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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 27, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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this is a fox news alert. we have a jam-packed show for you tonight including another holiday surprise from president o. a new obama care delay, plus all the facts you need to know about the law when your crazy liberal uncle shows up at thanksgiving tomorrow. also, alec baldwin goes ballistic after getting canned from msnbc. and is kanye west the dumbest man in america? you'll want to hear what the rapper has to say about president bush and president obama. but first, the biggest travel day in america. tens of millions of people are heading home to see the family. how's the weather and how are the airports? for an update we're going to go right to rick in the fox extreme weather center. >> not the best, but it could be
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worse, i guess. areas across the new york city area delaling with delays. if your flight was delayed earlier on, that ripple effect has big account kbas for a lot of people. philadelphia, you had a delay earlier today of about two hours. that's down a little bit at about an hour and a half. for the most part, at least down across the south, the front is through. take a look at this, though. tonight temperatures plummet. we're talking about temps into the low 20s across parts of the deep south, mid-20s from atlanta. even down towards miami, only to 53. tomorrow, just into the 60s behind this. so cold air is there for everybody, especially as the skies clear out. but in across areas of the northeast, still dealing with this exact same storm. it's been well over 24 hours now of rain. and we have about another three to four hours to go before it's gone. but you see that snow also getting very close into the coast. so cold air is moving in. and it's going to end as a bit of a snow flurry, some snow moving in, but the temperatures
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drop really quickly. and so eric, tonight if you're doing your drive home, these roads are going to get slick. and icy very quickly. a lot of that rain that's been out there, those roads will freeze very quickly. tonight, cold and freezing. tomorrow morning, same story. these temps by tomorrow afternoon nobody getting above freezing, really. a cold one in store for your thanksgiving once we get rid of the moisture, which is about to happen. eric? >> thank you very much, rick. in the extreme weather center. so we rarely take orders from president obama on the show, but we're going to make an exception today. here's what the president's organizing group wants you to do over thanksgiving. watch. >> so what did you want to talk to me about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what, but it's time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> it's important. >> i know. and i'll do it. >> so that's what they want you to do. brian joins us today. >> yes. >> that's what they want you to do over thanksgiving. >> role play? role play? i'll be the nasty self-obsessed
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child who doesn't want to get health insurance so they feel they can get a slice of life that will alarm people to go out and get health care. it's not going to be effective. no one sits down at the table even on thanksgiving. they're grabbing stuff, going, watching football, talking to their cousins. i am fascinated by the role play slice of life acting that's going on right now. are they casting or fixing it? >> sounds like you don't have fun role play, that that's sort of your problem. >> you have other kinds -- anyway. >> yes. >> so the table, obama care. any chance? >> it's just so pathetic. this is so desperate because they need the young, healthy people. they have to suck the money out of the young, healthy people to float this leaky boat. that's the problem. they're saying okay, appeal to the parents, appeal to the youth because they have to get people to buy into this health care ponzi scheme in order to keep it alive. sorry, bob. i made him smile already. >> what are your thoughts on this new initiative? >> if you go to organizing for
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america which i did, and it says health care for the holidays. it won't be here in time for the holidays. these tips are so funny, eric. start early. don't wait till the last minute. translation, when your relative barrels through the door, don't let him get the wild turkey in a straw. talk to him about health reform first. then do it before they pass out from tryptophan. and be persistent. so keep hammering your child. >> i printed the same exact page you did. it's so ridiculous. >> one more point, eric, make it personal. and then it says find a quiet place to shop. so they basically want you to stop your thanksgiving dinner, go off to a side room and make a phone call together, but guess what? the call center's going to be closed tomorrow. >> right. that's a great point. >> no one's going to do this. it's so lame. people pass out after the tryptophan because the turkey makes you sleepy and you take a nap. >> are you going to bring up obama care? >> what? >> at your turkey dinner tomorrow? >> you talk about obama care from the time you get up in the morning shaving till the time you go to bed at night.
