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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 29, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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what my grandparents and parents wanted for me. a better america for you, tomorrow, thank you for coming. give yourselves a big hand. that is the time eastern. have a good week. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's a factor special presentation you don't want to miss dennis miller signs off on miley cyrus. >> you are insipid because you don't have an act. >> president obama, it's just nice to see obama actually hook a ball behind some shrubbery and blame an actual bush for once. >> chris christie. >> 400-pound guy is delegate it you you bring home too much bacon you know it's gone absolutely mad. >> and our pal putin. >> is he the most interesting man in the world. >> jesse watters visits colorado for mushroom festival. actually see like sounds potentially like can you hear smells? tries to find out what people think about the state of our country watters world
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meets miller time. >> i'm not hitting on you. >> you are not hitting on me yet. >> if it's t. gets cold enough. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. watters world meets miller time. hide the kids because the next hour will be very provocative. entertaining and at times a bit over the top. we begin with the d man. what about this miley cyrus person. lots of people were offended by her performance on tv the other night. were you? >> first off, i want to see carville and be a blow with
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those little horns she has on her head. >> thanks for having me on. >> miley wide, inch deep. i want to send a message out to the kid. listen, i know i'm an old square now and i'm supposed to be shocked and supposed to be scanneddized. scandalized. i and most of america are now officially bored. we are bored with people like you incessantly feeling the need to shock us squares. you are insipid because under the circumstances don't have an act. that foam finger you use is going to last longer on the landfill than your career. and you you know something? i would say i hope you got something tucked away. if i was robin thick i would fire my people. he has the hottest songs that people can sing ♪ baby i'm going down
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♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ baby i'm out of my mind. >> all of a sudden he is in gullivers travels on spanish fly. >> mr. -- you can find it. >> i can lick anybody my size. >> i will say, this i got a good look at that tongue and the coloration was bad, baby. that's the same pallet that picasso worked in. you have got to get that looked at. >> you. >> i had a long long look at it because it was constantly unfurled like the fire hose that bruce willis used to go between floors in diehard. [explosion] >> there is a lot to digest in that, miller. >> that's what i think, billy. >> i want to recommend to mr. taylor that he might get glasses. >> what about that suit, miller. you and i should have those suits on the bolder fresher tour. >> just a suit. i thought the kingston trio
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was on stage for a minute ♪ i'm -- >> you and i come out in medallions. >> all right. so, i like it, bill. i like your take on miley that we are bored with it. >> we are bored. >> >> all right. talking about one of your favorite guys, mayor bloomberg of new york city, he says that college students who really aren't that bright are up against it. roll the tape. >> the people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren't rocket scientist fuss will. not at the top of their class comparing being a plumber going to harvard college. being a plumber for the average person would be a better deal because you don't spend four years 40, $50,000 tuition and no income. >> now that i think about it, i should have been a plumber, miller, did i spend the 50 grand up there and you say?
