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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 26, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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pushed buzz. here are plenty of option. camel milk and llama milk and moose milk and there is donkey and reindeer and yak milk. >> i like the cows. >> thank you for joining us. america's news headquarters stars now. bracing for a travel nightmare. they are bracing for the storm. welcome to hq cheery news? >> i am talking off my parka too soon. i am alisyn camerota. things could get ugly. parts of virginia seeing snow and temperatures dropping and ice is starting to form. and meteorologist maria molina is live in the weather center. >> i want to start out with the concern of tornados. we had a confirmed tornado in
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the florida pandhandle and we still have a tornado watch out here. florida pandhandle including panama city and that is in affect until 5:00 p.m. time. no current tornado warnings, but the threat is in place. when warning is issued for your county seek shelter. that is in place throughout the day in central florida and including orlando and tampa and parts of southern georgia and eastern parts of the carolinas. that's the severe weather. otherwise precipitation widespread already. we have snow coming down in parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania, and again, this is only today in the afternoon. we expect this to continue overnight and tomorrow for the northeast. it is significant precipitation out there. the center of the storm right now in the southeast and heavy rain in georgia and tennessee
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and in the carolinas. but as the storm heads north, it will be intensifying and the wind gusts is the concern. that dark shading blue are gusts at 50 miles per hour. new york city could see 50 miles per hour wind gusts and widespread over new jersey and delaware and look at noon, worst of the conditions in terms of the wind will be in place in the city of boston. anyone flying out here in the early morning hours tis going to be tough to get out of the airport. we will see widespread delays at that time and the storm heads out of time by thursday and the wind will linger and gusts 30 miles per hour coming up on thursday. here is the time line in the southeast and northeast. and inland, we'll see significa significant snowfall
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accumulation. western pa and parts of ohio and upstate new york and in between the rain and snow, we are talking freezing rain and sleet possible. over to you. >> that sounds horrible. >> just stay at home. >> i feel better. fox news alert. the supreme court will take on obama care, the justices agreeing today to take up a lawsuit over one of the controversial parts of the law. the contraception man date. shannon bream is following it live in washington to tell us what is happening on this. >> reporter: bill, this is the second time the justices look at the health care law and how it is impacting employers and individuals in the count row. it is going to be on the court's calendar and be argued next march. this comes from the hobby lobby. the company said religious beliefs will be violated if they are forced to comply and
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requires employers to provide health coverage that includes all forms of contraception and even those that cause abortion. the court will combine the hobby lobby case with another employer who had a similar claim. the administration has no business forcing citizens to choose between making a living and living free. we trust that the supreme court will greechlt a government that forces citizens to participate in immoral acts like abortion drugs is a government everyone should fear. one of the interesting things about the case, the employer and obama administration urged the nine justices to take up the case. the white house is confident that the man date will be upheld saying the health care law puts woman's and families in control of their health care like cancer screenings and birth control free of charge. the president believes that no
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one including the government or for profit cooperation can dictate those decisions to woman. the white house notes that there is a religious xechlz built in but the critics say it doesn't go far enough. a brand new poll from the family research council 58 percent of the voters when it was explained to them they oppose the hhs man date. the justices will hear the case in march and decision by june. >> shannon bream in washington. alisyn. >> four days to go until the deadline for the website to be fixed. the karl rove is a former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff for george bush and a fox news contributor, i carl? >> good morning. >> the administration is big on
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what is happening four days from now. do we know what level of efficiency to expect? >> no, we don't. they have been lowering the standards and say it is going to work better than october 1st. and since it was an utter failure, that is really, really low. but the administration has a credibility problem and also is running out of time in order to get these people signed up. they wanted to sign up and needed to sign up 7 million people by the end of march with a particularly strong representation of that number and younger and healthier workers to subsiddize the coverage for older workers. they will have a problem meeting the goal. >> you ponent out the website is the least of their problem. enrollment and credibility. with enrollment what happens if we don't have the magical number by the end of march? >> the people signing up. smaller the number and more
