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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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sz>> it is november 29th. and the black friday madness underway turning violent from gun fire to pepper spray some shoppers lives in danger and some headed home empty handed and badbly bruised. >> the bridge in full force this holiday season stealing from people trying to help others. the disturbing decoy used to swipe a salvation army kettle. >> drivers fearing for their lives on the middle of a bridge swaying in the wind. >> 520 bridge is it safe to cross sfl everyone is abandoning their cars. we are on it i am worried. >> why instructions from 911
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operators did nothing to put their minds at ease. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. hope everyone had their fill of thanksgiving yesterday and you survived. i am heather childers. >> i am at that tipatti ann bro. thank you for starting your day with us. black friday is in full swing. many retarryls opened earlier than ever even on thanksgiving. more time to shop of course means more madness. this is time lapse video of shoppers at toys r' us in kansas city. people ditched dinner early and lined up there ahead of the
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store opening. >> in florida bargain hunters at best buy from greeted with high fives as they came into the store. some dined on thanksgiving dinner out front actually saying this was the first store of a lot of stuff. >> no high fives at this brans mart store. they rushed in to get bottom rock bottom tv's. one woman was hit with a tv. >> people arguing and stuff. >> pretty much a mad house. >> overall shoppers say the lines and the chaos were worth it for the money they saved. >> i hope those tv's are okay. the early bird may get the worm but some shoppers are in this for the long hall. rich edison is live at the toys r' us at times square where crowds are expected to cram in.
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>> this is one of the retailers that has been open 12-hours. black friday opens on thanksgiving day for toys r' us, macy's target, kohl's. they are going to have a better year than thlast year. they say sales should increase 3.9 percent for the entire season they say anywhere looking at $602 billion worth of sales over the months of november and december. here's at toys r us they have been open 24-hours. talking to folks they have been here all night long about what is the biggest seller here. big hugs elmo. this guy retails for 49 bucks. $49. usually i think he's in sleep mode right now. folks, get ready for this. this, if you have kids, this guy is really did- -- this is the uglies for 35 bucks. get ready for kids to be running around your house with this guy.
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back to you. >> what exactly is that toy doing? i am not sure what that noise is. >> it makes 30 quote rude repulsive noises. >> then it's exactly what i thought it was. okay, ed. thank you. appreciate it. >> i am not getting that for my son. i tell you that right now. >> black friday shopping turns violence in chicago. police shot and injured a man suspected of shoplifting at kohl's. as police drove off to stop him policeman was caught as he took off. the officer and the suspect are recovering and are expected to be okay. police used pepper spray at on a man. he man attacked them. >> buyers beware, black friday
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have great bargains but there are bad deals, too. jolene kent is here now with thou those. >> we have got some great pointers on how to make your dollar count today. according to deal news just because it is on sale today does not mean it is a good deal. watch out for benchmarking when the store jacks up the original price to make it look good. also look out for bundled elling. people want to make you feel like you are buying more. look out for restrictive return policies of only 3 weeks. hidden restocking fees that can run up to 50 percent of the purchase price. analysts are concerned kids could face a toy shortage this holiday season. they ordered 50 percent fewer toys because they are concerned about consumer interests. consumers are shopping later than ever and retarryls don't want to be stuck with too much
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inventory. target wal-mart and toys r' us say they will be sufficiently stocked this season. is startling the psycher mon cyber monday deal midnight monday. it will have thousands of items including 50 percent off of popular toys and free shipping to boot. seems like buzz light year had a little bit of a mishap during the thanksgiving day parade. not buzz himself. it was one of his handlers sent to the hospital after a cart traveling with the giant balloon ran over her foot. doctors told her she had a hairline frack taur. the grinch was up to his tricks. a thief stole a kettle from a salvation army bell rirng as he was helping a grandmother and grandchildren inside. >> so i had an elderly woman on a car getting dropped off.
