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tv   Housecall  FOX News  December 1, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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and until next time. i hope you are learning to be more of a healthy you. we will go to sunday house call in a moment. first a fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference from the ntsb and the new york governor cuomo following a deadly train derailment as passengers head to new york city. this on the busiest travel weekend of the year. four people were killed. dozens of others were injured this morning. seven cars ran off the track. it was entering a curve in the bronx. they are scouring the waters below after passengers reportedly were thrown from the train. emergency crews had to use
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saws and cranes to cut those cars apart in the continuing search for survivors. amtrak has resumed service on the hudson line. the ntsb investigators have arrived at the scene to gather the black box to see if it was going too fast around the curve. in the meantime in massachusetts another accident, this time on the roads. a massive 70-car pile up being blamed on icy road conditions overnight near worcester. the tractor-trailers are colliding with smaller vehicles which slid under their cargo. 30 people injured. no reports of any fatalities. road crews quickly moved to clean up the crash site and the highway is now back open. police still caution everybody, drive carefully. meanwhile in washington, the white house has said they reached their goal over fixing the glitches on the claiming a vast majority of users can now use the site. already last night users complained of yet more
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problems with the reboot causing lawmakers in washington to question the site's continued security problems. we will see more in the coming months if the white house is right. we will be back with the news conference in a moment. i'm jaime colby and it isie great to have you here. it is time now for sunday tim house call. >> i'm eric shawn and welcome to sunday house call. joining us as always, dr. mark siegel, associate professor of medicine and the author of "the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> and we will do a bit of that today.lse. the chairman of urology at lennox hill hospital is here and chief of robotics surgery. welcome. great to see both of you. >> great to see you. >> we talked about this the other week, but now there is a new warning from the fda that
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a common ingredient in potato chips and other food that can cause cancer. >> we will talk about the testosterone topic later on too. >> we will get to that. first, we are talking about a chemical called acrylimide. we don't already like the food it is in. we are starting off in a good place. we like fruit and vegetables. fruit and vegetables doesn't have a lot of acrylimide in it. we like low fat dairy and grains. you know what it is in? processed sugars and amino acids and it comes together like a chemical equation. it forms acrylimide in toast as it is browning, potatoes, french toast. as your food is browning or as your french fries are frying you get it. the more you fry it, eric, the more you get it.
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the thinner the french try you get acrlamide. they say let's wash our potatoes. let's use more mature potatoes. there is a way to step it back so there is less acrylamide. it has been shown in rodents at high doses to be associated with cancer. in humans the information is not in yet. the studies are not in. eric, your question, what do i do when i go home? we don't have proof yet that acrylamide directly leads to cancer. studies have not shown an association with breast and prostate cancer, but maybe some association in humans with ovarian cancer. >> the rats and mice, do they stuff their faces full of french fries and get cancer? how do we know this could potentially harm us when they have it in the lab? >> one of the greatest things about sunday house call and i talk to people on monday morning, they want to know what to do for the next coming week. sometimes we do the dance because we are in a tight spot. some of the proof and
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research hasn't shown that acrylamide causes cancer. i would quietly and calmly tell people to be careful. in 10 years when the real result will be out there we are going to look back and say, you know what, we had the hint. the world health organization is calling a it potential cancer, but they don't commit to it. there are hints. this acrylamide comes from studies in sweden 10 years ago. they said if you make your french fries and potato chips, don't make them too brown. make them gold. that was a nice hint. 10 years go by and we forget about our french fries and it is off heating. you have amino acid and sugar and you over heat it to 250 degrees. the more you overcook, the more you overheat it you can cause the acryliamide. >> people want it anyway. >> you can't avoid it. 40% of the calories have
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acylamide. it is in the plastic and the water and everything. >> can we get rid of it? >> you decrease what you have. i am not going to point to any particular fast-food places that have them, but the more you do the unhealthy stuff. >> eric's point is well taken. you should call for it out of our diet. what the fda says don't store the potatoes in the refrigerator. that increase itself. wash it behalf hand. you can add it next to salt, sugar and trans fats as an enemy in our diet. >> it doesn't even sound tasty. >> it is not good for you. >> i want to get to this topic. people asked about low t, testosterone in men, and how it is important to have it checked. now there is a new report linking higher levels of testosterone in men to a shorter life span. what is the story? >> testosterone as a
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eurologist i would tell you is important and vital to our health. it is good for health and bone density and it is important for muscle mass and losing fats. the peak of the testosterone in men is at the age of 30. every year you lose 1% of your testosterone. eventually when you get to your 50s and 60s, a very gradual male menopause that we spoke about, all of these ads we see about your testosterone and looking like the macho man out there doesn't really help. too much testosterone based on study we see from sweden now shows that it can actually reduce the size of testicals and causes infertility and makes sure you would gain fluid retention and acne. you want to moderate your testosterone at the medium level, not too high. not too low. my best advice is see a eurologist and get your psa and get your testosterone level first.
