05 am
margin. none of it matters if the law is a debacle. there is no shifting attention away from the law. even if it is something like that like this nuclear deal. health care is so personal. if your policy is canceled or you are paying more. >> the administration says he is are important in terms of shoring up the future for obamacare because they will it is as a good bill and once people experience it, and the wb si website and up and running, you know, they say hang in and grind it out. >> that is their strategy. one they have to make the work and function and that are mains to be seen. -- remains -- even if it does the trinity of lies he told
7:06 am
still applies. people caare going to be kansbe. they want to sign up as many people as possible and hope it is in their favor. >> just in terms of how the president is doing, there is an article saying he loves fundraising and loves to get out there and he is good at raising money. >> sure. it is invigorating for anyone to go in front of crowds who thing you are the most brilliant man. you had the heckler yesterday behind him on the stand saying you have the power to stop the
7:07 am
deportations and executive order at the event. so they couldn't have an appreciation of the democratic process and want the president to do more to jam it through. >> immigration is an issue there as well. thank you, rich. have a great thanksgiving. >> will obamacare come up during your thanksgiving dinner? we talked about this last hour. big push to get you to be educated for inform your relatives. we will read some of them on the air. we are getting a lot of good respon responses. >> and then you have the letters and cancelations. you got your letter. not allowed to go to him anymore. there is a new push to declassify the documents
7:08 am
following the raid on bin laden's compound. what do we think is in these documents? he is watching television in some of them. >> the number of documents is classified, but it is said to be 1.5 million files and only 17 written documents have been released to the west point counter terrorism center. they charge they were cherry picked to portray him as a micro manager who lost control of his network. there were video of him watching television or rehearsing messages. senior lawmakers say the blocks
7:09 am
are unacceptable >> the value of learning how they think, plan and who is debating who on what issues is incredible valuable to making sure we have the best information to catch people doing other things in other places. >> people say they may shed light on the important connecti connections with iran. >> you would be fascinated to say this. can congress force the cia to release it? >> bird buried in the new language says there is request of opening it up. if al qaeda is dead, why not release the documents so we can study them? let's make sure the military has access for targeting purposes and that is not the case: the
7:10 am
decision ultimately rest with there cia. >> meanwhile, new numbers showing the president has lost the trust of the american people. >> he is a charismatic politician. he came in on great speeches and rhetoric. and once the rhetoric failed, everything else disappears. >> we will show you the numbers and new polls and what democrats have to say about that. >> and the mother of the bullying victim is going to sue those responsible for her daughter's death. >> i am angry with the individuals i believe are responsible for my daughter's death. having anger in my heart isn't good. but i am not perfect.
7:11 am
i am waiting for an apology i happen will never come. >> she is joining us live to talk about that in a moment. and this coming up -- >> go, go, go. >> a massive explosion just a few feet from where a group of children were being interviewed. rebecca rebecca's law tricia norman rebecca sedwick
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
>> some dramatic new video. watch this explosion only a few feet away from children being interviewed in damascus. that is too, too close. they managed to crawl to safety. this is in syria. maybe the building protected them. it happened outside of the
7:15 am
capital. the u.n. is saying 7,000 have been killed since the fighting began. kids mack up half of the refu e refugee. >> we have an explanation of why the president's obamacare law is hurting him. >> he told a whopper. when he said if you like your plan, you can keep it, and then added the fatal word period. never puncuate an untruth. what does that to obama -- he is a different politician. he is a charismatic president
7:16 am
and came in on rhetoric and once that isn't able to be trusted everything else goes. >> 53 percent don't believe the president is honest and tru trustworthy. 46 percent believe he is. that has to be disturbing for the president. bob is here with us now. you know, what knows through your mind when you hook at the numbers? >> an era of looking trust of politicians he was able to avoid that problem. even in the most difficult troubles in the first administration. trust is a difficult thing to
7:17 am
get and hard to get back. if the health care thing gets better, he is going to be okay. if not he's not going to be able to do anything significant in the second term. so there is a lot riding on getting some of the trust back. and that is riding on whether the health care thing works >> you have people receiving letters. bill got one that his doctor isn't on his plan. >> that is a good thing, i think. >> you don't think that doctor was do good. let's look at the other number. this is an interesting indicator. it says do you think president obama can manage the government affectively and this is the most basic job of a president. 40 percent say think no.