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likely they are that need health care and older and less healthy people who need more health care. and in february, starting in february, that data gets fed to the insurance companies and february and john, they figure the premiums for 2015 and announce them in september and october to the people who have signed up and people who are signing up. it is going to be sticker shock and that will affect the november elections. remember, this is rolling through with a lot more people losing existing coverage and tossed in the exchaefrjs and having the sticker shock and finding out they can't get access to the doctor. it will not be a pretty site. >> obviously the president's crediblity is taken a hit in the polls. >> it is going to be difficult. in the cnn poll, in september people thought he was a strong
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leader and now 46- 53. and september '51- 49 they thought he was honest and trustworthy and today 46- 53. and today, they didn't think he was a effective manager. and now there is a 20- point gap between those who think he can run and those who don't think he can. his problem is obama care will continue to have bad impact on ordinary american families and he has to change the subject and talk about something on the international front like the iran agreement or something with regard to the economy and americans will say as bad as obama care is, the others are bigger and we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. >> he is trying to turn the conversation. karl rove, thank you for your analysis. >> serious new questions about the agency tasked with enforcing
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the law and that is the irs. many wondering if it is an overwhelmed agency. and fox business network david asbin and co-host of after the bell. how are you sir? >> very good. >> can you tell me what the irs's duties will be. >> it is a huge expansion. they have to distribute trillions in subsidies for those who can't afford insurance and penalize people who don't buy it and supposed to buy it. hss is the implementer and irs is the enforcer. how can they enforce something if they don't have information that is solid enough to know who to penalized. and from hss, they are not getting solid information. the irs can't penalize if they don't know who. we are the ones who get hurt. >> dave, that comes back to the
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website and effectiveness and whether or not people can use the website. mark everson said it is a heavy lift. do we have any indication or idea of how well equipped the ears will be in carrying this out? >> the problem is, even if the website is working, and even if they have all of the information they need to penalized people who signed up, they can't penalize the way they normally do. when congress was trying to sell this bill, they leaned back on enforcement, because they knew the public would object to that. they didn't give irs the enforcement. they can't confiscate propero put liens, the only thung they can do is take away the refund check. people who are not buying insurance are not likely to overpay on the taxes, so how do
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you enforce something if you don't have the means to enforce it. and that leads to the key question, if you don't have enough young people, young healthy people signing up, the system falls apart because you don't have enough money for the sick people. and we have a quote of one expert in health care i now think there is little hope we'll get enough younger healthy people to sign up and that means the law is in grave danger of financial collapse. the irs will be forced to enforce something they can't and don't have the tools to enforce. >> they can only get refund on collection if you are dow a refund on the taxes. >> that's the only way to enforce this thing. there is no stick for theires and they are used to using sticks and not carrots. >> thank you, david. >> alisyn.
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>> the administration looking to doctors for the help with implementation of obama care. physician's groups are wrapping up a meeting and discussing efforts to help americans enroll through health care.goff. the president himself is in hollywood for a fundraiser. >> we want to know about her doctor. >> are you able to cope your doctor? >> send me a tweet. and to me in alisyn camerota. >> notice william hemmen. >> you can't keep this guy. i like him. he's a good guy. he gives me free stuff. that it should be a good thing. >> after all of the years of sacrifice, the american lives lost in afghanistan and that country's president could hold a critical security pact and what that could mean for our future there? >> and the obama administration
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taking first steps of slowing iran's nuclear program. and there are new concerns. >> and a boasting a enreport of young people in america. will that work? . [ susan ] though he had never left.
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so months of negotiations over our future in afghanistan may be about to go down the drain thanks to the last-minute demands by afghan president karzi. the situation is so dire u.s. officials are threatening to pull all u.s. troops in the new year. our national security corspopdant with more on this now. jennifer? >> reporter: last month secretary of state john kerry flew to kabul and a noupsed he and karzi he and the afghan president had a security deal.