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when? early in the morning, 7:00, 8:00 is when you want to do it. we need to see if your prostate is enlarged and if you have history of prostate cancer. >> it is a whole history. what is the right number for testosterone? >> your total should be over 400 and free floating testosterone should be between 9 and 15 and we will post this on facebook. >> have i never seen it of the you know the big list they give you from doctors, is it on there? >> i checked tsa on everyone over 40 and testosterone over 50. i check testosterone on men gailing weight and have fatigue and if they start to develop diabetes there is another big issue where testosterone deficiency can be a problem. there is high cholesterol. these are the things i look for. get your physician to checkyour. what can we do if we find the low testosterone is the question. we maybe want to replace it, but we have to be careful. the study we talked about last
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time is it can precipitate heart disease in men over the age of 60. the study we talk about this week says maybe the medium level of testosterone is the best place to be. we have quadrupled the amount of men getting prescriptions for this over the past 10 years. >> go and ask your doctor. coming up in a second, they use them to keep in touch with loved ones and everything else. cell phones and those studies about potential cancer and our medical a-team will break down the potential risks. >> and it is a holiday shopping season that kicked off this weekend. we have toys that consumer advocates are warning parents to stay away from. the doctors took a look at those and they will tell you what to watch out for next. this is a fox news alert. a deadly train crash and derailment in new york. here is governor cuomo.
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let's listen in. >> want to welcome the ntsb who has arrived on site. i want to thank them for their speedy and expeditious response. they are here with the full team and they will be caw mensing the investigation. the mta will be cooperating fully with the ntsb in this investigation. the mta wants to know what happened with this accident and if there is a lesson to be learned. safety is job one. we want to see the trains perform and perform on time, but safety is job one. any lessons from this tragedy is what we want to know. that's basically the purpose of the ntsb's investigation on site. once the ntsb is finished with the investigation, then the
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site will be turned over to the mta for repair work. there is a crane that is now in route that will right the trains which will be part of the investigation and part of the review of the site, but only once the ntsb is finished with the investigation can the mta seriously start to fix the tracks. the mta will be updating people periodically as to what the schedule will be for the repairs and the return of service. i think it is fair to say that tomorrow people using this line should plan on a long commute or plan on using the harlem line. mta. info is where you can go for the most recent information on service. i want to thank all of the first responders who have been heroic all day long. new york city police department, the fire department, the mta, the
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amtrak, colleagues from the federal government were here very early and really performed admirably. the emergency services in this state i believe are second to none. unfor the -- unfortunately we have had too much experience in emergency service these past couple years with weather-related incidents et cetera. on a day like today the first responders are truly a blessing. also as this day comes to a close, what is most important is we lost four new yorkers this morning and 11 critically injured who are still in the hospital. and i would ask all new yorkers to remember them in your prayers tonight. it is most unfortunate this is coming at the holiday season and it is a reminder to all of us that life is a precious gift. take every day as exactly that , as a gift. every day is precious. with that i will turn it over
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to the ntsb. he is a board member who will be conducting the investigation. thank you. >> thank you, governor. as the governor said, i am a member of the national transportation safety board. the investigators from the ntsb arrived on scene today about 12:30. the ntsb is an independent federal agency charged by congress with investigating all of the related accidents. there was rail, marine highway and pipeline. we issue safety recommendations to avoid having the same accidents again. before i go any further on behalf of the ntsb, i would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of the victims of this tragic accident. here is the factual information we have at this
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point in time. at approximately 7:20 this morning a metro link north railroad train was derailed. the train was in route from paw kip see to grand central station. the entire train's seven cars were derailed. preliminary reports that we received from the emergency services indicate there were numerous fatal fatalities and numerous injuries. information can be obtained from the new york city office of medical -- the chief medical examiner. the investigator in charge is
