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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 30, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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what about muslim holidays. should they close on muslim holidays? >> absolutely not. >> i cleaned house. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of the five. we'll be back here on monday. @m kelly. have a great weekend. welcome to the studio audience edition of hannity. tonight, you get to meet the millennials. now over the course of the next hour, some familiar faces from generation "y" will be here to tackle a wide range of topics from politics to top culture to some of the most divisive social issues we face as a country. no subject off limits. i want this program to be more than just identifying the challenges that face this generation because so important, we also identify solutions. and with that said, we begin tonight we look at the millennials by numbers. many young americans at this age range, sadly, after nearly six
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years under president obama, well, unemployment remains way too high among 18 to 29-year-olds. according to the department of labor, the total jobless rate for millennials is 10.9%. now that's well above last month's national average of 7.3%. and moving on, in 2012, a record number of millennials, well, guess what, they're still living at home with mom and dad, $21.6 million total, much higher than the 18.5 million. now sadly, it has systematically declined over the past five years. starting in 2007 at 33,000, dropping all the way to just over 30,000 in 2012. let not your heart be troubled because there's some good news to share with you tonight. at least from my perspective. according to the latest quinnipiac poll, the group of young people represented
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behind -- when it comes to handling the economy, a five point advantage on health care and millennials trust the republicans in congress more than the white house regarding the budget as well as the controversial subject of immigration reform. and on that hopeful note, i think it's time to welcome in our studio audience. all right. how many of you are worried about your future? raise your hands. anybody not worried about their future? you didn't raise your hand. did you forget? >> yes, sir. >> are you worried about -- you know, sir, here i am among young people. and you're identifying me as the old guy in the room. >> i am worried. >> you are worried? i think you all have a right to be. let me go to trends. if you look at voting trends. i gave you numbers where young people feel now about the economy and prefer republicans. that's not the case. let's go back and take a look at 2008 and you see that, well, millennials voted for barack obama over john mccain and look
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at the other issues in 2012, they voted for 60, 37 -- why are you laughing? >> i'm not laughing. i'm familiar with these numbers. >> what has changed? >> he's actually in office. those polls are looking at projections and they're looking at possibilities. but now he is in office and i think it's no surprise, i don't think anyone here would disagree with the fact that the president has proven himself to be a better campaigner that he's been able to govern. but i also say -- >> that's a pretty fair assessment. >> yes. that's the truth. but it's much more challenging to govern if, particularly when you have a congress that's in complete and total obstruction of everything you put forward. >> he had the senate. he had the house. what was his excuse then? >> that's not an excuse, it's fact. >> didn't he get a stimulus passed? didn't he get the stimulus. he got his health care bill passed without a single, right? >> here's one thing i think, the latest polls that came out showed that on the issue of
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honesty and trustworthiness, most americans don't trust their president. how many of you think the president is honest and trustworthy? how many of you don't? why? >> because he, like many other politicians, have said one thing and done another. and that is one thing indicative of this generation is that they can't stand people who are inauthentic in positions of power. they grew up in a culture where 9/11 happened in adolescence. we've had dream after dream kind of crushed. we're tired of looking at politicians and hear them say one thing and lead us down the road with the high hopes and then nothing comes through. so my generation, our generation, millennials, we want to see someone get something done and be honest. i think that's why they're now -- >> you're a democrat. look at this big change around, people are disappointed, they feel disenfranchised. look at those numbers. do you know somebody that went to college, did all the right things and then had to move home
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in mommy and daddy's basement? >> i think we all do, yeah. >> has anyone here had to experience that? be honest, don't be ashamed. you've done that. >> out of law school. >> out of law school. >> but this is the thing. where people will agree with me. this myth if you go to school and that equates to financial stability for the rest of your life. >> i left home at 18. trust me, i was not going back and they weren't taking me back. so this is your party, you believed in yes, we can and obama and change, change, change. >> i do think you make a great point that authenticity is one of the most important things for young people. we see so much spin. there's advertising at every turn. and we look to our -- look to the people governing for us and one of the things we really care about is it just more spin? or are they really going to fight for what they believe in? >> when barack obama said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
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and now we discovered he knew better did he lie? >> i don't think he lied. i think -- i said it before, i think he misspoke, he should have said most people can keep their plan. we are living in a moment of total dysfunction. >> by the way, this is juan williams' son and he's a conservative. yes, sir? >> obama also said obama care would drop the cost of health care. it's gone up. he's continually misled the public and finally seeing the results of the poll numbers and his lack of governing and lack of experience. he spent his whole career campaigning. he's a great campaigner, but when it comes to be responsible and do the work in the white house, he can't do it. >> i think the fact that young people can actually get affordable health care under $1 lower health care. >> go ahead. >> i think it's come down to -- comes down to cynicism. i think we're a pretty cynical generation. >> yeah. >> and i think what a lot of people in my generation, myself not included, thought they saw in barack obama was a noncynical