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>> i think what the nanny state is telling the kids there if you are going to live in your parents' basement for the rest of your life why not know how to work on the pipes while you are down there. one thing about a plumber is they can recognize a little drip no doubt once he does get these kids to be plumber, he is going to come in with a ruler and measure their exposed butt crack and levy each end so you can see above the jeans. >> lean. i used to call it a lean but miller is right. >> especially talking about another region go to the french pronunciation down there. miller, your thoughts on the academy awards. >> billy, i was going to skip the oscars this year. i was in my office at home and i had the the 24 hour a day all barack obama channel on. and there it was, right
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between her gardening show, obama momma and his in-house american bandstand band show obama roma and there were the oscars. on our way home last night she stop and sunk a mid court shot at halftime of the washington wizard game for $10,000 and they just announced him as one of the new cast members with in dancing with the stars. it's a good day to be obama. photo op.s of him in every single aspect of his life save call that what is that? governance? i never see any of those shots. >> you believe he mighten a little overexposed? >> listen, hollywood used to fight the power now they invite the power. okay? those first five rows of the oscars, if you did to them what they do to obama, they would call in a security expert because they are stalking the obamas at this point. >> were you offended when michelle obama gave the best picture award out? because that was engineered by harvey wine stein. >> i'm not offended, i'm
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bored. can i get a night off from these people? that's all i'm saying? [ laughter ] have you been watching the debut week of the araback network. >> somebody said the al jazeera launched and i went into the bunker when i hear those words. you know, i was watching al jazeera and they had an al jiro concert on ♪ followed by al joelson film which surprised me because is he a jew: they have the equivalent of 60 minutes over there i'm telling you, if you are watching the al jazeera 60 minutes and you hear tick tick tick coming from your tv, knew today dive out of the room. >> we don't want anything to do with that right? i don't think al jazeera is going to be successful. i don't think there is a big demand for it and one of
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their ads they go no talking points a reference to your humble correspondent here. and, you know, that's fine with me. no talking points. >> they might not have your talking points, billy. but they got even less of your ratings, brother. >> you bet. and they will never get them. big mushroom festival in the rocky mountains. and watters was there right back with that. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! store and essentially they
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yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? back ever the book segment tonight. watters world. as woe told you earlier, the state of colorado becoming one of the most permissive places in the u.s.a. a mushroom festival was held. this is a celebration of the positive aspects of both regular and hallucinogenic mushrooms. when jesse watters heard about the festival, he demanded to go.
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>> what is this festival?is >> the mushroom festival. >> my cology. the study of mushrooms. >> what would you use rooms for? >> mushrooms is what the japanese call having the fifth case which is called umomy. >> zumoma. >> this is like thee shaquille o'neal of mushrooms? ♪ ♪>> >> you guys don't do magic mushrooms, do you? [ laughter ] >> i usually go out to the woods and do it more as is a qu spiritual quest. >> great spiritual quest wolfy. >> sounds potentially. >> you can see sounds? >> yeah. sometimes. >> you can hear smells? >> >> i'm freaking out, man. >> what is the craziest thing have you ever >> screen savers on the computers where it swirls. >> watching and through there trees. >> thees drag gones and all of
8:13 pm
that. long lasting impact? >> the chemicals in the mushrooms resemble a lot of the chemicals produced in the human brain already. >>yo how have you been? y >> you got everything under control? >> i keep seeing things jumping all over the place. >> >> does anything concern you at all. you >> besides my two exwives, no, thanks. >> what is thes best thing about america? >> you are free. >> i live y here. >> what's the worst part>> about america? >> i live here. [ laughter ] i l >> something very strange>> about that man. >> the worst part about america [bleep] holes, man. >> you are governing philosophy is what? >> i need to get some marijuana. >> smoke if you have got them. m >> do you suggest i grow myan own food. >> if you can. >> what if i'm biz -- >> -- what will you be busy doing.
8:14 pm
