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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 1, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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twitter, on our home page, fox buzz and also on our facebook website. hope you'll give us a like. we'll be back here next sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern with the latest buzz. fox news alert on the horrific train derailment in new york city this morning. at least four people now confirmed dead after several train cars fly off the tracks on a metro north line that was heading into manhattan. good morning to all of you, i'm jaime colby. >> i'm eric shaun, it is a holiday tragedy today that is still ongoing, the national transportation board sending it's team of investigators that are here now. that is the train hit a bend known as the spinning devil curve, some passengers claim
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that the train was just going too fast. that will all be part of the investigation. new york city police commissioner raymond kelly talked about the continuing search for any more possible victims that could be trapped underneath those overturned cars. >> we have used our dogs, right on too mup of the train, we don want to discount it totally at this time, as it is most unlikely, but i can't say with absolute certainty that there isn't. >> it is a shocking and sad scene, and laura ingle is there live. >> this incident happened just after 7:00 a.m. this morning on the southbound hudson line train as it was approaching the station here in the bronx. i want to step aside to show you what is just down below us. we're up on a cliff in a neighborhood, but we have got a good advantage point of those cars that are tipped over on their side. one passenger told local reporters the train appeared to
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be going a lot faster than usual as it approached the curve, coming into the station which was just 100 yards away. the train was headed to grand central station in manhattan. and it will be those investigators that will be able to pin down exactly what happened here, once those black boxes are recovered. that's what we're waiting to find out. there were over 100 passengers on board at the time of the derailment, and that's a number that is still being nailed down. obviously a very busy holiday weekend, the sunday after thanksgiving. a lot of people were talking about if this would have happened tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. on monday rush hour after thanksgiving, it could have been a much different situation. three of the four fatalities were passengers who were thrown from the train as it was twisting and turning as it derailed. here's the chief of the department fd drks nrkdny talki
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what's next. >> we'll bring the cars up on their side and we'll make sure that underneath the cars are searched. we don't believe anybody is in there, but we have to make sure. >> reporter: 11 of those very serious and four area hospitals responding to this. search dog teams and investigators all down there. some of the things they're looking for is obviously the equipment at the signal system. they're talking to people around the neighborhood who heard what happened, a lot of people describing a very loud boom as you can only imagine. so we are awaiting more information here at the scene and we'll bring it to you as we get it here, eric. >> and the families of the four people here are obviously being notified by authorities today. such a tragic situation during this holiday season. here's what we also know that the train derailment injured dozens of passengers, 11 are reportedly in critical condition. many transported to area
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hospitals, four hospitals in fact. being used right now for treatment of these passengers. joining us now on the phone is dr. ernest patty who's a senior attending physician of emergency medicine, which is where this train derailment took place. how busy is your hospital this morning? >> we're actually very business si, we received 12 patients here at st. barnibus, people with broken bones and fractures, some requiring having to go to the operating room to get repaired. >> is your hospital a level one trauma center? >> yes, we're one of the trauma centers here in the bronx. >> was it all hands on deck? were you asked to come in immediately. >> we do our disaster protocol notification system and everybody that's on that
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protocol gets called in, so, yeah, it's all hands on deck, everybody responded smoothly, we have a number of extra personnel here doing their jobs and the normal flow of the hospital is going along quite smoothly in addition to the extra volume that we have gotten from the accident. >> it was so compelling to hear the governor say that the four casualties that they knew of, the fatalities at this point, the families had yesterday to be notified. did any of those passengers make hospital and die there? or do you know if they were dead on the scene? >> i can only speak to what we have received here at st. barni barnibus. all of our patients are still alive and in stable condition. two i mentioned are critical. we haven't had any of those cases to the best of my knowledge, jamie. >> what else are you learning based on the injuries you're seeing about what these passengers may have gone through at the moment of impact?