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mr. mike flanagan. he has had 35 years of experience in the rail investigation business. he will be leading a multi disciplinary team. that team involves several sub teams. there will be an organizational meeting tonight to form up the teams. there will be a track team which will look at the condition of the tracks leading to the p oi nt of derail -- point of derailment and try to identify any anomalies. there will be a signals team looking at the conditioning of the signaling system and hopefully looking for any possible data that might have been recorded by the signaling system. the mechanical equipment team will be looking at the passenger cars and the condition of the mechanicals looking for the data at the event recorders and the
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operations team will be looking at what procedures were in place and how those procedures have been followed. the human performance team will be looking at the performance of the train crew and identifying any anomalies there in. and finally survival factors team will be documenting the interior of the cars and trying to understand exactly how people were injured or killed. there will be an organization meeting this evening in which these teams will be formed. the parties to the investigation will include the federal railway administration and the new york public transportation safety board, metro north railroad, the teamsters who represent the way the organization employs and the association of commuter rail employees.
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we will also involve the emergency response organization. as the governor mentioned we realize this is an important railway for commuters in the new york area. we already okayed the uprighting of the loco motives to stop the fuel spill. we okayed the uprighting of the cars that are on the side to look for any possible further injury and fatality. we will be documenting the interiors of the cars so that we can understand the crash. we will be documenting the condition of the rolling stock, the trucks, the railway tracks et cetera. following this documenting of the perishable evidence we will then turn the rails over to metro north who will get
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the line back in operation. throughout this we will be working closely with the new york police department, fire department and the office of emergency management. in addition we have the office of disaster assistance who will be working with the metro north railroad and the new york city office of emergency management. throughout the next few days our investigators will work on scene to thoroughly document the scene. our mission is to understand not just what happened, but why it happened. with the intent of preventing it from happening again. we expect to be on scene from a week to 10 days.
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obviously since we are just beginning the investigation we don't have a great deal of other information to report. however, we will keep you informed with regular press briefings. for the latest information we encourage you to follow us on twitter at and on our website. one final comment i would like to take a moment to thank of the first responders for their efforts in this accident. i would be happy to take a few questions. >> can we ask you about a concern about maintenance? i know the governor has had concerns. what has been your concern about that with ntsb and the mta if they comply with what you wanted? >> the question is are we really going to be looking at the manet thence -- the maintenance? yes we are going to be looking at the maintenance records of the rails and the cars as well as personnel records in
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addition to maintenance record. >> what is your concern about that? >> this is an opportunity for the ntsb to review the higher operations and review the accident, all of the procedures. as interviewing the train crews in the next day or we anticipate interviewing the train crews. >> this has happened so close to the last derailment. is this derailment associated with the derailment of the freight train in july, that is the question? the answer is, we will look at that. at this point we have no
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indication it is a factor. >> what was the configuration of the train? >> it was being pressured from the back of the train. >> could that cause a derailment? >> we will certainly look at any contribution that may have had in the derailment. >> is it hard to apply the brakes on a tran when -- a train when it is pushed from the back? the train operator said he tried to apply the brakes and it did not work. >> the question is, could the configuration is the factor? the answer is, we don't know. we will look at it. >> the train was being pushed
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from the diesel locomotive to the back. there is no engine in the front. they are unpowerred cars. >> do we know if the signals were functioning, if the cab signals were functioning properly? at this point it is too early to tell. we are looking. we have had a chance to look over scene and start documenting the condition of the rails, start documenting the condition of the cars. and then night fell. >> governor, how concerned are you about a second accident and are you worried about...what that has to do with it? >> the curve has been here for many, many years, right? trains take the curve every day through the 365 days a year.
