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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 30, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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and until next time, i hope you're learning to be more of a healthy you. it is the 11th hour for the website powering president obama's signature health care law. hello everyone, i'm greg jarrett. welcome to inside america's news headquarters. today is the self-imposed deadline of course to have running smoothly and perfectly. hhs just announcing moments ago that they are continuing to make technical enhancements, tweaks, if you will, to the site over the weekend. molly henningberg live in washington to tell us how things are progressing.
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is it working? >> reporter: well this is the first update we've gotten today, gregg. president obama's team working on the website has said it will update on the "success rates" of the relaunch of as it goes forward and just got i guess what you would call an update, one line from the health and human services department that says the website is performing well today with low overall error rates and response times, despite heavier than usual weekend traffic. that is the latest just coming in, they are saying low overall error rates despite heavier than usual weekend traffic. jeff zeinst said today deadline day the website should handle the vast majority of consumers and also warned that "there could be moments in the middle of the day" seems to be the peak, "where capacities goes beyond the user level at which point there will be a customer friendly queuing system
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notifying you when to come back to the site and be first in line." zients says today 50,000 should be able to use the website at the same time and that the website should be able to handle in total 800,000 consumer visits a day. overnight the previously scheduled four hours of maintenance on the site turned into 11 hours of maintenance. something that republicans noted today when talking about the website's relaunch. >> the expectation is for about 80% of those that go to the website that it should work but you got to look at the fact that they did take it down again for another 11 hours and i understand this morning it is sporadic as to whether it is working or not working when people are logging on. >> blackburn says republicans believe a better approach to fixing the health care system is allow insurance companies to sell plans across state lines. to increase competition and allow consumers to have numerous choices in health insurance
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plans. gregg? >> come back some other time. you got to love that line. when i was a bachelor i heard that one a lot. >> gregg. >> molly hanneburg, thanks so much. president obama is taking a break from the oval office and doing holiday shopping on small business saturday. the president and his daughters sasha and malia visiting the politics and prose book store today as the fourth annual small business saturday promoting independent merchants. the president telling reporters he bought books for every age group. good for him. rising death tolls in the deadly police chopper crash that collided into a crowded pub in glasgow, scotland, and now at least eight deaths and more than a dozen seriously injured, one rescuer describing the chaos immediately after the crash. >> moments after the helicopter
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crashed it was just people pouring out of the pub and dust seemed to be coming up from nowhere, i don't know, either out the door, up from the ground almost the dust, almost like a human chain and there was people much deeper in in the debris of the pub and passing, trying to pass injured people out and all did you was grab the person given to you and pass them on to the next person. >> the pub was especially crowded because it was the eve of scotland's official national holiday, st. andrew's day. scottish leader alex hammond reacted to the tragedy. >> our condolences go to those who will be bereaved, our solidarity with those who have been injured. this is a black day for glasgow and scotland. it's a day we can take pride in courage and how we respond to
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adversity and tragedy. and that response from our emergency services and from ordinary citizens has been exempla exemplary. >> he ordered that flags outside government buildings be flown at half staff and it's too early to know why the chopper came down so suddenly. there was another deadly flight incident, this one involving the plane crash near a remote village in western alaska. st. mary's, about 470 miles from anchorage, four of the ten people on board are dead including an infant boy. responders from st. mary's transporting six passengers for medical attention, no word on what caused the crash. investigators arriving at the scene today. secretary of state john kerry is speaking in a new videotape about the iran nuclear deal saying this agreement with iran is "a beginning."