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the elders who came to kabul and simply a rubber stamp. now hammid karzi snubbed not only the elders, but also national security advisor susap rice who was in kabul to meet with him. he appears to have changed the goal post on her and frustrating american officials. ambassador rice was annoyed and without a prompt signature the u.s. will have no choice but to plan for a future in which there would be no u.s. ornato troop in afghanistan and a veiled threat that their leader is jeopardizing the u.s. troops and lose eight billiop in u.s. aid money to prop up the afghan security forces and help prevent the taliban from taking the country. karzi is worried about his legacy and wants to extract a few more concessions from the
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u.s. >> we will fix the agreement and also continue our negotiations on it with america. >> the u.s. does not think that the deal needs to be fixed. karzi threw out a few new demappeds that would have impacted the u.s. troops. he wants the u.s. to release taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay andus troops not to enter the homes in pursuit of terrorist. he may get that wish if they do a complete withdrawal. >> thank you, jennifer. >> what does it mean for our role in afghanistan going forward. we are joined by retired army general jack king. thank you for being here. you heard jennifer griffins report. what are the ramifications for us and afghanistan if we have to pull all of our troops out by 2014? >> it would be a strategic
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blunder as it was in iraq and inval dates all of the sacrifices we have made. frankly karzi has driven us nuts for years. he is a material paranoid leader that is trying to maintain relevance and he's gone in six or sen months. we should focus beyond him. don't make it about karzi and his personality. don't get impulsive and don't react emotionally and be disciplined and stay focused on the long- term relationship. >> don't we have to access to what he suggest. the council doesn't like what karzi has done. but don't we need his permission to stay? >> we don't have to bow down to what he is proposing. he wants to delay this until the
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election time frame. we could deal with a new president. the council of elders support our position and represent the people. they are larger than parliment. there is a few this happened of them. and clearly the afghan people want a long- term and strategic relationship in the united states. >> i want to on to the other international news that we are grappling with and that is iran and the nuclear deal. many experts say it does not neutralizee ran's nuclear ambition? >> i don't think that iran changed directives to dominate the region and nor the last 20 years to acquire a nuclear weapon. those two issues are clearly on the table for the iranians. what they get out of this is a protection of their nuclear
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weapon's development program. center fudges say and the major components of the program stay and 20 percent of the enriched uranium can be traps ferred. they are shrewd and know that the united states is vulnerable with the deal. this thing will come out on their side in terms of getting concessions for this. and also in my view, while all of the diplomatic effort is going on and a long- term diplomatic effort. it neutralizes israel and they don't do a strike under the veil of deployimacy. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and major developments on obama care. the high court agrees to referee a ground breaking dispute over
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a contraception man date. >> and something out of a hollywood thriller. a big- time producer led a double life as a spy. >> and the marine that saved a woman's life at a stadium. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. he produced hollywood blockbuster pretty woman and flight club and now revealing a double life as a spy. william has more in our west coast room. >> reporter: bill he looked like a character of his own films. and he was a film producer and arms dealer who spieded on the u.s. from eseral. and not only funneling gups but
10:26 am
putting technology to israel and was a spoi for the bureau of scientific relation in an agency after johnathon poward was convicted. in the documentary that aired on israel tv. mi lscion produced in hollywood and obtaining military secrets and supported apartheid in south africa now the 68 year old is worth 4 billion and apologizes for nothing. >>y should have said. (bleep). >> i did it for my country and i am proud of it. >> now mi lscion proused pretty woman and fight club. and worked with russell crow and robert deenero. he was rekreted by shammon perez in the 1960s.
10:27 am
and the sid no pollack. an american born jew, he had films like the way we were and out of africa and smoke mike clayton. he allegedly also spied for israel. >> he was in a ero'space and planes with license. >> and he had to decide what he's willing and what he is not. many things he said no. and many things he said yes. >> and now he was suspected of being a spy after one of the excutives was indicted in 1984 and only now he confirmed it and no word on whether or not the u.s. attempted to pursue anything against him or bring him back at his age. it is an interesting story. >> what a script he has now. >> and life imitating art.
10:28 am
as if thanksgiving travel was not stressful enough a massive winter storm expected to hit millions. >> and the troubles with obama care can turn democrats against the president? fair and balanced. nplus a world war ii veteran receives a final wish. the unbelievable story you have to see. >> we were going to come by and take pictures of the ship and we didn't think it would happen. n40 or 50 sailors there waiting to meet him and say high and say thank you.