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you'll have to take a day off. this may be healthy for you all the way around. let me just say no, of course i'm not going to talk about it, but this i will say. with all this doom and gloom, 400,000 uninsured people are now on medicaid in states that actually had the courage to go forward as opposed to these republican governors. two, more senior citizens are saving money on prescription drugs than they ever have before. and three -- wait. all right, all right, all right. i have to listen to your crap all the time. >> all the time, you go down a rabbit hole, you change the topic. >> i'm trying to say -- >> on thanksgiving, your thanksgiving table. >> and you want to sit there and dump on it with your right-wing group. >> here's what i really want to do. then this happened today. it's the day before the big holiday. what does that mean in obama world? announce another obama care delay. this time the part of the law allowing small businesses to sign up online. it seems -- i remember a similar announcement the day before the
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fourth of july, sensing a trend. bob, you have to admit the timing of another obama care delay, the afternoon before a thanksgiving holiday -- before thanksgiving itself is ridiculous. >> it's insulting. >> i suppose anytime you announce it, it probably may seem ridiculous to you. can you make one other point? the mandate that everybody talks about was a republican idea. >> i have no idea -- how in the world are you going to say -- a health care mandate? >> yeah, the health care mandate came from the heritage foundation and was introduced as legislation. >> and they ran from that, as you would say. >> originally it was a republican idea. >> not too republican if you ask me. >> they should be proud of it, embracing it. >> it doesn't work. it doesn't work. >> why not fix it? why go out to the west coast and talk rhetoric and anti-republicanism? why not stay home and work it out? >> what are you supposed to do? you've got to listen to the bullies of the world. a bully's life is dedicated to defeating this. >> so here's where we are.
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we have the big employer, those over 50, the people who employ over 50 who have gotten the one-year delay, mandate on obama care. >> that has nothing to do with thanksgiving. >> now we find out today that the smaller employers, those under 50, will also get that delay. are they just going to turn around and say you know what? individual mandate, might as well delay that now, too. >> well, they should if they're going to delay it for large-size businesses and small businesses, they should. up until now, eric, if you're a small business, you haven't been able to even get on the exchange. so if you want the health care, you have to do it snail mail. you have to fill out a form and mail it to kentucky. i mean, it's like the 1950s. bob, i have to say, i mean, they can't even get this right. they're driving people to call and order health care tomorrow when the call center is closed? >> i understand that, but he went down a rabbit hole. eric went down a rabbit hole, and i want to point that out. >> a beckel hole. you try and bring everyone else down the beckel hole. >> we can't all fight. >> that's a little scary. let's stay out of the beckel hole.
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that's a place you don't want to go. >> you're all sick, sick people. >> kimberly, so you're sitting at a table and you've got a liberal uncle who shows up to the table who's like bob. his name is bob. he's wearing suspenders. >> no, i divorced that family. ed asner at the table. >> do you point out when president obama said you can keep your plan, but apparently you can't keep your plan. >> no. no one's going to do this. this just goes to show you how ill conceived the whole thing is. they want you to be able to talk to your family and convince them, which is a really bad idea to sign up for this if it doesn't work. the center's not open. the whole thing is just a joke. they keep delaying all of it because none of it's ready to go. that's the problem. >> let's go back to the way it was before obama care. that wonderful double-digit increase. >> the uncle will say that makes accepts. sense. the crazy uncle will say at least i had health care then. >> it's going to go full circle. i think we are going, without our talking points and how-tos,
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we are going to be talking about this issue even more than the election last year because it hits everyone's coffee table. it affects everyone. whether you have been affected or not. it's nonpartisan. and that's why his numbers -- >> it hits home. >> if i'm a democrat and i lost -- like i'm kirsten powers and i liked my plan and i lost it, i'm angry. >> eric mentioned with making it personal, the tip they want you to say is hey, crazy uncle eddie, i hear you're cuckoo. mental health services are covered under obama care. make it personal. >> this is a crazy example. w what if we're talking about a cup of coffee at starbucks? you walk in and they say you have to have this coffee. you say i don't want the coffee. it's 500 bucks because they want to put a whole bunch of other things in there. they want to make sure people who don't have coffee get coffee. but i don't want that. they say fine, but guess what? we're going to tax you at 1% of
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your income. ridiculous, right? >> i think it's absolutely -- first of all, i've never been in a starbucks, believe it or not. except to go to the bathroom once. >> that's why you don't use the bathroom there. >> let me ask you a question. if the idea here is to try to get uninsured people insured, somehow or another you have to come up with some money to do that. >> is that the idea, or is it to make sure that people actually have health care, not insurance? >> in order to get health care, you generally need health insurance or go to the emergency room. >> where are we going to get the money to pay out all the subsidies? bob, you make a point about medicaid, and you make a good one. it's going to cost us a lot of money. pretty much anyone who doesn't have kids can just get medicaid. it's an interesting forum of the public option. why didn't they start small and do that. small plball. play it that way. no one's saying that people who are poor shouldn't get health
