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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 27, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PST

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martha: we will see you again. bill: "happening now" starts right now. speak to the east is getting slammed by a strong nor'easter. warnings in effect for the holiday. rain and snow, blustery conditions making airline delays the storm has already been deadly as it moves across the country. we will be following it so you and your family can have a safe thanksgiving. right now, today's top headlines. spew on a las vegas woman learns her fate. she says she did want her husband dead, but she did not try to get him killed. the jury has reached a verdict. and a police officer does not hesitate when he sees a car
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burning on the side of the road, reaching and then dragging out the the unconscious driver. a nascent storm that could ground snoopy. it's all "happening now". jon: hello, everyone, i am jon scott. jenna: and i am jenna lee. it would be so sad if snoopy's balloon could not fly in the parade. we will watch for any announcements. in the meantime, one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. 43 million folk expected to hit the road. a major northeast corridor were for travelers is one of the
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areas getting hit with wicked weather today. high winds, heavy rains, it could also lead to flooding, other spots could get big snow totals. creating hazardous road conditions and delays at the airport and nationwide. rick leventhal is live braving the elements. reporter: it's an unfortunately timed storm. especially on a notoriously busy holiday come its last thing anyone would want. rain is expected to get heavy in the next couple of hours. the wind is not so bad here, but costs are reported at 40 miles per hour at jfk airport and 55 miles per hour on long island. traffic is flowing smoothly between new jersey and new york city, some of them headed to connecticut and long island were almost 5000 customers have already lost power in the worst of the storm is heading upstate new york and western
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pennsylvania right now in buffalo already have several inches of snow with up to eight but falling today and big concerns about black ice on the roads up north. temperatures fall into the 20s by this afternoon. a predictable impact is occurring on air travel. the philadelphia national airport from almost two hours delayed behind. forty-nine minutes on average at laguardia. fifty cancellations at that one airport, laguardia, already today. 39 million americans driving an average of 214 miles to get to grandma's house today or tomorrow. in three-mile delay on the new jersey turnpike due to heavy volume traffic as well. the situation is pretty bad and a significant amount of snow has
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fallen into this morning from the overnight hours. the best advice is to take it easy and use extra caution and do not be in a hurry and there's just too much traffic and too much bad weather out there to get anywhere fast on this day. jenna: that's great advice. thank you, rick leventhal. jon: strong words from the president about obamacare as he lashes out at republicans. but he says that he is going to fight for it. >> we're going to continue to implement a health care law. the product is good, people wanted, and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt is because they get sick. and anyone who's going to keep on pushing against that, they will meet my resistance because i am willing to fix any problems at there are, but i'm not going to abandon people to make sure that they've got health insurance in this country and that is not something that we will do.
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this is something that we will keep fighting for because it's worth fighting for. i am not an ideological guy, but there are some things that i truly believe. jon: joining us now is nina easton from the washington columnist from "fortune" magazine and a fox news contributor. to quote the president there, the product is good and people wanted. is that true? >> the republicans are to blame for these problems. we are seeing a very familiar political problem. the president is on the defense politically. democrats are on the defense and just a couple months ago republicans are suffering from the result of a government shutdown and they were suffering in the polls. democrats are suffering now. what the president is doing is going out to his base and he is saying that the republicans are to blame for this. but they just want to kill the law and that's all that this is
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about. it's a page from the 2012 election. >> what is he not take responsibility? is the chief executive, he got the slot past and it was all smoke and mirrors getting it through the senate without any republican support. he's got his law. why not just go out and implemented and make a website work. >> it's not just about the website. we are seeing millions of people lose their health insurance small businesses are likely to lose. he did that, he tried to do that last week in a very telling press conference. but now he's back on the defense and he thinks that he can gain the moral high ground by blaming
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the republicans and it's not something that's going to stick. you know, this is supposed to be a safety net program in all it is doing is injecting elements of insecurity into people and making them nervous about their health care. jon: the last numbers that we saw is that 5 million americans had their insurance canceled as a result of the program. there a lot of people steamed about what is happening and it's supposed to be a safety net for those who did not have insurance >> it has also gone to the type of insurance that you can have, so we are seeing certain kinds of hospitals, for example the seattle children's hospital, cost more because they are treating chronically ill children, as an example. but that won't be included in your health insurance policy, we are seeing specific stories of people who have cancer, for example you can't get the same treatment. again, that lends all of those
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stories in that area, it's really coming back to haunt the president politically. so he is going on the offense in california. jon: speaking of politics, it should not be a surprise if he stops by dreamworks and jeffrey katzenberg, one of the top executives there, happens to be one of mr. obama's largest political donors. >> that is right. he's got a sweet spot in hollywood. and in bit parts of california. what he is not talking about and what we are hearing here in washington is that even though they won all of these people to go on the website this weekend. and they want to see a re-rollout, they are telling people, don't let people sign up too much because we don't crash the website and they are telling all of their allies getting people to sign up, don't go too fast because we don't want those things to crash again.
