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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 29, 2013 6:00am-9:01am PST

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>> have you done your shopping? >> i've done a little on-line shopping and that's it. >> i haven't started yet. >> enjoy your leftovers today, everybody. >> join us for the after the show show. see you. >> much love to you. >> the moment of truth for obamacare. one day away from the president's self-imposed deadline to fix the obamacare website. and officials are promising a smoother ride for americans. i'm gregg jarrett. i'm in for bill hemmer. heather: i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. already new concerns that problems with persist.
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gregg: james, we see top administration officials looking to lower expectations for tomorrow's relaunch, if we can call it that. one senior official briefing reporters by telephone earlier this week cautioning the very language we are all using. >> to be clear, november 30 does not represent a relawn' of it's not a magical date. therele times when the consider there will be times when it does not operate optimally and there will be a need for further improvements. >> reporter: for obama it has
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been a source of enormous strain. only 27,000 users took purchase understand online successfully. across november the chief executive offered a different assessment of how much would change by month's end. >> about it end of this month we anticipate it will be working the way it's supposed to. i think it's not possible for me to guarantee that 100 per of the people 100 per of the time going on this website will have a perfectly seamless smooth experience. we are going to have to continue to improve it even after november 30-december 1. >> reporter: officials say by tomorrow 50,000 users should be able to log on at the same time.
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those stymied by the process will be sent a message telling them when to log in later on. gregg: the obama administrations concerns about the website are still pretty strong. >> reporter: small businesses will not be able to use the website to purchase insurance for their employees until one year from now. it prompted the republican committee chair penperson to cal for obamacare to be scrapped all together and common sense changes brought into play instead. heather: is better good enough
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for the millions of americans who are mandated to buy insurance? the site. eric erickson is the editor of, midnight tonight is the deadline. will it work and will it work well enough to satisfy everybody? >> no matter how it works they will declare it a win whether you can log on. it will be a win for the white house as far as they are concerned. heather: whose opinion matters most as to whether it's working good enough. no dude min straition, the i.t. salvage team working around the clock to fix the problem. the people trying to use the website. they will have different opinions. whose matters most?
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>> i think the american public matters. they are the ones who will get fined by the government if they can't get obamacare. the administration is shifting the goal post. they are saying they have been signing up for medicaid but they haven't been able to sign on to the website. it doesn't matter. because even if you can log on and get understand, you probably aren't going to be able to keep your same doctor, you probably won't be able to keep the same hospital you are going to. if you have cancer you probably won't be able to go to one of the top cancer treatment centers because doctors say even if you get on the exchange we probably won't accept you. heather: one of the lead people this month says part of the website is unfinished. it's on the back end. you think you are enrolled.
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you did everything you are supposed to do. but then you go to your doctor only to find the insurer does not have you listed as being enrolled. some of the problems may not even be visible at this time. they will come down the road. >> one of the things they forgot to build into the system is the payment platform. you can get your obamacare and the doctor won't take because you technically haven't paid for it. no private business could get away with doing this. heather: as was being developed, the riewtion tests fell way behind schedule. they confirmed four days before the launch, the government granted itself a waiver to
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launch the website with quota level of uncertainly deemed as a high security risk. what about security and how do we know if that's been resolved? >> we know from congressman barton during the hearings they inserted language in the website that you can't see saying you should have no expectation of privacy. if this was in the private sector, the hippa violations i'm sure someone would be carted off to jail by eric holder. heather: jim reesen said the president said it's not possible for me to guarantee. the national coordinator for health information technology said the not 30 date was a quote political date, not a technical date. just like the decision to go
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live on october 1. what does this mean for the administration come tonight at midnight if it isn't up to par. >> they will say so many more people can get on now. they are not getting the 404 error meaning they can't get on to the site. this was a political date set by the president because he felt he needed to be in charge of it. this is terrible for the democrats. all of the polling shows the democrats have swung to the generic ballot. no one likes the republicans, they just want them in charge because they don't like the democrats and how they have done healthcare. gregg: a black friday shopping frenzy taking a terrifying turn as a police officer chases a shoplifting suspect out of this mall.
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>> the officer was struggling to put the subject as he got into the car, then the car started to move as the officer was partially inside the car. the officer was dragged quite a distance. >> reporter: our fox affiliate reporter is live on the scene in romeoville, illinois. tell us the latest information that you have, joni. >> reporter: romeoville is 35 miles of chicago. this is a stand aloaning kohl's store. it d this is a stand alone kohl's score. that's what happened right outside the main doors that lead to the kohl's store. romeoville police were called
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her to respond to a report of a man stealing clothing. one got in on the passenger side. then they heard how the officer became involved in a struggle. the officer was being dragged by the car. that's when another officer fired into the car striking the driver in the shoulder. the shoppers coming here who heard the shots were very alarmed by it. some were nervous to shop here. but now they say they were glad police were able to respond that way. police identified the three suspect they have in custody. a 52-year-old, a 51-year-old and 28-year-old, all of them from nearby joliette. the person who was shot is in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the police officer was.
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heather: police using pepper spray after a 23-year-old man became quote belligerent because he was arguing with a customer over a television, then he attacked a police officer. >> he struck him in the chest and appeared to grab him. >> he's an idiot, he shouldn't have done that. heather: now the suspect is behind bars facing a long list of charges including assaulting a police officer. gregg: a speeding car hits a van, killing two people inside. it was going more than 125 miles an hour when it instrumented bely struck the van. the chase went on for 17 mile.
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the victims' identities not yet released. heather: those are a few of the story wear following for you this morning on america's muse room. >> reporter: a deadly crane collapse in brazil. and a robber in florida was no match for a quick-thinking gas station worker. more of this surveillance videotape coming up. shopping for kid this year? some of the hottest items are actually remakes of old classics that could mean trouble in toyland. [♪]
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heather: a not so smart criminal
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gets busted trying to rob a gas station for money and beer. he says he befriended the robber while secretly calling the police. but cash, weapons and beer was too much to handle. the suspect is spillingering right outside the gas station just in time for police to arrive and arrest the suspect. instead of running he stops to pick up the lost items. gregg: retailers trying to find that next hottest toy item they have been spending millions on research and development. but it turns out many kid these day like newer versions of old classics, or at least their parents are giving them those
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things. we are -- we are talking about barbie dolls and legos. you mentioned to me during the break that parents are spending stuff on staples this year. >> this holiday season they sit down and say how much money do i have. what do the kid need, what do they want, also they are growing. they have to buy shoes $because they have grown out of those shoes. so they are using christmas to go out and buy those things they will have to buy no matter what. that's one of the reasons you are seeing a lot of toy sales start to drift lower during this time of year. gregg: do it mean the retailer, toy store going out of business? >> you will see more stores go out this year than last year.
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taxes, regulation, it's tough to be in any business. it's tough to be in the toy business. gregg: bashies, legos, slinkies, lincoln logs. these are the staples that sales work. >> when i was a kid i don't think i got a lot of gifts. i got a football and basketball. my favorite gift was lawn darts which i don't think they sell anymore. my parents were so excited to different me lawn darts. i remember that well. >> i think a lawsuit would prohibit most parents from doing that. american girl doll, that business -- i spent so much money at that store. and i see people with their american girl doll bag all over manhattan. >> the number of dollars being
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spent on toys today. the nostalgic ones i agree. the legos and etch-a-sketch. you can tell, i'm not a great toy guy here. by but i also remember from my kid, if i didn't get something with a video component or something related to the shot video computerized type of thing, they didn't like that gift. my son was phenomenal at not being happy with his gift unless he got something that was video oriented. gregg: i got a typewriter when i was a senior in high school. a typewriter. yes, thank you so much. heather: we were talking about the first atari, i remember getting that. still to come. after the brutal prethanksgiving trip to friend and relatives, what millions of you folks that were able to go home can expect
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from mother nature. police releasing this. some terrifying 911 call after rough weather caused this bridge to sway so much drives literally stopped and abandoned their vehicles. >> i don't feel it's safe to drive over. >> are you outside your car? >> i am.
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cars. police releasing these chilling 911 calls. >> is the 521 bridge safe to cross? of one * is abandoning their car. gregg: you can always trust your life on do the. on dot.
