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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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evening. as always, thank you for being with us. start your day each weekday morning with fox and friends. see you tomorrow night. at 10:00 p.m. eastern. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> so even as we're getting this darn web site up to speed and it's getting better, states like california are proving the law works. >> but most americans are not happy with the affordable healthcare law. and the reason is money. tonight, we will show you what obamacare will really cost. >> a tiny ship called the mayflower is being boarded by 102 people. some the voyagers are people who we call pilgrims. >> john stossel says the pilgrims might have starved to death if they didn't wise up. stossel will be here to change your thanksgiving.
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>> also tonight another embarrassment of the colorado. has the administration on the defensive. crowley and colmes will break it down. >> you cannot be serious! >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the real cost of obamacare. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, president obama has said in the past that the affordable healthcare law will eventually make healthcare less expensive in america. it might happen. probably not. according to an op. ed today in the "wall street journal," spending on healthcare will reach almost $3 trillion this year alone: that's more than 25% above
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what was spent in 2007. in fact the center for medicare and medicaid estimate healthcare spending will rise to a trillion dollars a year in this country in 20022. so, again, this is the affordable healthcare law, is it not? not me, not profitable business people. my medicare payroll tax up big time. there is now a 3.8% tax hike on investment income for american households taking in $250,000 or more a year. there are also new taxes on medical equipment, medical insurance companies, charitable hospitals and drug companies. all of those taxes will be passed back to we the people in the form of higher fees. truth is that no one, no one accept those receiving free or subsidized healthcare from the government will pay less for health insurance. no one.
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that's because the feds are spending close to. 16 states that run their owen healthcare exchanges will receive more than $4 billion in federal grants. taxpayers footing the entire bill. as far as business is concerned, 28% of all business in america say they will drop healthcare coverage for employees by 2015. almost a third. in addition, the survey by und 60% of businessommerce people believe obamacare is gonna hurt their bottom line. and one more. the american enterprise institute think tank 80 million americans who currently have employer health plans could find their coverage cancelled under obamacare. 80 million. sorry about all the stats. you have got to know this stuff. the affordable healthcare law will change your life and my life.
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unless you are a millionaire, who can afford to pay all health bills out of pocket, you are going to get hosed. for most americans, obamacare will make life far more complicated and drive up healthcare premiums. that's the truth. there is no getting around it more money out of your pocket. fewer doctors available. and businesses cutting back on benefits and hiring. those are the consequences of obamacare. and if anyone, anyone tells you differently, they are not telling you the truth. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction from two democrats who support obamacare. joining us from boston marianne march and fox news contributor. leslie marshall. where am i going wrong here, leslie? >> well, i know you are going to call me a liar out of the box after that last line in the talking points memo. >> i'm not going to call you a liar. but i want you to be very careful in refuting what i have said. >> i don't refute everything that you said, bill, necessarily.
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but we have to look at the whole picture. the whole picture is that hindsight is 20/20. if we go forward to 2019, the joint tax committee of congress has said that over $400 billion will be brought into the country. if we look at taxation, no question they are there are going to be higher taxes for some. but, overall the middle class will not have the burden. lower income people will have access to healthcare and the individual employer mandate are choices, bill. >> leslie, with all due respect what happened what happens in 2019 is unknown. >> your husband is a doctor says not. >> no. >> i thought your husband is a doctor. >> yes is he an orthopedic surgeon. >> so your husband is an orthopedic surgeon. is he happy with this obamacare? >> um. >>um he is? >> oh, god you have to do this to me. huge fight in the car the other night. you would love him the other night, bill. >> i don't want. >> their bottom line is going to reduce.
