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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 29, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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what my grandparents and parents wanted for me. a better america for you, tomorrow, thank you for coming. give yourselves a big hand. that is the time have left. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here soon.e the self-imposed fixed deadlinel is just hours away, and now we have learned is going to go down for extended maintenance. and it should be up, we're told, by 8:00 a.m. but will it work? >> the afford an care act is non open for business. just visit there you can compare insurance side by side. go on the website, check it out for yourself.
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>> this is like a kayak site, >n where you might check out what g plane you want to get on. >> now a lot of folks have been talking about our new health care enrollment website, how it's been crashing and freezinga and shutting down and stalling and not working and breaking and sucking. >> of course, you probably heary that the website hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed u to work. nobody is madder than me. >> by the end of november, we're committed that the vast majority of users will be able to review their options, shop more plans s andit enroll without the proble have been y experiencing. >> the website hasn't worked the way it's supposed to.stuck. right now it's too slow, too im many people have gotten stuck. and i'm not happy about it. i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week
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before the website if it wasn'tk going to work. it will work much better november 30 than it worked hapy certainly on october 1. we've had some problems the last month with the websites. we're going to get it working ne the way it's supposed to.le >> is it acceptable for the president if 1 in 5 of users aren't able to get insurance online? >> thank you for the question. the way to look at that figure e is that of say 10 who go on the system, roughly 2 won't get teo through. >> i think this is great this is happening. >> it says it's temporarily day. down. >> that's okay. it will come back. that happens every day. >> to be clear, november 30th does not represent a relaunch of it is not a magical date.
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>> the road to fix the website a is definitely a bumpy ride. hello, everybody. f away i'm in tonight for my friend, greta van susteren. we were just fivest hours away e from thed obama care deadline d day. but just moments ago, fox news . confirmed the website will be m. down for maintenance starting at an 9:00 p.m. eastern until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.use that means we will not see any g launch at midnight. in the past few days the white lowering the bar gressman ahead of the fix deadline. but how low can they go? former congressman alan west joins us now. no time like the present to ng bring you in for breaking news tonight. lower the bar even further. what is going on? >> well, i think this is ♪ p incredible. first of r all, they should not have put their own set mandate,n because now everyone is take 5 watching. for them to continually come be back and say we can only take 50,000 or as you just reported,r
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it's going to be down, this is eroding the confidence and it'sg credibility of the obama ve goi administration and president and the political ramifications it's going to have is going to be absolutely chilling, because they can't explain this away anymore. we really do have some problems. so what you're seeing is not just the website, but the entire policy or law, if you want to call it that. delay it's hard to call it a law with. all the waivers, exemptions and delays granted out the american people don't know where this is going right now. to be told that you're going to have a 20% failure rate, that 20% of people won't be able to t get on it, what does that mean h for the 20% still looking to have health care coverage? 8 >> it's interesting to hear the. white house talk about it. they call it an 80% success insc rate. but 1 in 5 won't be able to get signed on for health care insurance.ngress congressman, i'm curious, you've
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been in politics, you understanp messaging. i feel like we've been in hype in reverse, setting us up almost for nothing to happen. what are you expecting come tomorrow? >> well, i think this right now you saw a president that was urt trying to talk more about answer immigration reform than this current pressing issue, becausee they don't have any answers.terp they don't have anywhere else ty go. so iwe believe you'll see intero pressure been the democrat party to say we've got to put this thing on time-out. we have to look at how do we go back to the drawing is the question willing to set aside his arrogance is look at this health care law, this policy and say, you're right, m this thing is unworkable. between 1 october and 1 march, e they're supposed to hit the at magic number of 7 million americans to be enrolled into the health care exchanges. t that means about 55,000
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americans a day in order to make the sustaining numbers that they need for this to go afloat. they're not going to hit that. >> they can't hit it if 50,000 e or less is the max for signing . on. you know, we're about to see the website do something for a second time. they say don't call it a relaunch, but are we any further from the initial rollout to you where we are today in terms of all of obama care? >> no, i don't think you've gotten anywhere close to being successful in a del look, harris, the thing is very simple. if you've given all of these w delays and pushbacks for the employer mandate, the same thing needs to be done for the are individual mandate. but what we should do is go back to the drawing board. establish the high risk pools and look at the appropriate subsidies for people with
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preexisting conditions. we need to look at how we break down the state by state mini monopolies. and then also we t need to be promoting health savings accounts and not taxing them, e which is what the obama care does. so really you're talking about we beliebsite failure but a policy failure. >> you've come up with the talking points for the gop to give a replacement tax, if you h will, a strategy against what's failing. i want you to take a look at something with me. i don't know if you caught thisa today, congressman. kathleen sebelius wrote a blog o ahead of the deadline. now. some highlights on the screen f for you and all of our viewers g now. i want you to see, she's put a shopping theme to getting is coverage on the website once it goes live, she says the product is popular, so avoid the lines