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she was on a stroller a walker. she had four grand kids with her. i escort them through the double doors and i come back out and the kettle was gone. >> there is no videoeft and inv leads. >> the agency would have helped the thief if he had had a need. president k barack obama called and thanked service members for their service and rished them and their families a happy thanksgiving. >> it may be revamped but don't call it a relaunch. the white house said the glitch filled obamacare web site would be fixed. where are we now? >> good morning p-james. >> good morning to you. even joer officials at the
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department of health and human services are lowering expectation wills. it is not a relaunch. president obama speaking at a sin doing the flex of devilling should be fully ironed out. >> we are working ore time to get this fixed. the web site is already better than it was at the beginning of october. and by the end of this month we anticipate that it it is going to be working the way that it is supposed to. and folks are working 24 sla/7 make sure that happens. >> aids to ahhs secretary kathleen sebelius acknowledged about 20,000 people were able to use the web site to purchase private health insurance in the first month of signups. it will be a significantly
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different user experience. >> the system will not work perfectly on december 1st but it will better than it did in october. if with he experience extraordinary demand they will not be able to complete the application. >> to avoid crashes they have delayed the on-line enrollment of small businesses for one year. >> james rose inten, live in washington, thanks. as the obama administration does damage control, a group gets a million dollar grant to success enrollment success stories. it is called families usa called the voice of healthcare consumers. the grant given by the robert wood johnson foundation is meant to help the trugroup expand the data base of real people sharing their stories of enrolling in obamacare. >> most of the estimated 425
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families have beening waited after a train derailment and chemical smil have been allowed to return home. 3 dozen homes close to the scene remain off limits. residents may be out of their home late today. it was evacuated after a train derailment affected a rail car. >> this year's national dog show did not disappoint. the adorable american fox hound jewel took home best in show. it is the first winner in the 12 year history to come from the hound group. he was extremely well trained which likely put her over the edge for the judges. now it is time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> if you are headed out the door to do some shopping you will want to bundle up. looking at very keeled temperatures across the country. that is pretty much the only
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issue. it is a quiet weather day across the country. out west a few light showers possible across western portions of california but the center of the country a lot of sunshine across portions of the midwest. temperatures on the cold side. only in the 50s for highs in parts of the southeast like in the city of atlanta and across portions of the great lakes. most of that coming to an end. it remains cold and does remain windy out here. because of the wind it will be feeling even colder. some of the current windchill temperatures right now as you head out the door only in the teens. 14 in minneapolis. 18 kansas city. chicago and the city of cleveland. feels like 23 in atlanta. heather patti ann it feels colder in atlanta than it does new york city. he even in raleigh 26 degrees. >> 51 in ptampa.
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>> new video shows the moment the crane collapsed at a world cup vaid yum. the worker says he warned it would happen but no one listened. >> drivers fearing for their lives in the middle of a bridge swaying in the wind. >> 520 bridge is it safe to cross? oo it is really bad. >> i am checking on it. >> why reaction from 911 callers may be even more frightening. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> good moaning. welcome back. we have this for you now. new video of the crane crashing down on the stadium in brazil. co collapsing part of the arena and
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killing two construction workers. a safety engineer at the world cup stadium allegedly warned his supervisor the ground was not stable enough to support the giant crane. he claims his concerns were brushed aside. investigators looking into human or mechanical error as a possible cause for that collapse. a security deal with afghanistan may be at its breaking point. karzai will not sign any deal if similar attacks continue. he said the drone killed a child. the drone fell in a house killing a child and wounding two women. u.s. coalition confirms that the chie child was mistakenly killed. this as the coalition member warns karzai's indecision on a security deal could hurt the chances of afghanistan getting international support when the
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current deal expires in december 14th. >> a homemade cannon was found in an empty lot after they heard two explosions. no one was hurt. u.s. investigators are combing the base for any signs of damage. a terrifying situation for motorists in seattle. take a look at this. a bridge swaying back and forth in wind and rain. the waves lapping right up on to the bridge. all of this happened a few weeks back. we are now getting our first listen to the terrifying 191 calls from people forced to get out of their cards and run. >> is it not safe for you to drive over the bridge? >> i don't think it is safe to drive over. >> are you out i'd sue of your car? >> about 50 drivers left their
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cars on the bridge that day. luckily no one was seriously injured. >> moms of bargain hunters out in full force earlier than ever this year. black friday shopping has been underway for hours now. let's see how crazy it is robert moses is live at the queen center mall. i understand this was called a gray thursday. >> good morning to you. i would not be at the mall. it feels like 5:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 a.m. on the coast. the crowds some say were bigger a few hours ago. some stores offering really good discounts 50 percent or off so. 140 million shoppers expected to take to the stores this holiday weekend. that's according to the national retail federation and a lot of
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these retailers are hoping that they buy multiple bags as they are hoping to do at the queens center mall. this is exciting for retailers between 20 and 40 percent of annual sales are coming from the holiday season. this weekend is really the beginning of that period. black friday is so 1990s many places including this mall opened up on thanksgiving. i am told 60 percent of the 150 stores here in queens center mall decided to open at 8:00 that night. live from the queens center mall in elmhurst queens this morning. >> you know i don't believe you in for one second. i know you would be out there even if you weren't covering the story. >> especially 50 percent off. >> 50 percent off rock port, american eagle offering 50
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percent off. a lot of good deals to be had if you are willing to pass up on some sleep. >> robert moses live. it is 19 after the top of the hour. take a look at this guy. he's if aer from a smooth criminal. first he dropped his gun then trips all over himself. how this bad hold up finally ended. >> do you ever get the feeling your cat hates you? new evidence you might be right. first on this day in history in 1998 a bug's life was the number one movie in america.