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heather: will the weather cooperate on your way back from your thanksgiving with family and friends? >> reporter: the weather will be cooperating the next several days. we have tough weather for our commute for thanksgiving. even several days before that. but that storm is long gone leaving behind much colder temperatures. we woke up to record low temperatures across parts of the southeasterly this morning with temperatures in the teens. they warmed up into the 30s across raleigh and the city of atlantic. but the -- raleigh and the city of atlanta. it feel like 10 degrees in minneapolis. in terms of precipitation, quiet across the entire 48.
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nothing muching if on except a few showers possible across parts of western california. this is your black friday forecast. a lot of sunshine for most people. it looks good everywhere, snow forecast across parts of the northern rockies. that will be something to watch sunday and as we head into next week. >> weren't you outside a short time ago? >> >> reporter: yes, i was. gregg: you were shivering and your teeth were chattering and we felt so sorry for you. heather: it's cold out there. but sunny. that's nice. gregg: it was my decision, solely. maria. a stunning admission from the white house.
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while the * is saying obamacare may have been a political mistake. he's the last man ever to walk on the moon 41 years ago. former astronaut gen astro astrs his walk on the moon. we are live in times square for the black friday madness. [♪] ♪ through 12 blizzards blowg ♪ 8 front yards blinding ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ 3reepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind of freaks out [ beep ] [ female nouncer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever.
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and with improved tracking up to 11 scans, you can even watch us get it there. ♪
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heather: welcome back. the day after thanksgiving, plaque friday. retailers pull out all the stops. rich edson is live for us at times a square. you had that lovely toy that made those weird noises. do you have that, and also how much are people expected to spend? >> reporter: this holiday season they are expected to spend $600 million. $600 billion throughout the entire holiday season. they totaled $11 billion. 80 million shoppers.
6:32 am
heather: what are some of the season's must-have toys? >> according to toys are us they assembled this for us. you can make this little guy here. and all different shapes and sizes. then there is this talking minion dave from $59.99. we hadn't decided if he was creepy or cool. then this guy here, this is from this morning. that guy. so that's the ugliest. enjoy that, back to you. isn't that great? i love that one. heather: my favorite part of your story all day is that right there. thank you very much, rich. reporting live for us from toys are us.
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>> reporter: president obama personally responding to a texas school typier after receiving a highly critical letter about obamacare. his handwritten note is raising eyebrows writing i believe healthcare reform will be the right thing for the country. it certainly wasn't the smart political thing and i hope in the months to come you will keep an open mind and evaluate it based not on the political attacks but what it does or doesn't do to improve people's lives. improve people's lives. democratic national committee member and former chair of al gore's campaign. and the former assistant to john
6:34 am
boehner. 20 million will lose their employer plans. try to explain that to those people. >> i think what we have to remember is that why this whole debate again which is all americans wanted to have access to afford panel quality healthcare. and suddenly obamacare has been the excuse for everything. many of those americans that we are talking about right now were going to lose their healthcare. gregg: debbie, seriously are you really going to make that argument. >> i am. that's why this began. gregg: i interviewed people and held up in front of the television and put on the screen the policy termination cancellation that says it's because of the affordable care act. come on. >> i'm going to remind you that's why we started going at the healthcare because too many americans with preexisting
6:35 am
conditions could not get an understand plan. too many americans -- i was meeting people on a daily basis. parents who weren't taking their children to the doctor because they couldn't afford to go there. many things that were being blamed. were policy that were being considered before anybody ever heard the word became care. gregg: we interviewed a lot of people who said i like my plan. i talked to a guy who now has to pay double, double the deductible and double the premium. according to who are these really substandard plans? >> the american people make their own decisions. they do their own economic analysis of what marketplaces are and policies work. the president is referring to
6:36 am
the political mistake, and what he's really talking about is a policy mistake. it's hard for me to believe he believed -- that he believes was a policy mistake because he ran two presidential campaigns on it. he was willing to shut down the doft and bring the country to the brink of default just last month. change of heart seems insincere. it seems like he's a -- he's a hapless bystander. gregg: our poll show a majority americans think the president lied about it and 60% believe he and the administration knew all along millions of people would lose their plans. now we read the labor and
6:37 am
treasury department estimate 93 million americans will lose their healthcare plan. it's more than just a political mistake. don't you think the president in his heart really regrets doing this? >> i don't think so. because a lot of people wanted to make sure every american could get healthcare. i find it reassuring there are people a year ago, republicans who didn't think people with preexisting conditions should have access now they are talking about how do we make sure the good parts of this healthcare bill are put into law. gregg: you keep talking about so many americans are going to have health insurance now. the cbo which is non-partisan says in 10 years, debbie, there is still going to be 31 million americans uninsured. uninsured. >> the point of this law is to try to get all americans insured. gregg: 10 years from now.
6:38 am
this place will be in law 10 years from now. it will have worked for 10 years and there will still be 31 million americans that's uninsured. >> this law was a come pro my for many people. i wish that every single american could have access to affordable quality healthcare. i think we need a program that insure that. i'm also going to point out to you. >> this hasn't really crashed yet. as millions of americans see what's going to happen. the seniors, people in medicare see the change they have, it will cow chaos, confusion and put a lot of people in a difficult place. we are talking about a website that hasn't worked. wait until this thing really hits the fan. glenn: thanfan.. gregg: thank you very much.
6:39 am
heather: disturbing news on the morning after pill known as plan b. what it could mean for lots of other pills. dr. marc siegel is here, then there is this. stunning new video from a deadly train collapse. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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gregg: before martha maccallum left for thanksgiving she sat down with one special hero who made american history. martha: it's now more than 40 years since man walked on the moon. the last mission to the moon was apollo 17. it blasted off way back in 1972. and some lunar explorers sharing
6:43 am
their stories with our own neil cavuto on "fly plea t "fly me t" and the last man to step foot on the moon was captain james cernan. >> i can promise you if i could take every human being with me for five minutes, standing next to me on the surface of the moon and look back at the earth, the world might very well be a better place to live in today. no question in my mind there is a creator of the universe. martha: it's a beautiful moment. captain james cernan joins me now. that's a beautiful quote. i think we all wish we could stand with you on that spot and look back. tell me what you thought:when
6:44 am
you had that moment for real. >> martha, you have to ask yourself, is it really happening to you at that moment in time and space in history and you try and grasp something to bring home. i want -- when i left the moon and started up the ladder i wanted to reach out and grab the and hold it close and show it to you when i got home. obviously it wasn't possible. martha: we are watching you, you bounced and danced and sang around the moon. you had a great amount of join you brought with you to this entire mission. what stand out about the most amazing experiences you had back then? >> fortunately, i had a chance to go to the moon twice. came close the first time. but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenade.
6:45 am
but just to be there. you don't come there but once in a life. to realize you are standing in a valley -- a valley surrounded by mountains on three side higher than the grand canyon is deep and you are seeing what hasser in been seen with human eyes. you are standing where no human being has been before. i always said going to the moon is a technological and technical and spiritual space program orbiting the earth. it truly is. it was for me anyway. martha: people look back at these mission and they look at them with awe. but they also look at them with the hindsight of knowing you all got there and you were able to do it. when you were doing the gemini 9 mission, nobody knew this was something that could be accomplished and you had a rough time up there.
6:46 am
>> i was the second american ever going to space with the ambitious objective of flying a jet backpack around the world. as smart as we were we forgot the laws of mr. ne newton *. in zero gravity when you push or turn it push and turns back. i was disappointed. i thought i came home a failure. i was sent out to do a job and i didn't think i did the. but in retrospect we learned so much about what we didn't know and answered so many questions we weren't smart enough to ask before we went. i look back with a great deal of pride. gemini was the bridge between mercury and apollo.
