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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 27, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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grandkids, nieces and nephews. they all loved it. thanks to everyone who responded. >> thanks for responding. appreciate that. have a great day. >> if you're cooking tonight, a good thanksgiving eve. we'll see you tomorrow. >> absolutely. we're both working. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is wednesday, november 27. as america gears up to give thanks, wicked weather and how it can impact you. >> forget about saving his signature legislation, the president has better things to do like go to hollywood. why he's catching up with his celebrity pals and his health care hangs in the balance for millions. >> we're just jealous. bon jovi, taylor swift, prince william singing. what? ♪ ♪
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>> what brought the big three to the big mic? "fox & friends" will campaign. then we'll talk about other stuff because we start right now. >> this is scottie knox. you're watching "fox & friends." happy holidays. >> we're going to start this thanksgiving eve with an extreme weather alert. brand-new video out of buffalo, new york, of the big storm that is currently slamming the east coast packing rain, sleet and snow moving up the coast making for a mess for millions of people who are trying to get over the river and through the woods to somebody's house. >> we're live at the reagan national airport keeping an eye on flight delays. meanwhile maria molina is poised in the weather center tracking the storm. we begin with maria.
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>> good morning. we're tracking the storm system that at this hour is producing rain anywhere from the state of florida all the way up to the state of maine. the entire eastern coast is looking at impact with the storm system. yesterday we had reports of severe weather with a tornado confirmed across parts of the florida panhandle and a rortd tornado as well across parts of north carolina. wild weather with the storm system. today we're not thinking severe weather in the form of damaging wind gusts in excess of 58 miles per hour. today we're looking at wind gusts from the storm and heavy rain. you can see rain from florida all the way up to freezing rain. that is what is shaded in pink. between the area of snow and the area of rain. that's going to be coating those roadways. we're talking icing possible. be careful as you head out. you can see freezing rain across portions of new england. snow on the back end of this system where temperatures are holding
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up. we're expecting snowfall accumulations from 6 to 12 inches from western pennsylvania to upstate new york and parts of upstate ohio. eastern kentucky and the state of west virginia could be looking at significant snowfall accumulation as well. we'll keep an eye on that. wind gusts have already been picking up in the 40's across jfk. we're seeing them gusting to 30 and 40 miles an hour to parts of new england. because of that we could be seeing travel delays throughout the day today. rain and wind. how much rain? two to three inches along the i-95 corridor. locally four inches possible. watches in effect. back to you. >> it is a nor'easter? >> it is actually not a nor'easter. >> because the wind isn't coming out of the northeast. >> that is why. it is a big cold front. behind the storm get ready for it to be very cold for thanksgiving.
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>> just a rotten day. >> thank you for keeping an eye on that storm. we'll go live to reagan national airport in d.c. what's going on there with the latest? >> reporter: kind of quiet now but as time goes on you will see more people today. you can expect airports to be very crowded today as people try to get where they are going for thanksgiving. along the eastern seaboard you can expect ice, wind, rain or snow. this will have a ripple effect at airports across the country but especially in the northeast, from washington north all the way up to boston and newark and la guardia. so far 200 cancellations this morning. according to, 150. big crowds at the airport. allow plenty of time for security check points. here's a t.s.a. spokesperson. >> on an average day we expect 1.8 million people
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and today we expect 2.4 million, more than a half a million travelers. we have worked with the airlines and airports and are staffed appropriately at the airports to get the volume of people through. >> triple-a spokesman says 43 million people are going to be traveling this holiday weekend, 91% by car but the others will have to deal with the airports across the country as they fly wherever they're going. >> steve centanni at reagan national where they have loud music. by the way, the president of the united states was able to fly back to washington before the rotten weather here. he had been busy. he had been out in hollywood. he had three fund-raisers, 19 hours telling hollywood good job out there. >> started in seattle, san francisco and then over to los angeles. >> remember when he was too busy wanting to focus on the website getting it functioning, but apparently this trip was
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important to get into hollywood and give the message that he wanted everyone there who could eventually influence those watching the programs -- >> yeah. it was a big -- watch. >> i was talking to some of the studio executives and i said, look, the rollout of new health care marketplace was rough, and nobody was more frustrated about the problems with our website than i am. and yet here in southern california and here across this state, there are thousands of people every single day who are getting health care for the first time. for the first time because of this. and by the way, the website is continually working better, so check it out. >> better. >> yeah, check it out. good luck on that. >> it's amazing the message. the president two weeks ago had a chance when he said i
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apologize, i said things that didn't turn out to be true. we'll have to correct it. he did that fix with the insurance companies where he's going to ask them to reinstate policies, many of which didn't and it didn't work out. now he's got a different tone. he goes on the west coast and starts to raise money again. you've got to wonder about the timing because in between there there was news about our dealings with iran that caused shock waves in the middle east and around the world. yesterday he goes out of his way to again, one portion of one party fighting against obamacare, the same rhetoric on which he ran on. is this the time for that? is this the tone of a leader? >> he's desperate to change the topic. it's interesting when he was talking in hollywood yesterday, towards the end of his speech, according to "the l.a. times," he talked about some of my accomplishments? i bailed out the car industry, i wound down two wars and he said i fixed the broken health care system. i don't think he's exactly fixed it so far. in fact, with the website it was supposed to be all fixed by the end of this
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month. it's not going to be. no clear end in sight. one tech expert says that the people who have been put in charge, the private contractors who have been doing the work, are taking their time to make more money. here is a fellow by the name of luke chung who is in that industry. >> originally i thought that the people on this project were simply incompetent; right? it's like giving carpenters who are not qualified nails and dry wall and they are never going to finish the project no matter how much time or money you give them. however, over time i'm beginning to see that these government contractors who took over this project have essentially made every decision that favors them as much as possible to maximize the cost to taxpayers, to maximize their profits. >> great. >> the fix goes on and they continue to get paid and everyone can't log on to don't worry because white
3:09 am is working fine. you can log on, get a turkey, your favorite color. you can be gobbled up in this website. don't worry if you can't get health insurance and log on to, you can find a turkey you like. >> the question is who will america vote for? will it be carmel or will it be popcorn? they're both going to live. they'll both be pardoned later today but which will be the national turkey? the president is going to announce it later today. he's also going to announce the official pardon. >> i wouldn't be surprised if he pardons sebelius. >> when you're talking turkey, what's the biggest turkey? hello? >> if you talk about a runner-up, i wouldn't feel bad if you're the turkey that is not chosen. look at daughtery, he
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didn't win american idol but he went on. >> he'll be fine. every time a turkey goes in the oven you're talking pound per minute. heather, you know what i'm talking about. >> we're going to do the deep fryer. >> don't do it on a wooden deck. >> it could be a real mess. i've got headlines to bring you. good morning everyone. hope you're off to a great day. we're following a story that's been developing overnight. hundreds of people are being forced from their homes in the middle of the night because of a train derailment that spilled chemicals in ohio. this happened at a rail yard in willard, ohio. one of the cars was carrying a highly flammable and toxic liquid and there is concern that it could explode. we'll keep an eye on this story for you and we'll keep you posted. homes are being evacuated at this hour. another major story developing at this hour. a mother and step father under arrest, they're accused of keeping three teenage daughters locked in
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their room for two years. the girls telling police that they were fed only once a day and hadn't taken a shower in six months. >> the living conditions separately and told officers that they had not seen each other in almost two years and were kept separate within the bedrooms within that house. >> the girls are ages 12, 13 and 17. they were found after two of the girls managed to escape and run to a neighbor's house. we'll keep you posted on the story as well. o.j. simpson staying behind bars. a judge in las vegas rejecting his bid for a new trial. he had been asking for that one for awhile. he's currently serving a 33 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. this isn't the only simpson headline this morning. his manager claiming chloe kardashian may be o.j.'s biological daughter. her father defended simpson
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in the trial of nicole simpson and the family had been friends for years. this is a version of bon jovi's song "living on a prayer" you've never heard before. listen to this. ♪ ♪ [singing] ♪ living on ♪ a prayer >> prince william singing on stage with bon jovi and taylor swift, the three performing at a charity event in kensington. professionals singing with bon jovi, they didn't sound so great. i don't feel so bad when we sang with kenny rogers. >> anybody who puts themselves out there, hats off to them.
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>> 12 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up. >> the president issuing a call to close the u.s. embassy to the vatican. >> msnbc martin bashir still on air after an attack on sarah palin. but alec baldwin got canned. ♪ ♪
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the white house is hailing the iran nuclear pact as historic while israel is calling it an historic mistake. what happens now after our allies seem to be averse to this controversial
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agreement. joining us is the author of this book by promised land: the triumph and tragedy of israel. his personal view and history of that historic land. welcome and congratulations on the book. this morning iran calling out the white house for saying the nuclear deal that they are talking about is invalid. they rejected the white house version of the deal saying that secretary of state kerry is not telling the truth when he says that enriching uranium is now allowed and sank thunder by the world body -- sanctioned by the world body. what's going on here? >> it is important to remember the iranians are very dangerous, sophisticated thugs. they threaten world peace, they threaten western civilization. they threaten not only israel but they threaten america. you cannot trust them. if you want to deal with them in a very tough way, the way you deal with thugs. >> they froze their program
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for a couple of years. we kept them on the outside, kept sanctions going and they kept enriching. now at least we think it's frozen. what is your reaction? >> my concern is iranians are heading in the game. over the last few years they have achieved a technological victory. they're at a point they should have not gotten to. the great concern is not giving them a political victory. they are very sophisticated. one should never underestimate them. they are very sophisticated, dangerous players. they are very extreme but they hide their extremism behind soft words. one has to be cautious not to fall in that trap. what we see is an historic challenge, not a mistake and not a success. historic challenge. if their bluff will be called in the coming months, then we are okay. but if we will let them mislead us the way they misled the west, america, israel, the europeans, everybody, they misled everybody for years, w*er at a dangerous point because iran is a
3:19 am
civilization challenge. if iran goes nuclear, our world will be different. not only life in tel aviv will change, but life in nebraska, in chicago, in los angeles will change. we all have to unite in seeing the danger and dealing with it in a responsible, assertive manner. >> where do you rate this point in israel's life compared to all those tough times? >> one of the most dramatic times. we are facing a dramatic year for the entire west. let me say what i say in my book. israel is the most endangered nation on the face of the earth. it faces real existential threats. on the other hand, it is celebrating life. my book is about this amazing phenomena of an
3:20 am
endangered nation that is a very impressive life-loving nation. >> my promised land is the name of the book. ari, thanks for coming in. coming up straight ahead, a mom of three with a rare blood disease literally fighting to keep her kids alive. she's now waging a war against the government regulation that is standing in her way. she shares her fight with us next. a daring rescue caught on camera. a police officer puts his life on the line to pull a driver from a burning car, then risks his life a second time. the amazing story we told you a little bit about, you a little bit about, straight ahead. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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quick headlines. a boat capsizes off the coast of the bahamas leaving 30 haitians dead. more than 100 people were rescued and the drug dealers are getting creative. men arrested for trying to smuggle 250 pounds of pot from mexico to san diego strapped to an ultra light aircraft. the pot has a street value of $157,000, says steve. >> according to estimation. she is waging an ongoing legal battle against the federal government to keep her daughters alive. three of her children have a rare and debilitating disease that leads to bone marrow failure. last year thanks to doreen, a federal court shot down a ban on bone marrow donors. she joins us know from manchester, new hampshire. good morning to you. >> good morning.