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jon: we will be talking about that more with you in the program. nina easton, thank you so much. jenna: new information changing the way the united states government and the american people as well as the entire al qaeda network update. catherine herridge has more on this top story. >> that's right, a lot of classified information, it it's said to be a least 1.5 million files. in only 17 written documents have been released. and that was over a year ago. critics charging the documents from this compound, cherry picked to portray bin laden as a micromanager who have lost control of his network. in addition, the administration declassified a series of videos which show bin laden watching
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messages from his followers, reinforcing the view that the modern's al qaeda is in decline. putting politics in those questions aside, lawmakers say that the blocks are making all of the documents unacceptable. >> the value of learning and who is debating who on what issues, it is incredibly valuable in trying to make sure that we have the best information possible. reporter: they tell fox news that they believe the document goes way beyond the al qaeda network itself and that sheds light on the connections between the senior leadership of al qaeda which was first documented by the 9/11 report. >> in congress forced the cia to release the documents? >> it seems that they are going to try. buried in the new intelligence budget is language that calls for the declassification of these files and the republicans that author that section told fox news that there is evidence
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that the documents are being denied to the military teams that are charged with this. >> the real concern of guys that have been chasing down al qaeda to the middle east, and they have not had access to these documents and that is a serious concern of mine and hopefully this will be rectified here in the short-term. >> if you just go back to those initial days after this, you'll probably remember that the administration describes the document is a treasure trove of information and any decision to declassify more would have to rest the cia. jenna: that is an interesting story to watch. jon: breaking news in arizona. investigators searching for answers after a horrifying fine. three sisters were found malnourished and dirty. allegedly held captive in a home
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in tucson for as long as two years. now their mother and stepfather are under arrest. laura ingle is here with the story. what are they saying about girls? >> i just got off the phone. all three girls are in child protective custody this morning, hopefully getting a hot meal in the a shower. ere held hostage and theyhat hadn't been allowed to bathe for months. investigators say the girls were aged 12 and 13 and 17, allegedly were locked up and kept inside of the bedroom of their tucson, arizona, family home by their stepfather and mother. the two youngest girls were able to escape out a window and onto a neighbor's house after they said that their stepfather tried to break into their bedroom brandishing a knife. neighbors then called police. >> they discovered two juvenile females extremely filthy.
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approximately 12 and 13 years old. officers responded to the family residence and made entry and discovered yet a third 17-year-old female that was also imprisoned in a different bedroom that her siblings were occupying together. reporter: investigators are trying to figure out how long they were imprisoned, which could be in the range of six months to years. the mother and stepfather have been identified and they are scheduled to appear in court this hour. we did just received a 2012 mugshots of the step father, showing you here at the charges that he is facing today. there he is. they face three counts of kidnapping and child emotional and physical abuse, and also an additional charge of sexual abuse for persons under the age
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of 15. the mother has three counts of kidnapping and child emotional and physical abuse and neighbors telling reporters today they didn't realize that children had been living in that house, which is set back from the road. jon: memories of the aerial castro case all over again. thank you, laura. jenna: the jury returned a verdict in a shocking trial of a las vegas woman plotting to kill her husband and how it all turned out. plus, a life-changing experience after a historic nuclear deal. what it means for us. john folsom ways and next. ♪
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jon: right right now look at some crime stories that we have been talking about and followin. no charges announced yet or
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22-year-old david bennett. the verdict is in in the las vegas woman accused of plotting to kill her husband is found guilty. she is found guilty on all counts, including conspiracy to commit murder. and colorado police releasing this video of a teenager confessing to killing. telling piece that he could not explain why he committed that crime. speak to a so-called nuclear deal with iran. officials reporting the obama administration's fact sheet, calling it misleading and accusing the white house of line. lying to the american people. john bolton is a fox news contributor. so what is the issue here? >> well, ron is doing what it has done to countless other agreements in the past, and
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opening it up. the document itself was signed in geneva and it was very poorly written, quite apart from the loopholes and ambiguities that the documents contain. it is just a poorly done document. so what they have done is compare the fact sheet that the white house put out that detects the document itself and actually made that comparison before the iranians dead and i know this will shock you, but the white house fact sheet put a positive spin than the agreement itself from their. jenna: so are you saying that they are right in their complaints? >> they are right in a sense they are going after ambiguity where the white house characterizes what happens to this with a lot of strange and
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iran takes the agreement was signed in geneva and argues that it has a lot more flexibility. but the main point is that iran is turning this consistently over the next months. >> james rosen a lot of great reporting, during the press briefing yesterday. where a reporter asked what is the timeline for this agreement and has that six-month clock begun yet. the statement department says that it hasn't even begun to tick off. so where are we with this agreement at all? >> the question was put to the state department by others as well in what they seem to be saying is that we need more negotiation over some of the specific terms to decide when the six month begins to run. in the meantime, iran is just
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out, continuing all the work to do before this agreement was signed and there's one aspect of it that doesn't depend on timing and that is the iranians taking advantage of the loosening of the economic sanctions and there's reporting in major media yesterday and today about how european corporate officers and government officials are already talking about resuming the business that they were engaged in before sanctions were put into place. so again, iran is moving on this deal and not moving on other parts. this regime is an expert at taking apart badly written documents. and that is what this geneva plan is. jenna: it's always nice to see you, happy thanksgiving. jon: a daring rescue pulling a
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driver from a driving car. we have the story next. and they came home from the battlefield of them start their own business. how a couple of veterans refuse to let anything derail their dreams.