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care. we're trying to change one-third of the system. >> that's a very good point. why wasn't the republican governors refuse to ex-papand t? >> here we go. >> here's president obama trying to tell everyone, including his supporters, his donors, that everything is a-ok with obama care. listen to him. >> we're going to continue to make progress on all those fronts, and yes, we are going to continue to implement the health care law. the product is good. people want it. and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt just because they get sick. >> k.c., people want it. >> people want it. that's not the case at all. of course, you want people to have health care. you want people to be healthy. but you want a system that actually works and one that's not going to be in a huge deficit from the get-go. that's what we have here. the whole thing fundamentally is
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flawed. >> in our old system, 60% of the bankruptcies in america, the first bankruptcies were because of health care costs. >> i vehemently disagree with you. >> you vehemently disagree? you're going to vehemently disagree with me if i said the sun's going to rise tomorrow. >> the beckel hole. >> let's make a wager on that. let's have a wager on that right now. the 60% of the bankruptcies were due to health care costs. >> this is a classic trick. >> he won't do it. >> i would like to go to your hole one more second. >> no, please, it's dirty. >> right now, can you name any poll that shows that right now the american people want obama care? >> i think that i cannot except be44% of them do, yeah. >> not enough. >> not enough yet. not enough yet. >> bob, the numbers are going in the wrong direction. >> final question before we all swoop down bob, how can they also say sign up for obama care and then on the other side of their mouth, but say can you
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wait a item weeks? >> i think it would be a good idea to wait. >> we've got to go. coming up, alec baldwin is furious after msnbc fired him yesterday. does he have a point? the liberal network exposes its ominous underbelly of double standard. you'll hear from alec. and later, the latest information about travel and weather across the united states. who's going to make it home and who's not? that and more and more bob in a minute. >> more bob. >> we want more obama care. come on. we don't want to talk about the weather.
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♪ two big punishments have come down in the media world. msnbc gave alec baldwin the ax for a homophobic rant and lara logan was suspended for a misleading benghazi starter. let's start with lara logan. her reporting came under fire for someone who has been reporting around the world in dangerous locations, was her
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punishment fair? unlike baldwin, she has kept her mouth shut in what can only be described as dignified silence. not to mention she was sexually assaulted when she was covering the egyptian revolution for the network. brian, you feel pretty strongly. >> i do. i think lara logan is one of the tough reporters in the country. i think what she's accomplished and the respect she's earned in the worst places in the world through the military. you talk to them, the courage she has is something you usually get from navy s.e.a.l.s. so if she did, in the long run, go -- trust a guy that goes against the fbi intake report that he, i haven't seen it, if that's the truth, if anyone has enough integrity in the tank, it is her. if you ask me, in my humble opinion, there was a sound bite from this morning that i remember from chicago when she talked about benghazi and the need to get revenge on those who killed our ambassador, i think that's the entire reason why she's paying the price right now. can we listen to what she said after ambassador stevens was killed while she was giving a speech on the need to get s.e.a.l.s in there and to find
2:19 pm
out who did this? >> the last time we were attacked like this was the "uss cole" which was a prelude to the 1998 embassy bombings which was a prelude to 9/11. and you're sending in the fbi to investigate. i hope to god that you're sending in your best clan des tine warriors who are going to exact revenge and let the world know that the united states will not be attacked on its own soil, that its ambassadors will not be murdered, and the united states will not stand by and do nothing about it. >> nothing about it? therefore the message is, you can hit us, you can kill us, and we will not respond. i believe she was targeted since then. and by the way, it's the fbi report that gave her the problems with this story, and the fbi is the one that she said should not be in there. >> she obviously feels very strongly about this and is very emotional about it. do you think that that colored her "60 minutes" piece? in other words, she so desperately wanted to get the people who did this that she bought into a liar who never saw
2:20 pm
stevens, who was a punk, who had nothing to do with this, he was a security guard for some contractor. she was so -- felt so strongly about this, like our producer does, this epic scandal, maybe she didn't use her normally good journalistic judgment. >> possibly. i wouldn't know. i will say this. but if i was brutally assaulted in egypt, i would have an agenda. if i watched people blown up in iraq, i'd have an agenda. but instead she stayed straight to the story. >> eric? >> very quickly, i agree 100% about lara logan. however, we don't know what was in the e-mails that earned her that sabbatical. if she did something that was against journalistic ethos. she may have told the guy what to say. >> do you really think -- >> i don't know. but here's the thing. we can't make the leap and say "60 minutes" rushed to judgment and gave her time off. >> all right. >> because she made a mistake.