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>> i'm not getting in the car with you and your husband. i am assuming is he not happy with it. let's get to marianne. >> look at the bottom line to doctors. >> marianne, you are a fanatic. you are devoted. you are a true believer. you have always been. when you and i attended harvard, you were just fervently a democratic person. and you have made enormous amount of money being that. and i respect that i mean -- >> -- i'm consistent if nothing else. >> okay. but you are a true believer. you are not a phoney. i would not have you on the program. i have laid out the truth here, have i not? >> you have laid out some of the truth and many facts. and the fact is healthcare costs have been rising for decades and to blame obamacare for continued cost increases would be to ignore the facts. >> there is going to be more now. the healthcare costs and to be fair, i want everybody to understand, this i'm adding in the increased taxation to the healthcare burden on americans. so not only are they going to have to pay more for their individual healthcare or wherever they decide to
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go but they have to pay more tax on top of it to subsidize the 30 million that don't have healthcare is free to subsidize healthcare. that's what it is all about, marianne, it's redistribution. i think president obama should be upfront about that and be honest and say you know, o'reilly, is he kay that to me, personally. o'reilly, you make too much money. i'm going to take it from you. i'm going to give it to these people in skid row. i'm going to give it to these people who are addicted to heroin, who are alcoholics, and spending all their money getting high. don't have enough money to buy health insurance. i'm going to take your money and give it to them. why doesn't he being be honest about it marianne. >> he is being honest. what is honest is people who haven't been able to have healthcare because insurers won't because they have preexisting conditions or can't afford it are going to have it now. everybody is going to share the risk and cost. that's going to help lower cost. but firsts cost increases are going it slow and we have already seen that.
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they kick in now. all of these new taxes are kicking in now and 14. one more question to you marianne we will get back to the car and leslie's husband. >> you basically telling americans this is what the president is telling the democratic party and you who enable the democratic party. you are telling americans look, we are going to force to you do the right thing. we are going to take from you in the form of higher premiums and taxes. we take from you because, you know, you have to do the right thing. isn't that what this is all about, marianne? the competition and free market got us into this mess. >> there was no competition. they wouldn't let people sell across state lines and you know that. >> no, when you look at -- first, is getting everybody in the pool. second is cost containment. the fact is you and i can buy the drugstore cost pennies, any hospital, 10, 15, $25. 100 hospitals, 100 different
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prices next step. doing the same thing is not an option here isn't doing nothing is not an option. >>. no i have always said that you can have a targeted reform of health insurance in this country done in the private sector. leslie, i don't know what to say to you i'm going to give you 20 seconds to say whatever you want to say? >> thank you for my 20 seconds. the taxation on the tanning booth is a good thick. george hamilton will have to pay more to try to get skin cancer. the bottom line the man at a time taxation for individuals and employers is a choice. if they have healthcare or provide healthcare, they won't be taxed. >> thank god i don't go to the tanning booth. i can't afford to pay any more taxes. do it naturally. ladies, next on the rundown, cnn poll says americans are surging in america. new video out of the university of colorado which university of colorado which sem bare hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies.
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in the impact segment tonight. new poll from cnn says the republican party is surging. poll asks respond dents to choose between the democrat or republican in their congressional district without identifying any candidates. it's just general narks. 49% picked a republican. 47 a democrat. one month ago, democrats won that poll 50% to 42%. karl rove predicted this might happen. this poll doesn't mean much a year out from the midterm elections, does it? >> it means something. first of all, you are right about the movement. let's take the real clear politics average. as of today the real clear politics average is 43 republican, 42 democrat. one month ago it was 40% republican. 47% democrat. it's not just a cnn poll. the decline in democrat support and growth in republican support is seen in an average of all the polls on the generic ballot.
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take a look at 2010. a year at the democrats led 47% to 42% by election day of 2010, it was 52% to 45%, 7 point advantage for the republicans. at this point, one year out from the election, the republicans were down 5 today they are up one and the average you know, we don't know what's going to happen a year from now. i do think that unlike your two previous guests that the affordable care act, obamacare is going to continue to be bad news for the democrats who are out next year. the economy is not particularly good. the president's ratings are low. all of these things combined to point towards a lower number for the democrats and a higher number for the republicans next year. remember, it's really bad for the democrats because these are are national averages. and the democrats have seven seats up in the senate that are in states won by mitt romney, 10 of them that he won by -- excuse me, six of them that he won by 10 points or more. and the national numbers are likely to be much better for