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jon: small business spotlight about a couple of army officers that offer the country and then came home and face some of the same issues that all the veterans encounter. what do i do now? these two decided to leverage their army training and experience to start a business, only to find them the process would take them on a journey that neither one expected. reporter: a small town in pennsylvania like so many these days, aching for new
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businesses to it's a lot more work than anyone anticipated. >> he's a west point graduate and decorated veteran. >> this is a picture of me after an ambush. the taliban attacked a convoy and we took a picture after the battle had ended. >> seen here on the left, they came back from the wars and decided to start a business. >> we didn't know what kind of business, but we wanted to start one that was based on the values of integrity and honesty that we had experienced in the army. they are the only value. >> on the all american corner, you will find modern tactical. >> to be honest, most of the reaction in person was great. we are a veteran owned business in our landlord got a couple of
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angry e-mails. >> by and large, the people say that they have been supportive. >> sometimes with a little shocked when someone comes in and asked if these are real insight, yeah, they are real. and they say, wow, you guys open a gun store on main street and we say yes, we did. >> and it wasn't easy. there was talk of banning right after the a or a movie theater massacre. >> we were going weren't going to accept defeat. we pushed forward. >> in order to apply, they have to show a signed lease. and so they had to rent space even before knowing they would get the license to sell anything. after months of planning and paperwork, they submitted their federal firearms license application. >> it involves setting and achieving goals. and they've blocked off a big
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one. and then adam lanza changed everything. >> we had no idea what was going to happen. people were talking about passing all kinds of laws and we had no idea if the atf would stop taking the applications and we had no idea what would happen to us at that point. reporter: at the bureau of alcohol and tobacco and firearms has been supportive. it was only natural that they turn to the pool of other veterans looking for work. >> it's an awesome responsibility selling firearms to people and it's not something that you take lightly. when i hire a veteran, i know that they are taking that responsibility so seriously. reporter: one employee might seem a little out of place not because she is a woman, but because she is a marine. >> i like the fact that i'm able to take my skills i learned in the marine corps and actually be able to demonstrate them and show that this is what i learned and i can actually show it and
8:29 am
make a career out of it. >> unfortunately, the unemployment rate among the veterans is higher than what it should be. i can do my small part, and it's not a sacrifice on my part. it's a benefit. >> they say they first chose another town but found the environment very antibusiness or matter what they were trying to sell. they say that from the mayor to the building, it they made them feel very welcome. while he is still running his store, he's about to be promoted jenna: what a great story. it seems like they really take this very seriously. >> absolutely. jon: they don't put their guns in the window, but they have
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them. speak to the owner of hobby lobby taking their fight supreme court. they say that providing contraceptive coverage infringes on their religion. a case that's getting a lot of attention. and right now, millions of americans trying to head home for the holidays and a storm that has been moving across the country is making travel difficult. maria molina is here with an update next ♪
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jon: a look at what is to come in a new hour of "happening now." hobby lobby challenging the laws in the business owners saying that it is a violation of their religious freedom. our legal panel weighs in. also, dramatic police rescue. and will snoopy and spongebob and all the other giant balloons get to fly over macy's thanksgiving day parade? we are alive with the story coming up next. jenna: getting to the weather right now, trouble on the road with the deadly storm that has been slamming the united states all week. finally reaching the east coast and some of the nation's biggest airports. our meteorologist is very busy.
8:35 am
>> it is definitely what i live for. a storm system started out across the u.s., has tracked the across parts of the southern plains and actually been with us throughout the entire overnight hours in places like new york city where we saw when gus up to 47 miles per hour. places across the southeast had rain this morning, it trying out across georgia and alabama in the state of florida, taking a look at the rain where we have this and advisories across places like new york city and that rain still coming down. that is why there is a concern that is in place. snow coming to an end, across parts of the great lakes. some spots looking up to a foot
8:36 am
of snow possible. winds picking up, 40-mile per hour winds out there, we could see some additional delays at the airport across the northeast, averaging about an hour and almost two hours and again, piling up across portions of the northeast. you did mention the macy's thanksgiving day parade and not actually showing the temperatures are going to be dropping. take a look at the temperatures behind the storm, it is going to be very cold. temperatures in the low 20s during the morning hours and it's going to be windy. it will be very chilly out there. a lot of concerns.
8:37 am
jenna: they won't be taking any risk on there. so we will keep our fingers crossed. jon: that's definitely some weird and upsetting weather. more on the story we brought you yesterday. hobby lobby challenging obamacare's contraceptive mandate and the christian owners say that paying for certain kinds of birth control coverage goes against their religious beliefs and amounts to an unconstitutional violation of freedom of religion. a republican consultant is with us and former legal counsel for the house judiciary committee. welcome. >> thank you. >> so the owners of hobby lobby say that they do not believe in certain kinds of birth control and that it's tantamount to abortion. why should they be forced to
8:38 am
provide that to their employees? >> that is certainly their right to have that belief and it's another question for them to say that they have come as a company, a religious exercise right under the first amendment and they can use that to do two things, to impose their religious beliefs on all of their employees, and secondly, they can use that to exempt themselves from the loss that they don't like or the laws that they say are violating their religious beliefs. if the company believes those are violating their religious beliefs. i don't think it is particularly likely. you want to remember the politics are not good. last year, senator demint tried to take this out in an amendment and that precipitated a debate and follow the republicans into
8:39 am
the general election with a huge gender gap. so the politics have not been kind to the republican party. >> right now we are talking about a supreme court case, but what do you think about the argument there? >> they absolutely have the right to promote their religious freedoms. but the question is the corporation a person? this has been argued for a long time. or a corporation has the right to contract. and a corporation is a person. so do they have religious freedom and i think the supreme court will come down and say that what hobby lobby and their family foundation of religious freedom, they do have a right not to promote abortion. we are talking about whether hobby lobby should support obamacare and the plan b morning
8:40 am
after pill. which they are right in line. the supreme court has to come up with a rule on how we determine cases that come up like this. certainly not everybody who has a corporation is willing to have these religious freedoms where they are willing to put up a christmas tree. so we have to stop at some point. >> let me go ahead and respond. so i think it's correct. the question is a corporation or person a person for all of the purposes under the constitution, and i don't think that the court will take such a crude position and say that it's for people under all circumstances. it's one for the court to say that a corporation has a free-speech right to express a point of view on a particular
8:41 am
matter, for instance if it doesn't like a regulation like citizens united. that's another thing to say that they have a religious point of view which can be imposed on its employees and furthermore -- jon: well, let's look at this. does the government have an interest to say that health care includes paying for plan be an interest to do that? >> absolutely not. >> it's not clear that it is a test here. if you go back to the 1990 case before the religious freedom act, justice anthony scully a city you cannot use a religious belief to exempt yourself from a set of federal laws and are generally applicable. and i think that that's going to be the application.