3:25 am
>> what is franconi anemia, which three of your children suffer from? >> otherwise known as f.a., it is a rare blood disease that ultimately leads to bone marrow failure and other long-term issues a patient will have to live through as they get older. >> give us the names of your children that have this. >> jordan who is 15. georgia who is 9. and her twin sister julia. >> okay. as i understand it, back in the 80's, the federal government passed a law to keep people from selling kidneys -- poor people, drug addicts, whatever -- to sell a kidney to make some money. since then the federal -- this went to court and it was determined that a bone marrow transplant is not the same as an organ donation; right? give us the update on that. >> correct. a lot of transplant doctors
3:26 am
now are doing bone marrow transplants through what they call blood stem cells. it is like donating blood. you're hooked up to a machine. it takes about four hours. they take your blood out of one arm and spin it through a special machine. they take the stem cells out of it and put your bin laden back into your other arm. pretty simple -- put your blood back into your other arm. pretty simple procedure. it is not invasive on the donor itself. you're getting that little, i call it bag of gold, to help save the patient's life. >> seems so simple. the federal government lost in court. now what they're doing is they're going to try to regulate it in what way? >> by having the u.s. department of health and human services step up and actually try to change the wording and include bone marrow as personal blood stem cells to be considered
3:27 am
an organ. >> that doesn't make any -- >> make it illegal to physically donate that with being compensated. >> donating blood is not the same as an organ. does any of this make sense to you? why would the government be doing it? >> it doesn't make any sense at all to me, to be honest with you. my opinion is they lost in court through numerous appeals and it is just another way to try and take back that win, so to speak. i look at it like we're paying donors every day to donate plasma, which is not invasive. somebody goes in and voluntarily does that. why can't somebody donate personal blood stem cells used for bone marrow transplant to save somebody's life and be compensated for that? >> that makes perfect sense the way you laid it out. too bad the federal government doesn't see it that way. you want to make sure people understand that they could be potential donors simply by giving their blood as well.
3:28 am
how can people get involved if they're interested? >> seek out a national registry like the national, there's a lot of organizations out there that will send you free swab kits, and you can go ahead and get put on the registry. the chances of being called to be a donor are very small. it's very hard to actually find a bone marrow donor. we searched for over a year for jordan. i've been on the registry for about nine years now and i've never been called to be a donor. it's rare. the more donors we have out there, the better. >> absolutely, and it can make a big difference. somebody can actually save the life of your three children. doreen from new hampshire, good luck. >> thank you. >> 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, the president issuing a call to close the u.s. embassy to the vatican
3:29 am
for safety reasons. why critics say it's a slap in the face to catholics around the world. alec baldwin gets the boot but martin bashir gets to keep his show. why is he getting a pass for his despicable attack on sarah palin? we're going to talk about that next on "fox & friends." good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. is what makes us different.
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researchers in canada say they've discovered the part of the brain used to make decisions. and this is weird. if you're married, it's located in your wife's brain. >> jimmy fallon last night talking. you know oftentimes when you listen to those monologs, it talks about what's happening with the world. we have a comparison to bring you between alec baldwin, martin bashir, the rarely seen host on -- the lightly viewed host on msnbc and one of the best out there today, lara logan. >> alec baldwin's show was put on hiatus since his comments, homophobic deemed by many and the slurs were
3:34 am
outrageous according to many as well. advocacy groups spoke out, show went on hiatus. he was put on probation. now it is canceled. >> the big news is it's canceled. >> they were hateful remarks. his show was canceled. it doesn't seem to be playing grounds when it comes to comments made about individuals; right? >> alec baldwin's show gets bounced. although he does get to apparently keep his credit card commercial ad. and martin bashir over on msnbc who 12 days ago said something so despicable about former governor sarah palin, we're not even going to come close to saying it, but it seems like there is a double standard. martin bashir, he did apologize but he didn't get suspended or anything like that. and joe concha said if you're at msnbc it is okay to attack conservatives or anybody who works on fox or members of the tea party or
3:35 am
republicans. but remember, if an msnbc host or anchor strays from the narrative and attacks a hillary, chelsea, gays or minority as well they better have that suntan lotion packed for a long two-week vacation a suspension can provide. he says there is a double standard. on msnbc you can attack people they don't like but if you say something inappropriate about their friends, you will be in trouble. >> fast forward to lara logan. i don't know her personally but i know people who know her. they say the quality of work she does is maybe the best in the country. the benghazi story doesn't go away that 60 minutes wants. they don't feel as though she took into account the f.b.i. report. my feeling is even if you feel that way there is so much good will and great work in the bank how dare you suspend her and her producer indefinitely. she almost gave her life
3:36 am
for that company over in egypt reporting in a perilous situation. i don't want to go into details, she did on 60 minutes gave them the ratings in her personal story, absolutely horrific what she experienced. now they say you're suspended indefinitely. -- yeah, leave of absence. maybe it is because of this speech in chicago that we noted at the time. when she saw what happened in benghazi and noted the fact that no one has been arrested, no hell to pay for killing an american ambassador, that that's the wrong message for the terror community, maybe that is why she's suspended today. listen. >> the last time we were attacked like this was the u.s.s. cole, a prelude to the embassy bombings, a prelude to 9/11 and you're sending in the f.b.i. to investigate. i hope to god that you're sending in your best clandestine warriors who are going to let the world know that the united states will not be attacked on its own soil, that its
3:37 am
ambassadors will not be murdered and the united states will not stand by and do nothing about it. >> we've done nothing. we've gotten nobody and our best clandestine warriors have not been unleashed. >> there was a call to action, so it leads some to question whether or not they were waiting for a reason to make her feel punished and ultimately punish her and a producer. >> apparently the guy who wrote the internal review about the benghazi episode on 60 minutes said that speech from last year should have said she took a public opinion, public position on benghazi and so she should not have been able to do the story at all to start with. but her big problem is she has a source who told her what they believe to be a true story. apparently it was inappropriate, but i am told that people at the white house apparently contacted cbs and said that guy's story does not match the f.b.i. story and cbs said can we see the f.b.i. report and they said no, you can't.
3:38 am
just trust us. so any way here we are. she is off for awhile, a leave of absence from "60 minutes." >> she should just leave. heather nauert is here to tell us what else is happening. >> good morning to you. listen to this one. religious leaders are calling this a slap in the face to all catholics around the world. the obama administration is now moving to shut down the u.s. embassy to the holy sea at the vatican. under this plan, the offices would move to a larger embassy in italy. the state department says the move will save $1.4 million a year and help boost security. but catholic leaders say it's important to keep these two branches separate. the vatican is considered a separate sovereign state. we're getting lots of e-mails and tweets from you on that story. new video surfacing of a tiger attack at the australia zoo. a crowd watching as a tiger turned on its handler biting its neck and
3:39 am
shoulders. he survived and is in stable condition. officials say the tiger became overexcited during a play session.ok at that. >> take a look at this. saluting our veterans, pretty nice; right? the city of huntington beach, california, does not think so. they say they want this sign taken down. the city is threatening to fine the bar owner more than $900 if the sign isn't taken down by tuesday. >> we received a letter in the mail from the city stating that we have to remove it within two days. >> it's been up there for ten years. i don't understand why it's a huge problem now. >> what's the deal there? the city said the issue is not about the wording of the sign but about permits. an incredible rescue captured on a new jersey police officer's dash cam. watch as the officer runs toward a burning truck. you can see him as he pulled out a driver who is unconscious. then he goes back to check for more victims.
3:40 am
the 61-year-old driver the only person inside that vehicle, remains in critical condition. and what a hero. over to you. see you in a bit. >> maria molina is joining us live. it took me five hours yesterday to go to the airport 15 miles to pick up sally, the traffic was so bad, the weather was so bad and today even worse. she's home. >> i'm glad to hear she's home and happy thanksgiving to you and your family and all of you as well. let's look at the weather conditions. we have a storm system kickbacking so many across parts of the east coast, any way from the state of florida to new england. we also have freezing rain. this is a bit of concern or higher concern out here because we could be seeing icing on roadways across portions of new england. that is that pink shading across portions of the radar across the state of maine, vermont and new hampshire. on the backside of the system it is cold enough that we have snow coming down in the state of west virginia, eastern kentucky, upstate new york and western pennsylvania. we have winter storm
3:41 am
warnings in effect up here and winter weather advisories because more than ten inches of snow will be possible in some areas. the wind another big concern out here, especially along coastal areas gusting to about 40 miles an hour at jfk and picking up across new england. they have high wind warnings outs there because across the city of boston they can see gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. that is an issue at the airports. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thanks, maria. great update. >> 2 hours and 20 minutes left. straight ahead, a bombshell accusation against tv chef nigela lawson. she apparently has an appetite for more than food. we're talking about drugs and people. >> the best black friday deals like a 52 inch tv for 700 bucks. ♪ ♪
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let's take a look at the headlines. a scary deja vu experience for a malcolm in the middle star. he suffered a second mini stroke which happened nearly one year to the day from his first stroke. he's still recovering while doctors try to determine a cause. >> tv chef nigella lawson into pot and pats according to her -- pots and pans according to her assistant. she also is a fan of pots and coke. >> will you be one of the 97 million people estimated to hit the stores in search of great deals this black friday?