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the islamic republic will have to follow the limits on its nuclear program. mr. kerry also saying that most of the financial sanctions against iran remain in place, and the relief iran is getting over oil revenue is limited and reversible. >> i want to you know these were not easy negotiations. we drove a very hard bargain to achieve what we needed to in terms of our verification and certainty about where they're going and we drove a hard bargaining because -- bargain because we have one unwavering purpose in our goal, president obama has been absolutely clear that iran cannot and will not acquire a nuclear weapon. so we're going to get this done, i hope, but we're not hockkok c about t not overconfident. >> israel's prime minister opposes the deal and said his country would act alone if necessary to stop iran from
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getting a nuclear weapon. there is new videotape now of an american veteran being held captive in north korea. state-run media releasing the videotape showing 85-year-old m merrill newman reading from a statement and confessing to alleged crimes. new mon served in the korean war and was taken into custody during a trip in late october of this year. >> hey there, gregg. this alleged confession goes into quite some detail into newman's past, for example, he reads out in his statement precisely what he'd been up to during the war. he had actually served as an adviser to one of the united nations regiments out there, that was under the far east command, and he goes into detail about how he came to north korea basically to meet surviving soldiers, pray for their souls of the dead and he said in a statement he was planning to
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meet any surviving soldiers and put them in touch with their comrades in arms association down in south korea. this association is considered an enemy of the state by the north koreans, gregg, and that is probably what they described as the hostile activity they've accused him of undertaking on his trip back in october. this is how in his read-out statement he described his alleged activities. take a listen, gregg. >> i ask my guide to help me to look for their families and relatives living in dprk and i gave the document written with their addresses and e-mail addresses to the guide in the hotel. >> now the video shows him signing that statement, also shows his inked thumb print as a sign of authenticity. he also said he would come back to the united states if he was allowed and he has a specific message. listen. >> on this trip, i can understand that in the u.s. and
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western countries there is misleading information and propaganda about dprk. >> well his delivery and just the words that he announced beginning to make people wonders penned by his own hand. we heard from the white house just a few moments ago they gave out a statement saying "given mr. newman's advanced age and health conditions we urge the dprk to release mr. newman so he may return home and reunite with their family." we think that the fact that he's given an act of repentance by giving this alleged confession could be a sign the koreans may be willing to release him and they often do this when these public acts of apology are given. it happened back in 2009 with the christian mission then. we're hearing from the state department coming in the past few seconds that the swedish embassy which acts on the u.s. behalf in north korea, people there from that embassy have had access to merrill newman today,
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and so this now gives us very cautious sense of optimism and a sense of momentum that perhaps very soon we could see merrill newman free. back to you. >> we'll hope for the best and keep in touch with you, dominic. thank you so much. the belongings of a notorious crime boss now heading for the auction block, how the profits will benefit his victim's families. plus the holiday how-to shopping guide for the obama care website from hhs secretary, kathleen sebelius, but will it really help the millions looking for health insurance? >> it's temporarily down. >> uh-oh. it's okay. it will come back. >> that happens every day. [ male announcer at red lobster, we pull our seafood from the best waters on earth... like the cold alaskan seas. it's the cleanes clearest water. a haven for crab. [ male announcer ] and the unspoiled cst of maine. maine lobster is the tastiest, the sweetest.
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welcome back.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. the state department is asking commercial airlines to follow china's new air defense zone. china putting up restrictions over an area of disputed islands in the east china sea and now airlines will have to give chinese authorities advance notice before flying in the area. a brawl last night at a new york city riker's island jail complex, four guards injured along with several inmates, we're not sure what started the fight. and would you want to buy items once owned by former boston crime boss james "whitey" bulger? you may be able to soon. the u.s. marshal service planning to auction jewelry and other items taken from bulger's beautiful santa monica apartment after his bust. wasn't that beautiful, actually. as the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear millions of people are struggling with shopping for
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health insurance on the obama care website. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, though, putting out her version of consumer-friendly tips for individuals, trying to navigate the problem-plagued site, just how truthful are these tips? jamie weinstein is the senior editor for "the daily caller" and joins us to talk about it. tip number one, let's put this up on the screen, it says the product is popular so avoid the lines and shop during off-peak hours, morning, nights and weekend, gee, i don't know, last time i checked, jamie, the poll suggests it is an unpopular product. >> it seems the secretary is safely ensconced in her bubble, it might be useful for her to read the newspapers once in a while. this is clearly not a true statement as you mentioned the polls show about 60% of
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americans oppose obama care, the health care law so it's clearly not popular, but what is in this statement is embedded in the statement is something even deeper than that, and it shows a concern by the administration that the website will not be up to snuff as they said it would be at the end of the month. you don't see urging its customers to shop early in the morning and off-peak hours because they know they can handle the customers. this suggests to me the secretary isn't all that confident that when the website after november 30th passes, today it passes that the website will be what it should be and they promised it would be weeks ago so i think they're a little concerned as the website will continue to have serious problems. >> and you know the healthy young people, they're the most skeptical and they're the ones they need to support the financial structure of this whole thing. so good luck with that. tip number two from kathleen sebelius, have your income and tax information ready when you