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we'll keep a close eye on the whether radar. just in time for thanksgiving, millions could be affected. >> the supreme court taking up a case on whether companies have to pay contraceptive. for. os. >> and an auction, going for 900,000. they don't know the price tag. they have never fund this before. >> dinosaur skepton priceless. >> could are yours while the
10:33 am
getting is good. >> you know who is vulnerable. in the election. the democrats that are on record saying if you like your insurance plan you can cope it. there will be videos showing them saying if you like your plan you can cope. it they are trapped and don't know how to get out of it. >> a warning for democrats. and mark on with megyn. the new today line to fix >> there are new questions of whether democrats can break ranks. johnathon is a republican strategist and director for the american cross rods and marjorie is a former consult apt to obama campaign and ceo of clifton consulting. and you are the perfect guest. you were part of the obama and
10:34 am
consulted to the obama campaign. i am curious about strategy. what is going on in the strategy room of democrats for how they are going to tackle this if the epirollment numbers don't go up son. >> they are looking around who is holding the ball and play out. and that's why democrats are distancing themselves from the entire project. looking at it like football season. there is a lot of redskin shirts running around town when we had a good season but if not they disappear. the funniest thing i heard. jon stewart he said december 1st but not which one. >> well done. it is almost a new year. johnathon before you answer. two and half weeks ago, this is what the president said about the new dead loip that is two months late. roll this. >> i am confident that it will
10:35 am
be even better by november 30th and the marriagity of the people are going to be able to get on there and enroll and apply and get a good deal, a better deal when it comes to buying health insurance. >> the clock is running johnathon? >> that is a low bar. only 50,000 people used the website and they have millions needing to register. on the political side it is important to look back in 2010. and resulting in a lot of republican pick ups and 2012 not so much. people are not sure how the law is impacting them. and now the harm that this law is doing. the issue is exploding and the question when the pollsters. dow prefer a republican or democrat. that is swung ten ponents to the republicans. what is crazy about this, republicans never lead the congressional ballot and only time they have in the last 20 years was in 1994 when they
10:36 am
picked up 50 sets in the u.s. house and 2010 when they picked up societies in the house. they are starting to see how big of a disaster to be. >> is it time for the obama administration to come up with a plan rather than crossing their fingers. do they need to have a plan b? >> what i understand. they are working on those contingency plans and that may mean direct outreach. but as was just mentioned. the bar for congress is low and it is about the execution. there are so many unknowns and when i look at execution, biggest challenges is yes, the website, but it is in the communication of what the plan really means. people talk the premiums are going up. but we don't know what it is going to look like until we have enrollment. and there is misconception and misunderstanding. >> that's a great point and sign
10:37 am
ups are not enrollies. enrollees pay money and they count. johnathon back on your political point about democrats. do you believe it is not just the conservative democrats that are red in the face but liberal democrats, where? >> even congressman bruce braly in iowa is talking about holding hearings and colorado, they are complaining about the law. the question is whether or not it is a complaint or they come around on delaying the bill. kathleen sebelius said the website would run by november 30th. will demchemes call for her resignation if it doesn't run? >> what do the democrats need to do as a public revolt to save their own skin for the next election? >> they are all trying to play it safe. they started to distance
10:38 am
themselves from the entire affordable care act. and so again, it is what plays in certain districts. looking at immigration reform. republicans distance themselves when it comes to anti- immigration policy. they will brace themselves and prepare for the worst. >> we'll so what you are doing on subpoena. >> thank you, marjorie and johnathon. >> thank you. >> and now to an amazing story that went viral b in may. a pearl harbor survivors had a dying wishful filled in dra matec fashion. >> bud cloud had one request. >> it was his doing request. >> to so the navy and ship with the same name as the one he
10:39 am
served on in parlharbor. >> it was one of the few ships that got out. >> his beloved friends organized the day. she told him in the hospital. >> bud yells. i want discharge and be on hosspice and i am going to see the navy before i do i. >> they a ratified in naval base in san diego. >> we thought we would come by and take pictures of the ship and drive on by. we didn't think it was going to happen. >> 40 or 50 sailors waiting to meet him and just to say i and they carried him up all of the steps in his whole chair and honored him with hats and metals and captain gave him a special metal and they within up to him by one by one and. he started to croi the entire
10:40 am
time he was on the ship. >> it was a great thing not only for myself and the crew. >> they did something special for bud. it is called blow a pipe and the person of honor walks cross the bow or ramp and they did that for bud. >> he was on hospice at the time and he said i can do i happy now. bud cloud died tlaep days later at piece and feeling whole. >> they fulfilled something he needed and i hope he fulfilled something for them. >> those who were there said they will never be the same. >> i bet and good for him and them, to. >> it was so beautiful it was a dying wish. and that was erica from the station from the report.