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the democrats than they are in the seven battleground states very good for republicans and very very bad for democrats. >> it's conceivable the republicans could win back the congress. now, you say that obamacare is going to get worse. right? >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> that's your wish. you want that to happen? >> no, no, no. that's not my wish. this is a problem. this bill has fundamental flews that are going to continue to unroll. i don't want the american people to have to go through what they are going to have to go through. we have just seen the tip of the iceberg on cancellations. remember, there are a lot of policy enforce that have expiration dates next year. those policies, people gettings in the next year they are losing their coverage. people signing upping for cownged under the exchanges. many of them even if they get subsidies are going to have higher out-of-pocket costs right now and most all of them are going to find they don't have access to existing network. they have got to find a different doctor and 1/2
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gate a different. >> i presented a tsunami of facts to marianne and to leslie. and they didn't dispute the fact that i presented. all right? because they are pretty much in stone. you can't really deny them. what we picked out to present to the audience tonight was verifiable. but, the mantra from the left is, it's going to get better. and by 2019 or 17 or 16 or some time, that all the competition in the exchanges will drive the price of health insurance down. so if you just be patient, the whole thing is going to go in the humane way 30 million new uninsured and your premium also go down. now, do you dispute that? >> yeah, absolutely. because, look, there is not more competition, there is less competition. all insurance products are being made to lookalike if they are inside the affordable care act. and, as a result. you know, the only difference is going to be
8:17 pm
the price that is able -- the price differences that insurance companies are going to be able to squeeze out by efficiencies this their back room. for example, new hampshire, there is one provider. there is less competition it. that's the whole purpose of the affordable care act. >> person go into new hampshire if they wanted to to compete with the provider up there. >> yeah, but it's uneconomical. if you aren't already there and dominating that market, there is not much sense in you going in it that's the purpose of the affordable care act. they think it's messy to have so many different insurance choices. so many different plans available to you to have doctors competing against other doctors and hospitals competing against hospitals. have the government set the prices. have the government set the reimbursements. make all insurance products lookalike. minimize the differences between insurance companies and insurance products and people will be better off. and, look, they aren't going to be. and not only that but we he have known it since the beginning. >> how sure are you in the next 12 months that
8:18 pm
obamacare is going to creator get worse. how sure are you? 9 a to 100%. >> what do you think? do you think it's going to be hunky-dory in a year? that marianne march and barack obama are right? >> do you want me to answer because i have got to go. 7 a% chance that the republicans sweep next november. 75%. there is a 25% chance that the thing will turn around and it will be enough benefit that it takes the edge off. but i would say it's 75%, 25%. that's my call right now. happy thanksgiving, mr. rove. >> same to you on that wonderful note happy thanksgiving to you. stossel saying the pilgrims would have starved to death if they had not become capitalists. and later, charles krauthammer on immigration. iran and the president's trustworthiness. we are coming right back.
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stossel matter segment tonight, thanksgiving, this holiday defined by the pilgrims in ho landed in the massachusetts fleeing british tyranny. we have been taught that the british and the native americans formed alines and everybody had a great time. john stossel has a slightly different take on thanksgiving and here it is. you are not going to ruin the holiday for everybody, are you? >> no, let's be thankful to private property which made it possible. the pill grimtion almost starved. >> explain. >> the idea was that the colony would be a come moon and come moon. they could go out in the fields and everybody would say jeez, everybody else is working i don't. feel so good today, i will
8:23 pm
call in sick, i will get just as much stuff and they didn't grow enough food. >> they didn't grow enough food. >> so they would have starved. >> same thing happens in america with public parks. >> not so fast. so they are in trouble with this commune philosophy they brought from england, correct? >> the indians show up and help them and save them. >> they save them. they still nearly starve. >> gave them enough food indians private property over the stream. they had worked out systems of private property. and eventually governor william bradford came in and said boy, they are starving so we are going to do a new thing. we are going to set corn for every man to his own particular he assigned every family a parcel of land. once they owned their own parcel. >> they started growing their own stuff. >> they worked harder and we could have thanksgiving. >> the pilgrims finally
8:24 pm
wised up and became capitalists. enter your special on thanksgiving night called the tragedy of the common. what what does that mean? >> it it was the common that caused the starvation have. a common planned land, all the sheep hearders bring their sheep in until there is no grass left. same way with overfishing the ocean. sounds nice, we are sharing. >> but it doesn't work. here is a clip from stossel's show. >> when i asked, what's better, public or private? >> most people said. >> well, i would say public. >> if it was private, they were probably charge you a fee for looking. >> i would say public. >> sharing is not necessarily caring. sharing can mean neglect but then why is this park so nice. >> this is actually a privately managed park. >> really? i did notice last week when i was here they do have awesome toilets. >> yes even the toilets are are better. >> that's brian park in midtown, manhattan it used to be a pit when the city ran it and now it's nice because they are making
8:25 pm