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politician who was going to change things. and then -- >> no one's going to dispute that. >> and if you look at the poll you cited, the fox news poll that came out, the group that turned hardest on this president over the honest and trustworthy question are young people. because that b.s. detector went off in a way i think that was a rude awakening and a disappointment to a lot of people. >> go ahead. you want to weigh in. >> yeah, you mentioned the polling and how young people turned on obama. and i worked for generation opportunity, which is the youth advocacy group. and we had a big opt out of obama care campaign. and if you look at an abc news poll, when young people were polled, young people supported obama care at a rate of 49% then the exchange is launched in november, young people supported obama care by a rate of 36% and opposed it by 61%. >> yeah. now, stephanie, is that you? hi. >> hi. >> you were with ofa. >> yes, i worked very proudly
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for the obama campaign. one of the things we're not talking about is the fact that young people especially had to get their democratic rights blocked in a lot of ways because of the obstruction that republicans mainly when it came to -- >> you had two years of democratic house and senate. >> they made it harder for young people to vote. if you're going to talk about the turnout in 2008 and the turnout in 2012, what we didn't have in 2008 were the laws that made it harder to get that right to vote. >> let me ask this question a different way. and i ask this question to tavis smiley. is black america -- which voted for him 90-some-odd-percent. >> right. >> are black americans now heading into the sixth year of presidency, are they better off than before he became president? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> numbers don't show it. >> and here's the thing.
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>> and the black community, the labor participation rate is lower than it has been in 30-some-odd-years. how do you make that case? >> because we had years of republicans who were in office. is. >> i thought 2010 was the recovery. >> decades of policies being put in place, namely first under reagan who made it hard for african-americans and people of color -- >> ronald reagan left in -- in 1988. i think we're past reagan. go ahead. go ahead. you want to say something? >> the youth vote in virginia. and that was shocking to most people and very liberal northern virginia. and this is a decade where people are saying republicans have lost youth. that's not the case. >> erin, you're a nurse practitioner. >> i am. >> that's a great profession.
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>> it is. >> i work in the health care system on a daily basis and i've had a chance to see some of these politics play out in my own job. and i think people are just really realizing that government involvement in health care and other things isn't the answer. patients on medicaid, 31% of doctors won't see them. it pays 56% of what private insurance -- >> here's what i worry about for you guys. here's what i worry about. our debt is now $17 trillion and going higher. he will -- obama will double the debt by the time he leaves office. we've doubled the number of people on food stamps since the time he's been president. i'm looking at 90 trillion in unfunded liabilities. i'm looking at the labor participation rate lower than it's ever been in decades and decades. and he's had six years to fix it, five full years in office now to fix it and it's not fixed. and i'm worried it's going to get worse for all of you. >> and we're the ones going to find obama care. in order for obama care to work, not only do all of us have to sign up but we have to be overcharged for it because we're the ones that will subsidize the
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older and sicker people. and what have we gotten? we have a website that's worse than the dmv, worse than the post office and we are the ones paying for it. >> all right. hold it right there. we've got to take a break. we'll come back. and we're just getting things started right here. and i'll ask what they fear most about their future and we'll also talk about solutions and every topic from finance to politics and how do they plan to save their own future when ultimately they're going to be responsible for paying off the debt we're handing off to them straight ahead. [ male announcer r r r r
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welcome back to the special studio audience edition. and as we continue our discussion tonight. let's turn our attention to the fears they have for the future. after all, this generation sitting behind me, they're going to be responsible for paying off
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america's $17 trillion plus in debt, $19 trillion in unfunded liabilities. and while they prepare to carry that burden, we're learning that certain benefits like social security and medicare, that's still going to dry out. take a look. >> as reported last year when considered on a combined basis, social securities, retirement, and disability programs have dedicated funds sufficient to cover benefits until 2033. joerl, medicares hospital insurance trust fund will have resources to cover full benefits until 2026. the president recognizes how central reform and attempting to work on a bipartisan basis to put them on stronger footing. >> so social security as we know it will end by what 2033? that's only 20 years from now and medicare by 2026, very frightening projections. and we go back to our studio audience. i want to play for you candidate obama. candidate obama was talking about the national debt. and he said that bush, the way
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he's done it, by accumulating debt, it's irresponsible and unpatriotic. let's roll this tape. >> the problem is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome so we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. that's unpatriotic, irresponsible -- >> irresponsible, unpatriotic. now it's 60,000. you're a democrat? >> i am. >> you voted for obama? >> i did. >> and worked for him.