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>> what we know is that if you have an accident of this nature of a vehicle going very quickly and suddenly diesieseeceleratin rolling over, on a train, there's no air bags, no seat belts. they can get internal injuries, broken bones, cuts from flying debris or impacting seats and handrails inside the train cabin kpartment. we're getting a lot of people with traumatic injuries from being thrown and tossed around inside a moving vehicle and not being restrained. >> there's been talk recently of including seat belts and other devices on trains would any of the injuries you have seen have been prevented had this train had seat belts? >> from my own experience and
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from what common sense tells me, by looking at these types of injuries, i would say that they could definitely help the situation, i don't see a downside to having some type of restraints on strevehicles like trains, like seat belts or some restraint mechanism. it's definitely going to cult down on head trauma and busted up limbs and possible internal injuries. >> it's still to be determined the cause of this accident. thanks for your ek pxpertise in emergency medicine and we're all praying for those people. >> be thankful author thofor th who are surviving and praying for those that did not make it. >> that doesn't happen to be the only transportation accident this morning to tell you about.
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there's another one in massachusetts. that one involved 70 cars, two tractor trailers and a box truck on i-290. cars piled up on a 100-yard stretch in worchester, massachusetts. heavy ice on the roads contributed to this enormous accident. cars are being towed away and the roads are being cleaned up. no word on any serious injuries from that unusual pileup. and another fox news alert on another top story. the obama care rollout, we are now getting a better picture on whether the obama administration was able to meet its own self-imposed deadline yesterday to fix all of those problems related to the federal health care website. steve, some improvements have been made, but have enough
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improvements been made? >> that remains to be seen, but the administration at this point claiming victory in its battle to repair the website. less th republicans still saying there's enormous flaws. now the government agency responsible for building that troubled site says it has met its goal for getting ill all fixed by the end of november and that it's working smoothly for the vast majority of its users. >> the site is now stable and operating at its intended capacity with greatly improved performance. the speed has greatly tripled, with over 400 glitches fixed. >> in that performance, the
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website now has a response time of one second, compared to second seconds when it was first launched. the system is stable 90% of the time. there's a command center to keep watch over the site operations. republicans say there's still a serious problem. >> the security of this site and the private information does not meet even the minimal standards of the private sector. and that concerns me, i don't care if you're for it or against it, republican or democrat, we should not tolerate the sheer level of incompetence for securing this site. >> the deadline to sign up is now december 23. >> and that is so close to that january deadline where people need to be covered. >> the white house saying that
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the obama care enrollment website should be working smoothly now for most people. some critics of course remain skeptical. and there are other warnings too. that about cyber security. take a listen at what a group of experts had to say just a few weeks ago about putting in your secure information. >> would any of you have launched recommended the launch given the fa factual known status of the website on october 1? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> in your opinion, do any of you think the site will be secure on november 30th? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no, no, no, no. what could happen to obama care next? elean ellen and angela, angela, let me start with you, they say it's apparently fixed, so i guess everything's fine?
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>> they say it's apparently physici fixed, but there's still no guarantee if you put your information in that it is security. there's no guarantee that you can keep your doctor or keep a health care facility near you. i'm from mississippi originally and hospitals are far to get to. so in essence, you might have to drive two hours to go to a health care facility. there's still a lot of work to be done, eric, and i don't think the white house should be calling it a victory. >> you've got a lot more issues to deal with this law other than just if the website works. >> there are a lot of issues and that's exactly why this is going to be good for the democrats and for president obama because once people get their health care and see that it works, and they do have to see that it works, they do have to see that they have access to health care, i think this is going to be a win for them. i don't think they're quite calling it a victory yet. >> what about all the problems we hear about, ellen.