6:47 am
if we hadn't learned to do those things we would have had a difficult time on the moon itself. martha: i'm curious what you think about now. at one point you said by the turn of the century you believed we would have made it to mars. where is this headed now? >> the unfortunate thing is we don't have a mission. we don't have a goal. quite frankly we don't have a challenge. 50 years ago kennedy looked into the future. visionary, a dreamer. we need something to reinspire those dreamers in high school today like apparently we did many, many years ago to dream the impossible and give them the opportunity to go out and make it happen. that's one of the biggest things we lose by not having a goal in mind for their generation that we have for ours. martha: that's why we weren't everybody to watch this special,
6:48 am
fly me to the moon. we hope it will inspire young boys and girls to grow up to do the kind of work that you did. captain cernan thank you for your canadian troy biewtion to the country and the universe. thank you very much. gregg: gene cernan featured in a special "fly me to the moon" right here on the fox news channel. heather: a new report on the morning after pill known as plan b. fda regulators are warning the emergency country accept tough may not be effect dwrif in women -- may not be as effective in woman weighing over 165 pounds.
6:49 am
can you explain how is plan b supposed to work? >> it prevents implantation. which means it works within 3 days of unprotected sex and prevents pregnancy. now it's available to everyone over-the-counter. that's problematic when you consider a french pharmaceutical company determined it's not effective over 175 pounds and 165 to 175 pounds it has limited effectiveness. this is happening at a time when the supreme court is trying to decide whether you can be 12 years old. 170 pounds, walk into a pharmacy. pick up plan b, use it
6:50 am
inappropriately, it doesn't work. heather: this was discovered in europe with a similar product. the fda saying they are looking into it in the united states. what are the implications for other drugs. does weight need to be considered more of a factor when you divvy out how they are delivered? >> i'm 100% positive it will apply to the products in the united states. here they are identical chemicals and there is definitely a variation based on weight with a lot of different medications, especially these kind of hormones and it makes it important a physician be in the equation. if there is no physician in the equation this will lead to unwanted pregnancies. gregg: one beer company is doing a lot for those to do so much
6:51 am
for us. that brewery is giving our veterans a helping hand.
6:52 am
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gregg: the unemployment rate among our veterans is off the charts and a new company in chicago is doing something about it with beer. the business started by vets aims not just to sell beer but to help veterans get some jobs. >> reporter: as the holidays roll through and football gets exciting chances are you will buy some beer. you have got a lot of choices. but one retired navy pilot is hoping you will make a choice that puts veterans to work. >> reporter: daniel is an
6:55 am
ambassador trying to get you to sample veteran beer. the unemployment rate for vets is 20%, disabled vets, 80%. that prompted retired pilot paul jenkins to come up with a company that enabled everyone who served. and beer is the pathway to employment. every employee from the brewmaster in cold springs, minnesota to the delivery guy served. jenkins hopes to send a message to other employers. view * i want the private sector to realize the u.s. military veterans is the greatest human resource in this country. >> we'll bring those guys out of that slump they may be in after serving part time in the military and being injured or disabled. >> reporter: jenkins and the
6:56 am
guys at veteran beer know that patriotism can drive a lot of guys to buy that first six pack. but you have to sample good beer. this is good stuff they are selling and they have a lot of back orders. they are going to move 500 cases. next year 200,000 cases. >> which is better, blond bomb or the veteran? >> the blond bomb. anything that says ale tastes like an apa. the blond bomber does taste like an ale. it's good stuff. gregg: coming up, inside the noon eastern hour of "happening now" we'll have an interview with a veteran who started that company with the mission of helping his fellow service members.
6:57 am
heather: 24 hours to go until the promised obamacare fix. there are new signs of trouble suggesting the site may not be ready for prime time. details ahead. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> just about 24 hours until the promise of the website would be fixed. but new signs showing the wb site isn't up to par. welcome to a brand new hour. >> the white house has been trying to dial back the expectations and scrapping an aggressive enrollment effort. warning that november 30th isn't a magical date when everything is going to be working
7:01 am
perfectly. >> it sounds like they are lowering expectitations? >> i think that is exactly what they are doing. a spokesperson for medicaid/medicare says there will still be glitches on the website after the day the president set for fixing the site. they called off plans to have democratic groups to push people to enroll and lessen the pressure. president obama was downplaying the efforts a few weeks ago saying the upgrades will continue long after the november 30th deadline >> i think it is not possible
7:02 am
for me to guarantee that the hundred percent of the people a hundred percent of the time will have a perfectly smooth experience. we will have the continue to improve it after november 30th/december 1st. >> the aids consider it to be successful if 80% of the people who log on are able to do so without problems. but that leave as 20% failure rate and that is not considered successful in private industry and won't stand the tide of antidote. >> this is raising questions about the government's ability to by information technology as well. >> the government tend to pay more and get less.
7:03 am
and there is bi-partisan agreement on that. they have california congressman and virginia congressman are working on changing the rules. but it will not be easy to pass. >> $82 billion of it spending and this isn't the only failed project. hopefully the senate will realize because the house has begun moving real reform in the in area. >> conally says the fact obama is the first president to have regular access to e-mail shows how far the federal government is behind the private sector in technology. >> for more on this and what we can expect in the coming days, steve hays is here, the
7:04 am
president has stuck his neck out. he maybe trying to dial it back a little bit, what happens? >> i think you see a stampede from the democrats in red states and those up in 2014, but the president's biggest supporters as well. we have seen hintsf of this, but i think you are likely to see if the website isn't fullly functional an increase in the numbers in the next week. >> what might senators, in particular, we know what the house would do, what might senators do about it? >> i think at some point they
7:05 am
will run for cover. this isn't going to be complicated soon. you have a system that isn't working. a website that isn't working. the problem for many in congress is that there is no prosspect for -- prospect -- this is going to work the way they are saying. you have difficulties with the enrollment process, getting young healthy people to sign up, those are people that need to sign up to offset the additional risky health benefits for the older people. i think you have real problems beyond just the website and that is the challenge. >> the sentiment of the american public is stunning. a cnn pole found the majority f
7:06 am
americans don't think he is trustworthy. 60% on our poll think he knew all along millions would lose plans. have you seen a president take a nose dive like this? >> there is evidence the administration new all along what it was selling -- knew -- wasn't true. you have people who say i have this reading of it and i have this. and that is not the case here. if you look through the federal register, cbo estimates before the passage of health care reform, it was clear people were going to be displaced.
7:07 am
and people were going to have policies canceled. this was known and the way the reforms were supposed to work. so for them to say they didn't anticipate isn't true and that is why he has so many problems. this was what was supposed to happen beyond the bad website. >> on page 300 of the federal register the labor treasury and health department projected 93 million would lose their health plans. that was just discovered in the last month or so. in the individual health care markets they are loosing their plans and getting notices of termination, but that is only going to accelerate when 20 million americans begin loosing
7:08 am
their employer-sponsored health care plans. that is going to happen in the months before the mid-term election. >> i think that is right. there is some questions about the exact numbers. no one knows how small employers are going to handle it. some may suck it up and pass along the increased cost to employers others will dump employe employees. and that is a third or forth wave of problems. you have people with early renewals also. so they will get their cancelations early next fall. >> and the early evidence seems to suggest young healthy people who subsidize the older, sicker
7:09 am
americans are not buying into this so the financial structure could collapse. >> this is one of the things people are worried about; this so-called death spiral. and some experts say we are seeing it now and some say down the road. but young and healthy american saamericans are not signing up in the numbers obama needs them to. and the prospect is low when you look at the website problems and the difficulty people are having and the discussions that the individual mandate and penalties could be delayed. there is little incentive for those that think they don't need insurance to work their way through the difficult website to avoid a penalty that might not
7:10 am
happen. >> if i am 27 i am paying the penalty of $95 instead of $3-$4,000. that is a no-brainer. thanks for being with us >> with shoppers all across the country in the frenzy for black friday sales. but in some cities all of the mania turned violent. in chicago, a shoplifting report, shot the driver of a car who was dragging another officer. and in new jersey a man was arrested after he was asked to leave a walmart and then attacked police when they arrived. robert gray is live in carson, california. hope you are staying safe >> very calm. they had several hundred folks
7:11 am
lined up outside. it was very ordererly. they handed out tickets for the big items. televisions and we interviewed someone who bought three of them. i have some of the door buster sale. and this is the store team leader and thanks for hosting us. you had the big deal last night. 8 p.m. you opened the doors. it is past 7 a.m., seeing local people coming in, what is getting people coming back after you sell out of the big flat screens? what brings in people the day after? >> we have excited to kick off the official season, we have great circular items and with your red card you get an additional 5% off.