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logon. every security expert i've talked to and i talked to one in the last hour said are you kidding? he said i would never go onto this website, my identity would be taken. >> buyer beware. when you sign up and try to get obama care if you're able to get into the website, this information is not safe. as you mentioned, security experts are saying this site was not designed with cyber security in mind. your information is easily available to those who know how to get it, and one expert that i saw said it could take up to a year to fix such a problem to make your information safe so yes, you might need that information to logon and get your health insurance, but you might be getting something more when you are purchasing this obama care insurance, putting out your information for some nefarious elements on the web. >> kathleen sebelius tip number three the product is good and unlike black friday, it will not
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run out. what do you think of that? >> depends what your definition of good is. according to my definition i don't think it's particularly good. of course it will be good for some people, some people obviously will find this useful for them but we're seeing story after story where people like their health insurance, were forced off it, not good for them. people liked their doctor, no longer can keep it, it's not good for them. it's not good for the millions and millions of people who didn't want to go into the obama care exchanges and are having themselves forced into it, so it's not also good for those finding they have to have higher premiums for higher deductibles. for many people, millions of people perhaps tens and tens of millions of people by the time all this is said and done, this is not a good product. >> right. we didn't get to tip number four essentially is one of the navigators that we've hired, of course they didn't do criminal background checks on any of those folks, so you know, those may be the ones who are stealing
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your identity. jamie weinstein, good to see you, thanks so much. >> thank you. imagine getting a car for $1, one lucky shopper on black friday did just that, we'll tell you how. and "the scarlett letter" m, why governor john kasich banished the letter from the michigan/ohio football game today all in good fun. we'll talk to him next. ♪ it used to. it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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this could be the black friday deals to end all deals. a car dealership in houston had a big used car sale, including
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three cars for just one dollar. but a bit of a catch. the price was revealed after they picked the car. one buyer couldn't believe her incredible luck when she got her car for one buck! >> i was so much excited. so much happy. i couldn't believe. i couldn't believe i got it for one dollar. >> good for her. this was the sixth year the dealer has sold cars this cheap on black friday. it's a way to say thank you to the many customers. ahead of the big ohio state-michigan football game, ohio governor john kasich signed a resolution -- there it is -- deeming m as a scarlet letter in support of the buckeyes for today's big game against their bitter rivals, the university of michigan wolverines. well, after today's nail biter, ohio state came out on top 42-41 to beat michigan. i believe we have now a very
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happy governor kasich on the phone. governor, a little too close for comfort there, huh? >> gregg, we had them all the way. >> yeah, sure you did. >> gregg, in this rivalry, you just never know. i mean, if michigan had gotten that two point conversion, it would have made their year. it's like this all the time. i first really got interested in ohio state as a young student and got to know woodie hayes and later in life i got to know the great coach of the school up north and it's just a great thing. it's a lot of fun and we all enjoy it very much here. >> the school up north, i noticed you didn't say the word, michigan. that school up north, right, governor? >> it's the school up north, yes. we never use -- we'd never call them by whatever their name is up there. we don't even think about it that way. it's just never simple victory.
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i tell you what, it was a heck of a game. that will go down as one of the great games in the series and fortunately, we came out on top and we have now won 24 in a row. that's almost like the ratings wins for fox, right? 24 years in a row. >> 24? that is so amazing. >> we haven't lost a game since urban myers has been the coach and so we'll see next week will be another tough game. we're playing another school up north. but we can mention that, that's michigan state. the head coach up there was always the defensive coordinator and got his grooming at ohio state. >> you have a lot of fans and they're not just football fans. president obama lauded your actions of expanding medicaid during his recent visit to ohio. are you really happy about that? >> well, gregg, look, we expanded this program to make sure that the mentally ill and the drug addicted in the working
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poor can help and i have to tell you that we're engaged making sure we don't build more bureaucracy. we're making sure that we don't create a dependency, but rather a safety net so people can get on their feet and get into the work force. that's what this is all about. so we're going to keep our eyes on that ball. >> all right. governor kasich, who a lot of people are talking about as presidential material. if i had more than the 15 seconds that joel showed me, i'd ask but that. governor, good to see you. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> take care. that does it for this inside edition of "america's news headquarters." back in an hour.
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this hour, when he talks, washington listens. charles krauthammer, his uniquely american story. his journey from m.d. to the pulitzer prize. how he overcame a devastating accident with a determination to lead, a life that matters. hello, i'm bret baier. i hope you'll enjoy watchingt this special as much as we t enjoyed making it. fox viewers know where charles krauthammer sits on the panel and they probably know his position on most issues. but we bet there is a lot you don't know about the all-starknw panelist, syndicated columnist, harvard trained psychiatrist anh even occasional


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