2:21 pm
if she made a mistake, my guess is they made the apology, and they'd move on. but it's got to be pretty hefty. >> the speed and the strength of the punishment is curious. i mean, it was a pretty heavy anti-obama administration piece. but this is what i don't get. "60 minutes" reporters and reporters at cbs news who track these stories don't just typically show up and read the news. i mean, lara logan is invested in this story. so it's very atypical for her to let a bum witness get through. she really has a vested interest in this story. so that's a little off for her to do. she's a war-tested reporter, very valued opinion. here's what i don't get. okay? the head of cbs's news division, jeff fager, he's the chairman of the news definition of cbs. he's also "60 minutes'" executive producer, okay? so he acts as judge and jury on this matter rather as a codefendant. what's up with that? >> right. so he tells lara logan is dismissed and her producer, but ultimately, the news division and "60 minutes" is under his direction. why don't you give yourself a
2:22 pm
sabbatical, and lara logan, why don't you come over to fox news? >> we don't know -- to take somebody like this who is a highly esteemed journalist, to come her off the air for a period of time, there must be something more there. >> okay. but also, what about all the rest of the great work that she has done as a journalist and almost gave her life in tahrir square? >> she should be allowed to have a bad piece. >> well, i didn't say that. but when you balance it out, the justice -- i don't know. >> don't you want your company to stand behind you? if she wasn't making a mistake, i would like a company to stand behind me. >> it's a mistake. she already fessed up to the mistake. >> right. >> she did. she went on air and apologized. >> she wasn't laid off for the mistake. this is a month later when they decided to give her a sabbatical after some e-mails were uncovered. >> i know, after so much time, didn't they have access to those
2:23 pm
e-mails to begin with? i think the whole thing is very curious. >> "the new york times" got the fbi report which mysteriously got into cbs. on top of that dan rather was on the radio show and he just said i hope -- lara logan is a great reporter, whatever happens, it was two weeks ago, i just hope management stands behind you in something like this, and they did. >> well, of course he would say that. i think they're making an example of her, sure, but in a good way. "60 minutes" has been burned before. it was a huge, costly mistake for them. they don't want to go down that road. i support, despite her being an amazing journalist, i support the suspensions. >> yeah, i just want to get to the bottom of it, that's all. >> do you still disagree? >> yeah, i just want to see the facts and evidence against her since she almost gave her life for that network. i hope it's really bad to justify this. speaking of really bad, alec baldwin, let's roll this. we're going to have a quick chat about him. >> i'm waiting for my wife and the baby with a camera. [ bleep ] get away from my kid
2:24 pm
with the camera. you know what's going to happen to you, don't you? come on! [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> baldwin, you've got to move. >> so here's -- very quickly, he gets fired from msnbc for what they per cceive is a gay slur. meanwhile, the 64,000-pound elephant in the room is martin bashir who did things way worse than that but did it to a conservative woman, still works at msnbc. >> it was in the prompter, too. alec baldwin was on the street. >> there's no doubt, he lost his mind. and martin bashir researched it, had producers produce the segment. he delivered it. he knew what he was doing. that guy -- >> he should be fired. call for it. >> there should be some retribution for that. >> see. let's go around real quick. bob. >> i think that he should have been fired. and this would have been another incident, another incident.