>> working. >> how will i make money. >> this is more about food. it has nothing to do withld i money. >> you don't need money for food. >> just take it easy, man. >> people starving to death all over the place. search like let's play with our balls. >> you are not a football fan. >> i don't even want to deal with you. you are a professional negative speaker. >> you can help me find what i'm looking for? >> i don't really want to. at this point in your life you have made so many bad decisions that have led to where you are. you deserve what you it's called damnation. >> i lovlee you. g >> no, youo don't. >> oh, oh. >> bill o'reilly, you ever watch the show. >> yes, i'm a fan. is he charming. >> bill o'reilly is good but you are thel greatest. >> are you really on fox news? >> this is legit. >> oh, for crying out loud. >> we have here father john
8:15 pm
than? about an hour and a half, at i'm going to be in a church doing a wedding. and hang out at one of your favorite places it looks like. >> joke, so do you bust>> father jonathan at the mushroom festival? >> expansive views on religion, i think. >> i thought he wasne there to do a wedding.elig >> i think that's what he said. i don't know. >> we're buying it we'reaid. believing you. >> now, this mushroom stuff, that's illegal to take this hallucinogenics, right? >> illegal. there are therapeutic uses they say. >> scientists say if you take it it, it can have a healing effect on thests psyche. it can reduce stress. it can create a harmonious atmosphere. >> colorado isst legalizing pretty much everything.tmo you look really good hereng. watters. keep that for your resume. >> you and father morris. so it's illegal though to take hallucinogenic
8:16 pm
mushrooms. >> were there any police making sure that people people taking these hallucinogenics. >> guy kneeling down that says he doesn't worry aboutha anything exceptll his exwives. that guy had just eaten anythi eighth of mushrooms. >>iv did somebody try to give that youa stuff? >> they tried and i refused.>> >> are you sure? because we saw you dancing i and it doesn't look. >> >> that was the altitude.tu so bottom line on this, this th happens every year. >> everyev year.ellu >> these people go therego it's not like about cream of mushroom soup, is it. >>it culinary. >>ts cover? >> do i think so.'s there is a lot of scientific purposes there you got to look around. jesse watters, everybody. buying everything they are giving. we come right back, dennis
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i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight. as we have been reporting there has been a split in the republican party. immigration and obama irca. joining us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. >> billy. >> go ahead. >> one second, billy. i just got a cancellation. my regular wednesday night kanasta game. you wouldn't want to jump, in would you? >> if i were out there, i would definitely want to play canasta with you. ♪
8:21 pm
♪ >> i'm telling you, if you have got to stay off that caffeine right before you go on the air. i mean, it's killing me. now,. >> by the way, congrats to the lemon drop kid over there he at the federal witness relocation network. he did a nice job. >> yeah. if the g.o.p. splits, hillary is the next president, right? >> well, listen, you know, bill, we're both history buffs. i have toured los alamos. and rand paul and chris christie i hate to see fat man and little boy quibble like this. when fat boy tells you you bring home too much bacon, you know it's gone absolutely mad. yeah, they going to keep shooting inside the tent like, this just get the fur lined pants suit ready for hillary because big momma is going to be in that inaugural parade. >> hello, hey. how are you all? uma abidine is going to be the next chief of staff. ironically chief of staff is the name her old man is using on the internet this
8:22 pm
week. >> there is a lot to digest in that opening remark there, miller. >> let's hope not. let's hope not. [ laughter ] >> all right. so, your advice to the republican party is to kind of let's calm down a little bit, kind of get together, find some common ground, have a couple of blts together and stop the nonsense, huh? >> well, listen, billy, as they say in the napsta business the poop is screwed. i'm not sure if what we are seeing here is the awkward birth of a third party. i think these two are going to break off eventually. hillary is just sitting there licking her chops. >> happiest ladiesed in the world. here in new york city, we can have the big gulp again, drink as much soda as we want. because the courts ruled that mayor bloomberg and the board of health cannot limit the size of sodas and you
8:23 pm
say? >> well, it's about time mayor lucky charms got shot down. >> they're always after me lucky charms. >> they're magically delicious. >> beware of the dwarf star who fancies himself a quay caesar. you want to get involved in the new york city citizen's diet, mayor, make it better? quit feeding them your crap every day. all right? move on. you are a rich guy. you rigged the last term. you are not that important. go back and cash checks off the stock ticker. that was a good idea. where do you get off a'9" people can't eat flog gras. then you are screwed. stay out of our business. >> isn't his intention good that he wants people to be healthier? isn't that the intention? >> yeah, the road to hell, billy. what do they say it's paved with. >> i do. >> this country used to be the streets were paved in gold for immigrants. now he had are paved in good intentions. where is mike bloomberg get off getting involved in my