3:46 am
if so we've got you covered. a consumer saving expert here with a preview of some of the best black friday deals which is great. everyone is looking forward to the turkey but starting to shop is what friday is about. >> you have to have a list. don't go to these stores on black friday or else you'll come home with items you don't necessarily need and that is wasting money. research those prices today so that you can take advantage of the great promotions and stay away from the misleading deals. focus on the bottom price because sometimes those sales and discount claims aren't real savings. >> we're going to look at specific products. television. we teased this before, which is exciting. a 60-inch. >> from vizio, available at wal-mart, on sale for $688. this is going to be offered on thursday during wal-mart's one-hour
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guarantee at 6 p.m. everybody who goes to the store is guaranteed to get that product pore that rock -- that product for that rock bottom price just for that hour. when you are shopping for tvs research the brands you're getting. sometimes those tv's made specially for black friday might not be as great. >> what about ipads >> that is a big purchase. if you're getting one for your child, it might not be a big deal. if you're looking for an ipad mini, go to stores like target where they're giving you free gift cards with your purchase so you can get a free hundred dollar gift card with that ipad air purchase. >> like a side bonus. clothes? >> clothes, a hot item for the holiday. you can get great sales starting thanksgiving and
3:48 am
friday. macy's claims you can find 80 dollar tommy hilfiger pieces that are originally $200. banana republic, everything is 50% off. obviously sales are big. >> what about toys? >> you've got to get the toys for black friday. toys 'r' us, great offers there, you can get the let's rock elmo for $19.99. it was originally i believe 70 dollars. they have leapfrog toy originally 100 now on sale for 40. >> explains why everyone is in a rush to get there. >> a lot of these deals are going to be available on-line. don't be afraid to stay home and look on the internet. >> you can get on twitter and facebook and follow your favorite products. thank you so much: coming up, does spending thanksgiving with your family give you a panic
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the f.d.a. halting sales of the at home dna testing kits created by the company 23 and me. >> using a saliva sample, the 99-dollar kits claim to predict your future health risk, some say. the f.d.a. says they're being sold without clearance or
3:53 am
approval. so just how accurate are the testing kits and should they be banned? let's talk to dr. natalie azar who joins us live here. good morning to you n good morning. >> as i understand it, these kids don't make diagnoses, they only tell you about your own biology. >> right. what the kit purports to do is to give you information on over 240 different health conditions or traits, such as when you drink alcohol, will you flush? are you sensitive to gluten? could be very useful information. talking about your ancestory. >> where is the bad part? >> the bart part is that there have been many cases of false positives and false negatives. >> isn't that with every medical test, there is a case of false negatives and positives? >> potentially. but i think the issue with this one in particular is that they haven't demonstrated over the last few years clinically and
3:54 am
analytically that this is a validated test. the f.d.a. is not saying you shouldn't find out your heritage or your risk factors. they're simply saying if you're going to have a tool or a kit, let's make sure that it's validated. they're giving the company 15 days -- i'm not sure how they're going to do that -- to demonstrate this. it's always nice and it sounds philosophically like it's good idea to have this information, but let's remember, having genetic trait never necessarily translates into having disease. having that information can be very dangerous for some people. >> if anything at all belongs to you, isn't it your dna and your information? shouldn't than something that the -- >> that's not what we're something. this isn't taking your genom, and saying you're not allowed to know what's in there. this is saying you have an x percent risk of this inheritable disease that you have no ability to mutate. imagine home with that information going, oh, my god, i might get that disease.
3:55 am
what the company is sort of saying is that you can take this information and do something about it. that's not the case with many diseases. >> if there was something at home that could save the patient cost and you guys, might lose some revenue, is that okay? do you see the medical profession pushing back? >> i think this happens -- i'm a rheumatologist, so i understand there is a genetic susceptibility o many diseases. what we generally say is that they're necessary -- the same is with oncology. there is some environmental exposure that actually causes you to develop disease. so people, if they have these study results, see your doctor. let's validate this with our general doctor. >> do patients come in with this
3:56 am
information and maybe say, i need all these tests that may not be necessary? >> that's what i'm worried about and then may end costing the person so much more than the 99 that they spend. >> what's interesting, the "wall street journal" had an op ed that says it looks like a power grab by the government because there is no regulatory statute -- rather there is no statute on the books where they can do what they're doing. instead what they're doing is trying to regulate them out of business, it sounds like. >> you know what? i don't believe that's the case. i still -- i honestly believe they want the test to be a validated test. that's what the f.d.a. is always trying to do, to be evidence based. if they haven't demonstrated this kit is accurate, it haven't be available. >> thank you very much for make a house call. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up. >> a major obamacare fail, in two months no one has been able
3:57 am
to sign up for health care in one state. don't worry, it only cost taxpayers $300 million. >> kevin mccarthy has a film fun for the entire family. that one. >> about to change forever. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 towa her balance each quarter for making more than her minimumayment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card,
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4:00 am
good morning. it's wednesday, november 27. we begin with a fox news alert. as america gears up to give thanks, wicked weather puts travel plans in jeopardy. where the winter storm is heading and how it could impact you. >> all right. then may be a disaster, but don't worry, the white house turkey web site is working fine. the latest on the obamacare rollout flop. then check out this incredible half court shot. >> looks good as soon as it left his hand. >> 20,000 bucks. why that college student may not get to keep the $20,000 prize. >> that's a player.
4:01 am
>> he is a player. >> his story and so much more. "fox & friends" hour two for this wednesday starts right now. >> it's vanessa williams. enjoy your holiday from "fox & friends". we can't enjoy our holiday until we find out where we're going to be. we begin with a extreme weather alert. from buffalo, new york, where a major storm is slamming the east coast, packing rain, sleet and snow, a mess for millions of travelers across the country. they know it, though. >> steve centanni is live keeping an eye on flight delays and maria molina is tracking the storm. >> who will you pick, steve? >> we're going with maria first. >> good choice. >> what do you mean good choice? >> to go with you first. >> steve? >> sorry. >> steve will talk about flight delays. i want to mention that the faa
4:02 am
is stating there is actually ground delay program for la guardia already in effect. departures destined to that airport. sometimes we don't see delays at the airports where we have the bad weather, but sometimes it's a trickle down effect. that's something to keep in mind. otherwise it's basically they're looking at a ground delay program. they get held up wherever they are. could be a while. that's what we're looking at across the country. i want to show where you where we have that rain. from florida up to parts of new england, we are dealing with rain across coastal rain. it's late november. we should start to see more winter weather. look at the temperatures. they're in the 50s in places like new york, boston, upper 50s it's just so mild ahead of the storm system and where we have the rain and that's why it's just rainfall. otherwise look at the rainfall heading into tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to get much colder. we're going to be seeing temperatures only in the 20s in new york city and d.c
4:03 am
behind the storm also, much colder in buffalo. temperatures only in the teens. that's temperatures. not the wind chill. otherwise we have snow and sleet to talk about across new england. parts of upstate new york expecting as much as six to even 12 inches of snow out there. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings are in effect. let's head over to you. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. now we're going to check 234 with steve centanni live at reagan national airport in washington, d.c what's the latest there? >> the crowds are arriving. it will be a very busy travel day all across the country. this is one of the two busiest travel days of the year. one is today and one is sunday after thanksgiving as people return home from the holiday. so it's going to be busy and the weather is not cooperating at all, as you heard maria say. we have wind, rain, ice and snow, depending on where you are. that's going to cause a ripple effect the airports like reagan across the country. let's look at the situation here right now. panning down the long hallway at the new terminal at reagan
4:04 am
national airport, see people arriving, checking in, checking the monitors to make sure flights are on time, make sure they're not canceled. there are a lot of flight delays to report. in philadelphia, two-hour delays. in la guardia, 90-minute delay. we're expecting a wintery mix later on. as the day goes on, it's going to get even worse. if we have time for that sound, let's listen to one expert on that. >> that number is likely to grow throughout the day and during the day, it's going to impact more and more people. a cancellation or delay in boston will eventually impact somebody in detroit or dallas as the aircraft move around. stay on top of flight schedules, get to the airport early and be patient. >> reporter: be sure and know the status of your flight. back to you. >> all right. steve at reagan where things are starting to heat up. one of the things that the
4:05 am
president's organizing for action suggested is over thanksgiving meal, go ahead and talk to your family, trying to get them involved and signed up on the not so affordable care act web site. now, it's supposed to work by saturday. that's going to be the first day of december. but here is the problem, so far from the administration, we've heard many different opinions on how exactly it's going to work and in exact measure of success. joe biden said last week it's going to get fixed, god willing. jay carney said eight out of ten people said that they would be able to get on the web site. here is the president and the secretary, how good is it going to be? shear what they had to say. >> here in southern california and here across this state, there are thousands of people every single day who who -- who are getting health care fort first time. for the first time because of this. and by the way, the web site is
4:06 am
continually work better, so check it out. >> we are definitely on track to have a significantly different user experience by the end of this month that was our commitment. just so you know, this isn't a magic turn on the on switch. the experience is vastly improved each and every day. >> they don't know how it's going to work come the first day of december. >> that's a self-imposed deadline. it seems they're not going to reach it. i'm not sure what track they're on that's on track. neither is anyone in oregon apparently because they have spent over $300 million on the obamacare exchange program there for zero enrollees to date. >> say that again. >> zero enrollees to date, $300 million spent on a program. no one has been able to enroll. on top of which they've had major security breaches in the past week. three in the past week, according to reports where residents are receiving confidential information, personal information, names, social security numbers, belonging to someone else.
4:07 am
>> the other thing is, which i really find insulting, is all the administration is talking about is a pr offensive, targeting nine of the top ten cities with the least amount of the concentrated of the uninsured, talking about getting on the phone with daily reporters, putting in conference calls. talking to them in about a dozen states, challenging republican governors who have not set up these exchanges because they're a disaster, and forcing them and also who refuse to expand medicaid. so the tone in which the president took two weeks ago in saying, i screwed up. i apologize for everyone. i'll try to fix it now, has gone to flat out partisan rhetoric from here on in. it's about dividing again. if you listen to the president's words, he's saying, it would help if one part of the other party wasn't out just to destroy the plan. >> well, yeah. but that's just the way this guy operates. meanwhile, while in oregon, nobody has signed up,, we don't know how that's going to work.