2:25 pm
this guy is a walking incident, you know? >> but he was before they hired him. >> that's what i mean. >> they shouldn't have hired him in the first place. and i also think we should have a countdown clock for the moment when he and his wife, when she calls the cops on him because that marriage is a ticking time bomb. >> wow! >> anger management issues? >> i know so. >> she instigated the linda schmidt controversy. she said that's the girl. >> just ask kim basinger. watch. >> billy is the superstar baldwin. >> that's your buddy. >> it's going over the edge. i'm going to wrap it right there. that's true. billy's a good boy. >> stephen's pretty darn good. i like danny, too. okay. we've got some baldwin love. coming up -- that is true -- coming up, a real-life homeland. new reports that the cia was turning gitmo detainees into assets for the united states. we have the inside story on the secret program coming your way. and check out our new website at i mean the awesome. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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♪ give it away give it away give it away now ♪ ♪ give it away give it away give it away now ♪ welcome back to "the five." well, a recent episode of showtime's hit series "homeland" involved the cia turning an iranian terrorist into a u.s. asset. take a look. >> the problem is you've got it all wrong. because what i want from you is not just intelligence. >> i've got plans for you. much bigger than you spilling a few state secrets. >> what? >> i'm going to play you back into iran. from now on you work for us. for me. i'm your new case officer. >> well, turns out the cia has been doing something similar in real life. the associated press is reporting that between 2003 and
2:31 pm
2006, the cia turned some prisoners in gitmo into double agents that helped kill u.s. terrorist targets abroad. so kimberly, this is fascinating. at guantanamo bay, they had an area called penny lane where they set up these cottages for prisoners. and they started doing this after 9/11. president bush supported this, and we don't know too many details, but it's a risky gamble for them to do that, but it looked like a pretty fruitful one. >> yeah. you know, without great risk you might not be able to get tremendous reward. in this case, intelligence gathering which is very important and turning operatives like that to work for you, i think, can be very successful. but it is also dangerous. and what really makes it bad is when people leak the information about programs like this, and there's very few people that have that kind of intel and that access. to me that's also a little concerning in terms of preserving the integrity of the program and then also the people involved that are out in the field. >> bob, president obama -- he came into office, he actually supported this as well when it
2:32 pm
came to information about drone strikes. so it sounds like bipartisan support for this secret program. >> i will say this. kim makes a good point. you leak stories like this, can you imagine if they found out one of those guys over there. but you know, this has been going on with the united states from the revolutionary war. we have always taken people from the other side and tried to turn them. we certainly did it effectively in the second world war a lot. we did it in vietnam. it's not a new idea. but with these guys, it may be a lot riskier. >> eric, 16% of these former guantanamo bay detainees, we don't know how many were part of this program, but they rejoined the fight against america. so there are serious risks with doing this. >> think about this. and some serious rewards as kimberly points out. this is the way we do business. that's what it's there for. you take prisoners. you interrogate them. and in the case of gitmo, you do it the right way. you interrogate them the right way, get information. and then you start cutting deals. i think this is brilliant. the difference is, you bring those guys to new york, you
2:33 pm
can't do that. you can't make those kind of deals. you can't offer those things. so when they -- when obama closed down gitmo, kiss that program good-bye. >> but can't you do those kinds of deals in new york? >> because you can't. you don't get the intel and the interrogation. all they they'd is for one of those lawyers to hear that uyou were offered money or something. >> yeah, because it becomes a law enforcement issue versus the military. >> the world according to bob. >> we've got a guy on the inside. you think to yourself, how do we get a guy on the inside? that's been the dream of the cia. what a great idea to bring them to these little bungalows with kitchenettes and say your family can be safe. you might even have a chance of getting out if we let you out and you go back and do this and it was incred reply success, it seems. however, what makes me sad is these are assets we can no longer use to this length. i don't know what's going to happen next. but i'd like to know that i might have somebody in cuba that already defied us and made it clear that he wants to kill us, that we can go back to and say
2:34 pm