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>> a man shoots and kills a
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72-year-old in georgia who he thought was an intruder. turns out he was a wandering alzheimer's patient. he knocked on joe hendricks's door. he saw westbrook in silhouette. hendricks says he gave westbrook several verbal commands but he would not respond. no charges have been filed. tensions mount as china sends warplanes into the newly declared air defense zone. a spokesperson described calling it a defensive measure saying they will be on high alert. china's demand airplanes flying over this dluser cluster of islands identify themselves. this week vice president joe biden heads to asia to' assure the top allies and try to reduce tensions rising from the recent decoration. >> fans of "chasmer in tcatcher
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in the rye." jd s jdsalinger died but ordered the prequell "ocean full of bowling balls" should be released until 2060. >> do you ever feel like your favorite feline shouldn't be responding to you. they own your owner's voice but choose to ignore it. cat's ability their mental ability it is not developed enough to understand they should care when you call their name. grumpy cat seen here clearly not impressed with the surroundings. 25 after the hour, justin bieb bieber's reputation taking another hit. you won't believe what his body guard is caught doing on camera. you have to stay tuned for this. a little boy afraid to wear his
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>> shoppers out in full force on black friday. instead of getting bargains some ended up behind bars. a woman breast-feeding at a restaurant costed a server her job. what one mom was doing at the same time. >> fox and friend first continues right now. >> good morning. it is black friday. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne.
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>> we begin this for you. tick tock the deadline fast approaching. the we are talking about obamacare. >> tomorrow is november 30th the day the administration says the glitch filled web site will be here. >> it is a mad dash. hundreds of problems have been discovered with the web site. it has been more than likely some of them will not be fixed even after tomorrow's promise redelivery day. some supporters are not optimistic. >> even the administration has said if it is running properly the web site should be able to handle about 50,000 people in a country of 300 million. so even in their best case sken
2:32 am
y scenario they will have web site problems. why are you driver driving people to a web site that doesn't work. >> they are trying to pull them to the web site. this ad was there yesterday after they are looking at work arounds for the web site. the president has taken a beating over this. but if the web site isn't fixed the real casualties could come in congress where vulnerable democrats could be left holding the bag in next year's mid term elections. >> members look a little shell shocked to me especially in october they were getting behind the healthcare law they were criticizing republicans for their attempts to delay it. the big government shut down was against delaying the healthcare law. they are walking around now looking like what just happened? >> indeed what just happened. we are seeing delays in some aspects of the law. look for democrats in congress
2:33 am
to call for a delay. >> for some parts it is turning violent. >> an officer was driving away and was dragged the car. the officer and the driver are hospitalized. they are expected to be okay. >> police used pepper stray they attacked one of the officers. that man facing charges. >> for some shoppers it was all about getting in line really really early this morning. this is a look at the lines of best buy and chicago. they lined up hours before getting the best deals. things getting a little nasty that's a mob of people in
2:34 am
wal-mart. and they started fighting over xbox games. one tv hit a woman on the head. >> how would you describe this scene? >> nuts. >> everybody every where. >> how would you describe it? >> nuts. >> the lines and the kchaos are worth iter to the money they saved. >> all the black friday madness is just getting started. rich edison is live in times square where crowds are expected to climb in. >> where do you p want to be this friday? >> my first suggestion was we stay home and stay sleeping. we picked times square because
2:35 am
there we this is dance see dave. we gave you the uglies he pushed. dancing dave is a peanut with goggles. there he is. national retail federation says they expect about 600 million worth of sales between this month and next month. a lot of fun at times square. >> to something not so fun brawls are breaking out across the country this black friday. jolene kent is here with the coverage. what is this about? >> shoppers have been documenting thanksgiving day shopping trouble with wal-mart on their smart phones. fight over xbox jordan creek ore west des moines, iowa.