money from it. they have got little restaurants and all kinds of stuff, right? >> those people have a stake in keeping it nice. >> so did you hear when i said to leslie marshall and marianne march ha what this obamacare thing is all about is taking from us to -- for the common good for 30 million who don't have insurance. i submit most of those people there is a reason. am i mean guy here or am i right? >> maybe you are mean. i don't know if it's most. but clearly some will free load when you say we'll take care of you. >> right. all right. >> that's a bad incentive. >> but don't we have an obligation to take care of their children, the free loader's children? see that's where it always gets me. >> yeah. because it's not the children's fault. >> it's not their fault. >> but we have programs. we have medicaid. we have all kinds of programs in america. if we didn't have keep them small let private charity
8:26 pm
run them better. >> john stossel, the tragedy of the common on thanksgiving eve. thanks for coming. in plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. another embarrassment for the university of colorado. wild party caught on tape. is this anything different than other universities? later charles krauthammer on president obama's declining leadership. also, the new leading proposal. what does charles think about that? about that? we hope you stay check it out. i can't believe your mom has a mom cave! today i have new campbell's chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. [ engine revs ] ♪
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factor follow up
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acceptingment tonight. we have been reporting on the state of colorado. marijuana, jessica's law to protect the kids. considered libertine place by some. nowhere is that more apparent than the university of colorado. five minute video showing students going kind of wild at a campus party. has attracted hundreds of thousands of views. the video was created by a tech group called blend, trying to promote an app. targeted at college kids. now, the university of colorado says it doesn't endorse the video or the party and there are a number of things in play. here now to analyze monica crowley and alan colmes. do you consider the video embarrassment for the university. >> sure it's embarrassment. at my school another tuesday. >> what school was that. >> i went to ithaca college upstate new york. >> university of moscow. >> no. this is number three party school according to playboy. number one is wisconsin. a punch of republicans in office there number two is west virginia. not exactly a liberal strong hold. you want to blame the
8:31 pm
liberals for this? >> so you though, alan colmes, think it is an embarrassment for the university of colorado which purports to be, you know, a very, costs a lot of money out of state tuition. you know, pretty high. >> i'm not sure that represents the entire school. >> no. look, what it represents is, you don't see -- what it represents is a philosophy, i believe. what do you say? >> well, i know it's been a while since you have been in college, bill o'reilly. >> i think i'm being made fun of. >> a little bit. a little bit. >> this is going on in every -- pretty much every college and university in all 50 states. this is. >> getting drunk and smoking pot. things like that? >> they drink they do drug, they hook up. >> every college has a recruiting video like this. >> this is probably a big advertisement for the university of colorado because it is a huge party school. they saying look how much fun we are having. i'm not endorsing the bad behavior. i'm saying to act shocked.
8:32 pm
>> i don't think they are shocked. why it's happening. >> so if monica -- dr. monica crowley everyone, a ph.d., if you were after pointed chancellor of boulder, of the school, all right? would you take any action against the people who trafficked in this? >> look, if you have got kids -- >> -- yes or no? >> yes, i would, to the extent that if they are on tape doing illegal drugs. >> illegalize -- pot is legal. i think it's 21 now, right? >> i know. i think what's going on at the state level in colorado is only very loosely related to that video. this is what college kids do. not every college kid does it this is what is going on on campuses. colorado in general does have this problem. do you have this leftist governance. failure to pass jessica's law. legalization of marijuana. that creates a statewide environment where anything goes. >> that was passed by a -- learn dumb. it wasn't the government that did it the people of colorado decided they wanted to be legal. which is a saner policy than having drugs illegal. prohibition doesn't work.
8:33 pm
>> we are going to present a story on monday night that shows the washington state legalization of marijuana has led to a big spike in duis. so you want to be a little careful about that all right. so getting back to colorado. both you and your brother-in-law -- not your -- yes, that's right. >> yes. >> you and your brother-in-law agree that we probably shouldn't even have done this story because it happens everywhere. >> what were you thinking o'reilly. >> greater implication. >> kids drink and do pot you are shocked. >> the word shockside not in my lexicon, believe me. i have seen everything. all right? and i don't make any judgments. if it were my daughter in this, i wouldn't be happy. i will tell you right now. i wouldn't be happy. >> every school could probably make a video. >> every school probably okay there is always a zoo crew. there is always people who do. this i'm not going to get involved with that. all right? but if i'm the chancellor as ms. monica i appointed her of the school. i'm going to send a pretty strong message that this is not what we want to define
8:34 pm
our campus. that's. >> i agree with you. it's a little difficult for chancellor, deans, anybody to try to control this thing. if it's going on on campus they can crack down it? >> was on campus. >> they can try to crack down on it very tough to control kids 18 to 22. >> um-huh. >> we all know that. >> do you think i could do it. >> i think bill o'reilly could do it. >> dean o'reilly. >> believe me. >> chancellor o'reilly. >> remember animal house dean wormer. you are looking at a smart version of him right here. okay. cawley and colmes, everybody. when we come right back, is it legal? on a big victory for the anti-obama forces. the supreme court will hear a contraception case about obamacare. then krauthammer on the president's leadership abilities coming right up. you're givi away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream.