7:12 am
and we will have that going all day. and the rest of the season >> row have been tracking this in real time, what are the most poplar categories? and how are they doing versus last year? >> we have had a lot of traffic in the electronic and toys. we have great deals on apparel, and our $5 pj's. >> thank you so much. lots of people trying to get deals out there. >> i like the pj's. very nice. >> if thanksgiving didn't put folks in the northwest in the holiday spirit, the blast of cold weather will. arctic air expected to hit the region over the next several days. maria is now indoors and taken off her warm weather jacket.
7:13 am
>> i thought you were going outside so i could come in. >> i didn't get that e-mail. oh, here it is. >> too late now? let's look at the temperatures across the country. waking up to teens across portions of the midwest. it feels colder once you factor in the breeze. single digits in new england and grab the heavy jacket. we had record-low temperatures in portions of the southeast with temperatures in the teens in portions of alabama and georgia. the radar is quite across most of the country. a little lake effect snow in the great lakes. parts of california dealing with a few showers. but sunshine and things look good as you head outdoors. after the thanksgiving holiday,
7:14 am
it looks quite and cool across the county. >> 73 in phoenix? >> not bad. they are finally cooling off after 90s. >> golf! enjoy. we will be right back. there's a new way to buy a car. it's called truecar. and truecar users... save time and money. so when you're... ready to buy a car, make sure you... never overpay. visit today.
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7:17 am
>> prosecutors are revealing details in the trial of a man accused of killing two britsh soldier. they knocked him the soldier down with a car before mutilating him with knifes and a cleaver. what are we learning in court today? >> there were lots of weapons at the scene. the prosecution is playing out their case and we are hearing horrible details and relib --
7:18 am
reliving the story -- one of the suspects almost made a successful attempt to decapitate man with a meat cleaver. children were returning from an outing but turned around. the victim's fm family has had to leave the room at times. two men are accused of killing an afghan veteran and the father of a 2-year-old boy. he was dressed in civilian close clothed. he was run over by a car and then hacked to death. he spoke into someone's camera
7:19 am
phone explaining how people in this country never feel safe. the two suspects are british but they are of nigerian origin. they are islam but not part of any group. and they are going saying they are not guilty. >> over 400 families forced from their homes because of a dangerous train accident. we will tell you where that happened. and the pope building this platform but not everybody is happy with the message.
7:20 am
7:21 am
female announcer: through sunday, through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic.
7:22 am
even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. >> welcome back.
7:23 am
disturbing video of a crane collapse in brazil. this happened at a soccer stadium. two workers were killed in the incident on wednesday. there are reports an engineer warned his super viseer with the operation but his concerns were tossed aside. the cause of collapse is under investigation. that stadium is hosting next year's world cup. >> families evacuated after a train derailment and chemical spill in ohio are now allowed to return to their homes. the train damaged a car and leeked a flammable liquid. the railroad provided them with thanksgiving dinner at a local
7:24 am
high school. >> the pope authorizing his first work at pontiff: attacking capitalism. critics are asking if the pope is too soft on hot button issues like homosexuality and abortion. >> the pope is gaining global praise and being called the f n francis affect. >> he's isn't changing anything about church doctrine. >> 79% of catholics approve of him, but he isn't putting more people in the pughs.
7:25 am
>> he is saying that we want pastors not politicians leading the church. when the catholic church is known more for its politics we area alienating people. >> he is togging about people on the street and people in the womb so he has had a good effect on us >> are people ignoring the conservative things in favor of things they want to hear about it? >> he is a complex man. it doesn't work to read one line and go running with it. i think there is a little bit of that. but overall, the impression the pope is he has been embraced on people of both sides. >> christianity 101 is the fundalment concern for the poor
7:26 am
and vulnerable and the surprise this is shocking shows how far the american catholic church has drifted in its public witness. >> it remains unclear if the pope will pursue changes in the church doctrine, but he is committed to helping people change how they feel about the church's teachings. in new york. lauren green. fox news. the name of a cia spy revealed to the public. who did it and what it could mean for the safety of the united states. >> and twin explosions heard outside a military base and what investigators are saying.
7:27 am
mooamir hekmati
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> residents in japan near an airforce base reported hearing two explosions. the japanese media with blaming it on radicals who have claimed responsibility for similar attacks in the past. >> there is a political party in pakistan that touts itself as anti-drone. it has revealed the name of the top cia spy is calling for him to be charged with murder along
7:31 am
with cia director. how serious is this? >> well, greg, thank you and good morning. this is the second time in three years that pakistan who has opposed the drone striekz strikes going on. the goal of the party is to protcute cia officials here in. the cia is not commenting on the claim. and given the sensitivety the state department spokes person read from prepared remarks >> i don't have the specific comments on the reports we have seen other than to say we have a range of security dialogues with the pakistani's about the issues
7:32 am
and as you know as the standard process don't speak about them. >> this is someone at the tip of the spear and run the drone cam rain. and they are in essence the word between the united states and pakistan. >> incredible. i mind assume they are taken serious? >> it opens them and their family up to target and retaliation. they are threatening to block trucks carrying supplies and and from pakistan. >> requipment and troops have to
7:33 am
come through the territory so we have to depend on them to provide security and there is not a lot week do. >> the last time the cia station was identified was in 2010 and he was forced to leave the country. the question is how was the identity known, but the reality is it is an open secret and they are the same circles that may out that person and jeopardize their security. >> catherine, thanks. >> you are welcome. >> what consequences would there be for the united states and the drone program? we have a fox military analyst and retired army here. thanks for joining us. what does this mean for the united states? >> you have to put it together in a sequence of anti-drone
7:34 am
campaigns. this guy is the head of the pti which is a local party. he controls the province that is nested in the middle of the pass where many of the nato supplies pass through. he outed the cia chief as part of the campaign against the use of armed drones by the united states. but as the united states begins to withdraw units from afghanstan, the idea is to replace them with armed dproron. if that fails, it will be filleded by the taliban and perhaps over the long time al
7:35 am
qaeda. we could see training camps in the areas where they about the opterative who has been publically knowledacknowledged? they said it was one of the most important anti-terrorism places but it isn't a diplomatic situation so he could be arrested. >> the station chief is more powerful than the ambassador sometimes. he plans and executes the drone strikes. and having him under the gun as a result of a television program
7:36 am
pitts his family at risk and it will throw a wrench in the drone program because they are going to have to replace him. >> second time in three years this has happened. what do we need to do to find out how this is happening? >> i am afraid it is going to happen again. this is the third time. 2010 they outed jonathan banks, the station chief there. the station chief is an open secret and if someone inside the pakistani governmental agencies want to out his name is a fairy easy thing to do. the growing strength and the attack against the cia effort in pakistan and the growing threat,
7:37 am
all of this will affect the ability of keeping the terrorist at bay. >> what are the long term consequences? >> that is a big question. we will have soldiers operating drones on the bases. as they withdraw and the united states presence deminishes, it will give free rein in the enemy. to continue terrorism, move into afgh afgh afgh afghanistan. >> what do we need to do about this former cricket player who
7:38 am
is claiming responsibility for this? part of what he is doing in the region he controls is blocking the nato forces that are trying to carry supplies in the afghanistan. >> well, not much. this guy is poplar. he is like the brett farve of cricket. pakistan is the center of gravity for every conspiracy there. he has the people riled up about the strikes. does the united states occasionally cause civilian strikes with drones? of course. but every bomb dropped from anyone is immediately attributed to the united states drone
7:39 am
strikes. what is going to happen is this bow wave of disstain for american drone strikes is only going to continue and couldn't happen at a worse time. >> and then we have the strikes in afghanistan other areas talking about a strike that killed a little girl. >> it is all related >> thanks for talking to us. hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> only days after an agreement with world powers over their nuclear powers, iran invited un inspectors to visit a heavy water production plant. this is the first big step since the deal was reached. but it was limited to the production facility at the site where a reactor is under
7:40 am
inspection. we will have more on this coming up when we walk with an journalist judy miller >> after the turkey and family visits it is time for people to head home. what can you expect on sunday? >> a college student is tossed behind bars and spent days in jail before people realized they had the wrong guy. >> they could have released him and now you have the wrong man i have to sit and do time.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> an 18-year-old college student spends four days in jail before police realize they have the wrong guy. jojau
7:44 am
joju joju jojua jojuangence was pullgence -- johnson was pulled over accused of being a man from washington, d.c. who was wanted >> i told them the picture wasn't me. they continued and insisted it was me. >> i felt like he was thrown in shark invested waters >> the mother wants disciplineary actions taken against the arrested officer. >> with the turkey and fixings now left over in the fridge, it is time to head back home. >> and millions of americans will be trying to do that on sunday. what is instore and what can we expect on christmas and new
7:45 am
years. what can all of the travelers expect sunday? >> there are going to be long lines at the airport. one of things we can do expedite the lines is to be a prepared travel. there are several lots that can help you plan for travel. tsa has launched a travel app called by tsa. it makes sure it gives you the 3-11 on what you need to know and alerts for flights and carry-on and things >> that is the argument i have with my wife who travelers with a thousand shoes. i say let's check it. she says carry it on. the travel app is helpful in
7:46 am
that regard? >> these are helpful. as a girl we have tons of shoes and want to carry them all. but being a smart traveler you have to pick what you want. baggage allowances, how many you are allowed to have. each airline has weight specification. and consolidate shoes. >> don't let greg fool you. his wife and i both know he has her fair share of shoes. >> let's talk about people that are driving? gas prices are the lowest since
7:47 am
2010. >> it is definitely one of those things. multiple ways to be able to get to your destination. the benefit is that your gas prices are lower this week. the lowest it has been since 2010 for the same week. hitting the road is a great option. be safe and buckle up. one thing to keep in mind is to be patient. everyone wants to get to their destination on time. so be courteous on the road. >> you can buy updates that keep you posted on times and such? >> i am a fan of flying. it is new travel app and sinkal with other apps. it is free but you can upgrade
7:48 am
and have real-time flight updates, gate changes -- which is hugely helpful. >> did you expect it to be better or worse this year? that is a question people want to know. >> it is always hard. the biggest travel holiday of the year. most americans travel other than thanksgiving. much more than christmas or hanukkah or any other holiday. always be patient, arrive to the airport early, and just expect the fact there is going to be traffic. it is a joyous season. so as long as we have kind, courteous, and patient, we could come out at the other end having a good time. >> good way to put it. thank you for being with us.