hey, you've got an uncle we just arrested. what can you tell me about him? i don't know if he's connected, but five years down the line -- >> these guys operate in cells. they don't try to spraed their information out. >> not anymore, though. al qaeda is a brand. >> if somebody spilled the beans and helped the united states kill a terrorist, i think that guy was going to be strung up by -- >> absolutely. he'd have to keep his cover. >> yeah, but look at the people that help us like dr. freedy. he's rotting in prison with no help. >> these guys got tons of money, protection for their families as brian mentioned. some of them even got pornography paid for by the u.s. government. hey, sign bob up. >> what's wrong with that? i'm there. >> a little bit of an off-topic point. what a great show "homeland" is, nailing it. the only better show than "homeland," "duck dynasty." >> oh, yeah! >> your secret. >> they got this long-haired
2:35 pm
bearded dude named willie who's kind of weak. the rest of them are good. we've got to go. bob's going to, during the commercial break, boht to guantanamo and sign up for the program for the free magazines. millions of americans are braving the wicked weather trying to get home for thanksgiving. who's in the clear and who's in danger? your travel and weather update is straight ahead on "the five" as you gear up for turkey day. ♪ i'm not here for your entertainment ♪ ♪ you don't really want to mess with me tonight ♪ okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good.
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fox news alert now. heavy rain, snow and sleet pummeled parts of the east coast as massive storms wreak havoc on thanksgiving travel. rick -- why are they looking at me like this -- rick is tracking it. you know what's unbelievable, rick? you ever try to do a show and have four people stare at you. >> you're used to two people.
2:40 pm
>> you have something important to tell us. >> there's a rough day. there's been so many delays throughout the day that i think we'll start to see people finally realize they're not going to make it over the next couple hours. and some of the delays, at least around the city, new york city, that is, are all just under an hour. philadelphia has been the problem today, and that is now well over two-hour delay still. so that brings you into around the 8:00, 9:00 time frame tonight. it's a really rough time there, and the front's moved through the southeast. you're done with all the precipitation. we still have more across the northeast, but now you see that white, that snow that's getting much closer towards the city. we're starting to see snow in philadelphia and in towards new york. and these temperatures are incredibly cold. tonight's lows all the way down to the south in the mid-20s. and take a look at this up across areas of the northeast. a lot of areas in towards the teens. so cold air, and there's been a lot of the roads that are wet from the snow, maybe melted a little bit. and a lot of areas that got three inches of rain, those roads will freeze very quickly tonight, make for rough driving tonight and in the morning if
2:41 pm
that's when you're driving to get home to mom or grandma. guys? >> i know you'll be working around the clock. happy thanksgiving. meanwhile, while some folks may be cleaning up, others will be hitting the malls for pre-black friday deals. andrea, calm down. in states like rhode island, maine and massachusetts, people will not be able to shop tomorrow. those states have blue laws which prohibit department stores and large supermarkets from opening on thanksgiving. should more states be doing that? or should those states be ashamed themselves? andrea? >> you could not pay me enough to go shopping tomorrow. whatsoever. >> so you salute those states and say you can't shop? >> i think businesses should be allowed to open. >> you do. >> if they want to open. the daughter of a small business owner, i made tips. they may not have family to go to. we served a lot of lonely people at the restaurant. but look, if the states want to do it, it's states' rights. they can do it. >> who's right? maine? rhode island? or massachusetts?
2:42 pm
>> who cares? i'm online shopping. >> you're online. >> but here's the thing. i do appreciate the fact that in order to be competitive, they should allow, you know, to be open because if there's people like me shopping online with my little ipad, with my little shopping fantasy, you can go on there and get whatever you want, amazon. >> if i'm going to shop, i have to see. >> maybe you've seen it so you kind of know what you need or what you want. >> i'd rather go into surgery than go into a shopping mall. >> i agree. it's too dangerous. >> how do you feel about those states saying you're not allowed? >> listen, i grew up in connecticut where blue laws, you couldn't open on sundays because of church. >> even 7-eleven? >> they didn't have 7-eleven then. they had d.j. corvette which i gottic ipicked up for shoplifti at. a lot of states had them. >> what were you shoplifting? >> a coke. >> how do you feel about these three -- >> oh, my gosh. >> what is this, "lockup"? >> i know. >> what do you think? >> i think it's ridiculous.