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i mean you got the costs apparently going up. some doctors opting out, some hospitals not taking it millions of people being pushed into medicaid and there's other issues. >> there were a lot of problems before. i was paying over $2,000 as an individual and half the time my health care company didn't pay for services. so i only have one way to go and that is to save money and to get more access to care. a and there's lots of people that have been in my shoes. yes there's goings to be some people who have some premiums go up and that has to be dealt with. >> i think this is going to hurt the democrats because you're even supposed to have a website that has spanish enrollment tools and spanish organizations were told last week that that site would be fixed by november 30th, it's not up yet. and in the black community you have a digital divide where some
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people don't have computers in inner cities so we don't have places to go to enroll. >> there's a number the president said they could call. >> well, when you have some people who english was not their first language, when they called in, they didn't have any spanish speak people that actually answered the phone. there's a lot wrong with this process and what we need to do is delay it until we can fix it, where we can level the playing field, the playing field is not level. >> ellen, quickly, last word. >> yes, there have been some parts that have been delayed and should be delayed but when it's fixed, and december 15 comes around, there are going to be some happy campers. >> a fox news alert on a house explosion in texas that leveled a house, we're going to tell you what's behind that next. and iran, and the very
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latest. there's a very important story about the islamic republic. what they want now. we're going to have a live reaction from an israeli leader, that's coming up next as well. and there is a hollywood tragedy, he is the star of "the fast and furious" paul walker was killed in a car crash, a fiery one. we'll have the details coming up. ♪ ♪
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another alert about a powerful house ek ploegs near longview, texas. what could have caused this north texas home to be leveled. there may have been a propane gas leak that caused the blast. it appears no one was inside the house at the time. but police haven't been able to be in contact with the owner of the home and we will keep you updated as we learn more. and there is sadness out of hollywood, paul walker is dead, he was killed yesterday a and he's best known ironically for his role in "the fast a and furious movies." he was killed in a car crash that happened during a charity car show yesterday.
9:20 am
he was riding in a friend's porsche when it slammed into a pole. authorities do say that speed was a fact to be in this deadly crash. paul walker was 40 years old and he is survived by his 15-year-old daughter. it been one week sing since ira agreed to -- islamic republic is saying it needs to build more nuclear power plants? really? even with an agreement? many world powers are applauding that deal with iran as a good first step. joining me now is israel's minister of economy and israel's
9:21 am
minister of security cabinet. thank you so much for joining us, sir, initially when you heard about this agreement and now that you have had a chance to think about it, does it meet the needs of israel? >> it doesn't meet the needs of the western world at all. because essentially it doesn't take apart even one centrifuges, it leaves all 18,500 iranian centrifuges intact and all it does is temporarily -- iran's plan is not to produce a nuclear bomb tomorrow. it's to wait a few months, perhaps half a year or a year for an opportune moment when the west is preoccupied with something and then break out. and this is exactly according to iran's plan. >> what do you make then of iran now saying that it does need to continue to enrich, continue to grow it's nuclear power
9:22 am
capabilities? >> well, i think it shows that this agreement that's falling already apart in some measure, because ascension has gone down, and there is continuing progress at the heavy water reactor and other elements. what we need to focus on is not on the bad view of what has been achieved but what we do next. there's a six-month peerriod. the question is what happens after the six months. we urge the entire world to focus on a clear definition, either at the end of that six months, iran dismantles it's entire nuclear regime. that should be the sole goal of the six months. either or. just want to point out, that right now as we are speaking, iran is developing intercontinental missiles, they
9:23 am
already have missiles. these missiles are not targeted for israel, because that they already have. these missiles are targeted for the united states and other locations. so if iran does not have peaceful goals, we have to be very decisive about applying heavy measures at the end of the six months, if they don't d dismantle their mai machine. does it move israel closer to unit lateral action including military action against iran? >> i think when iran is definitely at its devices to speed towards acquiring a nuclear weapon, and when at the same time they're explicit i talking about wiping off israel from the planet earth, i have to be very clear, israel has the ability to defend itself and it
9:24 am
will defend itself. so to that aspect or that extent, yeah, a bad deal makes the need for an action closer. >> at the end of the six months, since there has been some quote unquote applauding of that effort by the obama administration and some of of nations that are involved in the agreement, what is your specific -- the united states and your ally, what your expectation is at the end of this six-month period, talk to them and tell them what you dema demand? >> we're talking to the administration and we have good connections with the administration. my message to everyone is very clear. this is our last chance to prevent the need of any other measures. this is the last chance to
9:25 am