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and shop during off-peak hours, morningings, nights, weekends. then the next point is, have your income and tax informationb ready whener you logon. and there are 23 shopping days in december for coverage starting january 1, 2014. no need to rush. unless you've got a cancellation notice and you are desperate to get health care. your thoughts? >> isn't it very amazing that wi have the united states federal government that is starting to r sound like a very cheap retailer. i don't think that once again helps the confidence and credibility of this administration. and no little gimmick is going u to solve this issue.budget o the american people are very ino concerned. even when you think about what the congressional budget office says, ten years into this lost
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they're saying there will still be 30 million without health care coverage. 5 million people have lost their coverage, and it's been articulated it's because of obama care. so they're creating more problems than they are solving problems. once again, these little lem. gimmicks she's putting out there is not going to solve the problem. they have to go back to the e bk drawing board. when you see these democrat senators and members of congrest come back to washington, d.c. for the last few days before the christmas break, they're going to put pressure on this administration. >> thiey had a homework assignment of trying to sell the good parts of obama care.. >> they probably got an f on their homework assignment.rt >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you.kito fox news alert now. breaking news, a helicopter has come crashing down into the roof glas of a packed bar in glasgow, scotland. the helicopter crashed into thee roof of this pub, a live bar and
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music venue and some reports in the area is this was a police chopper that went down. no word of any injuries, but br we're just getting first pictures. bar we'll bring you more choppe developments as we learnr. abou them. but a bar hit by a chopper. congressman west has just ng joined us and given us some k interesting thoughts about the talking points from the ron yo republican rkside. we'll talk with byron york coming up.this and the white house is making nt plans for you and your family e this holiday season. u find out what they have in store, next. and you can hash it out with usi it's your turn to set a website of your own.this when will the health care , website be up?ris have some with this one.t will b plus, you can follow me on
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twitter. when do you think it will be up and running?
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this holt day politics for christmas? this isn't the first time we've seen this tactic. chief political correspondent byron york joins me now.
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is the president politicizing the holidays? >> i think you would have to say that. the last few days, the white house has sent out and the president's organizing group called organizing for action has sent out talking points for people who might be at thanksgiving or hanukkah gatherings to pitch obama care to their family members. and it gave instructions for how to bring it up and suggest that we should go to the website, if it works, and sign up for it, discuss the features of obama care. it even said you could use common events in a holiday household as a springboard to talk about obama care. it had a picture of a man with a big knife carving a turkey. then the next photo he had a bandage saying, food related incidents happen this time of the year. that's a great opportunity to talk about obama care. >> that's insulting. i have not seen that picture. seriously.
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>> this got a lot of negative reaction. it got a lot of ridicule, a certain amount of mockery. on a more serious basis, it received criticism for the obama administration trying to politicize what had been family, personal and sometimes religious gatherings. remember back in the 20 12 campaign, the presidential campaign, the obama campaign asked for people who were having birthdays or weddings -- >> i do recall that, yes. >> to register with the obama campaign and instead of people giving gifts to the happy couple, they would make a contribution to the obama campaign. so there's been this kind of trend with the president in the past wanting to politicize the personal events of supporters. >> if we have slid down a slippery slope of people hurting themselves and trying to sell obama care, that's disturbing to say the least. byron, you know, congressman alan west was just on, former congressman from florida. he was kind of giving some
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points, if you will, of republican fixes to all of this. is it time for us to see republicans come up with a complete replacement plan for obama care? where is the pac money? should we be seeing some ads on the air with this now? >> i think a lot of republicans would say it's long past time. this has been a huge problem for republicans in dealing with obama care, because everybody knows they're against it. they want to repeal it, but what would they do in its place? if you go back to the debates of 2009, 2010, republicans had a lot of plans to replace obama care. they've created some since then, but they have never united behind a single plan in the way that democrats united behind obama care. members of the public could say, okay, republicans, we know what you're against, but what would you replace this with? the national republican party has never united behind a single plan. >> i'll tell you, they'll have
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some talking points to work with if in fact this site gets shut down for maintenance and when they get it back up, it's not working. byron, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. >> thank you, harris. is going down in less than two hours. coding experts and website designers are working around the clock to fix this thing. do they have a shot at meeting the deadline? what still needs to be done? our cyber expert is coming up, next.