7:49 am
hope you had a great thanksgiving in beautiful florida. >> she has a glass half full attitude and hopefully people share that at the airport. you need to buy the app because people say please come on the plane. >> that has never happened to me >> me either. it may not be all right for this commet after it grazed the sky. it was the greatest comet ever but disappeared.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> the fate of the comet is up in the air. they are looking to see if it survived the encounter with the sun. some say the lith is a trail of dust and many are hoping a piece of the space rock survived so they can study and learn more about comets. >> in golf, a higher score isn't ideal. but when it comes to aids one florida course is regarding the lofty numbers. it is waving the annual green
7:54 am
fees for golfers over 90 years of age praising the seniors for just getting out there. steve is live talking to golfers. >> remarkable 90-year-olds will never have to pay for a round of golf. >> i love golf. >> frank is hoping to shoot a round lower than his age. >> i am 91 and going to be 92. i hope from now until 98 i will deappreciated five shots. >> i play once a week no -- deappreciate -- >> frank has been looking forward to saving the money in
7:55 am
green fees. >> what did you thing were you were 89? >> one more year. >> this 93 focused on her short game after not being able to hit the ball as far. the most important thing is being outside with other people >> do you ever get mad on the golf course? >> no. if things go wrong, accept them and go on. maybe the other holes are better. >> he puts the money toward a new putter. >> he has been using this one 60 years. >> that blade putter depends on feel for a 92-year-old man and hard to be that is his tool of choice. >> those old putters, i think. you know, they have good swings
7:56 am
out there. they are going to be out there for a long time now it is free >> one man was saying he is going to play when he is 80 years old. real optimism out there. >> score one for team usa. lindsay von back on the snow after a big fall. she did free skiing which is a big return to racing. the first day back on the snow was awesome she said. she is training for the winter oly olympics and no word if tiger woods was with her. >> we will let you know. the clock is ticking down to the thicks that the obamacare
7:57 am
promised for health care dot gov: >> white house tree arriving few minutes. [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪
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gregg: the white house is promising tomorrow's going to be the dawn of a new day for the obamacare web site but also dialing back your expectations with some problems seeming likely to persist beyond the end of the month deadline. good morning, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill here in "america's newsroom." heather: and i'm heather childers, nice to be with you. hope you had a great thanksgiving, i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. president obama vowed would be fixed by november 30th. the administration says impresumes are on track as well and now comes the moment of truth for obamacare 2.0, you could say, and with the deadline
8:01 am
just hours away, new word of glitches being far from over. james rosen life for us at the white house. james, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius promised visitors to the obamacare web site will have a, quote, vastly improved experience. any details on what that means? >> reporter: well, heather and gregg, good amp. as you say, white house and hhs officials alike are seeking to dampen expectations, cautioning us not even to view this as a relaunch per se. in its first deeply troubled month online, was only able to steer 27,000 visitors amongst the millions who logged on to the desired goal of purchasing health insurance online. >> because of the numerous upgrades in both software and ard ware over the last month, on december 1st, will be able to handle 50,000 users at the same time. however, if there are extraordinarily high spikes in
8:02 am
traffic which exceed the site's capacity, consumers will be put in a new advanced queuing system that will give them an expected wait time or allow them to be notified via e-mail when they can return to the site. >> at the dreamworks animation studios earlier this week, president obama acknowledged the, quote, rough rollout but touted the improved ohm page. home page. >> and nobody was more frustrated about the problems with our web site than i am. and yet here in southern california and here across this state there are thousands of people every single day who are getting health care for the first time. for the first time. [applause] because of this. and by the way, the web site's continually working better, so check it out. [laughter]
8:03 am
>> reporter: tomorrow officials said the web site will be able to accommodate a total across 24 hours of 800,000 visitors without crashing and just one programming note here, if you were hearing baroque trumpet music earlier, that doesn't just follow me around, that was part of ther is honeny behind me for the welcoming of the new white house christmas tree by the first lady. heather: i thought it was just to herald you, james. actually, we're taking a shot of that right now showing people the christmas tree. the christmas spirit alive and well this in washington d.c. -- in washington d.c. gregg: ask the president himself is going to hoist that whole thing all by himself. he's just going to yank it up there. heather: we'll see if that spirit maintained after midnight tonight. james, how much does the president have riding on the performance of this new allegedly-improved web site politically? >> reporter: well, the web site tail your's coupled with this wave of cancellations of millions of existing health care policies, a triggered record low
8:04 am
approval numbers for the president in the month of october, and, of course, republicans are also watching with great anticipation. we've been down this road before said house energy and commerce chairman fred upton today as officials looked us in the eye for months pledging that everything was on track and we now know with the chaos bekind the scenes that it was on track for disaster. what reason do we have to believe things will be different now? heather: health james rosen live at the capitol where the christmas tree aears to have arrived. thank you very much. gregg: well, it is a good question. why would we expect anything different now? and there's also another crisis that is looming under obamacare as millions of newly-insured patients enter the system, states are seeing a major expansion of medicaid. but if low reimbursement rate means a serious shortage of
8:05 am
doctors and nurses, and that's likely to get worse. steve moore is senior economics writer for the wall street journal. one state trumpeted how many people they had signed up for obamacare, turns out something like 90% of them were simply signed up for an expansion of medicaid. >> that's right. gregg: which sort of defeats the whole purpose of obamacare. talk to us about that. >> well, gregg, you're exactly right. what's happening now is that almost all the people are getting obamacare now are being pushed into the medicaid system, and anyone who is familiar with that knows it's a kind of welfare program. it's one of the worst health care delivery systems not just in the country, but in the world. much different than medicare which, you know, seniors really approve of. and so you're not going to get the kind of quality of care under medicaid that you would get under a private plan or medicare or just about any other kind of plan that you can conceive of. you put your finger on it,
8:06 am
there's long lines. a lot of doctors don't take medicaid because the reimbursements are so low. big problems for people that are being pushed into medicaid. tbreg greg i was talking recently to a couple of doctors, and i asked them do you take medicaid patients, and they both shook their heads and said i can't. i lose money on medicaid. >> that's right. that's right, gregg. you know, it's ironic, but, you know, it's more expensive now to get a plumber than to see a doctor under medicaid. and, you know, you're talking about doctors who rack up, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to get tear md degree -- their md tree and sometimes the reimbursement levels are $40-$50 to see a patient. you put your finger on it, gregg, they're losing money to see medicaid patients. anybody who is running a business knows you can't do that. gregg: both medicare and medicaid are headed toward, you
8:07 am
know, insolvency. is that why the reimbursement rates are so bad? >> yeah. gregg: what's the real reason? >> what happens is that congress is always trying to save money in the health care system, right? because as you said, both programs are going bankrupt. and instead of kind of structurally changing the way the programs work, what they do is keep putting the squeeze on not just doctors, gregg, but also hospitals. you know, for example, mayo clinic doesn't take medicaid patients any longer. and so if you really want quality of care, the last kind of insurance system that you want right now is medicaid. and it is ironic that that's the only kind of system that most people can get under that, under the computer systems that people are supposed to be going on this weekend. could i make one other point about something that was said? james rosen said now we're going to have 50,000 people that can be on the exchanges at the same time. and i'm scratching my head
8:08 am
thinking, my goodness, we're in an era where we have youtube and facebook and, you know, they take millions of people at one time. 50,000 is minuscule. gregg: right. and the white house thinks, wow, 50,000 people all at the same time without crashing, that's really great. no, it's pretty awful and embarrassing and disgusting. >> maybe they should have had the google or facebook people put the computer system in place. it'd be working a lot better right now. gregg: exactly. look, there are 48 million americans roughly right now who are uninsured. after all is said and done, $2.6 trillion of taxpayer money b spent, the nonpartisan congressional budget office says in ten years there's still going to be 31 million americans who are up insured. uninsured. so all of this to reduce from 48 to 31 million.