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>> and worked for him. oh, boy. >> helping unemployment right there. >> he said it was reckless, irresponsible and unpatriotic he said five years to fix it, broke that promise, defend it. >> i don't think that's the case at all. he doesn't have a willing partner to work with who is coming to the table with real ideas. the republican party is completely intellectually bankrupt right now and completely -- >> does the president sign the spending bill? >> the very few bills that come to his desk. >> not the very few -- go ahead. >> what's that? >> in 2008, and i agree, i am a republican, but i think president bush did spend irresponsibly. and when the president was making promises like that, the american people said, yes, we need to go back to that. >> the worst budget, though, of president bush was his last year and that was with the financial crisis $455 billion. >> right. >> most years before were about $150 billion, not near $1 trillion. >> exactly. >> we've talked so much about each side this and that, i just want to say, my biggest fear is
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really can the american conservative movement re-express itself in ways that are reflective of 21st century america and all the demographics? because that's really where our solution is going to start. >> you're a conservative blogger, right? >> i am. >> let's talk about the answers. if we keep spending like this, what's the answer except bankruptcy and we become like europe? >> i believe the answer for us is to take a step back and really reenergize our conservative agenda for america in the 21st century. and a lot of these problems. for example, we talk a lot about low taxes, right? that's one issue that republicans are very much on the forefront of. that argument worked in the '80s because in the 50s, 60s and 70s, we had a high-tax structure. but that's not the case so much anymore. that argument doesn't resinate with a lot of americans. >> what state do you live in? >> oklahoma. >> i live in new york. over 60 cents of every dollar i make goes to state, local,
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federal government, sales tax, property tax. 60 cents of it. wait, you said that's a low rate. >> no, no, no -- what i'm saying. >> you think 60 cents out of every dollar of the government's low? >> no, what i'm saying is that argument doesn't resinate powerfully enough. what we need to do is transition to a new tax argument such as realizing the real job creators in this country are low to middle class income americans who actually buy products and services. >> look at people like rand paul who are able to energize conservatives, young people. and it's because he sticks to his values. nothing to do about don't make a tax argument. it means getting real people who are really fighting for our country. >> allison, in the back. >> honestly, we go to colleges and a generation of opportunity does the same. ours is young women for america. you're saying the same people that were recruited in a big way to vote for the president. being the ones taking the hardest hit under things like obama care. and i think it's unfortunate we
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feel the brunt of this the most because we pushed him over the line. i think those here should be honest, women, especially, rank honesty above intelligence when it comes to a candidate. >> as a mom, can i talk about real fear? >> what is your fear? >> i have a son with cystic fibrosis, i'm a mom of three, i run my own organization, i employ millennials every day. that's what we're talking about. i'm not going to have social security. i'm not going to have retirement. my employees are worried about their retirement. my husband's not going to have retirement. i'm scared to death what obama care's going to do to america's medical field, the development and the research and advances we had that we're going to become like canada and europe. that's a real fear that i'm afraid of what obama care's going to do, i'm not going to be able to hire two new employees next year because of the increase in insurance cost to my employees. and then i get double taxed. >> i think that you have laid out a case that a lot of people
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feel like -- is that real? noah? >> it's very real. but you put out some numbers in the last segment. and what you saw was the bottom falling out. why? because the affordable care act has kicked in. and they're being told. they're being told that young invincibles have to sign up for this program. you don't know what's best for you. >> wait a second. >> doubling for these -- >> stay with noah. because you're right. you will pay -- for example, if i was younger, i'd have a catastrophic plan with a high deductible if god forbid if i had an accident. that's all you need. >> they're terrified, they're not working, they don't have a tax problem. they have a problem of getting an income. and as a result, they're being asked now to subsidize another generation. they'd love to do that. they're civic minded. they don't have the ability to do that. >> if you're fat and old like me, you need a different policy. >> we have high rates of unemployment. millennials have before the aca, we have the highest rates of uninsured in the country.