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i like this. it's time to "hash it out." the team that plays together feeds together.
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lebron james sharing pictures of the holiday gathering on instagram. that's quite a collage. he posted a group of shots of his teammates, showing off their colorful socks and a shoutout to his wife for making her red velvet cakes. that's one of my favorites. and next, a member of the romney family making a heroic holiday save. josh romney rescuing passengers from a car wreck. the son of mitt romney tweeted this photo, was first on the scene to big accident. i lifted four people out to safety, all okay. thank goodness he was there. romney sharing more details on facebook, posting the car just missed us and hit the house going about 70 miles per hour. you can see the pic that we're in the homeowner's kitchen. no one was injured in the crash. blessing there. and google glass, causing a stir
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at a seattle restaurant. time tweeting, that's awkward. a man thrown out of dinner glass. he said on his last visit, a server told him he had to take it off or leave. the restaurant owner's business partner defended their stance on google glass, saying they want customers to feel comfortable and not like they're being watched. it is an etiquette faux pas to wear google glass at a restaurant or not? tweet me. coming up, fox news has just learned, as we told you, is going in less than two hours dark for maintenance. so will they fix it all by tomorrow? or are we going to see another obama care deadline mised? stay close.
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well, it is down to the wire, the deadline to finish repain well, it is down to the wire. the deadline to finish repairing is set for tomorrow. tonight, the website is shutting down for nearly 12 hours of maintenance. david kennedy joins us. david, i planned to ask you to tell me what still needed to be done. now i want to ask you on what are they going to be working on that they didn't get done before now? >> basically pushing new toad to the website. lit be reskinned a little bit. there will be some functionality. but none of us are optimistic about handling the load it's intended to do. >> what will the deadline actually look like, if you will? i know they say they're going to
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reskin it, which means it may have different colors. but if you tried signing on before, what will you notice right away? >> the look and feel will be a little different. how you navigate the site will be a little different. mostly it's going to be mostly behind the scenes oh of a lot of things that have changed. if you look at the deadline of october 1, the website didn't function appropriately. they're trying to get it stable to individuals can go on the website to sign up for health care benefits or go to the state exchanges. >> how realistic was this november 30th deadline? >> about as optimistic as the october 1 deadline. when it comes to programming, if your architecture is flawed from the get-go, this is what happened here, they weren't ready to go out the door. october 1 was a bad day. it's not going to be any different at the end of the month, especially not tomorrow. what we're going to see -- maybe
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it will stay up for a little while, but we'll see a lot of the same issues, and probably the most alarming part is they're working right now on functionality and the stability of the site. so you have hundreds of people, all hands on deck, trying to program this stuff. they're not going to test it again this time and they -- >> wait a minute, did you say they're not going to test it before they put it back up? >> they're going to push all of the new code to the infrastructure, maybe they have some test environments, but it's not going to be the same as if it was in a production instance. so they're going to be pushing it out the door hoping it will work like october 1. >> you testified before congress earlier this month and you told them that you had some serious security concerns about this. what are they and do you still have them? >> a lot of the things we have seen and identified for security flaws haven't been fixed and won't be fixed by the deadline.
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>> what are we looking at here? i put my personal information up. how exposed am i? >> pretty exposed. ability to extract your home address, e-mail, just by you clicking on a link, there's a lot of concern there and it's not going to be fixed by tomorrow. >> kathleen sebelius said today, get your tax information ready to put on this website when it relaunches or comes back up again and it's fearful if you say that information is not protected. david kennedy, thank you very much. >> thank you. as the countdown to the launch rolls on for the second time, president obama is asking companies to break the law, his own health care law? what is it all about? charles krauthammer is here next. and the obama care fight is not over in washington. republicans getting ready to make their next move. their latest plan.