preventer ra ee iran from becom nuclear power. only by creating a either or situation. ooeler where iran gives up its nuclear ambitions, that's the only way where we can -- it's up to the west to be very determined. >> member of the security cabin cabinet, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. we have some new developments on that deadly train crash in new york city that has killed four people. you know, it's one of the biggest travel days of the year, through the thanksgiving holiday season. we'll give you the latest information about what happened there, in the bronx just about manhattan this morning, sadly in a moment. and the white house, announcing one of those fixes on the obama care website, well,
9:26 am
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. four people confirmed now dead on a tragic train derailment in new york city, we have been telling you about. dozens of others are injured at four area hospitals being treated. >> the national transportation safety board on its way to the scene as they try to determine exactly what caused this sunday morning tragedy early this morning. there was a metro north train heading from update poughkeepsie, new york to new york city's grand central station in manhattan. and the derailment happened just at the harlem river between the bronx and manhattan. some passengers said the train
9:31 am
was just going too fast to make it. authorities said the train did have a black box, so one could imagine they could get some information on the speed? >> reporter: absolutely and that is one of the first things we have been told the ntsb investigators are going to be looking for. we know that the go team has been dispatched, we have been up here, we have got a pretty good perch here overlooking the train detrailment, goug through, and and under those tipped over rail cars, they are making absolutely certain that everybody has been accounted for. of course there is not a list to double check passengers names because there are so many stops coming up and down this hudson line this. train derailed around 7:00 this morning. this is a holiday weekend, a sunday, a busy travel day, sunday after thanksgiving, a lot of people taking note that if this would have happened tomorrow t monday after the thanksgiving holiday, we could have been looking at a lot more
9:32 am
people being injured on this. 63 injured, 11 of them very serious. and four fatalities. we understand that three of the four fatalities were people that were thrown from their passenger cars as this train twisted and turned as it derailed and went on its side. one of the very precarious things that you see here on this accident scene is how close the rail cars came to the water. >> there was a concern that the cars were close to the water, concern that someone may have been ejected into the water. we used our divers, our divers are in the water, we had a helicopter who obviously checked out the shoreline. we have cadaver dogs that we used as well looking for bodies. everything has proven negative as far as the search is concerned. >> reporter: we just spoke with investigators with fdny and they
9:33 am
tell us they are continuing to secure the area. as they're down there, one of the things they have to deal with is the hazmat situation . e we also have just heart from the mta about where they're staging families. of course there's a lot of family members who have not heard from their family members, they are very concerned knowing that some of their loved ones may have been on this train. >> you can only imagine how tragic it is for the families during this holiday season.
9:34 am
well at this hour, the white house is saying the obama care enrollment website should now be working smoothly for the vast majority of users, but the pressure isn't easing up a bit. as contribupeter doocy is here evaluation of the obama care website. >> you heard officials say has enough capacity for 50,000 users at a time. you remember the big rollout of the federal marketplace was two months ago today and now some are predicting a political disaster for the white house, even with the improved sight, although there is a big disagreement about the impact of all those glitches here in washington. >> you never get a second chance to make a first impression and the first impression here was terrible. and i think it's going to be an unfolding disaster for the
9:35 am
president. >> i think people trust this president, i think the numbers are all over the place. i'm confident in a few months from now, those trust numbers are going to go up. >> we heard republican congressman jack kingston say the only way to is to take it offline. >> if it's teetering near the edge of a cliff, we should go ahead and push it over. >> but one prominent democrat is now calling republicans out. he says a lot of people in need are going to miss out on the opportunity to get covered if republicans just keep trying to shut the affordable care act down. >> the question s are we going to work together to fix these problems and there will be additional problems? or are we going to do what our republican colleagues want to do, continue to try and sabotage the entire effort, even though they don't have an alternative? >> the administration has now just 120 days to enroll, a total of just under 7 million
9:36 am
individuals in 2014. we have no indications at this point that they are going to move the deadline for enrolling in 2014 an inch. >> we have been there before and had a delay, so let's see what happens. peter thank you so much, reporting live from washington. so did you live through black friday? guess what tomorrow is? cyber monday. it is the single biggest shopping day of the year online. last year consumers spent nearly $1.5 billion online. amazon starting it's cyber monday deals at midnight tonight, while walmart say they have already started their cyber week sales yesterday. man oh, man is this getting out of control or what? cyber monday, cyber tuesday, cyber month, cyber january, i mean this is getting out of control. >> it's great news for people
9:37 am
who love to shop in that pajamas. but bottom line, this has become a huge phenomenon. cyber monday sales have more than tripled, we're expecting $2 billion in sales tomorrow alone. so it really is a big deal. >> is this the real deal? what if i went online last month and got stuff? >> the truth is a lot of june line retailers, especially somal of smaller ones do put a lot of big deals tomorrow. but now we have got cyber week, as you mentioned and it really goes throughout the holiday shopping season. what we're learning, though, is that americans love it. more than a majority do their shopping online for the holidays. and, you know, that pales in comparison to department stores, but it's just about equal to specialty stores, so this really is gaining traction.