2:22 am
if we want to talk about access to health care, i wish we'd have more conversations about why states in the south are not expanding medicaid because it specifically help millennials access health care. >> and we run annual trillion dollar budget deficits. the united states doesn't have a budget and hasn't had one since 2009. that's why you shouldn't expand medicaid. number one, a broken entitlement. number two, the federal government doesn't have the money to pay for it. it's going to cost $800 billion. >> can i make a point -- >> why is it okay for millennials to have to use the emergency room for health care. can we have that conversation again. for millennials to be kicked off health insurance. >> we'll take a break and come back. and coming up, president obama has repeatedly governed under the premise do as i say not as i do. we're going to ask these guys what they think about what's happening. the hyper partisan tone.
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only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the challenges of our nation. i do believe there is hope for civility. i do believe there's hope for progress. >> i hope that we will continue to engage each other with the spirit of civility and seriousness that has brought us this far. >> i still believe we can repla replace acrimony.
2:27 am
>> the president has called for civility. the millennials we've assembled tonight behind me. they've grown up at a time when incivility has taken stage. let's take a look. >> was he thinking about when he voted originally to shut down the government? he was prepared to sacrifice the local economy. he was prepared to sacrifice the towns around yosemite when he was on a jihad against american citizens getting access to health care. >> we're reforming our entitlements. we're not for negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> -- who deny the mere fact that obama care is the law. we will not bow to tea party anarchists who refuse to accept supreme court ruled obama care to be constitutional. >> this is playing with fire. legislative arsonists are at work when they start using the debt limit for their own agenda.
2:28 am
>> a few moments ago, you were saying that it's time for republicans to get serious about the budget. how does it help you get serious? how does it help you get a deal if you're calling republicans extortionists and terrorists? how does it help? >> i think they are attempting to extort the american people in a way in the american economy to get their partisan objectives. >> all right. here to offer some solutions on how if it's possible can we restore civility in washington and beyond the millennials are back. i want somebody who supports obama. raise your hand. okay, in the back. here's my question for you, the president gives all these lectures about civility and then he goes out and says, republicans, their plan is for dirty air and dirty water. and they want the old people and the elderly and kids with autism and down syndrome to fend for themselves. none of which is true. how does he get to speak that
2:29 am
way and then lecture about about civility on the other hand. defend that. >> i think young people are tired of the vitriol. >> you're a democrat, are you tired of president obama -- >> i'm tired of our current political system, debate being so -- >> i didn't ask you that question. >> are you tired of obama doing it too? you're a democrat. because i will argue that -- >> i would argue that -- you asked me to defend but you didn't realize i'm not going to defend it because i think the most important thing for young people to do is to get involved with political activities for themselves to go and work in their local communities to get involved to try to make change that's how we're going to change -- >> all of what you're saying is good. do you also blame the president? >> i mean, it's difficult to place blame on one person -- >> you don't want to answer. you don't want to answer. go ahead. >> someone has to answer. everyone can see. the people are appealing to the most low and underinformed populous ever. we have to deal in terminology. >> you're talking about rush
2:30 am
limbaugh low-information voters. there you go. >> it's not just unpleasant, it's distracting. serious issues should be treated seriously. and when you're calling names, you're not treating the issue seriously. >> i would agree with that. >> and not only are we within the white house we're calling names to each other. and then i think when things happen overseas, things like benghazi, the boston bombers, these other issues or syria, you know, we drew that red line and we were so scared to actually go ahead and attack. we are so violent against each other and hostile, yet when these other people outside of america bring in these issues, we're scared to call them what they are. >> that bothers me a lot. >> yeah. >> we're so hostile to each other, yet when other countries come in the picture, we don't take core of that. >> yeah, go ahead, jump in. >> to be honest, i think you have to realize that the past four years, obama's been facing one of the most obstructionist congresses in the history of the u.s. i think that's a real problem. >> he's not a leader. >> wait.