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and for one week only, save 50% on oulimited edition innovation series beds. the ultimate sleep number week. only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep mber. comfort indivialized. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in is it legal topic. supreme court hearing a case about birth control and obamacare. with us now stacy snyder, trial attorney in for lis wiehl tonight and co-host of the five kimberly guilfoyle. tell me about this it's the hobby lobby, right? >> hobby lobby. >> it's a company in oklahoma. >> it is arts and crafts. >> what do they object to about obamacare. >> okay. so they have always held themselves out to be a christian company. they are closed on sundays.
8:39 pm
they have a large number -- 500 employees. they say listen, we are going to give you 60 out of 20 forms of birth control on obama care. we specifically object to emergency contraception known as plan b and e morning after pill. >> they object to that, basically. they will give you 16 out of 20. >> i think there was another device they objected to. >> basically morning after pills. anything that terminates a pregnancy early. that's not unreasonable when you think about it the question is will the court. >> not all birth control it's targeted things. >> correct. another company, a company that similarly situated. >> isn't the catholic church involved in this stacy in some way? >> well, they are supporting these company's right to say we're not just a company, we are a person. >> individual. >> we should be extended person hood the same way a person should be able to express religious views should so should we. relying on this 1993 freedom
8:40 pm
rets tore ration act says the government should not substantially burden a person's right to exercise their religion. the big question here isn't why everyone is involved here. >> is the company made up of persons? >> when it's a legal entity and not a human. >> that's in play now and we will get a ruling in june, right? >> we will get a ruling in unzoo. they have joined these two. my prediction is they will uphold the 10th circuit of appeals which found that the company should be treated as such and exercise religious freedom. >> exempted from obamacare. >> yeah. >> the tea party has alleged that the irs didn't give them tax exempt status because of political reasons. now we find out that there is the investigation is bogus, right? >> right. what's happening now is 41 conservative tax exempt groups are now suing the irs because of this scrutiny that they were put under. so, they are claiming that the federal government promised investigation. no one. >> president obama promised it. >> correct. >> we'll get to the bottom of it. >> right. no one has come to interview
8:41 pm
them. >> after is he out of office. >> no justice department or agents have come. >> nobody showed up. >> no one has come. >> have we confirmed that. >> yes, absolutely. >> we vncht we spoke with them. jay sekulow said not one of his 41 clients have been contacted. >> group representing all of these 41 conservatives and they have sued the federal government and president obama we heard him say he is going to get to the bottom of it after six months, not one justice department agent has interviewed any of these people? >>. no they were all over them about their forms and denying their tax exempt status. guess when they're getting into it later? after he is out of office. >> it's going to be a lengthy drawn out investigation by the plaintiff's attorneys because they have discovery rights and they can pursue the investigation. >> there is no investigation at this point. >> going to take years. >> there is no investigation. >> there is i -- >> -- nobody has been assigned ask the tea party people what happened. >> doesn't -- >> this is what i said yesterday about the immigration and the bored when they keep saying oh we are going to secure the border. >> you are not going to do it. >> i hate to be cynical.