8:24 pm
life? i don't ever want to meet bloomberg in my life. all of a sudden i'm in new york and i have got to worry about i can't have salt? lighten up, pal? >> now are you an angler? are you a fisherman, miller? throw that line out there once in a while? >> i have been known to work an angle, yes, of course. >> so he so putin and i are big miller fans, apparently putin went to siberia and caught a pike that weighs 46 pounds. there he is. there is putin. he kissed the pike there, i believe. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. billy, the monitor is partially obscure here. did you just put up another anthony weiner photo? >> no. that was putin. >> that scared the living hell out of me. i thought this is getting weird. that's beyond limit. you can't keep that. >> no. so he got it but here's the controversy. fishermen tell me that there has never been a pike that's been 46 pounds ever caught
8:25 pm
that the biggest pike is about 27 pounds. and putin is fudging it here. >> yeah. well, i love pew continue because he wears camo out on the lake and waders when he is inside the force. i don't know what that is about. he is the most interesting man in the world. >> stay thirsty my friends. >> at least he put on a shirt after he caught the fish. >> that is a solid cup. >> you want me to wear a bra? >> no. no. a bra is for ladies. meet the bro. >> the problem is that you can't tell -- russians can't tell putin that he is fudging the fish or they will throw him in jail with those girls. ♪ ♪ >> the world has gone insane. you know what? putin ought to solve their fiscal problems and come out with a double d cup of the month calendar or something. every time i see him he is out with a gun or a fish hook showing me a lot of areola. >> he is. >> get it together over
8:26 pm
there. >> he dances on saturday night moscow putin. >> da'da da'da da, do the sharpton. >> that is miller, everybody. let's get out, please. thank you. more from the d man coming up. >> did you see holder today? he is shakier than a jack hammer operator playing ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announc ] th december, experience the gift of unsurpassed craftsmanship at the lexus december to remember sales event. some of the best offers of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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us, i'm bill o'reilly in the next miller segment. the d-man and a little extra flare. it's a best of miller block you don't want to miss. roll the tape. >> i pretty much don't have anything to do in this segment. i'm going to go out and a get a dr. pepper if you don't mind. and then you just, you know, kind of begin with jay carney and just go. >> well, they are going to audit dr. pepper because they don't think he wants obamacare so they're going to go after him. you know, billy, if somehow later this week sandra fluke manages to get knocked up,
8:31 pm
i'm never going to quit laughing. this is absolutely rich. yippee yaoyae, mrs. fuddrucker, it looks like we have got ourselves a convoy. you have seen holder today? he is shakier than a jack hammer operator playing jinga on lunch break. >> what about jay carney over there? he has a worse bluff than marty feldman holding pocket aces. >> always got to be playful this time of year. >> policy polling ppp. i will read the questions and put them on the screen and miller is going to comment. unbelievable. lee harvey oswald did he act alone in killing president kennedy or larger conspiracy. acted alone 25. larger conspiracy 51. not shore, 24. of course i wrote killing kennedy and oswald. couple of things i couldn't answer. so i would probably put
8:32 pm
myself in the not sure here because there are a couple of things i still can't answer about that assassination. >> i think he shot lincoln, i think he shot garfield. i think he shot mckinley. >> he would be too old. he couldn't do that. >> i think he gave zachery taylor. i think he gave william henderson pneumonia. caused warren harding's heart attack. i think he shot j.r. ewing. [gunshot] >> and i think he might have knocked off january jones from mad man. >> you are going to have a lot of first kisses. >> we are going to put you in the not sure category. favorite question in the mccartney died in a car crash and secretly replaced by a lookalike so the beatles could continue? 5% do believe he was killed. not sure 14%. that means 19% do not believe, 80%. is mccartney alien person
8:33 pm
nobody else could be in the beatles except those four. i do think jerry and the pacemakers were here to inhabit dick cheney's heart ♪ how do you do what do you to me >> i think it was freddie and the dreamers. >> i don't, what's up. >> >> final question, do you believe that shape shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies or not? >> i love that or not. so, 4% do believe there are shaped shifting reptilian people and 7% aren't sure. 11% of the american population. think there reptiles influencing our lives. [ laughter ] are you surprised there are this many crazy people in the world? >> billy, come on. there are days i watch the news i don't leave my house. this is just a skim on the surface, baby. it's nutsville out from. you know that.