8:42 am
some can say there was a lot that came after that with religious freedom restoration. but that law was severely curtailed in 1997, saying that only applies to federal statutes and i think the likely construction of interpretation is because congress passes leader statute, but it superseded the limited act that gave a crater right in what he recognized in 1990. jon: richer, he is talking about the owners imposing their will on their employees. that is a net the government that is imposing this new set of requirements, which came under obamacare on a company that was, you know, happily providing health insurance to its employees up until now? >> absolutely. $3 billion in revenue per year. and the corporations, it's basically they believe in an
8:43 am
extension of the owners and they are not imposing their rights. a woman can walk into any pharmacy in america and get plan b. it's easily acceptable. they are not single women can't have this right, they do say that we don't have to pay for because we don't believe in abortion. jon: that is the argument going next year. thank you both very much. >> thank you. jenna: a very interesting case we will continue to watch. in the meantime, caught on camera, an officer risking his own life to save a driver from a burning car. and the thanksgiving travel rush in full swing. we will tell you about the nasty
8:44 am
weather and what it means for travel over the holidays.
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jon: jenna just recorded out for the broadcaster dave. [laughter] the fox 411. parade of balloons soaring above new york city and with this year, the weather could ground the iconic floating characters snoopy. julie banderas has a pretty good view from her apartment. >> that's right, i don't know how i'm going to entertain them. the storm is supposed to bring rain and wind and a flintstone
8:48 am
died out by tomorrow morning, forecast calling for 20 miles per hour with gusts of 36 miles per hour. new york city prohibits the balloons from flying if the winds are about 23 miles per hour and a gust of 34 miles per hour. a rule put into place after a cat in the hat balloon injured a woman spectator back in 1997. then in 2005, it happened again. two women were injured after a 518-pound m&m balloon had a light pole as it entered times square, sending a light fixture toppling down into the crowd. and that's part of the thanksgiving evening ritual, the plan is still as scheduled. but in a statement earlier, the decision on whether the giant balloons will join the lineup is made based upon real-time weather data on
8:49 am
thanksgiving morning. macy's is working with the nypd and the official regulation determines if the balloons will fly in that what heights. the parade plans on showcasing a new cast of characters, including the return of some old favorites like snoopy and woodstock and spongebob squarepants and all the balloons are indoors and outdoors and if the weather does cooperate, depending upon the wind, they may actually be flown at lower levels when bad weather kept them from flying in 1971. >> julie, i hope that you put on a show for all of those people coming over. jenna: you know, it's very
8:50 am
close. >> i feel good about it. thank you guys. jon: a police officer risking his life to save someone from a burning car. we will show you what happens next.
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jon: a new jersey police officer hailed as a hero after pulling a driver out of a burning car. this incredible rescue captured on the -- cam. you can see him running towards the door, pulling out the driver, the officer putting his life on the line again to check for more victims. thankfully, no one else was inside. the 61-year-old driver is in critical condition and the officer was not injured.
8:54 am
jenna: 43 million americans are traveling, most of them by car. most people are expended to spend less this year than they did last year robert sinclair is a spokesman for aaa and he is here with us. >> that's right, in spite of the heavy wind and rain. so it's interesting. this headline, there are fewer americans traveling this year and they're spending less. >> yes, last year was the peak since the recession. 58 million people traveled. in 2007, a year later a couple of months after the economy tanked, it was down to 38 million. people traveling is a direct reflection of what is happening
8:55 am
and we probably need five or 6 million and that is where we are seeing these numbers. >> how does it come to the fewer miles of their traveling or fewer dollars? >> that's right, they are spending fewer dollars and traveling slightly more mild. but this is the holiday that most holidays are about. so people tend to hold forth with their plans, in spite of the bad weather that we are seeing, that's not where we were those years ago. >> we are moving this over the east coast. >> 90% are slogging along in
8:56 am
traffic and it doesn't make that big of a difference. i recommend that you check your tire pressure and get new windshield wipers. but if you're fine, that does make a difference. with the weather centered on our area, a really has a bad representative and trends that affect. >> is anyone coming to your house for thanksgiving? >> probably not. [laughter] jenna: we appreciate it. definitely interesting. 75%. they have to be spaced more widely, a lot use gps technology is called next generation for us and the faa is working on getting that going. it will take a lot of money.
8:57 am
jenna: we appreciate you coming to the studio. jon: holiday homework for workers as they battle over obamacare. how obamacare is helping people. we will have that. pp ÷ó
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9:00 am
jenna: new developments on our top stories and breaking news this hour. jon: winter storms causing delays. thousands of flights already canceled and millions of people trying to get home for the holidays. a new effort by democrats to find out what is good about obamacare and spread the word. the hallmark they are enshrined upon this holiday break. and what the judge had to say. all happening now. first though, fox news weather alert. we are tracking a winter like storm slamming the northeast this morning bringing inches of rain to the east coast after the same slick conditions brought
9:01 am
issues out west. welcome to our second hour of "happening now." jenna: some areas could see up to a foot of snow. as the wintry blast creates even more danger on jampacked roads filled with holiday travelers. live with team fox coverage. first let's go to chief meteorologist with the holiday forecast. >> jon just said the word, winter-like. so far to the west, that means the cold air was not really in place along the coastal areas. but it has been a slow, long-lasting storm for the six day doing with this, the southeast clearing out, still with rain for another three to four hours across the mid-atlantic in toward new york and another six or seven hours toward the boston area.