8:42 pm
i leave that do guilfoyle who is very good at it. >> i'm cynical. >> there is he this knockout business and everybody now knows about it fox news made this a cause celeb where young black males go up and punch people and get it on videotape. and then they put the videotapen othe net. this is a horrific case in new york where a jewish man and pick it up from there. >> well, first of all, there is is a 28-year-old. you are looking at him right here. >> he was arrested, right? >> 28 years old for assaulting an orthodox just in brooklyn as part of this knockout game. one of the group of individuals. he was the one arrested. it's a misdemeanor assault charges. he is out on bail. they didn't charge a hate crime. keep in mind the police originally said that he would be charged with a hate crime. the prosecutor said no, actually, he is not. >> why? >> because they don't find that it's sufficient grounds to rise to the level of a hate crime. >> who was attacked? >> that's the job? who was attacked. >> victim it 28-year-old
8:43 pm
pearl. >> ortho cox just. >> yes, orthodox just. >> attacked randomly? >> the point is not so randomly. the specific area of brooklyn, heavily -- >> --what i mean by randomly, stacy is, that the guy who is arrested and charged with the misdemeanor, just selected him? he didn't know him. >> right. >> he didn't grievance. he just selected him out because he looked jewish. i don't understand why there isn't a hate crime attached to it. >> to be charged with a hate crime under the new york penal code, there has to be specific intent to target a specific group, race, religion, sexual orientation, it goes on. so what happened here is the police looked at it and said we see that because of the victim, the alleged victim. but the prosecutor's office said, you know what? we don't see that specific evidence of intent that we need to pump in into a hate crime. >> how obvious does it have to be. >> you know how the system works though. i'm kind of sympathetic to
8:44 pm
the prosecutor in this case. you have to show system kind of proof. >> right. >> not just well, they are all orthodox jews. i believe it was a hate crime, you guys do. to prove it very tough. i have got to go. happy thanksgiving, ladies, we appreciate it krauthammer on deck. immigration and iran. charles is next. ♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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8:48 pm
>> that's why we are here. >> i need your help. [shouting] >> you guys don't need to go. let me finish. no, no, no. let -- he can stay there. >> joining us now from washington. fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. so, i mean, let's just put that aside it was good theater and we want to show the people that the president was interrupted. what do you think is going to happen in the immigration arena? it's not going to happen this year but next year they are going to have to deal with it what's going to go down? >> they are not going to pass it. there is no way they are going to pass it the only way to pass it is with very heavy presidential pressure. he has lost the touch. he has lost his influence second term president has got low ratings, is he not able to do something of this importance. and there is a lot of republicans who are peeling away because when you look at the comprehensive bill that passed the senate, the ebb forcement part is so weak. it's not worth the paper it's written on. >> all right.
8:49 pm
but they say that there is a lot of money to beef up the border. juan williams was saying that yesterday. and if -- where there is money, you could have a program that could stop the flood of immigrants into this country, could you not? >> this is the typical liberal thing. you throw money at a problem like education, when sat scores are crashing and you think you are going to solve it, we spent twice as much per capita on our students today as in 1970, sat scores are lower. the idea that you measure imputs, that's a classic liberal idea. how much did you put into it we don't care about inputs. what you care about is outputs. what you have got to have a committee of outsiders who have no interest in the one way or the other no ideological stake to be the ones who judge. has the river had illegal immigrants been reused to a trickle? if the answer is yes, i would say legalize. if the answer is no, not a chance. >> all right. but you don't believe the immigration bill is going to
8:50 pm
pass -- >> -- no. >> next year. all right. let's go to iran. yesterday on baier's show you said this is the new munich. what the doctor meant was neville chamber lynn the representative, made a deal with hitler, pretty much allowed hitler to continue his aggressive ways which eventually led to world war ii, but chamberlain thought he had a great deal, and krauthammer says this is the same thing with iran. isn't that overstating it a little bit? >> look, it's not going to cause world war ii, but it is going to give us a nuclear iran. and a nuclear iran, an apocalyptic regime, sworn to destroy the u.n., sworn to destroy the largest jewish community on earth is a danger. and it isn't only israel. the saudis are appeoplectic. their hair's on fire. they understand what the deal is. this guarantees -- it guarantees with western blessing that iran
8:51 pm
will be a threshold nuclear state which means perpetually two months away from achieving the critical mass of uranium. >> the president says in six months there's going to be a better deal, that it's going to be a harsher deal. >> okay. >> that they will have to give up their uranium, enriched uranium and things like that. >> look, bill, examine the logic of that statement. here we are at a point of maximum economic pressure on the regime. the real, the currency, has collapsed. rapid shortages, unrest in the streets. the only reason the mullahs have come to negotiate is because they fear for the survival of the regime. so at the point of maximum pressure, you're not able to get them to abolish the program, to eliminate the centrifuges, to actually take away the nuclear infrastructure, you're telling me that in six months, after you've relaxed the sanctions, after you've taken the pressure off, after you've removed the