9:38 am
>> can you correlate with this the economy and how the economy is doing? are there more sales tomorrow? >> the problem is you have to look at overall sales. and we did see foot traffic decline over black friday and thanksgiving. so you have to look at it all together. we're only expecting about a 2.4 increase in sales over last year, that's not great. >> so when you say foot traffic decline, you mean there are fewer people in the stores on friday? >> fewer people and they were going online. because on thanksgiving and on black friday each day, we saw an increase of onlightning sales of 20% over last year. and last cyber monday, in 2012, biggest online shopping day in history. so we're expecting to top that this week. >> so bottom line when you see, as we go through the next few weeks with christmas coming and all that, how do you see it
9:39 am
impacting the economy? >> this is an incredibly important time for retailers. a lot of them make about 40% of their profits during this time alone. and it's a shorter sales season now because thanksgiving was ly later, it is very important, consumer spending is worth 3% of the economy. so watching this is important. but one thing we got to say, this is a scammer's paradise. and you really do have to where careful when you go online. >> all right, no which sites you're on, who you're dealing with, i guess, and you want to start at midnight tonight, good luck. >> absolutely. >> thanks as always. thanks, guys, so much. our next guest says if you think the ill fated obama care rollout is an example of president obama's failed programs, just see the latest in afghanistan. deadly train derailment we have been confirming this morning, dozens of others injured, many
9:40 am
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one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. for a look beyond that news, here's a sunday commentary. >> you have taken the affordable
9:44 am
health care act as a spectacular failure of president obama's domestic problems, just wait for the war in afghanistan. the double talk surrounding this 12-year expedition, is shaping up to be a tragic foreign policy fabrication. in a war, the president once deemed necessary. american soldiers continue to die, and you may well ask what? as mr. obama and hiss tired team of pentagon flunkies fill the area with ambiguous talk about when the war will end. light footprint is an operative term. what exactly does that mean? repeatedly obama has said that u.s. troops will be out of the great game by 2014, next year, but he gloss over the numbers of troops who will remain. his front men now put the number of u.s. soldiers required for afghan duty far into the future as high as 16,000.
9:45 am
did you know that a bilateral security agreement between mr. obama and afghan president hamid karzai could bind us to a troop commitment beyond 2014? the semiofficial date is 2024. great news for pandering generals, one of the many who have commanded coalition forces in afghanistan. dunford told "the wall street journal" that he's optimistic about the signing of the agreement because the trust building measures asked by the president are logical and good for both sides and not as difficult as portrayed. hardly a full throated endorseme endorsement. yet one of the many the white house is demanding, as it seeks to -- after 2014, we'll be
9:46 am
fighting a war that is not a war for another ten years. the colorfully unstable mr. karzai who was a lame duck until the april elections continues to infuriate american diplomats. at the very least, however, his talk is blunt. they don't trust me, they told an epic gathering of able to leaders followed by a plea for americans to respect their sovereignty and a quote, bring a lot of money. at least he didn't say resources. the list of agonies afghanistan might face after an american departure is a medial event foreseeing lethal assaults by the taliban or al qaeda. gradually sympathy for afghan's future is overshadowed by disgust for their destruction and the indelible demachbds of their culture.