2:43 pm
kimberly's right. more and more people are online shopping. these brick and mortar stores need to stay open as much as they can to compete. i'm a free market, let them open and close when they want. if i go out to a restaurant tomorrow, which we are, thanksgiving, first time ever, you'd better double tip. tip double, tip a lot because those people are working hard on their thanksgiving. >> was there ever any doubt what he was going to say? >> the fifth amendment, states' rights. >> by the way, you asked andrea for permission to extend your time which really hurt my feelings. you asked andrea. she has no power in this. >> my gosh, let's go. directly ahead -- directly ahead -- ♪ we'll make it i swear ♪ whoa livin' on a prayer >> prince william, taylor swift, jon bon jovi sing together in london. more to that later.
2:44 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> later i'll fill in those words. we've got the tape of kanye west's bizarre comments. he brings up president bush, president obama, jewish people and some other people all up next on "the five." >> what did you do to our script?
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
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2:48 pm
♪ god, that's awful music. rapper kanye north, west, whatever direction he is, whatever his name is, must be the absolute dumbest man in america. you know why? here, watch what this guy had to say. >> let me tell you something about george bush and oil money and obama and no money. people want to say obama can't make these moves or he's not executing. that's because he ain't got those connections. black people don't have the same level of connections as jewish people. black people don't have the same connection as oil people. you know we don't know nobody that got a nice house. >> kanye, i bet you have a nice house, buddy. >> huge. >> you're telling us that you could relate to everybody, with your kind of mean? please. to rap? come on. >> the whole liberal left hates
2:49 pm
musicians. they hate george bush, conservatives for obvious reasons, we get it. >> not even that. >> but here's the point. he's jumping on obama because president obama called him a jackass. >> well, for good reason. >> two times. >> he's saying president obama doesn't know everybody. guess where he was, with magic johnson, with steve martin out in northern california. >> aww, ain't that a shame. you'd liked to have been there yourself. >> steve jobs called him up, he has more connections than any men. >> who? >> president obama has no one. >> what about president bush? this is what i think is so crazy. the last family that needs money is the bush family. they don't need an oil deal. >> shaq. >> he was in my dream last night. so was kim kardashian. >> north west. that's the name of the baby. >> why do they name them directions? >> they love gps.
2:50 pm
>> my head is filled with, like, pollution from all this crazy stuff. >> bob or kanye? >> kanye west. bob's fine. bob's fine. >> the thing is, look, say what you will about well respected in the music industry. he is a great songwriter. he is a very talented performer, but his politics are askew and somewhat ill informed when he goes on rants about the bush family who is actually an incredible family. he is just mad at everyone. he is known for saying stuff like this. >> it was a rant on obama. >> he strikes me as having a lot of anger issues. [ overlapping dialog ] >> took the mic from -- taylor swift. do you remember he sat there on the telethon to raise money? absolutely. >> that's why president obama called him a jackass. >> see a jackass. you know where you find that information? in our material. >> let me introduce you to my little friend. it's called the pact. >> one more thing is up next
2:51 pm
with -- he didn't write it. >> read it. >> what does it say? >> you can't give the names. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
2:52 pm
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order now and get a special holiday gif-- a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. time for a very special one more thing. a guy here for the thanksgiving holidays. so willie robertson from "duck dynasty." >> hey! >> the way it works, willie, one last thing, something on your mind. what are you doing in town?