2:31 am
>> didn't the american people voted for divided government. isn't the way -- didn't our founders and framers -- didn't they see this? and didn't they structure government to be that way? go ahead. >> well, i think, because i don't support either party outright. >> are you a libertarian? >> no, we say generational trends and the thing i think is missing in this conversation overall is we've characterized millennials as unemployed, not having insurance, moving back home, all this mess. >> wait, wait, wait -- that's not fair. what we did was we gave you the statistics of real life america and -- >> let me give you the rest of the statistics. what we see is the big generation breaking apart. it's called a dislocation. and what we're seeing is two different generations within it. you have one group that is graduating, getting jobs, getting married, having kids, doing all this stuff, taking on a profile in the trajectory that is traditional just three to five years delayed and you have a whole other group that may or may not have graduated school.
2:32 am
we don't know yet. they are still underemployed and waiting for some handout to save them and they're blaming everybody else. what's fascinating as it breaks apart, these two groups start identifying with each other and creating risks in communities and the own generation. >> the reality is, we've never had a situation before. i think of my father, my father grew up really dirt poor. and i think my grandparents came here at the turn of the last century. one grandfather had $25 in his pocket and the other had $30 in his pocket. and my father grew up in brooklyn. and each generation, their goal was to lead this country and make things better for their children than what they grew up with. and that's not happening now. alexandra, go ahead. >> there's a huge emphasis placed on negative stereotypes with the gop brand. i mean, if you even look at the stage tonight, the word obstructionist was used against our party -- >> more of a talking point. >> multiple times and what we actually find is that in our
2:33 am
research that we did that there is -- while the republican party brand is not fair as all the young people. now there's the democratic brand. young people want to see problem solvers. >> i agree with you. >> that are unafraid to take on big challenges of today. >> let me throw out a couple of quick things. i would balance the budget by -- it's called the penny plan. cut one penny out of every dollar that washington spends and not increase the budget every year for five years. how many of you would support it? we'll cut one penny of spending every year for five years out of every dollar. hands up. you'd be against that? why? to save you from paying back this debt? you wouldn't support one penny. would you do that at home if you had a budget deficit. >> that's not a smart way to do. you've got to be balanced. >> one penny out of every dollar. >> but i'm not going to do this on the backs of the poor, for example. >> more with our millennials. we've got the lightning round
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welcome back to "hannity," still with us, our millennial studio audience. and this is the lightning round. i want people to get a feel for where you stand on social issues of the day. how many, show of hands, support gay marriage. how many do not. okay. how many would classify yourselves as being pro life. hands up. pro life. oh, you were going to raise your hand, you decided not to. >> i believe in the choice of life and family planning and things of that. >> i am pro life, i'm not pro death, for sure. >> you're pro abortion? >> i'm pro woman's right to decide to plan her family. >> pro abortion. >> let me pick one moment. i hate that concept. >> we're not going to get in a long discussion. how many of you want to see marijuana legalized for recreational use?