4:08 am
the white house's pardon the turkey web site is working perfectly. just last week on this program, we were telling you about how down outside of baltimore, maryland, a young blogger named eugene craig wrote about how the university realized back in the last year, this year, you've been able to buy insurance for something like 50 bucks a month. but under the affordable care -- 50 bucks a semester. but under the affordable care act now, that was going to go up to close to $2,000. so the school decided to get rid of any insurance. mr. craig, since he blogged that, has gotten in trouble with the school. >> actually i had an administrator pull me aside at the obamacare open forum and tell me how our coverage has hurt them, especially in light of the fact we had michelle
4:09 am
obama as a speaker last semester. apparently commencement addresses supersede free speech at the school right now. if go to my personal facebook page, you'll see a lot of things that have been said about me. i had one alumni actually call me a wanna be grandson of clarence thomas. i think it's a compliment. he's probable will he one of the greatest justices we've ever had. my definition of an academy is where debate is supposed to take place. a lot of times the debate itself isn't allowed to take place. >> so the coverage hasn't hurt the school. the affordable care act has impacted the school. >> dr. ben carson brought up last night, he says until the president shows a willingness to be honest, it was passed dishonestly, this thing is never going to get straightened out. he attacks people that expose him for what it is. >> those that are being attacked like we just saw eugene craig there for voicing an opinion,
4:10 am
that seems to be criminal to not allow him to voice his opinion on school property about it. >> you're right. in other news, heather nauert has other news. >> good morning. about ten minutes after the hour. hope you're all off to a great day and thanks for getting up with us this morning. new video into "fox & friends." in ohio, hundreds of people are now being forced from their homes in the middle of the night because a train derailed at a rail yard, spilling dangerous chemicals. one of the cars was carrying a highly flammable and toxic liquid and there is concern that that liquid could explode. right now crews are cleaning up the scene and they're vacuuming that liquid into a tanker right now. the city of willard also tweeting in part, clean-up crews are on the scene, but the situation is very dangerous and the clean-up will take a while. we'll keep watching this story for you. another major story developing at this hour, a mother and stepfather under arrest this morning accused of keeping three teenage daughters locked in their rooms for two years. the girls telling police that they were only fed once a day
4:11 am
and hadn't taken a shower for six months. >> they were kept in filthy living conditions separately and told parole officers that they had not seen each other in almost two years and were kept separate within the bedrooms within that house. >> the girls, anales 12, 13 and 17, were found after two of the girls managed to escape and run to a neighbor's house nearby. o. j. simpson saying behind bars. a judge in las vegas rejecting his bid for a new trial. he's serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. his manager now claiming that khloe kardashian may be o. j. simpson's daughter. khloe's father defended simpson in the murder of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. in the meantime, the photo of an nypd officer went viral when a tourist snap add picture of him giving a pair of boots to a homeless man in times square.
4:12 am
this is video of him on "fox & friends" last november. we have now learned -- we have got news to bring. 26 yearly larry got a promotion. he's now a detective. very nice to hear. his father says the promotion wasn't because his son's good deed a year ago, but because of his fine work the three-year veteran has done on the job. always like to see good things happen to good people. steve, back to the kardashian thing. that's been a long rumored story that perhaps she's the daughter of o. j. simpson. the former manager saying that could be the case. >> aha. >> they sort of resystemmible each other today -- resemble each other. >> you think khloe looks like o. j. simpson? >> there are some resemblances there. i don't know. >> write us on facebook. >> why not? meanwhile, a dozen minutes after the top of the hour. she got a c plus, then sued her university for the c plus. we've got a big update on her lawsuit. that gal's lawsuit straight
4:13 am
ahead. then president obama on the economy in hollywood as consumer confidence sinks. is he out of touch with the rest of america? let's see what our next guest has ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. when i came into office, we were going through a severe crisis. five years later america's largely fought our way back. today our businesses sell more goods and services made in this country than the rest of the world than ever before. manufacturers are adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s. >> that was our president yesterday in hollywood touting the growing economy.
4:17 am
but do consumers agree? let's talk to charles payne from the "fox business" network. charles, you look at consumer confidence, it is dropping. so a lot of people are going, what's he talking about? >> there is a gigantic disconnect. maybe it's good he gave that in hollywood. consumer confidence was down month over month october to november. >> why do you think that is? >> well, in the real world, wages have gone down over the last several years. not up. millions of people have dropped out of the jobs market. millions of people are still unemployed since the great recession began. we've had the most flaccid gdp growth, the list goes on and on and on and on. in the he'd world, forgetting about cherry picking certain numbers, the fact is, main street is still hurting tremendously. maybe the hollywood audience is a good one to talk to about how great things are going, maybe
4:18 am
they can share that same disconnectedness, but there is another world out there. >> we have the president in hollywood talking about that. ever since the obamacare thing has been blowing up, he's been trying to change the subject. was talking about immigration. i saw a poll that said the number one thing people worry about, their jobs, the economy. immigration, 3% worried about it. couple that with the fact that another poll came out last week and a majority of americans find the president not to be trustworthy. you can't trust him. so how can you trust him to do something about the economy? >> the economic relay mirrors the other part. there is a malaise of trust and confidence, a malaise that things that once drove us to greatness aren't there anymore. it begins with leadership of the white house and i go off about this war against businesses and success. you hear a lot to talk about income inequality, but these are things that are driven by this policy that the president pushes. you look anywhere where
4:19 am
democrats control, states or cities, those are the worst places for income inequality. hollywood salary social security security -- salaries skews the 1%. someone getting 25 million for a dud movie is what skews that 1% number. >> no kidding. he was out in hollywood. i didn't hear him talking about violent video games yesterday, did you? >> i didn't hear him talking about a whole lot of things that you and i worry about on a day-to-day basis. certainly 99% of this audience worries about. >> absolutely. i think you're going to be busy two hours from right now. >> right there. we'll be rocking on varney and company. >> thank you very much. have a great thanksgiving. >> you, too. by the way, that program is going to be at 9:20 eastern time on fox business. just one studio over. meanwhile, parents, bring your kids to the tv for this one. it's the new book that will teach them the value of giving to others this holiday season. particularly important around christmas. then check out this incredible half court shot.
4:20 am
>> for $20,000! >> that's great, right? well, that college student may not get to keep that $20,000 prize. we'll tell you where in a moment. ♪ ♪ wisest kid, how can i get them to take a break? [ video game sounds ] whoa! campbell's has super mario soup. m'm. gotcha! [ video game sound ] awww. m'm! m'm! good! soft, luxurious, so comfortab. indulge inhe warmth of the sean withur embraceable pajamas. exclusively at sa and where beautiful gifts begin.
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4:23 am
161,000. that's how many ford escapes have been recalled for potential oil and fuel leaks. so far a total of 13 fires have been connected to the malfunction. those look fine. next, 14.2 million bucks. that's how much the first book printed in the u.s. sold for at an auction house. the book from 1640 set an auction record as the most ex
4:24 am
opinionsive book sold at auction. it's also the most huge. finally, $20,000. that's how much cameron rodriguez won at an half court shot. the problem? he's a basketball player. what a shame. he did look like a ringer. the rules say you can't be. 'tis the season to pay it forward. thanksgiving is a perfect time to teach kids to be thankful for the many gifts that they have and to show them the value of giving to others. how do we do that exactly? we're going to ask ellen, the author of "the giving book, open the door to a lifetime of giving." it's one of my favorites. i'm so glad you're here. good morning. >> good morning. >> fun book. so it's something that you sometimes don't know how to express to your kids. we say to give and donate. but the wise and participation part is where parents sometimes, like me, it's hard to follow through every day. this solves the problem. you're goal with this book was really get the kids involved, right down to they get to be
4:25 am
co-author with you. how cool is that? >> they write the script how they want to give to others. >> you get to write your name as a little kid or big kid or adult actually and put your picture right there. what were some of the things in this book in terms of tips for parents that you put in here to help kids and their parents really learn about the spirit of giving? >> starting with what you said, the book is an activity book and participatery. what we give is supposed to make our heart pitter patter f. the very beginning, the book engages kids into think being what matters to them. >> some of the tips, be a good role model. >> kids are watching us. if we want to encourage our kids to be giving and care about others, we need to walk the walk. >> you say let them decide. in the book you actually have the kid list what they're thankful for and things they want to help out with. why is that important do you think? >> first of all, it's always great for all of us to think about the blessings we have in our lives and -- it's
4:26 am
thanksgiving. be thankful. but then the next page, bringing it to what you want in your wishes for other people in the world and bringing a child on the journey from if you're thankful for something, your health, your family, your shelter, your food, other people in the world might want it and helps kids really figure out their wishes and dreams for other people. >> you talk about everything here. first of all, you say thank you in all the languages that you can and talk about money. but i think sometimes a kid get overwhelmed, even an adult, with how much need there is. but you say to start small. i think that's one of your greatest tips. >> absolutely. there are so many things outside our doors, that training your kid and inspiring them that there are little things they can do every day, whether it's packing up their old clothes to give to a shelter, whether it's shoveling for a neighbor who is elderly or making artwork to give to a hospital to cheer people up, there are so many
4:27 am
small things you can do in your community and ultimately i think it's addictive. you get an adrenaline rush and if you help your child see all the things they can do, they'll do it for their lifetime. >> you certainly get kids because they like to see their progress. you have them identify their talents and skills that they're good at and note what they're thankful for and putting that all together is an awesome package. thank you so much for this book on behalf of all the parents out there. >> you're very welcome. >> thank you for joining us this morning. this book could be by your kid as well. i love it! coming up, the president issuing a call to close the u.s. embassy for the vatican for safety reasons. why critics say it's a slap in the face to catholics. note to self, if you're going to plot a murder, don't let the dial -- don't dial the guy you're trying to kill i guess is the point. that story next. ♪
4:28 am
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4:32 am
carla, marketing manager of the organization. hello, thank you for joining us. >> hi. thank you for having us. >> how excited are you? you're going to be opening up the thanksgiving day parade? >> we are over the moon about this. these students have come from all corners of the united states to participate. >> wave, students. i don't want to block you. get your national television experience. we're forced indoors. we thought we would be throwing frisbees, but we can't. >> mother nature did not cooperate. we had to come indoors. >> we do have something cool to show everyone. you modified one of these robots to shoot confetti and to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony tomorrow. >> that is correct. we will be leading the parade. we'll be cutting the ribbon. this particular team is from texas. texas torque. >> is that you guys? >> yes. >> do you know how to cut the ribbon? >> yes. >> so we go over here. okay. fast forward. >> there is a control over there. >> correct. as they walk in the parade --
4:33 am
>> good job! >> then the parade will start. >> once the parade starts, we're going to be happy. how do we represent that happiness? >> we are going to shoot some major confetti here. this team is from san diego. these are the holy cows. >> they can't believe how cold it is in your hometown. >> yes. >> there we turn it on with a key. start the ignition. >> wow! >> oh, my goodness! >> and then we're going to start the parade. >> that's amazing. carla, tell us about your organization and how it was started. >> first it's nonprofit, based out of manchester, new hampshire. we have teams world wide, programs, getting kids excited about stem, science, technology and engineering, from age six to 18. >> the future leaders of this planet. congratulations. thank you. please take us with you. we'd like to go back and congratulations, guys. good luck in the parade
4:34 am
tomorrow. maria, you have to do the weather? >> yeah. we have to do the weather and talk about the rain, snow, the sleet. >> on the inside. >> sounds good. let's take a look at the weather maps because across portions of the east coast, we are expecting more rain. the rain coming down right now. we're seeing the delays piling up across parts of the i-95 corridor, including philly international and la guardia. pack the patience because again, it is going to be a slow go for you early this morning and throughout the day today. that storm is going to be heading out. we are going to see temperatures dropping behind that storm system by early tomorrow morning. many big cities out here are going to have temperatures only in the 20s and even only in the teens for some of you, like in the city of buffalo. otherwise we do have sleet and also freezing rain that's been occurring across sections of new england. so please be careful on the roadways early this morning and snow, as much as 12 inches possible, western parts of new york and also pennsylvania. now back to the studio. >> thank you very much. what are you doing in here? >> what do you mean? >> you left a big mess in the
4:35 am
hall. >> sorry. >> that's how we do it in our house. >> usually -- i read the blog. >> while he's cleaning up, heather nauert has headlines. >> good morning. looks like he's having too much fun out there. i hope you're off to a good day. listen to this, religious leaders are now calling it a slap in the face to all catholics. the obama administration moving to shut down the u.s. embassy to the holy see at the vatican. under this plan, the offices would move to a larger embassy facility in italy. the state department says it would save $1.4 million each year and will help boost security. catholic leaders say this is important to keep the two branches separate because the vatican is considered a separate sovereign state. we're getting a lot of mail from you on this. so keep it coming. here is a tip if you're planning a murder, don't accidentally call your victim. police in arkansas say that larry barnett, this guy here, was hiring someone to kill a former employee when he
4:36 am
accidentally butt dialed his would be victim. police say the victim heard things like his personal address, information, and his wanna be murderer saying he needs it to look like an accident. mom, if you're wondering what a butt dial is, it's when you accidentsally sit on your phone and call somebody. shocking video capturing the exact moment a huge block of ice falls off a building on top of a moving car. this happened in china after one of the worst snow storms there in 50 years. the driver inside managed to survive. a university student unsuccessfully sued her school over a c plus grade will not get a new trial. meghan was hoping a judge would reconsider his verdict, finding the university neither breached contract nor discriminated against her when it gave her the grade. she asked to have her afraid raised to a b -- grade raised to a b and sought $1.3 million in damages. not happening.