8:09 am
and, of course, nowhere near the president's promise that he was going to make sure that every american is insured. >> yeah. and, gregg, the reason this story is important to people watching is that there is a big difference between having health insurance and having quality care. and, yes, people are going to be insured under obamacare, but if all these people are being pushed into medicaid, they're not going to get the high quality of care americans demand. gregg: not only that, but, you know, states after the first three years -- >> states are paying for it. gregg: yeah. and they can't afford it. >> that's the way washington works, push it down to somebody else, the doctors, the hospitals, the states, anybody. greg greg you got it. steve moore, good to see you, thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> you too. heather: new reports of violence as shoppers nationwide hit the stores for black friday deals. shots fired during a shoplifting incident, this happened at a store near chicago. this is video from last night.
8:10 am
police were called to a kohl's in romeoville. officers chased a pair of suspects to a car. one police officer was able to partially get inside of that vehicle, but the driver pulled away dragging the officer with him. another police officer opened fire on the driver, hitting him. both the officer expect suspect were taken to the hospital, and they're now recovering. the other shoplifting suspect, under arrest. gregg: in new jersey police using pepper spray to subdue and arrest customer they say got rather belligerent. happened at a walmart last night. this is the store in garfield. officers say the man started yelling at a manager, refusing to leave the store, so they called police who say the suspect then attacked one of their officers. >> he was unhappy with the manager and the way the store was running the sale. >> he's an us yacht. he shouldn't -- an idiot. it's on tv, for christ's sakes.
8:11 am
gregg: well said. heather? heather: well, retailers, despite all of that, are eager to get us to spend this year with black friday falling later than usual. and if you are planning to shop, you will have some company. 61% of shoppers say that they plan to visit stores this weekend. rich edson, he is amongst them, and he is live from toys r us in times square. what you got for us, ed? >> reporter: with it has gotten very crowded, especially over the last 90 minutes or so. and behind this wall of toys we find sandra martinez. sandra, what'd you get, and how are you going to get t >> oh, by train, i come. and i got everything for the grandkids, nieces and nephews. >> reporter: does your family think you're crazy for coming out? >> >> all the time. >> reporter: do you do it every year? >> every year. >> reporter: is it worth it? good deals? >> oh, definitely. i spent about $200. of. >> reporter: this is $200? what's the coolest thing you
8:12 am
got, what's the best ting you got here? -- thing you got here? >> i guess the nerf shooters. [laughter] >> reporter: you have to drop this off at home, but anything beyond this? >> yeah. i still have more. >> reporter: where are you going to go? >> probably haiti's and all those other places -- macy's and all those other places. >> reporter: did you get out yesterday? >> nah. this is the day. >> reporter: what do you think about thanksgiving, should it be a day for their families? >> day for families, just go on fridays. >> reporter: you certainly accomplished plenty already. the national retail federation saying this month, next month, for the entire holiday season they expect $602 billion spent, that is an increase of 3.9% over last year according to their statistics. back to you. heather: i want to know, rich, if she's pushing that cart of stuff out into times square,
8:13 am
because that would be a little dicey. >> reporter: times square and then onto the train. good luck, sandra. heather: then down to macy's, she said. twreg greg she's going to need a security van. heather: she is. and some help. she was little. gregg: all right. there is growing confusion over the nuclear deal between iran and the united states. tehran now offering new concessions to the united nations while it disagrees with washington over terms of the deal to ease its economic punishments. heather: and the administration facing another battle here at home, convincing democrats to help rally support for obamacare. how much longer will they put up with all the problems before they lose faith and can give up on the president?
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
heather: obamacare over the holiday break by finding success stories that show the affordable care act working. but the flood of negative news causing some jitters to say the very least, especially for democrats facing re-election next year. and if the web site is not vastly improved by tomorrow as promised, midnight tonight, more democrats could start jumping ship. doing schoen -- doug schoen is a fox news contributor, and terry jeffrey is editor-in-chief of cns thank you both for joining us. >> sure. >> thanks for having me. heather: we have 35 seats up for grabs in the senate, 21 of those are democrat, 8 of those are considered competitive seats. what do those democrats need to do at this point, doug, i'll start with you, if the web site is not improved as promised come tomorrow? >> i think they have to head for the hills, every man and woman for themselves, heather. bottom line, they're going to have to call for obamacare to be
8:18 am
basically put on hold, fixed. you can't go into an election campaign with the president's signature accomplishment being so problematic. and even if the web site works, heather, it isn't clear -- as steve moore was suggesting -- whether quality care will result. heather: absolutely. there's a whole other list of possible problems that could follow, we talked about that earlier, some of that our own security, the personal information we have to put on there. terry, what do you think these democrats need to do? >> well, look, i think the reason today didn't want to implement obamacare until 2014 is that president obama didn't want to run for re-election on the reality of his law. he wanted to run for it on the way he could frame it. but there's something deeper, a deeper political dynamic. basically, the talking points the democrats are putting out are saying to people, look, we're going to give you a benefit for free, we're going to redistribute wealth to you from somebody else.