7:18 am
>> you cannot take the publicity like this and not be effected. and the reason he hasn't let anyone go is odd to me. i have talked to people in and out of the white house. he is a loyal guy. very rarely does he let anybody go. >> i think grinding out is the mo and he believes in the people around him. he says it is going to be okay when he get into the end of the tunnel. he mreefb believes that and maybe right. >> a year after his election he was in table shape and people said he didn't have a chance -- terrible -- he grounded out and didn't make changes. they took on romney and were
7:19 am
tough on him. >> he is a believer. >> he is a big believer. he doesn't trust people who attack him. he thinks the media can get after him. every president does >> what about his own democrats in the house and senate? they are going to go home and i would imagine they are going to get an earful. let's look at the other pole that shows the edge democrats have over republicans. this is a generic poll on cnn. 47 say they would vet for a democrat. a month ago 50 percent said that. and during the shutdown it was negative for republicans. it isn't like that anymore. >> but that is something to keep in mind. it was like that for the republicans a few short weeks ago.
7:20 am
it is dangerous to make take the bubble and transport it to election day in a year. if this health care thing turns out to be okay, it is never going to be what people expected it to be, but if it doesn't continue to go like this -- and the other problem with democrats, if i was in the business, i wouldn't want obamacare to campaign. you voted for this thing. you will not be able to hide from it. the idea you will get on had other side of the republican opponent is crazy. sethe question -- so the question is -- you talk about gutting it out, these people are facing election. but the cohesive ness of the democrats is amazing
7:21 am
>> they are in. they voted for it. and they are in. it affected so many people. >> thank you, bob. get all of the lights put up for us. he decroratdecorates like crazy. >> i hope you get to keep your doctor. >> growing concerns over the deal with iran. we will talk to peter king on whether congress can reverse the agreement now. >> and how about this story? some call it the ultimate bling. it is jewry on her eyeball.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> if you lack the twinkle in your eye, maybe this is your answer. it is a truly eye-opening procedure for $3,000. a doctor in new york, where you can find a doctor to do anything, makes a small decision in your eyeball and insert a piece of jewelry into your eyeball. it is called safe-sight jewelry.
7:26 am
this is in the shape of small heart. it is hard to see. and harder to see in your eyeball. they say it is safe. i don't think i am going to try it out. >> you only get two. don't screw them up. kids, i hope you are listening. no tattoos or earring in your eyeball. >> that means you too, harry. a rare bipartisanship effort in congress. pushing back against president obama's deal against iran. they want the fulls force of sanctions and even more if they don't live up to the deal. they call it a victory for iran.
7:27 am
what did you make of the agreement? >> it is as a victory for iran. defeat for the united states. it allows iran to maintain the key component of their proposed nuclear ideas. and we have given them the right to have that. they are not getting up kany fugitives. and we will lesson the sanctions. it isn't just the $7 billion. it is hard to put a sanction in place and once you unravel, it happens quickly. >> i don't understand why we would do this.
7:28 am
>> the house has their own legislation. i think what the senators are talking about is right now the way to go and that is to basically make sure this agreement is enforced and saying there is going to be severe sanctions if violated in any agreement. any violation of the agreement by iran results in more sanctions. my concern is without this legislation the administration isn't going to attempt to enforce the agreement. >> i don't think how sincere they are about this or if they are talking tough. and i guess we will find out. whether it is a democrat who was against it, and now wishy washy on the thing. john bolton says he doesn't think harry reid will bring it to the floor of the the senate.
7:29 am
do you think he is right? >> i do think so. there is going to be pressure not to be forward on this. i am not questioning the motivms of the senators, but if harry reid doesn't want to move, he is not going to move. make it is national issue so the people know what is at stake. >> is the bill better than we think? the only deal we could get? what did you believe? >> no, i don't think it is better than it looks. i think it is worse. i think the president is being honest. i think he believes in dialogue
7:30 am
and his apology tour of 2009 where he went to the middle east and implied american's actions are the reason for what they do. he thinks if we become away we can all love each other. it is going to be damaging to the united states. we cannot allow it to go on. >> thank you for your time. >> well a top republican senator is now claiming that big unions are catching a bigger break under obamacare. is this another example of capit capitalism at the white house? >> and there is a mess in the making my mother nature up and down the east coast and gulf coast. it could go downhill in places
7:31 am
like philadelphia. >> you have good times and take the good times. and other days you have to watch the crazy people.