9:02 am
sorry to see some snow falling across western parts of virginia in toward maryland and could see a few flakes across the cities but it will be very brief. laguardia 51 minutes right now, moderate delays. very low ceilings, just the clouds are very low, harder for people to see, it slows down the airplanes, they don't let as many, out as a generally would with low ceilings. but the delays across the northeast. once it is gone, talk about a cold, clear weekend for almost everybody and that is great news for your return home once you get there.
9:03 am
temperatures in the 40s along the coast, colder air working their way in. lake effect snow. some of the bands could be heavy. the cold air is everywhere, windy, cold, frigid for so many people, but at least you will be able to get home because the precipitation will be gone. jenna: thank you. >> you bet. jon: as the storm makes its way across east coast, people are having trouble with air traveler as the largest airports are delayed. national correspondent at reagan national in washington. >> i just checked the arrivals board. many flights have been delayed by a few minutes up to an hour or so be it there are quite a few delays, not that many cancellations at this airport but looking at pictures we shot earlier of the washington reagan national airport, people going about their business keeping it
9:04 am
all in stride for the most part they are doing okay, but other airports i have a little bit of a harder time. laguardia, really the hardest hit so far, travel experts always advise you arrive early and have 20 of patients. >> people at thanksgiving time who are not regular travelers should prepare for longer lines. try to take something through security they will not be able to take through. be patient and get here early. stay informed. >> over 1500 flights canceled so far this week due to this storm sweeping across the country from west to east. one of the reasons you want to get here early is because there could be long lines at those security checkpoints. right now there is really no wait at all, but 1.8 million passengers every day.
9:05 am
today they space bar t expect ts bike. checking with your airlines. aaa has his advice for you. >> mirror using the smart phones to get around the phone lines that can be jammed at times like this. many have twitter pages dedicated to local feedback to assist customers during this time. jump on the twitter page and communicate that way for some service. >> it is not just air travel, 43 million americans planning to travel this holiday weekend at 90% of them going by car. drivdrive carefully especially n the bad weather. jon: all right, live at reagan national, thank you very much. we are looking at the weather outside, you can see the flags are flying, that means a north wind and that is never good. we will keep an eye on the
9:06 am
weather and if there are big developments, we will bring them to you. jenna: the law claiming around $1 trillion in subsidies over the next decade to help them pay for health insurance, but now new research and who will get those subsidies and who will not. >> one of the frequent refrains from administration over complaints about sticker shock for those forced into obamacare, the subsidies to make it all affordable but new research is calling into question as you said how much subsidies will do all the pain of sticker shock. >> young people get very different subsidies. look at a young person versus an old person, subsidies will be very different. producing a lot of confusion over what constitutes a fair federal program. >> promising subsidies to everybody over 400% of the poverty level.
9:07 am
>> a lot of people are not going to be getting though they have been told they make less than 400% of the federal poverty level which is just under $46,000 for a young person, for a single person. >> that is because of the intricacies of the way the subsidies are copulated. they may get very different treatment. >> if you earn $25,000 per year, you will get a small subsidy to put toward health insurance. around 27,400 per year, you've reached an income level where you are no longer getting a subsidy. >> the man who supervises insurance marketplaces for the administration reasonably conceded subsidies may not fix sticker shock.
9:08 am
>> there was a literat letter sg while many have subsidies, there will be some people who will be paying more than they were paying to get the individual policies that have been canceled. >> many people will soon realize everyone of a certain income level under obamacare may be questionable. jon: democrats may have homework. we are learning of a new memo asking them to look for obamacare success stories when they go home. the most effective way to counter the republican effort is to highlight the positive stories of americans who have successfully enrolled in the health insurance marketplaces. they hav had to aggressively publicize them so the law is
9:09 am
delivering on the promise. meanwhile republicans are asking americans to share their personal struggles with the law. on the website if good politics for good policy makes for good politics, why do immigrants feel the need to drum up support for this thing? shouldn't it be successful on its own, that is with the president has promised us. >> they have had a disastrous rollout, people cannot even get there. the feeling is the website failure has attracted so much media attention it has eroded trust in the system. it is a whole problems with the cancellations, some people saying the president lied, but
9:10 am
people are upset and causing anxiety whether or not it is or not. jon: they were a little over thousand people able to enroll in obamacare. 5000 people saying their policies canceled a cause of its implementation. it would seem a lot more people who are going to be cranky about all of this then pleased. >> i think this strategy by smart democrats, smart technical democrats is basically an omission i have no good options because if they were to miraculously undo the law at this point, you would not fix all the problems that had been caused such as the cancellations of insurance policy. what they have decided is we have gotten halfway across the desert, run out of money, i mean run out of water, let's just
9:11 am
keep going. their best effort to try and find the bright spot where they can. you have a willing media deciding they want to try and be fair, they cut the baby down the middle and i think i saw a couple of stories earlier this week referring to searches in sign-ups, and if you go from zero sign-ups to 10 sign-ups, that is kind of a surge. pushing the politics, the political, spin that is best they can. the letter went out to democratic senators for the lead in. why is he white house not taking more of the burden i guess for these things on itself? >> if every democrat in the hill
9:12 am
who voted for it with overwhelming support among democrats has some liability if you want to put in the negative, greater credibility in their state. focusing o and things obamacare has already accomplished the ad the children against interpol's until their 26, there are cap's in terms of no longer cap's in terms of what they spend on people getting fixed. all of these things are changes that have come already. what they want to do is have the senators given the problems president obama has had and the decline in his credibility on the issue, they want to use the senators to have them and their trust with the home state residents coming to play here.