2:39 am
>> you? you want it passed and taxed? >> well, look, obviously i don't think it's a great thing. >> so you smoke pot. >> no. you know me better than that. no, and i don't think it's a habit that people should get into. i think it's a gateway drug, a poor decision of use of time and your health. >> and you think illegal. >> i think to legalize it and tax it could be a good thing for this country. >> how many agree. show of hands. how many want it legal recreational. >> tax it to death. like cigarettes. >> you want to tax it to death? >> how many of you think that you are overtaxed? any think you're undertaxed? would you support a fair tax or flat tax? >> i support a tax code that actually doesn't skew it towards people at the very, very, very top and actually give it to the people in the low and middle income. >> i hate to tell you, the bottom 50% of americans pay
2:40 am
zero. the bottom -- top 10% -- >> right now, our tax code -- >> top 10% pay 75% of the bill. how can you say it favors the rich? >> our tax code -- >> it is a corporate tax code. >> that's not true. >> that is not true. if you look at taxes not just federal taxes but state and local taxes, our tax code is not progressive. it's mostly a flat tax. >> let me help you out. >> that's not true. >> when the bottom 50% -- >> look at different income groups -- >> i'm going to help you out because i have this ingrained in my brain because i debate this all the time. the top 10% pay over 70% of the tax bill in this country the bottom 50% pay nothing. how could you say that is -- i've got the numbers from the irs. >> those are only federal taxes. only federal taxes. >> oh, good grief. >> local and state taxes -- >> you're saying if i tax marijuana. go ahead, you're back to drugs. >> that's fine. but you've said this on your show before if you drained the
2:41 am
bank accounts of all the 1% of this country, it wouldn't even put a dent in our federal deficit. so that solution is not viable. >> how many of you think our foreign policy is getting weaker? how many don't? what's that? >> how many think when the muslim brotherhood took over in egypt and we gave them -- muslim brotherhood, a guy that once referred to the israelis as decemb descendents of apes and pigs, we gave him guns and military tanks. how many of you think what is my government doing? my commander in chief. how many think that is dumb? you don't think so? was that dumb? >> well, i think he was following the trend of a lot of presidents before him. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, hello, can we talk about george bush and saddam hussein. i'm just saying -- >> sure. can i stop you for a second? george bush is a president --
2:42 am
>> honey. >> you calling me or her. >> i was talking to her. not you. >> george bush didn't give mohammed morsi tanks. he didn't give him f-16s and didn't give him $1.5 billion. a man who referred to our closest ally in the middle east as the descendents of apes and pigs. how do you justify that? >> -- a democracy if you're constantly giving them money. there's no incentive. >> let's be honest, we don't have a fair democracy here. >> oh, my goodness. >> let's say what it is. but you cannot -- we spend so much time talking about what's wrong across the globe when we don't focus on what's also wrong with democracy here. >> no, there's some -- >> -- to vote because there's -- >> we're a democratic republic that elected the guy that you wanted elected twice. go ahead, yeah. go ahead. michelle? >> there's problems with our democracy. we can start with some of this
2:43 am
aggressive gop-led legislation to infringe on the rights to vote here in america. are we not going to acknowledge that's certainly a serious problem in hour democracy. >> she's saying we're not talking about the problems going on in america. that's all we've been talking about right now. you're just the obama care sponsor over there who is totally -- >> i actually don't work for the president anymore. >> you work for ofa. >> you work for ofa, right? >> we've got to come back. we've got to take a break. we'll come back and when we come back, we're going to talk a little bit about contraception and should we pay for it. also, what do i think about justin bieber, miley cyrus, what a nice haircut. and are these the public if i can you
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40% of the female students at georgetown law reported to us they struggled financially as a result of this policy. >> all right, we bring back our studio audience of millennials contracepti contraception, $9 a month. walmart. >> at walmart. >> go ahead. >> but somehow you have to have free contraception to be a woman in america and have equal rights. heaven forbid your contraception isn't paid for. >> that's what they did -- >> listen, listen -- why should -- >> that's why you should support obama care. how many speeches did he give to talk about free contraception. >> first of all for contraception. condoms are dirt cheap readerless of where you go. >> in new york, you get them for free when you leave a bar. >> i read it in a paper.
2:49 am
>> if the mayor of d.c. hadn't tried to enforce this ridiculous minimum wage bill. >> you have not spoken. you're very quiet and polite and patient. go ahead. >> i mean, i think the idea we have to pay for contraception is ridiculous. it's a woman's choice. like we were talking war on women and women have choices and if they're going to be pro choice or not. they can be pro choice and not have sex and we don't have to worry about it. there's the contraception right there. >> is this part of an entitlement mindset. that, look, i think the republican party gets into a huge corner, a tough corner on this issue. because when we talk about making religious exemptions for people who don't want to pay for others' birth control, that's somehow twisted into we are against birth control or want to ban it. would anyone here, if i may, actually want to ban birth control? no, that is lunacy. the republican party has to do a much better job of pushing back on that attack -- >> i'm going to be blunt here. i don't care -- it is -- i don't care what people do. it's none of my business. adults, bedroom, privacy.