8:34 pm
>> how many of are you going to spot me on a one-on-one game. >> game to 11? i would spot you 10. >> all right. you spot me 10. that's pretty cocky. >> he still hasn't played me. that was like, what, three or four years ago? come on. i'm ready to go. >> he is better at shooting than is he picking winners in the green jobs category. really bad with green investments. >> 2 for 223. start taxing shots. solve the whole thing right there. what you didn't see was the easter egg hunt. biden playing pin the camera on himself. >> thanks for noticing me. >> you missed that. >> let's go christie obama down the jersey shore. i was looking for bruce springsteen. didn't see him but the buddies were there again. >> they are cute together. >> are he they? >> like danny zucko and
8:35 pm
sandy in greece. >> tell me about it, stud. >> who is sandy? who is elivia newton john. >> chunky in this one, obviously he looks up to her. he wins her a publish doll. that's exciting. and, you know, obama throws like a girly man, it is nice to watch christie, look at chris. it's tough for him to get into the reflective glory of anybody. he has also had the stapling gone. obama like to come in and ask him if he figure out a way to staple biden's butt shut. >> working elementary canal. >> why do you think the president takes time? i mean, obviously they are doing the sandy thing and all of that this is a photo op. to help him. >> yeah, but any president would do this. >> you think so? >> ♪ we go together >> watters world on deck. special edition tonight.
8:36 pm
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[ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. back of the book segment tonight. watters world. we have been doing the segment for two years. over that timek many, many dumb things have been saidsaid in those segments.ts. now, tonight, we puther together some of the most absurd things we've heard. >> what's the unemployment rate at right now? >> do you know what the unemployment rate is right now? >> oh, 99%. >> what? >> do you know what the debt is right now? >> no. inform me, please. >> it's 16 trillion. >> oh o, [bleep] >> you kiss your mother with that mouth?
8:40 pm
>> i'm actually doing my dissertation on cross dressing. [ laughter ] >> would you vote for him? >> no i would not. >> because i'm a republican. >> is he a republican. >> oh. >> what year did we sign the declaration of independence? >> no? >> 1964. >> 1864? >> 1776. >> 1776, all right. bicentennial. >> the bicentennial? >> i didn't say that. >> who is your favorite founding father? >> abraham lincoln. >> he is not a founding father is he? >> first president? >> i want to get this down on a tape recorder because nobody is going to believe me. >> are you concerned about this massive national debt? >> he said spent the least amount of money than any president. >> obama. >> yes, he did. >> are you sure about that. >> i'm positive of that. >> what kind of rubbish is that. >> look into the phone records of the associated press reporters? >> maybe he was looking at it in order to, in order to make his next move.
8:41 pm
>> make his next move, as far as like helping the economy. >> this is your opinion? >> it's a fact. >> when i say the word republican, what do you think of? >> pepsi. >> is that a great new pepsi can or what. >> i voted for mccain. >> that was four years ago. >> i know but did i. >> i will show you a few more pictures, peanut farmer? >> jimmy carter. >> that's carter. >> nixon? >> bush senior. >> oh, that hurts, man. >> there you go again. >> are there jobs you won't do. >> i won't work in the supermarket. >> you are trying to find a job. how are you going to make any money? >> i guess because i'm handsome. >> i look good. i mean, really good. >> so let everybody just walk across the border and that's your policy? >> sure i mean, we like to take vacation. >> wally world. we made it. >> now, there is a lot of illegal immigration issues here. do you pay that any mind? >> i think borders are pretty silly. who cares about countries.