10:41 am
>> thank you. >> and still a powerful storm. it is a big one. millions of travellers hitting the road for thanksgiving. we hear of tornados in the south and we'll give you updates for that and tell you what is going on there. >> health care for the holidays. >> and the young americans to make obama care part of the dinner table discussion. what would brian kilmede say approximate that. he was talking about that a short time ago. >> cran dht berries and dressing. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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we have gretchen carlsson coming up. and the adof obama care. the bank of mom and dad may be closed and now the government helping you pay for health care? and stunning details from gitmo. turns terrorist agents in double
10:45 am
agents. and president lincoln's first thanksgiving day proclamation. you want to know how many times lincoln referenced god? lots. go to my facebook page and comment and we'll so you in the top of the hour. >> what did you want to talk to me about in >> we love you no matter what and it is time to get covered. that's it, health insurance. i know. i will do it but i just thought, never mind. you know, i am not known for my acting ability. >> i think i could hang an emmy on that one. and memos to talking point ands obama administration making a push and a dinner conversation. and a a rp urged mothers to send an ecard to their kids like
10:46 am
this. reward for signing up for health care insurance i will defend you from bock bock. >> get health insurance and i will admit you are my favorite child. >> brian kilmede dht e author of george washington secret six. >> and convince me. >> you are our favorite child. >> thank you very much. >> and dossy is on the rod or train. >> it is off throw hours on thero and what are people saying about the now push to get young people defined 18- 35 year olds to sign up? >> you want to get the line silent bring up iowa ran. i think america is signing up and given up on the middle east. you talk about obama care and the fluidity and the roll out and how much cancellations we are getting. and they are amazed on this and
10:47 am
they are right on this. your moms have leverage. i don't care what family moms have leverage and they can guilt you in to doing things. you get to moms and the a a rp is trying to do. that i think the skit is comical and the posters are bad. but they are right by going through moms. >> there is no doubt that obama care will be a topic. but what are people going to say and what are they saying already? millions of people have their policys cancelled? >> you are kidding me. and no determination. and you will not be in the united care network. >> and you want to cope your doctor? >> and they asked for your pams. >> and so the point is if you like your doctor you don't
10:48 am
necessarily cope your doctor and those are the conversations that we'll be having. >> tom broka w brought it up. not only the doctors but the hospitals. it is not the other guy but you. and it is not those horrible people with individual plans. but 15 million that work for corporations to give them health care and go to the site. i will suck up the fine and let my people go do something else. >> that is chilling numbers. if that employer based health care starts dropping people that's when the whole comes off of the bus. >> if you guys invited me over for thanksgiving. >> you and i get much better. but they are not going to talk about if president obama is doing a great job. it is my plan and your plan. and get back to who is responsible. if they are happy it is a joyous
10:49 am
occasion. but really how did that conversation go? i read the book and i like it. and that is fantastic and you didn't buy it. you read the cover. >> and i just remember and i read the cover and it looks great. tell us more. >> it is first buy anywhere. and it formed the country and it is it a small story that only brian kilmedee cares about. it is an american story and you probably don't win revoluntary war without it. and washingtono own words and he cites the great work they are doing and what they did and that put me over the top. i thought to myself. i have too much money and let's throw a bock party. is it true you came to the book party? >> yes, we did and there is evidence of it. it was a great book party.
10:50 am
>> thank you very much. we put it together close to two years and i have reseefrped it ten years and which is why i don't take your calls. >> i think it is great you got the idea ten years ago. >> it is one of those things that you take of these things americans love american stories. >> and that is why your book is climbing the charts. >> thank you very much. >> at one point you will read it and you will be over the moon. >> thank you very much for reading it. >> thank you for having it on. >> all right meanwhile back to one of our top stories. ow powerful storm system heading east causing headaches for millions of people. >> plenty of travelers worried about making it home for the holidays. that is minutes away. >> i've been delayed for like
10:51 am
three hours. >> i came for a flight in the morning at 6:00 am to dallas and it was delayed because of the weather. which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 towa her balance each quarter for making more than her minimumayment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has toalance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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we are tracking that deadly storm system that slammed texas and oklahoma and it is now causing big problems just in time for the holiday russh affecting millions of people along the east coast. fox's casey siegal is at the airport in dallas. >> reporter: we like to spread the wealth a little bit. dallas was in the same boat here yesterday. 1,000 cancellations yesterday and sunday.
10:55 am
but looking at the boards now things appear to be catching up running back on time. ahead of this headache with mother nature. aaa was predicting a decline in the number of folks that were traveling out. 44 million americans were traveling out and 43 million will be traveling out. air snfare is up and you mix th in with the current uncertainty. >> the government shutdown weighed on people's minds but about the decisions that have been deferred to january. americans have been aware of that and it has negatively impacts their travel plans. >> rental cars are cheaper and the operatiprice for a gallon i.
10:56 am
time for a road trip. it wouldn't be the holidays without getting in the car and getting along with your siblings and driving your parents crazy. don't make me turn this car around because i will if you keep that up. >> thank you for the update. >> are we there yet? >> it is not even taurkey day bt some folks are in the holiday. >> thousands of lights. for the record. they are trying to beat. can they do it this year? ♪ [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh what a relief it is! store and essentially they
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just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the only bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. for one week only, queen mattresses start at just $599.99. and save 50% on our limited edition innovation series beds. plus special financing. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> you know the old saying, one goes out they all go out, bill, well an australian family better hope that doesn't happen.
11:00 am
a million lights, the homeowner is trying to reclaim this winning title. he needs a half milion plus one. >> after thanksgiving we will try to put some mojo into the tree right here but right now he is down. the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> hi everyone. mass big headaches for travelers heading home for the holidays. welcome. nasty and deadly storm system heading for the east coast. some of the country's biggest airports spreading all across the country. conditions expects to get worse by tomorrow. we have rick in the weather center rate here in the studio tracking the storm.


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