4:37 am
let's head over to brian. >> i want to put this down. there we go. let me tell you what's happening in sports. if you thought the jets were done with mark sanchez, forget about it. he, according to him, will not be going anywhere. even though the team moved well without him, they're 5-6, the side line quarterback hopes to resume his career with the jets. he's out after a season ending shoulder surgery. said his arm will be bionic by the time he returns. he says he loves being a jet. doesn't ever want it to end. the question is, does the team feel the same way. another quick note, usual will he players on twitter express displeasure and get in trouble. this time it was the team owner. indianapolis colts owner tweeted about the colts' recent performance and says the colts are 7-4 instead of atop their position. they were blown out in the last two games. the play in the last ten of 12 quarters is alarming. take note. how about this for a patriotic
4:38 am
display? for the 113th brawl of the wild, the annual montana-montana state football game. 150 volunteers assisted in the unfurling of the flag. montana beat their in-state rivals 28-24. all right. and if you got to catch up to us on radio, mike emmanuel and others will be there live. i'm continuing to conduct my george washington secret six virtual tour. everyone, if you want an autographed book g to brian >> people are starting to think about christmas presents. >> yes. i have a magic marker. >> he does. i've seen it. he left a mark over on the white couch. coming up, brand-new flavors of pringle's hitting the shelves. some of the flavors are a little strange.
4:39 am
>> plus, the new movie set to heat up theaters. is it worth seeing? the man who just saw it, kevin mccarthy, up next. >> that's about to change forever. >> completely frozen. >> cold, cold, cold, cold. side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] split atoms? [ flo chuckles ] [ whirring ] hey, how's that atom-splitting thing going? oh! a smarter way to shop around -- now that's progressive. call or click today.
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4:42 am
hope we've got plenty of antifreeze. it's cold. meanwhile, we've got quick headlines on this wednesday. forget talking on a cell phone in the state of new jersey. they don't want you doing anything behind the wheel except driving. the state assembly is taking up a bill to ban drivers from eating, smoking, or putting on make-up behind the wheel. sorry, brian. also in other news, how would you like to finish off your thanksgiving dinner with some pie in the form of a chip? pringle's, which i love, releasing new holiday flavors.
4:43 am
they include pecan pie -- i kind of like that. cinnamon sugar, and mint chocolate chip. pringle's? maybe not. the chips will be available for a limited time only. they will soon be collector's items. that's the news. >> who doesn't collect pringles? ready for a great movie this thanksgiving? from action packed thrillers to family packed adventures, there is only one person to go to. >> that's right. here with the details, founder of, kevin mccarthy. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. i really appreciate it. >> you got a perfect movie to start out since we got a big winter storm moving out. let's talk about "frozen." >> i always tell people movies i grew up watching were "terminator 2" and four disney classics. watching a movie like "frozen" in 2013 is a complete throwback to that classic disney formula
4:44 am
because over the years, we've been so inundated by pixar films. they're great, but we haven't had that classic disney formula movie in a long time. obviously "tangled" was great and" the princess and the frog." but "frozen gets the formula perfectly. the queen accidentally freezes her kingdom, so her sister has to save her life and save the kingdom. and it's just a movie that really resonates with all audiences. every adult and every kid will see the movie and enjoy the movie in regards to different themes and elements. the singing is incredible. the music will really capture you. i found myself singing the music as the scenes were ending. i was humming the tunes, almost like the classic films and those in "little mermade." this film will be a classic. >> man, do you like this! how many stars. >> you just sold me on it.
4:45 am
>> i gave four out of five. elisabeth, for kids, take them to see it in 3d. the 3d is incredible. they build it in this environment and the depth of field is so immersesive you and feel like you're actually in the environment and you feel cold in the theater. it's a comfortable coldness. >> my kid said, bring know a movie where i can see tremendous depth of field. >> yeah, i know, i know. the 3d does work for the kids, brian, it really does. i gave it four out of five. >> all right. let's talk about "home front." >> yeah. action movie. i've always wanted to know when you're in an action scene and they're faking the punches and tripping people and they're tossing people around, how do they do that? how do they make it look so realistic? i sat down with jason and his young co-star to find out. check this out. >> when the camera is really far away, i don't need to actually touch him at all. but when the camera is close up, then i do have to actually punch
4:46 am
him. not hard where i'm hurting him. but it just depends on the angle. >> and a guy called nick, whose dad was a stunt man, he's the one i do a foot sweep and he slams onto the concrete and he had no pads. it depends where they put the camera. if they were a smart stunt coordinator, they'll give an angle to allow to you give fair distance. if you don't have that, you end up getting too close. >> i love how movies are shot. this is a lowback to the classic arnold days, like "commando" and" predator." if you can go to a movie and turn your brain off, this is what this does. an ex-dea agent goes to his small action and his past comes back to haunt him. it's written by sylvester stallone. he wrote it for himself and gave the role to jason.
4:47 am
not an action fan, i would say skip it. but if you are a fan, check it out this weekend. >> doesn't stallone have a movie coming out? >> stallone did a movie earlier this year. it was called "escape plan" with arnold. but this is a movie he wrote. he's an oscar nominated writer. he wrote "rocky." >> you gave it three out of five stars? >> happy thanksgiving to you all and i'm so thankful to be on your show every single week. it really means the world to me. a national honor. and thank you to everybody behind the scenes, like brian, tully, jen and lauren. you're awesome. >> you are right about that. >> those people who talk in our ear. >> who is this brian tully? lauren? who is the other one? >> brian, those are the people in our control room right now. >> oh, i don't talk to them. >> your mic just cut out. >> thanks for setting us up for a great weekend of film. >> thanks and thanks for going out of your way to watch movies for us.
4:48 am
>> we are very thankful because he is so excited about the movie. >> his analysis is fantastic. >> i am going to "frozen" because of that. >> a couple days ago he was talk being how if you want to see something on pay per view, we watched "the way way back." it is awesome. >> i got to say one thing about kevin, kevin is so impresssive in the way he breaks down movies, steven spielberg asked him to put together a short film and he got back to him. >> you're not kidding. he's back. look at that. >> spielberg watched my movie. this is incredible. i could not believe it. he actually watched my film. and he told me to make a movie last year. i got together with two of my best friends, sean and josh. we made the movie and sent it to him a year ago and he finally watched it. very cool. >> that's great. you'll nine -- fine israeli -- finely have a sequel to "e.t." >> you connect me,
4:49 am
mr. hollywood. >> i got you, brian. >> we say good-bye to you now. you really have to go. >> all right. i won't sneak back on. >> we'll talk about it. >> he gone? >> he's gone. >> coming up, danny was bullied in school until the football team stepped up and made him one of their own. band of brothers coming up. >> bad at recess. we didn't like that. he's a band of brothers for us. >> wow. >> danny and his entire family are here with a lesson all kids and parents need to see. and does this sound familiar? your brother's girlfriend brings her own food to thanksgiving dinner in a brown bag. is that normal or nuts? >> it's nuts. i'm just saying right now. it's nuts. >> i wonder what kevin mccarthy is doing. >> oh, any goodness! >> he's back. >> is he normal or nuts? >> he's normal.
4:50 am
>> he is. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. it's donut friday at the office. aso every friday morning they. psend me out to get the goods. but what they don't know is that i'm using my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop, so i get 2 times the points. and those points add up fast. so, sure, make me the grunt. 'cause i'll be using those points to help me get to a beach in miami. and allllllll the big shots will be stuck here at the cube farm.