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>> black friday madness. the deadline fast get ready. black friday madness, deadline fast approaching and president obama is redecorating now. getting ready to speed read your way through the news. first to the shops. many americans lining up at the crack of dawn to grab what they've been promised are the best deals. a few department stores and box stores kicked off sales at 8:00 p.m. last night, just as they were digesting their turkey. shopper rage is in full effect. many violent outbursts. in california three people involved in a fight at a walmart. at a chicago kohl's store, police chuting an accused shoplifting. in virginia, there was a stabbing over a parking lot space. and in new jersey, a shopper pepper sprayed while fighting with somebody over a television. now to indiana.
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we told you about tony, who was protesting orders to open up the pizza hut on thanksgiving. the prime minister got a call from president obama. the president asking the israeli leader to tone down his criticism of the u.s. forged deal with iran for a while. so far no word on whether the prime minister plans to agree with that. now to inside the white house, where it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the first lady, sasha, malia and the first dogs welcoming the white house tree. it's 18 1/2 feet long, doug less fir and deadline day. we say it's fast approaching. it was supposed to be really fast approaching. the deadline to fix
11:33 pm is set form. but in less than two hours, the site will shut down for maintenance, scheduled to go back online at 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. and that is tonight's "speed read." right now, there is an outbreak of lawlessness in washington, d.c.? our next guest says absolutely yes. charles krauthammer joins us. and i just read your book, it's fabulous, by the way. >> thank you. >> what do you mean by lawlessness in d.c.? >> i'm talking about how the administration, particularly the president, seems to think he has the right to change duly passed statues on his own. the constitution is pretty clear, the president executes the law and the congress passes the laws. for example. obama decided he wanted to suspend, to postpone the
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employer mandate on his own law of obama care. you're not allowed to do that. you have to change the law in congress if you want to do it. and he did it without hesitation. a year ago, he did some recess appointments. you're allowed to do it if the senate isn't in session. the problem was, the senate was in session and the courts have so ruled. this is a very cavalier attitude. a couple of weeks ago, the president was really stung by the fact that there were all these cancellations of insurance policies. so he held a press conference, and he told the insurers to reinstate the policies. there's only one problem with that, the policies were cancelled because under obama's end health care law, it is illegal to issue a policy after the year 2013 unless it contains these minimal requirements, these 10 elements it has to
11:35 pm
have. for example, maternity care and all the other stuff. so if you had a policy that was canceled, it's because it did not satisfy the minimum. so there's no way that an insurer can reinstate a policy because it would be illegal. so obama's own law is something he ignores and he encourages insurers and insurance commissioners to allow to be violated. and the way he's been doing this, it's sort of the cavalier attitude i find astonishing. >> you know, you talk about lawlessness and you mention the fact that the president appeared stunned when millions of americans started seeing their health care policies canceled because of the health care law he put into place. would it be panic? >> i think absolutely. i think they didn't sort of see any of this coming, although it's quite remarkable how you could have missed that. the idea of this health care law
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is to increase the number of people with health insurance and instead we get almost no one receiving health insurance and we get 5 million americans losing health insurance. so absolutely. and there was one other thing, it was a matter of deception. it's the way he had sold the bill, promised the bill, and told american it is you like your insurance, you keep it. and then he added the fatal word "period" which meant no exceptions, no caveats, no argument, and no curly qs around here. of course, that turned out to be false. >> and we've seen his job approval rating tick down. before i let you go, charles, overall, not just this white house, but we have seen abuses of policy and of power. do you think this is on the rise inside the beltway? >> i think it is, because i think there's so much hostility
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between the parties that the one party in power is willing to overlook all kinds of legalities, all kinds of violation of constitutional norms if it satisfies their political interest, if it advances their agenda. i'm just shocked the way democrats are allowing all this to happen. and the reason is, one day the other guys are going to be in power, and democrats will rue the day when they allowed all this. >> as you point out in your book, you've had a lot of experience in this. it's karma. >> yeah. >> charles krauthammer, great to have you on tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you. many house republicans are getting ready to make their next move. will members push for obama care to be repealed again? chip away at the law? will they tell everybody we're going to throw in the towel on this and come up with our own idea? republican congressman louie gomer, good to see you, sir. what is next?