9:13 am
jon: there are some things i like about obamacare. the whole thing has upended the health care insurance system in this country. that is what some people are talking about. we are going to to leave it there. jenna: o.j. simpson in las vegas courtroom open for new chance of free demo. and a little boy playing with his dad in the driveway of their florida home gets hit with this out of nowhere. what it is and where it came from is quite a story. plus, we're learning more by bus crash that injured willie nelson's bandmembers. 911 calls for a man who saw it happened and fears the worst. >> it is a mess. shhhh! i have a col with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something.
9:14 am
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jon"america's newsroom" this alt out of brazil. for the stadium host the 2014 world cup opener has collapsed causing significant damage and killing three people. work was immediately halted at the stadium which was almost finished before the collapse. these images show a metal structure epochal the top of the stadium on the east side of the venue. brazil is running against the clock to deliver the last six world cup stadiums by the end of the year. work was advanced compared to some of the other venues, to have halted all construction there. three people are dead and there are reports of other people may be trapped. we will keep you updated. jenna: las vegas judge ruling he will not get any trial claiming claims his original attorney
9:18 am
botched his arm robbery trial three years ago simply lack merit. live in los angeles with more. >> i just got off the phone with his lawyer saying o.j. simpson is disheartened but his fight for a new trial isn't over yet. surveillance cameras caught simpson and the crew heading to a room with the station palace hotel and intend on retreating football, jerseys and family photos. according to simpson, his original lawyer told him he had every right to go there and take back his things which were originally stolen from a storage locker. the whole thing got bungled, after a trial simpson was sent to jail. going for a do over in a weeklong hearing last may, simpson claimed he squandered the more than half million dollars he paid for his defense and his new defense team argued his handled the case so badly
9:19 am
simpson should get a new trial but after spending five months considering 22 claims of legal malpractice, the judge did not buy it claiming it had proven he was mr. presented, went mad if he the overwhelming evidence, neither the errors in the case of the errors collectively cause the question in of the validity of his correction. if he loses, you can try a federal appeals court but for now o.j. simpson stayed behind bars five years into his 32 year sentence. jenna: claudia, thank you. jon: a wild story out of florida from a guy living near west palm beach says a seven-year-old son was out playing in the driveway
9:20 am
when he came running in with a gash on his head. the father is convinced the boy was hit by a meteorite. take a picture of the space rocks that he found in the driveway. says they hit his son in the head. he later learned they were magnetized. his son is okay although he needed three staples to close the gash. if you want to learn more about this story, check it out at the u.s. challenges china sending warplanes over a disputed island. why that move and what china is now saying about it. plus we're getting information on the debbie attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya. releasing dozens of documents and photos, a live report on that next. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars...
9:21 am
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jenna:'s story we are watching from the east. the u.s. and china at odds has 10 since escalate. part of a training exercise after beijing moved to control the new airspace. america's ambassador to japan reacted. listen. >> unilateral actions by both take my china announcements of an air defense identification zone undermine security and constitutes an attempt to change the status quo. this only curves increased tensions in the region. jenna: what is going on here? jennifer griffin is live with more. >> this was a show of force by the united states. the b-52 bombers were unarmed, they stayed in the air for about an hour and even refueled in midair.
9:25 am
that is how long they were testing the chinese. despite their threat to do so. by choosing the platform the u.s. sent china a strong warning. these plans are capable of carrying nuclear weapons s thats not the same as sending a commercial jet to push back on the chinese declaration that all planes must now identify themselves to chinese operator to fly over these islands. which are uninhabited and have been controlled by japan since the end of world war ii. the public backed its leaders, some wished the chinese air force had challenged the american b-52. >> we should open fire and take down one or two. they cannot just ignore our position. we don't have the open fire but we should at least give a warning. >> the chinese have launched their one and only aircraft carrier to see in the wake of the u.s. b-52 flights the chinese air carrier has no fighter planes on board.
9:26 am
the carrier launch had been long planned we are told and it is not clear they're heading toward the island. uss george washington aircraft carrier that does have fighter pilot on board is going ahead with previou. as a scheduled assessments are with the japanese military today near the island. chuck hagel placed a phone call to japan's defense minister today in which he praised japan for his restraint and reiterated the commencement. joint defense task. jenna: jennifer griffin, thank you. >> let's bring in jordan chang. just over the weekend, i guess china so these islands are now part of our air defense identification zone. if you fly through that zone you have to identify yourself. essentially a way staking a claim on the territory, right? >> it is. not only international airspace,
9:27 am
but also japanese airspace and sovereign creator airspace. very productiv provocative move. white house call this inflammatory. you never hear that from the obama administration about china. jon: china has been trying to flex its muscles in his quadrant of the world quite a bit in the last few years. is that with this is about or is it about chinese internal polls? >> internal chinese politics are driving a lot of this but what the military is now doing is taking his long-held claims trying to enforce them. best to resolve the chinese surround and sees from the philippines. now pressuring over the philippines and of course the conference. the chinese will not be happy because now chinese policymakers and state media say beijing should have said a claim.