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4:53 am
who are those voiceover people? ho is nuts? it's a question we ask ourselves all the time. it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow weekly. he joins us now. welcome back. >> thanks, brian. good to see you. >> same here. first, number one, help some people, won't you? >> i'll try. >> every time my family gets together, we all fight about politics. last year my mom and her sister got into such a heated argument, my mom dropped the turkey. it gets worse every year as the kids get older and voice
4:54 am
opinions, too. normal or nuts? >> listen, dropping the turkey is the least of it. way normal. any peaceful thanksgiving gathering this year may be a little nuts, in fact, because we've got big problems. so you should be talking about politics. you should because we've got a president who wants to throw out many of our principles like some leftovers after thanksgiving dinner. so heated arguments, that's the least of it. dropping the turkey is the least of it. >> number two, the idea of dinner with my family gives me anxiety attacks and shake with nervousness on the morning before the big dinner. am i nuts? >> yeah! yeah, you're nuts issues because you're going to dinner! listen, you have free will. you're an individual. when it comes to the point where your anxiety leads to panic attacks about gathering with these people, simply tell them you have a new tradition. and that is go to a soup
4:55 am
kitchen, or you volunteer at a homeless shelter. that's your thanksgiving. >> or you have a new tradition. i don't see you every thanksgiving. take that. >> that's good prescription. >> at this not go to college for it. my brother's new girlfriend brings her own piece of store bought turkey and pie in a brown bag? it's not like she has any allergies. what do you think? >> for this, you need a psychiatrist? she does that 'cause she's nuts. she's got some kind of underlying anxiety, obsessiveness and if you care about her, at some point you'll take her aside and say listen, this thing where you bring your own turkey, let's be honest, that's not normal. we heard that with dr. keith on "fox & friends" and we're going to get you help. that's not normal. >> real quick, can you go to a family get together without someone pulling you over and saying hey, i'm having this
4:56 am
problem and ask for free advice? >> i can't do it because even if they don't ask for the advice, i hear the music between the words and i listen to that and i'm like, well, tell me more about that. and then i end up at the end of the table or in the corner of the room, nobody is coming over to me 'cause people don't want to get into it. but i can't stop. >> you can't, because -- >> i can't stop. i can't leave the work. >> dr. ablow, thanks so much. have a great thanksgiving. >> you, too. take care. >> and do not bring a turkey in a brown bag. that's what i got out of the segment. coming up, is the white house dragging its feet on fixing the obamacare web site? you're about to hear from a man who says yes. it's so government contractors can make more of our money. and alec baldwin gets the boot. martin bashir gets to stay. why is he getting the pass for his despicable attack on sarah palin? even alec baldwin can't figure it out. ♪
4:57 am
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for huge savings on great gifts! like redhead men's 5 pocket jeans for only $9.97. fleece for the whole family - only $10 each. and this pro qualifier baitcast combo for under $70. good morning. it's wednesday, november 27. we begin with an extreme weather alert. as millions hit the roads and the skies today, a big winter storm is making its way east. what it means for you and your holiday travel plans. we are tracking that storm. and why is it taking the white house so long to fix that web site? one man says it's all so government contractors can make more money. that kind of makes sense. >> so they're not upset it's been delayed so long and launched so poorly? meet danny. he got bullied in school until the football team stepped up and made him one of their own. >> because he's getting picked on bad at recess.
5:01 am
we didn't like that. he's a band of brothers for us. >> wow. this morning danny and his family are here with a message to every kid -- every kid needs to see it. "fox & friends," as far as we know, final hour starts right now. >> it's "fox & friends"! >> we're americans! with a capital a. >> americans with a capital a worried about the weather today. >> of course. they just want to get to their families. we begin with an extreme weather alert. new video where a major storm is pack the east coast. >> look at that. steve centanni is live at reagan national airport with an eye on the flight delays. i know what you're thinking, wrong, pal. we have to go to maria because maria has to tell us what's happening. steve, don't move. maria, take it away.
5:02 am
>> thanks, brian. hello, everyone. good morning, on this thanksgiving eve. we are starting off with widespread weather-related delays expected along portion of the east coast. we have a storm system that right now is producing rain across florida, up the east coast, all the way to maine. so many states dealing with precipitation from the storm system. we also have some winter-like weather because temperatures on the backside of this system are cold enough for snow. you can see some of that freezing rain mixing in across portion of new england and snow across portions of upstate new york, western pennsylvania and all the way down through kentucky and even tennessee. a lot of places also dealing with some snowfall. six to 12 inches for cast for some areas, especially along the interior northeast. that wind picking up, gusting up to 40 miles per hour. even higher numbers have been reported across new york city, like jfk. you see nantucket, gusting over 40 miles an hour. 41. >> all right. thank you very much. my daughter, sally, was flying from texas. she landed on time late last
5:03 am
night. my daughter, mary, up from philly, was on the train. delayed three hours. locomotive conked out. >> but she made it? >> usually just the opposite. >> exactly right. today is the biggest travel day of the year and that's why we have dispatched steve centanni to reagan national airport in washington where outside the weather is frightful. what's it like inside, steve? >> reporter: that's right. it's raining outside and it's pretty good inside so far. more crowds arriving as time goes on because it's going to be a very, very busy day, very crowded here at this airport. let's take a look down the long hallway here. as you can see, people are arriving with their bags, checking in with the ticket counters, they're looking on the screens to see if their flights are delayed. a lot of those delays are being reported. there are two-hour delays in philadelphia. 90-minute delays at la guardia. 200 cancellations so far just today as people try to get away for thanksgiving.
5:04 am
and the best advice is get to the airport early and be prepared for those security checkpoints. here is the tsa expert. >> average day, tsa screens 1.8 million people. today we expect there will be about 2.4 million people traveling. more than a half million extra travelers out there. and we have worked with the airlines and the airports and we're staffed appropriately for the checkpoints to get the volume of people through to get to their gates on time. >> reporter: it's not just air travel. people will be out and about on the highways. 43 million americans traveling. at least 50 miles from their home for this thanksgiving. 91% of them are going to be going by car. so if you're out there in the weather, drive very, very carefully. back to you. >> will do. >> thank you very much. >> i'm disappointed with what we're about to say. i'm disappointed, i know people think i'm crazy, in the president's tone. one, i can't figure out why he went to the west coast. >> change the subject. >> but he had iran to talk about, obamacare to fix, and he's got this situation in
5:05 am
afghanistan with that peace agreement falling apart. but i couldn't believe the president's tone just one week after he apologized for a terrible layout and not being candid with the american people. >> sure. he certain israeli looking for scapegoats. it's not kathleen sebelius' fault that the obamacare web site isn't working. it's not his fault. it's not the democrats' fault who voted for it. it has to be the republicans' fault because none of them were in favor of it. take a listen. >> if we didn't have one wing of one party that was a little less obsessed with repealing health care for 40 million people, more concerned with making sure the law works, if they hadn't spent 40 votes trying to repeal the affordable care act, they might have actually taken some votes on rebuilding our infrastructure or instituting early childhood education for young people across this country, or
5:06 am
investing more money in basic research. any of the serious proposals i put forward that would be creating jobs right now, they could have taken votes on that. instead of rooting for failure. >> unfortunately for the president, it has failed in many ways so far because of the web site and also the technical challenges people have faced. what's interesting is apparently because the democrats in the senate are getting their ears chewed off, this thing just isn't working -- what they're trying to do is take a page from the republicans. the republicans have been touting all of these stories about people lost their health care, this person had cancer, they were kicked off their policy. so now the democrats in the senate are looking for success stories of people who got new insurance and it's working great for them. there is a problem. they have to find them first. it's an item in the "wall street journal" today talking about how we need to have some great stories, but go out during the vacation and try to find some because right now we don't have
5:07 am
any. >> right. it's a redistribution issue, it seems. redistribution of health care, redistribution of funding and income and now redistribution of blame. that's where we are. but one state who has some blame to probably spread around and maybe look at the administration for answers to their questions would be portland, oregon, right now. look up there. oregon right now, 300 million spent on their exchange. zero enrollees to date. all that money spent, no one to be enrolled. >> look for something -- one state. you wonder why so many democrats are quiet and the president is able to go off on republicans. look for that to change december 1. there is a deal that the white house cut with democratic leaders. give us a couple weeks. give us 'til the 30th. once we got it on trackers we don't get it on track, that's one thing. but if we do, we'll weather the storm. they won't be able to keep quiet because it's their constituents who they have to get their votes back who are suffering the most
5:08 am
so far. >> they've got until saturday to fix it. good luck. in the meantime, one tech expert says the reason it's taking too long and it's not working, it's clunking along, it's perhaps the people who are putting it together. the contractors from outside the government are trying to make more money. >> originally i thought that the people on this project were simply incompetent, right? it's like giving carpenters who are not qualified a bunch of nails and drywall and they are never going to finish the project no matter how much time or money you give them. however, over time, i'm beginning to see that these government contractors who took over this project have essentially made every decision that favors them as much as pop, to maximize the cost to taxpayers, to maximize their profits. >> put it that way, it makes sense. >> can you imagine a company not fixing something or delivering on time so they can get paid more money to fix it? >> brian, that's the way big government gets bigger. >> but this company has to get a contract afterwards. they say smaller companies would
5:09 am
have been kicked out by now. but it's so massive -- >> look at the company from canada that got the big contract. >> that's the one we're talking about. >> they historically have done bad jobs on web sites, yet we gave them the great contract. >> there is great incentive, keep getting it wrong and we'll keep paying you. nine minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert joins us from this studio with some breaking news. >> good morning. this coming out of russia right now. a fox news alert to bring you. group of radical islamists have just been arrested in moscow with bombs, hand grenades and also guns. the interior ministry says 15 people are members of the islamic group founded in egypt. bomb making materials were found during the raid. russia is on high alert ahead of the winter games that begin in two months. we'll keep watching this story as it develops. that coming into fox a short while ago. also a developing story that we've been following overnight. hundreds of people in ohio being forced from their homes in the middle of the night because of a
5:10 am
train derailment that spilled chemicals. this happened at a rail yard in willard, ohio. one of the cars was carrying highly flammable and toxic liquid. there is worry there that it could explode. we'll watch this story asll. and another major story developing at this hour. a mother and stepfather under arrest this morning. they are accused of keeping their three teenage daughters locked in their rooms for two years. these girls told police that they were fed just once a day and hadn't taken a shower for six months. listen. >> they were kept in filthy living conditions separately and told parole officers they had not seen each other in almost two years and were kept separate within the bedrooms within that house. >> the 12, 13 and 17-year-olds were found after two of the girls managed to escape and make their way to a neighbor's house and called for help. take a look at this. take these anchors right here. well, they're covering a parade
5:11 am
in duluth, minnesota, it's really cold there. well, there is just one problem here. they're not outside. they're in a warm studio. in front of a green screen. are you kidding me? >> outrageous! >> with a picture of a parade behind them. >> live. >> that is just so wrong for them to do that, to wear coats to make it look like they are outside like we are currently. >> whose idea was it to go out? this is crazy! >> listen to this. here is what happened. some viewers saw these anchors and thought, it's cold here. we don't see their breath because it freezes. so they started -- why are you doing? why are you taking that shot? >> thank you. thank you. >> there you go. >> so they were busted that way. that's the story. >> trying to be clever. >> all right. now we can't do it. >> the wide shot busted us.