2:50 am
but don't make me pay for it. go ahead. >> enroll the insurance in obama care. you have to pay for abortion. . to pay for abortion they won't cover hearing aids. >> yes. yes. >> that is a problem. how can you justify that? >> about what? >> well, about contraception? i think people have a right to have contraception but i don't want to pay for it this, is why we get run away big government programs. >> come on. >> there is a lot to be said for enning the playing field making sure every woman is able to control contraception in the way that makes sense for her. i do support it. >> just said pregnancy is a preventible disease. it's offensive that democrats think pregnancy is a preventible disease, therefore, very to pay for contraception. >> karen? >> there are plenty of resources
2:51 am
to get contraception. planned parenthood. there are plenty of options for people. >> all right. >> it's contraception is a -- just like cigarettes? >> why? why? >> those people are out of touch, out of touch. i've heard about this sub-sidized to the got. the services are services they can get today. >> as a person in, ohio, i had no insurance. i was not employed. >> that is not her point the point is why should other people pay for it? >> health insurance is -- >> hold on. >> health insurance --
2:52 am
>> one at a time. >> go ahead. >> by paying for things you don't have access tochlt therefore, if we look through affordable care act, yes. contraception is a preventive health service. >> this is about contraception. why 60-year-old men have to pay for maternity care. have you to sub-sidize other programs. >> abortion is killing. >> we've got to take a break. >> when we come back, closing thoughts from the incredible audience we'll come back right after the break. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief
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welcome back to hannity. >> i have a very short, very short. we need to have a unified congress, and we haven't talked about immigration. we're waiting for senate republicans. but this is important aspect of the conversation we need to have about immigration. there is $125 billion that could be safed that we can save on the deficit if republicans would just -- >> i want to finish this way. >> that is not -- >> we're talking about peoples lives families are -- >> that is not short. >> my biggest fear, i think that if obamacare fails people goring
2:56 am
to be turned off to the concept of real health care reform and we're going to turn into single payer. >> that is the intention they know how screwed up it's going to be. they're going to say it's going to be single payer. >> you'll hear bipartisan we need to be at the table, sean this, requires us to subsidize health care for other people but we're not at the table for reform >> irasked you considering everything on obamacare is a lie, you can't keep your doctor, plan, why don't we start a new debate, litigate it on what the truth is? not the lies we're told. >> we were overpromiseed and under soechld i do believe in fixing the thing. >> how about starting again? >> cut our losses. >> we need to revise.
2:57 am
>> maybe one model is the ryan-biden bipartisan plan to save medicare them. came together to fix the biggest fiscal issue we have. it was a bipartisan solution. >> why wr did this panel explode? social issues? where was there condition consensus? >> blessed are the peacemakers noah gets an award. >> student loans, something that such a big problem. tuition just continues to rise i'm a n.graduate school. every class is $7,000 every class. >> $58 every month, ten years. that was a lot of money when i didn't have any. >> i think an important thing
2:58 am
for milenials, your voice does matter. >> i agree with that. >> they can make a difference. >> i think that what the republican party should do in the future speaking to our generation is just speak to our generation. go where they are. not to expect them to come to us in the wake of failures we have to play a positive image to the younger voters. >> thank you for coming. i want what my grandparents and parents wanted for me. a better america for you, tomorrow, thank you for coming. give yourselves a big hand. that is the time
2:59 am
♪ ♪
3:00 am
hello, and good morning. it saturday, the 30th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman, it's deadline day for the obama web site. and it begins with a shutdown. overnight out of service. will it be up and running in time to keep the president's promise? we will bring you the latest. >> caught on camera mayhem at your local mall. a black friday frenzy, leading to reports of violence all over america. including one woman taking out a taser on her fellow shoppers ahead. >> did she get that tv? she did. a family has a lot to be thankful for today after high speed crash into utah home on thursday night.


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