8:52 pm
one incentive of the regime to negotiate, you're going to get the better deal? that makes no sense whatsoever. >> so if it doesn't, then that's another embarrassment for president obama going into the midterm elections. so not only obama care, but if the iran thing proves him to be weak, that's just another deficit for the president. and that leads us into our third topic, honesty and trustworthiness. now, cnn has a new poll out. it says 46% do not believe that the president -- i'm sorry, is the president honest and trustworthy? 46% say yes. 53% say no. in february 2009, 74% said yes. so he has lost 30%, about 30%, in the trustworthiness thing. and that's on a skid still, right? >> of course, it's on the skids. obama made the fatal mistake of what you might call the first example in american history of
8:53 pm
death by punctuation. he said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period. he shouldn't have said "period." once you say period, that means no excuses, no caveats, no exceptions, no explanations. and, of course, it wasn't true. that is the clearest statement a president can make, and everybody understands it was false. and here's why it's particularly fatal with president-elect obama. obama is not a man who rode into power on experience, on his achievements, on his accomplishments. he rode in on rhetoric. he rode in on hope and change. all that depends on the people believing in you and trusting in you. you take away that, it disappears into the ether. >> because he doesn't have a lot of accomplishments. want me to plug your book real quick? >> yeah. >> thanksgiving present, all right. "things that matter," number one on the best-sellers on "the new york times," i'm two.
8:54 pm
weekly, i'm one and charles is two. i like that because we both win. good book. back with the tip of the day. some entertaining stuff you should know about. should know about. the tip moments away. upgrade to the philips norelco sensotouch 3d should know about. the tip moments away. for the most advanced shaving experience. with gyroflex 3d technology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $30.
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8:57 pm
immigration law enforcement. you know, i've heard this slogan many times, dave, but let's be honest. we don't have enough law enforcement people to round up and deport 12 million illegal aliens, nor do most americans want to do that. o'reilly, why is it your opinion that the president always has an ulterior motive? we elected him to make the country better. give him a chance. i believe i've been very fair to president obama. and after five years, he's had plenty of chances. but right now he's not succeeding, and it's my job to report that honestly. i have no problem with governor palin's statement comparing the national debt to slavery. proverbs says: the borrower is the slave of the lender. jason, laguna, beach, california. why do you give the mayor of toronto airtime? his situation has nothing to do with this country and its serious problems. you are contributing to the problems in america. you know, laguna beach is a great place, jason. you might want to take a watch on the beach, clear the head,
8:58 pm
you know. rick kirk, in "killing jesus" you refer to a sibling of jesus named james. i did explain in the book, but for those who haven't read it, families live together. families were poor, so communal living. and if you lived with other boys and girls, they were designated your brothers and sisters even if there was no blood tie continue. wes, memphis, tennessee, i'm an historian with christian faith recently waned, but after reading "killing jesus," my faith is back. history has a way of crystallizing things like that, wes, and thank you for reading the book. the tip of the day, some other books, laying on the beach last weekend, i read three books in three days. how about that? the first one, "the double" graphic novel, not for the fainthearted, but this guy can really write. he worked on "the wire." the last spencer novel by robert parker who died a couple years ago. i'm a big "spencer for hire"
8:59 pm
fan. loved that character and his pal, hawk. it was a fast read but not one of parker's best. finally a surprise, a new james bond novel called "solo." by william boyd. ever since he died, they've been flat, but this one was really good. i was turning those pages on the beach. "factor" tip of the day." please check out the website which is different from bill billo'reil billo' o'reill o' word of the day, do not be a zoilist. new word, brand-new word. don't be a zoilist. no mad as hell segment tomorrow, but if you are mad as hell, it's we will resume it next week. again, thanks for watching us tonight.
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miss megyn kelly up next. i am bill o'reilly, and please remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, president obama just wrapping up his west coast swing with a final stop at a top movie studio. and in front of a supportive crowd, the president got defensive on his health care law and dropped the notion that he was sorry about anything. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the speech billed as a talk on the economy, but against the backdrop of hollywood, president obama goes on the attack, saying the people want obama care and offering a warning to his critics. and full on blaming the gop for the nation's problems. listen here. >> we'd be a lot further along without some of the dysfunction and obstruction we've seen in washington. we wld


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