2:36 am
they reported ambulance responding to consumer violence in wal-mart in philadelphia. others posted crowded rough and tumble scenes on u tube showing fists flying as they go for deep discounts. wal-mart is not line. several vine users posted details with the hash tag kmart fights. with so many discounts they issued crowd management guidelines for many stores telling them to prepare for the long lines and crowded bathrooms. a wal-mart worker was killed five years ago at a store in valley streams new york. they held ticket distribution for hot items to prevent this from happening. wal-mart handed out wrist bands and target has security riding on segues. thank you for keeping us updated. jolene kent keeping us live.
2:37 am
>> a mall in salem, carolina a thief stole a kettle as he was helping hid grandchildren and grandfather inside. >> escorted them through the front double doors and second set of double doors i came out and the kettle was gone. >> there is a car traveling over 1120 miles an hour when it hit a mini van. both vehicles caught fire. the driver cut several vehicles over the course of 17 miles. both people in the mini van died. the 24-year-old driver of the
2:38 am
speeding vehicle was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> a texas schoolteacher gets a surprise of a lifetime when president obama hands him a knoll. in it he makes a shocking admission allegedly saying this, i believe healthcare reform will be the right thing for the country. it was not the smart political thing. he is reportedly putting the letter up four action saying it is just words on paper. >> it waudz supposed to be the -- scientists say it wouldn't be all bad news if it did break up into pieces because astronomers might be able to study the pieces and learn more about come mitts.
2:39 am
>> speaking of weather and atmospheric type stuff time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. you want to bundle up. look at the current temperatures across portions of the countries. this is one of the coldest spots windchill temperatures only in the teens widespread minneapolis chicago and the city of cleaver land. feels like two degrees. early 20's early this morning and in the 30's across parts of texas. then the high temperatures will be better in the upper 50's for the city of dallas. in terms of any precipitation it is quiet across most of the country. you are looking at widespread sunshine from texas to minnesota. a little lingering lake-effect snow across portions of up state new york.
2:40 am
overall the snowfall accumulations coming to an end. a few lingering showers in western portions. as people head home it looks quiet. good news as you head back home. the trip for thanksgiving wasn't that quiet. we had a big storm across the eastern part of the country this wednesday but much quieter now. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a battle over burberry why it could be a lot easier to get your hands on the luck luxury brand. >> this grandfather becoming an on-line sensation. you have to see it to believe it. [ male announcer ] sheets or bar? how do you get your bounce?
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>> welcome back. one of justin bieber's body guards caught on camera knifing a photographer's tires on s sydney. they pulled him over to make him stop following the singer. the body guard can be seen trying to remove the photographer's bike. this comes days after he was will caught putting graffiti without permission. >> a leader of a navarro says the team name is a symbol of loyalty and courage. roy hawthorne was one of four honored for world war ii. it came during the game against the 49ers in a trip paid for the team. he would endorse the name. not only the team should keep
2:45 am
but that's a name that is american. burberry may lose their exclusive rights to their signature red black and ten check. a fashion house appealed a decision that would allow other con r companies to use the iconic check pattern on leather goods. they still have soul writes to the pattern. retailers are urging washington to expand internet sales tax collection. diane macedo joins us to explain. good morning, diane. >> it is a battle between the brick and mortar stores and on-line retarryls. this one seems to be coming to a head in time for the holidays at issue is the marketplace fairness act. it would allow states to collect sales tax from companies that sell via the internet. you might be informed of the
2:46 am
bill's benefits. order on-line and you might receive a package in i a long with a plea to write congress to oppose the bill. according to lobbying disclosure fileings 26 companies trade groups and lobbying firms are trying to influence congress on the act. local retailers argue forcing only in state retailers to collect sports sales tax puts them at a serious disadvantage. states lost $23 billion on uncollected sales tax revenues from out of state sales last year. catalog and e officers retailers say collecting sales tax for the thousands of jurisdictions on-line retail service is overly complicated. it has already passed its version of the bill which allows to companies with $1 million in annual sales. they are hoping to get the house to vote on it soon as the holiday shopping season can bring in up to 40 percent of
2:47 am
annual retail sales. >> diane mass can hecedo fox bu. >> 46 after the hour. it isn't exactly a matter of trust. the new technology you could use that would make spies jealous. a mom's decision to breast-feed her baby costing one server her job. what this mom was doing at the same time. >> anna kooiman is here on "fox & friends." >> good morning to you and everybody at home. hope you had a great thanksgiving. while you were watching football did you see the healthcare ghea? should you spy on your spouse? new technologies offering us to do so. is it right or wrong join us at 6:00 a.m. [ susan ] though he had never left.