9:47 am
their minister of justice proposed stoning for the adult trous. responding to worldwide protests, the afghan government killed the idea as if denial would erase the latent barbarism. once the burqa is gone, they naively concluded, victory will be ours. a common sense fact still lost on our commanders is that nation building is an idealist's folly. and yet mr. obama in the face of all evidence would extend our presence in afghanistan, far worse ask his failure to explain to the american people exactly why we must stay on for another ten years, every poll indicates scant support for the war that knows no end. this may be one of the rare times when the fog of war is
9:48 am
created by a fectless commander in chief. let the foreign policy analysts argue by the ever changing status of south asia and it's geo political destiny. we want details and we want out. >> so who can you trust? coming up, you know that paul show, americans are more suspicious than ever, why? who, and what they say is the cause next. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] now, that's cardworthy. [ n ] all right. here we go. ♪ cardworthy. [ female announcer ] this holiday season, visit for all your cardworthy moments.
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when it came to our attention that there was a new associated press poll that showed americans' mistrust of each other was at an all-time high, we wondered why. roughly 40 years ago half of americans surveyed said most people can be trusted but that number has fallen to a third. what's going on? joining me now to explain, joe c concha. trust. what's the relevancy -- welcome. what's the relevancy, do you think, joe, to trust in living in a democracy. >> that's a great lawyerly kind of question. >> like a final exam question.
9:53 am
go for it. >> we look at leadership here in this kurncountry, and we see th president say something like if you like your plan, you can keep it, and it turns out the promise wasn't kept. we look at congress. you know congress -- toe fungus beats congress. we say our athletes out there, professional athletes, we can look up to them, right? you look at aaron hernandez charged with murder, a dwi every week, call a cab. a-r a-rod, steroids, we can't trust our athletes. >> why can't we trust our neighbor? >> we don't see our neighbor as much. we're relying on social media. when is the last time you went to dinner and you couldn't look over a table at people texting
9:54 am
somebody else while, hey, i'm right here, you might want to talk to me, right? there's a restaurant in manhattan i went to a couple days ago, true story. >> text-free. >> they take 10% off your bill if everybody hands over their phone because they're trying to create a better atmosphere. >> brilliant. >> but there's a lot of vitriol with social media. i am attacked, my family is attacked, it's personal and ugly. why is that? anonymity. because they can hide behind a name that isn't them and there are no repercussions. >> social media has allowed that. is there a fix then to rebuild the trust? i don't know about government, but at least in society? >> i think it's going in a horrible direction. nobody is going to give up their phones. the only place where it's a happy place is facebook. you know why? because it's your name and your face and there are actually consequences for your actions if you actually insult somebody. everywhere else, it's just gettinguglier.
9:55 am
i hate to do this on a sunday. >> we need to rebuild trust. >> absolutely, jamie. i trust you though. >> this is a good start. joe, thanks for being here. great to meet you. eric? >> talk about trust. first grinch sighting, first frinch sighting, and christmas is just a few weeks away. coming up, we'll tell you where he struck and what he stole. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪
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oh, my gosh, do i really have to report that a grinch stole christmas trees in pensacola, florida? 50 of them from a tree lot costing more than $5,000. the owner of the stolen trees is outraged. >> definitely unhappy and disappointed and i'm the kind of person that figures out how to fix it, not how to go back and figure out how it happened. i feel like i did the legwork and i prepared to do this the right way and somebody took advantage of it. >> they sure did. she's working to keep the rest
10:00 am
of the trees secure at night. they could put those little buzzers they put on dogs who leave the yard. >> invisible fence. thanks so much for joining us, everybody. much more on the train derailment throughout the day here on fox. a tragic end to the holiday weekend in new york city. just before pulling into a station in the bronx, a commuter train derailed killing four people and injuring dozens of others. rescue crew are still freeing passengers. we'll have a live report from the scene. and another alert today. the death of paul walker, the popular actor who rode "the fast and furious" movie franchise to fame has died in a fiery car crash. walker was just 40 years old. and a day after a self-imposed deadline, the obama administration says its ailing website is on the mend. some users say this morning all is not well. i'm


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