9:28 am
this is going from bad to worse. jon: the chinese official state media said about the submarine fleet. >> at the end of october chinese state media talk about the submarines with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. they had blast diagrams saying a summary and can kill five to 12 million americans on the west coast. we really did not react to that, and we should have. every time they make a threat to incinerate one of our cities and we don't do anything the whole concept of the terrorist erodes. >> was this a flyover, was that an appropriate step in your view? should we have been a little more? >> with the administration did was the right thing. trying to reassure our allies. if we did not test those zone, somebody else would have. they will not challenge the u.s.
9:29 am
air force but if the chinese tested, they could have created an incident that would spiral downwards. what we are trying to do is maintain peace and stability in the region. jon: jennifer griffin mentioned chuck hagel spoke to japan's defense minister, here's part of what he had to say according to the readout of that call. reaffirmed long-standing policies in article five of the defense treaty applies to the island. pledged to consult with japan on efforts to avoid unintended incidences, so if there was an incident, we would be obligated to come to the defense. >> that is even for china as well. it is not the weakness, is the aggressiveness of the tactics. our treaty says of japan administers it, it is covered by
9:30 am
the treaty. this covered by our treaty. we needed to do something with the b-52. >> thank you for helping us keep an eye on it. jenna: how people are keeping a alternate transportation. plus the irs at it again targeting conservative groups for new rule changes. what that could mean for the tea party and others coming up. >> i'm doing just a little thanksgiving shopping. >> some lucky person. >> who is going to eat these guys? popcorn and caramel. >> caramel. >> that is not the only thing going on. >> are going to tell you the
9:31 am
democrats new strategy for fixing obamacare. >> this is interesting. we will see you at the top of the hour. happy thanksgiving. good job!
9:32 am
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9:34 am
jon: fox news alert, looking out hours to be a windows and it is true, rain and snow smacking the east coast from pennsylvania to new england. i don't have faith in the road but the rails as well the northeast corridor.
9:35 am
live in boston south station with the latest for us. >> you are right, absolutely a wild weather day and very busy. lot of people on the floors and it has been a very busy day. there's a lot of good news the most part things are running on time but there have been some delays. few arrivals coming in over 90 minutes late. 20 minutes late. that is the thing to look out for. amtrak officials letting us know there are some downed trees causing the downed wires along boston and down into connecticut causing some delays. their work and getting things fixed that could be causing some of the delays coming through the northeast. a chance to speak with one of the main travelers heading home for thanksgiving, hoping to make it back. >> it is expensive.
9:36 am
i think it is worth not having the frustration ring stuck somewhere. >> he wanted to avoid the highway so he went with the train and hopefully he makes it there safely. amtrak spokesperson weighed in on this about all of their efforts. take a listen. >> we are absolutely doing everything we can to get everybody where they're looking to go. literally every available car in the fleet out there, trying to get folks where they're looking to go this holiday. >> if you're still hoping to get on a train, to be tough to get the one you want but i am told there are a few seats left here or there if you can find them around thanksgiving. back to you. jon: let's hope the rails run well. jenna: iris is proposing new rules for taxes and groups
9:37 am
raising eyebrows months after the agency was criticized for unfairly targeting conservative organizations. live in washington with the details on this story. >> critics say new rules will have a much more profound impact on grassroots and community organizations and not as much on groups with deep pockets. the treasury and irs issued a deep guidance to handle on political handling on social organizations. the acting commissioner says this is part of ongoing efforts within the irs that in improving the work on the tax areas. once finalize it will propose within us forward and provide clarity's for the important segment of exempt organizations. the irs still try to pin up after being accused of targeting conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. investigating the irs says one problem with the guidance is it won't affect unions. >> it will have a huge impact on
9:38 am
clinical discourse, political speech and anything we look at should not be restrictive of free speech in the political process. again, it looks as though it will quiet critics of the administration, but we have to look at something we treat all sides fairly. >> no more than $300 million funded if we organizations in the last election. he is pleased treasury is looking into this important issue and the public has a right to know who is spending millions to influence the outcome of our elections that we must put an end to this figure 20. the process likely to create quite a fight this will not be a place for the 2014 election but the more likely scenario is it will be fully 20 presidential campaign unless of course the supreme court steps in again before then. jenna. jenna: thank you. jon: information on a terror
9:39 am
attack in benghazi. the state department reason dozens of ducklings and photos related to assault on the consulate. investor chris stevens was one of those killed. adam has more be at >> the documents is those request by media. we have come out the course of the last couple of weeks. coming from the aftermath of the attack. what happened was the state department posted 57 different entries on its website for the consumer to go and be able to see. all part of the freedom of information request and a lot of came from lawsuits filed including one by the group judicial watch who said this is more of the same from the administration. >> with and ghazi, they basically ignored our request.
9:40 am
we have had to go to the federal court four times you access to information and they're still stonewalling us. they have video of the benghazi attack. >> in response we spoke to them yesterday giving us in responsiveness and often overlapping freedom of information request regarding the attack on the special mission compound in benghazi. they have made previously released document available through the virtual reading room and future leases in response to such a request will be available through this resource. that is the way they have been passing it along and a lot of people say this is once again talking around the issue because there is still no documents released whatsoever of fbi, cia, pentagon and very few from the state. there are a couple of nuggets, early on the administration said this was caused by a video when they knew within minutes it was a terrorist attack.
9:41 am
in these documents a contract for blue mountain group which is the nonlethal group providing security for the consulate. it is called a mission, not a consulate. show an early on may have misrepresented on purpose or not what was happening best night and what happened that night leading us down the wrong path. still a lot of information that has not been released. jon: a lot of work to do with these documents that have been released. thank you. jenna: holiday travel gets underway, so the doo do the del. we want to do our part to keep everybody say this holiday. we have some tips to keep you out of the er. he knows the er, he will tell us about the common problems.