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the hudson hits the harlem river here and goes to the east river so we always had this configuration. we didn't have accidents, so there has to be another factor and that is what we want to learn from the ntsb. is there a change that can be made? great. that is what it is all about. first, we have to get the results of the investigation before we know what we are trying to fix, if anything. it can't just be the curve. that in and of itself is not the answer. question, this was a situation a few months back with a freight train but that is in the same general area but not the same specific area. we have no reason to believe those two things are related, either. i do want to thank the ntsb for their speedy response. as i said, the ntsb will get
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anything they need. when they are finished with their investigation we will proceed accordingly. thank you. >> the name of the operator? >> governor --. >> governor --. >> the questions are still being shouted at the news conference with governor cuomo. did i hear another question? >> the curve speed limit is 30 miles per hour at that curve. there is a 70 miles per hour zone just ahead of it, a 75 zone ahead of that. we do not know what the train speed was. we will learn that from the vehicle event recorders. incidentally, we have recovered the event roared off the cab car and downloaded the data east locomotive but have not verified it at the moment. thank you very much. >> it is early, still, so it is
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hard to know exactly what happened this morning at 7:00 a.m. a train on the hudson river line -- there are three lines. the hudson and the harlem and the new haven line, basely take you from connecticut and west chapter down through grand central terminal. it was on the hudson line right near the hudson river the train derailed all of the cars including the locomotive at back end which is diesel derailed and the front car, a pass jar car almost went for the water. they have been searching the waters of the hudson river to determine if anyone was known from the train. three of the four individuals who were killed were actually ejected from the train. there is concern that there could be others. there is also concern that
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because several mad to be cut from the wreckage because it was so twisted and so many people were allegedly thrown from the different passenger cars that they were using devices to lift the cars including airbags to try to find survivors under neath. they were using trained dogs to log for survivors, deceased, and so forth. there were more than several dozen people who were injured. just think about it, a train that derailed all seven cars and people inside with no safety belts or protective procedures, no airbags, they just literally are tossed around in the kind of injuries that were sustained we are talking not just about head injuries and placations into broken bones and internal injuries, everything you can
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think of. area hospitals ford airlifted principal hospitals trained in this emergency situation. the majority of them -- laura is at the seen and has been there all day long. laura, what we have learned from this news conference is that they are going to look at just about everything but, obviously, speed is going to be close to the top of the list. >> that is right. all of those details you describe have been so dramatic they have been leaking out to us all day long, the stuff about how the fire department had to get in this and use power saws to not just cut out the victims but to get through the wreckage inside of the train to get to some of the victims. some of the passengers that spoke to local reporters on the scene initially described
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horrific moments of being jolted awake after being asylum it was 7:20 in the morning, a lot of people were snoozing on their way into new york city and were described as being woken up by the jolt and were tossed around and watching in horror as fellow commuters were being injured and some saw people die in front of them, according to the local reports we have been hearing. we have been waiting all day to hear from the independent conserve. we are glad to know exactly what the teams we have been hearing about will be doing. the several teams, the systems team, the operations team, human performance team -- checking into the conductor and engineers -- and the survivor factor team looking how passengers were hurt and killed inside. we are on a perch on the bronx
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on the edge of the harlem river that connects to the hudson river. as we heard the ntsb say they will be here several days looking at many different factors. a lot of people are making note this is the holiday weekend, it is that busy sunday after thanksgiving and so many people are getting home or to their nest decks nation and many would live in the neighborhood say they are thankful this didn't happen tomorrow o because all these people know how many people come own and off the train each day. still, tragic, sad, the loss of life, four people that boarded the train today that didn't make it out alive. >> 11 critically injured among the more than 60 others who were pretty seriously injuried. that number will change. the number that also is problematic is the number of people who were on the train the
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as you pointed out this morning when you covered this shortly after it happened this is not like a passenger airplane where you know the manifest and the number of people from single departure to arrival. there are so many train stops along the way...of this particular train that began at 5:40 or 5:48 in the morning it is hard to know how many petroleum are on board. >> that is what we have been hearing from the officials saying they have a lot of work ahead of them to fine out how many were on board. first they said around 100. then by midday we heard between 100 and 200 people. it appears we are in the 160 range. we will not necessity until they get deeper into that part of the investigation. the new york police department is the agency that has the grim task of notifying the next of kin of the four wh


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