11:38 pm
>> well, first of all, thinks for the unenviable position of following charles krauthammer. there's a lot of things we can be doing. this president, it turns out, we now know was intentionally being deceptive. these were lies that were talked about, and harris, i think it eems now time, now that we're seeing cracks in the democratic dam. they are realizing what a disaster obama care is, just as those of us who read the bill before we voted against it knew. so now is the time i think, harris, not only have we voted to repeal obama care in the past, but now's the time to start doing what the president promised the american people, what they elected him to do. that is to reform health care by having hearings, where he said
11:39 pm
we'll do it on c-span, where the whole country can see who is in favor of what. that's what we ought to be doing now. >> what would you do to make that happen? >> we can start having those hearings in the house, where we talk about what is suitable reform. we had offered to have a bipartisan deal to deal with the issue of 26 or 28-year-olds. heck, if they're at home and living with their parents, we can work that out. we ought to do those bills now, because the democrats are saying, gee, there are three or four good things in obama care, and you'll lose all of those if it's repealed. we can go ahead and fix those in advance, debate the proper reform. there are a number of us that have great alternative health care reforms that will get people back in charge of their health care. and it will cost less and it whether be better all the way around. so less government, more filling. >> it's a positive message that you're offering up now.
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republicans get slapped on the hand for always being no. i know 47 times you've tried to get obama care repealed. i hear you saying, there's a way that you can work together. by the way, i think you're in the minority having read the bill before it passed into law. >> i think i was. it was some nasty reading, but the more you read it, the more you see it delves into things that have nothing to do with health care. it was all about a government takeover. and harris, to think about our federal government, this administration saying, dangle your driver's license, all your most personal information out there, and put it online, because it's about to be hacked. i cannot imagine an administration telling americans get on this thing when it opens up in the morning and get your personal information out there and know it will not be protected. it's just unfathomable what they are reduced to at this point. let's show america the real
11:41 pm
reforms that will really fix health care and let's get competition back in there. let's get health care back to where we are helping people, not just maintaining, not just telling people no, you're too old to have back surgery or a pacemaker, as this obama care is now starting to do. we can make this better. and i think now is the time to do it. >> watching my twitter feed, people are liking the fact that you're bringing forth ideas. i think that's what people are hungry for to see. i hope you'll keep watching, we have a doctor from texas who will talk about what she's worried about. congressman, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. straight ahead, a thief making every mistake in the book, all caught on camera. really? really? he drops everything. male annou] if we could see energy. what would we see? ♪
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the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ e'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry tt supports almost 10 milln american jobs. life kes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmobil. bause using energy responsibly has never been more important. energy lives here ♪
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well, now is the time to show you what we are watching. we put together the best videos out there right now. a clumsy robber getting caught in the act. if gun wielding thief demanding money from a florida gas station. imagine how scared that person was. a calm and collected employee handing over that cash. good for that person. and befriending the robber in an attempt to stall him until police got there. the employee suggest the robber double the bag, encouraging him
11:45 pm
to take a few beers. the beers and the bags of crash, proving too much to be handle. the guy is a bit uncoordinated. the robber drops his gun on the floor, spilling the beer. police arrived to find the heavy handed crook scrambling to pick up everything. the robber unsuccessfully tried to flee from officers, leaving a trail of dollar bills in his path. an almost torch bearer getting a lot more than he bargained for. a russian bobsledder carrying the flame when it appears fuel from the torch is trip dripping his jacket, setting his left arm on fire. that's what we are watching tonight. coming up, get ready for more obama care changes, affecting the way you interact with your doctor. you don't want to miss this. stay with us.