8:19 am
what they're calculating is there are enough people now dependent on government or willing to be dependent on government that that message will sell. and i regret to say i think we're very close to the point where they are right. and even if obamacare's effectively a disaster, it still could be a political win for the democrats if they've converted enough americans into that welfare mindset. heather: there are all these numbers that really aren't getting out there, and can this one i saw today was put together by a group called the commonwealth fund. they said that the selection process, the process involved for the individual market, they estimate 84 million people have been left either uninsured or upside insured. so when they keep talking about all these people that have signed up and the success rate, there's a whole host of people who are losing their coverage, doug. >> tsa absolutely true. there are people losing their coverage and probably going to have to pay higher premiums and higher medical care as result, but i do want to respond to
8:20 am
something terry said. look, i think most people in america regardless of their ideology want to make it on their own, they don't want to be dependent on government. we live in the greatest cup in the world. opportunity is the core value on thanksgiving, and i really think we need to recognize that's what this country is about, not dependency. >> well, you know, i wish democrats would actually make that argument -- >> it's not the argument, it's the reality. >> wait a minute, a reality? earlier this fall the census bureau put out data for welfare recipients in 2011. there's 108 million americans or wore taking some form of welfare from the government, at the same time there are only 101 full-time workers. they said among those 108 million people taking welfare benefit, 82 million were in households on medicaid. obamacare is designed to increase medicaid. services running it says that 116 million americans next year, 2014 will be on medicare or
8:21 am
medicaid. those are the core constituents of the democratic party, people who are dependent on government for something as fundamental as your health care. obamacare's designed to increase that group of people in our population. heather: doug, i'll let you get the last word here. >> yeah, you know, terry, were that that were all ru, the vast majority of people don't want to be on it and those on medicare voted republican in the last couple of elections. bottom line i think you see hurricane if a way that i don't -- america in a way that i don't. democrats and republicans alike, especially on a holiday. heather: and speaking of how people see america, still trying to frame that message. the obama administration putting out talking points, telling democrats to support this, talk about the success stories of obamacare and also this morning we found out a $1.1 million grant awarded to a cane to build a web site -- company to build a web site to tout the success
8:22 am
stories. we'll see what happens midnight tonight. >> yes, we will. heather: thank you both. gregg: i almost never disagree with doug, but i'm reminded of our documentary on entitlements and the surfer dude we interviewed -- health health yes, buying sushi! too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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gregg: bizarre case in ohio involving parents apparently trying to return the child they adopted almost a decade ago. lisa cox is now facing charges of nonsupported dependents. the couple recently gave child welfare officials a 9-year-old boy, they reportedly claimed he's been showing aggressive behavior including threatening the family with a knife. the couple is due to stand trial in february. no comment from the couple's lawyer. ♪ ♪
8:26 am
heather: well, we're hearing new accounts of obamacare's impact on everyday americans. so far one in five million people have -- more than five million people have received cancellation notices nationwide leaving them in limbo. and now we're learning that some employers are struggling with the same problem. dominic di-natale live from our west coast newsroom, what's happening with these employers? >> reporter: well, heather, yet another unexpected consequence. this is the first time we're seeing very small businesses dragged into this, and companies with under 50 employees offer their staff a health care plan even though they're actually not obligated to. well, we went to see one of the first companies to see hard by this in phoenix, arizona. they have just 13 employees, and their plan got canceled, and their insurer offered an obamacare-compliant alternative that would have cost them 60%
8:27 am
more. the owners say they feel in a moral bond. >> i feel like it's an obligation to try to ache ca care of the people that take care of me, so one of the things i wanted to do was offer them health insurance because these are the people that are responsible for my success. >> reporter: they're trying to work it out with a broker, but the option so far includes an hmo with a smaller selection of doctors and really, heather, they just feel cheated by that. heather: so, dominic, how are things looking for those employees? >> reporter: well, the state of doubt they're in is really trouble for them. lows are waiting for guidance from their bosses, and there's just a ton of questions that they have. >> do i need to have this insurance go into place before the end of the year, or am i able to wait until after the first of the year? >> do we need to find our own
8:28 am
coverage? >> reporter: there's an upside to this in that the small businesses that do offer health insurance under obamacare, they are eligible for a tax credit, and it may help dent the significantly higher cost of providing a health care plan to their employees. big mystery of all, heather, is no indication yet how many small businesses are going to be affected. but likely going to be a lot. back to you. heather: dominictydi-natale, thk you. gregg: remember the irs-targeting scandal when it targeted conservative groups? well, now the obama administration is to opposing new rules finish -- proposing new rules and, yes, the move is causing a great deal of controversy. we'll explain. heather: plus, iran now sending mixed messages on the heels of an international agreement over it nuclear activity. that's coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:32 am
♪ ♪ gregg: iran is now inviting nuclear investors to visit arak, a city in iran not to be confused with the country of iraq. but also it's changing its tune about its recent agreement with the west to stop building at the site. and now iran is saying construction will continue at arak. so what's really going on here?
8:33 am
judith miller is a pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and a fox news contributor. so what is going on? >> well, i think we have, you know, some good news and some bad news. it's pretty much what we would expect, gregg. the iranians are going to test the americans' willingness to enforce the agreement, and they're making an assessment about how committed obama is to the terms of this agreement. but i think the invitation to inspect is very, very important, and it's a very positive step forward in an agreement that is controversial, but i think on balance checks the iran's progress towards a bomb. gregg: can a heavy water reactor for plutonium have any peaceful purpose? i mean, it's strictly for nuclear weaponry -- >> no, no, that's not true. some nations wanted to go the plutonium route for energy. what's important is that iran not be permitted to operate such
8:34 am
a plant without anyone watching them and without reprocessing. i mean, right now they don't have a reprocessing capability. but i think that the american demand -- and i'm being told -- that in the final agreement that plant will have to be closed. that's going to be a bottom line, a bottom line demand of the americans. gregg: out of all of the things that iran gets out of this, and i'm going to name a few, it doesn't have to dismantle the 9,000 centrifuges, doesn't have to disassemble any of its nuclear program, it can still produce weapon-grade uranium for nuclear bombs within weeks, but iran gets to keep enriching uranium. even the united nations resolutions all said you have to stop enriching uranium. and president obama seems to be perfectly fine with -- well, go ahead. >> well, his secretary of state apparently didn't get that memo, gregg, but secretary of state
8:35 am
kerry still says this interim agreement does not contain any right to enrich. but if you really look at the text of the agreement which you've clearly done and i've done, it does imply a right to enrich. and that is what iran has gotten out of this interim agreement. it is a big step forward to them. in exchange, what the americans are going to want is access to the program that we've never had before. that is still to be negotiated. we made the first step because iaea inspectors are going to be able to go into two enrichment facilities every day, and we're going to learn a lot more about the program. but i think you just have to say, yeah, they've gotten the right to enrich. gregg: i mean, look, if you read between the lines of what prime minister netanyahu is saying, he seems to think that our president is naive or gullible, you know in and he claims that
8:36 am
this united states deal is going to leave iran just a few, you know, inches short of producing a nuclear weapon. and all during the next six months of negotiations iran can inch closer and closer to weapon capability. is he right? >> well, i think that the interim agreement actually scales back the progress that iran was making. the big question, of course, is what are their ultimate intentions. and israelis are divided about in this. if you look at the former head of military intelligence, he thinks this deal is okay and a lot will depend on what kind of verification mechanisms are in place as we go down the road. you know, i think this is the issue, what's the alternative to this agreement? does anyone really think that barack obama was going to bomb iran to shut down its nuclear program? no. and the israelis must know that's not true either. so israel has effectively been
8:37 am
kind of locked in and boxed in. gregg: this deal seems to have provoked the saudis who are, you know, close american, you know, diplomatic allies. >> yeah. gregg: you know, we have a base there and so forth. to decide that now we have to have a bomb, because it's pretty clear they think president obama is allowing iran to build a bomb, so now they're going to buy bombs from pakistan or at least the technology from pakistan. so isn't this accelerating instead of decelerating the nuclear capability in that region, and egypt's going to do it and turkey as well? >> well, i don't think we know that. i think that decisions that countries make about how to advance their security is a local decision. and ask one thing that this agreement -- and one thing that this agreement has done, it has driven the saudis into the arms of the israelis.
8:38 am
they are now working together to try and counter this challenge. and by the way, gregg, i have no problem with that because ultimately if the saudis and the israelis and the congress talk a tough game, at least the iranians are going to have to be worried about somebody if they're not board about barack obama -- worried about barack obama. gregg: good point. judith miller, thank you so much. all right. heather: the obama administration prooazing some new rules for tax-exempt political groups and coming after the irs scandal, you'll remember that, this which it targeted conservative groups, this proposal drawing lots of scrutiny. chief political correspondent carl cameron's live in washington. carl, what exactly are these new rules? >> reporter: well, they're really nowhere near approval yet, but the obama administration really wants to change the rules that govern political fund raising and spending by these so-called social welfare groups that are known as 501c4s in the u.s.
8:39 am
tax code. we're talking about super pacs, really, the kind that don't disclose their donors. an example would be americans for prosperity, the right. on the left, you've got groups like requireties usa which raises tens of billions of dollars and rub by former obama aides and staffers and is trying to divvy up duties in order to be more effective this year. all of this in the wake of the irs' admission that tea party and conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status during president obama's first term were deliberately targeted for greater scrutiny, delays and denials, much more so than any liberal groups. what the obama administration wants to do is no more registering voters, distributing voter guides or running blatantly political attack ads this the last 60 days before an election, but these types of changes always face huge, huge and long opposition.