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
>> we are getting word of a confirmed tornado in florida and debris in the air. that warning is over now but we
7:35 am
will keep a close eye on this. we are keeping a close eye on it. >> that is rightfe. we did have a warning in effect until 45 after the hour but that has expired. they form quickly and fall apart. the warning for gulf and liberty county expired. like you mentioned, there was debris in the air. it was confirmed and damage was reported and that is around the town of red hill. so near red hill. we have a tornado watch in effect across parts of the panhandle until 5 p.m. eastern time. so that threat continues until after many hours. there is a warning because of the strong winds possible and very heavy rain. the threat for tornados or severe weather isn't just in
7:36 am
place of parts of florida panhandle. central florida, georgia and the carolinas as the storm is moving northward. and the snow is in the east and the rain for the corridor. >> you are going to be busy today. thank you so much. >> blow that out of here quickly. >> new al now on capitalism after the white house announced unions being able to be exempt they. this is crony capitalism at its worse. we will debate that now.
7:37 am
michael, where is this going? good for some? not for others? >> it isn't crony capitalism. this is socialism. the government saying we have to have $25 billion dollars of other people's money because this system isn't going to pay. and we will take 20 million out of the pool to kick in so the rest of us have to pay more. where is the capitalism? >> we were arguing redistribution yesterday. the tax is designed to pay for people with free-existing conditions and help cover the cost. is this fair? >> well, you took the words out of my mouth, bill. i was going to say this isn't fair. this is the problem we are seeing with the waivers.
7:38 am
and we had the waivers with the limits on insurance. and now for certain people who don't want to pay this tax. i think this is a really interesting time for republicans. i think somebody sneezed. bless you. i think republicans are usually seen as anti-union and these people are seeing -- >> you are questions the fairness. i don't know what this law is. there are so many carveouts and waivers. >> they wrote it is about the redistribution of wealth. that is the premise. and you ask why is president obama, this guy people admire,
7:39 am
why are the pole numbers showing the majority of people no longer admire him? politics is ugly and pitting one group against each others. pitting a union guy at 123 main and another one at 124 main. >> it strikes me how little thought went into this law. changing by the week. >> yeah, and an interesting thing where a lot of people on the right may agree with the union leader because he said he knew these plans would be canceled in 2011 or 2012 he said these things. he suspected it. it isn't fair. people are getting exemptions. >> it might suggest what their
7:40 am
internal numbers tell them about midterm coming up. this is trying to keep folks in the tept tent. >> you are right about the 2014 elections looming large. the president said we will be in this together and health care for all. as we learn, some people are more equal than others. and i am afraid that is what we are finding out. michael and tamra, thanks. >> well the mother of a bullied florida girl is now fighting for justice. who she believes drove her daughter to suicide. tricia norman joins us live. >> i feel like i am living a nightmare and can't wake up. i am waiting for it to be over but it never ends. my heart aches, my body is numb,
7:41 am
i cannot sleep and my happiness is no long in existence. my baby is gone. ♪
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>> the mother of little girl from florida who committed suicide after being bullied online and at school for a year is now pushing for a new law in her daughter's name kw decided to make action. tricia norman 12-year-old daughter rebecca sedwick jumped to her death. and a month later two of her classmates were charged with aggravated stalking which is a felony. they were dropped because of insufficient evidence. tricia norman is here with her lawyer mat. i think this is hard for you.