5:12 am
>> i was in minnesota. i'd northbound front of a green screen every day. it's so cold. >> or if you're cokie roberts. remember that? >> what did she do? >> it's a long story. but she stood in front of a green screen rather than go to the capitol. >> wow. i didn't know that. >> a dozen minutes after the hour. >> coming up, peter johnson, jr. fought to get sarah murnaghan a lung transplant. now he's helping another family fighting government to get bone narrow. how you can help, too. that's next. then your comments are pouring in on this one. the white house thinking about closing the embassy at the vatican. we will read your comments as we roll on live from duluth, i mean here. ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
here we followed sarah murnaghan's strugg toll find a lurching -- struggle to find a lung. earlier this morning, we spoke to another mom who also finds herself battling with the federal government against the outdated law on bone marrow donations. so why would these brave moms have to fight the government when they should only need to focus on their children's health and survival? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. with the second case. >> on this thanksgiving, we are grateful to our mothers always. i know how much you love your mother. my mother saved me and nursed me when i had cancer, when i was 18 or 19. but these are two mothers america should be grateful. we know about janet murnaghan, how she saved her daughter's life because of an unfair federal policy. she fought kathleen sebelius literally almost to the death and won.
5:17 am
let's watch what she said and who she was. >> the only thing standing between my daughter living and my daughter dying is the fact that she's ten and not 12. assign this arbitrary age and somehow we're asking for an exception. what we're asking for is for her to be treated on the severity of her illness and get lung that her doctor deemed appropriate. it's like the government deciding for her when they've never seen her. >> the government deciding what's best for her when they have never seen her. the same thing goes for mrs. gummo, who was interviewed by steve this morning. we talked about yesterday, who fought the federal government and won on bone marrow transplants and now the federal government is trying to regulate her and regulate that win back and decide that they're going to allocate bone marrow. she was on with steve earlier this morning and this is what
5:18 am
she said. >> it doesn't make any sense at all to me, to be honest with you. i just think it's another way -- my opinion is they lost in court through numerous appeals and this is another way to try and take back that win, so to speak. i look at it as like we're paying donors every day to donate plasma, which is noninvasive. somebody goes in and voluntarily does that. why can't somebody don't blood stem cells used for bone marrow transplants to save somebody's life and be compensated for that? >> it's just a matter of giving blood. >> it's just a matter of giving blood, but it's really become that easy because of the science. and the federal government was behind the science in the situations. on this thanksgiving, these are two quintessential american mother heros that we should all be thankful for 'cause they're fighting not only for their children's lives, breathing lives into their children, but also for all americans to make sure that the federal government
5:19 am
doesn't make health decisions. >> where is this at? >> people have an opportunity to respond to the federal government ask tell them this policy on bone marrow, that they're trying to reverse, is wrong. the people should be compensated for the ability to give bone marrow and give life. so they can respond to the federal government and put their opinion in on that and we've it up on our web site. >> what about helping this woman? >> mrs. gummoe is trying hard. three children are affected. the murnaghans are still fighting. young sarah is doing much better and america sends love to her and all the gummo children as well who are afflicted. but these mothers are models. they brought life out of death and we salute them and give thanks for them. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks so much. >> to you, too. >> straight ahead on a much different note, alec baldwin gets the boot. but martin bushier gets to -- bashir gets to stay.
5:20 am
why is he getting a pass for his despicable attack on sarah palin. and daney was bullied at school until the football team stepped up. danny and his family are here with a lesson that every kid needs to see. ♪ ♪ ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
5:21 am
♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪o ♪ hah
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5:23 am
some quick headlines on this wednesday. a boat capsizes 50 miles off the coast of the bahamas, leaving 30 people dead. the ship packed with immigrants hit a reef, flipped over. more than 100 people were rescued. oh, man. o. j. simpson staying behind bars. a judge in vegas rejected his
5:24 am
bid for a new trial. he's serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. not the only simpson headline this morning. his manager is claiming khloe kardashian may be o. j. simpson's daughter. khloe's father, robert kardashian, famously defended o.j. in the murder trial of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. now you know that part of the story. group of kids in massachusetts rallying behind a six-year-old. danny keith. he was being picked on at school because he has a speech disorder and that's when the football team stepped in and held danny appreciation day. >> we all dressed up in suits and sponsored danny 'cause he's getting picked on bad at recess. we didn't like that. he's a band of brothers for us. >> that was a quarterback of the team who stepped up as a leader as well. it's a lesson every kid should
5:25 am
hear. who better to tell it than six-year-old danny keith himself, along with his parents, jen and mark, and his brothers, matthew and tim and his sister, emily. good morning, you guys. thanks for being with us today. ♪ >> it is so great to have you here. this is an inspiring story because you don't always hear great stories like this. but it is one that we're proud to share. tim, you're the biggest of the brothers there. when you found out that danny was being picked on, what was your mission? what did you think was important to do? >> well, danny was getting picked on, so it didn't really make me feel so good. so what i did was i started to play with him because he kept getting picked on every day. so maybe if i played with him, he'd feel more loved and feel
5:26 am
better about himself. >> sure. you guys started -- matthew, i know you were in the band of brothers, too. you guys got together with the football players and you started a danny appreciation day. can you tell us about that? >> well, i didn't like him getting picked on, none of us wanted danny to get picked on. so we started danny appreciation day so he would feel more loved. and he might forget about him getting picked on and we don't want him getting picked on. we need to stop that. >> exactly. well said, matthew. >> thank you. >> you look great. danny, i like the hat. emily, i love your dress. you're wearing your jackets and ties because that's how danny likes to dress. that's his style and that's how danny does it. danny, how does it feel to know that this band of brothers stood
5:27 am
up for you like that? >> emily and matt made me happy and made my day. >> what an awesome thing to know. all those guys are behind you. that's so cool. your brothers led the way and your sister. emily, how does it feel to know you have such great brothers? >> well, it feels good because they're always sticking up for me. they make sure that nothing happens to me. >> you are protected and loved. mark and jen, i think -- gosh, a parent couldn't ask for much more. you've got incredible kids right there. willing to step out and stand for one another. can you tell us what that meant to you to see this all happen? >> sure. we knew we had a great community anyway. we've been there about four
5:28 am
years. people have always seemed to gravitate towards danny. children, adults. so we just realized that we had a great place to live. we had great neighbors and then when the fifth graders decided to do this for my son, it felt truly amazing. we really did feel blessed and we knew we were very have these people become part of our lives. >> it's just amazing what jen said to touch base on a little bit, when you have a fifth grader kind of going against the grain of what society calls a norm, to step up and say, you know what? if he was being teased, i don't like it. let's do something about it. i think as parents we try to teach your kids if you're put in certain situations, here is how you responds. until you're put in that situation, you don't know how you'll respond. for the fifth grade class to
5:29 am
respond the way they did, i commend all the parents and everybody involved and the main thing is that danny, with his speech, everybody had his back. it's amazing that not many people know about the disease. danny struggles with it every day. he never complains about it. my one thing out of this is i would love for people to go and do a search on the internet about apraxia and learn about it and pass that information along to your family and friends and let everybody know how hard danny struggles every day and he doesn't complain at all, do you, buddy? >> huh-uh. >> and we actually is a tie here from fox news. everyone here we're going to send you one. all right. that's our danny appreciation day right there. you're looking great, we're so
5:30 am
glad to have you with us today. great message, you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for having us. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> coming up, your comments are pouring in on this one. the white house thinking about closing the u.s. embassy to the vatican. many of you are saying it's a slap in the face to catholics. we're going to read your comments next. plus, they're two holidays rolled into one. the hanukkah pastry filled with thanksgiving turkey. that's right! we're trying them out next. ♪ ♪ come on. oh!
5:31 am
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5:34 am
this year thanksgiving and hanukkah fall on the same day and it won't happen again for about another 70,000 years. >> wow. to honor this special occasion, a bakery has morphed the two holidays into one. >> it's impossible! it can't be done! >> it is possible thanks to our guest. here to share the secret behind it from the zucker bakery are our guests. what is the name of your new creation here? >> thanksgiving kah doughnut.