8:40 am
so if any of it's adopted -- and that's a very big if -- it probably won't be until 2016. heather: carl cameron live with the latest, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. gregg: one beer company is on a mission to help those who have sacrificed so much for our country. how that brewery is giving american veterans a helping hand coming up in a live report. pp ó
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
gregg: some say it's the most important beer in america, and with former servicemen and women holding key positions in the company, veteran beer just might be, especially given the sky high unemployment rate among our service members. well, this growing brewery is creating fine craft beer and jobs for america's bravest. mike tobin, our own fox news brew meister, is live in chicago with the latest.
8:44 am
[laughter] hey, mike. >> reporter: there you go. you're probably going to buy some beer between now and the end of football season. well, there is one entrepreneur, retired navy pilot, who is hoping when you make a choice of what beer to buy, you'll buy the one that puts veterans the work. the name of the company is simple, the veteran beer company. it was founded looking at the statistics, unemployment statistics, 20% among veterans, 88% among disabled veterans. so with this start-up everyone from the brewmaster to the guy who delivers the beer honored a commitment to serve. >> that was the idea, just come up with a company that could employ as many veterans as possible. >> reporter: and paul jenkins, the ceo of the company, says when the guys apply military-specific precision to the beer making, yo i come -- you come up with a superior product. the kind of discipline trained in soldiers is a valuable force
8:45 am
in the workplace. gregg: and you have a very discerning palate, so i have to ask, how's the peer? >> reporter: well, in the humble opinion of this beer drinker, it's good stuff. and the guys over at veteran beer know that patriotism will draw a lot of people for that first six pack, but you've got to make good beers. unlike most craft brews, it's not just an overdose of hops. the lager really tastes like a lager. that blond bomber ale is a little more rich, but p don't take it from me, take it from the man on the street. >> i liked it. it's good. i like the concept. i like the idea that it's 100% veteran. i'm a veteran myself, and the beer was good as well. >> reporter: dagen over at the business channel pointed out you don't need to come up with reasons, it's beer. so get out there this weekend and drink a beer for america. gregg: yeah! good idea. is the blond bomber sort of a
8:46 am
pale ale or what? >> reporter: right. hence name, blond bomber. it's closer to a lager than most ales, so so it's not as bitter, as hop by as you find with a lot of ales these days, but it's good stuff. gregg: give it a try. all right, mike tobin, thanks very much. next hour, a live interview, by the way, with the man who started the veteran beer company, ceo paul jenkins, so you're going to want to stick around for that. heather: one nba coach going to have to pay $50,000 for a soda, jason kidd saying he intentionally spilled his drink as an unusual stall tactic during a game. and talk about a sticky situation, kidded, of course -- kidd denying it was on purpose saying the coke fell out of his hands. gregg: i think it was a pepsi. [laughter] heather: the nets, regardless, ended up losing that game to the
8:47 am
lakers. it was on wednesday. so it didn't help, if that's what he was trying to do. gregg: it was a diet pepsi, to be specific. all right, holiday shoppers are armed with sales fliers and all kinds of coupons, but your smartphone could be all you need to score some big black friday savings. a look at the best shopping apps to help you get an edge on the competition. i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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heather: welcome back. if you're planning to brave the crowds this black friday, make sure that you are armed and ready. and a lot of experts say that your phone can actually help you save time and money on those gifts and family -- for family and friends. they can save you from your family? i'm not sure about that.
8:51 am
[laughter] adam lewis joins us now with the best apps for holiday shopping. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks very much. happy thanksgiving. heather: we definitely need help this year because there's actually a limited amount of time between thanksgiving and christmas. >> correct. four weekends instead of five. consumers need the most efficiency and the best apps to look at the best deals for them. and last week i wrote about this, and there's lots and lots of great apps from very well known things like twitter to really specific applications for consumers to get the best deals. heather: let's talk about some of the specific ones that you think are the best and help shoppers the best. what's your first one? >> i like idea, it knows a lot about your shopping preferences, it will scan best prices and give you realtime deals. so it'll tell you when the best with deals -- buyvia. there's lemon wallet which is a really cool app that allows you to have your whole wallet on the
8:52 am
application, so when you're getting those receipt, you can go back, and if you make your returns, you've got everything in one lace really, really good. -- place really, really good. heather: it takes pictures? >> yeah. really convenient. product grabber, which i love. i've tried using it this week. really interesting because you can pick the products that you like best, and you can say what you want to pay for them. and it will keep an eye on the marketplace, and when the product reaches that price, notify you. heather: oh, that's nice. >> yeah. heather: and i would think these apps would motivate the stores themselves to have lower prices because of the increased competition and better access for shoppers. >> definitely. stores need the really watch the marketplace. that's definitely one of the challenges stores have now is with 80% of consumers on these apps, how do they make sure they still get them into the store? that's very important this holiday season. that's big pressure to make sure that, you know, people can scan the market. they want to avoid showrooming,
8:53 am
people looking just on their app and not coming to the store. so how do they get into the store and then the experience the consumer has in the store is very, very important. heather: there's another app you mentioned, shopular? >> yeah. very, very good app because it combines the online and in-store experience. so is you can be walking through the mall, and it will sudden will hi pop up where the best deals are in that mall. you can search online and see what the best deal is. heather: ask you mentioned talking about the experience within the store itself, that will help chemosome of the workers -- keep some of the workers on their toes because people can talk about how they're treated in the store. >> we heard yesterday that, you know, some of these shoppers come in, they're really aggressive, they're going for that best deal. and really they need enough people in the stores to man the stores and make sure they're representing the brand. so a lot of stores are getting a lot of holiday talent into the stores. they have to make sure there's enough people to address these consumers and give them an experience and make sure they're
8:54 am
representing their brands in the best way. and there's great apps like my own, apploi, that will help find the best staff for them. heather: one of the longest lines is the line you go to if you need help. there's this long line. but now say you can actually use twitter for that as well. >> yeah. so how you engage and how retailers engage with consumers is changing a lot, and i would advise consumers to really follow the retailers that they like because retailers are becoming very conscious of those consumers that like those brands, and they'll give out loyalty rewards and a lot of different things, initiatives to make sure those people are loyal and continue spending. it's all about a different way of engagement. of course, the mall is going nowhere. the mall is here to stay. [laughter] retailers are trying to get people into the physical stores, but how do you blend technology with all of these apps and that kind of instant and realtime communication? heather: 80% of people saying
8:55 am
they shop online. >> for sure. 80% of us will be buying presents directly from our beds in our pajamas -- heather: that is the best way to shop, for sure. >> the easiest. especially with this weather. heather: so just in terms of overall app, if you were supposed to download one app, what would you recommend that be that encompasses all the things you talked about? >> i would say amazon price check is a really great app. you can take a photograph of a ruct, you can name the product, you can, you know, take a bar code straight into the app, and it will search through all the amazon warehouses. heather: all right. that's what it boils down to. we appreciate it. gregg: i want a 1972 volkswagen red camper van, where do i go? heather: i'd say twitter. wouldn't you say twitter? see where one is available, first of all. >> have you looked at buyvia? thousands of products there as well.
8:56 am
all strange. gregg: thank you. >> thanks, have a great holiday. gregg: a thanksgiving robbery, and this time the biggest turkey is the crook. we're going to show you what happens, next. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car. so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance.
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>> here is one turkey who got stuffed into a police car. a gunman trying to hold up a gas station yesterday in miami gardens, florida. the clerk says why don't you grab cold here and that is had when it goes downhill. he drops the bag, gun and drops everything on the ground as the police get there. >> he stopped to pick it up. >> i wonder if it was the beer made by the veteran. >> could be. >> they are talking to him in the next hour.
9:00 am
that does it for us >> thanks for being with us. happening now begins right now. >> right now today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. >> the moment of truth is obamacare is here. hours away is the administration's deadline to fix their website arrives tomorrow. and retailers are hoping for a holiday miracles as millions are hitting stores hunting for black friday deals and steals. a violent turn in some spots, though. there is a new study linking high cholesterol and breast cancer. that is raising concerns for women around the county. it is all happening now. >> less than 24 hours to go


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