9:42 am
the common ones coming up next. l with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh what a relief it is! thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call an allstate agent and get a quote now.
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jenna: happening now. some advice to keep in mind before we ease into the holiday is traditionally a time for family, friends and a lot of food but sometimes there is room for error. take a look at how you can stay out of the hospital over the holidays. 20 us now, see attending physician of emergency medicine in the bronx. the right person to talk to about this. a couple of really general questions because we know thanksgiving there is a tendency not to just eat quickly and leave the table but to sort of grace. how long can you leave the food out before you should maybe reconsider? >> usually the time is quoted is no more than two hours before you should start refrigerating the leftovers. you also want to keep the raw
9:46 am
foods and the fresh foods away from some of the prepared items. you don't want to be mixing them on the same serving platters and dishes. you have to be careful with your meat and vegetables, how you prepare them. a lot of han handwashing, warm, soapy water, and keep the pets out of the kitchen as well. not just the older gentleman. keep every animal out of the kitchen. jenna: is it safe when you're reheating the food just to zap it quickly in a microwave or are you setting yourself up for not reheating it properly and getting sick? >> you want to reheat the food, don't eat cold leftovers because he wants to get them over 160 degrees to kill bacteria. also pay attention to anything creams or mayonnaise or sauces
9:47 am
like that because they tend to harbor bacteria. jenna: a question about burns. you get a bad burn, some old advice about putting butter on the burn. that is a no-no? >> what you are doing is cooking your skin. you have to reduce the temperature of your skin. keep it under running cold water. it could make the burn worse in some cases. cold water under a pitcher of water in ice water until it is so cold you cannot take it anymore. usually 15 minutes. low rate sufficiently you prevent blistering and prevent sequela of a bad burn. jenna: somethings we encounter is indigestion. we have done segments of heart disease, heart attacks, sometimes that shows up in feeling like you have bad
9:48 am
indigestion. is there a way to know this is indigestion, i need to have some toms and get on with it worse is defined as something else because i'm busy, stress and running around? >> still one of the most difficult diagnoses we can make. typically people who have health issues, heart disease, existing pulmonary disease, things like that have a heavy meal and get indigestion, that is not relieved with an antacids. those of the folks you should get them evaluated. the problem is it is still tough. jenna: our only senior producer wawith eating this for breakfas. in your professional opinion, does this have all the nutritional benefits one needs during the holidays? pumpkin pie and quite a bit of
9:49 am
whipped cream. >> it is not the breakfast of champions but i am fond of my pumpkin pie. jenna: once or twice in the morning is okay, right, doc? >> everything in moderation. common sense. get your flu shot. jenna: he can get away with it for now, we will give him a pass. great to see you. thank you. did you get a piece of the pie? jon: i did not. i would go for apple pie. jenna: you know what i got? a photo. jon: clint is not in the holiday giving spirit, at least not yet. yearly tradition about to get underway at the white house. the turkey pardon. we will take you live to the white house when the decision is made, you know it will be filled with tension. and very scary moments, willie nelson's tour bus crashes and and members are hurt.
9:50 am
now the chilling 911 call is released. safe travel for folks hitting the road outside. all across the country. ♪ hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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jon: newly released 911 call from a witness at a bus crash involving willie nelson's band members. it happened in texas and from the sound of things this caller feared the worst. here with the latest. >> is seems like a scary crash when you hear the phone call. bandmembers are lucky to be alive after horrifying bus crash that sent three of them to the hospital.
9:54 am
according to the texas department of public safety, the crash is being blamed on the weather and icy conditions on the road. the bus plowed into a highway overpass 95 miles southeast of dallas. it happened last weekend but just today the 911 call was obtained by tmz. >> there is a tour bus >> country music legend was not on the bus and said had his private bus, but his bandmembers got pretty banged up. his drummer broke his hip. two bandmates suffered bumps and bruises transported to an area hospital.
9:55 am
originally force them to suspended indefinitely but are told the last four concert dates have been postponed and the tour will resume as scheduled. jon:'s sounds they are very lucky. >> they are, and so is willie nelson. good for him. >> holiday tradition of epic or portions, even bigger food portions. we will tell you about the new holiday which comes around less often than haley's comet area did that is next. a's heart attak didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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9:58 am
for all of our jewish viewers happy holidays to you all. it is not only thanksgiving for americans but the first full day of hanukkah. and they are creating thanks giva ka h. and making culinary treats like sweet potato la tkes.
9:59 am
and next time these two holidays collide it will be 79,000 years. we'll not be a round. >> speak for yourself. i guess not. and a good way to combine them together. in the meantime it is rainy and windy and a mess. and since folks are slammed with snow and sleet, we had to show you this sunshine state living up to its name. and rubbing it in our faces. another perfect day in florida. phil keating is out there now. so him in the surf. and if you are inside, we hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving day tomorrow and safe travels to you and your family. >> i hope you have great time with your family. >> thank you, i think we will. to everybody and our crew thanks for joining us. >> americas nows headquarters
10:00 am
starts right now. thanks guys and happy thanksgiving to you. and the fox news alert. the widespread storm that could affect millions of people. travel today could be dangerous or a slog. and welcome to hq, i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the storm has a grip on the east coast and dumping snow in new york and pennsylvania, by stranding passengers in the big city airports and 200 flights cancelled so far. our chief meteorologist is looking at the radar map. >> we had now in atlanta, guys, that's how far it reached. it is all rain over the coast and very strong storm pulling all kinds of warm air with it. we had temperatures in the 60s at night in the northeast and then the cold air down here in the southern aplatchias still


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