7:45 am
i think this has been unbelievable and a nightmare you have called it. tell everybody at home a little bit about rebecca sedwick and whether you would expect she would be so subjective to this behavior. >> i would never imagine i would be in this spot. she was a normal happy kid. she liked doing things every other kids did. she had friends and people who were jealous and picked on her. >> what did you witness for the bullying? what form did it take? >> she would come home and say this girl pushed her or called her this name. there was a lot of that every day. and i would call the school to get something done about it. it go to to the point where one of the girls jumped her at
7:46 am
school. they suspended the other girl and had me pick up becca. i said enough was enough. i have complained and nothing is being done to get the bullies done to get her safe. so i will home school her until i can get her into another school. >> you took her out and she never went back again. we had kaitlyn roman, who was a friend of your daughters at one point. she was on with her mom. let's play what she said when asked about apologizing. >> i told her i was sorry for the loss, but i didn't apologize because i don't think i bullied her. >> let's listen to kaitlyn's mom now. and then i will get tricia
7:47 am
norman's reaction. >> i don't think it was to the extend people are saying it was. this is blowing up to more. she moved to another school because she wasn't involve in the clique and that is what happens in middle school. there are so many cliques and you want to belong and be a part of that click. and if your not you are isolated >> becca wasn't an isolated child. she has a lot of friends at the school and still does. she did have people that were picking on her. but it revolved around one person. you know one person tried to turn all of her friends against her. she had a lot to deal with. >> is kaitlyn telling the truth? was she part hof this and one of the people you are suing? >> i don't think we will speak to exactly who we are suing. we will allow the pleadings to
7:48 am
speak when the wrongful death is filled. >> what are you hoping to gain? >> justice for my daughter. she deserves it. >> and what about the law you want to see come forward? rebecca's law. what would that prevent? >> within the florida statute there is a statue that says bullying is prohibited but no punishment for it. we seek to have that clarified in her honor and guidelines that would be required when one bullies someone at school in or society. >> what do you wish the school had done for your and your daughter? >> i cannot say specifically. but a lot more. i should they would have taken it seriously. i don't know if the parents were notified of the bullying or not.
7:49 am
but if they were not, i think they should have been. i think there should be have been a guidance counselor calling the girls up and talked to them. >> do you feel like the parents -- it seems to me like the parents say it wasn't my kid. instead of saying, let's stand up and admit what everybody did. take ownership of this before it gets to the point where what happens to your daughter happens. >> right. >> and we find parents turn a blind eye to the situation and put their head in the sand and act like it isn't happening. >> not my kid. >> not your kid. every parent needs to monitor because if they don't they could be in trouble with the law. >> tricia norman, our hearts and thoughts are with you and your daughter. please, let us know how it moved
7:50 am
forward. very important for aert other families to hear this. we wish you well. >> good luck,. jenna is heading your way. >> the travel days could be a big mess and we have the travel forecast. but new developments on obamacare and why the white house is going local in the push and why he might hear the term obamacare a lot less. and the cost of premiums and cost overall. and we found another reason to exercise just in time for thanksgiving. >> just what i was looking for. health care website is still having trouble to go.
7:51 am
having trouble to goya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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>> it looks like three guys in oklahoma just did what scores of people couldn't. they built a health care site that works and did that in 72 hours. how did they do this? >> good morning. one of the biggest complaints with the government website is having to be through half a dozen step able to window shop and compare plans. three young programmers came up with an easy fix for that problem. >> there is no doubt people are frustrated. >> president obama has been doing damage control while these
7:55 am
two launched a website that let's you look at plans >> we allow you to browse and explore options without going through the pain of sign-up. >> they added a user-friendly interface. zip code, family ages, whether you smoke and that is it. >> i went from knowing nothing to knowing what plans, what subsidies and what the premiums are. >> and from there you can enroll. close to half a million of people have logged on. there is no adv vveadveri t and are not making money. >> i want to focus on health care and have the biggest impact on society i could have. this is a great outlook for that. >> a couple of glitches are
7:56 am
being worked out. some zip codes don't return a lot of people. but they give big props to the contractors who did all of the leg work to garth t-- gather th data -- >> we asked you if you plan to talk health care over turkey and mash potatoes on thursday? we will talk about what when we come back. come back. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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martha: so we asked on twitter, are you going to talk about obamacare over turkey? bill: are you? martha: probably. scott smith says, the only discussion at my thanksgiving table will be for its repeal. bill: telling my in-laws to sign up for obamacare during dinner should get a good laugh. martha: thanksgiving, i won't talk obamacare and will try for one day in what obama does every
8:00 am
day, ignore benghazi, nsa, and he goes on and on. bill: no insurance talk for me, just drumsticks, and i will be happy. martha: turkey talk, good stuff, right? happy thg. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: big question about getting to your thanksgiving table, and that's where we start today. we begin with a fox news alert on the weather and storm warnings in washington now in effect as a dangerous weather system works across the country causing a travel nightmare as millions hit the road for it's. you have parts of kentucky expecting up to 6 inches of snow, some areas of virginia are already starting to see a wintry mix with ice covering the roads. very dangerous. plus, flooding concerns in georgia. so we have a little bit of everything. we're tracking the storm as it heads east directly towards some of our biggest airports nationwide, and that's where the issue, isn't


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