5:35 am
you have three different kinds. four. >> i'm starving. what do you we have here? >> pumpkin dough stuffed with cranberry sauce. >> it's impossible. how can you do that? >> what about this? >> sweet potato dough stuffed with marshmallow. >> this is a favorite one so far? >> yes. >> and these final ones? >> also both pumpkin dough, one stuffed with turkey and cranberry and one turkey gravy. >> what was your role in this? >> i'm gill. my role was i invented it. i came up with the idea and i was looking for bakery and i went to zohar and she decided to execute on that. >> were there other bakeries that thought you were out of your mind? >> no. that was my first choice and they liked the idea. so we did it there. >> that's great. it's been a success, right? everyone loves them so far? >> huge success. >> are you in a rush? >> the two days coming together. >> here is my review. >> the one with the turkey and the cranberry are delicious. and it would be my favorite if the one with turkey and gravy
5:36 am
did not exist. but i love this. >> what do you do, put the food in one cheek and test the other? >> i'm tasting doughnuts. it's fantastic. >> don't you think for the world this is a good sign, if we can come together and mesh two holidays, why can't we get along as a global community? >> what a special day. i didn't realize that wouldn't happen again for so long. thank you for being us these great treats. >> i just need some coffee. >> maria has not taken any time off. maria molina tracking the storms through the east coast. >> good morning. save me some breakfast. we want to take a look at the radar picture because right now across new york city, we do just have a little drizzle. the wind where i am, i'm blocked by a building, isn't too bad. but it will pick up especially along coastal areas. we've seen gusts up to 47 miles per hour reported at jfk. so taking a look at that radar picture, there is still a lot of rain out there stretching across
5:37 am
parts of south florida, up the east coast, across the carolinas, into areas south of new york city. so there are some breaks here and there. that's what we are looking at in the city. now, farther north across parts of new england, temperatures are cold enough a early this morning we had freezing rain, most of that is starting to fizzle out. behind it, where temperatures are cold, we have some snow coming down in portions of western new england. that will be a big story because we're going to be expecting as much as six to even 12 inches of snow in some areas, especially across western parts of upstate new york. once this system moves out of the northeast, temperatures behind it are going to get very cold. early tomorrow morning, people heading out in new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade, take a look what the temperature is forecast to be. 29 degrees early tomorrow morning. you need to bundle up and that's not even factoring the wind. the wind could be a big issue out here. we are expecting gusts up to 40 miles per hour and steve, elisabeth and brian, that could be an issue with the floats. those balloons. they might have to bring them
5:38 am
back down when it's this strong. >> if the winds are as strong as they're predicting. maria, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> who needs to spend all day cooking tomorrow when you can get it all in a doughnut? >> steve is loving it. heather, we don't need to cook. look. >> i love that. i bet brian could cram anything in a doughnut. >> hey, could we if to that clip? -- could we if to that clip? -- go to that clip? i was late. i didn't know that resonated. >> right. it sure did. people caught on to that one. >> anyone have a family traveling in from elsewhere? brian, you, elisabeth? >> all my family is here. >> yours is here. your girls made it here. >> we're waiting on everybody. >> this is delicious! >> hopefully everybody makes it in okay. so nice to have family around for the holidays. good morning to you. i've got headlines. we have new video that surfaced of a tiger attack at the australian zoo. a large crowd watching as the
5:39 am
tiger here turned on his handler, biting his neck and shoulders. employees dragged the man to safety and he survived. he's now in stable condition at a local hospital. zoo officials say the tiger became overexcited during a play session. oh, my. take a look at this sign. pretty nice, right? the city of huntington beach, california, doesn't think so. they want the sign taken down. the city now threatening to fine the owner of the bar more than $900 if the sign is not removed by tuesday. listen to this. >> we received a letter in the mail from the city stating that we have to remove it within two days. >> it's been up there for ten years. i don't understand why it's a huge problem now. >> the city now says that the issue is not about the wording on the sign, but about wording. take a look at this. an officer runs right toward a burning truck and then you see
5:40 am
him pull an unconscious driver out of that truck. then he goes back to check for more victims. the 61-year-old driver was the only person inside that vehicle and he now remains in critical condition. what a hero there. religious leaders are calling this a slap in the face to all catholics. listen to this story. the obama administration is now moving to shut down the u.s. embassy to the holy see at the vatican. under this plan, the offices would move to a larger embassy in italy. the state department says that the move will save $1.4 million each year and help boost security. but catholic leaders are saying it is important to keep these two branches separate. they always have been. the vatican is considered a separate sovereign state. we are getting lots of comments from folks on that. >> we are. so they're suggesting that they're going to save a million dollars. keep in mind, we just detailed how it's costing $305 million to create the web site in oregon that does not work. >> yeah.
5:41 am
outrageous. start sharing stuff with us, steve. >> here are some comments. our embassy in libyas with left open after the war, yet our embassy in the vatican is closed? what am i missing? >> another one tweeted, not surprising that the president wants to close the embassy in the vatican. another good relationship flushed away. >> and matthew tweeted, remember when we shut down the embassy in benghazi for security concerns? like the vatican. >> it's outrageous. if you listen to the president's speech yesterday, when he talked about oh, what about before school specials? what about investment in jobs? he's talking about five different programs to invest in because we're about a million dollars in italy. >> it does seem like a drop in the bucket. >> continue sending your stuff in. we love hearing it. up next, alec baldwin gets the boot. but martin bashir gets to stay? why does he get a pass for his despicable attack on sarah
5:42 am
palin? governor mike huckabee will give us his take. a bombshell accusation against tv chef nigella lawson. she apparently has an appetite for more than food. we're talking drug, people. ♪ ♪ apply online or visit a bank of america near you. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can.
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5:45 am
some quick headlines. famed tv chef nigella lawson not just into pots and pans, according to her former assistants. she's also a fan of pot and coke. they said she's been abusing drugs for years. it's a version of living on a prayer you've never heard before. ♪
5:46 am
♪ >> not bad. prince william singing on stage with bon jovi and taylor swift. they performed at a charity event at kensington palace. >> we could just call the guy on the right prince. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. as i millions hit the roads and try to fly places today, a big winter storm is making its way throughout the east with sleet and rain and snow creating a travel nightmare. kmsp's stephanie gailheart is live in minneapolis-spall at the international airport there. any troubles out in the middle >> reporter: yeah. there are some troubles here as far as people flying into new york and philadelphia here this morning. considering how busy it is on the busiest travel day, it's pretty quiet here. it was hectic about an hour ago. but it settled down a bit. i want you to take a live look at the security line. all those folks are down there
5:47 am
waiting. one of the passengers told me he's been waiting in the line for about 40 minutes. that's a big concern now, just getting through security. and triple a is reporting this year nearly 4 million midwesterners will travel somewhere this holiday with about 164,000 traveling by plane and the rest by car. nationally triple a predicts more than 43 million people will travel this thanksgiving. so far the storms hitting the mid atlanta hispanic northeast have not really resulted in many flight delays or cancellations around the country or here at msp. but the weather, it is expected to get worse as today wears on. we're definitely going to keep an eye on it for you. and again here live at msp, the big concern right now is folks waiting in line going through security, delays up to about 40 minutes there. bottom line this morning, if you are heading out of msp, you definitely want to arrive two hours early. pack your patience, perhaps
5:48 am
bring a few things to keep you busy to help you pass the time here. >> stephanie reporting live from minneapolis-st. paul, we thank you very much. they have delays there because we have delays here across the eastern part of the united states with the weather. >> the mall of america is very close, correct? so if they give you a few hours, you could probably jet over there. >> sure. coming up, alec baldwin out. but martin about shear gets to stay -- bashir is getting to stay for his despicable attack on sarah palin. governor mike huckabee up next. >> let's check in with bill hemmer. >> what's up, turkeys? look, i've been waiting all week. how funky is that it's 60 degrees in new york today? >> it's great. >> good morning. have a terrific thanksgiving with your family. >> you, too. >> breaking news on the holiday storm. what you need to know if your family members are on the move or you're on the move. the irs is making a move on campaign money. what is that all about?
5:49 am
karl rove is here to react. and why would the administration encourage people to hold off on checking out the web site, wealth -- som what's that all about? what's that all about? we'll explain coming minutes lge inhe warmth of the sean withur embraceable pajamas. exclusively at sa and where beautiful gifts begin. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards!
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5:52 am
it is one of the most popular shows on all of television on the weekends. we're talking about huckabee. joining us from arkansas, the land that he knows so well is former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. great to be with you guys today. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving, governor. let me get your perspective. campaigner in chief hits the road, heads to hollywood,
5:53 am
talking economy instead of obamacare failure. shouldn't he be in washington? don't we need this thing fixed soon? >> elisabeth, he loves to campaign. campaign is a lot more fun than governing. i've done both and i can tell you that campaigning is delightful. people are screaming your name and they love you. they clap for you. they cheer for you. you get o walk rope line examines people look at you adoringly. then you go and govern and sit down with legislators, they hold new contempt. don't enjoy being with you. you don't enjoy being with them. but the president ran for the office. he needs to exercise the full responsibilities of it. the reason you're seeing so many of his initiatives failed is because he's not attending to them. you can not simply put the pot on the stove and then walk away and never stir it. and this is a president who puts it on the stove and then walks away and he wonders why it burns at the bottom. that's what's happening to his programs. >> are you surprised that his poll numbers are tanking? a majority of americans, according to poll that came out this week, don't trust him. >> why would they? we've not been told the truth
5:54 am
about obamacare. you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, period. we're going to get to the bottom of benghazi. no, we didn't really spy on people through the nsa, james rosen. no, we didn't do anything to him. the irs scandal. on and on. we have all these scandals. we've not been told the truth. i think it's finally caught up with him. the surprising thing about the polls is not how low they are. it's for me, how high they still remain. how could 37% of the american people still believe that he's doing a good job? that's what escapes me. i wonder who those people are. >> let's go to the media right now and talk about lara logan, martin bashir and alec baldwin. alec baldwin show, poorly rated. he had a bit of a temper. but most of his antigay remarks he claims he didn't make got him ousted from msnbc. martin bashir makes disparaging marks about sarah palin, not a day suspended and just a forced apology. what's the difference there?
5:55 am
>> he must have some -- martin bashir must have really incriminating photos of executives at msnbc. there is no other explanation for why this guy is still on the air. let's keep in mind what alec baldwin was fired for were things that he shouted in anger in the street. wasn't on air or scripted. i think the guy clearly needs to go to anger management. but bashir was scripted. this is something he intentionally said. this was not an off the cuff remark. the fact is that for him to remain on air saying some of the most vile, just disgusting, despicable things about another human being really should mean he gets canned. i think this, if msnbc keeps martin ba here -- right now he's getting a nice vacation, they say, that was already planned, that if he comes back, then i think they've got as rickey ricardo would say, they've got some splaining as what their standards are. >> lara logan is suspended for her "60 minutes" speech.
5:56 am
she almost gave her life for that company. i'm shocked. are you? >> i'm shocked. the fact is we're missing the big story here. we still don't know what happened in benghazi. our government lied to us. they covered it up. lara logan is certainly a hero journalist, at least to attempt to get the story out. >> indeed. >> mike huckabee, joining us today from arkansas. sir, have a great thanksgiving with your family. >> you guy, too. >> more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] havg a card
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6:00 am
of course, tomorrow is thanksgiving and this is our chance to remind all of you, we're thankful for you watching. we've been number one for over ten years thanks to you. and tune in tomorrow because we've got a big show, starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern. >> right. >> while you're cooking and getting everything ready. bill: the holiday getaway is underway and so are the delays. airports are starting to see delays up to two hours. hi winds and conditions expect to get worse as the day progresses. first, the irs once again going after tax exempt groups that could have a big impact on elections. only months after the agency was criticized for targeting apa


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