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more changes are coming for patients under owe more changes are coming for
11:48 pm
patients under obama care. and now it could change the way you actually interact with your own doctor. dr. michelle bergerops an ophthalmologist in austin, texas. good to have you tonight. >> thank you. >> so what are you worried about will change between the doctor and patient? >> i think right now there's a lot of confusion, both for the patients and people who have to provide care. neither the patients when that go on the website, if they're successful getting on, can find out if their physicians or hospitals they currently use are within the networks of the plans they pick. likewise, physicians don't know if they've been included in the plans or not. >> so they don't each tell you if you're included in a plan. how do you know what to charge? >> well, that's still up in the air. as of this point in texas, really only blue cross/blue shield has given out clear contracts and price structures for the exchange products. the other programs, like aetna
11:49 pm
or united, who are on the exchanges if they have products there, are using their existing networks but not all of the doctors will be on that. united health care just in the past few weeks has discharged over 2,000 doctors from their networks. so we don't really know. that's part of the great confusion of this process. >> are you considering just offering care at a reduced rate to people who don't have health insurance? what's the plan going forward? >> at this point, that might be an option that's worth pursuing, because of the large regulatory component with obama care. we're going to have to wait and see how this plays out. what we can do is look at massachusetts and what's happened with their experience. we do know there is fewer doctors practicing in massachusetts than there were before their romney-care type plan took effect. and the waits to see a doctor have gotten extended. if you're a newly diagnosed
11:50 pm
diabetic, it's seven weeks before you get to see the specialist. >> what is the greatest concern about the unknowns out there? >> one thing i'm quite concerned about, since i'm the president of our local medical society, is the 90-day grace period written into the bill, that if one quits paying their insurance premium, there's 90 days before they're removed. during the last 60-day period, whoever is providing care, will be expected to be paid but that money will be taken away from them months down the road when it's found out that the person didn't come through and pay their premium. that will add a lot of financial instability into the system that will affect everyone's health care in the whole country, not just those on the exchanges. >> we may have to pay more to cover the unpaid bills. dr. berger, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. coming up, have you heard
11:51 pm
about it? the violent knockout game attacks. we'll have more information on where they're happening.
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11:53 pm
tre >> >> tonight, there are more startling reports of vicious knockout game attacks. this week a manhattan chef assaulted while visiting philadelphia. we're putting up examples of these attacks on your screen so you know what to look out for. in these attacks, victims are sucker punched on the street. this newest incident happened tuesday. the chef walking along on the streets of philadelphia is hit from behind, attackers leaving the 30-year-old man unconscious. the victim suffered a broken nose and needed surgery getting his jaw wired shut. police are telling the victim a
11:54 pm
group of six to eight men attacked him. "on the record" is tracking all these cases of the knockout game and will stay on this story for you. coming up, the million-dollar push to put a positive spin on the affordable care act.
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well, we are about an hour away now. is going well, we are about an hour
11:57 pm
away now. is going down for maintenance. that means you won't be able to get on the site and it's just one of many ways americans are feeling the impact of obama care. the deadline to start this whole thing was tomorrow. now they're shutting it down. you heard from a doctor a few minutes ago who raised a lot of red flags, including a 90-day grace period to pay doctors. can you imagine your mortgage company giving you 90 days to pay? people wouldn't pay. this is unbelievable, susan. why are we not hear thing from the white house? if doctors feel like they're not going to be paid in a timely manner, they're not going to want to work within the system. >> it's all part of the rollout. you'll start hearing more about it when people go to the doctor and find out the doctor is not on the plan or the doctor finds out they're not going to get paid. right now we're at the point where everybody is trying to
11:58 pm
sign up and having a hard time. and you have a lot of people who are shying away from signing up because the premiums and deductibles are high. it's not gotten off the ground yet. but when it does, we're going to run into the problems that you've been talking about, in particular the doctor reimbursement issues. so all these things, sort of a rolling system of problems associated with the health care laws. we're going to find out more in the new year. if people sign up. >> i guess former house speaker nancy pelosi was right, we'll have to pass it to see what's in it. apparently we'll have to live with it for a while, too. in terms of the messaging coming out of the white house, i see this as bad news. but the bad news about the website is keeping us from focusing on the bad news about everything else. >> that's just it. there are two major issues. the first one is website isn't
11:59 pm
working. that's a technical problem. the next issue is the more fundamental problem with the health care law. is it affordable, is it access able, are people to get the health care they want? we're hearing a lot of bad news. there's this big push to remarket, as the president said a few weeks ago, this whole health care law. so they're paying companies to try to send a message there are people getting affordable health care. so they're going to make this big push to try to throw out a message of people getting affordable health care. they just started on that right now. in you look on the website, what you're seeing are folks saying they think the health care law is going to help them. but you're not seeing a lot of people saying i just signed up for a health care plan, it's affordable for me and it's what i'm looking for. >> and they spent $1 million on
12:00 am
this website to tell people these stories. real quickly, on the google glass on dinner, david maxwell says who hey, welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." the grand canyon. is this national landmark home to a giant man-eating rattlesnake set to feast on residents of arizona? plus, did the vice president want to force every per to buy a segue? >> the rest of the world is moving. and we have to move faster than the rest of the world. how else are we going to compete? >> and finally, paper clips. the story you won't see anywhere else. none of these stories on red eye tonight. deous and ugly. i am here with brooke goldstein, found you are of the children's rights institute. all of


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