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more now on the black friday violence we've been telling you about. gunfire outside a coals store packed with shoppers in chicago. a kohl's store. >> good morning. police just left the scene and they just took the car away. there was a tow truck that came to this parking lot. there is still a little bit of glass evidence in the parking lot. romeoville is 30, 35 miles southeast of chicago. this scene was active seven hours after it happened. this happened about 10:10 last night. police say they were called by kohl's security, a report of shoplifting. two officers stopped a man who was exiting the store. they say he got into a pontiac sun fire. an officer followed him, partially got him and was dragged when the driver pulled away. police say they ordered the driver to stop but when the
2:52 am
car didn't stop, an officer fired two or three shots into the car hitting the driver. the driver and the officer were injured and there was a third person who was inside the store who was also arrested. three people are in custody. the driver, the person accused of shoplifting, the person inside the store. the injuries to the officer and the person driving are considered to be not life-threatening, but the store remained open the whole time. stores opened on thanksgiving night and remained open all night even though there was police tape up here just a few minutes ago, people are still shopping. >> joanie, thank you. a father who fears for his kids forces him to take drastic steps. he tosses them from a third floor balcony into the the arms of a stranger in an attempt to save them from fire. the apartment was engulfed in flames. other people in that building were trapped in their apartments.
2:53 am
>> i said could you please help me? so nobody was reacting, i jumped myself. i'm okay. as long as everybody was okay. i was shraoeubg -- i was like screaming like scared. >> no one was seriously injured. >> a waitress called police when she saw a woman boozing it up while breast feeding. now she says she was fired for it. jackie called police when she saw a 28-year-old eating and drinking at the pizza restaurant where connors work. a couple days later connors says she was fired. her manager says she was not fired for calling the police but will not disclose the real reason. >> denise richards has been pulled further into the charlie sheen-brook mueller custody battle.
2:54 am
police knocked on mueller's show for possible child abuse. according to the police sheen and mueller's twin boys say a member of richards staff hit them. >> days after lindsey vonn partially tore her a.c.l. in a training crash she was back on the slopes in colorado. she posted this photo to facebook with the caption, first day on the snow after my crash and it was awesome. von has not raced since tearing ligaments in her knee in february. von is hoping to compete in the 2014 olympic games. >> seven years ago robert durbin was forced to wear braces and needed a walker to get around. then with grandchildren on the way, this grandpa decided to make a change. a 64-year-old durbin joined a gym. he lost 75 pounds and has become an internet star.
2:55 am
>> i just love bar work. stuff people say i can't do. i'm proving them wrong that i can do this stuff. >> wow. this video of durbin has been viewed nearly 800,000 times since posted in october. according to the grandpa, he is working on getting just a little bit more cut. good for him. >> the time now is five minutes till the top of the hour. coming up, he is far from a smooth criminal. first he dropped his gun, then the beer he was trying to steal. see how this bungled burglary ends. >> an adorable four-year-old was struggling with his new glasses but his fear of being laughed at brought out the best from people across the country on facebook. announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities.
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so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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welcome back. it's about two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. tomorrow is the obama administration's self-imposed deadline to
2:59 am
get fixed. in a preemptive strike white house officials are saying there will still be slow response times and delays after tomorrow. black friday shoppers out in full swing today, braving cold weather and long lines looking for the best deals. experts predict that total holiday sales this year could top $600 billion. an early start for shoppers. the company is starting its cyber monday deals at midnight sunday. it will have new deals kwrefrp ten -- every ten minutes. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a little boy thought everyone would laugh at his new glasses so his mom created a facebook page and people from all over the country flooded the time line with pictures of themselves in glasses to rally behind the young boy. next the bad. a scary burglary at a gas station quickly turned into a comedy of errors. the thief ran out with stolen beer but dropped his
3:00 am
gun and beer bottles everywhere. instead of running, he stopped to pick everything up. police had time to show up and arrest him. finally the ugly. a new spy software that allows you to track a person's moves and track their phone and detectives claim it is 100% undetectable. >> thanks for joining us today. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. hello and good friday morning. it is the 29th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. shoppers bombard stores causing chaos. what you need to know before you hit the stores today. >> i'm in for peter. what's thanksgiving without a little turkey, a little football and this? >> every way you want it to or not. fixing that could cost you


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