8:42 pm
>> are you crazy? are you nuts? >> i feel like fox news is actually inaccurate. >> you can name one lie we have told. >> one lie you have told, okay, let's see. >> take your time. >> i'm trying to think of the best lie. >> >> are you worried about this ricin situation? >> no. >> you are not worried about ricin? >> no. >> do you know what ricin is? >> no. >> rising? >> ricin. ricin? >> ricin ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm sorry to rule against you, the iran yap bees what are they doing that is disturbing everybody. >> i don't think they are doing much. >> the iranians? >> uranium. >> yeah, who are they? >> i think we are over there making them mad, man. >> [ laughter ] >> do you ever watch the o'reilly factor? >> i think he is ridiculous. i don't enjoy his show. >> you think bill is ridiculous? >> yes. >> you think bill is
8:43 pm
ridiculous? >> why is hawaii such a liberal state? >> um,. >> explain what liberal means. >> do you know what liberal means? >> no. >> michelle obama says she doesn't want young people to be on facebook? do you agree with this. >> i don't think 12-year-olds. they are like 13 and they put 18. >> trouble for doing that. >> they try. >> who is that? >> detective. fanned and furious how do you think that will work out? >> how old are you? >> so, if you are drinking responsibly. how much is that? >> 8. >> 8. >> what is ben franklin for. >> president. >> what is economic policy. >> brings a new light on people that are in the streets. >> what the hell are you
8:44 pm
talking about? >> we really have to talk. we say we are talking but nobody is listening. >> you talk to hitler. >> i would have tried at least. get going, i got no more to talk to you about. is that a pickle? >> >> i understand excellent judge of pickles. >> i sincerely hope so. >> what do you think about the occupy movement? >> job. don't make me look stupid. >> too late. >> when you are judging, what exactly are you looking for. >> you look the doll that fits the american american kennl club guideline. has ever tried to struggle you everything that's the difference. twees tweas the difference between a hockey man and pit bull? pit bull is delicious. >> if tub blin win wins best of show we will continue. >> powers in the right hand should i shake your hand?
8:45 pm
>> small hands. >> you guys are working the ball very closely to the ball field. do balls just fly into your heads once in a while. >> that's north a new ball you look like you are having a last. >> realg i are the. skelton in a science black lab so i can hang around naked. >> that's creepy. >> do you consider yourself a patriot? >> no. >> but you would love america? >> no. >> good day, sir. >> are you a he dennis stick type of guy? >> i forget what hedon chauvinistic is. i'm from south brooklyn. you have got to break that down for me. >> okay. >> do you find that you really learned a lot from bill's presentation? >> no. >> we are alone. >> is the whole world is the no spin zone zone. >> this is actually watters world. the reference to one of the
8:46 pm
most low movies of all time. that's pretty good. >> are you bill o'reilly? >> i hope not. >> that's not nice. there won't be any bill o'reilly fair and equal when we get over there playing this football. >> i don't know what that means. >> best of miller on deck. talking about frightening. we put together a segment that will offend just about everyone. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! so i deserve a small business credit card
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it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. back of the book segment tonight. as you may know the miller time segment is usually wednesday nights. we have a lot of stuff you may want to see again. if you don't want to see itwe again, the swamp guys are on another cable channel right now. but, if do you want to see themee again, we begin with propaganda from north korea.
8:50 pm
♪ we are the world ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and you say -- these people just got "we are the world" this week, for god's sake? listen. hang on, billy. i'm sorry. it's drone season out here. [ buzzing ] >> i don't know. i should know. i should have gotten the translation. >> why don't we send domestic drones over and send that next time he's doing a gangnam style video. >> i think that was the korean on the screen saying we are giving you topics for den mismimi nis miller. >> i appreciate that. [ buzzing ] >> wait a second.
8:51 pm
>> this is drones? >> so many domestic drones. let's send some over there, start smoking the bad guys instead of hovering over the countryside in the middle of america. >> all right. everybody is talking about president obama golfing with tiger woods. you say? [ vwhining noise [. >> i'm sorry. it was a leaf blower. >> tiger woods, president obama. go. >> i was just dreaming about going through europe with with john kerry. they must feel like they are bringing stonehenge to them. let's see. it's nice to the see obama actually hook a ball behind shrubbery and blame an actual bush for once. listen, i don't mind if he goes golfing. i wish he would stay golfing.
8:52 pm
it's when he's done golfing i have trouble. >> tiger said he was a good putter. that surprises me. in real life he's always asking for gimmes. some days you are on the course and the hole looks as big as the area where biden's brain is supposed to be. some days you can't miss. >> it's in the hole. >> you don't have problems with the president reck reitireating mr. woods? >> what is that of obama's? >> if the litmus test of a president is he can't hang around with anybody with personal problems he'll be lonely in washington. >> seal yourself in carbonite like han solo. ♪ >> in a moment, jesse watters going where few have gone -- into the belly of outer okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh.