2:55 pm
>> two last things. we're up here promoting our album, duck the halls, a robertson family christmas, which is number one on the country album. >> congratulations. >> and also, we're going to be in the parade tomorrow. so should get out there and freeze my butt off. >> do you have your own float? >> i think it's a celebrity float. i don't know all the details. my wife lined this up. >> it's going to be fun. very cool. >> one more thing. >> yes, so the charity and the royals. so this is exciting because prince william hosted this party, right, the duke of cambridge. it's called the winter whites and raises money for centre point a homeless charity. singing with bon jovi and taylor swift. ♪ ♪ whoa, living on a prayer ♪ take my hand we'll make it aware ♪ ♪ oh, living on a prayer
2:56 pm
. >> even dukes like to have fun. >> all right. all right. andrea, you're up next. >> all right. president obama pardoned the turkey today. but jay leno had a very funny joke about what happened afterwards. >> well, president obama's approval rating is now down at the lowest point of his presidency. he is down to 37%. in fact, here is how bad it's gotten. you know the thanksgiving turkey he is pardoning this week? the turkey said no pictures. didn't want to be seen, no pictures. >> very funny. and tune into our thanksgiving special on "the five" tomorrow and keep your tvs on fox because i'll be hosting greta tonight. jason patric joining me in studio to talk about his custody fight for his little boy. it's a segment every parent, every father should watch. >> very good. bobby, you're up. >> i don't get anything to promote. oh, on your show. look, a conservative group is running ads thanking my man,
2:57 pm
teddy cruz, who is my proposal for the republican -- i'm supporting for the republican nomination for president for his efforts to defund the affordable care act. and when he was on the floor of the senate for 23 hours reading ham and eggs, or whatever he did. and they're going to do it on the nfl games. now, who wants to see teddy cruz on an nfl game? come on, give me a break. the thanksgiving will air across the state. >> bob? >> oh, my gosh. >> during this holiday season, we the people have a simple but important message for senator ted cruz. we say thank you. >> okay, fine, teddy. i'm for you, buddy. but let's keep it to politics. >> this was very smooth. >> very good imitation, bob. >> not as smooth, we all know that. >> i had a walmart thing. can i forgo my walmart thing and talk to willie a little bit? i think everyone wants to know what it's like behind the scenes. we have a lot of fun on this show. is it anything like what you do on "duck dynasty"? >> yeah, it's a lot of fun.
2:58 pm
we know the cameras are there. and so we're all doing it as family, and it's a lot of fun. >> can i ask you a question about your thanksgiving? >> sure. >> what do you eat? do you shoot of course your own dinner? >> yes. >> what do you do? >> most of the time -- well, we'll go duck hunting in the morning, which today we're here. we'll go duck hunting in the morning. then we bring them in and do duck and dressing. >> did you ever get a wild turkey? >> have i had wild turkey? >> i mean have, you ever killed a wild turkey? >> yes, i've killed a wild turkey. >> with a gun or bow and arrow? >> with a gun, a shotgun. it's actually really tough. and senator cruz quoted "duck dynasty" in that speech. >> he did. >> green eggs and ham and "duck dynasty." >> you guys are showing up everywhere. >> i know it. isn't that crazy? >> even on "the five". >> we just pop innon on "the five". >> what is number one on the hit parade? >> book went number one on "the
2:59 pm
new york times" and cory and i's book as well. my mother's cookbook is out, which is doing great. and our christmas special, a "duck dynasty" christmas special is coming out december 11th. we're excited. it's been christmas all year. we've been doing christmas literally all year. >> si or bob? >> ooh, probably si. bob's -- >> you need to listen to our christmas album. get in the spirit. >> now tell me about your new brother, the minister who came on. he is doing well? is he enjoying it? >> he is here. he has no beard. he is in new york and he is freezing to death right now. now he's all jealous. this is why we do it. it's not for marketing. it's for days like this in new york city. >> a lot of people will probably kill me that forgot to shave. >> we're going to leave it there and say thanks very much. thanks to brian who was very, very nice. thank you, everyone. don't forget dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five."
3:00 pm
we'll see you back here tomorrow for a special thanksgiving show. don't miss it. and happy hanukkah everyone as well. "special report" is on deck. thank you to willie robertson. >> thank you, willie. >> all right! no holiday from bad news about the president's health care program. today another long-term major delay ahead of another short-term deadline. this is "special report." good evening. i'm in for bret baier. plenty of work on the beleaguer health care site. the new improved version is sunday. another milestone date has been pushed back a year. white house correspondent wendall


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