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back of the book segment tonight. watters world. last week in las vegas more than 12,000 people came to celebrate the "star trek" industry. among them, actor levar burton had nasty things to say about me. in general the trekkies aren't interested in the real world. roll the tape. >> space -- the final frontier. to boldly go where no man has gone before. ♪ >> this a costume or did you roll out of bed? >> it was a long night. >> what are you? >>andorian. >> dar schlug. >> i'm a show girl. >> i'm the cardassian. >> kardashian? >> people like to cling on. >> who are you and what is this? >> do you hit on women that way? >> i'm not hitting on you.
8:56 pm
>> you should. >> if it gets cold enough. >> you are a couple? >> yes. >> you must be proud. >> so proud. >> is it hot in there? >> very hot. >> i can't breathe in this thing. >> so you're a fanatic basically? >> i'm not just requesting an explanation. i'm demanding one. >> what attracts you to "star trek"? >> i like spaceships and aliens and the overall message of accepting diversity. >> it gives us a hopeful future where there is no poverty. there is equality. >> science fiction is humanity's hope. >> "star trek" did come out of the peace era. >> it's healthy to have a little escape, somewhere you can go and focus on the goodness in life. >> you're now most known for the james bond series. >> yes. >> the villain. >> should i smash your head? >> you can let go now. >> are you proud that you are trekkies? >> very proud.nk your energy
8:57 pm
could be better spent improving things on planet earth? >> we try. but we are not missing the "star trek" convention. i recycle. >> goody for you. >> that's a way for me to relax after a stressful day. >> i would prefer to reserve judgment on that part of the story, sir. >> what do you do for a living? >> belly dancer. >> the physiological reading on whatever that is. >> what about shatner? is he an idol of yours? >> he's a solid actor. >> do you have a crush on shatner? >> big crush. >> only superman or moses but captain kirk is real. >> your career is identified with "star trek." how do you feel? >> i feel good about it. how do you feel? >> fantastic. >> there you go. we both feel good about my career with "star trek." >> i wanted to do an interview, but you said he was an a-hole. i don't know if that was kind. >> that man was an [ bleep ] to
8:58 pm
me. >> don't you think everyone is jumping the gun. >> i'm 56 years old. i recognize patronizing when i encounter it. >> the eye patch. what power does it give you? >> i am honestly blind in that eyele. >> okay. do you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news channel? >> he shoots it straight as he can see. >> anything you want to say? >> where are you, bill. >> come on over. >> bill, live long and prosper. >> i don't know what that means. i'm sure it's nice. so levar burton played what in "star trek"? >> i can't pronounce it. it was next generation. >> he was a human? >> humanoid. >> he was in it a lot. >> we had him on a couple of weeks ago. he was on three, four weeks ago. respectful conversation but he doesn't like me.
8:59 pm
>> he said you were insulting, patronizing and condescending. >> wow. >> long list. >> all in one interview. >> the second interview you talked about race and zimmerman. i think at the end he perceived you were giving him a homework assignment when you said, do a little research. it looks like young black males dispromorgs natalie commit crimes to the rest of the populati population. >> that's true. >> he didn't like it. he was physically ill. >> he goes, you're cut from the same cloth at your boss and pointed at me. >> sounds like a semi reyacist statement. >> i didn't take it that way. >> he's not a friend? not coming back? >> he wants to talk with you without cameras and wants to know why you feel superior to him. >> i'm not. he's a klingon or whatever. if he has a beef i want to hear
9:00 pm
it. >> we'll hash it out. >> watters, everybody. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> welcome to "the kelly file" special report, robbing our youth. i'm megyn kelly. this is a look at our near future. for decades america has been the land of endless opportunity. until recently. now we are seeing what critics say is a cycle of washington stealing from our children to pay for the next election. our team incapable of reigning in entitlements or making choices to promote stronger economic growth. let's go back to 2008. listen to the campaign trail talk. >> i have to make sure that young people,o


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